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არქეოლოგი Tomb of Annihilation-ში შემოთავაზებული წინაისტორიაა. არქეოლოგები შეისწავლიან უძველეს კულტურებსა და ამ ეპოქების არტეფაქტებს. ისინი ხშირად მოგზაურობენ და ცოდნის გაფართოებისკენ ილტვიან.

მახასიათებელი: Historical Knowledge[]

When you enter a ruin or dungeon, you can correctly ascertain its original purpose and determine its builders. In addition, you can determine the monetary value of art objects more than a century old.


Dragon მთავარი სტატია: თავისებურებები (Characteristics)

პიროვნული ნიშან-თვისებები[]

d8 პიროვნული ნიშან-თვისება
1 I love a good puzzle or mystery.
2 I'm a pack rat who never throws anything away.
3 Fame is more important to me than money.
4 I have no qualms about stealing from the dead.
5 I'm happier in a dusty old tomb than in the centers of civilization.
6 Traps don't make me nervous. Idiots who trigger traps make me nervous.
7 I may fail, but I don't give up.
8 You may think I'm a scholar, but I love a good brawl. These fists were made for punching.


d6 იდეალი
1 Preservation: That artifact belongs in a museum. (Good)
2 Greed: I won't risk my life for nothing. I expect some kind of payment. (Evil)
3 Death Wish: Nothing is more exhilarating than a narrow escape from the jaws of death. (Chaotic)
4 Dignity: The dead and their belongings deserve to be treated with respect. (Lawful)
5 Immortality: All my exploring is part of a plan to find the secret of everlasting life. (Any)
6 Danger: With every great discovery comes grave danger. The two walk hand in hand. (Any)


d6 კავშირი
1 Ever since I was a child, I've heard stories about a lost city. I aim to find it, learn its secrets, and earn my place In the history books.
2 I want to find my mentor, who disappeared on an expedition some time ago.
3 I have a friendly rival. Only one of us can be the best, and I aim to prove it's me.
4 I won't sell an art object or other treasure that has historical significance or is one of a kind.
5 I'm secretly in love with the wealthy patron who sponsors my archaeological exploits.
6 I hope to bring prestige to a library, a museum, or a university.


d6 ნაკლოვანება
1 I have a secret fear of some common wild animal-- and in my work, I see them everywhere.
2 I can't leave a room without searching it for secret doors.
3 When I'm not exploring dungeons or ruins, I get jittery and impatient.
4 I have no time for friends or family. I spend every waking moment thinking about and preparing for my next expedition.
5 When given the choice of going left or right, I always go left.
6 I can't sleep except in total darkness.

კატეგორია:წინაისტორიები (Backgrounds)