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D&D Georgia
მე-9 დონის ქმნადობა?
დასახრვის დრო? 1 მოქმედება?
მანძილი? საკუთარი თავი?
კომპონენტები? V
ხანგრძლივობა? მყისიერი?

You can duplicate a spell of level 8 or lower without needing to meet any requirements, material components with a cost included.

Alternatively, you create one of the following effects:

  • A non-magic item worth up to 25,000 gp appears in an empty space on the ground. It can't be more than 300 ფუტი in any dimension.
  • Up to 20 არსებები you can see regain all hit points and end all effects listed in Greater Restoration.
  • Up to 10 არსებები you can see gain resistance to a damage type you choose.
  • Up to 10 არსებები you can see gain immunity to a spell or other magical effect for 8 საათი.
  • You force a re-roll of any roll made within the last რაუნდი, your turn included. You can force the re-roll to be made with advantage or disadvantage. Additionally, you can choose whether or not to use the re-roll.

You can do effects unlisted by stating your wish as precisely as possible. However, the DM has full ruling on what the wish does. The greater the wish, the greater the likelihood of something going wrong. This can range from the spell failing, to only getting part of the effect, to getting an undesired consequence.

If you use Wish to do anything besides duplicate a spell, you suffer the following effects:

  • Each time you cast a spell, you take 1d10 necrotic damage per spell level. This damage can't be reduced or prevented. This effect ends after a long rest.
  • Your Strength score becomes 3 if not so already for 2d4 დღე. If you spend a დღე doing nothing but resting or light activity, your recovery time decreases by 2 დღე.
  • A die that can be split into thirds is rolled. Designate one third before doing so. If you roll a number in this third, you can't cast Wish ever again.