D&D Georgia
D&D Georgia
მე-9 დონის ქმნადობა?
დასახრვის დრო? 1 მოქმედება?
მანძილი? Sight
კომპონენტები? V S
ხანგრძლივობა? კონც?. Up to 1 წუთი

A 360-foot-radius storm cloud appears in the sky at a point you can see. Each creature less than 5,000 ფუტი below the cloud makes a Constitution save when it appears, taking 2d6 thunder damage and being deafened for 5 წუთი if they fail.

The longer you concentrate on this spell, the more effects will occur. Each takes place on a specific რაუნდი.

  • Round 2: Each creature and object under the cloud takes 1d6 acid damage.
  • Round 3: Six lightning bolts all strike different creatures or objects of your choice. A struck creature makes a Dexterity save, taking 10d6 lightning damage if they fail and half if they succeed.
  • Round 4: Each creature under the cloud takes 2d6 bludgeoning damage.
  • Round 5-10: The area under the cloud becomes difficult terrain and is heavily obscured. In addition, each creature takes 1d6 cold damage and ranged weapon attacks in the area are impossible. Any fog, mists, and the like, magical or not, are dispersed due to strong winds. The storm is a severe distraction to maintaining concentration on a spell.