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2eSP<Realmspace.p051>伊尔明斯特的庇护所Elminster's Hideout

伊尔明斯特的庇护所Elminster's Hideout

  这个闪亮的金属物质制成的球体,悬浮于行星 克利尔星球Coliar 靠近中心的位置,它干净光滑的表面将一切照射其上的光线尽诸反射开来。这颗完美无瑕的球体是著名巫师 伊尔明斯特Elminster 的藏身之处。这颗直径近250呎的球体持续地发出一种低沉的嗡鸣声,足以令四分之一哩外的人也不禁牙齿咯咯作响。
Located close to the center of the planet Coliar hangs a spherical globe made of a shiny metallic substance, reflecting all light striking its perfectly clean and smooth surface. This flawless sphere is the hideout of the famous mage, Elminster. The globe, nearly 250 feet in diameter, exhibits a deep and constant hum that can rattle ones teeth from a quarter mile away.

  这颗球体缓慢地环绕着行星的质心,那里属于托瑞尔星巨龙 纵火者·焰舌Firebrand Flametongue。这颗球体也在缓慢地旋转,使其闪亮的表面反射出彩虹版的光纹。这颗球体看上去是实心的,许多人认为它是无法穿透的——而伊尔明斯特也挺喜欢人们这样想。在这里,窥探的目光从来都不受欢迎。
This globe slowly revolves around the central earth mass of the planet, which belongs to the Torilian dragon, Firebrand Flametongue. The globe slowly spins, causing a rainbow pattern of light to reflect from its glistening surface. Appearing to be solid, many believe the globe impenetrable, and Elminster prefers it that way. Snooping eyes are never a welcome sight.

When the globe is viewed from the outside, no doors or windows can be Seen. All known scrying and divination spells prove fruitless when used to peer into this object. This is why many mages believe it to be nothing more than an unusual solid astronomical body: because "they trust solely on their magical fabrications instead of seeing with the heart," as Elminster would say.

  如果在这颗球体上施展 侦测魔法detect magic 法术,它将出现红色的光芒,进而渲染成复杂而美丽的文字。(这绝非伊尔明斯特的手书。众所周知 利奥Lhaeo 曾对伊尔明斯特可怕的笔迹作出批评,称之为饿鸡的划拉。)
If a detect magic spell is cast on the globe, a crimson glow appears, rendering itself into intricate and beautiful writing. (This is definitely not written in Elminster's own hand. Lhaeo has been known to criticize Elminster on his horrid handwriting, calling it the scratching of hungry chickens.)

  然而,无论这些字迹多么美丽,除非同时施展 通晓语言comprehend languages,否则它们是无法阅读的。一旦它们被成功解读,你会发现它们简单地写着“在侵入前请先通知家属交代后事”。如果说伊尔明斯特有什么不能容忍的话,那就是非法入侵者。
The writing, however beautiful, cannot be read, unless comprehend languages is cast at the same time. Once the writing becomes readable, it simply says, Notify next of kin before trespassing. If theres one thing that Elminster cannot stand, it is trespassers.

  伊尔明斯特发明了名为 伊尔明斯特的脱逸Elminster's evasion 的法术,它将在以下某种情况发生时立即将他 传送teleport 到这个球体中。这些条件是:扑了街,失了智,落了残废,双手一齐被削,全身被炸成个渣渣,或是说出“泰勒Thaele”这个词时。
Elminster invented the spell Elminster's evasion, to instantly teleport himself into this sphere, should any of several conditions occur. These qualifications are his death, loss of mental or physical faculties, destruction of both upper limbs or complete bodily volume, or upon his uttering the word “Thaele.”

  伊尔明斯特还有另一种进入这个球体的方法。该“入口格栅”包含几个秘密条件。首先,这位想要进入的人在触碰球体时不能发出任何声音。由于这种进入模式假定了几种预设条件都未发生,并且伊尔明斯特不能说出命令字符,且只有一只手可以触摸到球体(因为他的双手都被摧毁时,伊尔明斯特的脱逸 法术将自动生效)。那只手必须戴着一枚戒指,戒指的内侧必须以魔法雕刻着伊尔明斯特的名字。此外,这枚戒指必须不含其它魔法保护效果。
Elminster also has one other way to enter the globe. This "entry grid" consists of several secret conditions. First, the prospective entrant must not utter a single sound while touching the globe. Since this entry mode assumes that none of the conditions have occurred, and that Elminster is unable to speak the command word, only one hand can touch the globe (since the evasion spell works automatically when both upper limbs are destroyed). That hand must bear a ring with Elminster's name magically inscribed on the inside of the band. Other than that, the ring must have no other magical properties.

Elminster, knowing that no one is likely to wear a useless magical ring that serves no purpose but to hold a name, feels that this is a safe contingency. If all three of these conditions are met, the globe completely envelops the person in touch with it.

If anyone is able to get inside the globe, he finds Elminster's renowned and previously unseen “Safehold.” Elminster designed this dimensional intersection over 300 years ago when the dragon Firebrand Flametongue officially retired to the planet Coliar. Elminster originally created the dimensional pocket as a place from which to police Firebrand's actions. After a century, Elminster decided that the dragon was changing and was indeed attempting to retire. He then converted the pocket universe into a dimensional intersection, with his safehold in the center.

  当 脱逸 法术被激活时,伊尔明斯特将被 传送 到这个八角形口袋次元的安全屋中。这个区域有一张床来安放身/尸体,直到与 脱逸 相关的其它法术生效。该区域有八面墙和20呎高的天花板。每隔一面墙有一扇门,两扇门之间的墙上有货架。
The safehold is an octagonal pocket dimension to which Elminster teleports when the evasion spell is activated. This area has a bed that holds the body until the other spells associated with the evasion have taken their course. There are eight walls and a ceiling 20 feet up. There are doors on every other wall, with shelves on the walls between the doors.

These shelves hold thousands of potions and scrolls which are stored here for Elminster's and his friends' use for such time as they are needed. Under the shelves on the one wall is a silver and light blue metallic object that hums and rattles constantly. A grating on the front of it blows a constant wind of cold air. The surface of the globe is in constant heat, and since the pocket dimension Elminster created is in direct contact with it, Safehold tends to get very hot. He installed this non-magical item to keep the room constantly cool. On the front above the grating, there is a metallic plate, missing the first half, which says “...aire.”

Under the bed are several spell books that hold all the spells that Elminster has collected and created throughout the years. These books have deadly magical glyphs placed upon them that are deactivated with a magical word. Elminster wishes to protect these books because he has spend lifetimes collecting them. He specifically hid them in his safehold so that they would not be stolen. He does, however, have another copy of all the books in his castle. These are the originals.

  在一个被几层的破布和血迹斑斑的衣服掩盖的架子下面,放着一只箱子,上面是一把工艺精湛的挂锁。在盖子上的一块金板上,雕刻着如下文字,如切割钻石般熠熠生辉:“与我的所有爱一起给我的儿子,利奥Lhaeo阿莱曼德四世国王King Alemander IV。”(更多关于此事的信息,请见FR3《沙漠帝国Empires of the Sands》。)
Under a shelf, hidden by several layers of rags and bloodied clothes, lies a chest which is locked with a magnificently crafted padlock. On the lid, engraved in a gold plate, the following words sparkle like cut diamonds: (To my son, Lhaeo, with all my love and adoration. King Alemander IV." (For more information regarding this, please see FR3 Empires of the Sands.)

  至于那四扇门不过是在墙上开了个口子罢了,这些门洞让藏身于庇护所的人能够直接往外观察外部的情况,而自己却不会被发现。第一扇门直接通向伊尔明斯特城堡中的一个房间。这是他用来重返 被遗忘的国度Forgotten Realms 的门,当他不想为了回家而耗费法术时,这扇门就非常方便了。这也是他离开安全屋的首选方法——毕竟出口距离他的卧室只有几步之遥。
The four doors are mere openings in the walls, allowing the person inside the hideout to look directly out and see what is beyond the doors without being spotted themselves. The first door opens directly to a room inside Elminster's castle. This is the door he uses to reenter the Forgotten Realms, and comes in very handy when he doesn’t wish to expend a spell in order to get back home. This also is the preferred method of removing himself from the Safehold because his bedroom is only steps away.

  第二道门则通向 永聚岛Evermeet。通常人类不被允许进入这座岛几百哩范围内,但伊尔明斯特是一直是所有规则的常设例外之一。他在岛上结交了许多朋友,并且在当人类和各种人形生物为了掠夺这片土地上的秘密、魔法和财富,而袭击这片土地时,多次与精灵并肩作战。
The second door opens to the island of Evermeet. Usually humans are not accepted within several hundred miles of the island, but Elminster is one of the standing exceptions to all rules. He has gained many friends on the island, and has fought many times side by side with the elves when humans and humanoids of all kinds attacked this land in order to plunder its secrets, magic, and wealth. The door opens to a beautiful square in the center of the Evermeet temple to Mystra.

  第三道门通向一处独特而怪异的地点。在那里,高大的树木傲然挺立。林地中动物繁多,空气清新到令人窒息。阳光透过晨雾,以一种在 托瑞尔星球Toril 没有的亲切播撒下来。这里不是别处,正是1894年 怀俄明州Wyoming黄石国家公园Yellowstone National Park。这里是伊尔明斯特离开托瑞尔星球最喜欢前往休息和放松的地方。这也是他采购那些奇怪的“德国啤酒German beers”的地方之一,他来自 布拉之岩Rock of Bral 的朋友 伽马隆Gamalon 总是会试图向他买些。
The third door opens to a unique, strange location. Here the trees are tall and proud. The woodland animals are plentiful, and the air is breathtakingly crisp and pure. The sun beats down through the morning haze with a kindness not found on Toril. This is none other than Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park in the year 1894. This is Elminster's favorite off-Toril location to rest and relax. This is also one of the locations where he purchases those strange “German beers” that his friend, Gamalon,from the Rock of Bral, is always trying to buy from him.

  第四扇门展示了 爱德·格林伍德Ed Greenwood 的书房和图书馆。在过去15年里,伊尔明斯特就是这样缠着他,时至今日他仍然在用他那难以置信的长篇大论和“能再来点德国啤酒吗?”和“我能再用一下那个热水喷头吗?”这样的要求来骚扰那个老阳痿男。
The fourth door exposes the study and library of Ed Greenwood. This is the way in which Elminster has pestered him for the last 15 years, and to this day, continues to hassle the poor man with his incredibly long stories and demands for "more German beer" and "can I use that hot water spout doohickey, again?"

None of the dimensional doors that lead from the safehold can be seen from the worlds where they lead to. In other words, the door that leads to Evermeet can be seen from the safehold, but once Elminster walks through the doors, the elves in Evermeet see him as though he just walked through a wall. They cannot see that he actually came from his dimensional intersection. This holds true for all locations, including the door to his personal castle.

He made sure this fact held true for all locations, because he didn't want people sneaking through his house and finding an open door to his safehold. He guards its location and its secrets jealously.

  偶尔伊尔明斯特也会使用 脱逸 的命令词将自己送到此处。在这种时候,他通常是需要抽身出来,集中他的思绪,把自己从苛求之人带来的挫折中拯救出来。
Occasionally Elminster has been known to invoke the evasion's word command to send himself here. In times like these, he usually needs to get away, collect his thoughts, and relieve himself of the frustrations of demanding people.