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【头   衔】狐女女王the Queen of the Foxwomen
【阵   营】CE
【神   力】L
【神   职】虚荣vanity,魅惑charm,贪婪greed,狡猾cunning
【神   系】黑暗族裔诸神Gods of the Dark Folk变形者神系the Shapechangers' Pantheon
【敌   对】芙瑞克Ferrix拜拉多Balador哈娜莉·瑟拉妮尔Hanali Celanil
【神   国】无底深渊the Abyss/193th 庸俗之地Vulgarea
【徽   记】雌狐vixen
【简   介】伊莎芭拉Eshebala 是虚荣的狐女之神,达拉格尔的姐妹。

2e<Monster Mythology.p109>前言Introduction(节选)

  最后——这不是说他们并不重要——的是变形者们,他们是黑夜和隐秘地点的生物,几乎被所有的白昼生物躲避。大部分变形者都是邪恶的。达拉格尔Daragor伊莎芭拉Eshebala 在神话中总是占据着重要的位置,虽然这可能是因为他们是邪恶存在、是大部分其他种族恐惧的兽化人并且强调的是变形天性的邪恶一面。他们经常被模糊地描绘阴影面整体的一部分、无法从造物中排除的原始存在。

2e<Monster Mythology.p115>伊莎芭拉Eshebala(弱等女神Lesser Goddess)

  伊莎芭拉Eshebala 是狐人狡猾而极为虚荣的女神,不过她也眷顾 狼妖wolfwere(因为狼人们憎恨它们)。作为 无底深渊the Abyss 的居民,她却因塔纳厘以及其他深渊位面炼狱居民的丑陋、愚蠢、兽性(或是这些特点的任意组合),而厌恶和嫌恶他们。她有众多精美的宝石、珠宝、毛皮、兽皮、艺术品和类似事物的收藏,这些收藏品实际上相当庸俗和俗丽。她独自居住、没有盟友。她觉得自己的兄弟 达拉格尔Daragor 是个蠢货,不过她实际上并不恨他;她的厌恶的主要对象是 芙瑞克Ferrix。这两位爱打扮和炫耀的虚荣女神往往不能相处愉快。
Eshebala is the wily and supremely vain goddess of foxwomen, although she also favors wolfweres because of their hatred of werewolves. A denizen of the Abyss, she loathes and detests tanar'ri and other infernal inhabitants of other Abyssal planes because of their ugliness, stupidity, brutish nature, or any combination thereof. She has a collection of fine gems, jewellery, furs, skins, objets d'art, and the like, which are actually rather vulgar and flashy. She dwells alone and has no allies. She regards her brother, Daragor, as an oaf, although she does not actually hate him; her primary object of loathing is Ferrix. Two vain goddesses who preen and strut do not tend to get along well together.

角色扮演指南Role-playing Notes:

  在她变得无聊和厌倦的时候,伊莎芭拉的化身会为狩猎和运动而访问 主物质位面Prime Material。她喜欢通过巧妙、非直接的力量制服受害者。她尤其喜欢通过幻术和魅惑来俘获英俊的男性,再定身她的受害者,而后在她杀死这个倒霉蛋之前驱散掉魅惑,接着用一把银匕首剃肉吃掉他。她有时会为了某次八卦对话而访问某位已经被兽化症感染的女性,并要求在到访期间成为阿谀和注意力的中心。
Eshebala's avatars visit the Prime Material for hunting and sport when she grows bored and jaded. She prefers to overcome victims through subtlety, not direct force. She especially enjoys capturing handsome males through illusions and charm, immobilizing her victim and then dispelling the charm before she kills and then eats the unfortunate, carving off flesh with a silver dagger. She sometimes visits females whom she has infected with lycanthropy for a gossip session, and demands to be the center of flattery and attention during such visits.


AL ce; WAL ce (foxwomen); AoC vanity, charm, greed, cunning; SY vixen.

伊莎芭拉的化身Eshebala's Avatar

  (战士Fighter 8,幻术师Illusionist 12)

The avatar appears in the hybrid (vixen) foxwoman form or as a charming, lovely young elven maid. She always wears rich jewellery and finery, and invariably carries has a decorated silver mirror for self-admiration.

  力量 18/10,敏捷 18,体质 15,
  智力 16,感知 17,魅力 20,
  移动 15/21,体型 中型(5呎),魔抗 20%,
  防御等级 0,生命骰 14,生命值 112,
  #攻击 3次/2轮,零级命中值 7,伤害 1d8 + 2(长剑)+3
  Str 18/10 Dex 18 Con 15
  Int 16 Wis 17 Cha 20
  MV 15/21 SZ M (5') MR 20%
  AC 0 HD 14 HP 112
  #AT 3/2 THAC0 7 Dmg 1d8 + 2 (longsword) +3

特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Def:

  此化身免疫毒素、麻痹、非魔法武器、以及所有的附魔/魅惑和幻术/幻象法术。在乡村环境中,她能 行踪无迹pass without trace,而若她逃入了灌木丛中,则在企图躲藏或逃避追捕时有95%无法被侦测到。每日3次,如同一位狐人,她能歌唱并造成昏睡,持续3d4轮;随意使用,她能 魅惑人类charm person。她挥舞着一柄 +2长剑
The avatar is immune to poison, paralyza- tion, nonmagical weapons and all enchantment/charm and illusion/phantasm spells. She can pass without trace in a rural environment, and if she escapes into undergrowth is 95 % undetectable when seeking to hide or evade pursuit. She can sing and create lethargy as a wolfwere for 3d4 rounds 3/day, and can charm person at will. She employs a longsword +2.

  该化身总是伴随着1d4+1位被魅惑的男性仆人。根据《怪物纲要Monstrous Compendium》关于 兽化人,狐人Lycanthrope, Werefox 的条目来决定他们的天性,但这些助手将有1d6+3的等级,并将有90%的可能性拥有一件魔法顺手武器,70%的可能性拥有恰当的魔法防具,10%/级的可能性拥有1d2件恰当的次级杂项魔法物品(DM决定)。
The avatar is always accompanied by 1d4 +1 charmed male servitors. Determine their nature from the Monstrous Compendium entry for Lycanthrope, Werefox, but these sidekicks will be of levels 1d6 + 3 and will all be 90% likely to possess a magical hand weapon,70% likely to possess appropriate magical armor, and be 10% per level likely to possess 1d2 suitable minor miscellaneous magical items (DM's choice).