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冰侧元素位面The Paraelemental Plane of Ice
Borders of Ice
【所属 位面】侧元素位面The Paraelemental Plane
【类   型】内层位面侧元素位面
【位面 之主】克里欧那克斯Cryonax
【下辖 地区】核心冰位面Core ICE:包含 血沼Bloodmire 和 阿科兰特Arcolantha

硬霜之雾Fog of Unyielding Frost:与蒸汽面的交界处
冻结生命之海Sea of frozen Lives:与水位面的交界处
钉刺风暴Stinging Storm:与盐位面的交界处
寒冷虚空Frigid Void:与真空面的交界处
冰崖Precipice:与气位面的交界处,包括 终极寒冬之山Mountain of Ultimate Winter、凿冰庄园Chiseled Estate、蒂拉·米努特城Tiera Minuut

闪光漂流the Shimmering Drifts:与闪电面的交界处
【简   介】冰侧元素位面The Paraelemental Plane of Ice 处于水元素位面气元素位面的交界,是多元宇宙最为寒冷的地方,在其最寒冷的区域,甚至连光、语言、思想、概念都能冻结。寒冷元素大君克里欧那克斯统治着这里。

2ePS<The Inner Planes.p068>冰侧元素位面The Paraelemental Plane of Ice


  机灵点,看在上帝的份上,保持移动——任何停下脚步的东西都会被冻结。Keep your wits about you, and for gods' sake, keep moving—Anything that stops might freeze that way.
  ——塔舍瓦·长堤Tarsheva Longreach

  法师学派改变Wizard School Alteration
  火Fire,土Earth <

冰侧元素位面The Paraelemental Plane of Ice

  你好,凡人。我将是你的叙述者——如果你愿意,我将是你的可靠的向导。我的名字是 桑提马林Sanctimarin,冻结的微风的主人Master of the Frozen Breeze。你们的贤者们会称我为魔蝠,但我与共享这种荣誉的火或蒸汽生物完全不同。用这个名字来称呼我光荣的族群,比任何事情都更能证明你是多么需要我的帮助。
Hello, mortals. I shall be your narrator-your unfailing guide, if you will. My name is Sanctimarin, Master of the Frozen Breeze. Your sages would name me a mephit, but I am nothing like the creatures of fire or steam that share that distinction. Referring to my glorious race by that appellation proves more than anything else how badly you need my help.

  让我们从基础开始。冰侧元素位面The Paraelemental Plane of Ice 非常非常冷。
Let's start with the basics. The Paraelemental Plane of Ice is very, very, very cold.

Got that? Good. Now try to keep up.

The paraplane of Ice is so cold that anything brought here freezes. I know that in cold regions of other planes most liquids freeze, but that's not really what I'm talking about. Here, flesh freezes. Blood freezes. Stone freezes. The air freezes. Spoken words freeze. Thoughts freeze. Even ice freezes.

Ice is a meeting of Elemental Air and Water. Unlike some of the other paraelements, however, ice shares little with the materials that merge to form its essence. It has none of the fluidity, flexibility, and resilience of father Water, nor the speed, lightness, and loftiness of mother Air.

  另一方面,侧平面这一定义本身显示了与它的两个母元素位面的明确关系,以及与它共享边界的其他领域。当你从我家乡的中心朝一个向上的方向移动时,气候经历了一个渐进的变化。在历经一段时间后,冰将破裂变成咆哮的暴风雪,形成与气元素位面的边界。在这里,你可以沿着侧平面的边缘行走,周围都是雪,空气在上面扩散。这个地区被称为 冰崖the Precipice,许多人认为它是冰位面的表面。事实上,因为侧位面有重力,一些外地人错误地认为冰崖就是整个位面。很容易看出为什么,真的,他们在广阔的冰雪中跋涉,盯着被冰雪覆盖的山脉,紧紧地裹在呼啸的风里,惊叹于暗淡的、淡蓝色的光线中永恒的黄昏。
On the other hand, the paraplane itself shows a definite relationship to its two parent Elemental Planes-as well as to the other realms with which it shares borders. As you move away from the heart of my home in an upward direction, the climate undergoes a gradual change. In time, the ice breaks up to become the howling blizzards that form the border with the Elemental Plane of Air. Here, it is possible to walk along the edge of the paraplane, with snow all around you and the plane of Air spreading out above. This region is called the Precipice, and many people think of it as the surface of Ice. In fact, because the paraplane has gravity, some foreigners mistakenly think the Precipice is the whole paraplane. It's easy to see why, really, They trudge along through the vast expanse of ice and snow, staring at the ice-covered mountains, wrapping up tightly against the howling winds, and marveling at the perpetual twilight of the dim, whitish-blue illumination.

  然而,他们没有意识到的是,侧位面的大部分位于冰面之下,在基本上坚固的、冰冻之心里。如果你从冰崖往下走,冰中的水分会慢慢地变得越来越多。这水冷得可怕,但还是比侧位面的冰要暖和一点。最终,你会到达一个寒冷的地方,被称为 冻结生命之海the Sea of Frozen Lives,一个由悬浮的冰块组成的无表面的海洋。在这令人不寒而栗的冲刷之外是元素位面。(因为冰侧位面似乎位于 无底之渊the Bottomless Deep【译注:水位面的别称】的顶部,有时它被称为 浮动位面the Floating Plane、甚至是 颠簸位面the Bobbing Plane——不,来自 印记城Sigil 的读者们,这并不意味着这里有很多小偷。)
What they don't realize, though, is that the majority of the paraplane lies below the surface in the mostly solid, icy heart. If you move downward from the Precipice, the ice slowly becomes more and more watery. This water is horribly cold, but it's still slightly warmer than the paraplane's ice. Eventually, you'll reach a frigid place called the Sea of Frozen Lives, a surfaceless ocean of suspended ice chunks. Beyond this chilling wash is the Elemental Plane of Water. (Because of the way the paraplane of Ice seems to rest on top of the Bottomless Deep, it's sometimes called the Floating Plane or even the Bobbing Plane-and no, you readers from Sigil, that doesn't mean that there are a lot of thieves here.)

Borders of Ice

  这就涉及到了向上下运动的问题。现在,如果你开始向 负能量位面the plane of Negative Energy 进行漫长而费力的横向旅行,冰的性质将经历另一个转变。在一个方向上,它慢慢地变成无穷无尽的咸水冰雹,然后让位于致命的 盐准位面quasiplane of Salt。这种由咸晶体构成的永恒的狂暴风暴被大多数人称为 钉刺风暴the Stinging Storm。
That takes care of up and down. Now, if you begin to make the long and draining journey laterally toward the plane of Negative Energy, the nature of the ice undergoes yet another transformation. In one direction, it slowly becomes an endless hail of acrid salt-water ice before giving way to the deadly quasiplane of Salt. This eternally raging tempest of salty crystals is known to most as the Stinging Storm.

  向气位面方向倾斜会把你带到一个没有冰雪的地方,但却被寒冷和漆黑那可怕的手指紧紧抓住。这个地方被称为“寒冷虚空the Frigid Void”,而在它之外是 真空准元素位面the quasiplane of Vacuum 的无穷无尽的空虚。
Listing toward the plane of Air brings you to a region that's free of ice and snow but gripped in the horrid fingers of absolute cold and total darkness. This place is known as the Frigid Void, and beyond it lies the unending emptiness of the quasiplane of Vacuum.

  不喜欢这些选择?如果你朝另一个方向旅行——朝正能量的方向——冰的性质又会改变。如果你朝着蒸汽准位面的方向前进,你就会遇到 硬霜之雾the Fog of Unyielding Frost,那是一个翻滚着超冷蒸汽的地方。这些雾气是可以呼吸的,但如果你没有某种御寒措施,它们会把你的肺冻成固体。
Don't like those choices? If you travel in the other direction-toward the planeof Positive Energy-the nature of the ice changes yet again. Set your course for the quasiplane of Steam and you'll come upon the Fog of Unyielding Frost, a place of churning, super-cold vapors. These mists are breathable, but they'll freeze your lungs solid if you don't have some manner of protection from the cold.

  朝闪电准位面的方向移动,你会发现冰在破裂,变成一片轻柔地飘着雪的区域,从表面上看,这几乎是令人愉快的。然而,事实上,这些粉末状的雪花含有一种危险的能量。虽然这种力量不会造成身体上的伤害,但它会对精神产生可怕的影响。在 闪光漂流the Shimmering Drifts 中,旅行者必须在每一回合的开始进行一次成功的对抗法术的豁免,否则他将失去智慧(就像他是 困惑术confusion 的受害者一样)。
Move toward the quasiplane of Lightning and you'll find that the ice breaks up to become a field of softly blowing snow, which, on the surface, seems almost pleasant. In truth, however, these powdery flakes are infused with a dangerous energy. Although the force doesn't cause physical damage, it can have a terrible effect upon the mind. At the start of each turn spent among the Shimmering Drifts, a traveler must make a successful saving throw vs. spell or lose his wits (as if he were the victim of a confusionn spell).


At its heart, the Paraelemental Plane of Ice is an immense glacier without base or surface. It is a regionof incredible cold and darkness. In many ways, it combines the excessive pressure of the plane of Earth with the torturous extremes of temperature found in the plane of Fire. Numerous cracks, fissures, andchasms abound here, for the paraplane constantly shifts, buckles, and reforms. Traveling through theseregions can be especially dangerous, for the slightest misstep can bring down an avalanche of snow and ice. Those of you forced to trod along on your big clumsy feet should probablybring a staff, spiked boots, or something else to give you a better grip-at least, that's what I would do.


It may be that the best way to reach the paraplane of lce is to enter one of the adjacent planes (either Air or Water) first. From there, you can set about traveling until you cross from one region into another. But, there are other options.

  传送门是一个显而易见的答案,但其中很少有传送门会指向侧位面或准位面。尽管如此,坚定的位面行者还是可以找到的。据说存在一个传送门,该传送门将 巴托地狱Baator 的第八层 卡尼亚Cania 与我那寒冷的家联系起来。事实上,我可以确认这是真的。其他人则声称在冰位面和 穆斯贝尔海姆Muspelheim(约瑟园的火热的层)之间使用过传送门,虽然为什么传送门将两个不同的地方联系起来却很难理解。此外,据推测,深渊的至少两个冰冻层提供通往冰位面的入口。其中一层(我相信是第566层,许多人称为 灵魂冻结Soulfreeze)被认为具有双向入口,尽管激活它的关键是一个凡人的灵魂,在此过程中它会被摧毁。
Portals spring to mind as an obvious answer, but very few of them lead to the paraplanes or quasiplanes. Still, a determined planewalker can find one. It'ssaid that a portal exists that links Cania, the eighth layer of Baator, with my frigid home. In fact, I can confirm that this is so. Others claim to have used a gate between Ice and Muspelheim (a fiery layer of Ysgard), though why a portal would link two such different places is difficult to fathom. Further, at least two frozen layers of the Abyss supposedly offer portals leading to the paraplane of Ice. One of these layers-I believe it's the 566th, known to many as Soulfreeze - is thought to have a two-way portal, though the key to activate it is a mortal soul, which is destroyed in the process.

  有时,够浓的冰会打开一个漩涡,该漩涡将 主物质位面the Prime Material Plane 上的某个位置与冰侧位面连接起来。在大多数情况下,这些都存在于冰川或北极地区。在很长一段时间内,这样的涡旋会在特别凶猛的暴风雪的中心或冰冷的海底深处打开。
Occasionally, a great enough concentration of ice opens a vortex that connects a location on the Prime Material Plane with the paraplane of Ice. In most cases, these are found in glacial or arctic regions. Once in a very long while, such a vortex opens at the heart of particularly ferocious blizzard or deep beneath a frigid sea.

The Paraelemental Plane of Ice


Survival in the paraplane of Ice is not easy, particularly for you mortals. Numerous hazards, both organic and inorganic, can slay a new comer before he knows what's hit him.


  我的侧位面老家非常冷。实际上冷得没有其他方法可以表达它。到达这里的旅行者最好做好准备应对这个问题,否则他们将不会活太久。无法抵抗寒冷或没有魔法保护的人每轮受到1d6点伤害。 通过使用非魔法性的防寒措施,例如穿着经得起极端寒冷天气的衣服,遮盖所有裸露的皮肤,避开风或开阔水域,精明的人能将伤害降至每回合1d6点。
My home paraplane is amazingly cold. There's really no other way to put it. Travelers who come here had best be ready to deal with this, or they won't last long. Those without an immunity to cold or magical protection from the temperature suffer 1d6 points of damage per round. By using nonmagical protection from cold-such as wearing clothing made to withstand extremely cold weather, covering all exposed skin, and keeping out of winds or open watersmart folks can reduce their pain to a mere 1d6 points of damage per turn.

Worse yet, the temperature doesn't remain steady, so some areas of Ice are much colder than others. In fact, certain spots are so cold that no amount of nonmagical protection staves off damage from the environment, and that damage is twice normal for those without protective gear and clothing.

And it gets colder still. Deep within the paraplane, some areas are so cold that energy, even light, freezes. Vision becomes impossible, for light doesn't travel to meet your eyes. As I mentioned before, words and thoughts can also freeze, meaning that trying to speak or think clearly requires a successful saving throw vs. petrification. Go far enough into the paraplane and eventually even ice freezes. Here, even those immune to cold suffer 1d6 points of damage per round. Furthermore, new ice forms at the rate of about a foot per minute, making the "ground" extremely unstable as the ice grows and grows.


  在 冰崖the Precipice 上,空气很充足,尽管很冷。在表平面之下,侧位面是一块坚固的冰块,因此呼吸可能会成为问题。 解决此问题的唯一方法是使用魔法或屏住呼吸——至少,后者可以称为是一种短期解决方案。
On the Precipice, the air is plentiful, if cold. Below the surface, the paraplane is a solid block of ice, so breathing can be a problem. The only ways to get around this are by using magic or by holding your breath-and the latter is a shortterm solution, to say the least.

Of course, elemental pockets of air can provide relief. Fissures, cracks, and other openings in the ice often have a thin atmosphere as well. This gradually leaks out of the ice itself and has a 75% chance of being thick enough to sustain life like yours. Still, many creatures native to the paraplane-like, say, members of my race-have no weakness such as a need for air.


  除非你有某种特殊的视力,例如 热感视觉戒指ring of infravision,否则你将无法在冰侧元素位面看到太多东西。 就像 土元素位面the Elemental Plane of Earth 一样,这个位面充斥着大量的固体物质。当然,如果携带光源,通常可以看到裂缝、洞穴等。但是,灯笼和火炬等物品只能在空气浓到足以呼吸的地方使用。此外,虽然生火似乎是很平常的事,但是它带来了两个可能的问题。
Unless you have some manner of special eyesight, like a ring of infravision, you won't be able to see a lot in the paraplane of Ice. Like the Elemental Plane of Earth, the place is a vast mass of solid matter. Of course, you can see normally in fissures, caverns, and the like if you carry a source of light. However, items like lanterns and torches work only in spots where the atmosphere is thick enough to breathe. Further, while fire might seem an obvious boon, it presents two possible problems.

First of all, fire melts ice and snow. (If you need me to tell you that, stay home.) Under the surface of the paraplane, this can invite trouble. Even a torch can create an icefall-or at least douse the bearer with frigid water that refreezes almost instantly.

Secondly, in the coldest portions of the paraplane, fire freezes. When this happens, there is a 50% chance that the flame becomes a solid chunk of cold, icelike fire, and a 50% chance that it becomes coldfire-a black-burning flame that radiates powerful cold instead of heat and provides little or no light.

  有传言说在冰封之城 特里金城Teliggin 制造的特殊镜片可以使配戴者在侧位面时看到声音,因为寒冷会使声音移动得更慢。
Rumors speak of special lenses made in the frozen city of Teliggin that allow their wearers to see sounds while in the paraplane, since the cold makes noise itself move more slowly.


Just like the plane of Earth, the paraplane of Ice constantly tries to fill in voids (whether there's something else in them or not). Thus, the rules presented on that subject in the chapter on Earth apply here as well. Briefly, those entombed within the solid ice below the surface suffer 1d2 points of damage per turn. Constructed passages seal within 1d6 days, although Ice certainly has more natural open areas than does the plane of Earth.


The greatest dangers of the paraplane of Ice are the cold andthe lack of air. If you can deal with those problems, you're generally doing all right. Still, you should plan for the following potential troubles.

  当你穿过平面上的许多裂缝和裂缝中或靠近冰面处不稳定的冰冻冰崖时,必须格外小心。任何突然的大声噪音,例如爆炸或释放了 闪电束lightning bolt,都可能导致危险的冰雪暴雨从墙壁和天花板或高处的山峰上掉下。任何陷入此类崩塌的人都必须进行一个对抗喷吐武器的豁免,否则将受到4d6点伤害。成功的豁免将使伤害减半。
You've got to be careful when moving through the many fissures and cracks that lace the paraplane, or nearthe precarious frozen cliffs on the surface. Any sudden and loud noise, like an explosion or the casting of a lightning bolt, can cause a dangerous shower of ice and snow to fall from the walls and ceiling or from the peaks high above. Anyone caught in such a collapse must make a saving throw vs. breath weapon or suffer 4d6 points of damage. A successful saving throw cuts the damage in half.

  有时,一块冰会融化,直到变成泥泞的泥潭。 在未经训练的人看来,它就像周围的其余冰块一样。 但是任何步入泥潭的人都会掉入地下。这些污水池很难逃脱,因为它们的边缘是湿冰因此非常滑。穿着冬装的受害者很可能会淹死(由于他们装备的重量将他们向下拉)或冻住(如果他们脱下衣服以维持漂浮)。
From time to time, an area of ice thaws slightly until it becomes a mire of slush. To the untrained eye, it looks just like the rest of the ice all around it. But anyone who steps into the mire plunges beneath the surface. These sinkholes can be very difficult to escape from, for their edges are nothing but wet ice and, thus, terribly slippery. Victims wearing heavy winter clothes are likely to drown (as the weight of their gear pulls them under) or freeze (if they shed some clothing to stay afloat).

A "true cold" area of the paraplane is a region in which more than just water or flesh can freeze. A substance, energy, word, thought, or even a concept like "goodness" or "nearness" can freeze solid, takingon the form of a strange ice crystal. While frozen, the item, thought, or whatever it is has no power or meaning.

  一些 圈外佬outsiders 喜欢在冰位面的真寒区域搜寻冰冻的想法,然后将它们带回去。一旦从侧位面的寒冷温度中取出,战利品通常会在专门准备的容器中融化。然后,它们可能会以某种方式被用来为魔法物品或秘密计划提供力量,或者只是为了牟利而出售。我听说 印记城Sigil大市集Great Bazaar 提供了买家可能想要的任何东西,但我敢打赌,即使是一些最疲惫的异界生物也会惊讶地找到蒸馏的“混乱”、瓶装的“悲伤”或液态的“左”出售。
Some outsiders enjoy scouring the true cold areas of ice for frozen ideas, which they take back with them. Once removed from the frigid temperatures of the paraplane, the prizes thaw, usually within a specially prepared container. Then, they might be used somehow to power a magical item or an esoteric scheme, or simply sold for profit. I've heard that Sigil's Great Bazaar offers anything a buyer might want, but I'll wager that even some of the most jaded planars are surprised to find distilled "chaos," bottled "sadness," or liquid "left" for sale.


  在 冰崖the Precipice 上,旅行者可以在冰冷的山峰上使用登山技能。在位面深处,环境就如同土元素位面的镜像。大部分冰块具有软岩的稠度,并具有与第34页所述相同的困难。
On the Precipice, travelers may employ their mountain-climbing skills on the icy peaks. Within the depths of the plane, conditions mirror those of the plane of Earth. The majority of the ice has the consistency of soft rock and presents the same difficulty as described on page 34.


None of the paraplanes or quasiplanes is as well populated as the Elemental Planes are. This having been said, however, it would be wrong to think of them as utterly desolate.


  各种各样冰侧元素漫游于这个侧位面。在大多数情况下,这些生物就像行走的冰雕。许多冰侧元素都服从 邪恶冰元素亲王the Prince of Evil Ice Creatures 克里欧那克斯Cryonax 的意愿,尽管大多是出于恐惧而非尊敬。其他人则通过藏在冰面的冰冷的洞穴中或侧位面的冰冻之心来抵抗暴君的统治。
Many varieties of ice paraelemental wander the paraplane. For the most part, these creatures resemble walking ice sculptures. Many of them obey the will of Cryonax, the Prince of Evil Ice Creatures, though most do so out of fear instead of respect. Others resist the tyrant's domination by hiding in small conclaves in icy caverns on the surface or deep within the frozen heart of the paraplane.

Kingdoms of ice paraelementals usually aren't very friendly to other beings, though they get along well with my people. In fact, we dwell together in jointcities and realms, some of which have existed for longer than most prime-material worlds.


  毫无疑问,到冰位面的访客会遇到许多不同的动物——类似于主物质界的动物和怪物,但完全由手头上的任何能用的物质组成(在这种情况下,是冰)。 但是,许多“普通的”北极野兽,例如北极熊和企鹅,也和我们生存在同一天空下。
Visitors to Ice will no doubt encounter a number of different animentals-creatures resembling prime-material animals and monsters, but formed entirely of whatever substance is at hand(in this case, ice). But many "ordinary" arctic beasts such as polar bears and penguins also share my home.

  另外也不要惊讶于大量的昆虫沿着侧位面的冰面爬行或在冰层中钻洞。其中一种蠕虫,即 冰霜螨frostmite,吞下它能找到的任何热量——通常是旅行者、但有时甚或是定居此处的霜巨人和雪人的肉。
Don't be surprised, either, by the large number of insects that crawl along the surface of the paraplane or burrow through the ice. One such bug, the frostmite, feeds upon whatever heat it can find-often in the flesh of travelers, or even in that of the frost giants and yeti that live here permanently.


  许多白龙在冰侧位面安家。其中最强大的 阿拉巴尼亚Albrathanilar 似乎正准备与 克里欧那克斯Cryonax 开战。没有人能预料到这种战斗的结果,但是即使龙设法击败了现任 元素大君archomental,冰侧元素似乎也不太可能接受她作为他们的新领袖。另外,阿拉巴尼亚还是一个狡猾而强大的巫师,她用咒语来吸引和召唤越来越多的盟友,为必定会发生重大冲突做好准备。然而,现阶段,克里欧那克斯和阿拉巴尼亚互相使用间谍和破坏分子,而目前这只能被称为“冷战”。(我为这双关语道歉; Sanctimarin坚持要保留。-编辑)
A number of white dragons make their home in the paraplane of Ice. The greatest of these, Albrathanilar, appears to be positioning herself for a battle against Cryonax. No one can predict the outcome of such a fray, but even if the dragon does manage to defeat the reigning archomental, it seems unlikely that the paraelementals of Ice will accept her as their new leader. Still, Albrathanilar, who is also a cunning and powerful wizard, uses her spells to charm and conjure forth more and more allies in preparation for what surely will be aconflict of major proportions. For now, however, Cryonax and Albrathanilar usespies and saboteurs against each other in what can only be called a "cold war." (My apologies for the bad pun; Sanctimarin insisted that it remain. -the Editor)

  其它动物,例如冬狼、霜蜥蜴、冰蟹、冰原魔虫、雪猿和冰蟾,在这个寒冷的地方壮成长,仅仅避开了最寒冷的地区。大多数野兽都喜欢冰崖,不过其中一些栖息在冰面下的裂谷和裂缝中。为了证实并行性的思想,据报道,有些人看到冰块在寻冰的猎物中穿行。 其他人则声称,类似于火蜥蜴的巨大冰冻蠕虫会在冰层上钻出隧道,尽管这似乎不太可能。
Other creatures-like winter wolves, frost salamanders, ice crabs, remorhaz, yeti, and ice toads thrive in this chill realm, avoiding only the coldest of areas. Most of these beasts prefer the Precipice, though some dwell in the rifts and crevices below the surface. To give credence to the idea of parallelism, some folks have reportedly seen ice bulettes plying their way through the ice seeking prey. Others claim that huge frozen worms resembling the fiery thoqqua make tunnels through the ice, though this seems unlikely.


  通常而言,冰风精抗拒克里欧那克斯的法律。在大多数情况下,他们只是通过居住在偏远地区而无视他的命令来做到这一点。他们偶尔也会帮助这位严寒的元素大君的敌人。冰侧位面也是大量霜巨人以及同样数量的冰巨魔和霜巨魔的栖息地。所有这三个种族都非常不喜欢彼此。因此,巨魔与巨魔、或巨魔与巨人之间的争斗永无止境。在称为 伊萨里奥Ytharior 的地区进行的一次此类战斗创造了一个冰冻的鲜血和武器之湖,这个湖留存到了今天。就像那些来到 血沼the Bloodmire 的人所描述的那样,这是一个有着极致的恐怖和惊悚的美的地方。许多战斗人员在参战前就被冻住了,现在,他们成为了一个古怪的永恒的芭蕾舞团的一员,在冰冷的血湖中跳舞。
The immoths generally resist the rule of Cryonax. For the most part, they do this simply by living in isolated areas and ignoring his mandates. Occasionally, they have been known to aid the enemies of the frigid archomental. The paraplane of Ice is also home to large communities of frost giants and an equally great number of ice and frost trolls. All three of these races dislike each other intensely. Thus, feuds between troll and troll or troll and giant are never-ending. One such battle, fought in a region called Ytharior, created a frozen lake of blood and weapons that remains to this day. Those who have come upon the Bloodmire, as it is referred to, describe it as a place of utter horror and grisly beauty. Many of the combatants froze before they fell in battle, and now they are part of a strange, eternal ballet, dancing within the lake of frozen blood.


No true powers reside in the paraplane of Ice, though one up and coming basher-Cryonax-fancies himself such. He's a fur-covered humanoid about 15 feet tall, powerfully built and said to resemble a yeti or similar creature. His most unusual features are two long tentacles that sprout where you might expect to see arms.

It's little wonder that Cryonax considers himself a deity. He's the only paraelemental entity ever to have risen through the ranks to become a full-fledged archomental.(This fact is contested, I understand, by those who say that other beings have done the same, and by those who argue that Cryonax is no archomental at all.)

  可能正是这种背景,以及克里欧那克斯声称自己是 上古元素之神the Elder Elemental God 之子这一事实,使他成为了今天这样强大的存在,虽然有些人可能会认为他是低等生物,不如其他元素大君,但他们最好不要在他能听到的地方这么说。
It may be this background, and the fact that Cryonax claims to be a son of the Elder Elemental God, that has made him into the powerful force he is today, While some might dismiss him as a lesser creature, not the equal of the other Elemental Princes, they'd be wise not to do it where he could hear them.

Cryonax has plans-big plans. It's his desire to bring the whole of the paraplane of Ice under his rule. As no force strong enough to oppose him has surfaced, he eventually may accomplish this lofty goal. That success, however, will only be the starting point. Cryonax plans to then raise the power of Ice until my home becomes a true Elemental Plane. Whether he intends for Ice to replace one of the four existing planes or simply join them as a fifth element is unclear.

  如果克里欧那克斯成功,内层位面the Inner Planes 会发生什么?没有人能说得出。大多数人认为他的目标是不可能的。他们认为,多元宇宙the multiverse 的性质是固定的,不能被破坏。另一方面,其他人则认为该元素大君可能会冻结一个或多个元素位面,从而扩大冰在水和气位面中的边界,甚至将土与火位面也冻结起来。面对这种不可思议的混乱的可能性,我们最好相信那些坚持认为它不会发生的人。
What will happen to the Inner Planes if Cryonax is successful? No one can say. Most people don't think that his goal is possible. The nature of the multiverse is fixed and can't be disrupted, they argue. On the other hand, others claim that the archomental could potentially freeze one or more of the Elemental Planes, expanding the boundaries of Ice throughout Water and Air, and even freezing Earth and Fire. Faced with the possibility of such incredible chaos, it's probably best for us to believe the folks who insist that it can't happen.

But even this isn't his ultimate goal. In the end, Cryonax has vowed to see his own power increase beyond that of the other archomentals. When this happens, he believes, ice will become the one true element and all other things will be considered lesser forms of matter. Eventually, he wishes to see the entire multiverse frozen and under his command. No small dreamer, this Cryonax.


It is said by some, particularly the kuo-toa, that an ancient and venerable race roamed the planes long before any other species were born. Indeed, a few even speculate that these creatures caused the multiverse itself to come into existence. Eventually, for a reason that none can guess at, this forgotten race decided to end their contact with the cosmos. According to the stories of the kuo-toa (and other races), they sealed themselves in the depths of the paraplane of Ice.

  现在,有些人会告诉你,所谓的“沉睡者Sleeping Ones”(如果曾经存在的话)早已不复存在。但是,其他人则坚持认为,他们只是在等待再次需要他们那不可思议的力量的时机。这种说法通常来自那些声称自己真的看到了冰层中冰冻的巨大生物。你瞧,显而易见,那些沉睡者将激发起一种惊天动地的敬畏之情,而他们令人冻结的墓地景象应该将(在字面意义上)撕裂一个弱智傻瓜的脆弱。但是,如果这些生物的确像某些人所说的那样大(好几哩长),那有可能是很多旅行者从远处看到了它们,却将它们误认为形状奇特的山峰。
Now, some people will tell you that the so-called Sleeping Ones-if they ever did exist-are long gone. Others, however, insist that they're simply awaiting a time when their incredible powers are needed again. Those who claim to have actually seen the monumental creatures frozen within the ice usually make this argument. But then again, such explorers are difficult to believe. You see, the Sleeping Ones apparently inspire a sort of brain-shattering awe, and the sight of their numbing graveyard is supposed to rip a weakminded fool of his sensibilities-literally. Still, if these beings are truly as big as some claim (many, many miles long), it could be that plenty of travelers have seen them from a distance but mistook them for oddly shaped mountain peaks.


The paraplane of Ice is generally as bleak and dismal a placeas a mortal could ever see. True, it has numerous faults and chasms, but to the undiscerning eye, they all start to look alike after a while. However, there's one spot that every visitor to Ice should see: Arcolantha.


Far beneath the surface of the paraplane lies a pocket of elemental Air several miles in diameter. The walls of this round chamber have been polished until the ice is as smooth as glass. At the center of the sphere is a glowing orb that spreads an even, white light over everything.

If that's all there were to it, Arcolantha would still be an impressive place to visit. But there's much more. Frozen inside the icy walls of the chamber are countless animals gathered from across the multiverse. Although these beasts are frozen solid, they're not truly dead. If one is removed from the ice and thawed, it returns to life. Thus, it's hard to say whether Arcolantha is more a museum or a zoo.


  凿冰庄园The Chiseled Estate 是 克里欧那克斯Cryonax 的冰冷堡垒。这座巨大的建筑冰冻的平原表面上方高出一哩以上,并且向下延伸至少四倍的距离,直至侧位面的冰冻之心处。克里欧那克斯的巢穴坐落在闪烁的水晶宫最深的房间中。有传言说,他奴役了一群致命的巫师和祭司,据说其中许多人是水或冰元素裔,他们不停地劳作来生产新的冷基怪物,以扩充主人的军队。许多年来,变成了棕褐色的绿巨人、雪做的像绳索一样的生物,甚至还有完全由冰制成的、有剃刀翅膀的巨大鸟类的传说故事,都从凿冰庄园中流传出来。
The Chiseled Estate is the icy fortress of Cryonax. This colossal structure rises well over a mile above the surface of the frozen plain, and it extends down into the cold heart of the paraplane at least four times that far. Nestled within the deepest chamber of thie shimmering crystalline palace, Cryonax broods. Rumor has it that he has enslaved a coven of mortal wizards and priests-supposedly, many of them water or ice genasi-who labor endlessly to produce new cold-based monsters to add to their master's armies. Stories of frost-covered umber hulks, snowy roperlike beings, and even giant, razor-winged birds made entirely of ice have comeout of the Chiseled Estate for years.

The fortress is colder than most regions of the paraplane, inflicting an additional 1d6 points of damage perround to visitors who aren't immune to cold. The site inflicts still another 1d6 points of damage per round to those foolish enough to travel there with no special protection whatsoever, not even warm clothing.


  这个经常被提及的地方坐落在冰崖之上,周围是许多其他的冰山。冷风吹拂着这个白色怪物的锯齿状山峰,上面闪烁着冰晶。尽管大多数外地人都说,凿冰庄园是侧位面上最冷的地方,但他们错了。这一荣誉属于 终极寒冬之山the Mountain of Ultimate Winter,这表明它实际上是多元宇宙中最冷的地方。
This oft-mentioned location sits upon the Precipice, amid a number of other icy mountains. Cold winds whip around the jagged peaks of this white monstrosity, which sparkles with icy crystals. Although most outlanders say that the Chiseled Estate is the coldest spot in the paraplane, they're wrong. That distinction belongs to the Mountain of Ultimate Winter, which suggests that it's actually the coldest place in the multiverse.

Nonnatives who come to the Mountain must make a successful saving throw vs. spell or freeze utterly solid in 1d4 rounds. Nonnative creatures that are immune to cold (such as ice toads or winter wolves) suffer 1d6 points of damage per round while here.

  作为一片 真寒true cold 地区,终极寒冬之山将一切事物,从文字到概念,全部冻结了起来。这些东西变成了的小水晶,价格从100到5000枚金币不等,具体取决于物品和买家。这座山也是冰风精和侧元素的家园,它们喜欢捕捉探险家并把他们储存起来——当然是冰冻的固体——藏在愚蠢的洞穴里。(这些藏品远不如阿科兰特的古朴和优雅。)
An area of true cold, the Mountain of Ultimate Winter freezes everything from words to concepts. These things become tiny crystals worth anywhere from 100 to 5,000 gold pieces, depending on the item and the buyer. The Mountainis also home to immoths and paraelementals, who like to capture explorers and store them-frozen solid, of course-in the Caves of Folly. (The collection isn't nearly as pristine oras elegant as that in Arcolantha.)


  我的编辑告诉我,你们这些读者也许想知道一点你们这类人在我的位面上来来往往的事。侧位面的高空,在凛冽的寒风和冰冷的风暴中,一座被一个神奇的泡泡环绕的城市在万里无云的天空中漂浮着。蒂拉·米努特城Tiera Minuut,一个由现在被遗忘的风之女神的祭司们建造的地方,不知怎么地从气位面滑到了冰位面。没有人真正知道这是怎么发生的,但很明显它确实发生了。
My editor tells me that you readers may wish to know alittle of the comings and going of your kind in my plane. Floating high above the paraplane, among the chilling winds and icy tempests, a city surrounded by a magical bubble floats and bobs about the cloudless sky. Tiera Minuut, a place constructed by priests of a now-forgotten wind goddess, somehow slipped from the plane of Air to theparaplane of Ice. No one really knows how this happened, but it's obvious that it did.

Tiera Minuut is used as a rest stop by intelligent travelers who come to the paraplane. Within its glassy shield, the city is cold by mortal standards, but not dangerously So. Those like myself find the place uncomfortable and prefer not to stay in its overly warm climate.

  一个由九名男女组成的委员会统治着这座城市,为所有来这里躲避寒冷的人打开了一扇门。蒂拉·米努特城作为一个交易站,甚至提供了通往多元宇宙其他部分的传送门。那些找工作的人可以到城市的商人那里试试,他们寻找勇敢的灵魂来发掘被冻结的思想或概念,甚至是被称为 永恒之冰eternal ice 的有价值的材料。
A council of nine men and women rules the city, and it offers an open door to all who come seeking shelter from the cold. Tiera Minuut serves as a trading post and even offers access to a few portals leading to other parts of the multiverse. Those looking for work can find it with the city's merchants, who seek out brave souls to search the paraplane for frozen ideas or concepts, or even for the valuable material known as eternal ice.

Believe me, eternal ice isn't easy to find. It looks and reacts like normal ice in every way but one: It never melts. Outsiders lucky enough to discover a chunk usually take it back with them as an intriguing curiosity, but eternal ice also serves a real purpose. Never melting but always cold, it can safely store food or chill drinks even in the hottest clime.


  在寒冷的天气里,厚羊毛、紧皮衣和毛皮等衣服能起到一定的防护作用,但只有傻瓜才会把自己的生命交给这些粗糙的措施。你们这些凡人在冒险到的故乡侧位面前应该搞到抵抗寒冷的魔法防护。如果你能找到我,并带来足够的报酬,我自己可能会为你提供这项服务。其次,单单一只 温暖戒指ring of warmth 就可以让一位非本地居民维持很长一段时间。
Cold-weather clothing such as thick wool, tight leather wraps, and furs and skins offer some protection against the environment, but only a fool trusts his life to such crude measures. You mortals should obtain magical protection from cold before venturing to my home paraplane. I myself might be able to offer you that service, should you find me and bring enough payment along with you. Then again, a simple ring of warmth can sustain a nonnative for a long time.

It's possible for a wizard to overcome the magical restrictions for the schools of Elemental Fire and Earth through the use of various spell keys. Almost universally, they take the shape of physical objects cut from fine glass or crystal. These must be designed for the individual using them as well as for the spell to be cast, however, so no two spell keys are ever alike.