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2eSP<Realmspace.p054>附录:天体学Additional Astronomicals

  除了行星体和它们各自的卫星之外,还有一些其它物体散落在 国度天宇the Realmspace 之中。彗星、小行星、废弃的船只、星云、漂浮的建筑物和舞动颅骨挤满了看似温和正常的 荒宇wildspace。秘术师和占星师跟随着这些“相关”物体的活动,根据它们在特定位置的运动与外观,进行有重要意义的预测。占星术在 托瑞尔星球Toril 的几种文化中都很流行,而这就是为什么占星学天体的定位为什么非常重要。
Besides planetary bodies and their respective moons, there are several other objects littering the Realmspace. Comets, asteroids, derelict ships, nebulosities, floating structures, and dancing skulls crowd the seemingly mild and orthodox wildspace. Mystics and astrologers follow the actions of several of these “relevant” objects to create predictions of significance according to their movements and appearances in specific locations. Astrology is popular among several cultures on Toril, and this is where the astrological bodies' positioning really matters.

Predictions range from the births of kings to deaths of famed lords and wizards. Whether these astrological objects are really responsible for plagues and pivotal worldly happenings is a matter of debate. What people do not seem to realize is that coincidence and random chance are very strong forces in the universe.

卡伊尔·温德劳尔城堡Caer Windlauer

This majestic, beautiful castle has 10 huge spires stretching upwards of 100 feet or more. The grounds are well kept, and green broad-leafed vines spider-web the 20-foot tall guard walls. The castle is constructed of perfectly cut stone blocks, welded together with a white, chalky, cement-like substance.

  这座城堡按照一种有点类似彗星的轨道环绕着 太阳Sun 的公转。近的时候它与太阳可以如 克利尔星球Coliar 一般地近,但远的时候近日点最远又能飘到 卡尔培星球Karpri 的位置。它的轨道相较于 托瑞尔星球Toril 轨道呈45°角。
This castle is in a slightly cometary orbit around the Sun. It gets as close to the sun as Coliar, but its perihelion point drifts out as far as Karpri. Its orbit sits at a 45-degree angle relative to Toril's orbit.

The grounds around the house stretch for thousands of acres. There are several thousand broad-leaved trees, with small streams running through them. There is a large pond in front of the castle, where several dozen geese make their home. The long grasses are green and very soft.

The rooms lining the central hallway are all very spacious and empty. Besides the torches and a single huge chair sitting at the end of the great hall, there is absolutely nothing anywhere in the castle. It completely lacks furniture, draperies, carpeting, tapestries, everything. It is as though everything had been previously stolen— everything, that is, except the huge chair.

  这把椅子看上去好像是为某种巨人创造的。座椅和椅背上的衬垫由最好的碎丝绒制成,而扶手则完全为木制。扶手的正面雕刻着张嘴的豹子,椅腿则雕刻着豹腿。椅背的顶部有一幅复杂的雕刻,似乎描绘的是某种地图。任何来自 月影群岛Moonshae 的人都能认出这些雕刻描绘的是 托瑞尔星球Toril 月影群岛 阿曼岛Oman's Isle特隆赫姆the Trondheim 地区。
The chair appears as if it has been created for use by a giant of some kind. The padding on the seat and back are made of the finest crushed velvet, while the armrests are completely wooden. The fronts of the armrests have carvings of open-mouthed leopards, and the legs of the chair depict the legs of a leopard. The top of the chair's back is an intricate carving that appears to be a map of some kind. Any character from Moonshae can recognizes the carvings as being a map of the Trondheim area on Oman's Isle of Moonshae on Toril.

This castle originally was in Trondheim, but in recent history, the castle and its inhabitant completely vanished into thin air. Several years ago, the owner of this majestic castle was a very in troverted man. He was timid of visitors, and feared that everyone was after his possessions and his life.

  这种恐惧是如此的强烈,以至于渗透进了他生活的方方面面。不久后,他就完全抛弃了社会。最后一次有人看见他时,他已从一位老朋友那里买了一只 三愿戒指ring of three wishes。这只戒指当时上只剩2个愿望,但他还是为此支付了5万多金币。当他许愿时,它最终耗尽了上面的所有愿望,并且第一个愿望为了满足自己的前提,有意地破坏掉了第二个愿望。
This fear was so strong, that it invaded every aspect of his life. Soon he turned his back on society altogether. The last time anyone saw him, he had purchased a ring of three wishes from an old friend of his. The ring had only two wishes left on it, but he still paid over 50,000 gold pieces for it. When he invoked the wish, it ended up using both wishes, because the first wish had to purposefully destroy the second wish to fulfill the requirements given to it.

  他把戒指带回来家里,仔细地把愿望写在了纸上,以便不会出错。经过一个星期的深思熟虑,他觉得自己可以完成了。他许下了如下的愿望:“我,奥马·马克多芬Omar McDauphin,这座城堡的主人、周围所有土地的领主,在此许愿与世界完全隔绝,这样就没有托瑞尔上的人可以再次抢劫我的财产,恐吓我的家人,或再次伤害我,直至永远。”他的确实现了这个愿望。
He brought the ring to his house, and carefully wrote his wish onto paper, so that nothing could go wrong. After a week of deliberating, he felt he was done. He wished as follows:" I, Omar McDauphin, master of this castle, and lord of all the surrounding acreage, hereby wish for complete and total isolation from the world, so that no one on Toril can again rob my possessions, frighten my family, or harm me again, forever." He indeed got his wish.

• For his complete isolation, the wish sent him, his castle, and his undisputed lands into outer space, in orbit around the Sun.

• So that no one on Toril would again steal his possessions, everything he owned except his castle, his land, and a single chair was given to various charities that care for the poor.

• So no one would again harm him, or at least not easily, he became a stone giant with a magical club +4.

  ·他的家族现在属于一个名为 暗月刺客团the Dark Moon 的反派刺客团体,该团体在影月群岛非常有势力。他们现在不再恐惧:因为现在是他们在制造恐惧。
• His family now belongs to a group of villainous assassins called the Dark Moon that is very potent in the Moonshae Islands. No longer are they afraid: they now cause the fear.

• To assure that he would have total and complete isolation, the first wish destroyed the second wish on the ring, so that the man could never again wish to be back home.

奥马·马克-多芬Omar McDauphin,石巨人stone giant:

  智力 平均;阵营 中立邪恶NE;防御等级 0;移动 12;生命骰 14+1~3生命值;生命值 154;零级命中值 7;#攻击次数 1次;伤害 武器 = 1-8 或 使用武器(2-12+8+2);特殊攻击:投石3~30(3d10);特殊防御 不朽Immortal,特殊;体型 超大型H;士气 16;经验值 8000。
Omar McDauphin, stone giant: Int Ave; AL NE; AC 0; MV 12; HD 14 + 1-3 hit points; hp 154;THAC07; #AT 1; Dmg l-8orby weapon(2-12 + 8 + 2); SA Hurling rocks for 3-30 (3d10); SD Immortal, special; SZ H; ML 16; XP 8,000.

Omar McDauphin is a very lonely man, but he prefers it that way. He mostly hides out in the far-removed sections of the castle. There he sits in a huddled corner, not speaking. He always carries his club around with him, because he knows that eventually someone shall come to steal his house, or a few of the geese, or even his whole castle. In spite of the fact that this man is now immortal, he can die from combat. He cannot die from natural causes, old age, or disease.

In the few years that his castle has been in orbit, the grass and the trees have just started to encroach on the underside of his 2,000 acres of land. The waters that flow across his lands are magical in origin. They flow in a constant circle throughout the lands.

  当他的领土从岛上升起并飘向太快时,奥玛岛失去了一大片沿海地区,但它们迅速被海水填满。今天,那片地区被称为 铁堡湾Iron Keep Bay
When his land suddenly raised off the island and drifted into space, Omar Island lost a large coastal section that quickly filled with ocean water. Today, that area is called Iron Keep Bay.