喜乐王庭The Seelie Court,森林神祇们魔法的树荫之家;这个地方依循它的高贵女王 泰坦妮亚Titania 的意志,在 外层位面the Outer Planes 中、从 阿梵多国度Arvandor格拉迪斯海姆Gladsheim万兽园the Beastlands 移动。仙灵们在此盘旋,棕精在此看守,皮克精和小矮妖则在此保持着他们恶作剧的守卫,一如 迷你族裔the small folk 神祇们对于泰坦妮亚的效忠。有五位来自 王庭内环the Inner Circle of the Court 的神祇环绕着祂们的女王:奥伯龙Oberon,她的配偶;维拉内斯芮Verenestra,艳丽、浮夸的树精女神;达武Damh,半羊人和石羊人的淘气神明;司夸尔莱Squelaiche,小矮妖的欺诈者神明;以及,埃彻提恩Eachthighern,独角兽之主。
The Seelie Court,magical bower home of the sylvan deities,is a place which moves among the Outer Planes from Arvandor to Gladsheim and to the Beastlands,as its magnificent queen,Titania,wills. Sprites hover,brownies keep watch,and pixies and leprechauns keep their mischievous guard as the deities of the small folk pay homage to Titania. Five deities form the Inner Circle of the Court around their queen:Oberon,her consort;Verenestra,flamboyant and vain dryad-goddess;Damh,the mischievous god of satyrs and korred;Sqeulaiche,the trickster-god of leprechauns;and Eachthighern,lord of unicorns.

  内廷成员成员们有许多共同的品质。这些神明都强烈地倾向于混乱阵营,且大体上倾向于善良而非中立阵营。祂们与 席德瑞恩诸神the Seldarine gods(尤其是 艾瑞汶·伊拉希尔Erevan Ilesere,精灵的恶作剧之神)有着很强的联系。祂们全都尊泰坦妮亚为女王,尽管她们本性混乱,但当她下达指示时,祂们都会欣然采取行动。同样地,尽管为混乱阵营,但祂们有着一种很强的团契精神,彼此相处很有安全感。在祂们之间,纠纷罕见且能迅速解决。内廷成员们全是些好奇而顽皮的生物,但祂们很清楚自己体型渺小而经常在好奇与谨慎之间纠结,并且高度重视自我保护,尤其是在使用魔法时的自我保护。祂们的化身有着一种关于射程的特殊能力,将在本前言结束部分列出。
The Inner Circle members have many qualities in common. The gods are all strongly inclined toward chaotic alignment,with a majority tending toward good rather than neutral alignment. They have a strong affiliation with the Seldarine gods,especially with Erevan Ilesere,the trickster-god of the elves. They all revere Titania as queen,and will readily act as she instructs them,despite their chaotic nature. They have a strong sense of fellowship,again despite their chaotic alignment,and they feel very protective about each other. Disputes between them are rare and swiftly resolved. Members of the Inner Circle are all curious and playful creatures,but they are also very conscious of their small size,and are usually conflicted between curiosity and caution,and place a strong emphasis on self-protection,especially in using magic. Their avatars have a range of special powers,which are listed at the end of this introduction.

  在神话中,这些神祇有着复杂的诞生过程。泰坦妮亚常被以母亲或助产士的形象看待,不过她的后代诞生方式有极大的不同。达武是她与奥伯龙的任性儿子,维拉内斯芮则是她的女儿。但司夸尔莱被认为是从阿梵多国度中某株魔法植物中诞生的,是个神祇从精灵国度的自然生命中成型的案例,与之相似,某些 外廷the Outer Circle 神祇也是如此。而埃彻提恩总是被视为某位天空神明或恶作剧神明赠予妖精族裔的礼物。最常见的情况下他被视为麒麟神 柯瑞尔Koriel 的儿子,但在一些有趣的传说中,他是某位混乱的恶作剧男神(有时是艾瑞汶)之子,这位男神改变了形态和性别来生下他(很像 洛基Loki 在挪威神话中生下八足 马斯莱普尼斯Sleipnir)。
The coming into being of these deities is a complex process in myth. Titania is usually seen as a mother or midwife figure,but her progeny are born in very different ways. Damh is her wayward son by Oberon,and Verenestra is her daughter. But Sqeulaiche is believed to have been born from a magical plant in Arvandor,a case of a deity taking his being from part of the natural life of the faerie world,as some of the Outer Circle have also. And Eachthighern is always seen as a gift from a sky-god or trickster god to the faerie folk. Most often,he is seen as the son of Koriel the ki-rin god,but in some amusing tales he is the offspring of a chaotic male trickster god (sometimes Erevan)who changes form and sex to bear him (not unlike Loki's giving birth to Sleipnir in Norse myth).

  喜乐王庭的外廷由那些未向泰坦妮亚献上自发的效忠(例如半人马神 斯凯里特Skerrit)、或是其的关切驱使自己花费了大量的时间在远离王庭的地方(例如天鹅仙女女神 妃艾尔菈Fionnghuala)的神祇组成。然而,对祂们,尤其是对那些在外廷边缘徘徊的 渺小族裔the little folk,泰坦妮亚怀着对自己的内廷伴侣们一样多的爱。对于 克埃文Caoimhim,这位爱牢骚而神经紧张的渺小家居棕精神,泰坦妮亚对他贴心珍视,将她置于自己的过度保护中,溺爱娇养、如母亲一样对待他,让他假装非常烦恼。埃曼提恩基安Emmantiensien,严肃而安静的树人神和 奈尔·斯克亚克Nathair Sgiathach,这条放肆无礼的迷你巨龙与你想象中的其祂巨龙诸神都不相似,他补完了外廷的最后一环。他有着一个响亮的名字(简而言之其含义为“有翼的巨蛇”),在自我介绍时,他也喜欢非常傲慢地念出它,只是会对自己假装出来的、严肃的讽刺而忍俊不禁。这位伪龙和妖精龙之神是位讨喜而顽皮的存在,但有时他没完没了的卖弄和玩笑会激怒甚至是其祂森林诸神,而这就是他被排除在内廷之外的原因。他成为了一位出色的宫廷小丑,但不是一位非常有帮助的顾问。
The Outer Circle of the Seelie Court comprises those deities who do not pay a primary homage to Titania (such as Skerrit the centaur god)or whose concerns impel them to spend much time away from the Court (such as Fionnghuala the swanmay goddess). However,for the little folk who hover around the edges of the Outer Circle,in particular,Titania has as much love as for her inner group of fellows. Caoimhim,the grumbling and nervous little killmoulis god,is dear to Titania's heart and in her over-protectiveness she mollycoddles and mothers him,much to his feigned annoyance. Completing the Outer Circle are Emmantiensien,the grave and quiet treant-god,and Nathair Sgiathach,the impudent miniature dragon who is as unlike the other draconic gods as one could imagine. He has a grand-sounding name (which simply means "winged serpent"),which he likes to utter very pompously when introducing himself,only to fall about mocking his own feigned seriousness. The god of pseudodragons and faerie dragons is a delightful,playful being,but sometimes his endless frippery and facetiousness irritates even the other sylvan gods,and is the reason for his exclusion from the Inner Court. He makes a grand court jester,but not a very helpful adviser.

  这是一个友好而合作的神祇团体,祂们致力于共同维护森林王国的完整性。“森林”一词在此有两种可能的含义。首先,它意味着普通的林地——妖精族裔们与精灵、德鲁伊、熊人和其它平静地维护着家园的富饶的生物,分享着这些地方。但它也意味着隐藏在林地腹地中位置非常深入的魔法地点,即“深林”王国,那里只有妖精族裔知道怎么前往。在那里,几乎没有其它生物访客;有些个体无意中地闯入,迷失了自己的方向感和时间感,还有极少数被妖精生物挑选出来的个体,有时可能被引导进入了这处特殊地点。在非常罕见而祥瑞的场合,森林诸神的化身们可能会在某座标记着仙女环的土丘下的 主物质喜乐庭Prime Material Seelie Court 会面。这类场所的位置被妖精们精心守护,甚至不会跟精灵们讲这些事,这样的场所或许是不可能画成地图的,因为它们可能与世俗世界的场所共存于同一空间中。泰坦妮亚的魔力维持着这些特殊地点。
This is a friendly and cooperative group of deities who work together to maintain the integrity of the sylvan realms. "Sylvan" has two possible meanings here. First,it means the woodlands generally—the lands faerie folk share with elves,druids,werebears and other creatures which peacefully maintain the richness of their home. But it also means a magical place hidden very deep in the heart of woodlands,a "deep sylvan" realm where only the faerie folk know how to travel. Here,other creatures are rare visitors;some few stumble in,losing their sense of direction and time,and a very select few may sometimes be guided by a faerie creature into this special place. On very rare and propitious occasions,avatars of the sylvan gods may themselves meet as a Prime Material Seelie Court below earthy mounds marked by faerie rings. The location of such settings is carefully guarded by the faeries,who do not even speak to the elves of such things,and the settings may be impossible to map since they may coexist in space with mundane worldly settings. Titania's magic maintains these special places.

  森林诸神竭力与侏儒、精灵、自然与德鲁伊的诸神、野外和狩猎(如其为非邪恶阵营)的神明、以及空中的灵魂譬如 萨兰娜塔Syranita 建立良好的关系。妖精生物没有祭司和萨满,因为他们的魔法天赋正对应着其祂神祇给予祭司和萨满们的施法潜能。
The sylvan gods work hard to establish good relations with the gods of gnomes,elves,nature and druids,gods of wild places and hunting (if not evilly aligned),and aerial spirits such as Syranita. Faerie creatures do not include priests and shamans,since their magical natures reflect the same power which other deities give to priests and shamans as spell-casting potential.

  当然,森林诸神也有与他们的凡人追随者为敌的敌人。兽人、地精和类似的堕落生物们可能会掠夺林地,类地精神祇们与森林神祇们彼此也有着强烈的敌意。森林神祇们同样憎恶 卡姬卢娜Cegilune,残忍的鬼婆女神。但有位黑暗女神才是妖精种族的永恒宿敌。空暗女王the Queen of Air and Darkness——在其他种族的神话中她经常被描绘为泰坦妮亚的黑暗姐妹——失落已久的真名从未在喜乐王庭被提及过。深入 喧癫空隧Pandemonium 的下层区域,这位苦痛、施虐成性的女神胡言梦呓、留着口水地坐在她的 哀怒王庭Unseelie Court 中的、这座泰坦妮亚的王国的仿制品里,在那里,她谋划着以自己的意志奴役妖精族。是她制造了将可悲的 快可灵quickling,泰坦妮亚最挚爱的棕精的邪恶镜像转化的黑暗魔法力量。也是她将 邪诡侏儒spriggan 变形,并给予了他们变形的能力。黑暗幻术的女主人,空暗女王本尊是无形体的,而她的神话历史的故事,会令任何妖精只是听了一个段落便打颤和发抖。然而,也是她的悲惨故事解释为什么泰坦妮亚因为伤心而束手不去对抗她迷失的姐妹,而不顾奥伯龙的力陈,也不顾她的内廷在与这位折磨着她们子民的黑暗存在交战。
Of course,the sylvan gods have enemies as do their mortal followers. Orcs,goblins,and similar fell creatures may despoil woodlands,and the goblinoid deities and sylvan deities are strongly opposed to each other. The sylvan deities also detest Cegilune,the cruel hag-goddess. But one dark goddess is the eternal nemesis of the faerie races. The Queen of Air and Darkness—often portrayed in myth by other races as a dark sister to Titania—has a long-lost true name never spoken in the Seelie Court. Deep in the lower regions of Pandemonium,this bitter and sadistic goddess sits among a gibbering,drooling parody of Titania's realm,in her Unseelie Court where she seeks to enslave the faerie peoples to her will. It is she who generated the dark magical forces which transformed the wretched quicklings,evil mirror-images of Titania's most-loved brownies. It is she who changed the spriggans and gave them their ability to change form. Mistress of dark illusions,the Queen of Air and Darkness is herself incorporeal and her mythic history is a tale which makes any faerie who hears the least part of it shiver and tremble. Yet it is a sad tale,which explains Titania's staying her hand against the lost sister for whom she grieves,despite the urging of Oberon and her Inner Court to wage war against the dark presence afflicting their people.

  这个故事涉及了 拉丁尼Ladinion,一片史前的深邃林地,在那里,喜乐王庭在 库姆·格拉斯湖Cwm Glas 湖岸主持管理。在南方,矮人矿工们在一座山下发现了一块巨大的黑钻,并将它作为礼物赠予了王庭。当时泰坦妮亚不在,而是在被这片湖泊所哺育的 阿丰·布鲁河Afon Bhlu 的河中游泳。她的姐妹代替她接收了礼物。这件巨大的珍宝开始腐蚀她的姐妹;传说暗示这块钻石是魔法的,但没有提及它是如何形成的。于是,被腐化的女神拿走了钻石,与这 奥秘the Arcana 的魔法珍宝一起,乘坐出现在天空中、冒着浓烟和火焰的巨大二轮战车离去。这块宝石改变了她的天性,而不久后这座山爆炸了,杀死了矮人们、并将有毒的黑云输送到了拉丁尼上,创造了一种烟雾疾病,并杀死了大量妖精族。喜乐王庭被迫逃离穿越了诸位面、并放弃了这片土地。
The tale refers to Ladinion,a deep sylvan land of prehistory,where the Seelie Court presided on the shores of the lake Cwm Glas. To the south,dwarven miners discovered a great black diamond below a mountain,and took it as a gift to the Court. Titania was away,swimming the waters of the river Afon Bhlu which were fed by the lake. Her sister took the gift instead. The great treasure began to corrupt the sister;the tale implies that the diamond is magical,but does not mention how it came to be fashioned. So,the corrupted goddess took the diamond away,together with the precious magical treasures of the Arcana,riding off in a great chariot billowing smoke and fire which appeared in the sky. The gem transformed her nature,and soon after the mountain exploded,killing the dwarves and sending black poisonous clouds over Ladinion,creating a smoke sickness which decimated the faerie people. The Seelie Court was forced to take flight across the planes and abandon the land.

This myth includes the theme of a lost land,although here it becomes despoiled because of an act of greed by the Queen of Air and Darkness. (Other faerie myths often refer to magical lands of their own which are shrinking or disappearing from the world of mortals.)The myth also describes dwarves as the ones who brought the corrupting evil to the Seelie Court,and because of this,faeries have no love of dwarves and try to prevent them from gaining access to the sylvan realms. However,the dwarves of the myth were not evil and their intentions were good—they thought they were bringing a gift,after all. So,while the sylvan gods do not like the dwarven gods,they are not directly hostile to them.

Finally,the sylvan gods are not hostile to or rejecting of the gods of the tall people (humans). While the sylvan gods are strongly protective of their own,they do not regard humans as necessarily enemies,and the killmoulis in particular have a symbiotic relationship with humans who show them any consideration or kindness. Brownies are also frequently helpful to human folk. Humans,though,have learned not to seek out or bother the small folk,but allow faeries to come to them—if they so choose.

诸神的备注Notes on the Gods

  此节中提及的几支森林种族来自从《灰鹰冒险附录GREYHAWK® Adventures Appendix》、到《怪物纲要Monstrous Compendium》(见关于Brownie:Buckawn,Brownie:Quickling,Booka,Sprite—尤其是atomie,grig,sea sprite—的章节)。对于未拥有此增刊的读者来说,这不会造成麻烦。参考资料只包括这些种族中有涉及的妖精族。
Several sylvan races referred to in this section come from the GREYHAWK® Adventures Appendix to the Monstrous Compendium (see entries for Brownie:Buckawn,Brownie:Quickling,Booka,Sprite—atomie,grig,sea sprite—in particular). For the reader who does not own this supplement,this is not a problem. References are made to these races only to be inclusive regarding the faerie peoples.

The following notes should be helpful regarding the pronunciation of the names of certain gods:

  达武Damh(dav):"horned beast"
  埃彻提恩Eachthighern(ek-tee-arn):"lord of horses"
  妃艾尔菈Fionnghuala(fin-ell-ah):"white shoulder"
  奈尔·斯克亚克Nathair Sgiathach(neigh-er skey-ak):"winged serpent"
  埃曼提恩基安Emmantiensien(Emm-ann-tee-enz-ee-an)是一个远远更长的树人语词汇的缩写,这个词意为“一个苏醒地很慢、但在行动中却有巨大威力的人”is a contraction of a much,much longer treantish word which means "one who is slow to rouse but is great in might when stirred to action."

化身The Avatars

  内廷神祇的所有化身都具有以下能力,并能够随意使用(除了专门指出的不同),这些能力附加在祂们具体条目所列的之上:魅惑人类charm person侦测魅惑detect charm侦测魔法detect magic侦测隐形detect invisibility超感ESP妖火术faerie fire遗忘咒forget皇莓goodberry(每日6次),通晓阵营know alignment植物滋长plant growth动物交谈术speak with animals朦胧术obscurement。他们全都能 行迹无踪pass without trace、并能以95%的等级进行 无声移动move silently 和 灌木丛躲藏hide in undergrowth(如同 阴影躲藏Hide in Shadows)。只有在化身处于森林环境中时,才能调用这些魔法能力,而在离开森林环境(可以是任何林地,而不只是“深林”环境)后将持续最多10回合。所有的森林神祇化身都免疫毒素、疾病、造成伤害法术、即死魔法、石化攻击和非魔法武器;这些免疫不受化身所处环境影响。
All avatars of the Inner Court deities have the following abilities,usable at will (unless specified differently),in addition to those listed in their specific entries:charm persondetect charmdetect magicdetect invisibilityESPfaerie fireforgetgood-berry (6/day),know alignmentplant growthspeak with animalsobscurement. All of them can pass without trace and can move silently and hide in undergrowth (as shadows)at 95% rating. These magical abilities only operate while the avatar is in a sylvan setting and for up to 10 turns after leaving that setting (which may be any woodland,not just a "deep sylvan" environment). All sylvan deity avatars are immune to poison,disease,caused wounds,death magic,polymorph attacks,and non- magical weapons;these immunities are not affected by the setting in which the avatar is encountered.

The avatars share certain other characteristics. Most have very low Armor Class,due to their small size,speed,and Dexterity,and their highly magical nature. Their AC rating is worsened by +4 if they are encountered outside a sylvan environment. They have high magic resistance values,again due to their magical nature;but these are halved if the avatars set foot outside the sylvan realms. Their weapons and armor differ from those of the avatars of larger beings. Specifically,their weapons do less base damage than others of the same type due to their small size (so,a faerie dagger does a base 1d3 points of damage to a medium-size opponent,for example). Their armor,for the most part,is gossamer armor spun from enchanted spider silk mingled with moonbeams. It is treated as +5 magical armor for the purposes of determining saving throws and the like. Finally,no faerie creature or natural woodland animal (nor sentient nonevil plants such as treants)will attack an avatar of a sylvan deity even if magically controlled.

  妖精魔法物品若让大个族裔使用,通常来说太小了;举例而言,某位妖精化身佩带着一支魔法戒指,而对于人类来说,这枚戒指太小而不能戴进手指。同样,所有类型的妖精魔法物品将在被带出妖精王国时失去附魔。每日10%的累积可能性,这样的魔法物品将永远地失去它的附魔。有些贤者说使用这样的魔法物品是危险的,因为它会使那些使用的人遭受强烈的 诅咒,指使curses,geases 和类似效果,其常见的类型是令那人失明或失聪,或是改变使用者的性别。
Faerie magical items are often too small to be used by larger folk;a magical ring worn by a faerie avatar,for example,would simply be far to small for a human to slip on to a finger. Also,faerie magical items of all kinds lose their enchantment when taken outside the sylvan realms. There is a 10% cumulative chance each day that any such magical item will simply lose its enchantment forever. Some sages speak of a danger in taking such magic,for it inflicts strange curses,geases and the like on those who take it by force;specifics of this are left to the DM,but such options as polymorphing the new user into a sylvan being,striking that being blind or dumb,or changing the user's sex are common themes.

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