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【头   衔】永恒的吸血鬼长老the Eternal Elder Vampire
【阵   营】CE
【神   力】I
【神   职】鲜血blood,放荡debauch,魔法magic,吸血vampirism
【神   系】黑暗族裔诸神Gods of the Dark Folk
【神   国】无底深渊the Abyess/487th 野兽之巢Lair of the Beast浪荡公子之邸Mansion of the Rake
【简   介】坎切尔希斯Kanchelsis 是吸血鬼之神,在席德瑞恩诸神与某位人类造物神的鲜血混合中产生。

2e<Monster Mythology.p109>前言Introduction(节选)

  如果说蜜花是令人惊奇的,那么 永恒的吸血鬼长老the Eternal Elder Vampire 坎切尔希斯Kanchelsis 则是个绝望的秘密。这位通常采用半精灵的面相的神祇,据说 席德瑞恩诸神the Seldarine 集体的鲜血与某位人类的造物神明的鲜血混合中诞生。这些来源所形成的血液本身,被期望成为维护诸世界生命的一种创造性力量。但在一些可怕的魔法事故中,一种嗜血而贪婪的事物诞生了。鲜血取得了自己的生命、采取了物质、肉躯的形态。于是坎切尔希斯的黑暗降临了此处,逃到了 焦炎地狱Gehenna。关于诸神之血的力量的神话有许多,但没有哪个如这个可怕——也没有哪个如这个隐秘。席德瑞恩诸神自己永远不会谈论它。为什么他们崇高的动机会带来如此可怕的结局,而确切地说他们期望从他们的工作中得到什么,都是未知的;理所当然的是,某些强大而原始的邪恶监视了他们的工作,并在他们仪式的关键时刻破坏了它。

2e<Monster Mythology.p112>坎切尔希斯Kanchelsis(中等神Intermediate God)

  坎切尔希斯Kanchelsis(在有些世界被称作 马斯忒查特Mastraacht)是 吸血鬼之主Lord of Vampires,一位甚至连伟大的 吸血鬼长老Elder Vampires 和 魔域Ravenloft 的 吸血鬼领主Vampire Lords 也报予敬意(与恐惧)的神明。他的神话起源笼罩在秘密之中,但其化身经常采用半精灵形态、并与精灵或半精灵吸血鬼同伴同行,所以 席德瑞恩诸神the Seldarine 的可怕秘密可能的确是真相。诞生于人类与精灵血液的混合物中,坎切尔希斯明白血液是生命与魔法的精髓,是支撑着他的力量。血液淹没了他的 无底深渊Abyssal 家园,其宅邸的所有房间都是由活体雕塑组成,流动的血液散发着鸦片和生物碱的芳香;而半血裔、诺斯费拉图吸血鬼nosferatu 以及更糟的存在分享着他的家园,垂涎着在难以达到地取悦了他后,那寥寥无几的、虐待性的配给来填补他们贪婪的饥渴。

Kanchelsis (known as Mastraacht in some worlds) is Lord of Vampires, a god to whom even the great Elder Vampires and Vampire Lords of Ravenloft give grudging respect (and fear). His origins in myth are shrouded in secrecy, but the avatar often takes half-elven form and travels with an elven or half-elven vampiric companion, so the dreadful secret of the Seldarine may indeed be a truth. Born of intermingled human and elven blood, Kanchelsis knows blood to be the very essence of life and magic, the forces which sustain him. His Abyssal home is awash with blood, entire rooms of his mansion being formed from living sculptures and flows of blood perfumed with opiates and alkaloids; and the vampyres, nosferatu, and worse which share his home slaver after the unattainable delight he so meagerly and sadistically rations out to their ravening hunger.

  坎切尔希斯是位性格分裂的神祇;他的一部分是 野兽the Beast,一种野性而残暴的事物,与狼奔驰、扯开喉咙、撕碎皮肉、将鲜血吞食般大口咽下。在此面相中,他受到了一些尸妖的尊崇。他的另一面是 浪荡公子the Rake,品味着以他人鲜血酿制的葡萄酒的美食家;他是位诱奸者、鉴赏家、华服爱好者、腐化的专家。当浪荡公子占主导时,坎切尔希斯以自己的方式感觉良好;当野兽占主导时,他将变得暴怒(而非他通常时的冰冷恨意和狂虐的必胜主义)。
Kanchelsis is a split-natured deity:part of him is the Beast, a wild and ravening thing which runs with wolves, rips out throats, rends flesh, and gulps blood as fast as it can swallow. In this aspect, some wights have a reverence for his being. His other side is the Rake, a bon vivant who savors blood as others do wine; he is a seducer, a connoisseur, a lover of finery, an expert debauch. The Rake dominates when Kanchelsis feels well with his ways; the Beast, when he is moved to hot rage (rather than his usual cold hates and sadistic triumphalism).

角色扮演指南Role-playing Notes:

  坎切尔希斯的化身们经常秘密潜行于 主物质位面Prime Material。他们渴望鲜血,但浪荡公子还有其它目标。他看重珍稀、名贵的葡萄酒;精美的皮草和宝石;以及鸦片类毒品和作为窥淫癖与施虐狂不能言说的堕落恶行。浪荡公子可能会在宏伟的人类城市中被发现在购买华服、在卓尔据点中品位着可怖的景象、甚或是在为腐化他们而跟踪某位圣武士或守序善良祭司。在罕见的情况下,浪荡公子甚至可能会访问某位有着极大年纪与能力的主物质位面吸血鬼,交换故事或是魔法;他没有祭职者,但在诸世界各地有一伙小型“朋友”圈知道他,并以一种谨慎地互相尊重彼此的存在。浪荡公子有50%的可能性有位强大的战士或法师女伴(或是他所钟爱的附庸,一名女性半精灵战士/法师)。这样一位同伴可能是位吸血鬼、也可能仅仅是被影响心灵魔法魅惑或强力支配了——这位化身极其热爱这样做。
Role-playing Notes:Kanchelsis' avatars often stalk the Prime Material in secret. They are hungry for blood, but the Rake has other goals, too. He values rare, precious wines; fine furs and gems; and opiate drugs and unspeakable depravities as a voyeur and sadist. The Rake may be found purchasing finery in a great human city, savoring dreadful sights in Drow settlements, or even stalking a paladin or lawful good priest in order to corrupt them. Rarely, the Rake may even visit a Prime Material vampire of great age and abilities, exchanging tales or magic; he has no priesthood, but a small circle of "friends" across the worlds know of him and a wary mutual respect exists. The Rake is 50% likely to be accompanied by a female companion who will be a powerful fighter or wizard (or, his favored vassal, a female half- elven fighter/wizard). Such a companion may herself be a vampire or simply charmed and powerfully controlled by mind-affecting magic, which the avatar strongly favors.


  徽记SY:眼睛发着红光的蝙蝠bat with glowing red eyes。
AL ce; WAL n/a; AoC blood, debauch, magic, vampirism; SY bat with glowing red eyes.


坎切尔希斯的化身Kanchelsis' Avatar

  (法师Wizard 10/18,盗贼Thief 14)

Kanchelsis' avatar has two forms as noted above:the Beast and the Rake. The Beast is a wild-eyed, toussle-headed human male, powerfully muscled, with taloned claws and an excessively hairy body. The Rake is a slim, elegant human or half-elven male with slender, long hands, a winning smile, and finely-chiseled features, always immaculately dressed. Transforming from Rake to Beast requires 1 round; transforming from Beast to Rake requires 1 turn during which the avatar must be undisturbed. The avatar can effect each transformation only once per day. He uses spells from all schools and is a specialist in Necromancy. Statistics given in parenthesis below apply to the Rake only.

  力量 21(19),敏捷 16(18),体质 19(18),
  智力 14(19),感知 9(19),魅力 13(20),
  移动 15,体型 中型M(6呎6吋),魔抗 20%(40%),
  防御等级 -2,生命骰 17,生命值 136,
  #攻击 1次,零级命中值 4(5),伤害 1d6 + 9( + 7)(爪抓)
  Str 21 (19) Dex 16 (18) Con 19 (18)
  Int 14 (19) Wis 9 (19) Cha 13 (20)
  MV 15 fl 60 (bat) SZ M (6' 6") MR 20 % (40 %)
  AC -2 HD 17 HP 136
  #AT 1 THAC0 4 (5) Dmg 1d6 + 9 (+7) (claws)

特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Def:

  许多特殊规则适用于该化身的两种不同形态。在两种形态中,他都有已下能力:他免疫睡眠、魅惑、和定身法术、麻痹、以及毒素,并且只受基于寒冷和电击攻击的半数伤害。只有+3或更好的武器能影响他。该化身不会被大蒜和镜子逼退,圣徽对啊没有特殊效果。他可以作为特殊不死生物被驱散,但进行尝试的祭司视为比正常低4级。该化身能经受90分钟的太阳照射而不受影响。圣水对他造成双倍伤害,但他免疫流水。每日6次,他能将1品脱的血投掷最远40呎,效果如同一道5呎半径、10HD的 火球术fireball,或是一道20级法师施展的 驱散魔法dispel magic,或是令受害者目盲,持续2d6轮 (-4罚值的对抗毒素豁免骰避免)。随意使用,他能召唤其1英里内的10d10只巨蝙蝠或蝙蝠。其它依其形态被调整的特殊攻击和防御列举如下。
Many special rules apply to the avatar's two different forms. In both forms, he has the following powers:he is immune to sleep, charm and hold spells, paralyzation, and poison, and suffers half damage from cold and electrically based attacks. Only +3 or better weapons affect him. The avatar is not repelled by garlic and mirrors, and holy symbols have no special effects on him. He can be turned as a Special undead, but treat the turning priest as 4 levels lower than normal for this purpose. The avatar can withstand 90 minutes of exposure to sunlight without adverse effects. He suffers double normal damage from holy water, but is immune to running water. Six times per day he can throw one pint of blood up to 40' to affect a 5' radius as a 10HD fireball, or to dispel magic as a 20th-level wizard, or to blind victims for 2d6 rounds (saving throw vs. poison at -4 negates). He can summon 10d10 giant rats or bats if they are within one mile of him, at will. Other special attacks and defenses are modified by his form as listed below.

  法术使用Spell Use:野兽是位10级巫师,浪荡公子是位18级巫师。
Spell Use:The Beast is a 10th-level mage, the Rake an 18th- level mage.

  凝视武器Gaze Weapons:通过凝视,野兽能 魅惑人类或哺乳动物charm person or mammal(-6罚值的对抗法术豁免骰避免);随意使用,浪荡公子能以相同的方式 魅惑人类charm person。每日3次,浪荡公子也能以凝视令一位最多达16HD/等级的生物陷入 睡眠sleep,持续2d10回合,并且每日3次,他能通过凝视制造 支配术domination(在两种情况下,都是通过-6罚值的对抗法术豁免避免)。
Gaze Weapons:The Beast can charm person or mammal by gaze (saving throw vs. spells at -6 negates); the Rake can charm person in the same way, at will. The Rake can also cause a creature of up to 16 HD/levels to sleep by gaze for 2d10 turns,3/day and can create domination by gaze 3/day (in both cases, save versus spells at -6 negates).

  气化形态Gaseous Form:只有浪荡公子能随意变为气体。在两种形态中,其化身都将在0hp时变为气体。
Gaseous Form:Only the Rake can become gaseous at will. In both forms the avatar becomes gaseous at 0 hp.

Regeneration:The Beast regenerates 6 hp/rd if standing on earth. The Rake always regenerates 4 hp/rd.

  睡眠/魅惑抗力Sleep/Charm Resistances:浪荡公子使精灵和半精灵的睡眠/魅惑抗力面对他的攻击减半。
Sleep/Charm Resistances:The Rake halves elven and half- elven sleep/charm resistance to his attacks.

  召唤狼Wolf Summoning:每日3次,野兽能召唤1英里内的3d6匹狼或座狼,服务他12回合。
Wolf Summoning:The Beast can summon 3d6 wolves or worgs to serve him for 12 turns if within a mile,3/day.

  动物滋长Animal Growth:随意使用,野兽能对召唤而来的狼施展动物滋长animal growth。
Animal Growth:The Beast can cast animal growth on wolves he has summoned, at will.

Shapechange:The Beast can transform into wolf or worg shape at will; the Rake, into giant bat form only.

  喷吐武器Breath Weapon:每日3次,野兽能喷吐一道 云雾术fog cloud;每日1次,喷吐一道 死雾术death fog;每回合1次,浪荡公子能喷吐一团 朦胧之雾云cloud of obscurement
Breath Weapon:The Beast can breathe a fog cloud 3/day and death fog 1/day, the Rake breathes a cloud of obscurement 1/ turn.

  额外特性Additional Properties:随意使用,野兽能 行踪无迹pass without trace。他能被60呎内的月犬或是智慧圣武士坐骑侦测到。每日3次,浪荡公子能施展 烟火术pyrotechnics催眠术hypnotism、以及 虹彩图纹rainbow pattern
Additional Properties:The Beast can pass without trace at will. He can be detected by a Moon Dog or intelligent paladin's warhorse within 60'. The Rake can cast pyrotechnicshypnotism and rainbow pattern 3/day each.