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2eSP<Realmspace.p029>塞伦涅之泪Tears of Selûne

塞伦涅之泪Tears of Selûne

  行星名PLANET NAME:塞伦涅之泪Tears of Selûne
  行星类型PLANET TYPE:小行星集群Asteroid cluster
  逃逸时间ESCAPE TIME:10 轮rounds
  日长DAY LENGTH:变化Various
  岁长YEAR LENGTH:30 天days
  人口分析POPULATION ANALYSIS:主要是精灵和人类,还有少数其他外太空种族Elves and humans mostly, with a smattering of other spacefaring races.
    太阳The Sun
       2 亿英里
       2 天航程
       1.5~2.5 亿英里
       2.5~2.5 天航程
       1~3 亿英里
       1~3 天航程
       18,3000 英里
       7 回合航程
       100,000-183,000 英里
       4~5 回合航程
       1~5 亿英里
       1~5 天航程
       2~6 亿英里
       2~6 天航程
       8~12 亿英里
       8~12 天航程
       10~14 亿英里
       10~14 天航程
       14~18 亿英里
       14~18 天航程
       30 亿英里
       30 天航程

Selûne and her Tears


  有一天,塞伦涅之泪Tears of Selûne 突然没有明显来源地出现了。托瑞尔星球Toril 的不同文化对此事的发生有自己的解释。
History: The Tears of Selûne one day just appeared, apparently from nowhere. The different cultures of Toril have their own versions of what happened.

  受龙Shou Lung 的历史卷轴上是这样写的:4800多年前,有位天文学家正在观察 塞伦涅星球Selûne、绘制她的表面,这位天文学家报告说看见有许多东西突然“弹”了出来。托瑞尔星球的所有海洋都随之掀起滔天的海啸。
Written in the Shou Lung scrolls of history, over 4,800 years back, an astronomer looking up toward Selûne, mapping its surface, reported seeing many objects suddenly "pop" into existence. Tremendous tidal waves on all of Toril's oceans commenced.

  几小时后,同一位天文学家——折杜笔Tu Pi Chei 将他的发现报告给了皇帝的僚属。从睡梦中醒来的皇帝对此事甚感兴趣,第二天晚上他出发与杜笔一起研究了这一现象。在看见确实有一道光出现在月亮右边后,他命全国最出色的20位占星家推断它的意义。
Several hours later, the same astronomer, Tu Pi Chei, reported his findings to the emperor's men. The emperor, awakened from his sleep, was very interested in this matter, and went out the next night to study the phenomenon with Tu Pi. After seeing that, indeed, a cluster of lights had appeared to the right of the moon, he had the 20 best astrologers in the country deduce its meaning.

Nearly all of the predictions involved Shou Lung's expansion inland, while a few deduced that there was to be a death in the emperor's family, and in one reported divination, the emperor himself was to become pregnant. The latter astrologer was soon put to death.

Indeed, Shou Lung did begin expansion inland shortly thereafter, and today, it is one of the largest countries in Toril. The emperor's wife also died during childbirth later that year.

  永聚岛Evermeet 的精灵国家在与受龙差不多的时候记录到了相同的天相,但反应却大不相同,她们将这种天文现象视作她们神祇的兆示。诸神对他们在技艺上不断的钻研与进步倍感欣悦,而将这一兆示作为礼物赠予了她们。对她们而言,塞伦涅之泪是一种骄傲的源泉。
The elven nation of Evermeet documented the same phenomenon about the same time as the Shou Lung, but their reaction was quite different, viewing the astronomical phenomenon as a sign from their gods. The gods, being pleased with their continued magical research and progression in their arts, gave them this sign as a gift. To them, the Tears of Selûne is a source of pride.

The goblin races see the cluster of asteroids as a plot by human mages to place the world in continual light. Hating light and the life that it endows the planet, they must destroy all of the humans and possibly the elves. If these denizens of the light are not eliminated, soon hundreds of moons shall circle the planet, masking out the darkness the goblins desire so much.

Many spacefaring races believe that the Tears of Selûne were created by a god who is new to the sphere. They believe that the Tears were placed to hide the whereabouts of his domain, a castle in the center of the asteroids. Many different people have tried to investigate the castle and see what it holds, but no one has ever come out alive.

  大部分人类传说都是这样说的:有一次,女神 塞伦涅Selûne 与一位英俊的战士坠入了爱河,而后者实际上是只变化了形态、一心只有征服与毁灭的怪物。女神用自己的生命精华,创造了一颗宝石将这位战士和他的爪牙囚禁到世界末日。而她的眼泪也随之洒了出来,现在就在与她同名的月亮周围。
Most human legends tell of a time when the goddess Selûne fell in love with a handsome warrior who turned out to be a shape changing monster bent on conquest and destruction. Using her very life essence, she created a gem that would contain the warrior and his minions until the end of time. The tears she cried were spilled, and now lie near the moon that is her namesake.


The Tears of Selûne is nothing more than a cluster of asteroids which follow Selûne in its orbit around Toril. Here, hundreds of asteroids slowly circle around one another. Most of the asteroids are too small to hold the atmosphere required by living and breathing beings. Several dozen, however, do have air envelopes which allows comfortable living. The unique feature of the Tears is that in their midst lies a castle, around which the asteroids seem to slowly revolve.

停泊港Ports of Call:

On the asteroids that contain life, there are places dedicated to spelljammers. These areas allow ships to dock, conduct trade, set up base, or whatever the need may be.

龙岩星Dragon Rock

  龙岩星Dragon Rock 坐落于 塞伦涅之泪Tears of Selûne 边缘,它10英里的表面专供进行贸易。有数以百计的港口供船舶停靠,以每吨1银币的收费进行贸易。如果商人不想浪费太多的时间,就可以把货物留给小行星的拥有者委托出售。12位非常值得信赖的守序善良的商人共同拥有着龙岩星。而这颗小行星便是塞伦涅之泪中最活跃的小行星。
Dragon Rock lies close to the edge of the Tears, its 10-mile surface dedicated to trade. Hundreds of ports allow ships to dock and conduct trade for a fee of one silver per ton. Cargo can be left with the owners of the asteroid and thus sold on commission should the trader not wish to dally too long. Dragon Rock is owned by 12 lawful good traders who are very trustworthy. This is the most active asteroid in the Tears.

洞穴星The Cave

  洞穴星The Cave 是一块底部有开口的小岩石。它坐落在 塞伦涅之泪Tears of Selûne 靠近中心之处,其表面覆盖着蓝绿色的草类植物。在这个大洞中是臭名昭彰的 蝙蝠船Batship 以及贮放待销的所掠赃物的巢穴。(请参见本书本书 新船New Ships 章节对 蝙蝠船Batship 的详述。这艘船被设计为了角色们的敌人,而非他们的财产。)有80%的可能性,这艘船就在洞穴中,并且完全意识到了敌对船只的入侵。它总是会及时离开以保护巢穴不被发现。
The Cave is a small rock with an opening on its underside. It is located near the center of the Tears, and its surface is covered with blue-green grass-like plants. Within this large hole is the lair of the infamous Batship, as well as all the plunder which has yet to be sold. (Please see the New Ships section of this book for details on the Batship. This ship is designed to be an antagonist to the characters, not their property.) There is an 80% chance that the ship is in the cave and fully aware of the encroachment of an enemy ship. It always leaves in time to protect its lair from being spotted.

旅程之胫星Journey's Legg

  旅程之胫星Journey's Legg 是座纽吉怪的隐蔽所,天宇此区域内的所有纽吉怪攻击都由此处发起。这块岩石直径差不多有8英里,并且并被很好地驻防加固过。至少有10艘不同种类的纽吉怪船作好了保卫它的准备。来自托瑞尔星球和其它地方的奴隶被聚集在此,随后被贩卖掉或用于供纽吉怪使用。
Journey's Legg is a neogi hideout, with all neogi attacks in this section of space usually made from this location. The rock is almost eight miles across, and well fortified. No fewer than ten neogi ships of varying styles are ready to protect it. Slaves gathered from Toril or other locations are sent to Journey’s Legg before they are sold off or used by the neogi.

天空之眼星Eye of the Sky

  天空之眼星Eye of the Sky 是座眼魔的基地,这是一块2英里宽的岩石,里面住着几百只眼魔。这颗小行星是座布满地道与洞穴的迷宫,这些地方是这些生物的居所和休憩处。还没人能成功攻击这颗小行星。
Eye of the Sky is a beholder base, a two-mile wide rock with several hundred beholders living inside it. The asteroid is a veritable labyrinth of tunnels and caverns which serve as the home and sleeping quarters of these creatures. No one has successfully led an attack against this asteroid.

堡垒星The Citadel

  堡垒星The Citadel诸国度Realms 荒宇中矮人们的中心。这块令人愉快的岩石是所有矮人在出发前往挖掘荒宇财富前的第一站,那些擅长处理宇宙空间中危险的矮人们在这里告诫新冒险者们,将有什么在等待他们。所有驻足的矮人都必须支付3金币的费用。其他种族除非有矮人陪同,否则被禁止踏足。
The Citadel is the center of dwarven presence in the Realms wildspace. This pleasant rock, the first stop all dwarves make from Toril before finding their fortunes in wildspace, is where dwarves adept at the dangers of space inform the new adventurers of the things that await them. All dwarves stopping must pay a fee of three gold pieces. No other races are allowed unless accompanied by dwarves.


  在 塞伦涅之泪Tears of Selûne 的中心则坐落着一座城堡。这座美轮美奂的建筑物是幅绝对值得一看的风景,其塔尖离地足足有100英尺高。其塔尖被施展了 恒久之光continual light 以保持此处的光亮。它的大气层使让在其周围飞行的渡鸦只能在此范围内飞。其地面覆盖着长长的绿草和持续盛开的灌木。源源不断的水流从城堡敞开的大门倾泻而出。这些水来自一只倾倒的 无尽之杯chalice of continual water。水倾泻在地面上,在这座城堡的重力面流淌着、最终溢散到开放空间中。城堡后有几打棕色致命布丁怪,它们四处漫游寻觅食物。它们的主要食物是栖息在城堡外面的渡鸦和草。没有智慧生物在那或者说想在那生活。这些布丁怪在不饿的时候喜欢藏在裂缝里和天花板中,所以消灭它们相当困难。
In the center of the Tears of Selûne lies a castle. This beautifully constructed building is truly a sight to see, its spires reaching up a full hundred feet up from the ground. These spires have continual light spells cast upon them to keep the place lit. Its air envelope keeps the ravens that fly around it confined. The ground is covered with long, green grasses and constantly blooming bushes. There is a constant stream of water pouring from the open doorway of the castle. The water comes from an overturned chalice of continual water. The water pours over the ground and onto the gravity plane of the castle, where it eventually spills out into open space. Inside the castle are several dozen brown deadly puddings, wandering about looking for food. Their main diet is the ravens and grasses which live outside the castle. No sentient beings live here, nor do they wish to. The puddings love to hide in the cracks and on the ceiling when they are not hungry, so exterminating all of them is difficult.

All in all, there is a 15% chance of finding an asteroid in the Tears of Selûne which is livable, while there is a 10% chance of finding one already inhabited.

重要非玩家角色Important NPCs

伯纳叶·斯凯安斯达尼亚Burnayette Skyansdanya

  名字Name:伯纳叶·斯凯安斯达尼亚Burnayette Skyansdanya
  职业Occupation:蝙蝠船Batship 舵手Helmsman,21级星界巫师Astral Mage
  力量STR:14 智力INT:21 敏捷DEX:19
  魅力CHA:17 感知WIS:17 体质CON:13

  伯纳叶Burnayette 当前正驾驶着 蝙蝠船Batship,而且她已驾驶了900多年。她的故乡晶壁系非常遥远,以至于她花了800多年才抵达 国度天宇Realmspace。没人知道她200多年前为何决定留在此处——事实上,甚至她自己也不知道。这艘她驾驶的船是其故乡晶壁系某位已佚名的巫师创造的。
Burnayette is—and has been—piloting the Batship for over 900 years. Her home crystal sphere is so far distant that it took her over 700 years to get to Realmspace. No one knows why she decided over 200 years ago to stay here. In fact, she doesn't even know. The ship she pilots was created by an unremembered mage in her home sphere.

She is a lawful good human, who has gained her great age because the ship she pilots keeps her alive by magically nourishing her and arresting her physical aging. When she wished herself into the Batship's helm, she became its prisoner, and that where she's been ever since.

Due to the incredible amount of time since her imprisonment, she has gone insane. Unable to die and unable to do willful damage to herself, she is left without the mind she started with.


  职业Occupation:纽吉怪商人Neogi Trader
  力量STR:11 智力INT:13 敏捷DEX:19
  魅力CHA:4 感知WIS:18 体质CON:13

  布拉森Brassons 是位非常不同寻常的纽吉怪商人,一位5年前从一艘 心魔蜘蛛船mindspider 上逃脱的盗贼。他是 龙岩星Dragon Rock 的一家酒吧与餐馆的老板。这座酒吧的名字叫作 大洋的航迹the Ocean's Wake
Brassons is a very unusual neogi trader, a rogue who escaped from a mindspider five years ago. He is the owner of a bar and restaurant on Dragon Rock. The bar’s name is the Ocean's Wake.

  他是位守序善良、使用魔法的纽吉怪,他能如8级祭司那样施展法术。作为一位 真诚之神the True 托姆Torm 的虔诚信徒,对那些能克服他的种族在该天宇中在其他智慧生命中造成的偏见的人而言,他是非常好的情报来源。他有3英尺高、非常丑陋,但他举止温文尔雅(特别是考虑到他曾经是位纽吉怪奴隶贩子这点后,更是如此)。
He is a lawful good, magic-using neogi who can cast spells equal to those of an 8th-level priest. A devout follower of Torm, the True, he is a great well of information to all who are able to overcome the prejudice that his race arouses in the other sentient life in the sphere. He is three feet tall, very ugly, but mild mannered, especially considering that he once was a neogi slave trader.