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【音   标】NEF-this
【头   衔】财富与贸易的看护人Guardian of Wealth and Commerce,亡者的保护人Protector of the Dead,奉献女士the Devoted Lady,沙漠女士the Lady of Sands,复仇之母the Avenging Mother
【阵   营】CG
【神   力】I
【神   职】富人Wealthy,贸易commerce,守灵人guardian of the dead,孩子的保护人protector of children
【神   系】埃及神系Egyptian Pantheon穆尔霍兰德神系Mulhorandi Pantheon荷鲁斯家族Horus's family
【主   神】
【盟   友】芭丝特Bast夏芮丝Sharess),哈索尔Hathor伊西斯Isis奥西里斯Osiris
【敌   对】马斯克Mask赛特Set
【神   仆】神侍divine minions
【神   国】极乐境Elysium世外桃源Arcadia皮立翁山Pelion艾芒-塞斯Amun-thys
【徽   记】¢徽记1:一只金供碗,顶上是支安卡架A golden offering bowl surmounted by an ankh

¢徽记2:在一只安卡架有一面月盘a lunar disk behind an arikh
【简   介】奈芙蒂斯Nephthys 是亡者的女主人,财富女神。

2eFR<Powers & Pantheons.p117>奈芙蒂斯Nephthys

出版时间:1997/09;国度时间:1370 DR


  (财富与贸易的看护人Guardian of Wealth and Commerce,亡者的保护人Protector of the Dead,奉献女士the Devoted Lady,沙漠女士the Lady of Sands,复仇之母the Avenging Mother)

  极乐境与世外桃源中等神力Intermediate Power of Elysium and Arcadia,

  神职PORTFOLIO:富人Wealthy,贸易commerce,守灵人guardian of the dead,孩子的保护人protector of children
  神域名DOMAIN NAME:皮立翁山Pelion艾芒-塞斯Amun-thys
  徽记SYMBOL:一只金供碗,顶上是支安卡架 或 在一只安卡架有一面月盘A golden offering bowl surmounted by an ankh or a lunar disk behind an arikh
  信徒阵营WOR. ALIGN.:守序善良LG,中立善良NG,混乱善良CG,守序中立LN,绝对中立N,混乱善良CN


  与她的孪生姐妹 伊西斯Isis 是爱情的女神,而奈芙蒂斯Nephthys(读作“NEF-this”)则是奉献与信任的女神。她也担任着 财富与贸易的看护人Guardian of Wealth and Commerce。作为 盖布Geb 与被遗忘已久的 努特Nut 之女,她曾嫁给 赛特Set,但因赛特恐怖地谋杀了 奥西里斯Osiris 而离开了他,并帮助伊西斯(奥西里斯的妻子)复活了她的丈夫。正因如此,她经常充当着亡者的守灵人。在奥西里斯保护着凡人的两种灵魂(巴the ba 与 卡the ka)的地方,奈芙蒂斯保护着肉躯和埋葬在坟墓中的财富。任何亵渎这样一座墓室者在冒着触怒她的风险。尽管存在这样的风险,但为了给他们的神古老的失败复仇,赛特的仆从热衷于洗劫以奈芙蒂斯和奥西里斯之名祝圣的陵墓。
While Isis, Nephthys's twin sister, is goddess of love, Nephthys (NEF-this) is the goddess of devotion and trust. She also serves as Guardian of Wealth and Commerce. Daughter of Geb and long-forgotten Nut, she was once married to Set, but she left him in horror over the murder of Osiris and helped Isis (Osiris's wife) to resurrect her husband. Because of this, she often acts as the keeper of the dead. Where Osiris guards the two spirits (the ba and the ka) of a mortal, Nephthys guards the corporeal body and wealth buried in tombs. Anyone violating such a burial chamber risks her wrath. Despite this risk, Set's servitors delight in despoiling tombs consecrated in the name of Nephthys and Osiris in revenge for their god's ancient defeat.
[译注:ba-巴,意识; ka-卡,灵魂。]

  奈芙蒂斯是 塞尔的红袍法师the Red Wizards of Thay 的誓仇之敌,这缘起红袍法师在 普来亚铎Priador 陷落中杀害了她许多追随者的罪行。因此,犹如一位会做任何事情保护自己的孩子或为孩子报仇的母亲,奈芙蒂斯也扮演了“复仇之母”的角色,而且她的化身已经诛杀了许多冒险过于深入南方的强大红袍法师。作为财富与殉葬品的守护者,她也是外来的 马斯克Mask,盗贼之神凶猛的敌人,后者总是派遣追随者去盗窃她所保护的东西。
Nephthys is a sworn enemy of the Red Wizards of Thay, as the Red Wizards slew many of her followers in the fall of the Priador. Thus Nephthys has assumed an “avenging mother” persona, that of a mother who will do anything to protect or avenge her children, and her avatar has slain many a powerful Red Wizard who ventured too far south. As the guardian of wealth and of grave goods, she is also a fierce enemy of Mask, the interloper god of thieves, who is always sending his followers to steal that which she protects.

Nephthys is a somewhat greedy power who takes an interest in the accumulation of wealth by her followers. As such she tends to favor those of her followers who are well off. Her temperament is mercurial, and she is very haughty and somewhat vain. She focuses on wealth and status more than charity and good works, but the truly selfish among her worshipers often find the capricious hand of fate turning against them. Nephthys has little patience for the foibles of mortals and can often be quite impatient and unforgiving. However, she is also devoted and utterly loyal to those who hold her dearest in their hearts and those within her charge.

  动荡之年Time of Troubles 后,奈芙蒂斯大举进军 恩瑟Unther,她的祭司已在这个无政府状态国家建立了大量的神殿并投入了大量的资金。她的信徒队伍也已因此迅速增加(但他们的虔诚度值得怀疑)。随着 泛费伦神系Faerûnian pantheon渥金Waukeen 失踪,奈芙蒂斯已开始鼓励她的神职人员向 穆尔霍兰德神系Mulhorandi pantheons恩瑟神系Untheric pantheon 地域势力范围之外扩张。艾欧Ao 或泛费伦神系的诸神力是否会允许她的教会的这场扩张,目前仍未可知。
Following the Time of Troubles, Nephthys has moved aggressively into Unther, and her priests have built numerous temples and invested large sums of money in that anarchic nation. As a result, the ranks of her faithful have increased rapidly, but their devotion is somewhat suspect. With the disappearance of Waukeen in the Faerûnian pantheon, Nephthys has begun to encourage her clergy to expand beyond the geographical sphere of influence of the Mulhorandi and Untheric pantheons. Whether Ao or the powers of the Faerûnian pantheon will permit this expansion of her church is not currently known.

  侍奉奈芙蒂斯的 神侍divine minions 能呈现为隼、巨眼镜蛇或鳄鱼的形态。在奖励或帮助信徒时,他们最常现身为隼或眼镜蛇,而在进行惩罚时,则是眼镜蛇或鳄鱼。
Nephthys is served by divine minions that can assume the form of a hawk, a giant cobra, or a crocodile. They most often appear as a hawk or cobra when rewarding or helping the faithful and as a cobra or crocodile when meting out punishment.


奈芙蒂斯的化身Nephthys's Avatar

  (牧师Cleric 35,巫师Mage 18,战士Fighter 8)

Nephthys appears as a tall, graceful, dignified dark-haired and dark-skinned woman of Mulhorand dressed in royal garb. Her green eyes sparkle with highlights of gold, and gold ornaments and wire are woven through her hair. She projects an aura of trustworthiness and is normally nurturing and protective in demeanor, but her wrath is fierce and unstoppable when she is angered. She can call upon any school or sphere of magic for her spells.

  防御等级 -3;移动 15;生命值 192;零级命中值 -2;#攻击 1次或 3次/2轮
  伤害 1d10+1(+1力量)或使用武器+1(+1力量)
  魔抗 70%;体型 大型L(7呎)
  力量 17,敏捷 23,体质 20,智力 23,感知 25,魅力 24
  法术 祭司P:15/14/13/13/13/13/10,法师W:5/5/5/5/5/3/3/2/1
  豁免 麻痹、毒素与死亡魔法 2;权杖、法杖与魔杖 5;石化或变形 5;喷吐武器 8;法术 6
  AC -3; MV 15; HP 192; THAC0 -2;#AT 1 or 3/2
  Dmg 1d10+1(+1 STR) or by weapon+1(+1 STR)
  MR 70%; SZ L(7 feet)
  STR 17, DEX 23, CON 20, INT 23, Wis 25, CHA 24
  Spells P: 15/14/13/13/13/13/10, W:5/5/5/5/5/3/3/2/1
  Saves PPDM 2, RSW 5, PP 5, BW 8, Sp 6

特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Def:

  奈芙蒂斯不常使用武器,但当在为那些遭 塞尔人Thayans(尤其是红袍法师)杀害之人复仇时,她已知会使用各种各样的武器——最常使用死难战士所用的武器。她熟练所有武器,但并不精通使用任何一种。在她的手中,武器将造成双倍正常基础伤害、外加其力量奖励。
Nephthys does not commonly use a weapon, but when avenging the deaths of those killed by Thayans (especially Red Wizards), she has been known to use a diverse variety of weapons—most often those of a warrior she is avenging. She is proficient in all weapons, but specialized in the use of none. In her hands, a weapon does double normal base damage plus her Strength bonus.

Nephthys projects a divine awe that stuns creatures with 4 HD or fewer or of 4th level or lower. She can instantly slay any one enemy with her gaze, as her eyes project twin death rays at will. These rays have a range of 120 yards. A target struck by them must make a successful saving throw vs. spell with a -6 penalty or die.

  随意使用,奈芙蒂斯能把任何被劫掠过的尸体唤起为木乃伊(绝对中立阵营,最大生命值,但没有正常木乃伊的粗暴之触造成的腐烂效果),并命令它去战斗直至被毁灭。除了当轮的其它行动外,随意使用,她还能施展 灾厄术bane (见 荷鲁斯-雷Horus-Re 条目)或 高等诅咒major curse
At will, Nephthys can animate any despoiled corpse as a mummy (N alignment, maximum hit points, but without the rotting, scabrous effect of a normal mummy's touch) and order it to fight until destroyed. She can cast bane (see the Horus-Re entry) or major curse at will in addition any other actions she is entitled to in a round.

  通过将对象所持任意物品的价值提高到原价的100倍,奈芙蒂斯的触碰能赋予任何个体巨量的财富。因此,如果她的化身触碰了价值10gp的胸针,它将被转化为价值1000 gp做工华丽的精致首饰。
Nephthys's touch can bestow great wealth upon any individual by raising the value of any object she or he holds to 100 times its original cost. Thus, if her avatar touches a brooch that cost 10 gp to buy, it is transformed into a magnificent work of fine jewelry worth 1,000 gp.

Nephthys is immune to all illusion/phantasm spells. Her avatar can only be harmed by spells or by magical weapons of +3 or better.


其祂显现Other Manifestations

Nephthys often manifests as a sparkling golden coin which always seems to coincidentally bounce out of reach and roll away. Those who follow this manifestation of the goddess along the coin's haphazard path may find she leads them to an important treasure or to discover a thief purloining their wealth.

  当盗墓贼进入她最忠诚仆人的墓穴时,奈芙蒂斯已知会显现为墓室中的金色薄雾。任何与这金色薄雾接触者,将遭受一道无豁免的 强力诅咒灾祸术 法术效果。
Nephthys is known to manifest as a golden mist in the burial chambers of her most faithful servants when robbers enter their tombs. Anyone contacting the golden mist suffers the effect of a major curse or bane spell with no saving throw.

The face of the Avenging Mother sometimes manifests on the edge of civilization, where field meets desert, to warn off intruders and malcontents who threaten her followers's wealth, particularly agents of the Red Wizards of Thay. Those who ignore her telepathic warnings to depart may encounter the killing end of her twin death rays.

When Nephthys is truly pleased with a follower, she manifests as a shower of golden coins (1d10x1,000 coins can be retrieved). Such a manifestation occurs no more than once in a follower's lifetime.

  所有的贵金属和宝石对奈芙蒂斯都是神圣的,但她特别喜欢珠宝,并且据说会眷顾那些把珠宝献给她的人。她有时会派遣 福狗foo dog、福狮foo lion、瑞麟t'uen-rin、圣飞象hollyphant、羊首斯芬克斯criosphinxe、看上去由贵金属和宝石制造的魔像、以及癖好囤积东西的动物(例如乌鸦、浣熊、和驮鼠),来完成她的吩咐,或是传达她的存在、赞同或反对。
All valuable metals and gemstones are sacred to Nephthys, but she is exceptionally fond of jewelry and is said to favor those who offer it to her. She sometimes sends foo dogs, foo lions, t'uen-rin, hollyphants, criosphinxes, golems apparently made of valuable metal or gems, and animals known for their propensity to hoard things, such as crows, raccoons, and pack rats, to do her bidding or make her presence, approval, or disapproval known.

教会The Church

  神职人员CLERGY:牧师Clerics,专属祭司specialty priests
  驱散不死TURN UNDEAD:牧师C:可Yes;专属祭司SP:不可No
  支配不死CMND. UNDHAD:牧师C:不可NO;专属祭司SP:不可No

  奈芙蒂斯的所有牧师和专属祭司得到 宗教知识religion(穆尔霍兰德人Mulhorandi)、阅读/书写 reading/writing(穆尔霍兰德语Mulhorandi)、以及 现代语言(通用语) modem languages (Common) 作为非武器熟练奖励。身为穆尔霍兰德人,她们也全都作为母语知晓 穆尔霍兰德语Mulhorandi。奈芙蒂斯的所有神职人员必须是已婚或丧偶的女性穆尔霍兰德裔人类。她们必须在加入神职人员时或之前结婚。
All clerics and specialty priests of Nephthys receive religion (Mulhorandi), reading/writing (Mulhorandi), and modern languages (Common) as bonus nonweapon proficiencies. As Mulhorandi, they all also know MulKorandi as their native tongue. All of Nephthys's clergy must be married or widowed female humans of Mulhorandi extraction. They must marry before or upon entering the clergy.

  奈芙蒂斯的诚信让她受到富人的欢迎,他们向她祈祷保佑自己的富裕。她在大部分城市受到贵族和中产阶级崇敬。大部分家庭主妇在家里为她建立神龛,并且为了来世而把货物存在献给她的金库或橱柜中。她照看着孩子,但主要是贵族和统治者在这方面崇拜她,而大部分普通人在这方面寻求 哈索尔Hathor 保护。
Nephthys's trustworthiness makes her popular with the wealthy, who pray to her to protect their fortunes. She is venerated in most cities by the nobility and middle class. Most housewives build a shrine to her in their homes, and they store goods for the afterlife in a chest or cupboard dedicated to her. She watches over children but is mainly worshiped in that respect by the nobility and rulers, with most common people looking to Hathor for such protection.

Temples of Nephthys are opulent shrines, both ostentatious in their display of wealth and heavily fortified in their defense of that wealth. Resembling the citadels of Anhur more than the open pavilions of Isis and Horus-Re, Nephthys's churches typically are constructed of thick stone (oftenmarble or granite), have but a single, well-guarded entrance, and sit atop extensive, trap-laden catacombs in which the church's wealth is stored. Although they do not give interest, they often serve as banks for the Mulhorandi elite for a modest annual fee and provide money-changing services for 1% of the value of the coinage changed.

  奈芙蒂斯的女祭司在公众场合均被称呼为“祭司女士Lady Priestess”或“至高祭司女士Lady High Priestess”(若为9级或更高)。在她们队伍中,使用诸如以下头衔:信仰女士Faithlady、货币兑换商Moneychanger、复仇姐妹Avenging Sister、死亡少女Deathmaiden、永恒守护者Eternal Guardian、以及 黄金持戒者Golden Precept,虽然各个神殿之间头衔有很大不同。超过40%的奈芙蒂斯神职人员是名为 贤妻goodwives 专属祭司,她们通常担任着该信仰的领导职务。剩余的则是牧师。
All priestessess of Nephthys are addressed in public as “Lady Priestess” or “Lady High Priestess” (if of 9th or higher level). Within their ranks, they use such titles as Faithlady, Moneychanger, Avenging Sister, Deathmaiden, Eternal Guardian, and Golden Precept, although titles vary from temple to temple. Over 40% of Nephthys's clergy are specialty priests, known as goodwives, who typically assume leadership positions in the faith. The remainder are clerics.


Priestesses of Nephthys are charged to be faithful to their husbands and to encourage faithfulness in others. They are to protect worshipers of the goddess, and diligently root out and destroy evil, especially the actions of Set. Priestesses of Nephthys are sworn to avenge the deaths of those Mulhorandi killed by the Red Wizards of Thay. Priestesses of Nephthys are expected to accumulate great volumes of wealth, but not to hold money above their devotion to the goddess. They are to protect the tombs and the remains of the dead, and smite those who would rob those who have gone to the afterlife or desecrate their tombs.

日常活动Day-to-Day Activities:

  奈芙蒂斯的女祭司整日掌管着穆尔霍兰德的经济,并且范围逐渐扩展到了恩瑟。她们为了让各种项目的融资、其它的利益分配、以及人力资源(奴隶)的管理,能最好地服务于穆尔霍兰德的经济利益,而与荷鲁斯-雷、安荷Anhur 以及伊西斯的祭司进行着不可计数的政治扯皮。她们为贵族阶层提供有关投资的建议,并将祝福带给他们的孩子(因为期望后者捐款)。任何在她们祝福之下的孩子将处于教会的保护中直至其成年,伤害他们的人将遭到教会的报复。
Priestesses of Nephthys spend their days managing the economy of Mulhorand and, gradually, of Unther. They are engaged in countless political squabbles with the priests of Horus-Re, Anhur, and Isis over the financing of various projects, the distributions of the profits of others, and the management of human resources (slaves) so as to best serve the economic interests of Mulhorand. They serve in some instances as tax collectors and as money-changers. They provide advice to the noble class about investments and bless children brought to them (for which they expect a donation). Any child whom they bless is under the protection of the church until it reaches adulthood, and its injury is avenged by the church.

The church of Nephthys is involved in the burial rites of every noble or member of the middle class. The clergy are primarily responsible for the safeguarding of goods the deceased wishes to bring to the afterlife. They also serve as executors of the will and testament of the deceased, if any.

圣日/重要仪式Holy Days/Important Ceremonies:

  奈芙蒂斯的神职人员的日程表中留给庆祝圣日这件事的部分很少。奈芙蒂斯的信徒们称 月宴节The Feast of the Moon 为 银币盛宴the Feast of the Silver Coin。在一场阴郁但却繁复、长达一日的仪式上,她们为她的施舍向奈芙蒂斯献上感激,并捐献财产的一半给教会。仪式结束后,她们又将开始又一年的财富积累。奈芙蒂斯信徒Nephthysans 不会想着用晦涩的会计手段、将物品送到另一个人那里、或是其它避免付款的狡猾把戏,来节省献给女神的。在这场仪式中,她们献给教会的财富越多,其在教会中的个人地位提升就越大。
The clergy of Nephthys celebrate few holy days in their calendar. The Feast of the Moon is known as the Feast of the Silver Coin to the faithful of Nephthys. In an somber, but elaborate, day-long rite, they give thanks to Nephthys for her beneficence and tithe half of their wealth to the church. After the ceremony, they begin their year-long accumulation of wealth once again. Nephthysans would not think of attempting to stint the goddess through arcane accounting methods, transferal of goods to another, or other cunning means toward avoiding payment. The greater the wealth they contribute to the church during this ceremony, the higher the personal status they accrue within the church.

  奈芙蒂斯的女祭司举办了大量的逝者遗体丧葬典礼和仪式。在这位女神神殿的最深处,她们(在奥西里斯祭司的协助下)为已故的富有或贵族公民完成木乃伊化仪式,为不够富裕的穆尔霍兰德人的葬礼作更寒酸的准备。奈芙蒂斯的女祭司也负责运送处理好的尸体到墓室中、设置防御结界、并在一场名为 通道向前the Passage Onward 的隆重仪式上,封死墓穴以防止盗墓贼由此进入。这往往需要大量的守护法术,包括 高等诅咒major curses恒久结界enduring ward 以及 圣化墓穴sanctify crypt。奈芙蒂斯还保护着大量奴隶和普通人的、更寒酸的普通墓地和墓葬群,不过,它们也都总是得到了祝福,并被安置至少一具次级防御守卫。(某人掩埋和下葬的方式和豪华程度,与其的支付能力相称。)
Numerous funeral rites and rituals are performed over the corpses of the deceased by the priestesses of Nephthys. In the bowels of the goddesses temples, they perform the mummification rituals on deceased wealthy and noble citizens (in cooperation with priests of Osiris) and more humbly prepare less wealthy Mulhorandi for burial. Nephthys's priestesses are also responsible for conveying the prepared body to the burial chamber, setting the defensive wards, and sealing the crypt to prevent tomb robbers from gaining entrance in a grand ceremony known as the Passage Onward. This often entails the casting of numerous warding spells including major curses, enduring ward, and sanctify crypt. Priestess of Nephthys maintain much more humble common graves and group tombs for slaves and commoners, but each is always blessed and set with at least a minor protective ward. (The manner and splendor of one's burial and entombment is commensurate with one's ability to pay.)

主要崇拜中心Major Centers of Worship:

The center of Nephthys's worship is in Neldorild, a rich new city where the wealthy and noble families of Mulhorand go to retire and to escape the politics of the realm. The priestesses of Nephthys administer the city with an iron hand and have made theft a capital offense.

  金贸之穹The Vault of Golden Commerce是座白色大理石的宏伟大厦,其内以 石化牛gorgon 与巨龙之血着色,并附着以无数的结界法术。这座长方体的大楼有面陡峭的屋顶,没有窗户,只有一组终点被一对铁魔像守卫的巨门。这些魔像站在巨大柱廊的包围中、在一条从下面的街道升起、陡峭楼梯的顶端。神殿之内是间宽阔的画廊,后者被不可计数的 恒久之光continual light 法术照耀着。储藏在拱顶之下的财富是传奇般的,而来自诸国度the Realms遥远角落雕像、挂毯和艺术品,散布于神殿之中,价值与前者几乎等同。贵族和富商只要在缴纳巨额费用后才会被接纳。穹顶的女祭司们举办两周一次(或一周两次)的狂欢,既是当地社会日常生活的高潮,也是教会赚大钱的项目。
The Vault of Golden Commerce is a massive edifice of white marble painted internally with gorgon and dragon blood and enspelled with countless wards. This long rectangular building has a steeply sloping roof, no windows, and only a single set of huge doors at one end guarded by a pair of iron golems. These golems stand amidst the building's massive colonnade at the top of a steep set of stairs leading up from the street below. Inside the temple are vast galleries illuminated by the golden radiance of countless continual light spells. The wealth stored in the vaults below is legendary, and the statuary, tapestries, and pieces of art from the distant corners of the Realms scattered throughout the temple are nearly equal in value. Nobles and wealthy merchants are admitted only if they pay a hefty fee. The priestesses of the Vault hold biweekly revels that are the pinnacle of the local social calendar and great money-making events for the church.

从属组织Affiliated Orders:

  金币会The Order of the Golden Coin 是个精英女祭司的姊妹会,充当着保镖、商队护卫、以及神殿哨位。她们的费用高昂,但罕有能人在姊妹会警惕的双眼下成功盗窃。
The Order of the Golden Coin is a elite sisterhood of priestesses who serve as bodyguards, caravan escorts, and temple sentinels. Their fees are steep, but it is a rare adversary who can pull off a successful theft under the watchful eyes of the Sisters.

祭司的祭服Priestly Vestments:

  奈芙蒂斯的神职人员穿着 卡拉西里长袍kalasiris(白色紧身亚麻裙,从下臂到膝、或从腰拉伸到膝)和以金线编织的半透明礼袍,或是穿着以上好的亚麻布制造的、褶裥的连衣裙。她们剃着光头,并在额头上画3个蓝圈标识其女祭司身份。她们脚上穿着华丽的凉鞋,在剃光的头上炫耀着精心制作、仔细梳理的假发,别着珠宝的假发被编成粗辫子。她们戴着饰以珠宝的胸领,并雕刻着女神的徽记。女祭司祭服相对的华丽程度,严格表明了其在祭职人员中相对的财富、权势以及声望。该信仰女祭司的标准圣徽是一支纯金的安卡架,被塑形类似于一组天平的形状。
The clergy of Nephthys wear kalasiris (white tight-fitting linen skirts stretching from under the arm to the knees or from the waist to the knees) and diaphanous robes woven with threads of gold or they wear pleated, ankle-length dresses made of fine white linen. They shave their heads bald and paint three blue circles on their foreheads indicating that they are priestesses. On their feet they wear ornate sandals and on their shaven heads they sport elaborate, meticulously groomed wigs with small jewels woven into the thick braids. They wear bejeweled pectoral collars engraved with the symbol of their goddess. The affluence of a priestess's vestments strictly indicates her relative wealth, power, and prestige within the priesthood. The standard holy symbol of priestesses of the faith is an ank of solid gold shaped to resemble a set of scales.

冒险装束Adventuring Garb:

Priestesses of Nephthys dress in elaborate and expensive yet functional garb when adventuring. For example, they buy the best armor available and suitable for the climate and then pay to have it enhanced. Such enhancements may double the cost of the armor yet only enhance its attractiveness.


专属祭司Specialty Priest(贤妻Goodwives

  属性需求REQUIREMENTS:感知Wisdom 12,智力Intelligence 9
  关键属性PRIME REQ.:感知Wisdom,智力Intelligence
  武器WEAPONS:任意钝击武器(类型B) Any bludgeoning (wholly type B) weapon,网net,套索lasso
  主修领域MAJOR SPHERES:共通All,星界astral,魅惑charm,战斗combat,创造creation,守卫guardian,治疗healing,保护protection,死灵necromantic,数字numbers,太阳sun,结界wards
  次要领域MINOR SPHERES:预言Divination,气象weather
  魔法物品MAGICAL ITEMS:如同牧师Same as clerics
  熟练需求REQ. PROFS:木棍Staff,连枷flail,估价appraising
  熟练奖励BONUS PROFS:烹饪Cooking,赌博gambling

  ❖ All goodwives must be married ir widowed female humans of Mulhorandi extraction.
[译注:ir 疑应为 or。]

  ❖ Goodwives begin at 1st level with double the normal starting gold.

  ❖ Goodwives must tithe heavily to their church, donating 75% of the value of any nonmagical treasure they gain on adventures to the church. In exchange, the church guarantees to pay for the burial of themselves and their husbands in a proper manner, to care for their mummies and grave goods in perpetuity, and to avenge the death of a goodwife, her husband, her children, or people in her care or the disturbance of the tomb of a goodwife, her husband, or her children with the utmost promptness, perseverance, and harshness.

  ❖ Goodwives on a mission of vengeance for their church or on behalf of a Mulhorandi citizen killed by a Red Wizard of Thay receive a +1 bonus to their attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws. This mission must be acknowledged by a goodwife's home temple or shrine for her to receive the bonus.

  ❖在第3级,最多每日1次对其他人,通过触碰他们,贤妻能够施展 亡灵无视术invisibility to undead防护邪恶protection from evil(如同1级祭司法术)。她们每3级可以多影响1个人(3个人时6级,4个人时9级,以此类推)。
  ❖ At 3rd level, goodwives are able to cast invisibility to undead or protection from evil (as the 1st-level priest spells) by touch on themselves and up to one other person once a day. They may affect an additional person every three levels (three at 6th, four at 9th, etc.).

  ❖在第5级,贤妻知晓眼前任何物品的真实价值。将掩盖某件物品真实价格的幻术魔法的效果(举例来说, 愚人金fool’s gold)不会影响她们。
  ❖ At 5th level, goodwives know the true value of any item on sight. Illusionary magical effects (for example, fool’s gold) meant to mask an item's true worth do not affect them.

  ❖在第5级,每旬3次,贤妻能够施展 守卫刻文glyph of warding(如同3级祭司法术)。施展只需执行言语和姿势成分;不要求材料成分。其施展的时间也只有正常的一半。
  ❖ At 5 th level, goodwives are able to cast glyph of warding (as the 3rd-level priest spell) three times a tenday. This casting requires only verbal and somatic components to perform; material components are not required. It is also cast in half the time of a normal glyph of warding.

  ❖ At 7th level, goodwives are able to cast all spells from the wards sphere at double normal strength and in half the time. They double range, duration, and area of effect for these spells and halve casting time (minimum casting time of 1, round fractions down).

  ❖在第9级,每日1次,通过接触,贤妻能唤起 负位面防护negative plane protection (类似于3级祭司法术)。接触的生物(可以是贤妻自己)总是视为通过了它的豁免检定。她们每3级可以多影响1个人(3个人时6级,4个人时9级,以此类推)。
  ❖ At 9th level, goodwives can call upon negative plane protection (similar to the 3rd-level priest spell) once a day by touch. The protection always works as if the touched creature (which may be the goodwife) had made its saving throw. They may affect an additional creature every three levels (three at 6th, four at 9th, etc.).

  ❖ At 10th level, goodwives never lose at a gambling game.

  ❖在第13级,每日1次,贤妻能 化铁为木transmute metal to wood(如同7级祭司法术)。
  ❖ At 13th level, goodwives can transmute metal to wood (as the 7th-level priest spell) once a day.

  ❖在第15级,每日1次,贤妻能说出 圣言holy word 或是唤起 火焰风暴fire storm(如同7级法术)。
  ❖ At 15th level, goodwives can speak a holy word or call upon a fire storm (as the 7th-level spells) once a day.

奈芙蒂斯教派法术Nephthysan Spells

1st Level

评估价值Assess Value

  (祭司Pr 1;预言Divination)

  施法时间Casting Time:4
  影响区域Area of Effect:1 件物品object
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

This spell enables the caster to determine the fair market value of an object based on the materials used in its construction simply by handling it. The spell does not enable the caster to assess the artistic or cultural value of an object, its magical properties, or even determine if the object is magical.

The object to be evaluated must be physically smaller in size than the caster. The spell enables the caster to determine the item's value to the nearest gold piece in value to within (plus or minus) 2d10% minus the caster's level. Hence, at 20th level and above, there is no possibility of error.

4th Level

奈芙蒂斯之契Contract of Nephthys

  (祭司Pr 4;附魔/魅惑Enchantment/Charm)

  持续时间Duration:1 年year
  施法时间Casting Time:特殊Special
  影响区域Area of Effect:2 个存在beings
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

  使用这道法术是穆尔霍兰德重大商业交易中的惯例。奈芙蒂斯之契 把双方绑定到一份双方都接受的协议中,撕毁将带来非常严重的后果。
The use of this spell is standard practice in important business dealings in Mulhorand. A contract of Nephthys binds two individuals into a mutually acceptable agreement, the breaking of which carries very severe consequences.

  在这道法术施展时,施法者必须背诵合同的所有条款,包括最细致的细节(因此施法时间是变化的)。如果任一方不愿参与、处于 魅惑charm 法术效果(或类似效果或能力)下、或精神状态不正常(由DM裁决),这道法术将失败。
During the casting of the spell, the caster must recite all the terms of the contract, down to the most exacting detail (thus the variable casting time). The spell fails if either party is not a willing participant, is under the effects of a charm spell (or similar effect or ability), or is not in their right mind, as adjudicated by the DM.

  若任一方虽然尽了最大努力,仍然因为不可控的因素未能成功满足成功施展的 奈芙蒂斯之契 的条款,这位订约人将发现奈芙蒂斯之手重重地落在了他的生意上。无论是为了生意还是为了自己的开销,任何通常能成的赚钱尝试,都将遭遇命运的率性无常和无净收入的结局。(全部损失与获利相同,收支相抵也可能发生。)
If either party should fail to meet the terms of the successfully cast contract of Nephthys due to factors beyond their control and despite their best efforts, the contractor finds the hand of Nephthys rests heavy on his or her business. Any attempt to earn a profit that would normally succeed, either for a business or for personal use, suffers the whims of fate and results in no net gain. (All losses are fully realized and breaking even can also occur.)

  如果任一方 蓄意 不履行 奈芙蒂斯之契 的条款,奈芙蒂斯的后脚跟将把这位犯错订约人的财富碾为尘埃。在短时间内,反复无常的命运将无情地驱使他破产,毁掉他的生意,并令剩余的所有财产永远与这位订约人不再相干。
If either party should deliberately choose to not meet the terms of a contract of Nephthys, Nephthys's heel grinds the erring contractor's wealth into dust. In a short period of time, the whims of fate inexorably drive him or her into bankruptcy, destroy his or her business, and separate the contractor permanently from any remaining wealth.

  不论合同是在何时被违反的,在 奈芙蒂斯之契 缔结1年后,这道法术强加的任何惩罚将停止。然而,除非通过新的努力,失去的财富不会再归来。如果向施法者支付一份罚没费,在它的持续时间到期前,在双方自愿同意的前提下,主持缔约的原始施法者可以(通过一场简短的仪式声明)消除奈芙蒂斯之契。由施法者决定罚没费多少才足够,但不应且禁止额度将令订约人穷愁潦倒。若原始施法者已死,奈芙蒂斯之契可以由更高等级的奈芙蒂斯女祭司以相同的方式去除。
Any penalties imposed by this spell cease one year after the creation of the contract of Nephthys, regardless of when the contract was violated. Lost wealth is not regained, however, except through renewed effort. The contract of Nephthys may be removed (through a short ritual statement) by the original caster with the willing agreement of both parties before its duration expires provided a forfeiture price is paid to the caster. The caster decides what forfeiture price is sufficient, but impoverishing the contractors is not desirable or allowed. If the original caster has died, a contract of Nephthys may be removed by a higher level priestess of Nephthys in the same manner.

Temples of Nephthys typically demand 1% to 5% of both parties' profit on any contract enforced by the magic of this spell plus the cost of the gold dust material component. Failure to pay the caster for the spells casting has the same effect as deliberately violating the contract.

The material component of this spell is a hair from each participant and a handful of gold dust worth at least 100 gp that is thrown in the air over both contractors.

5 th Level

高等诅咒Major Curse

  (祭司Pr 5;防护Abjuration)可逆Reversible

  施法时间Casting Time:8
  影响区域Area of Effect:1 只生物或物品creature or item
  豁免检定Saving Throw:特殊Special

  除了这道法术的效果是永久的外,这道法术类似于3级法术 移除诅咒remove curse 的逆向版本。这道诅咒能产生以下效果(投百面骰):
This spell is similar to the reverse form of the 3rd-level spell remove curse, except the spell effect can be permanent. The curse can have one of the following effects (roll percentile dice):

1d100   投骰结果Roll Result

  01 -50   目标的某个属性降低到3(由DM随机确定是什么属性) Reduces one ability score to 3 (the DM determines which randomly).}}

  51-75   目标的攻击和豁免检定降低4点-4 penalty to victim's attack and saving throw rolls.}}

  76-100  目标每轮都有50%的可能会丢弃他手中的物品(或使该生物在受众空无一物时什么也不做) Makes victim 50% likely to drop whatever she or he is holding (or do nothing in the case of creatures that do not use tools). Roll each round.}}

  若受害者在对抗法术豁免检定中失败,这道诅咒将是永久的。若豁免成功,诅咒只将持续 1 回合/施展法术的祭司等级。高等诅咒不能被驱散或被 移除诅咒 法术移除,但可以由 移除高等诅咒remove major curse 法术、有限祈愿术limited wish、或 祈愿术wish 法术移除。
If the victim fails a saving throw vs. spell, the curse is permanent. If the saving throw is successful, the curse lasts only one turn per level of the priest who cast it. A major curse cannot be dispelled or removed by a remove curse spell, but a remove major curse spell, a limited wish, or a wish spell removes it.

  这道法术能被施展在物品上,尤其是在物品不会被打扰的坟墓中。在这种情况下,那些触碰到这件物品的人将沦为 高等诅咒 的受害者(如果在对抗法术豁免检定中失败,遭受的将会是永久的 高等诅咒)。
This spell can be cast on an item, typically in a tomb where the item is not to be disturbed. In this case, those who touch the item fall victim to the major curse (and to the permanent major curse if a saving throw vs. spell is failed).

  这道法术的逆向版本,移除高等诅咒,将 移除高等诅咒降咒术bestow curse 法术的效果。
The reverse of this spell, remove major curse, removes the effects of a major curse or bestow curse spell.

6th Level

恒久结界Enduring Ward

  (祭司Pr 6;变化Alteration)

  施法时间Casting Time:1 回合turn
  影响区域Area of Effect:特殊Special
  豁免检定Saving Throw:特殊Special

  这道法术的充当着法师可用法术 恒定术permanency 的受限版本。任何 守卫刻文glyph of warding徽记术symbol 或来自结界领域的祭司法术将随着这道法术的施展而变为永久。每次施展一道 恒久结界 只能影响一道这样的法术。
This spell acts as a limited form of the permanency spell available to wizards. Any glyph of warding, symbol, or priest spell from the sphere of wards is made permanent if followed by the casting of this spell. Only one such spell can be affected per casting of an enduring ward.

  这道法术能被施展成功的 驱散魔法dispel magic魔邓肯裂解术Mordenkainen's disjunction 法术(或类似魔法)解消,不过通常来说,这类法术只能消除掉恒久结界,要消除掉被恒定的那道法术,还需要再来一道这类法术,在 恒久结界 被终结之后,才会开始计算被恒定的那道法术原本的持续时间。
This spell can be canceled by the successful casting of a dispel magic or Mordenkainen's disjunction spell (or similar magics), but a second such spell is typically required for the warding spell itself, whose finite duration (if applicable) does not commence until the ending of the enduring ward.

The material component of this spell is a crushed diamond of at least 200 gp value.

7 th Level

圣化墓穴Sanctify Crypt

  (祭司Pr 7;防护Abjuration)

  组件Components:言语V,姿势S, M
  施法时间Casting Time:1 回合turn
  影响区域Area of Effect:1 间墓室burial chamber
  豁免检定Saving Throw:特殊Special

This spell is employed by the priestesses of Nephthys to seal a burial chamber for all time. It lasts until a tomb is despoiled, which involves removing or destroying the mummified remains and/or looting those items of value buried with the deceased.

  任何进行通过以上行径洗劫了某处 圣化墓穴 者,将在自己与后裔身上招致一道强大的诅咒。5级奈芙蒂斯教派法术 高等诅咒major curse 将立即被施展在处于有效区域内的所有盗墓贼(无论他们实际上是否触碰了遗骸或贵重随葬品)身上,不允许豁免。同样地,直到这间坟墓被恢复原样为止,盗墓贼们的每位后裔豆浆遭受 高等诅咒 效果。
Anyone despoiling a sanctified crypt by performing either of the above actions invokes a powerful curse on themselves and their descendants. The effects of the 5th-level Nephthysan priest spell major curse are immediately applied to all tomb robbers present in the area of effect with no saving throw allowed, whether they have actually handled the deceaseds remains or valuable grave goods or not. As well, each generation one descendant of each tomb robber suffers the effects of the major curse until the tomb is restored to its original state.

  移除高等诅咒remove major curse 法术只会从当前的受术者身上移除 高等诅咒。除非坟墓被恢复原状,否则诅咒仍然会困扰下一代。然而,初代盗墓贼的后代可以通过为奈芙蒂斯教会执行重大任务来赎罪,以消除其血脉中的诅咒。(这不会解除其他参与洗劫那座坟墓者血脉中的诅咒。)
A remove major curse spell only removes the major curse from the current recipient. The curse still returns to haunt the next generation unless the tomb is restored. However, a descendant of an original tomb robber may lift the curse upon his or her line by performing a major quest for the church of Nephthys in atonement. (This does not lift the major curse from the lines of others involved in despoiling a particular tomb.)

The material components for this spell is gold dust equal in value to 1 gp per square foot of the burial chamber to be sanctified. The gold dust is scattered over the floor of the crypt during the casting.