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【旧   译】奥白龙,奥伯伦,奥布朗
【头   衔】奥伯龙王King Oberon,野兽之主Lord of Beasts
【阵   营】NG(偏N)
【神   力】L
【神   职】自然nature,野外地点wild places,动物animals
【神   系】喜乐王庭The Seelie Court王庭内环the Inner Circle of the Court
【主   神】泰坦妮亚Titania
【盟   友】喜乐王庭The Seelie Court索罗诺尔·杉岚德瑞Solonor Thelandira瑞里芬·莱勒菲Rillifane Rallathil艾瑞汶·伊拉希尔Erevan Ilesere安格芮丝Angharradh莎罕妮·月弓Sehanine Moonbow柯瑞隆·拉瑞斯安Corellon Larethian
【敌   对】空暗女王The Queen Of Air And Darkness卡姬卢娜Cegilune
【神   国】喜乐王庭The Seelie Court王庭内环the Inner Circle of the Court
【徽   记】白色牡鹿white stag
【简   介】奥伯龙Oberon 是 泰坦妮亚Titania 的王夫,与她生下了 维拉内斯芮Verenestra达武Damh

2e<Monster Mythology.p119>奥伯龙Oberon(弱等神Lesser God)

  严肃而强壮,奥伯龙Oberon 是 喜乐王庭the Seelie Court 的 野兽之主Lord of Beasts。他将大部分时间花在了避开 泰坦妮亚Titania 上,相较于处理王庭的政治事务,在林地中狩猎和逡巡更让奥伯龙愉快;或许奥伯龙觉得在王庭里,与他那位高贵的配偶相比自己显得软弱、显得缺乏聪明与智慧。虽然他可能会被称呼为 奥伯龙王King Oberon,但这实际上是一种尊称而非对其真实角色的反映,不过所有的凡物妖精族裔都将他作为一位强大的保护神尊崇。相比其祂大部分森林神明,奥伯龙较少依赖幻术、伪装和类似的东西。他很愿意用物理力量对付那些攻击或是迫害妖精族裔者。这位神明本身喜欢在 万兽园the Beastlands阿梵多国度Arvandor 漫游。
Stern and strong, Oberon is Lord of Beasts among the Seelie Court. Oberon spends much time away from Titania, and is happier hunting and prowling sylvan woodlands than he is dealing with the politics of the Court, where perhaps he feels his relative weakness, and lack of intelligence and wisdom, compared to his magnificent consort. He may be referred to as King Oberon, but this is really an honorific rather than a reflection of his true role, although all mortal faerie folk revere him as a strong protector-god. Oberon relies less on illusion, camouflage, and the like than most other sylvan gods. He is quite ready to offer physical force to those who attack or persecute faerie folk. The god himself enjoys roaming in the Beastlands and Arvandor.

角色扮演指南Role-playing Notes:

Oberon's avatars delight in stag hunting (although they do not kill the object of the hunt). They also roam sylvan settings if faeries are being subjected to physical threat by rapacious monsters (which Oberon will hunt down) or humanoids. Oberon is strong and unafraid of physical combat, much more so than other sylvan gods save Skerrit and Damh.


  信徒阵营WAL:所有非邪恶all nonevil(妖精faeries);
  神职AoC:自然nature,野外地点wild places,动物animals;
  徽记SY:白色牡鹿white stag。
AL ng (n); WAL all nonevil (faeries); AoC nature, wild places, animals; SY white stag.

奥伯龙的化身Oberon's Avatar

  (游侠Ranger 14,德鲁伊Druid 12,吟游诗人Bard 10)

  奥伯龙的化身神临为一位体型不凡的男性妖精。他没有翅膀,并且有着(以妖精标准)健壮的肌肉。他穿着一件缝在棕色皮衣上的绿叶斗篷。他使用标准的德鲁伊领域、以及保护和太阳领域的法术。虽然奥伯龙拥有其它的10级吟游诗人技能,但除了那些所有 内庭Inner Court 化身们通用的法术能力外,他并不拥有施展法师法术能力。
Oberon's avatar appears as a male faerie of unusual size. He lacks wings, and appears strongly muscled by faerie standards. He wears a cloak of green leaves stitched into brown leather. He uses spells from the standard druidic spheres and also from the protection and sun spheres. Although Oberon has the other skills of a l0th-level bard, he does not have the ability to cast wizard spells (save for those common to all Inner Court avatars).

  力量 18/76,敏捷 18,体质 17,
  智力 18,感知 18,魅力 19,
  移动 15,游泳12,体型 中型M (4呎6吋),魔抗 50%,
  防御等级 -4,生命骰 15,生命值 120,
  #攻击 2次,零级命中值 5,伤害 1d6 +3(长剑)+4
                 1d6 +3(+6)(箭)
  Str 18/76 Dex 18 Con 17
  Int 18 Wis 18 Cha 19
  MV 15 sw 12 SZ M (4'6") MR 50%
  AC -4 HD 15 HP 120
  #AT 2 THAC0 5 Dmg 1d6 +3 (longsword) +4
            1d6 +3 (+ 6) (arrow)

特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Def:

  每日各3次,该化身能施展以下能力:一级、二级、三级动物召唤术animal summoning I, II, III动物异变animal growth咒唤动物conjure animals唤来林地生物call woodland beings(最多40HD)、蠕行末日creeping doom。他携带着一柄可以每日1次、作为 变形法杖changestaff] 使用的附魔法杖。根据奥伯龙的意愿,他的 +3长剑 可施展 光亮术ight恒久之光continual light,并且每日1次,可以发射一道 阳炎射线sunray。他的 +3长弓 有着3倍的的射程,并且每日1次,通过接触能将最多20支箭附魔为 +3箭。奥伯龙也携带着一筒 杀戮箭arrows of slaying,已知其中有对付熊地精、地精、大地精、以兽人的(其它的由DM决定)。他也携带着20支用于狩猎牡鹿的箭,其上被附魔为命中只造成瘀伤。
The avatar can cast each of the following 3/ day: animal summoning I, II, IIIanimal growth, call woodland beings (up to 40 HD), conjure animalscreeping doom. He carries an enchanted staff which can be used as a changestaff 1/day. His longsword + 3 casts light or continual light as Oberon wills and 1/day can project a sunray. His longbow +3 has triple normal ranges, and it can enchant up to 20 arrows per day as arrows +3 by touch. Oberon also carries a quiver of arrows of slaying and is known to have these for bugbears, goblins, hobgoblins, and orcs (and others at the DM's option). He also carries 20 arrows used for hunting stags which are enchanted to inflict only subduing damage.

【以下内容节选自[P.117]前言Introduction 的 化身The Avatars 部分】
  内廷神祇的所有化身都具有以下能力,并能够随意使用(除了专门指出的不同),这些能力附加在祂们具体条目所列的之上:魅惑人类charm person侦测魅惑detect charm侦测魔法detect magic侦测隐形detect invisibility超感ESP妖火术faerie fire遗忘咒forget皇莓goodberry(每日6次),通晓阵营know alignment植物滋长plant growth动物交谈术speak with animals朦胧术obscurement。他们全都能 行迹无踪pass without trace、并能以95%的等级进行 无声移动move silently 和 灌木丛躲藏hide in undergrowth(如同 阴影躲藏Hide in Shadows)。只有在化身处于森林环境中时,才能调用这些魔法能力,而在离开森林环境(可以是任何林地,而不只是“深林”环境)后将持续最多10回合。所有的森林神祇化身都免疫毒素、疾病、造成伤害法术、即死魔法、石化攻击和非魔法武器;这些免疫不受化身所处环境影响。
All avatars of the Inner Court deities have the following abilities, usable at will (unless specified differently), in addition to those listed in their specific entries:charm persondetect charm, detect magic, detect invisibility, ESP, faerie fire, forget, good-berry (6/day), know alignment, plant growth, speak with animalsobscurement. All of them can pass without trace and can move silently and hide in undergrowth (as shadows) at 95% rating. These magical abilities only operate while the avatar is in a sylvan setting and for up to 10 turns after leaving that setting (which may be any woodland, not just a "deep sylvan" environment). All sylvan deity avatars are immune to poison, disease, caused wounds, death magic, polymorph attacks, and non- magical weapons; these immunities are not affected by the setting in which the avatar is encountered.

The avatars share certain other characteristics. Most have very low Armor Class, due to their small size, speed, and Dexterity, and their highly magical nature. Their AC rating is worsened by +4 if they are encountered outside a sylvan environment. They have high magic resistance values, again due to their magical nature; but these are halved if the avatars set foot outside the sylvan realms. Their weapons and armor differ from those of the avatars of larger beings. Specifically, their weapons do less base damage than others of the same type due to their small size (so, a faerie dagger does a base 1d3 points of damage to a medium-size opponent, for example). Their armor, for the most part, is gossamer armor spun from enchanted spider silk mingled with moonbeams. It is treated as +5 magical armor for the purposes of determining saving throws and the like. Finally, no faerie creature or natural woodland animal (nor sentient nonevil plants such as treants) will attack an avatar of a sylvan deity even if magically controlled.

  妖精魔法物品若让大个族裔使用,通常来说太小了;举例而言,某位妖精化身佩带着一支魔法戒指,而对于人类来说,这枚戒指太小而不能戴进手指。同样,所有类型的妖精魔法物品将在被带出妖精王国时失去附魔。每日10%的累积可能性,这样的魔法物品将永远地失去它的附魔。有些贤者说使用这样的魔法物品是危险的,因为它会使那些使用的人遭受强烈的 诅咒,指使curses, geases 和类似效果,其常见的类型是令那人失明或失聪,或是改变使用者的性别。
Faerie magical items are often too small to be used by larger folk; a magical ring worn by a faerie avatar, for example, would simply be far to small for a human to slip on to a finger. Also, faerie magical items of all kinds lose their enchantment when taken outside the sylvan realms. There is a 10% cumulative chance each day that any such magical item will simply lose its enchantment forever. Some sages speak of a danger in taking such magic, for it inflicts strange curses, geases and the like on those who take it by force; specifics of this are left to the DM, but such options as polymorphing the new user into a sylvan being, striking that being blind or dumb, or changing the user's sex are common themes.