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【音   标】Um-ber-LEE
【头   衔】泼妇女王The Bitch Queen,大海女王Sea Queen,深海女王Queen of the Deeps
【阵   营】CE
【神   力】L→I
【神   职】大洋Oceans,水流currents,浪waves,海风sea winds
【神   系】泛费伦神系Faerûnian Pantheon狂怒诸神Gods of Fury
【主   神】塔洛斯Talos
【盟   友】欧吕尔Auril犸拉Malar塔洛斯Talos
【敌   对】塞伦涅Selûne维尔寇Valkur裳提亚Chauntea淑妮Sune
【神   国】无底深渊the Abyss/13th 鲜血突岩Blood Tor
【徽   记】在黑白条纹的背景上,一朵向左右两侧卷曲的分叉蓝绿色浪花A forked blue-green wave, curling in breakers to both left and right, on a background of black streaked with white
Umberlee symbol
【简   介】安博里Umberlee 是狂怒诸神的一员。



2eSP<Realmspace.p073>群星中的宗教Religion in the Stars

群星中的宗教Religion in the Stars

  牧师和专属祭司们往往会因恐惧失去施法能力而担心进入 荒宇wildspace。其实对这点无需再有疑问。当然,当牧师或是祭司进入太空时,他们神明的神力的确会发生一些改变,但多数时候,这些改变还没到让角色感到沮丧的地步。
Clerics and specialty priests tend to worry about heading into wildspace because they fear the loss of their spell casting abilities. There no longer need be any doubt. Granted, when a cleric or priest heads in space, some of the powers of their gods do change, but for the most part, the changes are not drastic enough to warrant any frustration from the character.

  有些改变是积极的,但偶尔,神力可能会有所削弱、乃至消失——尤其是在祭司们进入 燃素海the phlogiston、与其神明失去一切接触的时候。在进入到晶壁系中时,某一角色是否会与他的神明完全而彻底的分离?接下来的章节将详述:魔法船牧师与专属祭司在荒宇中时,诸神与他们的关系、以及诸神本身。
Often these changes are positive, but occasionally, the powers can wane somewhat, or even disappear, especially when the priest heads out into the phlogiston and loses all touch with his god. Is there ever a complete and total separation between god and character while inside the crystal sphere? This next chapter describes the gods and their relationships with spelljamming clerics and specialty priests while in wildspace.


  (泼妇女王The Bitch Queen)
  无底深渊弱等神力Lesser Power of the Abyss

  一旦 安博里Umberlee 的专属祭司和牧师进入 荒宇wildspace 更远之处,她们将不能再得授法术。她们可以在降落在 国度天宇Realmspace 空间的任意行星上时,重新获得法术能力。
Once the specialty priests and the clerics of Umberlee enter wildspace and beyond, they are not granted additional spells. They can land on a planet anywhere in Realmspace regain their ability to recover spells.

This has greatly reduced Umberlee s area of influence, as well as limiting her ability to gain followers in other spheres.

2eFR<Faiths & Avatars.p173>安博里Umberlee


   (泼妇女王The Bitch Queen,大海女王Sea Queen,深海女王Queen of the Deeps)

  无底深渊之中等神力Intermediate Power of the Abyss,

  神职PORTFOLIO:大洋Oceans,水流currents,浪waves,海风sea winds
  神域名DOMAIN NAME:13th level/鲜血突岩Blood Tor
  敌对FOES:塞伦涅Selûne“强者”维尔寇Valkur the Mighty裳提亚Chauntea淑妮Sune
  徽记SYMBOL:在黑白条纹的背景上,一朵向左右两侧卷曲的分叉蓝绿色浪花A forked blue-green wave, curling in breakers to both left and right, on a background of black streaked with white
  信徒阵营WOR. ALIGN.:任意Any


  “泼妇女王the Bitch Queen”安博里Umberlee(读作“Um-ber-LEE”)的潮湿巢穴位于 无底深渊the Abyss 一处被淹没层面。虽然大多数人对她的崇拜是出于恐惧而非敬慕,但的确有少数分子(譬如大多数的鲨化人,这些兽化人被她创造出来侵蚀 塞伦涅Selûne)发现她的道德观合乎自己的胃口。她在沿海城市有大量神龛,水手们常在她的祭坛上留下鲜花、蜡烛、小糖果、或是钱币,指望安博里在下次航行中能放自己一马。向她致敬的还有海运商人、港口城市、岛国和岛屿定居点,安博里的怒火足以将他们摧毁、与此同时并没有一位强大的守护神明能够抵消她的威胁性索求。
Umberlee (Um-ber-LEE) the Bitch Queen rules from her watery lair in a flooded level of the Abyss. She is worshiped by most out of fear as opposed to adoration, though some few—such as most weresharks, who she created to try to undermine Selûne—find her ethos to their liking. Ship crews toss her gems over the sides of their vessels to calm storm-tossed waters. She has a large number of shrines in coastal cities, and sailors often leave flowers, candles, small candies, or coins on her altars in hopes that Umberlee will spare them on the next voyage. Others who pay tribute to her include merchants sending goods by sea, port cities, and island nations and settlements who would be devastated by her wrath and have not a powerful patron deity to counter her menacing demands.

  安博里与带领船舶安全返航的塞伦涅纷争不断。最近,她也感受到了来自自己的守护神——塔洛斯Talos——的沉重压力,后者正试图将所有形式的暴力都纳入自己神职之内。虽然安博里偶尔会与他调情,但如果不是力有不逮,她很乐意结束塔洛斯的存在,成为唯一的毁灭之神。不幸的是,她无法直接影响陆地,这限制了她的雄心壮志,所以她只能等待着时机、卖弄着风情。欧吕尔Auril犸拉Malar安博里Umberlee塔洛斯Talos 四神合称 狂怒诸神Gods of Fury。其中,安博里是位纯粹的恶毒、卑鄙、邪恶的毒妇。当她觉得自己没有在交易中没能占到最大的便宜时,就会心血来潮地撕毁协议;在看着她的鲨鱼讲海难受害者撕成碎片、看着其他人慢慢溺死时,她将从中获得极大的快感。她也是位虚荣的庸俗妇人,渴望他人的阿谀奉承。如果她有什么弱点,那可能便是她对权力的永恒贪欲和对行使权力的沉溺。
Umberlee continually contests with Selûne, in whom navigators tmst to guide their ships safely home. Of late, she has also felt the heavy presence of her own patron, Talos, who is trying to pick up violent nature in all its forms as his personal portfolio. Though Umberlee flirts with him on occasion, she would gladly end his existence and become sole deity of destruction herself if she had the power. Unfortunately, her ambitions are limited by her inability to directly affect the land, so she bides her time and plays the coquette. Together Auril, Malar, Umberlee, and Talos are known as the Gods of Fury. Umberlee is just plain malicious, mean, and evil. She breaks agreements on a whim when she feels that she has not gotten the best part of a deal and takes great pleasure in both watching her sharks tear shipwreck victims to shreds and watching others die slowly of drowning. She is also vain and expects to be flattered. If she has any weakness, it is probably her incessant greed for power and her intoxication with exercising it.

  安博里在 坠星海Sea of Fallen Stars 对一个又一个海盗岛屿的毁灭中度过了 动荡之年Time of Troubles。从那时起这片海域仍然风雨飘摇,不过在某些据说属于、或是与 铁王座Iron Throne 有所勾结的、结盟的鱼畈,对她进行了有组织的安抚努力后,最近两三年已经平静了一些。
Umberlee spent the Time of Troubles in the Sea of Fallen Stars, wreaking destruction on one pirate isle after another. The sea has remained stormy and troubled since that time, though it has calmed somewhat in the last two to three years after an organized effort to appease her promoted by certain allied merchant costers said to be part of or in league with the Iron Throne.

安博里的化身Umberlee's Avatar

  (巫师Mage 31,牧师Cleric 23,战士Fighter 20)

Umberlee's avatar rarely appears. When she does, it is as a female blue-green torso with taloned hands, elbow fins, eyes of pale pearly death, and hair of kelp. In this form, rising above the waves, she aims to impress and usually towers above sailors on the decks of a doomed ship. She wears giant shell jewelry and a cape made from a million mauve jellyfish. Her voice hisses and booms like ocean breakers, and she laughs cruelly as she flings watery death and destruction on those who view her. She can cast spells from any priest sphere except elemental earth, elemental fire, sun, thought, and time. She can cast spells from all wizard schools except elemental earth and elemental fire. She cannot cast any spell with a fiery manifestation. She casts all elemental water sphere and school spells at triple strength in all respects and targeted creatures receive a -3 penalty to their saving throws against such spells.

  防御等级 -3;移动 15,游泳 48;生命值 208;零级命中值 1;#攻击 5次/2轮
  伤害 1d6+17(+3 三叉戟,+11力量,+2对三叉戟专精奖励)
  魔抗 75%;体型 超大型H(20呎)
  力量 23,敏捷 17,体质 24,智力 20,感知 19,魅力 19
  法术 祭司P:12/11/11/10/9/7/3,法师W:7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7
  豁免 麻痹、毒素与死亡魔法 2;权杖、法杖与魔杖 3;石化或变形 4;喷吐武器 4;法术 4
  AC -3; MV 15, Sw 48; HP 208; THACO 1; #AT 5/2
  Drag 1d6+17 (trident +3, +11 STR, +2 spec, bonus in trident)
  MR 75%; SZ H (20 feet)
  STR 23, DEX 17, CON 24, INT 20, Wis 19, CHA 19
  Spells P: 12/11/11/10/9/7/3, W: 7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7
  Saves PPDM 2, RSW 3, PP 4, BW 4, Sp 4

特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Def:

  在使用武器时,安博里会选用一柄 +3三叉戟,这柄三叉戟在她手中兼有 屈从三叉戟trident of submission鱼类命令三叉戟trident of fish command。每半小时,她能召唤2d4+4条鲨鱼或1d4+1条巨鲨来完成她的吩咐。在大多数情况下,这些鲨鱼将试图攻击或是吞噬水中她以心灵暗示的目标生物。每12小时,她也能召唤3只8生命骰的水元素、2只12生命骰的水元素、或是1只16生命骰的水元素来完成她的吩咐。这些生物几乎从不失控。在登场时,安博里还可控制海面上的风、或是海浪的活动,如同下文“其祂显现Other Manifestations”中示意的那样。
When she uses a weapon, Umberlee strikes with at trident +3 that in her hands works as a trident of submission and a trident of fish command. She can summon 2d4+4 sharks or 1d4+1 giant sharks to do her bidding every half hour. For the most part, these sharks try to attack or swallow creatures in the water she indicates to them mentally. She can also summon three 8-HD water elementals, two 12-HD water elementals, or one 16- HD water elemental to do her bidding once every 12 hours. These creatures never become uncontrolled. Umberlee can also control the winds over the seas or the actions of the waves as indicated under Other Manifestations, below, while present.


其祂显现Other Manifestations

  相较于派遣化身,大海女王Sea Queen 更喜欢显作风、化作浪。无论采用的是哪种显现,常常都会伴有安博里那冷酷、残忍的笑声或是嘶嘶的口信。安博里的神力正在衰落,她现在每天只能显现为4次风。深海女王Queen of the Deeps 可以发出一阵狂风粉碎其路径上的一切,每轮5d10点伤害,持续2d4轮。
Rather than sending her avatar form, the Sea Queen prefers manifest as wind or waves. Either form of manifestation is often accompanied by Umberlee's cold, cruel laughter or a hissed message. Umberlee's powers are waning, and she can now manifest as wind only four times a day. For 2d4 rounds, the Queen of the Deeps can send a gale blast of wind that smashes into all things in its path for 5d1O points of damage per round.

Umberlee prefers to manifest in a form that remains unlimited: as an unseen underwater presence that can aim and hurl waves. Waves are hurled one per round, rolling out in one of two forms. Either they strike beings within 160 feet for 4d4 points of damage and force them to make successful saving throw vs. death magic or drown, or they strike one spot, aiming to wrest certain items away from a ship, swimmer, or aquatic creature. The specific, targeted type of wave strike does 2d12 points of damage and forces a being to make a successful Dexterity ability checks for all items it wants to retain. Umberlee can even snatch rings off fingers in this way (or remove gauntlets and then snatch the rings from fingers); unattended items are automatically carried off.

Umberlee also acts through the appearance or presence of sea monsters of all sorts, especially sharks of monstrous size that are sent to devour swimmers or shipwrecked sailors, krakens, and all types of aquatic undead including (inland) undead lake monsters.

教会The Church

  神职人员CLERGY:牧师Clerics,专属祭司specialty priests
  神职阵营CLERGY'S ALIGN.:绝对中立N,混乱中立CN,守序邪恶LE,中立邪恶NE,混乱邪恶CE
  驱散不死TURN UNDEAD:牧师C:不可NO;专属祭司SP:不可No.
  支配不死CMND. UNDEAD:牧师C:可Yes;专属祭司SP:可Yes.专属祭司只能支配在水中被杀死的生物、或是自然水生生物形成的不死生物。Specialty priests may command only undead formed from creatures killed at sea or that are aquatic by nature.

  安博里的所有牧师和专属祭司得到 宗教知识religion(泛费伦Faerûnian)作为非武器熟练奖励。安博里的所有牧师得到 游泳swimming 作为非武器熟练奖励,并且自动能够在水下呼吸。
All clerics and specialty priests of Umberlee receive religion (Faerûnian) as a bonus nonweapon proficiency. All clerics of Umberlee receive swimming as a bonus nonweapon proficiency and can breathe water automatically.

  安博里教派Umberlant 的祭司是个形形色色、杂乱无章的群体,她们非常喜欢用带钩的镰状小刀决斗,来解决首座职位与位阶上的分歧。(这些决斗用刀代表着安博里对航海者的收割。)安博里教派的祭司漫游于沿海城市,主要靠恐惧不安的海员们留下的祭品为生。除了传统中点燃的蜡烛与小糖果外,安博里教派的祭司越来越多地要求在祭坛上留下更多真正的硬币。在没有信徒在场时,安博里教派的祭司们会在随后从安博里神龛的石块祭坛上拿走祭品,并用含有海藻的海水冲刷祭坛,以此暗示大海女王已经来过拿走了她应得之物。人们支付丰厚的报酬让安博里教徒会坐船从一个港口到另一个港口,因为(人们觉得)他们的存在会确保安博里不会摧毁这艘轮船。
Umberlant priests are a varied, disorganized lot, much given to dueling with hooked, sicklelike knives to settle differences of primacy and rank. (These dueling knives represent Umberlee's reapings of those who sail the seas.) Umberlant priests roam coastal cities, living primarily off the offerings left by fearful sailors. In addition to the traditional lit candles and small candies, Umberlants are increasingly demanding more real coin be left on the altars. When there are no worshipers present, Umberlant priests then remove the offerings from the stone block altars at Umberlee's shrines and sluice the altars with buckets of sea water containing seaweed to signify that the Sea Queen has come for what is rightfully hers. Umberlants are also paid handsomely to travel on ships from port to port, for their presence (it is thought) guarantees that Umberlee will not destroy a vessel.

There is little in the way of an organized clergy of Umberlee. Those who relish her power and potential become her specialty priests. Specialty priests make up most of Umberlee's clergy, since the advantages of the faith prove to be quite handy when superstitious sailors want to dump a priest overboard at the first sign of a storm. A few clerics have made some progress in status in the faith, and most of them work in the adventuring order of the church.

  初修士祭司被称作 未作数者the Untaken,不过一旦安博里确认了其祭司身份,她就已获得资格接受供品、引领祈祷者并以她的名义祝福。无论其真正的地位与权势如何,安博里教派的正式祭司都可以采用以下任何头衔:涨潮Flood Tide,拍岸黑浪Dark Breaker,强劲暗潮Puissant Undertow,愤怒之浪Wave of Fury,野蛮海风Savage Seawind,波涛女士Wavemistress 或 波涛领主Wavelord。专属祭司被统称为 波涛仆从waveservants 或 波涛真仆true servants of the wave,使用的头衔与前述那些相同,但前面加上“恐惧Dread”前缀。
Novice priests are known as the Untaken, but once Umberlee has confirmed an individual as a priest, she or he is entitled to take offerings, lead prayers, and bestow blessings in her name. Full Umberlant priests can adopt any of the following titles (regardless of true rank and powers): Flood Tide, Dark Breaker, Puissant Undertow, Wave of Fury, Savage Seawind, and Wavemistress or Wavelord. Specialty clergy are known as waveservants or true servants of the wave and use the same titles as other Umberlants with the addition of the word "Dread" in front of them.


The Umberlant faith has no set ethical outlook save that the sea is a savage place and those who travel it had best be willing to pay the price of challenging Umberlee's domain. The doctrine of Umberlee declares that all should know Umberlee and fear her, for the wind and the wave can reach everywhere. Fair offerings bring fair winds to travelers over the waters, but for those who do not pay their respects, the sea is as cold as Umberlee's heart. All who travel the seas are warned that the dead serve Umberlee most faithfully.

Umberlant novices are charged to: "Spread word of the might of holy Umberlee, and let no service be performed in her name without price. Make folk fear the wind and the waves, unless a priest of Umberlee be present to protect them. Finally, slay any who ascribe sea and shore storms to Talos."

日常活动Day-to-Day Activities:

More folk fear Umberlee than revere her, but she cares not why they worship, only that they do so. She rarely comes to favor individual mortals, but she does do a little extra for those who faithfully make offerings. To gain favorable winds for a voyage or to deliver them alive from storms, sailors sacrifice valuable cargo to her by piping it overboard: playing tunes dedicated to Umberlee on mouthpipes while heaving the cargo over the side. They usually ensure that the cargo contains something alive if their peril is great. If a ship runs aground or founders and an Umberlant priest is aboard, the furious sailors usually try enmasse to murder the priest before they are themselves drowned. Corpses of Umberlant priests have washed ashore transfixed by as many as 30 cutlasses.

  安博里教派的神职人员被要求通过宣扬她过去所造成的厄运,以及所有沿海城市与居民点即将到来的风暴,传播对安博里的尊敬。在此过程中,他们将寻求让自己从女神那得到的眷顾累积到足以在危险时能被女神传送上岸,同时以接受供品、出卖自己所在船上的安全、或是施展某些法术来使自己变得富有。在 宝剑海岸Sword Coast深水城Waterdeep卡林港Calimport 的长途航行,安博里祭司可能会向一艘普通商船索要多达500金币的费用,对一艘运送贵重货物、装备精良的崭新大型寇格船或拉丁式大帆船,索取高达3倍的费用。如果船上的祭司必须使用魔法来守护或保护这艘船,她将根据法术收费,并可能当场就价格讨价还价。
Umberlant clergy are charged to spread respect for Umberlee by preaching of the doom she has wrought in the past and the storms to come in all coastal cities and settlements. Along the way, they seek to build up favor enough to be teleported ashore by the goddess if they are ever in danger on the seas and to enrich themselves by accepting offerings, selling the safety of their own presence on shipboard, or by casting certain spells. For a long voyage down the Sword Coast between Waterdeep and Calimport, an Umberlant priest may charge as much as 500 gold pieces to an average merchant vessel or up to three times that to a large, new, well-armed cog or caravel carrying valuable cargo. If a priest on board has to use magic to defend or protect the ship, she or he charges by the spell and may well dicker over price on the spot!

  除了治疗魔法外,普通人雇佣大部分信仰的祭司都是为了表演,而安博里教派最受欢迎的则是两种法术:风暴斗篷stormcloak与溺亡死者交谈speak with the drowned dead。海盗们经常雇佣安博里教派神职人员施展 与溺亡死者交谈,因为通过措辞谨慎的问题,他们能得知沉船或宝藏的方向。
Beyond the healing magics common folk hire priests of most faiths to perform, two spells used by Umberlants are the most popular: stormcloak and speak with the drowned dead. Pirates often hire Umberlant clergy to cast speak with the drowned dead because, by careful phrasing of a question, they can learn directions to a sunken ship or treasure.

圣日/重要仪式Holy Days/Important Ceremonies:

  安博里的每日礼拜由供品、祈祷、在海水中于额头、手脚自己涂抹圣油组成。此外,该信仰也有些许的特殊仪式,最著名的是 沉溺仪式the Drowning、初潮典礼First Tide、以及 风暴呼号Stormcall。
Umberlee is to be worshiped daily with offerings, prayer, and self-anointing on the brow, hands, and feet with sea water. In addition, the faith has a few special rituals, most notably the Drowning, First Tide, and Stormcall.

  沉溺仪式The Drowning 是场私人仪式,只有神职成员可以见证或参加。在沉溺仪式中,未作数者the Untaken 将变为女神真正的祭司。恳求者将躺在祭坛前,周身是点燃给女神的蜡烛,每处都有一位不同的安博里教派祭司吟诵祷词。参与的神职人员随后撤出,由一位资深祭司在房间的天花板施展 造海水术causes sea water,来创造一个巨大的击浪并随后流走。幸存下来的恳求者将被安博里确认为她服务,并被警告如果她们背叛了深海女王,溺亡将是等待他们的命运。女神在沉溺仪式中为他们放开了生路,因此她随时可以带走她们。(深海女王觉得背叛了自己的神职人员,将在睡梦中一梦不醒,在夜晚中溺水死去,肺中神秘地充满了海水。)
The Drowning is a private ritual, and only clergy members may witness it or take part. In the Drowning, an Untaken becomes a true priest of the goddess. The supplicant lies before an altar and is surrounded by candles lit to the goddess, each placed with an intoned prayer by a different Umberlant priest. The attending clergy then withdraw, and a senior priest casts a spell that causes sea water to flood the room in a huge breaking wave and then flow away. Supplicants who survive are confirmed in the service of Umberlee and warned that if they should ever betray the Queen of the Deeps, drowning is the fate that awaits them. They were spared during the Drowning and so can be taken by the Sea Queen at any time to come. (Clergy whom the Sea Queen feels have failed her go to sleep one night never to awaken, dying during the night of drowning, their lungs mysteriously filled with sea water.)

  安博里的公共仪式包括 初潮典礼First Tide 和 风暴呼号Stormcall。初潮典礼在港口的冰层破裂时举行,神职人员们将吹笛打鼓、穿越城市的街道庆祝。在一场冷酷无情的仪式上,神职人员们将把一只活生生的大型动物带到岸边,绑在石头上沉入水中。若这只生物不知怎么地活了下来、或是挣扎着上了岸,它将被释放、照料、并以魔法恢复健康。然后它就将成为一只拥有安博里教派身份的神圣动物。(这一习俗源于远古时代,在那时安博里经常从人牲中挑选神职人员,在水下解开她们的束缚。)
The public rituals of Umberlee include First Tide and the Stormcall. First Tide is celebrated by a flute-and-drum parade through the streets of a city by the clergy when the ice breaks up in a harbor. In a cold-hearted and brutal ritual, the clergy carry a live large animal down to the shore to be tied to a rock and hurled into the water. If the creature somehow washes or struggles ashore alive, it is freed, tended, and magically healed back to full health. It then becomes a sacred animal with the rank of an Umberlant. (This custom began in ancient times when Umberlee often selected her clergy from among human sacrifices by unbinding them beneath the water.)

  风暴呼号Stormcall 是一场集体祈祷,在祈祷中信徒们将呼唤安博里派来一场风暴摧毁一座特定的港口或船只,或是让一场将临于或已经袭击了这些信徒的风暴转向。礼拜者们将跪在水池周围,水池中漂浮的浮木碎片上点燃着蜡烛,安博里的祭司们事先精心收集并晾干了这些浮木来为此作准备。贵重的祭祀品将被扔进池中,但这些祭司必须小心地通过仪式的魔力让蜡烛保持漂浮,以保持它们燃烧发光——因为蜡烛被浸湿是安博里之怒的兆示。
Stormcall is a mass prayer in which worshipers call for Umberlee to send a storm to devastate a specific harbor or ship or to turn away an approaching storm or one that has already broken upon the worshipers. Worshipers kneel around pools in which lit candles float on fragments of driftwood that have been carefully collected and dried by Umberlant priests for this purpose. Sacrifices of precious goods are thrown into the pools, but the priests must carefully levitate the candles through the magic of the ceremony as this is done to keep them alight—for a candle doused is a sign of Umberlee's anger.

主要崇拜中心Major Centers of Worship:

  许多年来,邻近 科米尔王国Cormyr 玛森伯城Marsember海崖之邸House on the Cliff 都是安博里最富裕、最大、也最有影响力的神殿,不过要么是因为敌对神明的贡献,要么是因为安博里自己的不悦,它在动荡之年期间被彻底摧毁了。自那以后,还没哪座大海女王的神殿已崛起为不容置疑的显耀神殿,但这项殊荣有一些竞争者,包括:维纶城Velen 的 众船坟墓之塔Shipsgrave Tower,在那里 “战争领主”达贾斯特·苏伦登Wavelord Darjast Surnden 统治着一整群身经百战、忠实可靠的前海盗、现神职人员;敏坦岛Mintarn 上的 女王海湾Cove of the Queen,这是一处隐蔽港湾,一群由安博里教派领导的海盗侍奉着 “皇家浪涛女士”阿尔贝丝·弗罗斯特尔Wavemistress Royal Qalbess Frostyl;奥伦波岛Orlumbor 上的 风暴避风港之邸Stormhaven House,由 “至高三叉戟”塔尔尔德·诺纳古尔High Trident Thaeryld Nornagul 统治;以及 泰斯布瑞Teshburl咆哮海窟Seacaves of the Roaring,这是一处以黄金装饰、庞大而繁荣之地,那里的祭司们在 “深海浪涛大师”乌尔索·梅拉塔尔Deep Wavemaster Ultho Maelatar 统治下,兜售光滑的石质小风暴令牌给那些感到恐惧或不会游泳的 卡林珊人Calishites,这些令牌能保证航行的安全(但仅限于佩戴者自己)。
For years, the House on the Cliff near Marsember in Cormyr was the richest, largest, and most influential temple of Umberlee, but either because of the work of a rival god or through the displeasure of Umberlee, it was utterly destroyed during the Time of Troubles. No one house of the Sea Queen has risen to unquestioned prominence since, but contenders for this honor include Shipsgrave Tower in Velen, where Wavelord Darjast Surnden rules a loyal complement of ex-pirate, battle-hardened clergy; the Cove of the Queen on Mintarn, a hidden harbor where pirates are led by Umberlants who serve Wavemistress Royal Qalbess Frostyl; Stormhaven House on Orlumbor, governed by High Trident Thaeryld Nornagul; and the Seacaves of the Roaring in Teshburl, a large and prosperous place adorned with gold where priests under the governance of Deep Wavemaster Ultho Maelatar sell small, smooth, stone storm tokens guaranteeing safety on a voyage (for the individual carrying them only) to Calishites who are fearful or cannot swim.

从属组织Affiliated Orders:

  安博里教派信仰并没有多少从属组织。唯一值得注意的便是该信仰的冒险团:大海女王的碎浪the Sea Queen's Breakers,她们在浪下进行寻宝和回收作业,并在所承诺的黄金多到似乎超过了让一位安博里教派祭司在远离水域的地方工作将带来的风险时,进行陆上冒险。
The Umberlant faith does not have many affiliated orders. The only one of note is the adventuring order of the faith, the Sea Queen's Breakers, which pursues treasure-hunting and recovery operations beneath the waves or adventures on land when the promise of gold seems to outweigh the dangers of an Umberlant priest working long away from water.

祭司的祭服Priestly Vestments:

The ceremonial garb of the priests of Umberlee consists of a skin-tight blue or green body stocking worn with a voluminous cape of blue or green trimmed with white fur (to represent foaming breakers). A tall collar, similarly trimmed, rises from the back of the cape's neck. A popular badge of rank is the magically preserved skeletal hand of a drowning victim.

冒险装束Adventuring Garb:

  所有神职成员每日都穿着自己想穿的衣服,只要其中有些蓝绿斑驳的东西(通常是腰带或是围巾)。大部分安博里教派的神职人员都携带着一柄带钩小刀。(这些决斗小刀价值 3金币,重量 2磅,尺寸 小型,伤害类型 挥砍,攻速 4,造成 1d4+1/1d3+1 点伤害。)
All clergy members wear whatever they desire from day to day, so long as something of mottled blue and green is worn (usually as a sash or scarf). Most Umberlant clergy members carry a hooked dueling knife. (These dueling knives cost 3 gp, weigh 2 lbs., are size S, inflict damage type S, are speed 4, and do 1d4+1/1d3+1 points of damage.)