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【阵   营】NG
【神   力】未知
【神   职】未知
【神   系】海洋与天空诸神Gods of the Seas and Skies
【神   国】漫游(主要沿着 海神河the River Oceanus
【徽   记】半透明的金色水晶球translucent golden crystal sphere
【简   介】寂静之歌Stillsong 极端神秘,似乎在历经某种蜕变过程,他与水狮存在某种联系。

<Monster Mythology.p085>前言Introduction

  最后一位的天空神是独一无二的。在史前他就已将自己的名讳抛在了脑后,而贤者们找不到任何关于它的踪迹。这位神灵通过在不同创造元素中承受的实验和仪式,致力于自身的自我净化;在水中,他已被溺死和重生;在土中,他被粉碎和再生;在火中,他被燃烧和纯化;而现在,在将自己奉献给 造物神the Creator Gods 的最终审判前,这位神明距离完成只差在气元素中的溶解和重塑。因为他在主物质位面的显现(这位神明如歌般出现在风中,带来了突然的寂静),他被简单地称之为寂静之歌。至于而他的法官是谁,将如何审判他,基本是对自己最智慧、最有价值的祭司们,诸神也不会泄露。

2e<Monster Mythology.p095>寂静之歌Stillsong(未知Unknown)

  寂静之歌Stillsong 是位处于过渡改变中的神明,他通过不断有序地改变自己的元素属性而进化与升华;现在他处于他最后的一个阶段,也就是气之元素的形态。他在 主物质位面Prime Material 的显现是个歌声构成的球体,它会毫无预兆地靠近,并且在球体之外是无法听见它的,不过它的效果可能会徘徊不去(见下)。据信,它(球体)与旅行于 善良外层位面the Outer Planes of Good气元素位面Elemental Plane of Air 的精神存在某种平行关系,在那些地方也会发生与下面所给出的类似效果。有几位神明知道寂静之歌的目的与命运,但并未告知祂们的祭司。
Stillsong is a god in transition, developing and transcending his way through the elements in an ordered progression; now he is in his final development, in the element of Air. His manifestation in the Prime Material is as a sphere of song which approaches without warning and which is unheard outside the sphere, although its effects may linger (see below). It is believed to be paralleled by spiritual presences which travel the Outer Planes of Good and the elemental plane of Air, where effects similar to those given below occur. Some few gods know of Stillsong's purpose and destiny, but none tell their priests of this.

角色扮演指南Role-playing Notes:

  寂静之歌的显现可能是一种预兆或警告,一种对处于危险之中的善良生物带来援助的强化(经常伴随着1d4只月狗Moon Dog),但它不会直接参与战斗、也无视对它发起的攻击。除此之外,该显现都在依循自己高深莫测的动机于主物质位面旅行,虽然已知他会带领极为善良的生物前往失落神圣之地和避难所。
Stillsong's manifestation may be a harbinger or warning, a strengthening which comes to the aid of good creatures in peril (often accompanied by 1d4 Moon Dogs), but which does not engage directly in combat and ignores attacks made upon it. The manifestation otherwise travels the Prime Material plane, following its own inscrutable purpose, although it is known to lead creatures of exceptional goodness to sacred lost sites and refuge.


  徽记SY:半透明的金色水晶球translucent golden crystal sphere。
AL ng; WAL n/a; AoC unknown; SY translucent golden crystal sphere.

寂静之歌的显现Stillsong's Manifestation


  移动 飞行144;体型 巨型G(40呎直径球体);魔抗 特殊;生命骰 18;生命值 144;伤害 特殊;如25级般使用魔法。
MV fl 144; SZ G (40' diameter sphere); MR special; HDeq 18; hp 144; Dmg special; Magic use at 25th level.

Those within the radius of the song effect hear an unearthly chorus singing polyphonies of heart-rending beauty. All who hear the song are entranced for as long as the sphere is stationary and for 1d6 rounds thereafter, and they cannot engage in offensive action. A saving throw versus spell is allowed at -10 to negate the effect. If a creature hearing the song is of neutral good alignment and fails a system shock roll, that creature gains 1 point of wisdom permanently. Good-aligned creatures are affected as if hearing the song of a 20th-Ievel bard, for purposes of morale, etc.

  每日3次,该显现能在离开时留下一道20呎半径的 法术无效结界globe of invulnerability。同样每日3次,它的歌声能在它的范围内 创造情感(希望)create emotion (hope)、或对邪恶生物造成 恐惧术fear。每日1次,在其影响范围内,歌声可以调整其音调创造一道 时间停止time stop,持续1d6+1轮、或是直到球体移动,而同样地每天1次,歌声可以调整其音调吟唱如同一首颂歌的 圣言holy word。
Three times per day, the manifestation can leave behind a 20' radius globe of invulnerability when it departs. Three times per day also, its song can create emotion (hope) within its area, or cause fear to evil creatures. Once per day, within the area of effect, the song can change key to create a time stop that lasts for 1d6 +1 rounds or until the sphere moves, and likewise once per day the song can change key to sing a holy word as a mantra.

  寂静之歌不能被影响心灵法术影响,而元素(气,火)法术也无力对付它。因为该显现是非物质的,所有没有武器能影响到它,也没有主要影响躯体的法术(衰弱enfeeblement 等等)能影响它。
Stillsong cannot be affected by mind-influencing spells, and elemental (air, fire) spells have no power against him. Since the manifestation is noncorporeal, no weapons can affect it, nor can spells which primarily affect the body (enfeeblement, etc.).

  寂静之歌也有相关的次级温和显现。典型来说,如果善良阵营的生物急需,可能会在夜间听见遥远的吟唱,醒来会发现譬如 创造饮食created food and water 甚或是 魔邓肯豪宅术Mordenkainen's magnificent mansion(其中包含一场 英雄宴heroes feast) 的造物。
Minor benign manifestations are also associated with Stillsong. Typically, good-aligned creatures may hear distant singing at night, waking to find such creations as created food and water oreven a Mordenkainen's magnificent mansion which contains a heroes feast if the creatures are in dire need.