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岩浆侧元素位面The Paraelemental Plane of Magma
【所属 位面】侧元素位面The Paraelemental Plane
【类   型】内层位面侧元素位面
【位面 之主】赤利比亚Chlimbia
【下辖 地区】核心面Core Magma:包括 无尽旷野Fields of Nevermore(其中心为 无尽城Nevermore),独石Monolith,实践之地Praxis

焦土Scorched Wastes:与土位面的交界处,包括 塔尔加特之塔Targath's Tower
黑曜石森林Obsidian Forest:与矿物面的交界处
炽热沙丘Glowing Dunes:与辐射面的交界处
灼热雾海Searing Mists:与火位面的交界处

白垩岛Chalky Islands:与灰烬面的交界处,包括 奥兰的实验室Oolan's Laboratory
【简   介】“手持两把锟斤拷,口中疾呼烫烫烫,脚踏千朵屯屯屯,笑看万物诺诺诺。”——贝恩·血蹄,于半人码农家乐

岩浆侧元素位面The Para-Elemental Plane of Magma 处于火元素位面土元素位面的交界处,多元宇宙最危险之处(之一),这里是一片熔岩之海,海面之上是强酸剧毒浓烟构成的大气,海面之下则是熔岩管道构成的隧道网络,在海面上,还有各种火山岩托举的浮岛。


2ePS<The Inner Planes.p074>岩浆侧元素位面The Paraelemental Plane of Magma


  绝对禁止Absolute Prohibtion:水Water
  法师学派改变Wizard School Alteration
  气Air <

岩浆侧元素位面The Paraelemental Plane of Magma

  岩浆侧元素位面The Paraelemental Plane of Magma 是一团鼓着泡、搅动着物质,由融化的石头、火山岩、硫磺烟雾和灼热的高温组成。大部分外来者——甚至是其它内层位面的那些原住民——都不想去这个地方,但的确也有一些人为它说好话。例如,岩浆人magmen 愉快地称其为家。虽然并非他们种族的一员,但我对他们有很多的了解。吾名 弗拉萨姆·齐阿利菲尔Flaasam ki'Alifir,此外,我还是一位 火焰精魂firespirits。(他是位火元素裔。——编者)我的心永远属于 火元素位面the Elemental Plane of Fire,但我也花了大量时间在我们的姊妹侧位面上。
The Paraelemental Plane of Magma is a bubbling, churning mass of molten stone, volcanic rock, sulfurous fumes, and searing heat. It is not a place that most outsiders-or even other inner-planar natives-would ever want to visit, but it does have a few defenders. The magmen, for instance, happily call it home. While not a member of their race, I know a good deal about them. My name is Flaasam ki'Alifir, and I am of the firespirits.(He's a fire genasi.-the Editor) My heart lies within the Elemental Plane of Fire, but I have spent agood deal of time in our sister para-plane as well.

  为了理解 岩浆面Magma 的样子,请先想象一片沸腾岩石的海洋。一股股冒火的烟柱从熔岩沼泽发光的表面升起,构成了由熔化的石头形成的浓雾、夹杂着致命的浓烟组成的大气。在各处,玄武岩或黑曜岩的岛屿抵抗着这个国度的毁灭本性,但绝大部分东西都会很快被酷热与炽焰消蚀殆尽。
To understand what Magma is like, imagine a vast sea of boiling rock. Plumes of smoky fire rise from the glowing surface of the morass to create an atmosphere primarily composed of a thick fog of molten stone laced with deadly fumes. Here and there, islands of basalt or obsidian resist the naturally destructive nature of the realm, but most everything is consumed by the glorious heat and flames very quickly.

  当某人向着 土元素位面the Elemental Plane of Earth 移动时,岩浆将变得更加粘稠、流速减慢,升腾的火焰羽流也变得不再那么频繁,而火山灰的薄雾将开始填入空气。在两个国度的交界处,是一片由从熔岩河川湖泊中拔地而起的玄武岩峭壁和尖塔组成的区域。这片区域被大部分人称作 焦土the Scorched Wastes。除了偶尔的火元素或隐居的火蜥蜴外,没有东西栖息在这里。
As one travels toward the Elemental Plane of Earth, the magma becomes thicker and flows more slowly. The rising plumes of fire become less frequent, although a haze of volcanic ash gradually begins to fill the air. The juncture of the two realms is an area of basalt cliffs and spires rising above rivers and lakes of molten lava. This region is known to most as the Scorched Wastes. Apart from the occasional fire elemental or hermetic salamander, practically nothing lives here.

  从熔岩面的中心向另一个方向移动,最终将把旅行者带至美丽的火元素位面。随着旅程的进展,他将目睹岩浆变得越来越炽热、流动性越来越强。他越靠近 炽热海the Blazing Sea,星罗棋布于这片侧位面的火焰爆发就越频繁。在旅程的尽头,两片地区交汇的地方,大气弥漫着一层完全由融化石头组成的液滴构成的薄雾。这片致命之地被称作 灼热雾海the Searing Mists,其供养的人口并不比废土更多。
Moving away from the center of Magma in the other direction eventually brings a traveler to the beautiful Elemental Plane of Fire. As his journey progresses, he sees the magma growing blissfully hotter and more fluid. The nearer he draws to the Blazing Sea, the more frequent the fiery eruptions that dot the paraplane. In the end, atthe point where the two regions meet, the atmosphere is awash with a haze made wholly from searing droplets of molten stone. This deadly place is known as the Searing Mists, and it supports no more population than the Scorched Wastes.

  朝着 正能量位面the Positive Energy Plane 的方向,可以向 矿物准位面the quasiplanes of Mineral辐射准位面the quasiplanes of Radiance 移动。两条路线都有明显的危险地形。
A traveler heading in the direction of the Positive Energy Plane can move toward the quasiplanes of Mineral or Radiance. Both routes are marked by dangerous terrain.

  在前一种情况下,熔岩的表明将逐渐冷却,直至形成一片坚硬的黑曜石平原。火山玻璃的尖塔和晶洞般的水晶迅速从荒野中升起,形成了贤者们所称的 黑曜石森林the Obsidian Forest。这片区域到处是邪恶的石头生物,因为这样或那样的原因,它们逃离了命定的统治着,元素大君the archomental 欧雷莫克Ogremoch。事实上,它们非常享受彻底的隐私。我建议避开这些无家可归的逃犯。
In the former case, the surface of the lava gradually cools until it forms a smoothplain of hard obsidian. Spires of volcanic glass and geodelike crystal soon rise out of the wasteland to form what the sages call the Obsidian Forest. The place is infested by evil stone creatures who, for one reason or another, have fled from their would be ruler, the archomental known as Ogremoch. They enjoy privacy-quite so, in fact. It would be my recommendation to avoid these displaced fugitives.

  如果旅行者选择稍微改变方向,他最终将到达 辐射准位面the quasiplane of Radiance。然而,在他抵达彼岸之前,他要经过整个 内层位面the Inner Planes 中最致命的地方之一:炽热沙丘the Glowing Dunes。这是一片由火山灰组成、连绵起伏的丘陵区域。在辐射准位面附近,尘埃将变得更加金属化,并逐渐开始辐射光和能量。无论这些魔法粒子流的性质如何,它们对每个生物都产生了死亡威胁。那些穿越该地区的人就必须每天进行一次对抗即死魔法豁免检定。任何在豁免中失败的可怜人,都将遭受可怕的疾病或诅咒(没人明确知道是哪个)的折磨。不久后,恶心就开始了。随后是皮肤起泡、脱发、牙龈出血、失明和无数其它令人讨厌的症状的出现,受害者将在3d20个痛苦的日子中死亡。
If a traveler opts to change course just a bit, he eventually reaches the quasiplane of Radiance. Before he does, however, he passes through one of the deadliest places in all the Inner Planes: the Glowing Dunes. This is a region of rolling hills at first made up of volcanic ash. Nearer the quasiplane of Radiance, the dust becomes more metallic and gradually begins to radiate light and energy. Whatever the nature of these magical emanations, they present a deadly threat to every living thing. Those who travel through the area must make a saving throw vs. death magic each day. Any poor creature who fails this roll becomes afflicted with a horrible disease or curse (no one knows which for sure). Before long, nausea sets in. This is followed by blistering skin, hair loss, bleeding gums, blindness, and countless other nasty symptoms before the victim dies in 3d20 painful days. All in all, a more unpleasant death would be difficult to imagine.

No cure, not even a magical one, is known to help, though rumor has it that a loam found in the plane of Earth or a plant growing deep within the plane of Water may alleviate the condition before the victim dies.

  在朝着 负能量位面the Negative Energy Plane 的其它方向,熔岩构造将逐渐破裂。在 尘埃准位面the quasiplane of Dust 附近,它将慢慢冷却、形成一片沙漠般的广阔瀚海,名曰 沙海the Sands。不过这个地方比岩浆面的其它地方更冷,它会对金属物品和机械设备造成严重破坏。随着某人穿过沙海向 尘埃面Dust 移动,砂砾将变得越来越呈现粉末状。它们会渗进任何东西,并且往往将促进锈蚀和其它类型的腐蚀。
In the other direction, toward the Negative Energy Plane, the structure of the magma gradually breaks up. Near the quasiplane of Dust, it slowly cools and forms a vast, desertlike expanse known as the Sands. Although this place is cooler than the rest of Magma, it wreaks havoc on metal items and mechanical devices. As one moves through the Sands toward Dust, the particles become more and more powdery. They creep into everything and tend to promote rust and other corrosion.

  相反朝着 灰烬准位面the quasiplane of Ash 移动,也将经历类似的转变。在岩浆面和 灰烬面Ash 真正结合在一块的位置,有一大堆 白垩岛chalky islands,岛屿之间流淌着岩浆流。然而,这是一片难于探索的地方,因为这些岛屿由致命的火山灰组成(更多关于这些地方的详细情况,请参阅关于灰烬准元素位面的章节),而这些河流也是些炽热发泡的熔岩通道。极端高温与摄人冻寒的区域相邻,将产生一种棋盘效应。旅行者们很难同时保护自己免受这两种危险的影响。
Traveling instead toward the quasiplane of Ash, a similar transformation occurs. At the point where Magma and Ash truly come together lies a vast collection of chalky islands with streams of magma running between them. This is a difficult place to explore, however, for the islands are deadly stretches offrigid ash (for details on the conditions of such places, refer to the chapter on the Quasielemental Plane of Ash), while the rivers are hot, blistering channels of magma. This produces a checker board effect where regions of extreme heat abut those of numbing cold. A traveler will be hard-pressed to protect himself against both hazards.


Many primes believe that the Elemental Plane of Fire mirrors their version of Hell, but the moment they experience Magma that opinion changes to encompass this plane. Fire itself is bad enough (in their opinion,which I find shortsighted at best), but fire that sticks somehow conjures an even greater terror intheir minds. I am only sorry they cannot comprehend the subtle glories of the paraplane.


Reaching the paraplane of Magma is easier than entering most of the other paraelemental realms. Vortices leading here are fairly common (as such things go). However, few portals provide access to Magma. Whether this is because of some difficulty in breaching the boundaries of the paraplane or whether itreflects the fact that not many people want to come here is a question yet unanswered.

  事实上,我唯一能精确说出的传送门是一座玄武岩门,位于 外域the Outlands 一片无人值守的孤立区域。因为其开口相当之小,究竟是谁建造了这座传送门,仍是一个有争议的话题。人类大小的生物通过它必须靠挤,体型更大的生物则完全无法使用这扇门。半身人、矮人和其它种族可以毫无障碍地使用这扇门,而他们通常会觉得看着这些体型较大的远亲们试图扭曲着身子通过它很有趣。
The only portal I can speak of with accuracy, in fact, is a basalt gate found in an isolated, untended area of the Outlands. Exactly who built the portal is a subject of some debate, for the opening is quite small. Man-sized creatures have to squeeze to pass through it, and larger folk simply cannot make use of the thing at all. Halflings, dwarves, and other such races have no problem with the portal, and they generally find it amusing to watch their larger cousins try to contort their way through.

  这道传送门的钥匙是一只简单的玻璃透镜,但旅者们在通过它之前应当三思而后行。这是一条从外域通向 赤利比亚Chlimbia 的要塞的单向旅程,这位强大的暴君是最接近岩浆面统治者的存在。赤利比亚也有点过于偏执,往往有有人踏过这道异界之门就下令将其处死。如果这位位面行者还没准备好以迅速而令人信服的方式陈述自己的情况,那么他最好去换道通向这个侧位面的门。
The portal key is a simple glass lens, but a traveler should think twice before opening the gate. It's a one-way journey from the Outlands directly into the fortress of Chilimba, a powerful tyrant who's the closest thing Magma has to a ruler. Chilimba is more than a little paranoid, too, and tends to have people killed as soon as they step through the gate. If a planewalker isn't ready to present his case in a speedy and convincing manner, he might wish to find another way to the paraplane.

There are more vortices to Magma than to any other such realm. One exists at the heart of almost every active volcano. Of course, reaching such places may be a chore in itself, but if an outsider plans to survive in the paraplane of Magma, he really ought to have no trouble with a little volcano.


Those who dislike heat find it difficult to survive in the para-plane of Magma. From the point of view of many, the environment combines the worst features of the Elemental Planes of Fire and Earth.


As a substance, magma is no easier to breathe than earth. Without magic, a visitor who journeys below the surface of the paraplane survives only as long as he can hold his breath. Of course, some might try to travel atop the magma instead, in which case they discover an atmosphere quitetoxic. Anyone who breathes it without some manner of filter or magical protection must make a saving throw vs. poison or die instantly.

  当你在岩浆上方的炽热区域移动时,非本地生物的视野将缩小到只有120呎。在大部分情况下,土著生物能看到2倍远。在岩浆下,没有魔法装置(比如,X 射线视觉戒指ring of x-ray vision)的帮助是无法视物的。在任何一种情况下,这片侧位面的高温都将使热感视觉失效。
When moving through the blazing regions above the magma, creatures not native to the paraplane find the range of their vision reduced to only 120 feet. In most cases, native creatures can see twice as far. Below the surface, vision is impossible without magical assistance-a ring of x-ray vision, for example. In either case, the heat of the paraplane makes infravision useless.


The heat here is nearly as great as that of the beautiful plane of Fire. Any nonmagical or unprotected flammable substances, such as wood, paper, or cloth, burst into flames within 1 round. When this happens, anyone wearing items made of such material suffers 1d10 points of damage unless shielded from injury by heat or flame. Magical items, like scrolls or cloaks, are allowed a saving throw vs. magical fire (at a penalty of -2) to escape destruction.

Unprotected water and other fluids instantly boil away into vapor. Anyone exposed to these boiling liquids or their clouds of superheated steam suffers 2d10 points of damage. Magical fluids (a category that does not include holy water) are allowed a saving throw vs. magical fire at a -1 penalty.

Nonvolcanic stone that is not magical or protected in some way melts into magma in 5 rounds. This causes 3d10 points of damage to any unprotected traveler wearing or in close contact with the stone. Living creatures made of stone, such as earth elementals or golems, suffer 1d6 points of damage from the heat each round. Volcanic stone, which includes basalt, obsidian, and pumice, is virtually immune to the heat of the paraplane. Magical stone can survive as well, with a successful saving throw vs. magical fire.

  未受保护或非魔法的金属物品将在4轮内被加热到熔点。这种温度的突然升高将对任何接触金属的人造成4d4点上皇,并可能将使得其四肢瘫痪(如同一道 灼热金属heat metal 法术)。魔法金属物品可进行+2奖励的对抗魔法火焰豁免检定避免此命运。
Unprotected or nonmagical metal items heat to the melting point in 4 rounds. This sudden increase in temperature causes 4d4 points of damage to anyone in contact with the metal and also might disable their limbs (as per the heat metal spell). Magical metal items can escape this fate by making a saving throw vs. magical fire with a +2 bonus.

It goes without saying that creatures of flesh and blood suffer damage each round that they're exposed to the heat of Magma. The severity of their injuries depends on their natural Armor Class, as indicated by the chart below.

10 to 8           6d8
7  to 5           5d8
4  to 2           4d8
1  to -1          3d8
-2 to -4          2d8
-5 to -7          1d8
-8 to -10         零Nil

  那些呆在熔岩表面上方的人只受半数伤害,但他们必须小心岩浆气泡破裂和间歇泉的喷发(如下文“其它危险”所述)。我能给非本地人最好的建议是:尽可能多带一些魔法保护。像 防护岩浆protection from magma 这样的法术是最好的,但更常见的 防护火焰protection from fire 或是像 火抗戒指ring of fire protection 这样的魔法物品也可将伤害减少每轮10点。
Those above the surface of the lava suffer only half of the indicated damage, but they must be careful of bursting lava bubbles and erupting geysers (as described in "Other Dangers," below). The best advice I can give to a nonnative is this: Bring as much magical protection as possible. Spells like protection from magma are best, though the more common protection from fire or items like a ring of fire protection reduce the damage to 10 points per round.


  外人可能会觉得讨论这个国度中的“特殊危险”很奇怪,因为这个地方的空气是酸性且有毒的,表面是无尽沸腾的熔岩海,整个地方比 伏尔甘Vulcan 的熔炉还热。但对非本地生物而言,还有更危险的东西存在。
Outsiders may think it odd to discuss the "special perils" of a realm where the air is acidic and poisonous, the surface is an endless sea of boiling lava, and the entire place is hotter than Vulcan's forge. But for nonnatives, even more dangers exist.

BLAZING CLOUDS. On most primematerial worlds, the sight of a cloud drifting lazily across the sky is a peaceful one. In the paraplane of Magma, however, such things are extremely dangerous. Here, clouds are often composed of burning, acidic vapors and raw, elemental Fire.

Anyone who enters a blazing cloud must make a saving throw vs. breath weapon or suffer 2d10 points of damage. Creatures immune to or protected from either fire or acid are allowed a +4 bonus to their rolls. (Those immune to both fire and acid are safe from the cloud and need not make a saving throw at all.) A successful saving throw cuts the damage sustained in half. Those who remain inside a blazing cloud must make a new saving throw every turn.

While on or above the surface of the paraplane, a traveler must be mindful of the roiling, seething nature of the magma. Each turn, there is a 10% chance that a bubble of magma explodes near him, or that a geyser of magma blasts up in his vicinity. Even a person immune to the heat of the molten rock sprayed all over him must make a successful saving throw vs. petrification or be flung up to 3d10 feet away by the force of the blast or pressure.


The fact that gravity exists in the paraplane makes getting from one place to another rather difficult. Unless one has some means of flying through the deadly atmosphere, he must navigate the lava sea. In order to do this, he must secure some manner of ship that can withstand the heat.

  在大部分情况下,这需要某种魔法运输工具,但一些技工认为,科技也能满足需求。事实上,不止一位旅行者宣称目击了 复仇者Avenger(详述于 水元素位面the Elemental Plane of Water 中)加速通过了这片侧位面的液体石头的,支持了这一论断。
In most cases, this requires a magical conveyance of some sort, but some artificers insist that technology can also fill the need. Indeed, the fact that more than a few travelers claim to have sighted the Avenger (as described in the chapter on the Elemental Plane of Water) speeding through the liquid stone of the paraplane supports that assertion.

It is possible, too, to travel beneath the magma rather than above it, thanks to one of the great secrets of the paraplane. A network of hardened lava tubes extends throughout the bubbling, still-liquid magma. While the temperature inside the tubes is extraordinarily hot, a nonnative can usually travel through the linked passageways more easily than through the magma itself. The tubes even contain air, though it's just as toxic as the rest of the paraplane's atmosphere.


The paraplane of Magma is not heavily populated. The most common creatures here are, of course, paraelementals and mephits, but an unwary sod still can find trouble with any number of hot-blooded folk.
[译注:印记城黑话—Sod 可怜虫,讨厌鬼。指一个不幸的或可怜的家伙。使用此词时,是对一个不幸的家伙表示同情或是对那些陷入自己制造的麻烦中的白痴的挖苦。]


  毫无疑问,这片侧位面的统治者是恶毒的 岩浆魔蝠magma mephits。虽然其它种族,包括火魔蝠,在与它们进行着无休止的战斗,但它们庞大的数量使其很少落败。这也难怪它们的首领 赤利比亚Chlimbia(它喜欢被称作 灼热皇帝the Searing Emperor、坩埚的第一将军the First General of the Cauldron、或是 所有魔蝠的主宰the Master of All Mephits),是这个侧位面的最强暴徒。
The rulers of the paraplane are, without a doubt, the vicious magma mephits. While other races, including fire mephits, wage endless battles with them, their vast numbers seldom permit defeat. It is no wonder that their leader, Chilimba (who likes to be called the Searing Emperor, the First General of the Cauldron, or the Master of All Mephits), is the most powerful basher in the paraplane.

Magma paraelementals, along with their cousins from the planes of Earth and Fire, are not uncommon. In the interest of survival, though, they generally avoid the reigning mephits. When these races do come into contact with each other, battle almost always erupts.


  在岩浆侧位面上有大量的元素动物,但很少有有血有肉的动物在此生存。据报道,岩浆海的某些区域居住着致命鱼群,这些鱼经过魔法的改造,使其能够在岩浆中茁壮成长,但似乎没有人知道这件事的真相。另一方面,盖尔特鱼Gelterfish 不会对任何人构成威胁,即使是它们在稠密的熔融岩石中有力地游动时,亦是如此。它们免疫高温,并且没人知道它们吃啥——如果它们真会吃些什么的话。
A large number of animentals can be found in the paraplane ces of Magma, but few flesh-and- blood animals can survive here. Some regions of the magma sea are reportedly inhabited by schools of deadly fish that have been magically altered to enable them to thrive in lava, but no one seems to know the truth of this. Gelterfish, on the other hand, pose a threat to no one, even as they swim powerfully through the dense molten rock. They're immune to the heat, and no one knows what, if anything, they eat.

  或许关于危险鱼类的报告指的是目击了 土焢虫thoqqua。这些野兽不是真正的动物,但它们也会在岩浆中游泳,有时还会攻击其它人(无论是土著还是外来者)。据说,土焢虫只是想到达土元素位面,在那里它们可以钻穿石头,所以在这里看见的例子只是在迁徙途中。
Perhaps the reports of dangerous fish are actually thoqqua sightings. These beasts aren't really animals, but they do swim through the magma and they do sometimes attack others (natives and outsiders alike). It is said that the thoqqua seek only to reach the Elemental Plane of Earth where they can burrow through stone, so the specimens sighted here may simply be migrating.

  火石怪Blazons 是一种燃烧着的小型活化岩石。火神怪们来到这片侧位面收集它们作为宠物和看门狗。魔蝠和侧元素也驯养它们,尽管奇怪的是,火石怪们憎恨并恐惧着岩浆人。有些人提出火石怪是岩浆人的幼体,但这个说法似乎有点牵强。
Blazons are small, animate, burning rocks. Efreet come to the paraplane to collect them as pets or watchdogs. Mephits and paraelementals domesticate them as well, though curiously, the blazons hate and fear magmen. Some have suggested that blazons are larval magmen, but this seems like a bit of a stretch.


  岩浆侧位面的大部分怪物也都游荡于火位面中。毕竟,即便像 索尔石怪xorn 和 格莱石人galeb duhr 都是强大的怪物,但在我看来,它们还是不如火位面生物——它们都不免疫酷热的影响。尽管如此,火元素生物也还是发现自己很难应付此处岩浆的密度。
Most of the monsters found in the paraplane of Magma are those that also can survive in the wondrous plane of Fire. After all, even creatures like xorn and galeb duhr-powerful monsters indeed, but, in my opinion, inferior to the beings of Fire- are not immune to the glorious heat. Still, the creatures of elemental Fire find it annoyingly difficult to cope with the density of the magma here.


Numerous nations of magmen spread out across the paraplane of Magma. These folk often strike bargains with elementals, paraelementals, and similar creatures, but they have no love of mephits.

  除了岩浆人,多年来,还有许多火巨人也定居到了这片侧位面。他们大部分都居住在一座名 瑟麦克斯城Thermax 的要塞城市中,它位于大量熔岩管道的连接处,但在其它地方也可以找到个别分散的据点。
In addition to the magmen, a great many fire giants have settled in the paraplane over the years. Most of them dwell in a vast fortress-city known as Thermax, which sits at the nexus of a number of lava tubes, but a few scattered strongholds can be found in other places.

When the dao of the plane of Earth come here looking for slaves, they sail in obsidian ships atop the surface of the magma. They usually seek out magmen or mephits to take back with them. The efreet also make their way to the paraplane from time to time, and many stories tell of secret dealings held here between the two genie races.

Other rumors tell of a race of humanoids with blue-black skin that lives amid the steam that rises up from the magma. They speak not forward or backward, but sideways, so no one has ever been able to communicate with them, not even through magical means.


No known powers reside in the paraplane of Magma. However, a traveler should be familiar with at least two very mighty beings, just in case he ever bumps into them.

  作为所有岩浆魔蝠的主宰,赤利比亚Chilimba 就像历史上的所有暴君一样残忍而邪恶。事实上,传言说他已在一只异常糟糕的深狱炼魔的指导下,习得了酷刑的艺术。据说,在训练结业时,他已反过来开始教这只邪魔施加痛苦与折磨的新方法。
CHILIMBA. Master of the lava mephits, Chilimba is as cruel and evil a tyrant as any that ever lived. Indeed, rumor has it that he studied the art of torture under the guidance of a particularly nasty pit fiend. By the end of his training, it is said, he was teaching that fiend new ways to inflict pain and suffering.

  对赤利比亚的真实本质,存在着大量的不确定。虽然他自称是位 元素大君archomental,但毫无疑问他是熔岩魔蝠那一茬。很可能,他是像侧元素裔那样的混血儿。
A great deal of confusion exists regarding Chilimba's true nature. While he claims to be an archomental, there can be no doubt that he is of lava mephit stock. In all likelihood, Chilimba is a crossbreed, rather like a paraelemental genasi.

  赤利比亚把家安在了一座玄武岩要塞中,名曰 卡尔德拉城堡Caldera。这座建筑被雕刻成一条巨大红龙的样子,受到了各种常规和魔法防御的保护。就像其它任何事情一样,这都是对赤利比亚的偏执的致敬。
Chilimba makes his home in a fortress of basalt known as Caldera. Carved in the image of an immense red dragon, the structure is protected by all manner of conventional and magical defenses. This is as much a tribute to Chilimba's paranoia as anything else.

  科兰德·红焰Korland Redblaze(位面佬/男性火巨人/生命骰18/守序邪恶)甚至比他的其余亲族还要高,他是这个侧位面最勇敢的火巨人。虽然侵略好斗并且有些残忍,但红焰并非是个不可理喻的家伙。据说,他会面见任何想要觐见的人,但那些浪费了他时间的人会知晓他的全部怒火。
KORLAND REDBLAZE. Towering even above the rest of his kin, Korland Redblaze (Pl/♂ fire giant/HD 18/LE) is the bravest of the paraplane's fire giants. Although aggressive and somewhat brutal, Redblaze is not unreasonable. It is said that he grants an audience to anyone who desires it, but those who waste his time will know the full extent of his considerable anger.

  红焰是一支名为 烈焰之斧the Flaming Axe 的大型火巨人佣兵团的指挥官。通过大量的训练和顶级的装备,他强化了其追随者的天生巨力和狂怒。尽管他们的要价很高,但没有人能指望找到比这更好的军队骨干了。
Redblaze is the commander of a large mercenary company of fire giants known as the Flaming Axe. He has augmented the natural might and fury of his followers with extensive training and top-notch equipment. Although the price of their service is high, no one could ask for a better cadre of troops.


The naturally destructive essence of the paraplane of Magma makes short work of most structures. There are a few places, however, that deserve mention.


  这是这个侧位面地表的一片区域,其岩浆顶部已经硬化为石皮。这层石皮在很多地方都很薄,所以站在上面人类大小的生物每回合有10%压碎石皮坠入下面的岩浆。(那些比人类体型更大的生物则有20%的概率,比人类体型更小的则有5%概率。)这个地方名曰 无尽旷野the Fields of Nevermore。它大致是个圆形的,直径约60哩,而石皮的边缘有时会延伸数哩如石臂般插入熔岩海洋。
In one area of the surface of the paraplane, a crust of stone has hardened atop the magma. The crust is thin in many places, so a man-sized creature standing on top of it has a 10% chance per turn of breaking through into the magma below. (Those larger than man-sized have a 20% chance, and those smaller than man-sized have only a 5% chance.) The place is known as the Fields of Nevermore. It's roughly circular with a diameter of about 60 miles, and the crust at the edges sometimes extends further into the molten sea in arms of stone that can stretch for miles.

  在这片旷野的中心,来自主物质位面的旅行者们已围绕着名曰 冻寒之剑the chillsword 的装置,修筑了一座城市——无尽城Nevermore。这柄武器是一件被诅咒的强大神器,散发着半径500呎的寒冷灵光。大约40年前,伟大的英雄 迷失峭壁的瓦汗Vhans of Lostcrag 将冻寒之剑插入了这片石皮,创造了一片适宜居住的地方。岩浆的自然热量与这柄剑的冻寒诅咒彼此抵消了。(这种事情不总是奏效,但在这种情况下,魔法妥协了。)
At the center of the Fields, travelers from the Prime Material Plane have constructed a city-Nevermore- -around a device called the chillsword. The weapon is a cursed artifact of great power that emanates an aura of cold in a 500- foot radius. About forty years ago, the great hero Vhans of Lostcrag thrust the chillsword into the crust, creating a habitable spot in the paraplane. The natural heat of the magma and the sword's chilling curse canceled each other out. (This sort of thing doesn't always work, but in this case, the magic compromised.)

Of course, the air still contains harmful toxins and is dangerous to breathe without protection, but that wasn't enough to stop the ambitious primes from building a small city within the cool, livable area. The buildings of Nevermore are mostly towers, many of them as tall as the sphere of protective coolness allows. In addition, the city has a more stable foundation than the rest of the Fields, since the chillsword's power reaches down into the magma and cools it until it hardens in a hemisphere with a radius of 200 feet.

The people of Nevermore charge exorbitant fees to those who wish to enter their city, and more money still for a breathing apparatus that lets a visitor inhale the toxic fumes of the paraplane- a device worn constantly by all the inhabitants. The population's largest concern is one of defense, since they have experienced attacks from magmen and even raiding efreet. The folk of Nevermore look for a way to establish a peaceful agreement with the magmen, but no one knows if such a thing is even possible.


  如果说岩浆侧位面中有任何结构能让多元宇宙的学者们感到困惑,那就是 独石the Monolith 了。尽管这个闪闪发光的黑色物体高约90呎,宽约30呎,但它只有10呎厚。许多人说,它看上去就像是块令人不安的墓碑。
If any single structure in the paraplane of Magma confounds the scholars of the multiverse, it is the Monolith. Although this gleaming black object is some 90 feet high and 30 feet across, it is only 10 feet thick. Many have remarked that it looks uncomfortably like a tombstone.

The Monolith is constructed of a black material that seems to be as much metal as it is stone, and as much glass as it is metal. In other words, no one quite understands what it's made of. In addition, the Monolith seems to be completely impervious to harm. Rumors say that even the powers cannot destroy or damage it, though perhaps that's because none of them have actually tried. Some suggest that the Monolith exists outside of time, which might explain why it never appears to change. Others think it could be a number of identical structures, all existing in the same place at the same time (or perhaps different times-or both).

  多元宇宙的普遍共识是,独石是 沉睡者the Sleeping Ones(详述于 冰侧位面the paraplane of Ice 章节)的遗迹。然而,事实是,没有人知道这个构造的起源和用途。
The general consensus around the multiverse is that the monolith is a relic of the Sleeping Ones (as discussed in the chapter on the paraplane of Ice). The truth of the matter, however, is that no one has any clue as to the origin or pur- pose of the structure.


  内层位面the Inner Planes 最不同寻常的生物之一就是名曰 奥兰Oolan 的邪魔生物。很多个世纪诞生于 奥斯主物质世界the prime-material world of Oerth 的奥兰是一只 苏国巫妖Suel lich。
One of the most unusual beings in the Inner Planes is a fiendish creature named Oolan. Born centuries ago on the prime-material world of Oerth, Oolan is a Suel lich. Although most of his kind try to hide their true nature from the outside world, Oolan takes no such precautions.

His laboratory is small, but it is said that this undead creature knows more about magic than some lesser deities. Whether or not this statement contains truth, a wise man would probably not challenge him on the matter. After all, even the least-powerful Suel lich is still a mighty foe.

  奥兰的研究的确切性质未知。显然,他计划保持这种保密状态,因为他的实验室有不少于一打的 火人burning men 守卫。这些闷燃的魔像无情地履行着其职责,以任何必要手段将入侵者拒诸门外。
The exact nature of Oolan's research is unknown. Apparently, he plans to keep it that way, for his laboratory is guarded by no fewer than a dozen burning men. These smoldering golems are relentless in their duty to keep out all intruders-by any means necessary.


  游荡者 塔尔加特·瑞门Targath Reniume(位面佬/男性人类/盗贼 12/自由联盟/绝对中立)以一次惊天大盗的战利品(一些人是牛头人领主 古林Guyn 的 悲啼钻石moaning diamond)作为报酬,委托了一些强大的法师为他在岩浆侧位面修建了一座塔。法师们用永久的隐形 力墙术walls of force 制造了整座塔。
The rogue Targath Reniume (Pl/♂ human/T12/Free League/N) commissioned a number of powerful wizards to construct a tower for him in the paraplane of Magma, paying them with the loot of a fabulous theft (some say it was the moaning diamond taken from the minotaur lord Guyn). The wizards made the entire tower out of permanent, invisible walls of force.
[译注:悲啼钻石The Moaning Diamond 在PF中是件神器,但此处我不知道是什么]

The structure rises from the sea of molten rock, with a number of levels below the surface. The whole thing anchors upon a huge chunk of submerged basalt, and it connects to the lava tube network. The magical walls keep out the heat and the toxic gases so Targath can rest otherwise unprotected within his abode.

  作为一位盗贼,塔尔加特对寻求庇护的旅行者们给予了极大的慷慨,尤其是那些与他派系观点相同的人。(因此,他对那些 和谐会Harmonium 不很友爱。此外,自由联合会the Free League 近期的正式解散对他来说意义不大。——编者)为了一点新闻,他会提供一晚上远离炎热的休息,甚至是精美的一餐。然而,由于塔中的每位和家居一定来自某个地方,因此大部分人都认为塔尔加特拥有一件秘密旅行装置。这座塔可能是围绕着一两道天然传送门修建的,而更有可能的是,这个盗贼已经得到了一个 异界方块cubic gate 或类似的东西。
For a thief, Targath extends a great deal of generosity toward travelers seeking shelter-particularly to planars who share his faction-related views. (Thus, he's not too friendly to the Harmonium. Also, the fact that the Free League has recently fficially disbanded means litle to him. -the Editor) For a bit of news, he provides a night's rest away from the heat, and even a fine meal. However, since the fabulous food and furnishings of the tower must come from somewhere, most folks agree that Targath possesses a secret planar travel device. It could just be that the tower's built around a natural portal or two, but more than likely, the thief has acquired a cubic gate or something similar.

One fact is for certain: The pleasant, relaxed atmosphere within the tower presents a strange counterpoint to its bubbling, boiling surroundings, which are visible through the transparent walls.


  勇敢的探险者们来到岩浆侧位面时,经常是为了收集闪闪发光的 谭德塞tandersol 叶,这是一种有着纯火茎秆的魔法植物。它的金色金属质叶子对盔甲师有很大的价值,可用于制造有着防护特性(防御等级+3奖励)的鳞甲,并且对高温和火焰有抗力(穿戴者遭受的火焰或岩浆伤害减半)。
Brave explorers who come to the paraplane of Magma often do so to collect the glistening leaves of the tandersol, a magical plant with a stem of pure fire. Its golden, metallic leaves hold a great deal of value to armorers, for they can be used to make scale armor enchanted with protective qualities (+3 bonus to Armor Class) and resistance to heat and flame (the wearer suffers half damage from fire or magma).

  对那些需要穿过侧位面表面下的岩浆的人来说,通过熔岩管隧道系统最佳选择。然而,如果没有向导或是 元素罗盘elemental compass 的指引,即便是本地生物也会很快迷失在几乎相同的管子构成的三维迷宫中。
For those who need to pass through the magma below the surface of the paraplane, traveling through the system of lava tube tunnels is the best bet. Without a guide or an elemental compass, however, even a native can quickly become lost in the three-dimensional maze of virtually identical tubes.


Spell keys for the paraplane of Magma are physical objects that must be carved from basalt, obsidian, or some other volcanic rock. These needle-thin trinkets are contorted so as to resemble wisps of flame. Their crafitsmanship is extraordinary and very delicate, so care must be taken in transporting them. No key can help either a priest or a mage conjure water in the plane, however, as the ambient heat alone forbids it.