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  相较于许多其祂神系,巨人族诸神的神系定义更为松散。某些种族——尤其是豺狼人、弗林德豺狼人、食人魔和牛头人——构成了崇敬巨人族诸神的重要少数族裔,同时,亦有少数少数邪恶巨人皈依了某些由塔纳厘领主擢升的神祇。尽管存在这样的多样性,但仍存在一支核心神系,同样,所有巨人族种族都承认 安南Annam 是伟大的造物神。

The pantheon of the giantish gods is more loosely defined than many others. Certain races,notably gnolls,flinds,ogres and minotaurs,have significant minorities who revere giantish gods,while a minority of evil giants have turned to the worship of deities who have risen from the ranks of the tanar'ri as Lords. Despite this diversity,there is a consistent core pantheon,and Annam is accepted by all giantish races as a great creator god.

  然而,安南在巨人(与世界)的创造中所扮演的角色,因种族和世界而大为不同。在一些神话中,安南是 创世者the Creator of Worlds、真正的原力the true Prime Power,而其祂神明只是在他所制造的世界上创造了祂们的种族。常常,这样的神话会讲述一段巨人是多元宇宙最初与唯一之智慧种族的史前历史。也有一些版本讲述了巨人们的堕落(善良巨人种族有时会提及一场失宠)。在其它神话中,安南与人类和亚人神明们协作,一起创造了世界,但通常他会保持自己造物的独立与超然。在某些难解的神话中,安南是 以思想创造者the Creator-By-Thought;安南是位“沉睡之神”,他的梦境构成了现实的物质与允许其祂神祇创作的可行原则。风暴巨人萨满/祭司经常持有这种观点,他们非常热衷于深奥的哲学思考。

However,Annam's role in creating the giants (and the worlds) is very differently interpreted by different races and in different worlds. In some myths,Annam is the Creator of Worlds,the true Prime Power,and the other gods merely establish their races on the worlds he makes. Frequently,such myths tell of a pre-history in which giants were the first and only sentient race in the multiverse. Some versions tell of a fall of the giants (a fall from grace is sometimes mentioned by the good giant races). In other myths,Annam works with human and demihuman gods to create worlds together,but usually he keeps his creations separate and aloof. In subtle mythologies,Annam is the Creator-By-Thought;Annam is a "sleeping god" whose dreams form the substance of reality and the enabling principle which permits creation by other deities. This view is often held by storm giant shaman-priests much given to deep philosophical reflections.

  不过,在所有情况中,安南都是位在 主物质位面the Prime Mate 不在特别活跃的神明。关于他不再积极参与其造物的神话有很多,从悲剧(对他的儿子们之间的分裂感到绝望)到喜剧(安南是位多形态、好色的神明,他逃离了主物质位面来躲避他众多妻子与妾侍的愤怒与唠叨)。尤其是善良巨人和隐逸巨人,在他们的信条与神话之中某些存有戏谑的元素。
In all cases,though,Annam is a god who is no longer particularly active on the Prime Material. There are many myths of his withdrawal from active involvement with his creation,ranging from the tragic (despair at the schism between his sons) to the comic (Annam is a polymorphous,libidinous god and he flees the Prime Material to escape the wrath and nagging of his many wives and concubines). Particularly with the good giants and the firbolgs,there is a definite element of playfulness in their beliefs and myths.

  安南有着各种各样的后代,其中最强有力的一对总是被形容为兄妹——这更多并非是指祂们的血缘关系(因为被认为是祂们母亲的女性并非同一人),而是就手足同胞的行为态度上而言(祂们之间存在着良好的竞争与亲密的友谊)。其中的男性神是强大的 思绰茂兹Stronmaus,太阳与天空之神,一位非常受善良云巨人和风暴巨人热爱的欢笑与快乐之神。思绰茂兹几乎总是被认为是安南的首生子,拥有其父的大部分力量,但有着更善良的本性和更开朗的性格。他的姊妹,西亚缇Hiatea,则有着一段强大的神话背景。安南总是重男轻女,若他预知某位配偶正怀着的孩子,他将使用魔法先鉴定其性别。但怀着西亚缇的女巨人因恐惧他的怒火而对安南隐瞒了孕情,并将她的孩子由隐逸巨人养大,这样安南就无法知道她的存在。
Annam has a variety of offspring,of whom the two most potent are a pair always represented as brother and sister—not so much in biology,for a variety of females are credited as their mothers,but in terms of sibling behavior,friendly rivalry and good companionship between them. The male god is the mighty Stronmaus,god of sun and skies,a laughing and joyful god much loved by good cloud giants and storm giants. Stronmaus is almost always seen as the first-born son of Annam,who has much of his father's power,but is a more good-natured and sunny personality. His sister,Hiatea,has a powerful mythological background. Annam always valued sons over daughters,and if he was able to divine that one of his consorts was bearing his child,he would use magic to ensure that its gender was male. But the giantess who bore Hiatea concealed her pregnancy from Annam and had her child raised by firbolgs so Annam would not learn of her existence,fearing his wrath.

Hiatea is thus born and raised into giantish society,but has to prove herself through a series of daring feats,culminating in an epic battle with a great monster which she overcomes so that she can bring a trophy to her father,who accepts her valor and worth (possibly caught off-guard by first learning of her existence when she turns up with the monsters head(s)). Sometimes this monster is a fifty-headed Lernaean Hydra,sometimes it is a massive tarrasque of singular size and strength,but it's always a truly terrifying opponent. On learning that he has a sister,Stronmaus is overjoyed and celebrates her existence with mighty storms that flood the worlds and wash away great evils.

  不过,安南还有一组三个的“第二代儿子”(就古老程度而言)。其中两位是 苏尔特Surtr索列姆Thrym,他们都详述于《传说与知识Legends and Lore》,他们分别成为了火巨人和霜巨人的邪恶首领。第三个儿子是 司寇雷乌斯·岩骨Skoraeus Stonebones,石巨人之神,他对兄长们之邪恶的反应是把自己藏在世界之下并保护他的子民能无视外面的邪恶,并逐退任何入侵他家园的企图。司寇雷乌斯由此成为了一位“隐退之神”,不过他这样做的理由,远比刺激安南从诸世界撤出的那些更为内敛和自私。
However,Annam also has a group of three "second generation sons" (in terms of their antiquity). Two of these are Surtr and Thrym,both detailed in Legends and Lore,and they become the evil leaders of the fire and frost giants. The third son is Skoraeus Stonebones,god of the stone giants,whose response to his brothers' evil is to hide himself below the world and protect his own people,ignoring the evils without and repulsing any attempt at invading his home. Skoraeus is thus a "withdrawn god",although his reasons for this are more introverted and self-absorbed than those which motivate Annam's withdrawal from the worlds.

  第三对子孙被其他巨人们称之为“小鬼the runts”——葛洛蓝托Grolantor,性情邪恶的山丘巨人之神,以及 卡罗托Karontor,废陋巨人和亚巨人的畸形神明。葛洛蓝托总是被认为由于他的愚蠢与相对弱小而被他的兄弟们否认关系,而山丘巨人种族通常被认为起源于葛洛蓝托收集和杂交的许多窝早期巨人的后代。在某些神话中,葛洛蓝托自己也通过与一系列大地上的怪物(包括蛇类和像美杜莎的鬼婆)以及 卡姬卢娜Cegilune(鬼婆女神,参见“黑暗族裔诸神Gods of the Dark Folk”)产下后代,污染了这支退化物种的血统。通常双头巨人的起源被认为是他与一只首尾都有头的蛇怪的交配。在这类行为中,葛洛蓝托被认为是其父的劣化版本(在史前历史中,安南与各种雌性巨人结合,产下了各种各样的儿子和女儿)。
The third pairing of offspring are known by the other giants as "the runts"—Grolantor,the evil-tempered god of the hill giants,and Karontor,the misshapen god of the fomorians and verbeeg. Grolantor is always disowned by his brothers on account of his stupidity and relative weakness,and the race of hill giants is often seen as having originated in Grolantors collecting and interbreeding the runts of many earlier giantish broods. Grolantor himself pollutes this degenerate racial stock in some myths by producing offspring with a series of earth-bound monsters (including serpents and medusa-like hags) and Cegilune,the hag-goddess (see "Gods of the Dark Folk"). His mating with a monstrous serpent which had heads at either end of her coiled body is often considered to have given rise to the race of ettins. In this behavior,Grolantor is a degenerated version of his father,who consorts with many female giants in pre-history to produce his various sons and daughters.

  葛洛蓝托经常(被其他巨人族种族)描绘为第二邪恶和头等愚蠢,不过他还是表现出了一定的狡猾。而卡罗托,则被认为是头等邪恶和第二蠢。在废陋巨人/亚巨人传说中他有着不变的形态,但其他非邪恶巨人常有这样的神话:他曾是位美丽、容光焕发的神明,但他滋生了对思绰茂兹的妒意,他愤懑的妒火开始将他的形体扭曲为现在的扭曲拥有的扭曲形状。这种扭曲通常与潜入 地下世界Underworld 有关,在那里卡罗托从远古地下鬼婆种族那学到了黑暗魔法的秘密。在重返地表世界时,他使用这种魔法扭曲和歪曲了巨人中一些最美丽的个体,而他们变成了废陋巨人的先祖(以及其次的亚巨人祖先,因为他的魔法只扭曲了他们的天性)。
Grolantor is usually represented (by other giantish races) as evil second and stupid first,although he possesses a certain cunning. Karontor,however,is seen as evil first and anything else second. In fomorian/verbeeg myths,he has a constant form,but other non-evil giants often have myths in which he is a fair and radiant god who grows jealous of Stronmaus,and his bitter envy begins to twist his form into the hideous shape he now possesses. This twisting is often associated with a descent into an Underworld where Karontor learns dark magical secrets from a race of ancient subterranean hags. He uses this magic to twist and warp some of the fairest of the giants on his return to the surface world,and they become the ancestors of the fomorians (and the verbeeg to a lesser extent,although his magic twists their nature only).

  除此外还有两位单列者,其一是邪恶、贪婪的神明 曼诺Memnor,他在将巨人转化为邪恶方面已经取得了最重大的进展,因为他是邪恶云巨人的守护神。他的神话传说和在神系中的位置是阴暗的。在一些神话中,他实际上是安南的兄弟,安南在一场史诗战斗中将曼诺削弱,并将他放逐到了 焦炎地狱Gehenna(而安南不得不经常退出主物质位面来治愈自己在这场可怕对抗中所受的创伤)。而在其他神话中,他是从一条几乎没有智力、遭安南(或者相对罕见的说法,由思绰茂兹)毁灭的灭世怪物的头或内脏中诞生的。确定无疑的是,他一直被认为是位古老的神明,并且可能他的邪恶是最危险的。另一位单列者是 伊兰尼丝Iallanis,浪漫、爱情与美丽之女神,她通常站在西亚缇的荫蔽下。确定无疑的是,在神话中据传她的诞生是在安南接受了自己最年长的女儿,并且随之愿意接受女性后代之后。伊兰尼丝已取代了安南作为生育神的某些角色,而在许多世界中,她的教派小但正在茁壮成长。
One of two singletons is the evil,avaricious god Memnor,who has made the most significant inroads as far as turning giants to evil is concerned,for he is the patron of evil cloud giants. His mythic history and place in the pantheon are shady. In some myths,he is actually the brother of Annam and is weakened by him in an epic battle,which banishes Memnor to Gehenna (and frequently Annam has to retire from the Prime Material plane to heal his own wounds from this terrible confrontation). In others,he is born from the head or guts of a vast,barely sentient world-devouring monster that is destroyed by Annam (rarely,by Stronmaus). Certainly he is always regarded as an ancient god and perhaps the most dangerous in his evil. The other singleton is Iallanis,the goddess of romance,love,and beauty,who often stands in the shadows of Hiatea. Certainly her birth is said in myth to follow Annams acceptance of his eldest daughter and consequent willingness to allow female offspring subsequently. Iallanis has taken over some of Annam's role as a fertility god,and her cult is usually small but growing in many worlds.

外神The Interloper Gods

  其祂与巨人族神系有关的神明都有着无关或不确定的起源。瓦普拉克Vaprak,食人魔之神,就像有些食人魔也崇拜葛洛蓝托一样,也有一些山丘巨人崇拜他,从某种意义上来说,瓦普拉克可能也是某位巨人族神明(很有可能依然是安南)的后代。有些传说讲述了一只可怕、极高的女食人魔为勾引安南,而用魔法掩饰了自己的外表,而后者与她结合诞下了瓦普拉克。这是巨人神话经常交织着神明的诞生与原始巨人和原始食人魔(以及原始鬼婆等等)并存的典型例子。在这方面,熟悉 希腊Greek挪威Norse 神系的读者将发现熟悉的故事情节。
Other gods associated with the giantish pantheon have unrelated or uncertain origins. Vaprak,the ogre god,also has some worshipers among hill giants,just as some ogres also worship Grolantor,and it seems probable that in some way Vaprak may be the offspring of a giantish god,most likely Annam once more. Some tales tell of a hideous,vastly tall ogress who used magic to conceal her appearance in order to attract Annam,who mated with her to engender Vaprak. This is a typical instance of giantish myth often interweaving themes of the birth of gods with the concurrent existence of races of proto-giants and proto-ogres (and proto-hags,etc.). In this respect,readers who know the Greek and Norse pantheons will find this a familiar storyline.

  然而,这个次要神系的独特之处,在于已经有一部分高阶塔纳厘以不同程度的直接关联,而成为了它的一部分。在光谱的一端是 科斯彻奇Kostchtchie 神,他已在那些不崇拜索列姆的霜巨人(不过他们仍然尊崇和讨好他)中有了一群与众不同的追随者。就某种意义而言,科斯彻奇取得进展是因为索列姆是位相对冷漠的神明,最关注的是与挪威诸神祇中的举动,而没有作出应当的举措来阻止这位塔纳厘神祇在他的追随者们中发展壮大。
What is distinctive about the secondary pantheon,however,is the existence of a number of great tanarri who have become part of it,with differing degrees of direct association. At one end of the spectrum is the god Kostchtchie,who has a distinctive following among those frost giants who do not worship Thrym (although they may still revere and propitiate him). To some extent,Kostchtchie has made inroads because Thrym is a fairly aloof god,concerned above all with the goings-on among the Norse deities,who has not done what he should have to prevent the tanarri deity from growing in power among his followers.

  第二位重要的神力是“牛头人领主”巴弗灭Baphomet the Minotaur Lord。在传说中,牛头人经常与巨人联系起来,不过关于这种联系的说法多种多样。有时是在史前历史中,两支种族是彼此尊重的敌人;有时两支种族发生了有限的杂交产生了英雄或是怪物(或是既是英雄又是怪物);有时是牛头人与邪恶巨人们勾结;有时巨人和牛头人们被认为是两支最早出现、而由此共存的古老种族。尽管如此,巴弗灭在邪恶巨人中已有了一丁点追随者,很明显,这位黑暗神力与巨人族宗教的边缘地带存在着某种亲和力。
A second power of importance is Baphomet the Minotaur Lord. Minotaurs are often associated with giants in legend,although the stories which are told of this association are various. Sometimes in pre-history,the two races are enemies who have a mutual respect;sometimes there is limited interbreeding which produces either heroes or monsters (or both); sometimes minotaurs conspire with evil giants;sometimes giants and minotaurs are regarded as the two earliest and thus coexisting ancient races. Be this as it may,Baphomet has a tiny following among evil giants,and there is clearly some affinity between this dark power and the fringes of giantish religion.

  耶诺古Yeenoghu,豺狼人与食尸鬼领主,则是道真正的谜题。有些豺狼人群体尊崇一位或多位不同的邪恶巨人神明,欣赏他们的权能与力量。另一方面,未闻有邪恶巨人崇拜耶诺古的例子,为什么豺狼人越来越多地选择崇拜一位不属于他们自己种族也具有亲和力的神力,而又是为什么一群完全不相关的不死生物加入了这场讨价还价,并不清楚。有充分的理由解释为什么对 苟莱利克Gorellik(豺狼人的旧神)的尊崇处于衰退之中,但无法完全解释这个种族皈依了耶诺古作为代替。
Yeenoghu,the tanarri lord of gnolls and ghouls,is a true puzzle. Some gnoll groups revere one or other of the various evil giantish gods,admiring their power and strength. On the other hand,there are no known cases of evil giants worshiping Yeenoghu,and why gnolls should choose increasingly to worship a power not of their own race and with an affinity,with a wholly unrelated group of Undead into the bargain,is unknown. There are good reasons why the reverence of Gorellik,the old gnoll god,is in decline,but these don't fully explain this race's turning to Yeenoghu as an alternative.

巨人族祭司、萨满与巫医Glantish Priests,Shamans,and Witch Doctors

  《怪物纲要Monstrous Compendium》中提到火巨人和霜巨人都有巫医。它们确实存在,但极其罕见。最不确定的是,为什么这些与类地精(在他们中,拥有巫医更稀松平常)无关的种族会有这里施法能力。举例来说,没有神话解释了为什么索列姆和苏尔特能够将这种巫术技能带给他们的种族。
Fire and frost giants are both stated in the Monstrous Compendium to have witch-doctors. These do exist,but they are extremely rare. Why these races,unrelated to the goblinoids who have witch-doctors far more often,should have such spellcasting ability is most uncertain. There are no myths which explain why Thrym and Surtr are able to bring the skills of wizardry to their races,for example.

On a general rules note,level limits for certain giantish priests given here exceed those in the Monstrous Compendium. The level limits given here supersede those in the earlier publication. This rules revision should not be difficult for any DM;player characters are unlikely to bump into cloud and storm giant priests on a daily basis,and individuals who are of higher spellcasting level than those in the Monstrous Compendium may simply live in different groups or lands (or worlds!) from those PCs have encountered.

The cloud and storm giant priesthoods of Stronmaus require special mention here. Cloud giants have an organized priesthood which is hierarchical; this is a "traditionar" priesthood. Storm giants present an altogether different picture. Hopefully,it won't confuse matters to call the practitioners of clerical magic here "shaman-priests." In rules terms,they are a priesthood in that they have restrictions and exacting requirements and also granted powers (as priests do). However,in role-playing terms,these storm giants are much closer to shamans;they are solitary,have no hierarchy or organized church,and they treat each other as equals irrespective of whatever their spellcasting level may be. They also believe themselves to be born with a gift which has to be actualized through inner journeys and stern deprivations and sufferings in the form of initiations. There is also an element of also childish playfulness among these shaman-priests,especially with their animal companions and in their telling of mythic tales,which fits paradoxically with their very advanced and subtle philosophies. So,the unique term "shaman-priest" is the best one to use with these exceptional individuals. In the case of rare "wrong race" priests of Stronmaus,these will follow standard rules based on the cloud giant priesthood. Only storm giants can become "shaman-priests."