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【音   标】SEER-oh-LAH-lee
【头   衔】友谊之手The Hand of Fellowship,忠诚者the Faithful,壁炉看护者the Hearthkeeper
【阵   营】LG
【神   力】I
【神   职】友谊Friendship,信任trust,家庭the home,壁炉the hearth,诚实honesty,好客hospitality,工艺(尤其是编织和缝纫)crafts (especially weaving and needlework)
【神   系】悠妲菈的孩子们Yondalla's Children
【主   神】悠妲菈Yondalla
【盟   友】阿祖斯Azuth裳提亚Chauntea迪尼尔Deneir埃达丝Eldath贡德Gond哈索尔Hathor海姆Helm伊尔马特Ilmater克兰沃Kelemvor洛山达Lathander黎尔拉Lliira梅丽凯Mielikki密里耳Milil密斯特拉Mystra奈芙蒂斯Nephthys欧格玛Oghma塞伦涅Selûne山达柯尔Shaundakul西凡纳斯Silvanus淑妮Sune托姆Torm提尔Tyr渥金Waukeen摩丁萨曼诸神the Morndinsamman(除了 阿巴索Abbathor深地·杜菈Deep Duerra拉杜格Laduguer维古丹Vergadain),精灵神系the elf pantheon(除了 艾瑞汶·伊拉希尔Erevan Ilesere费马罗·莫斯德林Fenmarel Mestarine谢瓦拉许Shevarash),侏儒神系the gnome pantheon(除了 巴瑞瓦·影斗篷Baravar Cloakshadow厄尔德连Urdlen),半身人神系the halfling pantheon
【敌   对】阿巴索Abbathor希瑞克Cyric莱拉Leira马斯克Mask塔洛娜Talona塔洛斯Talos狂怒诸神the gods of fury欧吕尔Auril犸拉Malar安博里Umberlee),厄尔德连Urdlen维伦Vhaeraun
【神   国】天堂山Mount Celestia/3th 维亚Venya绿色原野Green Fields
【徽   记】打开的门Open door
【简   介】希劳拉妮Cyrrollalee 是半身人的友谊与信任之神。与悠妲菈类似,希劳拉妮也是位保护神,但相较于 保护与供养者the Protector and Provider 对整个种族的关注,她更关心家庭本身的不可侵犯。

2eFR<Demihuman Deities.p169>希劳拉妮Cyrrollalee


  (友谊之手The Hand of Fellowship,忠诚者the Faithful,壁炉看护者the Hearthkeeper)

  天堂山中等神力Intermediate Power of Mount Celestia,

  神职PORTFOLIO:友谊Friendship,信任trust,家庭the home,壁炉the hearth,诚实honesty,好客hospitality,工艺(尤其是编织和缝纫)crafts (especially weaving and needlework)
  别名ALIASES:无普遍的None widespread
  神域名DOMAIN NAME:维亚Venya绿色原野Green Fields
  盟友ALLIES:阿祖斯Azuth裳提亚Chauntea迪尼尔Deneir埃达丝Eldath贡德Gond哈索尔Hathor海姆Helm伊尔马特Ilmater克兰沃Kelemvor洛山达Lathander黎尔拉Lliira梅丽凯Mielikki密里耳Milil密斯特拉Mystra奈芙蒂斯Nephthys欧格玛Oghma塞伦涅Selûne山达柯尔Shaundakul西凡纳斯Silvanus淑妮Sune托姆Torm提尔Tyr渥金Waukeen摩丁萨曼诸神the Morndinsamman(除了 阿巴索Abbathor深地·杜菈Deep Duerra拉杜格Laduguer维古丹Vergadain),精灵神系the elf pantheon(除了 艾瑞汶·伊拉希尔Erevan Ilesere费马罗·莫斯德林Fenmarel Mestarine谢瓦拉许Shevarash),侏儒神系the gnome pantheon(除了 巴瑞瓦·影斗篷Baravar Cloakshadow厄尔德连Urdlen),半身人神系the halfling pantheon
  敌对FOES:阿巴索Abbathor希瑞克Cyric莱拉Leira(消逝Dead),马斯克Mask塔洛娜Talona塔洛斯Talos狂怒诸神the gods of fury欧吕尔Auril犸拉Malar安博里Umberlee),厄尔德连Urdlen维伦Vhaeraun
  徽记SYMBOL:打开的门Open door
  信徒阵营WOR. ALIGN.:守序善良LG,中立善良NG,混乱善良CG,守序中立LN


  希劳拉妮Cyrrollalee(读作“SEER-oh-LAH-lee”)是半身人的友谊与信任之神。与 悠妲菈Yondalla 类似,希劳拉妮也是位保护神,但相较于 保护与供养者the Protector and Provider 对整个种族的关注,她更关心家庭本身的不可侵犯。壁炉看护者the Hearthkeeper 是专门在保护壁炉与家庭的同时,防止居民太过防外和封闭的女神。她看顾着半身人家庭生活许多平凡而日常的方面。她真正感兴趣的是半身人可以向他人展现的好客、慷慨与好意,她对那些未表现出应有的殷勤好客和友好气氛者非常不满。她最恶劣的敌人是那些背叛了主人的信任或是闯入(半身人的)家庭进行盗窃者。她也是破坏誓言者的敌人。希劳拉妮的追随者们大多是半身人,也有少量的战士。
Cyrrollalee (SEER-oh-LAH-lee) is the halfling power of friendship and trust. She is also a protective deity, like Yondalla, but whereas the concern of the Protector and Provider lies with the overall race, Cyrrollalee cares more for the sanctity of the home itself. The Hearthkeeper is specifically a goddess who protects the hearth and home while keeping the inhabitants from being too defensive and closed in. She oversees many of the mundane and day-to-day aspects of halfling home life. Her real interest is in the hospitality, generosity, and kindness halflings can show to others, and she is most displeased with those who fail to display proper hospitality and good fellowship. Her worst enemies are those who betray the trust of a host or who break into homes (of halflings) to steal. She is also the enemy of oath-breakers. Cyrrollalee's followers are largely regular halflings as well as a few warriors.

  作为一位具现了融洽的友谊与友情的信任之神力,与希劳拉妮保持良好关系的其他种族神祇数量,在半身人神祇中是最多的。有些人相信她是悠妲菈的一尊面相而非独立的实体,但事实上,这是两位密切相关但却不相同的女神。友谊之手The Hand of Fellowship 也与半身人神系的其祂成员,尤其是 阿尔伏林Arvoreen席拉·佩莉萝尔Sheela Peryroyl 结盟,但她永远警惕着 布兰多布李斯Brandobaris泰摩拉Tymora 的滑稽行为。虽然希劳拉妮本性上非常宽仁和友好,但她对纠正某些特定神力的行事已不抱希望。她经常对抗那些将会对家庭造成破坏的、惯常说谎或欺诈的、以及那些对家庭实施盗窃的神力的阴谋,第一类例如 塔洛娜Talona狂怒诸神the Gods of Fury厄尔德连Urdlen;第二类例如 希瑞克Cyric莱拉Leira、以及 马斯克Mask;第三类则如 阿巴索Abbathor、马斯克、以及 维伦Vhaeraun
As a power of trust who embodies the spirit of good fellowship and friendship, Cyrrollalee is the halfling deity who has the largest number of good relations with deities of other races. Some believe her to be an aspect of Yondalla rather than a separate entity, but in truth, the two are closely allied but distinct goddesses. The Hand of Fellowship is allied with the rest of the halfling pantheon as well, particularly Arvoreen and Sheela Peryroyl, but she is ever wary of the antics of Brandobaris and Tymora. Although Cyrrollalee is by nature very forgiving and friendly, the Hand of Fellowship has despaired of certain powers ever changing their ways. She regularly opposes the machinations of those powers that inflict destruction upon the home -such as Talona, the Gods of Fury, and Urdlen, those powers who habitually lie or deceive - such as Cyric, Leira, and Mask, and those gods who steal from the home - such as Abbathor, Mask, and Vhaeraun.

  照例来说,希劳拉妮是热情、友好、且受欢迎的,即使是非神性存在在她面前也能感觉舒适。她的言词、她的触碰总是温柔的,从不会生气地抬高嗓门。除了在细微之处、照看着家庭中每日的琐事日常外,她不会太过介入追随者的日常生活。自然而然的,她憎恨说谎者、骗子、(尤其是)闯入他人家中的盗贼。如果被惊扰,她确实能变成最可怕的敌人;任何地洞被侵犯了的半身人都能感觉到,希劳拉妮的怒火正在她的信众熊熊燃烧。希劳拉妮不常派遣化身到 主物质位面Prime;这种行为经常只会在重大誓言被打破、和前往惩罚罪犯时发生。当她访问主物质面时,希劳拉妮有时会采取穿戴贫苦、外表虚弱、年龄模糊的驼背半身人形态。在这种伪装中,她经常拜访半身人地洞查看居民是否真的好客;并令驱赶她离开的家族陷入不幸!
{{sp|sp = As a rule, Cyrrollalee is warm, friendly, and welcoming, and even nondivine beings feel comfortable in her presence. Her words and her touch are always gentle, and she never raises her voice in anger. Cyrrollalee does not get too involved in the day-to-day lives other followers except on a small level, watching over everyday events of the home. Naturally, she hates liars, swindlers, and (especially) thieves who would break into a person's home. If roused, she can be a most fearsome foe indeed; any halfling whose burrow has been violated knows the feeling of Cyrrollalee's fury swelling within him. Cyrrollalee does not often send her avatars to the Prime; this is usually only done in response to major oath-breaking, to punish the offender. When she does visit the Prime, Cyrrollalee sometimes takes the form of a stooped halfling of indeterminate years, worn by poverty and work into a frail shell. In this guise, she often visits halfling burrows to see if the inhabitants are truly hospitable; woe to the family that turns her away!


希劳拉妮的化身Cyrrollalee's Avatar

  (牧师Cleric 32,圣武士Paladin 25,法师Wizard 28)

Cyrrollalee appears as a humble female halfling of homely appearance, the brown of her peasant's clothing matching that of her hair. She favors spells from the spheres of all, animal, charm, creation, guardian, healing, law, protection, summoning, and wards and from the schools of abjuration, alteration, and enchantment/charm, although she can cast spells from any sphere or school.

  防御等级 -3;移动 12;生命值 203;零级命中值 -4;#攻击 2次/1轮
  伤害 1d6+1(+1铁头棍,+1 力量)
  魔抗 75%;体型 小型S(4呎高)
  力量 16,敏捷 19,体质 19,智力 20,感知 24,魅力 21
  法术 祭司P:14/13/13/12/12/11/8,法师W:6/6/6/6/6/6/6/6/6
  豁免 *麻痹、毒素与死亡魔法 1;权杖、法杖与魔杖 1**;石化或变形 2;喷吐武器 2;法术 2
  AC -3; MV 12; HP 203; THAC0 -4;#AT 2/1
  Dmg 1d6+1 (quarterstaff +1,+1 STR)
  MR 75%; SZ S(4 feet tall)
  STR 16, DEX 19, CON 19, INT 20, WIS 24, CHA 21
  Spells P:14/13/13/12/12/11/8, W:6/6/6/6/6/6/6/6/6
  Saves *PPDM 1, RSW 1**, PP 2, BW 2, Sp 2
    *Includes +2 bonus to saving throws to a minimum of 1.
    **Includes halfling +5 CON save bonus to a minimum of 1. The CON save bonus also applies to saves vs. poison to a minimum of 1.

特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Def:

  希劳拉妮挥舞着 友情之棍Camaradestave(一柄 +1铁头棍),任何被击中的生物若在对抗法术豁免检定中失败,将被魅惑(如同4级法师法术 魅惑怪物charm monster)。她携带着一对 比拉罗的铁索iron bands of Bilarro,其逃脱概率是通常的一半。
Cyrrollalee wields Camaradestave, a quarterstaff +1 that charms, as the 4th-level wizard spell charm monster, any creature it strikes who fails a saving throw vs. spell. She carries two pairs of iron bands of Bilarro that possess half the usual escape probability.

  希劳拉妮只受+2或更好附魔的武器影响。等效于 幛幕术Screen 提供的法术免疫的永久性罩幕遮掩着她。她自动 侦测谎言detects lies;随意使用,她能显现一片30呎半径、有 诚实之域zone of truth(如同2级祭司法术)效果的笼罩区域,并随她移动。每日3次,只要她愿意,希劳拉妮能 活化 任何60呎半径内的全部物品,等效于6级祭司法术 活化物品animate object,而即便她离开了这个区域,这类被活化物品仍将处于活化状态,并服从于她的意志。
Cyrrollalee is affected only by weapons of +2 or better enchantment. She is cloaked in a permanent mantle equivalent to Screen's spell immunity. She detects lies automatically, and she can manifest a 30-foot radius mantle with the effects of a zone of truth (as the 2nd-level priest spell) that moves with her, at will. Three times per day, Cyrrollalee can animate any or all objects within a 60-foot radius at will for as long as she wishes, as the 6th-level priest spell animate object, and any such animated object remains animated and continues to serve her will even if she leaves the area.



其祂显现Other Manifestations

  希劳拉妮以许多种方式显现(有大也有小),来援助或轻柔地指导她的追随者们。当追随者眼看就要遭入室盗窃或欺诈,她经常会显现为一股带着不祥预感与直觉的寒意,让信徒感觉有什么倒霉的事情要在家里发生。若被与其祭司谈话的人的不诚实触怒,壁炉看护者可能会显现为一片 诚实之域zone of truth,且不允许通过豁免来规避它的效果。当毫无防备的崇拜者遭遇闯入家里之人的威胁,希劳拉妮经常通过活化(如同6级祭司法术 活化物品)一件或更多物品、将闯入者驱逐来显现。
Cyrrollalee manifests in many ways, both large and small, to aid or gently instruct her followers. When a follower is about to be burgled or cheated, she often manifests as a chill sense of foreboding and an intuition that something is wrong within the home. If offended by the dishonesty of someone speaking with one of her priests, the Hearthkeeper may manifest as a zone of truth in which no saving throw is allowed to avoid its effects. When the life of a defenseless worshiper is threatened by someone who has entered his or her home, Cyrrollalee often manifests by animating, as the 6th-level priest spell animate object, one or more objects to drive off the home invader.

  希劳拉妮被以下存在侍奉着:阿西蒙aasimon、archons、asuras、baku、青铜龙、棕猫brown cat、棕犬brown dog、棕精、bumblebees、campestris、洞穴蟋蟀、dobies、einheriar、formian、友善的真菌生物、巨茅膏菜、巡守纳迦、hollyphants、house hunter、incarnates of charity, faith, and justice、家宅矮灵killmoulis、麒麟、翼狮、marut、noctrals、oathbinder genies、pers、豪猪、臭鼬、仙灵、松鼠、sunflies、tressym、t'uen-rin、和旱獭。她通过以下展现眷顾:发现不知道是谁何人完成的小家务活,冬日的暖风与夏日的凉风,飘荡在房间中的烧烤香味,在壁炉中出现了一小会、未消耗任何燃料的小火苗,以及未被碰到门摇摆打开。友谊之手通过以下显示她的不悦:铛铛作响的容器,门突然被砰地摔上,或是当崇拜者与说谎者、欺诈者、或是盗贼握手时突然袭来的一阵寒意。
Cyrrollalee is served by aasimon, archons, asuras, baku, bronze dragons, brown cats, brown dogs, brownies, bumblebees, campestris, cave crickets, dobies, einheriar, formians, friendly fungi, giant sundews, guardian nagas, hollyphants, house hunters, incarnates of charity, faith, and justice, killmoulis, ki-rin, lammasu, maruts, noctrals, oathbinder genies, pers, porcupines, skunks, sprites, squirrels, sunflies, tressym, t'uen-rin, and woodchucks. She demonstrates her favor through the discovery of small household chores completed by unknown hands, with warm breezes in winter and cool breezes in summer, with baking aromas that waft through a room, with small fires that appear in the hearth for a few moments without consuming any visible fuel, and with doors that swing open untouched. The Hand of Fellowship indicates her displeasure by the sound of clanging pots, the sudden slamming of a door, or a sudden chill felt by a worshiper when he or she shakes the hand of a liar, cheat, or thief.

教会The Church

  神职人员CLERGY:牧师Clerics,潜修者mystics,专属祭祀specialty priests
  神职阵营CLERGY'S ALIGN.:守序善良LG,中立善良NG,混乱善良CG,守序中立LN
  驱散不死TURN UNDEAD:牧师C:可Yes;潜修者Mys:不可No;专属祭司SP:可,见专属祭司的详述Yes, see specialty priest description
  呵斥不死CMND. UNDEAD:牧师C:不可No;潜修者Mys:不可No;专属祭司SP:不可No

  所有希劳拉妮的牧师、潜修者、和专属祭司得到 宗教知识religion(半身人halfling)作为非武器熟练奖励。
All clerics, mystics, and specialty priests of Cyrrollalee receive religion (halfling) as a bonus nonweapon proficiency.

Cyrrollalee's faith is little known outside of halfling communities, but the fruits of her teachings and the efforts of her priesthood are in large part responsible for the halfling way of life that is so admired by other races. Among halflings, Cyrrollalee is quietly appreciated by all and quietly venerated by those who build homes and families. Many invocations to her are day-to-day minor oaths and fussing by busy halflings, but underlying such daily minutia is a solid core of faithful veneration. While halfling adventurers, particularly those drawn to the errant ways of Brandobaris and Tymora, may tease devout followers of the Hearthkeeper for their sedentary habits and quiet lives, in most cases such wayfarers were raised in homes whose inhabitants performed monthly oblations and, in truth, they too continue to give quiet thanks to the Hand of Fellowship on the first day of every month.

  通常来说,希劳拉妮当地祭司的住宅在周围的半身人社区既充当着神殿,又充当着离家者的家。正因如此,这类的建筑或地洞与周围那些崇拜 希劳拉妮教派Cyrrollaleen 的屋子几乎没有区别。献给壁炉看护者的神殿有一项可辨别的特征,便是当其中至少有一位祭司在居住时,大门总是敞开的。夜不能归的半身人总是被欢迎在这样的神殿屋子住一晚,而沿着主要贸易路线的希劳拉妮教派的教会,充当着事实上的半身人招待所。
Typically the manse of the local priest of Cyrrollalee serves the surrounding halfling community as both a temple and as a home away from home. As such, there is little to differentiate such structures or burrows from those that surround a Cyrrollaleen house of worship. One distinguishing feature of any temple dedicated to the Hearthkeeper is that the entrance door is always open whenever at least one priest is in residence. Halflings unable to return to their own beds for the night are always welcome to stay for a night at such temple-homes, and Cyrrollaleen churches along major trade routes serve as de facto halfling hostels.

  希劳拉妮的初修士被称为 友好者the Befriended。友谊之手的全职祭司被称为 家庭伴侣Homefellows。依升序,希劳拉妮教派祭司使用的头衔如下:欢快的家庭操持者Cheery Homemaker、守灶者Hearth Warden、友善之手Hand of Friendship、矍铄的主人家Hale Host(或 女主人Hostess)、家纺同伴Homespun Companion、睦邻的户主Neighborly Householder、打开的门Open Door、以及 地洞的族长Burrow Patriarch(或 女族长Matriarch)。高层祭司有独有的个人头衔。专属祭司被称为 定居者homesteaders。希劳拉妮的神职人员包括毛足半身人(65%)、强心半身人(25%)、以及高足半身人(10%)。希劳拉妮的神职人员几乎被专属祭司(35%)、潜修者(34%)和牧师(31%)均分。女性(85%)远多于男性(15%)。
{{sp|sp = Novices of Cyrrollalee are known as the Befriended. Full priests of the Hand of Fellowship are known as Homefellows. In ascending order of rank the titles used by Cyrrollaleen priests are Cheery Homemaker, Hearth Warden, Hand of Friendship, Hale Host (or Hostess), Homespun Companion, Neighborly Householder, Open Door, and Burrow Patriarch (or Matriarch). High-ranking priests have unique individual titles. Specialty priests are known as homesteaders. The clergy of Cyrrollalee includes hairfeet (65%), stouts (25%), and tallfellows (10%). Cyrrollalee's clergy is nearly evenly divided between Specialty Priests(35%), mystics (34%), and clerics (31%). Females (85%) far outnumber males (15%).


Be generous in friendship, and welcome all friends into your home. Earn the trust of your neighbors and repay them with kindness. Guard fiercely the burrows in which you and your friends dwell, and keep a benignly watchful eye on the home of your neighbor. Never betray the trust of your host, break an oath, or violate the sanctity of another's home. Busy hands make a happy home, and things Grafted with love will serve you and others well.

日常活动Day-to-Day Activities:

Whereas Yondalla's priests are often the visible leadership of a small halfling community, Cyrrollalee's priesthood are the quiet caretakers and nurturers of halfling society, serving their charges with generous hearts and graceful friendship. As such, their role is often overlooked, but their absence is sorely noted. Cyrrollalee's priests are specifically defenders of the home, and they view their role as both protecting the home from outside threats and cultivating the familial bonds of those who dwell within. In addition, Homefellows oversee the drawing up of contracts and agreements of all kinds, and they also look after and educate young halflings. The priesthood is quite a homely and prosaic one, not an adventuring priesthood.

圣日/重要仪式Holy Days/Important Ceremonies:

  侍奉希劳拉妮的崇拜在每月第一天举行,在半身人的社区中被称作 壁炉之日Hearthday。虔诚的半身人们聚集在某位教友的家里,每月在该社区不同居民之间轮流。除了通过简单的祈祷祈求她的祝福外,友谊之手不要求其它方式的安抚。崇拜者之间的友谊被认为是对她名讳的最高赞扬。
Worship services for Cyrrollalee are held on the first day of each month, known in halfling communities as Hearthday. Devout halflings gather in the home of one of their fellow parishioners, rotating to a different dwelling in the local community each month. The Hand of Fellowship asks for nothing in the way of propitiation aside from simple prayers requesting her blessing. Friendship among her worshipers is considered the highest praise one can raise to her name.

主要崇拜中心Major Centers of Worship:

  葡萄藤之根The Grapevine's Root,坐落于泰瑟尔王国Tethyr 紫丘Purple Hills 的一座低矮、宽敞的圆丘上,俯瞰着城镇 藤荫镇Vineshade,它是位于一片广阔葡萄园中心的、一座庞大孤独的别墅建筑。希劳拉妮的这座质朴神殿由半打的开放式庭院组成,庭院周围环绕着大量开放柱廊的小路,小路两旁葡萄藤和紫藤丛生。在回廊垂直交汇点是有着穹顶的圆形小礼拜堂。在各片四边形的耕地中,希劳拉妮教派的祭司和她们的家人居住在葡萄藤包围中的小型家庭式地洞中,在庞大的神殿社区中形成小的街坊。像多代同堂的大家庭那样,管理着葡萄藤之根的神职人员的是“久酝的佳酿Enduring Vintage”滑音·居家者Glissando Homebody。滑音已在紫丘中生活了超过3个世纪,这位受尊敬的半身人女族长紧紧包裹着银色圆发髻,尽管她已经主持了六代人的幸福与悲伤、喜讯与悲剧,但她从未丧失过脸上的甜美的微笑、或是心中的慷慨大方。这座神殿以其土产的佳酿,希罗比妮酒Cyrrojubilee 而闻名,但它的祭司们所扮演的角色——在整个地区散布的村庄的半身人家庭生活中提供扶持——才是她们最重要的角色。希劳拉妮教派的侍僧们以葡萄藤之根为基地,拜访泰瑟尔王国整个 文托郡County Vintor 的教民,而她们的努力是当地文化中亲密联系的家庭关系主要形成的原因。
The Grapevine's Root, located in the Purple Hills of Tethyr on a low, wide knoll overlooking the town of Vineshade, is a sprawling cloistral villa built in the heart of a great vineyard. Cyrrollalee's rustic temple consists of half a dozen open courtyards surrounded by covered walks with open colonnades overgrown with grapevines and wisteria on either side. At the intersections of the orthogonal cloisters are small circular chapels with domed roofs. Within each quadrangular acre, Cyrrollaleen priests and their families dwell amidst the grapevines in small, homey burrows forming small neighborhoods within the greater temple community. Administering the clergy of the Grapevine's Root like an extended, multigenerational family is Enduring Vintage Glissando Homebody. Glissando has lived amidst the Purple Hills for over three centuries already, and this venerable halfling matriarch with the tightly wrapped silver bun has never lost her sweet smile or generous heart despite presiding over half a dozen cof joy and sorrow, glad tidings and tragedy. The temple is justly famous for its homegrown vintage, Cyrrojubilee, but the role its priests play in nurturing halfling home life in the hamlets scattered throughout the region is arguably the priesthood's more important role. Cyrrollaleen acolytes based in the Grapevine's Root visit parishioners the length and breadth of Tethyr's County Vintor, and their efforts are largely responsible for the close knit, familial feel of the local culture.

从属组织Affiliated Orders:

The Cyrrollaleen church currently has no affiliated knightly orders, choosing to rely on militant priests and warriors affiliated with the faiths of Yondalla and Arvoreen. According to the church's oldest archives, previous halfling diasporas that led to the settlement of new lands by the Small Folk were preceded by small bands of scouts sent by the elders of the Hearthkeeper's faith to seek out likely regions for colonization. Tales of their exploits have faded into legend, however, as it has been many centuries since the last hordelike wave - as opposed to the creeping expansion that is now the norm - of halfling settlement.

祭司的祭服Priestly Vestments:

The ceremonial garb of Cyrrollalee's priesthood is the rustic clothing of halfling peasants, devoid of ostentatious display. Typically Homefellows wear simple brown habits bound with a deep golden or muted green girdle, and keep their heads and feet bare. The holy symbol of the faith is a carved wooden acorn, often hung on a leather cord around the neck.

冒险装束Adventuring Garb:

Members of Cyrrollalee's clergy adventure only in extremis, preferring to stay close at home if at all possible and within the bounds of civilization at all costs. When expecting their homes to be attacked or if travel through a region of some danger is required, Homefellows garb themselves in the best armor available, usually leather or padded armor. As no particular weapon is associated with Cyrrollalee, her followers tend to select one of the handful of weapons commonly associated with halfling village militias. Clubs, staves, slings, and staff-slings are common.


专属祭司Specialty Priests(定居者Homesteaders

  职业需求REQUIREMENTS:魅力Charisma 9,感知Wisdom 9
  关键属性PRIME REQ.:魅力Charisma,感知Wisdom
  武器WEAPONS:所有钝击(武器类型B)武器All bludgeoning (wholly Type B) weapons
  主修领域MAJOR SPHERES:共通All,动物animal,魅惑charm,创造creation,预言divination,守护guardian,治疗healing,守序law,保护protection,结界wards
  次要领域MINOR SPHERES:战斗Combat,死灵necromantic,植物plant,太阳sun,旅者travelers
  魔法物品MAGICAL ITEMS:如同牧师As clerics
  熟练需求REQ. PROFS:烹饪Cooking,编织weaving
  熟练奖励BONUS PROFS:礼仪Etiquette,生火fire-building,本地历史local history,缝纫seamstress/tailor

  ❖ Homesteaders must be halflings, but they can be of any halfling subrace.

  ❖ Homesteaders are not allowed to multiclass.

  ❖ Homesteaders turn undead at two levels lower than their actual level when outside a home, at their level when inside a home, and at two levels higher than their level when inside a halfling home. For these purposes, a home is a dwelling in which beings of at least low intelligence live, though they may not be currently on the premises. A home implies at least a semipermanent status. An adventurer's campsite would not count as a home, but a tent in the camp of a nomad clan would.

  ❖每日各1次,定居者能施展 侦测邪恶detect evil防护邪恶protection from evil(如同1级祭司法术)。
  ❖ Homesteaders can cast detect evil and protection from evil (as the 1st-level priest spells) once per day each.

  ❖在第3级,每日各1次,定居者能施展 友善术friends修复术mending(如同1级法师法术)以及 圣域术sanctuary(如同1级祭司法术)。
  ❖ At 3rd level, homesteaders can cast friends and mending (as the 1st-level wizard spells) and sanctuary (as the 1st-level priest spell) once per day each.

  ❖在第5级,每日1次,定居者能施展 侦测谎言detect lie(如同4级祭司法术)、真实之域zone of truth(如同2级祭司法术)、或 敲击术knock(如同2级法师法术)。
  ❖ At 5th level, homesteaders can cast detect lie (as the 4th-level priest spell), zone of truth (as the 2nd-level priest spell), or knock (as the 2nd-level wizard spell) once per day.

  ❖在第7级,每日1次,定居者能施展 控制情感emotion(友善friendship 或 希望hope)(如同3级法师法术)或 力墙术wall of force(如同5级法师法术)。
  ❖ At 7th level, homesteaders can cast emotion (friendship or hope) (as the 4th-level wizard spell) or wall of force (as the 5th-level wizard spell) once per day.

  ❖ At 10th level, homesteaders receive a +3 bonus to saving throws vs. nonmagical or magical fear.

  ❖在第10级,每旬2次,定居者能施展 回返真言word of recall(如同6级祭司法术)。
  ❖ At 10th level, homesteaders can cast word of recall (as the 6th-level priest spell) twice per tenday.

  ❖在第13级,每旬2次,定居者能施展 救援术succor(如同7级祭司法术)。
  ❖ At 13th level, homesteaders can cast succor (as the 7th-level priest spell) twice per tenday.

  ❖在第13级,每旬2次,定居者能施展 徽记术symbol(说服persuasion)(如同7级祭司法术)。
  ❖ At 13th level, homesteaders can cast symbol (of persuasion) (as the 7th- level priest spell) twice per tenday.

希劳拉妮教派法术Cyrrollaleen Spells

1st Level

家之安适Comforts of Home

  (祭司Pr 1;幻象Phantasm)

  持续时间Duration:8 小时hours
  施法时间Casting Time:1轮round
  影响区域Area of Effect:接触的生物Creature touched
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

  这道简单的法术令自愿的受术者纵容自己沉浸在完全的 家之安适comforts of home。在法术持续时间内,即便是最微薄的口粮也能像一顿中意的家常菜一样让肚子暖起来,最硬的地面就像一张柔软、温暖的床,让受术者醒来时感到自己已经洗了澡、换了一身干净的新衣,等等等等。虽然这道法术不会改变受术者当前环境的真实,但它确实改变了他对环境的看法,减轻了旅途的心理压力。
This simple spell allows a willing recipient to pamper himself or herself with all the comforts of home. For the duration of the spell, even the most meager trail rations warm the belly like a favorite home-cooked meal, the hard-packed ground feels like a soft, warm bed, upon awakening the recipient feels like she or he has bathed and changed into a fresh, clean set of clothes, etc. While this spell does not alter the reality of the recipient's current environment, it does alter his or her perception of that environment, mitigating the psychological rigors of travel.

  这道法术会提供两项切实的增益:在这道法术效果之下的夜晚睡眠,将相当于完全的卧床休息,令 家之安适 的受术者治疗3点当天的伤害,得到为祈祷法术为目的的充分休息。
This spell does provide two tangible benefits:Any night's sleep had while under the effects of this spell is equivalent to complete bed rest, allowing the recipient of the comforts of home to heal 3 points of damage for the day and be fully rested for the purpose of praying for spells.

The material component is the priest's holy symbol.

2nd Level

希劳拉妮的誓约Seal of Cyrrollalee

  (祭司Pr 2;转化Alteration)

  施法时间Casting Time:特殊Special
  影响区域Area of Effect:2 只或更多生物Two or more creatures
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

  这道法术只能施展在2只或更多希望与其他人在希劳拉妮的见证下作出承诺或订立契约的自愿生物上。希劳拉妮的誓约 典礼需要每位参与者都为未来的做法和行为立誓(因此,施法时间是变化的),若在法术施展期间这道被如此宣誓的誓约参与各方都能接受,那么就要求各方都能秉承自己的誓言,否则将面临非常严重的后果。若聚会任意方中存在是非自愿的参与者、有人处于魅惑法术(或类似效果或能力)、或是不处于心智正常状态,法术将失败。
This spell can only be cast on two or more willing creatures who wish to make a pledge or contract with each other overseen by Cyrrollalee. A seal of Cyrrollalee ceremony requires each participant to swear an oath governing his or her future behavior or deeds (thus the variable casting time), and if the oaths so sworn are acceptable to all participating parties during the casting of the spell, requires each participant to uphold his or her oath or face very severe consequences. This spell fails if any party is not a willing participant, is under the effects of a charm spell (or similar effect or ability), or is not in his or her right mind, as adjudicated by the DM.

  若任何一方尽管尽了最大的努力,仍然因为其控制范围之外的因素,而未能达成成功施展的 希劳拉妮的誓约 的条款,这位违反誓言的参与者会受到一道 诅咒术curse 法术(如同1级祭司法术 祝福术bless 的逆向)的效果,直到希劳拉妮的祭司对其施展 赎罪术atonement
If any party should fail to meet the terms of the successfully cast seal of Cyrrollalee due to factors beyond his or her control and despite his or her best efforts, the participant who broke his or her oath suffers from the effects of a curse spell (as the reverse of the 1st-level priest spell bless) until such time as she or he receives an atonement cast by a priest of Cyrrollalee.

  若任何一方故意未能达成成功施展的 希劳拉妮的誓约 的条款,希劳拉妮的怒火将折磨这位违约者,使受害者的一项能力值减少到3(由DM自由决定是哪项能力值),如同 降咒术bestow curse(3级祭司法术 移除诅咒remove curse 的逆向)几项可能效果中的对应那项。希劳拉妮的怒火将一直持续到违誓者为他破坏誓言的行为作出补偿、并得到了一道由希劳拉妮的祭司施展的 赎罪术atonement 时。
If any party should deliberately fail to meet the terms of the successfully cast seal of Cyrrollalee, Cyrrollalee's wrath afflicts the oath breaker by reducing one ability of the victim to 3 (the DM randomly determines which ability), as one of several possible effects of bestow curse (the reverse of the 3rd-level priest spell remove curse). Cyrrollalee's wrath persists until such time as the oath breaker makes amends for his or her broken pledge and receives an atonement cast by a priest of Cyrrollalee.

The material component is the priest's holy symbol.

4th Level

进阶圣域术Improved Sanctuary

  (祭司Pr 4;转化Alteration)

  持续时间Duration:2 轮 + 1 轮/级2 rounds+1 round/level
  施法时间Casting Time:7
  影响区域Area of Effect:30 呎半径内的友善生物Friendly creatures in a 30-foot radius
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

  当祭司施展 进阶圣域术 时,那些影响范围内的友善生物将瞬间完整得到1级祭司法术 圣域术sanctuary 的效果。任何试图击打或以其它方式直接攻击被保护生物的敌人,必须投掷-1惩罚的对抗法术豁免检定。(这一惩罚在施法者等级高于7级的每4级累计增加1次-1,直到最大的3次:在11级-2,在14级-3,以此类推。)如果成功通过,则可因不受法术影响而正常攻击。若豁免检定失败,则敌人将失去被保护者的踪迹,并在法术的持续时间内完全无视受术者。那些没有试图攻击受术者的生物仍不受影响。需要注意的是,该法术不能防止区域攻击(火球术fireball冰风暴ice storm 等)。被该法术保护的受术者无法在不破坏法术的情况下进行直接攻击,但他可以施展那些非直接攻击的法术,又或者在不攻击的前提下以任何的其他方式行事。举例而言,这使得祭司能够治疗伤势或祝福,进行占卜,在某区域(但不是在敌人身上!)施展 光亮术light 等。
When the priest casts an improved sanctuary spell, those friendly creatures in the area of effect the instant the spell is completed receive the effect of the 1st-level priest spell sanctuary. Any opponent attempting to strike or otherwise directly attack a protected creature must roll a saving throw vs. spell at a -1 penalty. (This penalty increases by -1 per every four levels the caster is above 7th to a maximum of 3:-2 at 11th,-3 at 14, etc.) If the saving throw is successful, the opponent can attack normally and is unaffected by that casting of the spell. If the saving throw fails, the opponent loses track of and totally ignores the warded creatures for the duration of the spell. Those not attempting to attack the subject remainunaffected. Note that this spell does not prevent the operation of area attacks (fireball, ice storm, and so on). While protected by this spell, subjects cannot take direct offensive action without breaking the spell, but they may use nonattack spells or otherwise act in any way that does not violate the prohibition against offensive action. This allows a warded priest to heal wounds, for example, or to bless, perform an augury, chant, cast a light in the area (not upon an opponent!), and so on.

The material components are the priest's holy symbol and a small silvermirror.