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【音   标】STRAWN-mawz
【头   衔】风暴之主The Storm Lord,微笑之神The Smiling God,掷雷者The Thunderhead
【阵   营】CG
【神   力】G
【神   职】太阳sun,天空sky,气象weather,海洋seas
【神   系】巨人诸神Gods of the Giants序位诸神the Ordning
【主   神】安南Annam
【盟   友】安南Annam西亚缇Hiatea伊兰尼丝Iallanis大海迷梦者the asathalfinare
【敌   对】曼诺Memnor
【神   国】万兽园the Beastlands(或是 约瑟园Ysgard)/风暴堡Stormhold
【徽   记】从部分遮蔽了太阳的云中降下的分叉闪电束forked lightning bolt descending from a cloud partly obscuring the sun
【简   介】思绰茂兹Stronmaus 是 安南Annam 与其第一任妻子 无名天空女神Unknown Sky Goddess 的长子,西亚缇Hiatea伊兰尼丝Iallanis 等的长兄。
他目前作为主神代管序位诸神的事务,并是 大海迷梦者the asathalfinare 的成员。

2e<Monster Mythology.p076>思绰茂兹Stronmaus(强大神Greater God)

  思绰茂兹Stronmaus 是太阳、天空与气象的强大巨人神明。考虑到 安南Annam 角色的逐渐衰退,思绰茂兹日渐成为了掌管所有巨人族神明事务的巨人神明,他可以唤他们前来解释错误行为、纠纷损害和类似事务。
Stronmaus is the mighty giantish god of sun, skies, and weather. Given the decline in Annam's role, Stronmaus is increasingly the giantish god who watches over the affairs of all the giantish gods and may call them to account for wrongful actions, damaging dissension, and the like.

  思绰茂兹生活在一座位于 万兽园the Beastlands 的、由黄金、白金、珠宝与大理石的精心筑造的壮观云中城堡中,在城堡之中,他有一座在观察者眼中展现为大约100呎长的魔法蛋白石池塘(但对在其中游泳的人它的尺寸是无限的)。池塘的水能 治疗heal 任何思绰茂兹选中许可在其中游泳的生物,并兼具 复原术restoration再生术regeneration 的效果。思绰茂兹喜欢与海豚女神 特芮西娜Trishina、他的妹妹 西亚缇Hiatea、以及海豹人女王 瑟米娜瑞Surminare 一起在此游泳。在他家园的上空,他与精灵的 艾德莉·法恩雅Aerdrie Faenya 和飞羽族女神 萨兰娜塔Syranita 一起驾驭气流。思绰茂兹喜欢与天空和海洋的善良神祇结交,并且在其中有许多朋友。
Stronmaus lives in a spectacular cloud palace in the Beastlands crafted from gold, platinum, gems, and marble, in which he has a magical opal pool which appears some 100, long to a viewer, but which is of endless size when one swims within it. The waters of this pool can heal any creature Stronmaus chooses to allow to swim here, as well as effect restoration and regeneration. Stronmaus delights in swimming here with Trishina the dolphin goddess, with his sister Hiatea, and with Surminare the selkie queen. In the skies above his home, he rides the air currents with Aerdrie Faenya of the elves and Syranita the aarakokra goddess. Stronmaus takes pleasure in consorting with good deities of skies and seas, and he has many friends among them.

Stronmaus is a god in whom the power of life itself flows very strongly. Like his avatars, Stronmaus cannot help but be ever-smiling, and it is hard for him not to express his powerful energy in dramatic form. He delights in creating powerful storms in the Beastlands, revelling in the lightning and driving rain, whooping to the thunder he creates from his own magical hammer. This can be a terrifying spectacle for the unprepared, for the god is a very strong and powerful one and sometimes his joy in the elements makes him forget his own strength.

角色扮演指南Role-playing Notes:

  思绰茂兹积极地派遣化身到 主物质位面Prime Material Plane,因为他普遍关心巨人族事务。化身们可能会化装为普通的风暴巨人,与拥有强大力量的风暴巨人祭司-萨满(他们总是能认出这尊化身是谁)一起冥想。他还会派遣化身来限制 曼诺Memnor 的影响,因为他对曼诺怀有极大的厌恶。思绰茂兹也喜欢派遣化身行走于偏僻的山区,可能是为了拜访那里的云巨人和风暴巨人们,但主要还是为在清新的空气中漫步的乐趣和为了享受自然之力。若与他关系友好的善良非人类海洋种族和海洋神祇(大海迷梦者the asathalfinare;见 海洋与天空诸神Gods of Seas and Skies)处于严重的危险之中,思绰茂兹还可能派遣化身来帮助祂们。最后,思绰茂兹身上也有一定的他父亲的特质,对于那些长得赏心悦目、吸引了他(那相当变化无常的)注意力的女巨人,他在派遣一个化身去追求、勾引她们这件事上相当能干。
Stronmaus is active in sending avatars to the Prime Material plane since he is generally concerned with giantish affairs. Avatars may be disguised as ordinary storm giants, to meditate with storm giant shaman-priests of great power who always recognize the avatar for who he is. He will also send avatars to restrict the efforts of Memnor, for whom he has great antipathy. Stronmaus also enjoys sending an avatar to walk in isolated mountainous terrain, possibly visiting cloud giants and storm giants there, but mostly for the pleasure of walking in refined air and enjoying the elements. Stronmaus may send an avatar to help the good non-human sea and sea gods who he has befriended (the asathalfinare; see Gods of Seas and Skies) if their people are in serious danger. Finally, Stronmaus has some of his father's traits and is quite capable of despatching an avatar to woo and seduce some very comely giantess who has attracted his (certainly fickle) attentions.

Omens from the god take the form of storms and lightning, strangely shaped clouds which partly obscure the sun, and direct warnings of impending evils.


  信徒阵营WAL:NG, CG(云巨人和风暴巨人);
  徽记SY:从部分遮蔽了太阳的银色边缘的云中,降下的分叉闪电束forked lightning bolt descending from silver-lined cloud partly obscuring the Sun。
AL ng (cg); WAL ng, cg (cloud and storm giants); AoC sun, sky, weather, joy; SY forked lightning bolt descending from silver-lined cloud partly obscuring the Sun.

思绰茂兹的化身Stronmaus' Avatar

  (圣武士Paladin 20,祭司Priest 16)

Stronmaus avatar appears as a vastly tall, muscular giant with blue eyes and red-auburn flowing, wavy hair. The avatar wears a simple gold-edged white silk robe and always smiles. He uses priest spells from all spheres.

  力量 25,敏捷 21,体质 24,
  智力 19,感知 22,魅力 24,
  移动 18,飞行48,游泳18,体型 巨型G(45呎),魔抗 60%,
  防御等级 -5,生命骰 24,生命值 192,
  #攻击 2次,零级命中值 2,伤害 6d8+5(锤)+14
  Str 25 Dex 21 Con 24
  Int 19 Wis 22 Cha 24
  MV 18 fl 48 sw 18 SZ G(45') MR 60%
  AC —5 HD 24 HP 192
  #AT 2 THACO 2 Dmg 6d8 + 5(hammer) +14

特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Def:

  随意使用,思绰茂兹掌控着10英里半径的气象,并且每回合1次,可以 呼唤闪电call lightning。他免疫低于+3附魔的武器,并免疫影响心灵、致盲、致聋、即死、能量吸取、以及与电击有关的魔法。每日3次,他能施展一道20骰的 闪电束lightning bolt,其宽达10呎,长达160呎,并带有一道20骰的 连锁闪电chain lightning 效果。永远没有非邪恶鸟类或水生生物会攻击思绰茂兹(除非是在魔法控制下),而任何以魔法强迫此类生物发起攻击的尝试将自动打破魔法的效果(魅惑支配 等等)。思绰茂兹总是随身携带着一柄具有全部可用特殊能力(+5附魔和击中任何邪恶巨人无豁免死亡)的 雷电之锤hammer of thunderbolts。思绰茂兹的基本零级命中值是2,但当投骰为8或更好时,他将击中任何防御等级。
The avatar controls weather in a 10-mile radius at will and may call lightning 1/turn. He is immune to weapons below +3 enchantment, all magic which is mind-affecting, blinding and deafening attacks, death magic and energy drains, and all electrical attacks. Three times per day each, the avatar can cast a 20HD lightning bolt 10' wide and up to 160' long and a 20HD chain lightning effect. No non-evil avian or aquatic creature will attack the avatar, regardless of magical control, and any attempt to magically coerce such a creature into doing so automatically breaks the magical effect (charmdomination, etc.). The avatar carries a hammer of thunderbolts with all special powers (+ 5 enchantment and strikes any evil giant dead on a successful hit, no save). The avatar has a base THACO of 2, but hits any AC on a roll of 8 +.

祭职人员的职责Duties of the Priesthood

The cloud giant priesthood is a proud and organized one which must rid the skies of evil creatures. Each priest is expected to have at least one area of skill in music or the arts. Priests must be wealthy, dress well, and craft/possess fine jewellery. Quality of dress and jewellery is a sign of position within the heirarchy, so juniors should not dress too well.

Storm giants have to undertake an arduous personal initiation to become shaman-priests; this may involve fasting to the point of severe deprivation, travel to a sacred location and participation in extended meditation there, and the like. Such shaman-priests are solitary and have a great affinity with sky or sea creatures (as appropriate). They are visionaries, mystics, and meditators who treat each other as equals.

职业需求Requirements(云巨人Cloud Giants):

  属性AB:感知 15;
  特殊能力PW:1)飞行术fly,双倍持续时间;5)风墙术wind wall;9)强效造物术major creation
AB Wis 15; AL ng, cg; WP any; AR any; SP all, animal, charm*, combat*, creation, divination, elemental (all), guardian, healing, necromantic*, summoning, sun, weather; PW 1)fly, double duration; 5)wind wall; 9)major creation; TU turn at -2 levels; LL 12; HD d6; Shamans no.

职业需求Requirements(风暴巨人Storm Giants):

  属性AB:感知 17;
  特殊能力PW:1)魅惑charm 鸟类或自然海洋动物(最多30HD);5)在冥想1小时后,在随后24小时内,可以召唤一只12HD的气元素或水元素(只有海栖巨人才能召唤水元素),持续6回合;9)每周1次,启示vision(神祇决不会被触怒,然后重投一个骰子来决定结果);
  生命骰HD:d6 + 1;
AB Wis 17; AL cg, ng; WP any; AR any; SP as above, but add protection*, thought*, time*; PW 1)charm avians or natural sea animals (up to 30 HD); 5)after meditating for 1 hour, may summon a 12HD air or water elemental for 6 turns in subsequent 24 hours (water elementals for sea-dwelling giants only); 9)vision 1/week (deity never takes offense, re-roll a dice throw giving this result); TU turn at -2 levels; LL 16; HD d6 + 1; Shamans must be "shaman-priests."



  (强大神Greater God)

  思绰茂兹Stronmaus(读作“STRAWN-mawz”)是 安南Annam 的长子,也是 西亚缇Hiatea葛洛蓝托Grolantor曼诺Memnor司寇雷乌斯Skoraeus、以及 伊兰尼丝Iallanis 的长兄。在他成年后不久,思绰茂兹选中天空作为自己的界域。然而,随着安南的离去,他现在负责 序位诸神the Ordning 的所有事务,虽然他对其父权位绝无觊觎之心。当安南归来时,思绰茂兹将乐意将权柄归还。
Stronmaus (STRAWN-mawz) is the eldest son of Annam and brother to Hiatea, Grolantor, Memnor, Skoraeus, and Iallanis. Shortly after he came of age, Stronmaus adopted the skies as his purview. With Annam gone, however, he is now responsible for the affairs of the entire Ordning, though he certainly doesn't covet his father's power. The moment Annam returns, Stronmaus will happily relinquish the throne.

  虽然他通常在 万兽园the Beastlands 的山脉中被遇见,但思绰茂兹被认为居住在一座宏伟的云中宫殿,后者附属安南位于 古德海姆宫Gudheim 的农场。在这座宫殿的中心是一座魔法游泳池,对于旁观者它看上去有500呎长,但对于任何其中的游泳者而言它的尺寸是无止境的。池中的水能 治疗heal 任何沐浴其中的生物,并兼有 复原术restoration再生术regeneration 的效果。数千年前,在泰坦 拉那西斯Lanaxis托瑞尔星球Toril 上所有安南之子联合起来后,思绰茂兹赠予他一份池水样品作为礼物,令这位泰坦能够在 沃尼海姆宫Voninheim 中心建造一座较小的游泳池。事实上,拉那西斯正是用取自他的魔法圣洗池中被污染的水,向 欧赛雅Othea 投毒。当然,这座喷泉是否仍幸存于沃尼海姆废墟的中心,并未可知。
Though he is often encountered among the mountains of the Beastlands, Stronmaus is believed to inhabit a spectacular cloud palace attached to Annam's steading in Gudheim. At the center of this palace is a magical opal pool some 500' long to a viewer, but of endless size to anyone swimming it. The waters of this pool heal any creature who bathes in them and effect both a restoration and a regeneration. Many thousands of years ago, after the titan Lanaxis finally united all of Annam's sons on Toril, Stronmaus gave Lanaxis a sample of his waters as a gift, allowing the titan to create a smaller version of the pond at the center of Voninheim. In fact, Lanaxis delivered his poison to Othea by fouling waters drawn from this magical font. Whether or not the fountain still exists at the heart of Voninheim's ruins, of course, is unknown.

  类似于所有序位诸神成员,在各巨人品种眼中思绰茂兹往往有着不同的形象。对山丘巨人而言,他是一位强壮的渔夫。对云巨人而言,他是一位雷霆般的风暴之神。在任何情况下,所有人眼中的他都远比 父神the All-Father 更年轻、更有力且更轻松愉快。思绰茂兹经常被描绘正为微笑或狂欢着,看上去似乎很喜欢制作他强大的暴风雨与闪电。
Like all members of the Ordning, each of the giant breeds tends to see Stronmaus in a different light. To the hill giants he is a mighty fisherman. To the frost giants he is a bold sailor/explorer. To the cloud giants he is a thundering god of storms. In any case, all see him as far more youthful, vigorous, and carefree than the All-Father. Stronmaus is frequently depicted smiling or reveling, and he certainly seems to enjoy crafting his powerful rainstorms and lightning bolts.

角色扮演指南Role-playing Notes:

  因为他是如此热爱冒险,所以相较于他的神性同辈,思绰茂兹往往会派遣更多化身去访问 托瑞尔星球Toril。通常来说,这些化身会伪装为在农场间旅行的普通风暴巨人。虽然他从不会公然和直接地介入 巨人族裔the Jotunbrud 的事务(他和他的兄弟姐妹们在千万年前制定了某些规定,阻止此类粗暴的干预),但他频繁地间接干预他偏爱的子侄们的冒险。思绰茂兹也会单纯为寻欢作乐,而派遣他的化身到托瑞尔田园般的森林和与世隔绝的山脉中。
Because he is so adventurous, Stronmaus tends to send more avatars to visit Toril than many of his divine peers. Often, these avatars are disguised as ordinary storm giants traveling between the steadings. Though he would never dream of blatantly and directly intervening in the affairs of the Jotunbrud (he and his siblings made certain rules against such vulgar interventions eons ago), he frequently intervenes indirectly to enjoy adventures aside his favored nephews. Stronmaus also dispatches his avatars simply to take pleasure in Toril's idyllic forests and isolated mountains.

  思绰茂兹结识了许多其他辖制托瑞尔的神祇,尤其是弱等神力 埃达丝Eldath(见《被遗忘的国度战役设定集the FORGOTTEN REALMS Campaign Setting box》的 运行诸国度Running the Realms 小册子);特芮西娜Trishina,海豚女神;瑟米娜瑞Surminare,海豹人女王;以及,萨兰娜塔Syranita,飞羽族的女主人。
Stronmaus has befriended many of the other deities who lord over Toril, particularly the lesser power Eldath (see the Running the Realms booklet found in the FORGOTTEN REALMS Campaign Setting box); Trishina, the dolphin goddess; Surminare, the selkie queen; and Syranita, mistress of the aarakocra.


  徽记SY:从部分遮蔽了太阳的云中降下的分叉闪电束forked lightning bolt descending from a cloud partly obscuring the sun。
AL NG(CG); WAL any but mostly good; AoC sun, sky, weather, seas; SY forked lightning bolt descending from a cloud partly obscuring the sun.

思绰茂兹的化身Stronmaus's Avatar


Stronmaus's avatar appears as an enormous (80' tall) giant with blue eyes and flowing red hair, wearing a simple white robe. He uses priest spells from all spheres.

  力量 25,敏捷 21,体质 24,
  智力 19,感知 22,魅力 24,
  移动 18,体型 巨型G,魔抗 70%,
  防御等级 -5,生命骰 24,生命值 192,
  #攻击 2次,零级命中值 2,伤害 6d8+19
  Str 25 Dex 21 Con 24
  Int 19 Wis 22 Cha 24
  MV 18, Fl 48, SW 18, SZ G MR 70%
  AC -5 HD 24 hp 192
  #AT 2 THAC0 2 Dmg 6d8+19

特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Def:

  随意使用,思绰茂兹掌控着10英里半径的气象,并能每回合1次 呼唤闪电call lightning。他免疫低于+3附魔的武器,并免疫影响心灵、致盲、致聋、即死、能量吸取、以及与电击有关的魔法。每日3次,他能施展一道20骰的 闪电束lightning bolt,其宽达10呎,长达160呎,并带有 连锁闪电chain lightning 效果。永远没有非邪恶鸟类或水生生物会攻击思绰茂兹,而任何以魔法强迫此类生物发起攻击的尝试将自动打破魔法的效果(魅惑支配等等)。思绰茂兹总是随身携带着一柄具有全部可用特殊能力(+5附魔,击中任何邪恶巨人无豁免死亡等等)的 雷电之锤hammer of thunderbolts。思绰茂兹的基本零级命中值是2,但当投骰为8或更好时,他将击中任何防御等级。
Stronmaus controls weather in a 10-mile radius at will and may call lightning once per turn. He is immune to weapons of less than +3 enchantment as well as all mind-affecting, blinding, deafening, death, energy drain, and electrical magic. Three times per day, he can cast a 20-die lightning bolt that is 10' wide, up to 160' long, and exhibits the chain lightning effect. No nonevil avian or aquatic creature will ever attack Stronmaus, and any attempt to magically coerce such a creature to attack automatically breaks the magical effect (charmdomination, etc.). Stronmaus always carries a hammer of thunderbolts with all available special powers (+5 enchantment, strikes any evil giant dead with no saving throw, etc.). Stronmaus's base THAC0 is 2, but he hits any AC on a roll of 8 or better.

祭职人员的职责Duties of the Priesthood

  位于 寒冰尖顶the Ice Spires 附近的云巨人和风暴巨人农场,都将思绰茂兹视为保护神。
Stronmaus is worshiped as a patron in both the cloud giant and storm giant steadings located near the Ice Spires.

The cloud giant priests are skilled in music and the arts. They wear fine jewelry and maintain large personal fortunes.

Storm giant priests of Stronmaus, on the other hand, are shabbily dressed ascetics. Before they are accepted into the order, they must sit atop a cold, deserted peak for 100 days and nights without food.


  属性AB:感知 13;
  特殊能力PW:1)每日1次,双倍持续时间,飞行术fly;5)每日1次,风墙术wind wall
AB Wis 13; AL NG, CG; SP animal, charm, combat, creation, divination, elemental(all), guardian, healing, necromantic, summoning, sun, weather; PW 1)fly, once per day, double duration; 5)wind wall once per day; TU as priest two levels lower; Shamans yes.

目的,信条,道德观Aims, Credo, Ethos:

Ram cleanses and offers salvation; freedom is the greatest bounty one can bestow; good-natured merriment is the milk of life (cloud giants only); life is a test of will (storm giants only).


  在每天早上开始时,云巨人在抛散一把熏香和香料到风中来奉献思绰茂兹。约每年2次,他们会宣告一场针对某只邪恶空栖息生物(如奇美拉、双足飞龙、或彩色龙)的神圣 欧伽玛omjag(意为 “天空狩猎sky hunt”),来崇拜他们的守护神。这只野兽将被依据仪式狩猎、杀死并献祭给思绰茂兹。
Cloud giants devoted to Stronmaus begin each morning by scattering handfuls of incense and spices to the winds. About twice per year, they worship their patron by declaring a sacred omjag ("sky hunt") on an evil air creature such as a chimera, wyvern, or chromatic dragon. The beast is then ritually hunted, killed, and offered to Stronmaus.

In stark contrast to their brothers, the storm giant followers of Stronmaus view the god's ever-present smile as a form of mockery. They worship their patron by organizing great ceremonies designed to demonstrate their ability to overcome earthly obstacles (such as a great quest, hunt, or survival walk). Often, these rituals press the giants to the limits of their abilities and place them in great mortal danger. Storm giant followers of Stronmaus also preach that all sins require atonement and offer absolution to their brethren in the form of mild physical punishment.

习俗,规矩,禁忌Customs, Rules, Taboos:

Regardless of their breed, priests of Stronmaus always stop to pray during or immediately after a rainstorm or thunderstorm (even such a storm summoned by the priests themselves). Devotees are also forbidden to build fires, though there are no restrictions against them warming themselves at fires built by others.

特殊魔法Specialty Magic:

  思绰茂兹的祭司能如4级祭司法术般,选取 闪电束lightning bolt(3级法师法术)。
Priests of Stronmaus may select lightning bolt(3rd-level wizard spell) as a 4th-level priest spell.