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  出现频率FREQUENCY:非常罕见Very Rare
  组织ORGANIZATION:社区Community 或 单独solitary


  宝藏TREASURE:S,T,V x 3(x 6 在巢穴中),X
  阵营ALIGNMENT:中立邪恶Neutral evil

  出现数量NO. APPEARING:1-4

  生命骰HIT DICE:8+4
  每轮攻击次数NO. OF ATTACKS:4次

  特殊攻击SPECIAL ATTACKS:心灵震爆Mind blast,使用法术spell use

  经验回报XP VALUE:9,000


Alhoon look like living mind flayers (mauve-skinned, octopusheaded beings with four mouth-tentacles, and three-fingered hands). The only visible difference between illithid and illithilich is that an alhoon's skin is dry and often wrinkled, never glistening with slime.


Alhoon attack with four tentacles, as living mind flayers do. Once a tentacle hits, it does 1d4 points of damage per round automatically, as it bores on into the victim's body. Attacks on a tentacle (consider it AC 7) doing it 5 points or more of damage in a single round cause it to recoil, drawing out of the victim's body. It will then always strike at a new spot; an attack roll is required, and boring time to the victim's brain remains 1-4 rounds. Tentacles striking a victim elsewhere than its head do damage for 4 rounds and then withdraw; they are not long enough to reach the brain.

  灵吸怪巫妖保留了其生前的灵能力量,相当于一位有3个能系、5种理念、14种信念的7级灵能师。摄心魔以 心灵震爆mind thrust 攻击,它们有18点心灵异能值和1d100+250点灵能点数。同所有夺心魔一样,灵吸怪巫妖也拥有以下能力:星界投射astral projection身体平衡body equilibrium(它们唯一的心能代谢异能)、操控肢体control body支配术domination超感ESP漂浮术levitation预植暗示post-hypnotic suggestion概率旅行probability travel传送术teleport、以及其它因人而异的能力(参考 PHBR5/《完全灵能手册The Complete Psionics Handbook》)。
An illithilich retains the psionic powers it had in life, being the equivalent of a 7th level psionicist, with 3 disciplines, 5 sciences, and 14 devotions. Alhoon attack with a mind thrust, having a Power Score of 18, and 1d100 + 250 psionic strength points. Like all mind flayers, illithiliches always have the abilities of astral projection, body equilibrium (their only psychometabolic power), control body, domination, ESP, levitation, post-hypnotic suggestion, probability travel, and teleport, and possess other abilities varying from individual to individual, as well (consult PHBR5/The Complete Psionics Handbook).

In addition to their tentacles and psionic abilities, illithiliches can cast spells as 9th level mages (spells: 4, 3, 3, 2, 1). Typically, they use a wide variety of spells seized from human mages, spellbooks found in tombs, and the like—and always avidly seek more, driven by their hunger for power. An alhoon can use a spell (as well as its tentacle attacks) in any round in which it does not use psionics.

  摄心魔不获得不死生物的特殊攻击(譬如人类巫妖的 冻寒之触chill touch),但它们拥有不死生物对 睡眠sleep魅惑charm 相关魔法的“标准”免疫能力。祭司们无法驱散或消除它们,也不会被圣水、寒铁、防护邪恶protection from evil、阳光、银制武器伤害或妨碍——但那些专门用来对付不死生物的法术依然有效。
Alhoon gain no special undead attacks (such as a human lich's chill touch), but do have "standard" undead immunities to sleep and charm- related magics. They cannot be turned or dispelled by priests, and are not harmed or impeded by holy water, cold iron, protection from evil, sunlight, or silver weapons—but are subject to spells specifically affecting undead.


  摄心魔唾弃由主脑统治的灵吸怪社会,会毫不犹豫地将活着的夺心魔变成受到思想控制的奴隶(就像它们在世时会把所有其它生物当作奴隶一样——这个过程在它们身后仍然在进行)。它们经常独自生活在地表世界——通常是杀死某位人类法师、接管对方的高塔;但在 幽暗地域Underdark 中,它们会为了共同生存、分享法术、以及获得战胜卓尔精灵、杜尔加矮人、斗篷怪、底栖魔鱼以及活的夺心魔的免费助力而合作。在能看见最终的好处时,夺心魔会施展它们的外交手腕并忠诚于盟约——但它们本性认为其它所有生物无非是些畜生,承诺于它们而言只是些空洞的方便工具。摄心魔将真正的巫妖和眼魔视作它们最大的竞争对手,因此会尝试尽可能谨慎地摧毁它们。
Alhoon spurn illithid societies ruled by elderbrains, and do not hesitate to take living mind flayers as thoughtcontrolled slaves (just as they took all other creatures as slaves, when alive—a process continued in lichnee state). They usually live alone in the surface world, often slaying a human wizard and taking over his remote tower, but in the Underdark cooperate for mutual survival, sharing spells and aid freely to overcome drow, duergar, cloakers, aboleth, and living mind flayers alike. Alhoon are capable of diplomacy and of loyally adhering to alliances when they see an ultimate benefit—but they consider all other beings cattle, and promises to them merely empty conveniences. Alhoon regard true liches and beholders as their greatest rivals, and accordingly destroy them whenever prudently possible.


Alhoon have no need for sustenance, but their bodies adapt only imperfectly to lichnee state; many magical parts of most lichdom processes used by humans fail on a strongly-magic resistant mind flayer body. Alhoon are plagued by ongoing skin wrinkling and tissue desiccation, which they counteract by bathing, or by drinking water, soup, alcohol, and other liquids. Nutrients need not be ingested, and poisons absorbed in this way will harm a mind flayer (lowering its hit points in the usual way), but cannot "kill" it (it reaches a minimum of 6 hp, and takes no further damage). The lichnee state neutralizes most poisons (healing all damage done by them) in 2d4 turns. Illithiliches enjoy devouring brains just as they did in life, but do not need to do so. Sometimes (3 in 12 chance), devouring a brain gives an alhoon mental "glimpses" of 1d12 thoughts that the brain held, either at random, or (if the alhoon concentrates on a topic, such as magical items, written spells, or treasure locations), thoughts most closely related to a chosen topic.

Essence of alhoon brain is a general ingredient in spell-writing inks, and can be employed with great advantage in the crafting of any magical item concerned with effects of the minds of creatures.