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2e<Men1.p093>无翼奇趣蛋Wingless Wonder


真无翼奇趣蛋True Wingless Wonder

  气候/地形CLIMATE/TERRAIN:任意,除极地Any except arctic
  出现频率FREQUENCY:非常罕见Very rare
  组织ORGANIZATION:单独solitary 或 成对mated pair


  阵营ALIGNMENT:混乱中立Chaotic Neutral

  出现数量NO. APPEARING:1-2
  移动速度MOVEMENT:6,游泳Sw 4

  生命骰HIT DICE:2+2
  每轮攻击次数NO. OF ATTACKS:10次

  特殊攻击SPECIAL ATTACKS:灵能爆发Psionic blast,野魔法wild magic
  特殊防御SPECIAL DEFENSES:反魔法场Anti-Magic Shell

  经验回报XP VALUE:975

被变形的无翼奇趣蛋Transformed Wingless Wonder


  智力INTELLIGENCE:如同之前情况As previously possessed

  宝藏TREASURE:任意Any(可能是零likely Nil)
  阵营ALIGNMENT:如同之前情况As previously possessed

  移动速度MOVEMENT:6,游泳Sw 4

  生命骰HIT DICE:如同之前情况As previously possessed
  每轮攻击次数NO. OF ATTACKS:10次

  特殊攻击SPECIAL ATTACKS:见下See below

  士气MORALE:如同之前情况As previously possessed
  经验回报XP VALUE:变化Varies


  阿拉咔哒alkada,或者说“无翼奇趣蛋wingless wonder”,是一种滑稽的野兽,看上去就像个会走的蛋(也有人就这么称呼它们)。它用两条软弱无力的腿摇摇晃晃地站着,腿的末端是橡胶状、黏糊糊的垫子,它还有一对小胳膊、不停地拍打着——这便是它最常见名字的来源。它唯一能发出的声音就是尖锐的叽喳声。
The alkada, or "wingless wonder," is a comical beast that resembles a walking egg (which it has also been called). It stands rather unsteadily on two weak legs that end in rubbery, sticky pads, and has two small arms, which it flaps constantly; hence its most popular name. The only sound it can make is a high-pitched chittering.

Wonders are blue-green in color, with purplish undersides. They redden slightly when angry or excited. A wonder's mouth is atop its head, surrounded by nine tentacles (old tales and records suggest that there was once a related species that had twelve tentacles—and additional powers not possessed by wonders today).

These pitifully clumsy, waddling misfits of nature are often more deadly than they appear. Many of them are in reality far more powerful, transformed creatures—such as high-level wizards.


Wingless wonders are curious, shortsighted (10' or so effective vision and infravision), and seemingly fearless. They wander through life feeling along everything they come into contact with, employing their mouth-fringe of nine rubbery, retractile tentacles.

  奇趣蛋的触手为2~12呎长,可随它心意延长或缩短,这些触手承担着处理食物和移动的功能。触手的末端是橡胶状、粘性的,能够抓住和固定接触到的任何东西(13或更高的力量值可以挣脱奇趣蛋的攫抓,酒精和滑腻腻的油脂也可以挣脱奇趣蛋)。奇怪的是,尽管像 纠缠术entangle 这样的法术能够影响它们,但任何类型的网、或 君王胶sovereign glue 或 粘性法球viscid globs(如详述于FOR2/《幽暗地域的卓尔Drow of the Underdark》的同名魔杖产生的)都无法抓住它们。
A wonder's tentacles are 2 to 12 feet in length, extending or shortening as it desires, and serve to handle food and to aid the wonder in moving about. Their ends are rubbery and sticky, able to grasp and hold anything they touch (a Strength of 13 or greater can break a wonder's grip, as can alcohol and oil of slipperiness). Curiously, wonders cannot be held by any sort of webs, or by sovereign glue or viscid globs (produced by the wand of the same name, detailed in FOR2/The Drow of the Underdark), although spells such as entangle do affect them.

A wonder can extrude a bony hook from deep within each tentacle, to grasp struggling food or to slash when fighting off a foe. This does 1 hp of damage. In any round of combat, every tentacle can strike at a foe (or multiple foes, if the wonder is surrounded), twice. The first attack does damage (1 hp per success fully striking tentacle). The second attack is an attempt to grasp the foe: roll d20 for the target, and d10 for the wonder, adding to the wonder's total the number of tentacles it's using (tentacles engaged against another foe, or holding items, cannot participate). If the target's total is higher, the target tears free of the tentacles; if the wonder's adjusted total is higher, the target is dragged within reach of the wonder's mouth, and automatically bitten (for 2d4 damage). The wonder always releases a target after one bite.

Foes attempting to sever a wonder's tentacles will find that they have an effective Armor Class of 3 (able to suddenly retract from harm), and one can only be severed if it is dealt 7 hp of damage or more in a single round (total hp damage to tentacles does not matter, except to kill the wonder by damage accumulation).

Wingless wonders radiate a continuous, natural anti-magic shell, that stops all magical attacks inches from their skins. This aura is visible as a faint purple-white faerie fire glow around any wonder that is carrying an egg (developing young inside itself).

  让人倍感好奇的是奇趣蛋们看上去似乎是拥有天赋“野”魔法的生物。每日1次,奇趣蛋能释放一道随机次级魔法效果——类似于 惊奇魔杖wand of wonder 所释放的异能。这样的效果将在奇趣蛋选择的时候起效,但它无法控制将发生什么。这一魔法效果似乎在从其反魔法场中抽取力量,后者将出现明显的闪烁和脉冲。野魔法效果显现的轮是法术能穿透反魔法场、影响的的唯一时机,不过奇趣蛋的敌人需要自己发现这点。
This is doubly curious, as wonders seem to be creatures possessing natural "wild" magic. Once per day, a wonder can unleash a random minor magical effect—akin to the powers unleashed by a wand of wonder. Such an effect will be at the time of a wonder's choosing, but it can't control just what will occur. The magical effect seems to draw power from the antimagic shell, which flickers and pulses visibly. The round in which the wild magic effect manifests is the only time spells can penetrate the shell, to affect the wonder itself, although foes of a wonder will have to discover this for themselves.

Wonders regenerate naturally, regaining 1 lost hit point every 2 rounds. This healing power does not seem to extend to the delicate, fuzz-covered outer skin of an alkada: it does not heal quickly, and many wonders are bleeding copiously when found, leaving a bloody trail wherever they go. Wonders are immune to damage from all forms and sources of fire.

  无翼奇趣蛋也表现出了一种永久的、看似牢不可破的心灵屏障。其功能与 心灵奉献telepathic devotion(详述于PHBR5/《完全灵能手册The Complete Psionics Handbook》)相同,但试图与让奇趣蛋参与灵能战斗将总是失败;在作用于一头奇趣蛋时,那些旨在接触或影响心灵的法术也将失效;那将展现一瞬间的五彩缤纷的精神混沌印象,然后,奇趣蛋的心智似乎就“滑”走了。奇趣蛋另外唯一一种灵能活动发生在它被杀的时候:一声“垂死的尖叫”将直指杀害它的人。这类似于夺心魔的 心灵爆发mental blast:它将呈现为一道圆锥体,由垂死的奇趣蛋瞄准,长60呎,底宽5呎,末端宽20呎。效果区域中的所有生物必须通过-4惩罚的对抗魔杖豁免检定,否则将困惑(如同被法师法术 困惑术confusion 影响)1d10+2轮。他们还必须进行对抗喷吐武器豁免检定,否则将被 弱智feebleminded(如同同名法师法术)。两次豁免都失败的生物不会受到精神上的影响,但将被“心灵灼烧mindburnt”而遭受2d12点物理伤害。奇趣蛋们不能被以魔法或物理手段晕眩或压制,它们在精神上似乎不受周遭发生的灾难和严重暴力的影响,而是会在战场中央毫不在意地叽叽喳喳、摇摇晃晃,或是在巨龙的吐息武器的中心地带小跑!
Wingless wonders also exhibit a permanent, seeminglyunbreakable mind bar. This functions as the telepathic devotion (detailed in PHBR5/The Complete Psionics Handbook), but attempts to engage a wonder in psionic combat always fail; the spells that aim to contact or influence the mind fail when used on a wonder; there is a momentary impression of colorful mental chaos, and then the wonder's mind seems to 'slip' away. The only other psionic activity that a wonder ever exhibits occurs if it is slain: a 'dying scream' directed at its killers. This is similar to the mental blast of a mind flayer: it manifests as a cone, aimed by the dying wonder, 60 feet long, 5 feet wide at the base, and 20 feet wide at its end. All creatures in the area of effect must save versus wands at -4 or be confused (as in the wizard spell confusion) for 1d10 +2 rounds. They must also save vs. breath weapon or be feebleminded (as the wizard spell). A creature who fails both saves is not mentally affected at all, but is "mindburnt" for a physical loss of 2d12 hp. Wonders cannot be stunned or subdued by magical or physical means, and seem mentally unaffected by disasters or great violence occurring around them, chittering and waddling unconcernedly in the midst of a battlefield, or trotting in the heart of an attacking dragon's breath weapon!


Despite its seeming host of immunities and special powers, a wonder is easily killed by purely physical means, and wonders are therefore rare in populated areas. Wonders are always curious, and are attracted to brilliant red or purple colors and flashy objects. They are fascinated by gems; any treasure a wonder carries are gems it has swallowed. These stomach-stones are typically a wide variety of pretty stones, some nearly valueless. Wonders seem to spend most of their time curiously examining things around them, and sampling them to see if they can be eaten.

Wonders are bisexual. Whenever solitary wonders encounter another of their species, the two entwine tentacles and chitter excitedly in chorus for 2 rounds. This appears to be mating contact. Wonders may wander together in mated pairs, but are usually solitary.

Wonders develop eggs within their bodies, excreting them when they are ready to hatch (gestation seems to take 6 or 7 months). An egg falls to the ground as its parent wonder wanders away, ignoring it, and splits open in 1d4 rounds, to reveal a small and even more clumsy (but otherwise fully-developed, having 1 + 1 HD but all the other statistics of an adult) wonder.


Wonders eat mainly fruits and vegetables, although they will devour worms, birds, small animals that stray into the reach of their tentacles, and carrion. The flesh of a wonder is poisonous (save vs. poison at -1, or take 3d10 points of damage, within 1d4 rounds; if the save is successful, only 1d4 points of damage are suffered, accompanied by a brief, wrenching nausea). Wonders lose their anti-magical properties immediately upon death—and if part of a wonder is cut away from its living body, that part retains no special powers or properties. A Wonder's skin rots away in 3 + 1d4 days, but while still intact, it can serve as a cloak protecting (half to no damage, if saving throw successful) against non-magical fire.

被变形的无翼奇趣蛋Transformed Wonders:

There is a 20% chance that any wingless wonder encountered will not be a 'natural' wonder at all, but a transformed being. Most transformed beings are human mages. Those who encounter a wonder never know if it is merely a curious beast, a helpless victim able to unleash only random small magics— or a disguised magic user, able to cast powerful memorized spells!

  当他们的王国沦陷时,许多来自 耐瑟瑞尔帝国Netheril 的法师使用一种后来被卓尔精灵(独立)二次发明的法术,遁入了奇趣蛋形态;这道 奇趣蛋形态法术wonderform 被包含在本书的其它地方。这些被变形的人可以在奇趣蛋形态正常说话、使用魔法,并随意摆脱奇趣蛋形态。由于这种生物的心智被完全屏蔽无法触及到,并且 奇趣蛋形态法术wonderform 将以“正常的”奇趣蛋阵营掩盖其真正的阵营灵光,所以这是一种能够防止敌人能轻易探测到伪装的、非常有效的藏身处。
Many wizards from Netheril escaped into wonder form when their kingdom fell, using a spell later (and independently) duplicated by drow mages; the wonderform spell included elsewhere in this book. Such transformed folk can speak normally, and work magic, while in wonder-shape, and escape from wonderform at will. As the being's mind is completely shielded from contact, and the wonderform spell masks its true alignment aura with a 'normal' wonder's alignment, this can be a very effective hidingplace from a foe who is able to probe disguises readily.

  其他人就没那么幸运了——大部分地表人类(通过传说和民谣)知晓的基本都是这类倒霉蛋。几个世纪前,恶名昭著的'掷法者'“巫师”德舒尔特Durshult the Mage(此君以挑战巫师、在法术战中击败他们、然后夺走他们所有魔法为业),在 博德之门Baldur's Gate 的法术决斗中败给女术士 哈莉拉·珊迪尔Haleera Shundyl 后,被后者变成了一只无翼奇趣蛋。当德舒尔特的命运被广为人知后,以无翼奇趣蛋形态囚禁敌人成了一时风尚。
Others are not so lucky—and they are the sort most known to surface-world humans, through tales and ballads. Several centuries ago, the notorious 'spellslinger' Durshult the Mage (who made a career of challenging mages, defeating them in spellcombat, and then seizing all their magic) was turned into a wingless wonder by the sorceress Haleera Shundyl, after losing a sorcerous duel to her in Baldur's Gate. After Durshult's fate became widely known, it was for a time a fad to imprison enemies in wingless wonder form.

  臭名昭著的 “叛逆巫师Rebel Mage”费尔·戈迪普Phaerl Godeep(一位反抗自己城市统治女祭司们的男性卓尔)就被迫囚禁为奇趣蛋形态——他大概至今仍然是位无助的、被嘲笑的囚犯。唯一被知道称为“守望蜘蛛法师the Watchspider Wizard”的一位卓尔法师已知已经采用奇趣蛋形态,以躲避一只被召唤并被(一位愤怒的女祭司)派来杀死他的 蜡融妖yochlol。几位人类巫师,包括 泰瑟尔王国Tethyr奥齐伊拉·十二星Auziiyra Twelvestars断杖the Broken Staff布朗德思Brondeth 可能仍然以奇趣蛋形态幸存于幽暗地域中的某处,在卓尔的攻击者们淹没了他们守卫的人类矿工社区时,他们使用了这种形态来避免死于卓尔之手。
The infamous 'Rebel Mage' Phaerl Godeep, a drow male who rebelled against the dictates of the ruling priestesses in his city, was forcibly imprisoned in wonder form—and presumably is still a helpless, ridiculed prisoner. The drow wizard known only as "the Watchspider Wizard" is known to have taken refuge in wonder form to elude a yochlol summoned and sent (by an angered priestess) to slay him. Several human mages, including Auziiyra Twelvestars of Tethyr and Brondeth of the Broken Staff, may still survive somewhere in the Underdark, in the wonder forms they assumed to escape death at the hands of drow attackers who overwhelmed the human mining community they were guarding.

  在 魔索布莱城Menzoberranzan,卓尔精灵法师 塔尔博内·费恩·特拉巴Thaerlbone Faen Tlabbar 和(学院Academy 的)丹尼斯·图恩塔尔大师Master Daethleness 已知通过使用无翼奇趣蛋形态逃脱了“罗斯的正义justice of Lloth”——此外,阿德丽丝·米兹瑞姆Ardreyth Mizzrym(米兹瑞姆家族时任主母),在一次狩猎中,她随手鞭打了一只挡路的奇趣蛋,却因此收到了一份致命的惊喜——这个蛋蛋咆哮着释放了一阵流星群,将她和周遭的家人尽皆炸死。当烟尘飘散,惊奇的卓尔幸存者们看见这只被熏的焦黑的奇趣蛋漫不经心地站在被煮沸的大屠杀中,在它自己的法术中毫发无伤地幸存了下来。它叹了口气,滑步离开。那只被变形的奇趣蛋仍然在幽暗地域中的某处;卓尔们不敢去阻碍它去完成自己的事业。
In Menzoberranzan, the drow wizards Thaerlbone Faen Tlabbar and Master (of the Academy) Daethleness Tuin'Tarl are known to have escaped the justice of Lloth by taking wonder form—and Ardreyth Mizzrym, Matron of her House at the time, received a fatal surprise when she casually lashed a chittering wonder out of her path during a hunt—and it snarled and unleashed a meteor swarm that fried her and most of her family around her. When the drifting smoke thinned, the blackened wonder was seen, by the astonished drow survivors, standing unconcernedly amid the cooked carnage, having survived the full damage of its own spell. It sighed and shuffled slowly away. That transformed wonder is still out there in the Underdark, somewhere; the drow dared not try to stop it going on about its business.

Surface-world wizards have developed spells that specifically polymorph a foe into wonder-form, and drow priestesses of the Underdark also use a spell to work the same effect, which keeps the wizards alive in case their power is needed later, but as vulnerable, helpless, non-threatening things. Beings so entrapped cannot speak (though they can use sticks to write words or draw symbols)—they can only chitter, as 'natural' wonders do.

Lacking any means to work spells or effectively communicate with others, such unfortunates are trapped, although they retain their human intelligence and knowledge. Existence as a wonder may drive a human insane. Check at the end of each year; to avoid insanity, a percentile roll score must exceed a total of 50 minus the character's wisdom. A trapped being can always, by force of will, unleash a wonder's natural random magical effect (as noted earlier), but has no control over what effect occurs.

  释放被困于奇趣蛋形态的生物的唯一方法,便是在他们每日1次释放野魔法效果的那一轮。当在这轮,反魔法场 将变得可见、并开始肉眼可见地闪烁。于这轮在这只奇趣蛋身上施展 驱散魔法dispel magic移除诅咒remove curse 或措辞恰当的 变形他人polymorph other,将使其变回其真实形态——不过这只生物必须进行一次对抗身体休克生存检定。
The only way to free a being trapped in wonder form is during the once-daily round in which they unleash a wild magic effect. During this round, the anti-magic shell becomes visible, and flickers visibly. A dispel magic, remove curse, or properly-worded polymorph other spell cast at the wonder during this round will return the being to its true form—although the being must make a System Shock Survival roll.