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【音   标】DOO-muh-THOE-in
【头   衔】山峰下密藏的保守者Keeper of Secrets under the Mountain,沉默的保守者the Silent Keeper,山峰之盾the Mountain Shield
【阵   营】N
【神   力】I
【神   职】金属和其它埋葬的财富(即大地之下的密藏)的看管人Keeper of metals and other buried wealth (secrets under the earth),大地的财富the earth's riches,矿石ores,宝石gems,矿产minerals,采矿mining,探索exploration,盾矮人种族the shield dwarf race,亡者的守护guardian of the dead
【神   系】摩丁萨曼诸神The Morndinsamman
【主   神】摩拉丁Moradin
【盟   友】卡勒杜兰·滑手Callarduran Smoothhands希劳拉妮Cyrrollalee盖布Geb贡德Gond谷蓝巴Grumbar弗兰达·钢皮Flandal Steelskin摩丁萨曼诸神the Morndinsamman(除了 阿巴索Abbathor深地·杜菈Deep Duerra拉杜格Laduguer),沙苟贞·大地唤者Segojan Earthcaller莎罕妮·月弓Sehanine Moonbow司寇雷乌斯·岩骨Skoraeus Stonebones
【敌   对】阿巴索Abbathor深地·杜菈Deep Duerra齐雅温纱丽Kiaransalee拉杜格Laduguer厄尔德连Urdlen地精族和邪恶巨人神系the goblinkin and evil giant pantheons
【神   国】外域the Outlands矮人山脉Dwarvish Mountain深邃竖井之厅Deepshaft Hall
【徽   记】在山峰(轮廓)内部,一块切割、抛光过的宝石, A cut, faceted gem inside a mountain (silhouette)
【简   介】杜马松Dumathoin 是盾矮人与切岩矮人之神,他的神国与伊尔神思因毗邻,两者存在着某种非敌对关系。他从不开口,而以手势交流。

2eFR<Demihuman Deities.p060>杜马松Dumathoin


  (山峰下密藏的保守者Keeper of Secrets under the Mountain,沉默的保守者the Silent Keeper,山峰之盾the Mountain Shield)

  外域中等神力Intermediate Power of the Outlands,

  神职PORTFOLIO:金属和其它埋葬的财富(即大地之下的密藏)的看管人Keeper of metals and other buried wealth (secrets under the earth),大地的财富the earth's riches,矿石ores,宝石gems,矿产minerals,采矿mining,探索exploration,盾矮人种族the shield dwarf race,亡者的守护guardian of the dead
  神域名DOMAIN NAME:外域Outlands矮人山脉Dwarvish Mountain深邃竖井之厅Deepshaft Hall
  盟友ALLIES:卡勒杜兰·滑手Callarduran Smoothhands希劳拉妮Cyrrollalee盖布Geb贡德Gond谷蓝巴Grumbar弗兰达·钢皮Flandal Steelskin摩丁萨曼诸神the Morndinsamman(除了 阿巴索Abbathor深地·杜菈Deep Duerra拉杜格Laduguer),沙苟贞·大地唤者Segojan Earthcaller莎罕妮·月弓Sehanine Moonbow司寇雷乌斯·岩骨Skoraeus Stonebones
  敌对FOES:阿巴索Abbathor深地·杜菈Deep Duerra齐雅温纱丽Kiaransalee拉杜格Laduguer厄尔德连Urdlen地精族和邪恶巨人神系the goblinkin and evil giant pantheons
  徽记SYMBOL:在山峰(轮廓)内部,一块切割、抛光过的宝石, A cut, faceted gem inside a mountain (silhouette)
  信徒阵营WOR. ALIGN.:任意Any


  杜马松Dumathoin(读作“DOO-muh-THOE-in”)是 山峰下密藏的保守者Keeper of Secrets under the Mountain,他藏匿着大地的密藏,直到那些配得上且勤奋的矮人准备好被引导到它们那里。他将铁、铜、金、银、秘银岩脉安置在他觉得能最好地犒赏其追随者之处。他照管着所有种族矿工的安全与保护,并扮演着作为盾矮人保护神与 切岩矮人the urdunnirin 创造者的特定角色。
Dumathoin (DOO-muh-THOE-in) is the Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain, and he hides the secrets of the earth until deserving and diligent dwarves are ready to be guided to them. He lays veins of iron, copper, gold, silver, and mithral where he feels they will best benefit his followers. He watches over the safety and security of miners of all races and has a special role as the protector of shield dwarves and the creator of the urdunnirin.

  在 摩拉丁Moradin 任命他为盾矮人的保护者时,杜马松在群峰下为他们创造了一片天堂。他塑造了极为美丽自然洞穴,并把丰富而美丽的、闪闪发光的金属与熠熠生辉的水晶宝石的矿层镶嵌在其中。然而,在看见矮人们以他们采掘的矿石制作的华丽工艺品时,他感到了愉快与荣幸,以及,一丝的敬畏。于是,他不再反对隧穿、挖矿或是收集地下的宝藏。
Dumathoin created a paradise under the mountains for the shield dwarves when Moradin named him their protector. He shaped natural caverns of great beauty, studded with rich and beautiful deposits of shining metals and glittering outcroppings of crystalline gems. He was angered when the dwarves began to mine the mountains, destroying the beauty he had created. Dumathoin was pleased, flattered, and a little awed, however, when he saw the finely crafted items the dwarves produced from the ores they had mined. He no longer objects to tunneling, mining, or the collecting of treasures underground.

  然而,笨拙或粗糙地切割岩石,而不平整大地、不遵循自然的流动、不凸显岩石们独特特征的行为,会令 沉默的保守者The Silent Keeper 皱起眉头。会导致洞穴坍塌和水淹的切凿则更不为他所喜,而那些劫掠者会将其公然激怒。(在杜马松眼中的)劫掠者是各种族中那些为了不义或自私的目的,拿走了大地的财富(换句话说,把它们带到了地面)的人,他们拿走的超过了他们应得的份额,而他们在身后留下的是碎石和其它垃圾。
The Silent Keeper frowns, however, on clumsy or crude rock-cutting that does not smooth the earth, follow the natural flows, and highlight the individual features of the rocks. Cutting that causes cavern collapses and floodings are even less to his liking, and he is openly angered by those who pillage. Pillagers, in Dumathoin's eyes, are beings of all races who take the earth's riches away (in other words, to the surface) for unfair or selfish purposes, taking more than their share and leaving rubble and other messes in their wake.

  杜马松与 盖布Geb弗兰达·钢皮Flandal Steelskin沙苟贞·大地唤者Segojan Earthcaller 以及其祂大地与锻工方面的非矮人神明相善。他为非矮人锻工神提供了精金矿石,有时也会为了金属和矿石与其祂神明(通过他和祂们的祭司)进行贸易。杜马松与灵吸怪之神 伊尔神思因Ilsensine 存在着某种类型的非敌对关系。但除了他们在外层位面的神国位置非常接近外,对其祂所有神力而言,这种关系的确切性质都不得而知,而在 诸国度the Realms 中两位神明的追随者之间,并不存在这种缓和。
Dumathoin is friendly with Geb, Flandal Steelskin, Segojan Earthcaller, and other nondwarven gods of the earth and smithcraft. He supplies nondwarven gods of blacksmiths with adamantite ore and sometimes does business with the other gods (through his and their priests) for metals and ores as well. Dumathoin has a nonhostile relationship of some sort with Ilsensine, god of illithids. But aside from the close proximity of their outer planar realms, the exact nature of the relationship is unknown to any other powers, and no such detente exists between the two gods' followers in the Realms.

The Silent Keeper never speaks, communicating instead with gestures. He has never been known to do more than grunt or sigh (in exertion or pain) in the presence of mortals. Dumathoin may also set subtle clues as to his purposes and the nature of the world beneath the surface, such that only those with keen eyes and wits can perceive them. The Keeper has a stolid patience and tolerance (particularly of nondwarves and hasty behavior) lacking in most other dwarven deities. However, he is just as patient and implacable an enemy when angered. Most who offend Dumathoin and realize what they have done set at once to loudly and fervently praying for his forgiveness. They frequently offer to make amends by bringing back gems and metal treasures to the place where they offended him - immediately, if possible, or by a specified time otherwise. If they keep this promise, Dumathoin is usually appeased. If they seem forgetful, they had better not ever go near a mountain or cave again!

  尽管杜马松的大量时间被花在了 外域the Outlands,但他使用自己 石视术stone seeing 能力(范围无限)来维持对 托瑞尔星球Toril 地下环境和山脉地区几乎恒定的监视。
Although Dumathoin spends much of his time in the Outlands, he uses his stone seeing ability (unlimited range) to keep underground and mountainous areas of Toril under almost constant surveillance.


克兰贾丁的化身Clangeddin's Avatar

  (战士Fighter 34,土元素师Earth Elementalist 30,牧师Cleric 25,盗贼Thief 12)

Dumathoin appears as a barrel-chested male dwarf with hair and beard of sculpted gray stone, earth-brown skin, and eyes of silver fire. His shoulders are as broad as most barn doors, and his arms are knotted and bulging with corded muscles. He casts priest spells from the spheres of all, combat, creation, divination, elemental (earth, fire), healing, protection, travelers, and wards. He can only cast wizard spells from the school of elemental earth and those spells that involve earth, stone, or metal. (The fact that he grunts and gestures rather than verbalizes does not affect his spellcasting capabilities.)

  防御等级 -6;移动 12 或 15;生命值 238;零级命中值 -10;#攻击 5次/2轮
  伤害 5d6+18 (+5鹤嘴锄,+11 力量,+2 对阔剑专精)
  魔抗 70%;体型 中型M (6呎高) 或 超大型H (18呎高)
  力量 23,敏捷 17,体质 24,智力 19,感知 21,魅力 17
  法术 祭司P:12/12/12/11/10/8/4,法师W:8/8/8/8/8/8/8/7/7 *
  豁免 麻痹、毒素与死亡魔法 2;权杖、法杖与魔杖 1**;石化或变形 4;喷吐武器 4;法术 4
  AC -6; MV 12 or 15, Br 12 or 15; HP 238; THAC0 -10;#AT 5/2
  Dmg 5d6+18 (mattock +5,+11 STR,+2 spec. bonus in broad sword)
  MR 70%; SZ M (6 feet tall) or H (18 feet tall)
  STR 23, DEX 17, CON 24, INT 19, Wis 21, CHA 17
  Spells P:12/12/12/11/10/8/4, W:8/8/8/8/8/8/8/7/7 *
  Saves PPDM 2, RSW 1**, PP 4, BW 4, Sp 4
    *Numbers assume one extra elemental earth spell per spell level.
    **Includes dwarf +6 CON save bonus to a minimum of 1. The CON save bonus also applies to saves vs. poison to a minimum of 1.

特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Def:

  杜马松挥舞着 熔岩之锤Magmammer,那是一柄以凝固的岩浆制成的+5鹤嘴锄,拥有 泰坦鹤嘴锄mattock of the titans泰坦木槌maul of the titans 的全部力量。
Dumathoin wields Magmammer, a mattock +5 made of solidified magma with all of the powers of a mattock of the titans and a maul of the titans.

  杜马松免疫所有基于土、石、金属和火焰的法术。他也免疫灵能、以及任何来自预言或附魔/魅惑学派的法术。杜马松可以看穿120呎范围的固体岩石,并且其随时随刻都在运用 石视术,这令他可以占察托瑞尔地表或地下的任何位置。每日1次,他能召唤3d6只16HD土元素来为他效命12回合;它们将为他奋战至死。若在地下被遭遇,杜马松拥有与其显现(见下)的相同方式,以局部的岩崩攻击对手。每轮1次,他能通过一道简单的手势来引发一场这样的崩落,准确无误地对20呎直径区域内的一切造成4d8点伤害。当与大地处于身体接触时,杜马松每轮 再生 3点伤害。
Dumathoin is immune to all earth, stone, metal, and fire-based spells. He is also immune to psionics, as well as any spell from the schools of divination or enchantment/charm. Dumathoin can see through solid rock to a range of 120 feet, and he employs stone seeing at all times, allowing him to scry anywhere on or beneath the surface of Toril. Once per day he can summon 3d6 16-HD earth elementals to do his bidding for 12 turns; they will fight to the death for him. If encountered underground, Dumathoin has the power to attack opponents by localized rockfall the same way he manifests (see below). He can cause such a fall once per round by a simple gesture, unerringly doing 4d8 damage to all in a 20-foot-diameter area. When in physical contact with the earth, Dumathoin regenerates at 3 points of damage per round.

A magical weapon enchanted to +2 or better is required to hit Dumathoin. He is completely immune to any elemental earth sphere or school spell, effect, or ability that he does not wish to be affected by. He is immune to all dragon breath weapons that create fire, lightning, cold, or acid.



其祂显现Other Manifestations

The Keeper of Secrets commonly manifests in two helpful ways and two harmful ways, treating dwarves and nondwarves equally.

  常是在矿工或其它生物迷失于地下环境,尤其是当他们的光源全部消失时,杜马松的力量通过使得石墙中暴露的 岩石水晶rock crystal 按照有序、引诱、描绘了路线的闪耀或闪烁,指导他们到达安全之地。当水晶缺失时,裸岩区域可能会发一段时间的光。
Often when miners or other creatures are lost underground, particularly when their light sources are all gone, the power of Dumathoin guides them to safety by causing rock crystals exposed in the stone walls to sparkle or wink in sequence, beckoning and outlining a route. Where crystals are lacking, areas of bare rock may glow for a time.

Many miners pray to Dumathoin in thanks for another underearth phenomenon:the sudden, spontaneous shifting of wedged boulders or rubble blockages that have trapped miners or prevented their further exploration.

In the same way, they call rumblings in the deep and other earth tremors "the warnings of Dumathoin" and heed them whenever they occur, particularly as a cavern is first entered or a rockface first struck with pick or hammer. If warning tremors are ignored, or Dumathoin's anger is severe, a cave-in occurs above the offenders - typically a minor one doing 4d8 points of damage (a successful saving throw vs. petrification reduces this damage to 2d8 points). Dumathoin also uses this technique to punish individuals whose actions offend him. In such cases, the Keeper typically causes a localized rockfall (in other words, down on the head of one offending character) from either a rock ceiling overhead, or if on the outside of a mountain, from a peak or ledge above. The damage is the same as that of a cave-in, but no saving throw to reduce it is allowed, and there is no chance of other characters being hit or a further collapse occurring - Dumathoin's power is precise.

  杜马松被以下事物侍奉着:火矮人、土或火元素、格莱石人、不死矮人、以及切岩矮人。他以发现珍稀矿石的矿脉和各种类型的宝石(白钨石octel、铁卫石shandon、榍石sphene、以及岩石水晶除外,这些都是 蓓伦妮Berronar 的圣物)来展现他的眷顾。沉默的保守者通过以下来表明他的不悦:使富饶的矿脉被迅速耗尽,领着矿工们发现 黄铁矿pyrite(也被称作 愚人黄金fool's gold),或是在宝石切割工具第一次触碰时,令未切割的原石碎成无用的碎片。
Dumathoin is served by azer, earth and fire elementals, galeb duhr, undead dwarves, and urdunnirin. He demonstrates his favor through the discovery of veins of precious ore and gems of all types (except octel, shandon, sphene, and rock crystal, all of which are sacred to Berronar). The Silent Keeper indicates his displeasure by making rich veins play out quickly, leading miners to discover pyrite (also known as fool's gold) or causing uncut gems to shatter into worthless fragments upon the first touch of a gemcutter's tools.

教会The Church

  神职人员CLERGY:牧师Clerics,护教军crusaders,专属祭司specialty priests
  神职阵营CLERGY'S ALIGN.:守序善良LG,中立善良NG,守序中立LN,绝对中立N
  驱散不死TURN UNDEAD:牧师C:可Yes;护教军Cru:不可No;专属祭司SP:不可No
  支配不死COMND. UNDEAD:牧师C:不可No;护教军Cru:不可No;专属祭司SP:不可No

  杜马松的所有牧师(包括战士/牧师)、护教军、以及专属祭司得到 宗教知识religion(矮人dwarven)和 阅读/书写reading/writing(矮人语符文Dethek runes)作为非武器熟练奖励。杜马松的牧师(以及兼职牧师)在7级前不能驱散不死,但他们在针对不死生物的所有攻击和伤害骰+2。在第7级和更高,牧师(包括兼职牧师)能如其他牧师那样驱散不死,但牧师等级比当前等级-4。除非有特别注明,这些修正只适用于牧师职业,而不适用于护教军或专属祭司。直到 动荡之年Time of Troubles 前,杜马松的所有祭司都是男性,但在那之后,教会已开始接受女性。
All clerics (including fighter/clerics), crusaders, and specialty priests of Dumathoin receive religion (dwarven) and reading/writing (Dethek runes) as bonus nonweapon proficiencies. Clerics of Dumathoin (as well as multiclassed clerics) cannot turn undead before 7th level, but they always strike at +2 on all attack and damage rolls againstundead creatures. At 7th level and above, clerics can turn undead as other clerics do, but as a cleric of four levels less than their current level. These modifications apply only to the cleric class. All priests of Dumathoin were male until the Time of Troubles; recently, however, females have been permitted in the clergy.

  所有生活在(或是冒险进入)地下区域或群山中的矮人,或是那些从事着与大地的财富直接相关的工作者,崇拜沉默的保守者。所有的矮人矿工和许多非矮人矿工即便不完全支持他,也至少都会讨好他。北地the North 的矿工,以及诸国度各地的矮人矿工,经常会随身携带一颗 小钻石diamond、玛瑙agate 或其它宝石(大约价值10gp,但因上文已述的原因,不会有白钨石、铁卫石、榍石、以及岩石水晶)来吸引他的亲睐。
All dwarves who live in (or venture into) subterranean areas or mountains, or those who work directly with the riches of the earth, worship the Silent Keeper. All dwarven miners and many nondwarven ones at least appease him, even if they do not fully support him. Miners in the North and dwarves throughout the Realms often carry a small diamond, agate, or other gemstone (of about 10 gp value, but not including octel, shandon, sphene, or rock crystals, for reasons noted above) with them to attract his favor.

  杜马松的神殿和神龛们通常建在北地各地的矮人据点中,如 阿德巴Adbarrim费尔巴Felbarr远山厅Hillsafar Hall精铁城Ironmaster秘银厅Mithral Hall泰瑟亚玛Tethyamar、以及 远丘the Far Hills。在 至高沙纳塔High Shanatar地底沙纳塔Deep Shanatar (现在的 安姆Amn艾瑞卡扎Erikazar泰瑟尔Tethyr卡林珊Calimshan)曾经支配的土地,也有杜马松的神殿。虽然杜马松的神龛和神殿通常存在于盾矮人的堡垒中,而在除了金矮人(在金矮人的国度里,它们只是不常见而非罕见)外其它矮人亚种中都相当罕见。但是金矮人在 深地国度the Deep Realm 的城市中至少修筑了两座宏伟的杜马松礼拜场所。杜马松的神殿修筑在最深、隐蔽地最好的自然洞穴中,矮人的开拓和改造不会取消其备选资格。这样的洞穴通常因为他们珍贵矿石的矿脉和/或周边岩石中存在许多宝石而被选中,虽然杜马松的隐藏礼物的存在并非必须严格的必需条件。在这类神殿的中心是由天然的巨砾或大型石块制作的朴素祭坛。描绘了沉默的保守者各种外观的雕像群、分列于墙上。
Temples and shrines of Dumathoin are commonly found across the North, in dwarven holds such as Adbarrim, Felbarr, Hillsafar Hall, Ironmaster, Mithral Hall, Tethyamar, and the Far Hills. There are also temples in the lands that were once held by the realms of High and Deep Shanatar (now the kingdoms of Amn, Erikazar, Tethyr, and Calimshan). While shrines and temples of Dumathoin are typically found in the holds of the shield dwarves, they are extremely rare among the other dwarven subraces, except for the gold dwarves - in whose realms they are merely uncommon. But the gold dwarves have constructed at least two grand Dumathan houses of worship in the cities of the Deep Realm. Temples of Dumathoin are constructed in the deepest and best-hidden natural caverns, which may be opened up or improved by dwarves without disqualifying them for use. Such caverns are commonly chosen for their veins of precious ores and/or the presence of many gems in the surrounding rock, although the presence of Dumathoin's hidden gifts is not strictly necessary. At the heart of such temples are simple altars consisting of natural boulders or large stone blocks. Statues of the Silent Keeper, depicting him in his many aspects, line the walls.
[译注:Hillsafar Hall——是Hillsfar Hall的全称。]

  杜马松的初修士名为 未雕琢者the Uncut。在许下 沉默誓言the Silent Vow 后,他们将变为正式祭司,并名为 盾牌的保守者Keepers of the Shield。依据升序,盾牌的守护者使用的头衔如下:玛瑙Agate、缟玛瑙Onyx、紫水晶Amethyst、烟色红锆石Jargoon、石榴石Garnet、黄玉Topaz、蛋白石Opal、蓝宝石Sapphire、以及 钻石Diamond。最高阶的杜马松祭司被统称为 贝裘里宝石Beljurils,但大多数也有独特的个人头衔。专属祭司名为杜马松的秘赠delvesonns(音译为 德尔夫森斯),这是个矮人语词汇,可以粗略地翻译为“杜马松的隐藏礼物”。杜马松的神职人员主要由盾矮人(80%)、金矮人(18%)以及灰矮人(1%)构成。非矮人(如人类、岩侏、强心半身人以及斯涅布力侏儒)组成了神职人员的剩余部分,且必须是牧师、护教军或(若正常情况下,该种族允许如此兼职)战士/牧师。杜马松的神职人员几乎均分为专属祭司(45%)和牧师(44%)。神职成员剩余部分是战士/牧师(6%)或护教军(5%)。祭职者仍然主要为男性(97%)。
Novices of Dumathoin are known as the Uncut. Upon taking the Silent Vow, they become full priests and are known as Keepers of the Shield. In ascending order of rank, the titles used by the Keepers of the Shield are Agate, Onyx, Amethyst, Jargoon, Garnet, Topaz, Opal, Sapphire, and Diamond. The highest ranking priests of Dumathoin are collectively known as Beljurils, but most have unique individual titles as well. Specialty priests are known as delvesonns, a dwarvish word that can be loosely translated at Dumathoin's hidden gifts. The clergy of Dumathoin is composed primarily of shield dwarves (80%), gold dwarves (18%), and gray dwarves (1%). Nondwarves, such as humans, rock gnomes, stout halflings, and svirfneblin, make up the remainder of the clergy and must be clerics, crusaders, or (if normally permissible to the race in question) fighter/clerics. Dumathoin's clergy is nearly evenly split between Specialty Priests(45%) and clerics (44%). The remainder of the clergy members are fighter/clerics (6%) or crusaders (5%). The priesthood is still predominantly (97%) male.


  行走于深沉而沉默的杜马松之道。寻求着 山峰下密藏的保守者Keeper of Secrets under the Mountain 的秘密馈赠。那隐藏之物是珍贵的,而那珍贵之物也应保持隐藏。去寻求提升杜马松赠礼的自然之美,与深地的轮廓相伴(而非相抗)。美丽,在于发现和精雕细琢,而不在于拥有。让我们逝者的埋葬地不受亵渎、能被好好照料;我们种族高贵的祖先将不会被盗贼和亵渎者洗劫和侮辱。不死生物、尤其是那些使用了矮人形体的不死生物,它们是对摩拉丁造物的嘲弄,是不可忍受的。
Walk the deep and silent ways of Dumathoin. Seek out the hidden gifts of the Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain. That which is hidden is precious, and that which is precious shall stay hidden. Seek to enhance the natural beauty of Dumathoin's gifts and go with, not against, the contours of the deeps. Beauty is in the discovery and the crafting, not the holding. Keep the places of our dead inviolate and well tended; the noble ancestor of our race will neither be robbed nor mocked through the actions of thieves and defilers. Abide not undead creatures, especially those that take the form of dwarves, thus mocking the creation of Moradin.

日常活动Day-to-Day Activities:

Priests of Dumathoin seek always to uncover the buried wealth of the earth without marring the beauty of the ways beneath the surface or being overly greedy. They often supervise mining operations and maintain underground safety and security. They work to clean up the rubble of mining, to grow and put in place luminous fungi and edible deep-mosses, and to direct water through the earth to best serve the underlife that includes, of course, dwarves. Priests of this faith are always hunting for new veins of ore, new sources and species of useful fungi, and new delves or underways never explored before. They try to identify encountered dangers and determine strategies to deal with these menaces of the deep places appropriately. They also bargain with other (nonhostile) underground races to avoid over-exploitation of resources.

A priest of Dumathoin is always learning the tiniest details of conditions and life underground. Most priests are therefore invaluable in leading companions through the underways in darkness (for example, when all torches have been used). They can also find water, veins of ore, and cracks or fissures that provide ways out, or can be mined to yield a way from one cavern to another.

  作为山峰下密藏的保守者,杜马松亦是去世矮人的保护者。虽然在矮人文明早期年代可能并非如此,但自与 耐瑟瑞尔Netheril 同期存在的、失落的矮人王国——阿玛林达Ammarindar 的时代以降,杜马松的祭司已是主要的殡葬业者和坟墓保护者。事实上,杜马松的祭司们把他们的神明法官作为密藏的维护者,因为矮人坟墓是很难找到的,更别说探究它们的秘密了。
As Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain, Dumathoin is the dwarves' protector in death. While it may have been otherwise in the early days of dwarven civilization, Dumathoin's priests have been the primary morticians and tomb protectors since the latter days of Ammarindar, the lost dwarven realm that existed as a contemporary of Netheril. In fact, priests of Dumathoin do their god justice as Keeper of Secrets, for it is incredibly difficult to find dwarven tombs at all, let alone plumb their mysteries.
[译注:-4160DR,在灰峰山脉 (Graypeak Mountains)的地下,盾矮人王国阿玛林达 (Ammarindar)建立。]

圣日/重要仪式Holy Days/Important Ceremonies:

  新月之夜和这样的夜晚前后的白天被作为圣日。因为月亮被认为在此期间躲藏到了地表地下深处,它们被统称为 三重深土之石the Deepstone Triad。同样的,该信仰的 高阶长老High Old One 能发布名为 宏伟之日Splendarrsonn 的特殊圣日,时间通常在矮人们发现了一处新的大矿脉、失落的地下财富藏匿点或坑穴,或是其它某些类型的东西。
Nights of new moons and the days to either side of each such a night are considered holy days. They are known collectively as the Deepstone Triad, for the moon is considered to be hidden deep beneath the surface during this time. Also, special holy days known as Splendarrsonn can be decreed by a High Old One of the faith, usually when dwarves discover a major new lode, lost subterranean treasure cache or delve, or something of the sort.

Gems and jewelry are sacrificed to Dumathoin at each celebration of the Deepstone Triad and on all other holy days. Such precious stones are offered up on altars dedicated to the god. Gems sacrificed to the Keeper are pulverized and mixed with certain herbs and fungal secretions to derive a paste that serves to make rock porous, help plant material adhere to it, and provide nourishment for plants in contact with it. With buckets of this acrid, purple-and-green fibrous paste, priests of Dumathoin creep about the underways painting and planting fungi and other plant life to improve the underground environment. These improvements include not only beautification of the underground ways, but also concealment of stone dwarven doors, redirection of watercourses to turn water-wheels or fill reservoirs, and so on.

Among the various burial practices used by priests of Dumathoin, there are only three set precepts that must be met. First, the body must be washed, and three or more stone burial tokens - the corpse's personal mark, the clan's mark, and Dumathoin's mark - must be braided into the deceased's beard. Second, the corpse is clothed in his or her own armor or a light suit of mail burial armor. (No matter what trade a dwarf plied in life, none enters the afterlife unarmored and unreadied.) Finally, the priest presiding over the burial must create a song honoring the dead dwarf's life and deeds; the song is carved into the lid of the coffin or sarcophagus (or when in a large clan tomb with numerous niches for fallen dwarves, onto the back of a mausoleum seal, a plaque, or a marker covering the recess where the deceased is buried).

The song is never sung out loud in honor of the ever-silent Dumathoin. If someone finds it and speaks or sings it aloud, it is believed that a curse will settle on the one who committed the sacrilege. (Some suggest that the corpse itself might reanimate and smite the offender.)

Burial practices may change slightly to suit particular clans, but a number of alterations in typical burial practices occur upon the passing of a dwarf deserving of special status. In general, there are simply more ceremonies, and more attention is paid to the construction of the tomb. The following are some specific variations that might be found in the burials of important dwarves:

  ❖祭司的葬礼是一段更为复杂和冗长的过程,把杜马松的崇拜和这些祭司所侍奉的神明结合在了一起。祭司们因此往往被埋葬在保护严密的坟墓中,而他们的石棺则被来自祭司的友人们和信徒的象征物和祭品环绕(如果未繁多到干脆将石棺淹没的话)。克兰贾汀Clangeddin 或摩拉丁的祭司常被陪葬以生前所征服的最伟大对手的遗骸,以确保在往生后也能有一场对矮人仇敌的宏伟战斗。不同于其它矮人墓葬,祭司法术将在祭司的葬礼中被大量使用,以保护遗骸和祭品(以及,有些人暗示,这也是为了阻止诸神在他们的仆人们去世后呼唤他们)。
  ❖ The burial of a priest is a more convoluted and lengthy process, incorporating aspects of Dumathoin's worship and that of the god whom the priest served. Priests therefore tend to be buried within well-guarded tombs, and their sarcophagi are surrounded by (if not buried under) tokens and offerings from the priest's friends and faithful. Priests of Clangeddin or Moradin are often interred with the remains of their greatest conquered adversary, ensuring a grand afterlife of battle against dwarf-foes. Unlike many other dwarven tombs, priests' spells are used heavily in the interment of a priest to protect the remains and offerings (and, some hint, to prevent the gods from calling on their servants after their time has passed).

  ❖ Clan allies of any race can be interred within dwarven tombs, but only if they fell in battle defending the allied clan, the tomb, or a place sacred to Dumathoin.

  ❖虽然其他被以标准仪式和装备埋葬,但法师总是被穿上银编织的长袍、密封在实心银棺(或是一座以银为内衬的墓葬圣诞马槽)中;这是由于一种诞生于一个古老的矮人神话的迷信,神话说杜马松向 密斯特拉Mystra 支付了与自己等重的银,从而让他的信徒们得到了针对打搅亡者安息的魔法的保护。
  ❖ While others are buried with standard ceremony and accouterments, wizards are always clad in robes made of woven silver and sealed in solid silver sarcophagi (or a burial crèche lined with silver); this is due to a superstition born of an old dwarven myth that Dumathoin paid Mystra his weight in silver to garner his faithful protection from the magics that disturb the sleep of the dead. While there is believed to be little truth in this legend, the custom still prevails.

  ❖ Clan outcasts (assuming a priest of Dumathoin willing to officiate over their burials can even be found) are buried without a clan mark in their beards, and their coffins or burial place markers often depict the broken or marred symbols of their former clans.

主要崇拜中心Major Centers of Worship:

  阿塔克斯普达伦苏恩Aecaurak Splendarrsonn,即 闪光宝石的镀金之厅the Gilded Hall of Glittering Gems,是座 米拉巴Mirabar 矿井的心脏深处、位于名为地下第三层the Third Below的广阔自然洞穴。镀金厅是 迦拉高尔Gharraghaur 矮人王国,在千纪前由 海尔姆王室家族the Royal House of the Helm 的 阿纳若克国王King Anarok 第一次作为杜马松神殿奉献的。这座原始的洞穴,坐落于几条金矿脉的连结处,在几个世纪前被杜马松的追随者们扩大,以揭示金矿石的美丽与闪亮而不实际采掘它们。这给人一种整个洞穴都被金叶镀上的印象。此外,成千上万的宝石被附魔得以漂浮在室内,其中有少许还充当着 恒久之光continual light 法术的焦点,在洞穴中创造出了绚丽多彩的彩虹。镀金之厅当前的高阶祭司是 山峰之声Voice of the Mountain 阿格瑞杰·严锤Agrathan Hardhammer,一位由 闪光之石议会Council of Sparkling Stones 选举出的 米拉巴参议员Councilor of Mirabar。人类和矮人矿工都会出席在阿塔克斯普达伦苏恩的崇拜仪式。
Aecaurak Splendarrsonn, the Gilded Hall of Glittering Gems, is a vast natural cavern deep in the heart of Mirabar's mines, on the level known as the Third Below. The Gilded Hall was first consecrated as a temple of Dumathoin millennia ago by King Anarok of the Royal House of the Helm in the dwarven realm of Gharraghaur. The original cavern, located at the nexus of several veins of gold, was expanded centuries ago by the followers of Dumathoin so as to reveal the beauty and brightness of the golden ore without actually extracting it. This gives the impression that the entire cavern is gilded with gold leaf. In addition, thousands of gems have been enchanted so as to float about the chamber, and a few of them serve as the focus of continual light spells, creating a brilliant rainbow of colors throughout the cavern. The current high priest of the Gilded Hall is Voice of the Mountain Agrathan Hardhammer, a prominent Councilor of Mirabar's elected Council of Sparkling Stones. Both human and dwarven miners attend worship services at Aecaurak Splendarrsonn.

  隐藏的沉默之穹the Vault of Hidden Silences,这座长期封闭的杜马松神殿,仍然存在于 深水城Waterdeep 地下的 地脉迷城Undermountain 深处的 失落层面the Lost Level。班达尔·杜马瑟尔Bandaerl Dumatheir,他是莱克斯之子son of Rykos,梅莱尔之血脉blood of Melair,杜马松的高阶长老High Old One of Dumathoin,麦莱尔波德之本质的保护人protector of Melairbode's essence(麦莱尔波德是一位大巫妖专属祭司),这位孤单的祭司在讨人厌的闯入者和 海拉斯特Halaster 的恶作剧面前,守卫着这座神殿和毗邻的 麦莱肯氏族Clan Melairkyn 的地穴。(这座神殿的进一步细节可以在《地脉迷城:失落的层面Undermountain:The Lost Level》中找到。)
A long-sealed temple of Dumathoin, the Vault of Hidden Silences, still exists on the Lost Level in the depths of Undermountain beneath the city of Waterdeep. A single priest, Bandaerl Dumatheir, son of Rykos, blood of Melair, High Old One of Dumathoin, and protector of Melairbode's essence (an archlich specialty priest), guards the temple and adjoining crypts of Clan Melairkyn from unwanted interlopers and Halaster's mischief. (Further details of this temple may be found in Undermountain:The Lost Level.)

  刚玉的探掘Corundumdelve,即 深地的隐匿宝石the Hidden Gem of the Depths,是切岩矮人在 费伦大陆Faerûn 地表下数十哩处修筑的一座传说中的杜马松神殿。这座坐落在卡林珊以东 阿姆瑞汶半岛Almraiven阿利密尔山脉Alimir 的地下深处的神殿,保持着隐匿。它的位置从未被透露过,甚至是在地底沙纳塔的的鼎盛时期、也未对这个王国的矮人透露过。不同于传统的神殿,隐匿宝石并不由墙体、通道和内庭组成,实际上它是个巨大的12面体,完全由紧紧塞满的紫水晶、红宝石以及蓝宝石构成,每颗都比矮人的头盔还大。在神殿中“航行”(甚或仅仅是坚持呆在其中都)需要在拥有在石头中穿行如同其不存在的能力,这是一项切岩矮人和个别杜马松能够施展 土行术earth walk 的高阶长老拥有的能力。
Corundumdelve, the Hidden Gem of the Depths, is a legendary temple of Dumathoin constructed by the urdunnirin tens of miles below the surface of Faerûn. Located deep beneath the Alimir mountains of the Almraiven peninsula in eastern Calimshan, this temple remains hidden. Its location has never been revealed, even to the dwarves of Deep Shanatar when that realm was at its height. Unlike conventional temples, the Hidden Gem is not composed of walls, passages, and chambers, but it is actually a vast dodecahedron composed entirely of tightly packed amethysts, rubies, and sapphires, each larger than a dwarven helm. Navigating (or even simply abiding in) the temple requires the ability to pass through stone as if it did not exist, an ability of the urdunnirin and a few High Old Ones of Dumathoin who are capable of casting earth walk.

从属组织Affiliated Orders:

  秘银之盾骑士团The Knights of the Mithral Shield,它基于 阿德巴堡Citadel Adbar,是支由300位 杜马松教派Dumathan 护教军和兼职杜马松秘赠/展示组成的组织。这些精英矮人矮人武者祭司充当着 阿德巴人Adbarrim 的 哈博姆国王King Harbromm、以及(随着矮人控制的 众箭要塞Citadel of Many Arrows 的陷落)费尔巴堡的 艾默瑞斯·战冠国王King Emerus Warcrown 的荣誉卫士。每位杜马松教派骑士宣誓将作为盾矮人(杜马松宣誓永远保护他们)的保护者侍奉 山峰之盾the Mountain Shield。
The Knights of the Mithral Shield, based in Citadel Adbar, is an order of 300 Dumathan crusaders and multiclassed delvesonn/fighters. These elite dwarven warrior priests serve as the honor guard of King Harbromm of Adbarrim and, as of the fall of the orc-held Citadel of Many Arrows, King Emerus Warcrown of Felbarr. Each Dumathan knight is sworn to serve the Mountain Shield as protector of the shield dwarves, whom umathoin is forever pledged to protect.

祭司的祭服Priestly Vestments:

Dumathoin's clergy favor leather garments, whether they be armor or mining gear. They keep their heads bare and wear earth-brown cloaks and over-robes. Like all dwarves, they grow their hair and beards long, but none of the Silent Keeper's generally hirsute priests braid or trim their hair. The holy symbol of the faith is a miniature silver pick.

冒险装束Adventuring Garb:

In times of likely strife, Dumathoin's priests garb themselves in the most effective armor and weapons available. The Silent Keeper's clergy members typically favor picks, hammers, and other mining tools in combat, but they are usually proficient in the use of a wide range of weapons.


专属祭司Specialty Priests(杜马松的秘赠Delvesonns

  职业需求REQUIREMENTS:体质Constitution 12,感知Wisdom 9
  关键属性PRIME REQ.:体质Constitution,感知Wisdom
  主修领域MAJOR SPHERES:共通All,创造creation,战斗combat,元素elemental(土earth,火fire),治疗healing,死灵necromancy,保护protection,结界wards
  次要领域MINOR SPHERES:预言Divination,守卫guardian,旅者travelers
  魔法物品MAGICAL ITEMS:如同牧师Same as clerics
  熟练需求REQ. PROFS:锻造Blacksmithing;选择 1:制甲师 或 武器锻造pick one:armorer or weaponsmithing
  熟练奖励BONUS PROFS:挖矿Mining,攀登mountaineering,生存survival(山脉mountains,幽暗地域Underdark)

  ❖ While most delvesonns are shield dwarves or urdunnirin, dwarves of nearly every subrace are called to be specialty priests of Dumathoin.

  ❖ Delvesonns are not allowed to multiclass.

  ❖ Delvesonns may select nonweapon proficiencies from the warrior group without penalty.

  ❖杜马松的秘赠无时无刻受到如 心灵护盾之戒ring of mind shielding 提供的保护,并且完全免疫 超感ESP侦测谎言detect lie知晓阵营know alignment,以及类似的灵能异能。
  ❖ Delvesonns are protected at all times as if by a ring of mind shielding and are completely immune to ESP, detect lie, and know alignment, as well as comparable psionic powers.

  ❖每日1次,杜马松的秘赠能施展 侦测金属与矿石detect metals and minerals(如同详述于《神力与神系Powers & Pantheons》中的1级祭司法术)或 石拳术fist of stone(如同1级法师法术)。
  ❖ Delvesonns can cast detect metals and minerals (as the 1st-level priest spell detailed in Powers & Pantheons) or fist of stone (as the 1st-level wizard spell) once per day.

  ❖在第5级,每日1次,杜马松的秘赠能施展 融身入石meld into stone塑石术stone shape(如同3级祭司法术)。
  ❖ At 5th level, delvesonns can cast meld into stone or stone shape (as the 3rd-level priest spells) once per day.

  ❖在第7级,随意使用,杜马松的秘赠能如同等级的法师般,施展 鉴定术identify(如同1级法师术)。
  ❖ At 7th level, delvesonns can cast identify (as the 1st-level wizard spell) as a wizard of the same level at will.

  ❖在第10级,每日1次,杜马松的秘赠能施展 石肤术stoneskin(如同4级法师术)。
  ❖ At 10th level, delvesonns can cast stoneskin (as the 4th-level wizard spell) once per day.

  ❖在第13级,每日1次,杜马松的秘赠能施展 穿墙术passwall(如同5级法师术)。
  ❖ At 13th level, delvesonns can cast passwall (as the 5th-level wizard spell) once per day.

  ❖在第15级,每日3次,杜马松的秘赠能与石头交谈(如同6级祭司术 石言术stone tell)。
  ❖ At 15th level, delvesonns can speak with stones (as the stone tell 6th-level priest spell) three times a day.

  ❖在极其罕见的情况下,尤其受沉默的保守者眷顾的、单职业的杜马松的秘赠,会被选中作为 杜马松选民the Chosen of Dumathoin,并继续升级到14级以上,而不需要支付3倍正常经验值。(这些人通常会变成在DM控制下的NPC。)在超过14级后,杜马松的秘赠的身体将慢慢钙化。当这一石化过程完成(通常是在十年内)时,杜马松选民将完全由岩石构成,其肤色为浅灰色,眼睛正常——除了虹膜将像深绿色的祖母绿一样闪闪发光外。在此之后,杜马松的选民被认为是一种祭司类大巫妖,拥有对应的所有额外能力和限制。尽管有新形体的束缚,这位杜马松的秘赠将保留与正常矮人祭司一样的、完整的机动力和移动速度、声音和行为能力。
  ❖ In extremely rare circumstances, single-classed delvesonns who are particularly favored by the Silent Keeper are selected as the Chosen of Dumathoin and may continue to advance beyond 14th level without having to earn triple normal experience points. (These normally become NPCs under the control of the DM.) After 14th level is exceeded, the delvesonns physical body begins to calcify slowly. When the petrification process is complete (usually within a decade), the Chosen of Dumathoin is composed entirely of rock, with skin of lightgray hue, a heard composed of a cluster of stalactites, and normal eyes - except for the irises, which sparkle like deep green emeralds. Thereafter, the Chosen of Dumathoin is considered to be a priestly archlich, with all the attendant abilities and restrictions. Despite the strictures of the new form, the delvesonn retains full mobility and moves, sounds, and acts like a normal dwarven priest.

杜马松教派法术Dumathan Spells

  除了下列法术外,沉默的保守者的祭司们还可以施展详述于《神力与神系》中盖布Geb条目内的的1级祭司法术 侦测金属与矿石
In addition to the spells listed below, priests of the Silent Keeper may cast he 1st-level priest spell detect metals and minerals, detailed in Powers & Pantheons in the entry for Oeb.

2nd Level

杜马松的安息Dumathoin's Rest

  (祭司Pr 2;防护Abjuration,死灵Necromancy)

  距离Range:10 yards/level
  施法时间Casting Time:5
  影响区域Area of Effect:30 呎半径-foot radius
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

This spell causes animated skeletons and zombies to collapse. Such remains cannot be reactivated or reanimated for a minimum of 24 hours, during which time they will presumably be properly interred. This affects 2d6 Hit Dice of animated skeletons and/or zombies,3d6 Hit Dice if the remains are of dwarves.

The material component is the priest's holy symbol.

4th Level

地穴结界Crypt Ward

  (祭司Pr 4;防护Abjuration,附魔/魅惑Enchantment/Charm)可逆Reversible

  施法时间Casting Time:1 小时hour
  影响区域Area of Effect:100 平分呎square feet
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

This spell is cast over a dwarven tomb or crypt. If the tomb is larger than the spell's area of effect, additional castings can ensure that the entire crypt complex benefits from the spell. Otherwise, it is effective only within its 100-square-foot area.

  一旦 地穴结界 就位,它使得被埋葬在其中的矮人遗骸,会为了保护坟墓免遭盗墓贼的洗劫,而被临时活化。每当入侵者进入影响区域时,包含在内的矮人骨骸会被唤起并发起攻击。骨骸将如同等级为在设置地穴结界时施法者等级1/3(分数向下取整)的战士般攻击,拥有每3个施法者等级5点的生命值。因此,12级祭司施展的 地穴结界 会产生4级的骨骸,每具拥有20点生命值。然而,请注意:被活化的骨骸并非不死生物;相反,该效果类似于活化武器。若入侵者是其他矮人,只要访问者不企图洗劫墓葬,矮人骨骸则不会活化并攻击。其他种族若无一位矮人陪同,则将被攻击。
Once a crypt ward is in place, it causes the dwarven remains interred therein to animate temporarily in order to protect the tomb from grave robbers. Whenever an intruder enters the area of effect, the dwarven bones contained therein rise up and attack. The bones attack as fighters equal to one-third of the caster's level at the time the crypt ward is set up (fractions dropped) and possess 5 hit points per one-third level of the caster. Thus, a crypt ward cast by a 12th-level priest produces 4th-level bones that possess 20 hit points each. Note, however, that the animated bones are not undead creatures; rather, the effect is similar animates weapons. The dwarven bones do not animate and attack if the intruders are other dwarves, so long as the visitors do not attempt to plunder the tomb. Other races will be attacked if not accompanied by a dwarf.

In any case, the dwarven bones animated by this spell cannot leave the area of effect. If intruders flee the area, the dwarven bones return to their resting places until the next intrusion. If the animated dwarve sare slain, the remains have been destroyed.

  驱散魔法Dispel magic 不能解消 地穴结界,但 有限祈愿术limited wish祈愿术wish移除地穴结界remove crypt ward 可以。毁去这处墓葬建筑群中的所有矮人骨骸也可以解消这道法术。
Dispel magic cannot negate a crypt ward, but a limited wish, wish, or remove crypt ward can. The destruction of all the dwarven bones in the tomb complex also negates the spell.

  这道法术的逆向版本,移除地穴结界,让施法者能够解消一道 地穴结界。在大部分矮人飞地中,移除地穴结界 被保留给必须将矮人遗骸迁移到某处新地点的罕见时刻。尝试移除对应 地穴结界 的祭司,其等级必须与在该地设置这道法术的祭司等级相同或更高。
The reverse of this spell,remove crypt ward, enables the caster to negate a crypt ward. In most dwarven enclaves,remove crypt ward is reserved for rare times when dwarven remains must be transported to a new site. A priest attempting to remove the crypt ward must be of equal or greater level than the caster who set the spell in place.

  这道法术对所有矮人宗教的祭司都可用,但它的使用通常是为杜马松(他通常被认为是亡者的守护者)的祭司保留的。据说古代的矮人祭司远比今日的强大,所以有种可能,在真正的上古矮人据点中,那里的 地穴结界 无法被现代祭司移除。
This spell is available to priests of all dwarven religions, but its use is typically reserved for the priests of Dumathoin, who are generally regarded as the keepers of the dead. It is said that dwarven priests of old were far stronger than those of today, so it is likely that, in truly ancient dwarven strongholds, there are crypt wards that cannot be removed by modem priests.

The material components for both versions of this spell are the caster's holy symbol and the ritual sacrifice of 10,000 gp worth of precious metals and minerals.


  (祭司Pr 4;转化Alteration,元素土Elemental Earth)

  领域Sphere:元素土Elemental Earth
  距离Range:120 码yards
  施法时间Casting Time:7
  影响区域Area of Effect:3 立方呎/级 或 创造1块石头
  豁免检定Saving Throw:特殊Special

  这道法术使岩石物质以四种形式中的一种,瞄准一片区域突然落下。若在摩拉丁Moradin祭司施展 石火术stonefire 法术后3轮内,施展这道法术,那道法术的火焰伤害将增加这道法术的打击伤害。
This spell causes rocky materials present in an area to fall suddenly in one of four fashions. If this spell is cast within 3 rounds after a stonefire spell has been cast by a priest of Moradin, the fiery damage of that spell is added to the striking damage of this one.

  (1)若施展在地下环境,它将导致钟乳石坠落或开始坍塌。钟乳石的坠落将迫使预计的目标投掷1d6的敏捷能力检定。这检定模拟了坠落的钟乳石数量;如果可用的钟乳石数量较少,则减少检定的数量。每次失败的检定等同于一次2d6点伤害的命中。如果被击中的生物携带着易碎物品,或是有易碎物品处于钟乳石坠落位置之下,可能需要投掷对抗击破物品豁免检定。这种攻击相对不太可能(在1d6中骰出1)引起更普遍的塌方。如果引起了,选项 2 下的效果也将发生。
  (1) If cast underground, it causes stalactites to fall or starts a cave-in. A fall of stalactites forces the intended target to roll 1d6 Dexterity ability checks. This simulates the number of stalactites that fall; if fewer stalactites are available, lessen the number of checks. Each failed check equals one hit for 2d6 points of damage. Fragile items may well have to roll item saving throws vs. crushing blow if carried by a being that is struck or underneath an area where the stalactites fall. This sort of attack is relatively unlikely (roll of 1 on 1d6) to cause a more general cave-in. If it does, the effect under option 2 occurs as well.

  (2) A deliberate cave-in causes 4d8 points of damage to all below it (succeed at a saving throw vs. petrification for half damage). If the situation makes it possible for a cave-in to miss the intended targets, the priest must make a successful attack roll (at a +5 bonus to attack) as if attacking directly. A miss means that the target scrambled adroitly enough away to avoid all damage.

  (3) If cast indoors, it causes a ceiling collapse. An indoor ceiling collapse causes only 3d8 damage (succeed at a saving throw vs. petrification for half damage) to all below the area of effect, but damage to breakable items in the room and the space above the ceiling must be considered. Beings that fall down from or with the ceiling suffer 3d6 points of damage (minimum; a successful saving throw vs. spell lowers this damage to half) or more falling damage if directed by the distance fallen, at 1d6 per 10 feet fallen (save for half).

  (4) If cast in open air, it causes one fist-sized stone to fall rapidly out of the sky and strike the intended target, causing 3d8 points of damage. The target is allowed a saving throw vs. spell to avoid the missile and all damage.

The material component of this spell is a handful (at least three) of fingerjoint-sized or larger stones or pebbles.

5th Level

石视术Stone Seeing

  (祭司Pr 5;预言Divination,元素土Elemental Earth)

  领域Sphere:预言Divination,元素土Elemental Earth
  持续时间Duration:1 轮/级round/level
  施法时间Casting Time:8
  影响区域Area of Effect:特殊Special
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

  类似于法师法术 鹰眼术clairvoyance法师之眼wizard eye, 石视术 让施法者能够从法术选择的位置占察这位祭司视觉范围内的任意处。与这位祭司的距离并非一个要素,不过,不同于之前提到的法师法术,所选中的位置必须完全被包裹在坚固的岩石中。
Similar to the wizard spells clairvoyance and wizard eye, stone seeing enables the caster to scry whatever is within sight range of the priest from the spell locale chosen. Distance from the priest is not a factor, but, unlike the a forementioned wizards spells, the selected locale must be entirely contained within solid rock.

  石视术 让施法者能够看穿覆盖的岩石,范围为100码/施法者等级,或是这块岩石本身的范围,两者取其短。施法者一次只能看到一个方向,但通过调转头部,他能调整 石视术 的方向到任意期望的方向。这道法术让施法者能够看见在坚固的岩石中的各种矿脉和夹杂物,包括能够在岩石中穿行的生物如索尔石怪。这道法术让视线(仅能在矮人们能这么做的情形)让视线超越岩表,换句话说,如若施法者从洞穴地板、墙壁或天花板往外凝视一般。
Stone seeing enables the caster to see through the enveloping rock to a range of 100 yards per level of the caster or as far as the rock itself extends, whichever is less. The caster can only see in one direction at a time, but by turning his or her head, she or he can adjust the direction of the stone seeing in any direction desired. The spell enables the caster to see various veins and inclusions in solid rock, including creatures that can move through rock, such as xorn. The spell enables sight beyond the rock surface only as dwarves do, in other words, as if the caster were peering out from a cavern floor, wall, or ceiling.

The material components are the priest's holy symbol and a small stone chip of the type of rock on which the spell is centered.

6th Level

土行术Earth Walk

  (祭司Pr 6;转化Alteration)

  领域Sphere:元素土Elemental Earth
  持续时间Duration:1 回合/级turn/level
  施法时间Casting Time:1 轮round
  影响区域Area of Effect:仅施法者Caster only
  豁免检定Saving Throw:特殊Special

This spell enables the priest to pass into and through stone and earth as if she or he were a xorn with a movement rate of 6. This ability adapts well to ambush tactics, and opponents have a -3 penalty to their surprise rolls.

  施法者能携带的总重量达到祭司体重2倍的物品一起穿石。为了将这项能力用于进攻,祭司必须进行成功的攻击骰来攫取目标,后者随后被允许以成功的对抗石化豁免检定来挣脱。若豁免检定失败,则施法者将禁锢被抓住的生物(如同9级法师法术 禁锢术imprisonment 的效果)。解锢术freedom 法术能释放被困生物(如同 禁锢术 法术的逆向版本)。
The spellcaster can carry objects that weight up to twice the priest's body weight (total) through the stone as well. For the spellcaster to use this ability offensively, the priest must make a successful attack roll to grab the subject, who is then allowed a saving throw vs. petrification to break free. If the saving throw fails, the spellcaster imprisons the caught being (as effects of the 9th-level wizard spell imprisonment). A freedom spell releases the trapped being (as the reverse of imprisonment).

  一道施展在土行中的祭司上的 相位门phase door 将立即杀死这位矮人。
A phase door cast on a earth walking priest instantly kills the dwarf.