2e<DD.p100>柯瑞隆·拉瑞斯安Corellon Larethian

柯瑞隆·拉瑞斯安Corellon Larethian

  (精灵的造物主Creator of the Elves,保护者the Protector,席德瑞恩诸神的原初First of the Seldarine,生命的保护者与保存者Protector and Preserver of Life,众精灵的统治者Ruler of All Elves,阿梵多冕王Coronal of Arvandor)

  奔放之野强大神力Greater Power of Arborea,

  神职PORTFOLIO:魔法和精灵魔法(尤其是精灵高等魔法)Magic and elven magic(especially elven High Magic),音乐music,艺术arts,工艺crafts,战争war,精灵种族(尤其是金精灵)the elven race(especially gold elves),诗人poets,诗歌poetry,吟游诗人bards,武者warriors
  神国名DOMAIN NAME:奥林匹斯Olympus阿梵多国度Arvandor
  盟友ALLIES:裳提亚Chauntea希劳拉妮Cyrrollalee伊莉丝翠Eilistraee埃曼提恩基安Emmantiensien加尔·闪金Garl Glittergold荷鲁斯-雷Horus-Re洛山达Lathander拉芮Lurue梅丽凯Mielikki密里尔Milil摩拉丁Moradin密丝特拉Mystra奥伯龙Oberon塞伦涅Selûne希阿莉亚Shiallia斯凯里特Skerrit西凡纳斯Silvanus淑妮Sune塔蓬Tapann泰坦妮亚Titania提尔Tyr乌塔欧Ubtao悠妲菈Yondalla席德瑞恩诸神the Seldarine
  敌对FOES:希瑞克Cyric塔洛斯Talos玛拉Malar摩安多Moander空暗女王the Queen of Air and Darkness卓尔神系the drow pantheon(除了 伊莉丝翠Eilistraee),兽人与类地精神系the ore and goblinkin pantheons
  徽记SYMBOL:新月Crescent moon


  据说,精灵神系的首领-柯瑞隆·拉瑞斯安Corellon Larethian(读作“CORE-eh-lonLah-RETH-ee-yen”)-诞下了整个精灵种族,不过有时精灵的诞生也被归功于 莎罕妮Sehanine(或是 安格芮丝Angharradh)。精灵传说声称 优雅族裔the Fair Folk 是从柯瑞隆与 格乌什Gruumsh 的史诗之战流下、混合着莎罕妮(或是安格芮丝)的眼泪的鲜血中冒出来。精灵的造物主Creator of the Elves 具现了精灵的最高理想,而他也是大部分美学探索的守护神,包括艺术、魔法、音乐、诗歌和战争。他受到所有(除卓尔精灵和那些皈依了 罗丝Lolth关纳德Ghaunadaur维伦Vhaeraun、或是其祂黑暗神力的那些)优雅族裔的崇敬。柯瑞隆在精灵和半精灵巫师、音乐家和诗人中尤其受欢迎。
The leader of the elven pantheon,Corellon Larethian(CORE-eh-lonLah-RETH-ee-yen),is said to have given birth to the entire elven race,although sometimes Sehanine(or Angharradh) is given credit as well. Elven lore states that the Fair Folk sprang from drops of blood Corellon shed in epic battles with Gruumsh mingled with Sehanine's(or Angharradh's) tears. The Creator of the Elves embodies the highest ideals of elvenkind,and he is the patron of most aesthetic endeavors, including art,magic,music,poetry,and warfare. He is venerated by all the Fair Folk,except the drow and those who have turned to Lolth,Ghaunadaur,Vhaeraun,and other dark powers. Corellon is especially popular with elf and half-elf mages,musicians,and poets.

  作为席德瑞恩诸神的统治者,柯瑞隆是与几乎所有精灵神力都有着牢固的关系,这其中包括他与 阿罗诗(亦即罗丝)之女 伊莉丝翠Eilistraee,是在 幽暗少女the Dark Maiden 的坚持下,他才不情愿地将她与其母一起逐出。据说柯瑞隆当前的配偶要么是莎罕妮、要么是安格芮丝(具体取决于说话者所属的亚种);保护者the Protector 与二元面相的 月光女神the Goddess of Moonlight 和 三位一体女神the Triune Goddess 亲密协作着。只有 费马罗·莫斯德林Fenmarel Mestarine 与 阿梵多冕王Coronal of Arvandor 有些疏远,但 孤狼the Lone Wolf 与柯瑞隆的分歧并不都很大。面对人类似乎无穷无尽的扩张浪潮、永恒存在的怪物种群以及他们的黑暗神力的威胁,精灵的造物主已与其它亚人神系的首领、以及人类的善良和中立神力缔结了强大的联盟。保护者与 众魔法之母the Mother of All Magic 密斯特拉Mystra 亲密协作。由于 秘法女士the Lady of Mysteries 管理着 魔网the Weave,而柯瑞隆看顾着精灵魔法(尤其是精灵高等魔法),优雅族裔与笼罩着世界的魔法帷幕之间联系亲密。(关于精灵高等魔法的更多信息可以在《科曼索:精灵帝国Cormanthyr:Empire of the Elves》资料读物中找到。)柯瑞隆与兽人神系首领 “独眼神”Gruumsh One-Eye 之间的史诗之战是个传奇,这对泛神神系的族长在他们永无休止的领土斗争中从未达成过持久的停战。玛拉Malar 对席德瑞恩诸神与优雅族裔的无情攻击也为他赢得了柯瑞隆的永恒敌意。柯瑞隆与其前爱人阿罗诗(现名罗丝)之间的裂痕,仍像他将 蛛后the Spider Queen 逐入 无底深渊the Abyss 并将她命名为塔纳厘恶魔的那天一样苦涩。保护者与他的儿子维伦之间的裂痕也一样深重,保护者对 蒙面之主the Masked Lord 是否会忏悔自己的恶行感到绝望。在他对精灵和他们家园警惕的守护中,柯瑞隆已经赢得了那些信徒寻求攫取优雅族裔的森林、魔法或财富的无数神力的敌意。
As ruler of the Seldarine,Corellon has a strong relationship with almost all the other elven powers,including Eilistraee,his daughter by Araushnee(Lolth),whom he reluctantly banished from Arvandor along with her mother at the Dark Maiden's insistence. Either Sehanine or Angharradh is now said to be Corellon's consort,depending on the subrace of the speaker,and the Protector works closely with the Goddess of Moonlight and the Triune Goddess in their dual aspects. Only Fenmarel Mestarine is somewhat estranged from the Coronal of Arvandor,and the Lone Wolf's differences with Corellon are not all that great. The Creator of the Elves has forged strong alliances with the leaders of the other demihuman pantheons in the face of the seemingly endless waves of human expansion and the ever-present threat of the monstrous populations and their dark powers,as well as with the good- and neutral-aligned powers of the humans. The Protector works closely with Mystra,the Mother of All Magic. Whereas the Lady of Mysteries governs the Weave,Corellon oversees elven magic,particularly elven High Magic,and the intimate connection between the Fair Folk and the mantle of magic that envelops the world.(More information on elven High Magic is found in the Cormanthyr:Empire of the Elves sourcebook.) Corellon's epic battle with Gruumsh One-Eye,leader of the orc pantheon,is legendary,and the pair of pantheistic patriarchs have never reached a lasting truce in their never-ending battle over territory. Malar's relentless attacks on the Seldarine and the Fair Folk have likewise earned him Corellon's eternal enmity. The rift between Corellon and his former lover Araushnee,now known as Lolth,is still as bitter as the day he banished the Spider Queen to the Abyss and named her tanar'ri. The Protector's rift with his errant son Vhaeraun is nearly as deep,and the Protector has despaired of the Masked Lord ever repenting of his evil ways. In his vigilant defense of elves and their homelands,Corellon has earned the enmity of countless powers whose worshipers seek to seize the forests,magic,or wealth of the Fair Folk.

  柯瑞隆是位强大的战士神.他的双手以雕刻家的温柔和剑术大师无法言说的能力保护着他的作品们。在其祂神祇可能反映了优雅族裔的欢乐、喜悦和成就造诣的同时,柯瑞隆则时刻警惕地看顾着它们。他的生命灵魂在精灵和他们的土地之中流动着,凡人精灵们做着白日梦、进入幻想中,而柯瑞隆从不会放下他的警惕。只有当优雅族裔从 费伦大陆Faerûn 来到阿梵多国度时,他才会最终停止守护这位精灵,让席德瑞恩诸神在对他们的照料过程中发挥更大的作用。柯瑞隆经常以伪装(通常是以矮小的某个森林种族的形态出现)漫游于精灵的土地和边境,看顾祭司和工匠的活动,保护精灵的家园不受入侵者的侵扰。虽然他的武力迅猛而可怕,但话语温和的精灵造物主永远保持着谦逊,并总是会更快学习新事物,这是他力量的源泉之一。他喜欢发现(甚至是从凡人身上发现)新的哲学思想和新的行动方法,并且他对其它文化兴趣浓厚。
Corellon is a powerful warrior god whose hands protect his creations with the gentleness of a sculptor and the unspeakable power of a master swordswinger. While other deities may reflect the joy,delights,and accomplishments of the Fair Folk,Corellon stands as an ever-vigilant watcher over them. His life spirit flows from and into the elves and their lands,and while mortal elves daydream and enter the reverie,Corellon never abandons his watchfulness. Only when it is time for the Fair Folk to pass from Faerûn to Arvandor does he finally cease watching over each elf and allows Sehanine to take a larger role in caring for them. Corellon frequently wanders the elven lands and borders in disguise(often in the form of one of the diminutive sylvan race),observing the actions of priests and craftsfolk and defending elven homelands from interlopers. Though his martial might is swift and terrible,the soft-spoken Creator of the Elves is ever humble and always open to learning something new,one of his sources of might. He enjoys discovering new philosophies of thought and new methods of action,even from mortals,and he has a keen interest in other cultures.

  柯瑞隆的主要神仆是一对完全相同的灵魂:菲勒瑞赛尔Felarathael拉什瑞埃尔Lashrael。一些优雅族裔(尤其是金精灵)认为祂们是自行其是的半神,但柯瑞隆的报信者们实则都是炽天使,祂们的外形与高大闪亮、雌雄同体的精灵相似,并披覆闪烁着光芒的长袍。祂们最常被派遣为保护者到 诸国度the Realms 传递消息,而若是精灵们遭遇威胁,祂们也会被派去保护他们。然而,这对神仆性格迥异。拉什瑞埃尔很容易感情用事。在传递信息时,拉什瑞埃尔会带着强烈的信念发言,并且根据消息的具体情况极其地欢乐或悲伤。在战斗中,拉什瑞埃尔凶猛无情,既不要求施舍也不给予宽恕。另一方面,菲勒瑞赛尔则是一副理性超然的形象,祂以逻辑和冷静的理性对待所有情况。菲勒瑞赛尔语调缓慢、慎重,但祂的嗓音非常让人安心;在战斗中祂从容不迫。当拉什瑞埃尔或是菲勒瑞赛尔在战斗中击中一位受害者时,祂们可能会以以下效果中的其中一种代替:让受害者 沉睡sleeps(无豁免);受害者被随机传送1d10英里;受害者变变成一只林地动物;受害者将失忆。
Corellon's primary servitors are identical twin spirits,Lashrael and Felarathael. Held by some of the Fair Folk,particularly gold elves,to be demipowers in their own right,Corellon's messengers are solars who resemble tall,shining,androgynous elves clad in gleaming white robes. They are most often seen delivering messages for the Protector in the Realms,and they are also dispatched to defend elves if they are threatened. The two have distinctive personalities,however. Lashrael is given to emotional extremes. When delivering a message,Lashrael speaks with great conviction,and depending upon the message,enormous joy or sorrow. In battle,Lashrael is ferocious,neither asking nor giving quarter. Felarathael,on the other hand,is the very image of rational detachment,treating all situations with logic and calm reason. Felarathael always speaks in a slow,measured,but immensely reassuring voice,and fights with unhurried skill. When Lashrael or Felarathael strike a victim in combat,they may inflict one of the following effects in lieu of damage:victim sleeps(no saving throw allowed),victim is randomly teleported 1d10 miles,victim is polymorphed into a woodland animal,or victim suffers from amnesia.

柯瑞隆的化身Corellon's Avatar

  (战士Fighter 36,巫师Mage 35,吟游诗人Bard 29,牧师Cleric 25)

Corellon usually appears as an androgynous male elf of truly unearthly beauty and grace,although he can assume the form of either sex. Despite his obvious strength,the primary impression the Creator of the Elves radiates is that of litheness and swiftness,and he is possessed of incredible speed and reflex. He always wears a sky-blue cloak,a large amulet about his neck with a crescent moon motif within a large circle,and a pair of dazzling battle gauntlets. Corellon draws his spells from all spheres(although he never employs reversed forms) and schools.

  防御等级 -6;移动 15;生命值 224,零级命中值 -10;#攻击 5次/2轮
  伤害 3d10+18(+6 大型长剑,+10 力量,+2 专精任何剑) 或 2d10+15(+5长弓,+10 力量)
  魔抗 90%;体型 中型M(7英尺高)
  力量 22,敏捷 24,体质 20,智力 23,感知 22,魅力 24
  法术 祭司P:12/12/12/12/11/8/4,法师W:8/8/8/8/8/8/8/7/7
  豁免 麻痹、毒素与死亡魔法 2;权杖、法杖与魔杖 3;石化或变形 4;喷吐武器 4;法术 4
  AC -6;MV 15;HP 224;THAC0 -10;#AT 5/2
  Dmg 3d10+18(great long sword +6,+10 STR,+2 spec. bonus in any sword) or 2d10+15(long bow +5,+10 STR)
  MR 90%;SZ M(7 feet tall)
  STR 22,DEX 24,CON 20,INT 23,Wis 22,CHA 24
  Spells P:12/12/12/12/11/8/4,W:8/8/8/8/8/8/8/7/7
  Saves PPDM 2,RSW 3,PP 4,BW 4,Sp 4

  特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Def:柯瑞隆持有 沙翰德瑞安Sahandrian,一把巨大、闪光的+6长剑,如果有哪个不属于席德瑞恩诸神一员的家伙胆敢握持或持用这把剑,剑就会每轮对其造成4d10伤害(对地精类伤害翻倍)。他也使用 阿姆拉斯哈纳Amlath'hana,一把在一英里范围内绝不会错失目标的+5长弓(只要目标在他的视线内);而这把弓的箭来自一个无限的箭袋,每支箭都能造成2d10点伤害。柯瑞隆的护符效用如同一只 纯善护符talisman of pure good,他还有一柄纤细的魔杖,有着 威力法杖staff of power大法师法杖staff of the magi冰霜魔杖wand of frost 的全部威力,如有需要的话也有无限的充能次数。
Special Att/Def:Corellon wields Sahandrian,a great glittering long sword +6 that causes 4d10 points of damage per round to anyone else aside from a member of the Seldarine who dares to hold or wield it (double damage to goblinkin). He also employs Amiath'hana,a long bow +5 that never misses to a range of 1 mile(if the target is within his line of sight) and whose arrows,drawn from a quiver with an infinite supply,each deals 2d10 points of damage. Corellon's amulet serves as a talisman of pure good,and he has a slender wand with all of the powers of a staff of power,a staff of the magi,and a wand of frost,as well as unlimited charges available if necessary.

  在他施展法师或祭司法术之外,每轮1次,柯瑞隆可以随意施展任何一种精灵高等魔法仪式,不论是 独一仪式ritual of solitude、众数仪式ritual of complement 还是 无限仪式ritual of myriad,而不会受到任何惩罚。此外,每回合1次,他还能召唤1d4个16HD的风元素来执行他的意愿,这些风元素会毫无异议地侍奉他,直至不再被需要为止。
In lieu of casting a wizard or priest spell,once per round Corellon can cast any elven High Magic ritual at will,whether it be a ritual of solitude,a ritual of complement,or a ritual of myriad,without penalty. In addition,he can summon 1d4 16-HD air elementals to do his bidding once per turn that serve him unquestioningly until no longer needed.

  柯瑞隆免疫任何阻止他自由移动的法术(定身hold麻痹paralyzation蛛网术web,诸如此类)、造成伤害或能量吸取法术、以及任何形式的精神控制(魅惑人类charm person魔魂壶magic jar支配domination,诸如此类)。只要他不想被影响,他就免疫一切幻术/幻影学派的法术。只有+3或更好的魔法武器可以伤到他。
Corellon is immune to any magic that prevents his free movement(holdparalyzationweb,etc.),causes wounds or energy drains,or exercises any form of mind control(charm personmagic jardomination,etc.). He is immune to all spells from the illusion/phantasm school of magic that he does not wish to be affected by. He can be struck only by +3 or better magical weapons.

其祂显现Other Manifestations

Corellon manifests as an azure nimbus that envelops a living creature,weapon,or natural geological formation in an aura of flickering sky blue flame.

  该力量通常会给予被影响生物以下任意或全部援助,持续13轮:观点术idea(如同2级祭司法术);第六感sixth sense(如同1级祭司法术);巨力术strength(如同2级法师法术);暂时提升该生物的敏捷属性1d6点(最大20)。
This power typically gives any or all of the following aids to affected beings,for 13 rounds:idea(as the 2nd-level priest spell);sixth sense(as the 1st-level priest spell);strength(as the 2nd-level wizard spell) and a temporary 1d6-point boost to the being's Dexterity (maximum of 20).

  该力量通常会给予被影响武器以下任意或全部援助,持续13轮:刃之饥渴bladethirst(如同详述于《巫师之页Pages from the Mages》2级法师法术);焰舌flame tongue 武器的高温和点燃效果,或是 霜烙frostbrand 武器的寒冷效果;迅捷quickness,如同一柄 迅捷短剑short sword of quickness
This power typically gives any or all of the following aids to a weapon,for 13 rounds:bladethirst(as the 2nd-level wizard spell detailed in Pages from the Mages);the heat and burning effects of a flame tongue weapon or the cold effects of a frostbrand weapon;quickness,as a short sword of quickness.

  该力量通常会通过以下任意或全部方式影响地质构造:地震术earthquake(如同7级祭司法术);柔石术soften earth and stone(如同2级祭司法术);塑石术stone shape(如同3级祭司法术);璃化凝视glassee(如同6级法师法术)。
This power typically affects a geological formation in any or all of the following ways:earthquake(as the 7th-level priest spell);soften earth and stone(as the 2nd-level priest spell);stone shape(as the 3rd-level priest spell);or glassee(as the 6th-level wizard spell).

  席德瑞恩诸神召集 天军神使agathinon、阿修罗asura 和古树人作为他们首选的仆人,但柯瑞隆还被以下存在侍奉着:阿斯莫、天使(如上文所列的孪生炽天使)、baelnorn、buraq、cath shee、centaurs、cooshee、disenchanters、dryads、einheriar、eladrins (particularly firres and ghaeles)、精灵猫、feystags、firestars、firetails、金龙、hamadryads、hollyphants、hybsils、仁慈、勇气、信仰、希望、正义、节欲以及智慧具现、 ki-rin、kholiathra、lillendi、lythari、maruts、月犬、月马、noctrals、nymphs、oreads、pers、凤凰、reverend ones、喜乐妖精、sharn、银犬、银龙、sylphs、spectral wizards、spellhaunts、精魄、sunflies、t'uen-rin、独角兽、weredragons、以及 wizshades。他通过发现以下事物来展现他的眷顾:贝裘里宝石beljuril、新月形的石头、钻石diamond、月星石moonstar、月石moonstone、星彩红宝石star ruby、星彩蓝宝石star sapphire、目击流星陨落、天蓝色的新月升起、或是看见一颗天蓝色的星星。保护者通过以下存在,表露他的不悦:陨落的流星就像一滴天上的泪水,从新月的上端陨落到下端;秋色过早地出现在一棵树上;连续快速的三声树枝折断声。
The Seldarine call on agathinon,asuras,and ancient treants as their preferred servants,but Corellon is also served by aasimar,aasimon (such as the twin solars discussed above),baelnorn,buraq,cath shee, centaurs,cooshee,disenchanters,dryads,einheriar,eladrins (particularly firres and ghaeles),elven cats,feystags,firestars,firetails,gold dragons,hamadryads,hollyphants,hybsils,incarnates of charity,courage,faith,hope,justice,temperance,and wisdom, ki-rin,kholiathra,lillendi,lythari,maruts,moon dogs,moon-horses,noctrals,nymphs,oreads,pers,phoenixes,reverend ones,seelie faeries,sharn,silver dogs,silver dragons,sylphs,spectral wizards,spellhaunts,sprites,sunflies,t'uen-rin,unicorns,weredragons,and wizshades. He demonstrates his favor through the discovery of beljurils,crescent-shaped stones,diamonds,moonstars,moonstones,star rubies,and star sapphires,the sighting of a fallen star,the rising of an azure-tinted crescent moon,or the sighting of an azure-hued star. The Protector indicates his displeasure through the appearance of a falling star that seems to fall from the upper tip to the lower tip of the crescent moon like a heavenly tear,the premature appearance of fall colors in a single tree,or the sound of three twigs snapping in rapid succession.

教会The Church

  神职人员CLERGY:牧师Clerics,十字军crusaders,专属祭司specialty priests,法师wizards   神职阵营CLERGY'S ALIGN.:LG,NG,CG   驱散不死TURN UNDEAD:牧师C:Yes,十字军Cru:No,专属祭司SP:Yes   呵斥不死CMND. UNDEAD:牧师C:No,十字军Cru:No,专属祭司SP:No

  柯瑞隆的所有牧师(包括兼职的半精灵牧师和精灵战士/牧师,后者是柯瑞隆的精灵祭司可用的兼职组合)、十字军和专属祭司得到 宗教知识(精灵)religion(elf) 和 阅读/书写(月精灵语)reading/writing(Espruar) 作为非武器熟练奖励。
All clerics(including multiclassed half-elven clerics and elven fighter/clerics,a multiclassed combination allowed to elven priests of Corellon),crusaders,and specialty priests of Corellon receive religion(elf) and reading/writing(Espruar) as bonus nonweapon proficiencies.

  所有未皈依那些黑暗神力的 泰'奎瑟一族the Tel'Quessir,即便不专门信奉他,也都对他表示崇敬,因为优雅族裔是在他的鲜血中诞生的,他们不会忘记他们欠造物主的债。同样的,由于终结了 皇冠战争the Crown Wars 的疯狂,柯瑞隆在将罗丝和卓尔从地表的放逐中扮演的角色,为他赢得了 费伦大陆Faerûn 各地的精灵们永恒(即便在很大程度上是无言)的感激。令人好奇的是,柯瑞隆教会的神职人员与精灵社会有些疏远,而保护者的祭职者们对精灵国度治理的涉入,远比 恩'泰'奎瑟一族N'Tel'Quess 可以想象的少。虽然保护者的追随者们因他们对精灵国度的守护和他们的艺术工作令人屏息的美丽,但普遍来说,他们在精灵中的地位反映了柯瑞隆本性中的守护和创造,而远非他作为 阿梵多冕王Coronal of Arvandor 和 众精灵统治者Ruler of All Elves 的地位。一些神学家认为,就某种意义而言,在精灵社会中占据主导地位的武者和法师们,已经构成了柯瑞隆反映其领导权面相的祭职者,但这种观点并未被广泛接受。
Corellon is venerated by all the Tel'Quessir who have not turned to dark powers,even those who do not specifically worship him,for the Fair Folk were born of his blood,and they do not forget their debt to the Creator. Likewise,Corellon's role in banishing Lolth and the drow from the surface,thus ending the madness of the Crown Wars,has earned him the eternal,if largely unspoken,gratitude of elves across Faerûn. Curiously,the clergy Corellon's church is somewhat removed from elven society,and the Protector's priesthood is less involved in the governance of elven realms ,than a N'Tel'Quess might imagine. While the Protector's followers are held in high esteem for their unflagging contribution to the defense of elven realms and the breathtaking beauty of their artistry,in general their place in elven society reflects the guardian and creative aspects of Corellon's nature far more than his position as Coronal of Arvandor and Ruler of All Elves. Some theologians suggest the warriors and wizards who predominate in positions of authority in elven society in a sense comprise the priesthood of Corellon in his leadership aspect,but this view is not widely accepted.

Corellon is venerated in rocky areas of natural beauty,always with a special place for viewing the moon and stars. Temples of the Protector are rare,however,since the elves are individualistic when it comes to his worship. Shrines are more common,but they are little more than clearings with a good view of the sky. His temples are shaped from great natural geological formations,including shallow caves entered from above,natural amphitheaters,and great rock spires. Trees and other plants are woven into such edifices,resulting in great natural cathedrals woven of stone and plants.

  柯瑞隆的初修士名为 法尔纳the Faerna(译注:月精灵语词汇,意为“那些习练奥艺的人Those Who Practice the Art”)。保护者的正式祭司名为 法尔纳索拉the Faernsuora(译注:月精灵语词汇,Faernsuor的复数,意为“奥艺的神圣实践者Holy Practitioners of the Art”)。依升序,柯瑞隆教派Corellite 祭司们所用头衔如下:阿加西斯Aegisess(保护者Protector)、阿多尼斯Adoness(维和者Peacekeeper)、科恩所瑞斯Kerynsuoress(神圣武者Holy Warrior)、伊维亚斯Ivae'ess(光明使者Lightbringer)、阿瓦伊斯Avae'ess(欢乐使者Joybringer)、索尔基尔Syolkiir(野星Wildstar)、拉图乌所瑞斯Lateu'suoress(新月庇佑者Crescent- Moonblessed)、艾尔阿加西斯Araegisess(伟大的保护者Great Protector)、艾尔阿多尼斯Aradoness(伟大的维和者Great Peacekeeper)、以及 艾尔科恩所瑞斯Arkerynsuoress(伟大的神圣武者Great Holy Warrior)。高阶祭司有独特的个人头衔,但他们被统称为 科米拉Cormiira(柯瑞隆的庇佑者Blessings of Corellon)。专属祭司名为 精类看守人feywardens。柯瑞隆的神职人员包括金精灵(33%)、月精灵(30%)、野精灵(15%)、海精灵(10%)、各种祖先的半精灵(12%),甚至还包括一小撮的黑暗精灵。柯瑞隆的神职人员近乎均分为牧师(38%)(包括战士/牧师)、专属祭司(30%)、十字军(28%)、以及一小撮法师(4%)(包括巫师、专精法师和兼职法师)。柯瑞隆的神职人员中男性(55%)略多于女性(45%)。
Novices of Corellon are known as the Faerna. Full priests of the Protector are known as the Faernsuora. In ascending order of rank,the titles used by Corellite priests are Aegisess(Protector),Adoness (Peacekeeper),Kerynsuoress(Holy Warrior),Ivae'ess(Lightbringer), Avae'ess(Joybringer),Syolkiir(Wildstar),Lateu'suoress(Crescent- Moonblessed),Araegisess(Great Protector),Aradoness(Great Peacekeeper),and Arkerynsuoress(Great Holy Warrior). High-ranking priests have unique individual titles but are collectively known as the Cormiira(Blessings of Corellon). Specialty priests are known as feywardens. The clergy of Corellon includes gold elves(33%),moon elves(30%),wild elves(15%),sea elves(10%),half-elves of various ancestries(12%) and even a handful of dark elves. Corellon's clergy is nearly evenly divided between clerics(38%),including fighter/clerics, specialty priests(30%),crusaders(28%) and a handful of wizards(4%),including mages,specialist wizards,and multiclassed mages. The clergy of Corellon contains a few more males(55%) than females(45%).

  泰'奎瑟一族都是魔法之无尽奥秘的看守人和雕刻家。他们借由 奥艺Art 与 工艺Craft,将美丽从包裹中剥出、让灵魂无拘无束地嬉戏。欢乐的歌曲和自由的舞蹈,将永远乘着那些敢于飞翔之人的翅膀、高翔天际。通过寻找新的体验和方法,来防范单调雷同的缓慢死亡。击退那些无力创造或与自然和奥秘世界沟通、而只能去寻求毁灭世界的人。永远保持警惕,用武力和魔法阻止被流放的黑暗卷土重来,同样要强壮内心来抵御那让蛛后得以煽动皇冠战争的混乱与邪恶的堕落。
Dogma:The Tel'Quessir are both wardens and sculptors of magic's endless mysteries. Through Art and Craft,bring forth the beauty that envelops and let the spirit gambol unfettered. The song of joy and the dance of freedom shall ever soar on the wings of those who dare take flight. Guard against the slow death of stultifying sameness by seeking out new experiences and new ways. Ward against those who seek only to destroy in their inability to create and commune with the natural and mystical world. Be ever vigilant in force of arms and might of magic against any return of the banished darkness,and also be strong in heart against the corruption from within which allowed the Spider Queen to foment the chaos and evil of the Crown Wars.

日常活动Day-to-Day Activities:
Day-to-Day Activities:Priests of Corellon are expected to serve actively in the defense and artistic development of elven communities and to work to mediate disputes that arise among the Fair Folk or between the elves and other sylvan deities. In service to the Protector,many Corellite priests serve in the armed forces of their homeland,defending elf-claimed territories from the relentless expansion of other races and training their fellow elves in combat skills and magic. Others work closely with elven artisans and craftsfolk instructing them in the skills they need to create works of wondrous beauty,as well as using their own creative talents in similar pursuits. Finally,members of Corellon's priesthood are often called upon to act as diplomats and arbitrators between the various clergies,the various subraces of elves,the various classes of elven society,and even between elven communities. While few priests of the Coronal of Arvandor actually serve as rulers or councilors,many work behind the scenes to ensure the smooth functioning of government.

圣日/重要仪式Holy Days/Important Ceremonies:
  柯瑞隆的信徒会庆祝大量的圣日,其中大部分与天文事件有关并且几年(如 盾会节Shieldmeet)或几十年才会出现一次。其中尤其重要的是,每次新月1次当新月轻柔地照亮夜空时,柯瑞隆的信徒们聚集在月光下的林隙,在名为 拉陶奎尔节Lateu'quor(即 新月的森林圣餐the Forest Communion of the Crescent Moon)的节日中庆祝他们神祇的礼物。保护者的虔信徒们通过音乐、歌曲、舞蹈、以及献祭他们最美丽的作品,来奉上他们的感激之情。其中真正的艺术作品有时会被带到阿梵多国度,让那些居住在席德瑞恩诸神之间的精灵精魄欣赏,而其它的则被保管在柯瑞隆的神龛和神殿中,好让 费伦大陆Faerûn 的优雅族裔为柯瑞隆最伟大礼物的果实——创造力——而惊叹。在罕见的情况下,这样的狂欢会自发地释放出一种结果只由精灵的造物主本尊引导的辉煌魔法仪式。有时候是自然景观被重塑,而该处将被认为是保护者的圣地。而在其它时候,公共的魔法将融合到一件拥有脱尘之美的物品(通常是一柄剑、一张长弓、一套斗篷和靴子、一副精灵链甲、或是一件乐器)中。这样的物品随后将由柯瑞隆最资深的祭司附魔,并在之后被视作该信仰的圣物。
Holy Days/Important Ceremonies:Corellon's faithful celebrate a great number of holy days,most of which are tied to astronomical events and occur only once every few years(such as Shieldmeet) or decades. Of particular import,once per lunar month,when the crescent moon softly illuminates the night sky,Corellon's faithful gather in moonlit glades to celebrate the gifts of their deity in a festival known as Lateu'quor,the Forest Communion of the Crescent Moon. Devotees of the Protector offer up their praises through music,song,dance,and the offering up of their most beautiful creations. True works of art are sometimes brought up to Arvandor so as to be appreciated by the spirits of those elves who dwell among the Seldarine,while others are kept within Corellon's shrines and temples so that the Fair Folk of Faerûn may wonder at the fruits of Corellon's greatest gift:creativity. On rare occasions such revels spontaneously unleash a glorious magical ceremony whose results are guided only by the Creator of the Elves. Sometimes the landscape is reshaped,and the site is thereafrer considered sacred to the Protector. At other times,the communal magic coalesces into an item-usually a sword,long bow,set of cloak and boots,suit of elven mail,or musical instrument-of unearthly beauty. Such items are then enchanted by Corellon's seniormost priests and are thereafter considered holy relics of the faith.

主要崇拜中心Major Centers of Worship:
  柯瑞隆的小树林Corellon's Grove,在覆盖着 翠绿之岛the Green Isle 的宏伟森林的中心,坐落于 永聚岛Evermeet 北半部近乎中央的位置,它被认为是诸国度中最接近阿梵多国度的地方。许多泰'奎瑟一族声称见过柯瑞隆·拉瑞斯安本尊和席德瑞恩诸神的其祂成员漫步于这片有和脱尘之美的绿洲中。永聚岛的优雅族裔们为庄严的仪式、私人的礼拜或是简单的私人冥想而拜访柯瑞隆的小树林。
Major Centers of Worship:Corellon's Grove,located near the center of the northern half of Evermeet at the heart of the great forest that blankets the Green Isle,is held to be the site closest to Arvandor in all of the Realms. Many Tel'Quessir claim to have seen Corellon Larethian himself,as well as other members of the Seldarine,wandering amidst this oasis of unearthly beauty. Corellon's Grove is visited by the Fair Folk of Evermeet for solemn ceremonies,private worship,or simple private meditation.

The trees that surround Corellon's Grove magically weave their branches together,preventing entrance to the shrine. Treants sometimes join the guardian trees in watching over the shrine,as do the countless sylvan creatures who roam the Green Isle. Wrought iron gates entwined with ivy and blooming roses year-round permit passage only to Tel'Quessir who approach wishing to worship Corellon and the Seldarine.

  带领穿越小树林中心并连接着其中众多神龛、闪闪发光的汉白玉人行道的两侧,是如入口大门般、装饰着常春藤与玫瑰的高大圆柱。魔法喷泉散布于这片小树林中,据说被附魔的喷泉水提供了以下一种或多种的类似效果: 治疗药剂potions of healing健康秘药elixirs of health英雄气概药剂potions of heroism无敌药剂potions of invulnerability高级治疗药剂potions of extra-healing、以及 活力药剂potions of vitality。在小树林中可以发现献给 艾德莉·法恩雅Aerdrie Faenya哈娜莉·瑟拉妮尔Hanali Celanil拉贝拉斯·恩诺瑞思Labelas Enoreth瑞里芬·莱勒菲Rillifane Rallathil莎罕妮·月弓Sehanine Moonbow、甚至是妖精的国王和女王 奥伯龙Oberon泰坦妮亚Titania 的神龛。每座神龛都有一座描绘一位席德瑞恩诸神或妖精主君的汉白玉雕像,而据说在它们面前祈祷的精灵有时会得到来自对应神力的魔法祝福。建造柯瑞隆的小树林的 艾尔-泰'奎瑟一族the Ar-Tel'Quessir 决定不为席德瑞恩诸神中那些游荡者神力(例如 艾瑞汶·伊拉希尔Erevan Ilesere费马罗·莫斯德林Fenmarel Mestarine谢瓦拉许Shevarash索罗诺尔·杉岚德瑞Solonor Thelandira)、以及席德瑞恩诸神其他亚种所崇拜的面相(如 安格芮丝Angharradh瑞里芬·莱勒菲Rillifane Rallathil瑞里芬·莱勒菲Rillifane Rallathil瑞里芬·莱勒菲Rillifane Rallathil瑞里芬·莱勒菲Rillifane Rallathil))的修建神龛,但尽管如此,所有这些神力和神力的面相们都在柯瑞隆的小树林中受到了优雅族裔的崇拜。柯瑞隆的神龛是目前坐落于小树林的神龛中最大的,它是一座织入林冠的宏伟绿纹大理石圆顶。席德瑞恩诸神的原初First of the Seldarine、精灵的造物主被依循传统地描绘成一位高挑、瘦削、雌雄同体的精灵,有着瘦削的脸、高高的颧骨、细狭斜视的眼睛。其形象穿戴盔甲、并带着一柄纤细的长剑。精致的冠状头饰装饰着阿梵多的冕王的额头,从这尊雕像身上散发着一种平静与满足的感觉。任何在此处祈祷的优雅族裔都可以从柯瑞隆那里得到一项特殊的祝福,不过这尊眷顾一年之内得授1次。柯瑞隆可能如上文般显现,或是在未来的某些时刻,授予1次施展 治愈轻伤cure light wounds治愈重伤 的能力。一些精灵报告,在这座神龛祈祷后,保护者授予了他们一件魔法物品(通常是一件武器或衣物),而另一些则在发现了在等待完成他们的恳求的林地动物伙伴或坐骑(如巨鹰、月马或飞马)。
Gleaming white marble walkways flanked by tall columns adorned with ivy and roses,like the entrance gates,lead through the heart of the Grove and connect the numerous shrines found within. Magical fountains are scattered throughout the grove,and their enchanted waters are said to confer one or more effects similar to those of potions of healingelixirs of healthpotions of heroismpotions of invulnerabilitypotions of extra-healing,and potions of vitality. Within the Grove may be found shrines to Aerdrie Faenya,Hanali Celanil,Labelas Enoreth,Rillifane Rallathil,Sehanine Moonbow,and even the king and queen of faerie,Oberon and Titania. Each shrine contains a white marble statue depicting one of the Seldarine or faerie monarchs,and elves who pray before them are said to sometimes receive magical blessings from the power so depicted. The Ar-Tel'Quessir who constructed Corellon's Grove chose not to include shrines to the rogue powers of the Seldarine- such as Erevan Ilesere,Fenmarel Mestarine,Shevarash,or Solonor Thelandira or to aspects of the Seldarine worshiped by the other subraces-such as Angharradh,Bear,Eagle,Raven,or Wolf,but all such powers and aspects of powers are nonetheless venerated in Corellon's Grove by the Fair Folk. Corellon's shrine is the largest by far found within the Grove,a great dome of green marble woven into the forest canopy. The First of the Seldarine and Creator of the Elves is portrayed traditionally as a tall,unnaturally thin,androgynous elven figure with a thin face,high cheekbones,and narrow,slanted eyes. The figure is clad in scale armor and carries a long,slim sword. A delicate coronet graces the brow of the Coronal of Arvandor,and a sense of peace and contentment radiates from the statue itself. Any of the Fair Folk who pray here may receive a special blessing from Corellon,although at most one such favor is granted per year. Corellon may manifest as discussed above,or he may grant the ability to cast cure light wounds or cure serious wounds once at some future time. Some elves report after praying at the shrine that the Protector gifted them with an item of magic(usually a weapon or article of clothing),while others have found woodland animal companions or mounts such as giant eagles,moon-horses,or pegasi awaiting them as they completed their supplications.

  在小树林遭受 断弦竖琴之年the Year of the Unstrung Harp(1371 DR)精灵吞噬者the Elf-Eater 的横冲直撞造成的破坏后,全体优雅族裔重建了柯瑞隆的小树林,并对其进行了相当规模的扩展和改造。在完成时,重新圣化的小树林包含了席德瑞恩诸神的所有已知神力和不同面相的神龛,并且其设计更好地代表了各精灵亚种采用的建筑风格。
In the aftermath of the destruction of the Grove caused by the rampage of the Elf-Eater in the Year of the Unstrung Harp(1371 DR),Corellon's Grove is rebuilt by all the Fair Folk and expanded and changed considerably. When completed,the reconsecrated Grove contains shrines of all the known powers and distinct aspects of the Seldarine,and its design better represents the diverse architectural styles employed by the various elven subraces.

从属组织Affiliated Orders:
  柯瑞隆是许多骑士团的守护神,其中许多宣称自己所继承的传统和会员资格可以追溯到 繁盛时代the Time of Flowers。这类组织通常大部由十字军、武者和法师(尤其是战士-法师)组成,但他们的构成在历经数千年的变迁并根据文化的不同,有也极大不同。
Affiliated Orders:Corellon is the divine patron of many knightly orders,many of which claim to trace their heritage and membership hack to the Time of Flowers. Such orders are typically composed largely of crusaders,warriors,and wizards(particularly fighter-mages),bur their composition has varied widely over the millennia and from culture to culture.

  在过往年代,著名的骑士团包括 金龙骑士团the Knights of the Golden Wyrm、沙翰德瑞安之刃the Blade of Sahandrian、精类雄鹿角the Fey Staghorns、以及 席德瑞恩诸神之剑the Swords of the Seldarine。在永聚岛,以下骑士团全都向保护者承诺为守卫翠绿之岛提供支持:雅思格赫瑞之翼the Wings of Yathaghera、独角兽骑士团the Knights of the Alicorn、刃歌的编织者the Weavers of Bladesong、受眷者的封臣the Vassals of the Reverend Ones。自 月落之年the Year of Moonfall(1344 DR)开始,几乎没有骑士团还留在费伦大陆的主陆,而在那些留下来的中,艾弗瑞斯卡之剑the Swords of Evereska 因他们对那片高山峡谷坚定不移的守卫而最为著名。在精灵的家园之外,最常被碰见的精灵骑士团代理人属于 被遗忘之花团契the Fellowship of the Forgotten Flower,那是一支结构松散的组织,致力于从被抛弃已久的精灵诸国复原失落的精灵圣物。
Notable orders in ages past have included the Knights of the Golden Wyrm,the Blade of Sahandrian,the Fey Staghorns,and the Swords of the Seldarine. On Evermeet,the Wings of Yathaghera,the Knights of the Alicorn,the Weavers of Bladesong,and the Vassals of the Reverend Ones are all pledged to support the Protector in the defense of the Green Isle. Few orders have remained on the mainland of Faerûn since the Retreat began in the Year of Moonfall(1344 DR),but of those that remain,the Swords of Evereska are the most notable for their unwavering defense of that alpine vale. Outside of elven homelands,the most frequently encountered agents of an elven knightly order belong to the Fellowship of the Forgotten Flower,a loosely structured organization dedicated to the recovery of lost elven relics from long-abandoned elven realms.

祭司的祭服Priestly Vestments:
Priestly Vestments:Ceremonial vestments for priests of Corellon- often worn in normal situations by choice,although such attire is not required-consist of azure robes made of gossamer and embroidered with silver quarter moons. Silver circlets engraved with the Protector's symbol are worn on the brow. The holy symbol of the faith is a silver or mithral lunate pendant worn on an slender chain hung from the neck.

冒险装束Adventuring Garb:
Adventuring Garb:When adventuring,Corellon's priests generally favor sky blue cloaks,elven chain mail,long swords,and long bows in conscious imitation of their divine patron. Clerics,restricted to bludgeoning weapons,favor clubs,slings,staff slings,and staves,although maces and flails are employed as well. Leather,studded leather armor,or elven chain mail is favored in situations requiring stealth,in addition to elven cloaks and boots,whereas elven chain mail or elven plate mail(or N'Tel'Quess approximations) are favored in situations requiring direct melee combat.


专属祭司Specialty Priests精类看守人Feywardens

  职业需求REQUIREMENTS:力量Strength 11,智力Intelligence 11,感知Wisdom 9
  关键属性PRIME REQ.:力量Strength,智力Intelligence,感知Wisdom
  主修领域MAJOR SPHERES:共通All,星界astral,魅惑charm,战斗combat,创造creation,预言divination,守卫guardian,治疗healing,死灵necromantic,保护protection,太阳sun,战争war,结界wards
  次要领域MINOR SPHERES:动物Animal,混乱chaos,召唤summoning,植物plant,思想thought
  魔法物品MAGICAL ITEMS:如同牧师
  熟练需求REQ. PROFS:长剑Long sword,长弓long bow,艺术才能artistic ability,辨识法术spellcraft
  熟练奖励BONUS PROFS:乐器Musical instrument,唱歌singing

   Feywardens must be elves or half-elves. Most feywardens are gold elves or moon elves. They cannot be drow.

  ·Feywardens are not allowed to multiclass.

  ·Feywardens may select nonweapon proficiencies from the warrior group without penalty.

  ·Feywardens gain a +2 bonus to Charisma with respect to elves.

  ·精类看守人免疫妖鬼和幽魂的麻痹之触。他们在对抗其它类型的麻痹(如巫妖的触碰或是各种 定身hold 法术)时,得到+1豁免奖励。
  ·Feywardens are immune to the paralyzing touch of ghasts as well as ghouls. They gain a +1 bonus to saving throws vs. other forms of paralysis as well,such as the touch of a lich or the various hold spells.

  ·每日1次,精类看守人能施展 第六感sixth sense(如同1级祭司法术)。
  ·Feywardens can cast sixth sense(as the 1st-level priest spell) once per day.

  ·Feywardens gain a +2 bonus to their nonweapon proficiency check when crafting any item,including weapons and armor,or when inventing a new song or poem. When they are of sufficient level,feywardens gain bonuses adjudicated by the DM when constructing magical items or helping others to do so.

  ·在第3级,每日1次,精类看守人能施展 妖火faerie fire(如同1级祭司法术)或是 观点术idea(2如同级祭司法术)。
  ·At 3rd level,feywardens can cast faerie fire(as the 1st-level priest spell) or idea(as the 2nd-level priest spell) once per day.

  ·在第5级,每日1次,精类看守人能施展 巨力术strength(如同2级法师法术)或是使用巨力术的一种变体增强其敏捷属性而非力量属性。
  ·At 5th level,feywardens can cast strength(as the 2nd-level wizard spell) or employ a variant of strength that increases Dexterity instead of Strength once per day.

  ·At 5th level,feywardens gain a +2 bonus to saving throws vs. poison and automatically save against spider venoms.

  ·在第7级,每日1次,精类看守人能施展 弃逐术abjure(如同4级祭司法术) 弱效造物术minor creation(如同4级法师法术)。
  ·At 7th level,feywardens can cast abjure(as the 4th-level priest spell) or minor creation(as the 4th-level wizard spell) once per day.

  ·在第10级,每日1次,精类看守人能施展 附魔武器enchanted weapon(如同4级法师法术)或 强效造物术minor creation(如同4级法师法术)。
  ·At 10th level,feywardens can cast major creation(as the 4th-level wizard spell) or major creation(as the 5th-level wizard spell) once per day.

  ·At 10th level,goblinkin(goblinoids) have a -2 penalty to saving throws they roll against the priest spells of feywardens.

  ·在第13级,每日1次,精类看守人能施展 放逐术banishment虹光喷射prismatic spray(如同7级法师法术)。
  ·At 13th level,feywardens can cast banishment or prismatic spray(as the 7th-level wizard spells) once per day.

  ·在第15级,每日1次,精类看守人能施展 圣言holy word太阳射线(如同7级祭司法术)。
  ·At 15th level,feywardens can cast holy word or sunray(as the 7th-level priest spells) once per day.



Augment Artistry

(祭司Pr 1;转化Alteration)

领域Sphere:Creation 距离Range:0 成分Components:言语V,姿势S,材料M 持续时间Duration:特殊Special 施法时间Casting Time:1轮round 影响区域Area of Effect:One creature 豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

This spell combines magic with the act of creation to enhance the artistry of any work created by the recipient of this spell. For every three levels of experience of the priest(round up),the recipient of this spell receives a +1 bonus,to a maximum of +3,to his or her next nonweapon proficiency check against an ability requiring artistic ability. While the effects of this spell last only until the next such nonweapon proficiency check,the results of the augmented artistry are permanent.

In addition to the nonweapon proficiency artistic ability,this spell usually augments a proficiency check for dancing,gem cutting,singing, or any other skill that is traditionally considered an artistic endeavor. This spell does not affect traditional crafts where functionality is emphasized over artistry,including nonweapon proficiencies such as armorer,blacksmithing,leatherworking, seamstress/tailor,weaving,or weaponsmithing,unless the proficiency check is specifically for the esthetic appeal of the finished product. In all cases,the applicability of this enchantment to a particular endeavor is adjudicated by the DM,

The material components of this spell are the priest's holy symbol and a scroll bearing a piece of epic poetry(not necessarily the original work). Sixth Sense

(祭司Pr 1;Abjuration)

领域Sphere:Protection 距离Range:0 成分Components:言语V,姿势S,材料M 持续时间Duration:1 hour 施法时间Casting Time:1轮round 影响区域Area of Effect:The Caster 豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

This spell imbues the priest with a sixth sense,alerting him or her of unexpected danger(to himself or herself or an ally) within 10 feet of the caster's current position. Although the exact nature of the threat is never revealed,the priest does realize that something dangerous is about to occur a moment before the event unfolds. While so protected, the priest receives a +3 bonus to all surprise checks,and any ability check made to determine the success of an immediate reaction to a dangerous situation is made with a +3 bonus. For example,if the priest is deftly moving along a high mountain ledge,the magic of this spell might warn of a powerful gust of wind in time for him or her to grab onto an outcropping of rock,also granting a +3 bonus to the Strength check to hold on to the rock spur. Likewise,if an ally steps out on to a hidden pit trap,the priest would realize the friend's danger in time to make a desperate grab for his or her arm and receive a +3 bonus to the Strength check to hold on. In addition,sixth sense provides a +3 bonus to saving throws made to avoid natural phenomena,such as rockfalls,avalanches,etc.

The material components are the priest's holy symbol and a drop of sweat. 4th Level

Sylvan Creature Form

(祭司Pr 4;转化Alteration)

领域Sphere:Animal 距离Range:0 成分Components:言语V,姿势S,材料M 持续时间Duration:2 turns/level 施法时间Casting Time:7 影响区域Area of Effect:施法者The caster 豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

When this spell is cast,the priest is able to assume the form of any nonevil humaniform sylvan creature,as adjudicated by the DM,from as small as a gorse(3 inches tall) to as large as a voadkyn(9 1/2 feet tall). Other commonly assumed forms include those of an atomie, brownie,dobie,dryad,grig,hamadryad,killmoulis,korred,leprechaun, nixie,nymph,pixie,satyr,sylph,sprite,or sea sprite. It is not possible to assume nonhumaniform guises,such as that of a centaur or unicorn,nor that of an evil sylvan creature,such as a bramble faerie or quickling. Furthermorc,the priest also gains the assumed form's physical mode of locomotion and breathing. No system shock roll is required. The spell does not give the new form's other abilities (attack,magic,special movement,etc.),nor does it run the risk of the priest changing personality and mentality.

When the new form is assumed,the caster's equipment,if any,melds into the new form(in particularly challenging campaigns,the DM may allow protective devices,such as a ring of protection,to continue operating effectively). The caster retains all mental abilities, including spell use,assuming the new form allows completion of the proper verbal and somatic components and the material components are available. A caster not used to a new form might be penalized at the DM's option(for example,a -2 penalty to attack rolls) until she or he practices sufficiently to master it.

Thus,a priest changed into a sylph could fly,but his or her magic resistance would be unaffected,and she or he could not summon an air elemental or turn invisible at will. A change to a korred would provide an 18/76 Strength and the ability to hurl boulders but not the ability to laugh or to participate without risk in a korred dance.

Naturally,the strength of the new form is sufficient to enable movement. The priest retains his or her own hit points,attack rolls, and saving throws. Only one form may be assumed by means of this spell, although the priest can revert to normal form at any time,immediately ending the spell. When voluntarily returning to his or her own form and ending the spell,she or he heals 1d12 points of damage. The priest also returns to his or her own form when slain or when the effect is dispelled,but no damage is healed in these cases.

The material component is the priest's holy symbol. 5th Level


(祭司Pr 5;转化Alteration)

领域Sphere:Divination 距离Range:接触Touch 成分Components:言语V,姿势S,材料M 持续时间Duration:特殊Special 施法时间Casting Time:1轮round 影响区域Area of Effect:1 gemstone 豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

This spell causes a clear or translucent crystalline gemstone to serve as a scrying device. The spell does not function unless the priest is in good standing with Corellon Larethian. The gemstone becomes similar to a crystal ball. For every 1,000 gp value of the gemstone,the priest may scry for 1 round,up to a maximum of 1 hour.

For every three levels of the priest above 7th,it is possible to cast a single divination spell of 4th level or less into the area under observation(thus,one at 10th,two at 13th,three at 16th,etc.). Only detection spells,such as detect magic and detect evil/good,may be so cast,as adjudicated by the DM.

The material components are the priest's holy symbol and the crystalline gemstone,which must be of at least 1,000 gp value. Neither is consumed in the casting of this spell.

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