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【头   衔】气巨怪the gas giant
【阵   营】CE
【神   力】L
【神   职】气与雾gases and fogs,模糊化obscurement,欺诈deception
【神   系】眼魔诸神Gods of the Beholders
【主   神】大主母Great Mother
【盟   友】齐雅温纱丽Kiaransalee大主母Great Mother
【敌   对】卡勒杜兰·滑手Callarduran Smoothhands罗丝Lolth维伦Vhaeraun伊莉丝翠Eilistraee席文塔姆Selvetarm关纳德Ghaunadaur拉杜格Laduguer深地·杜菈Deep Duerra卡勒杜兰·滑手Callarduran Smoothhands谢瓦拉许Shevarash
【神   国】外域the Outlands,位于杜马松Dumathoin矮人山脉the Dwarven Mountain 之下,与 伊尔神思因Ilsensine思想洞窟Caverns of Thought 交织
【徽   记】握在触手中的青铜权杖bronze rod held in tentacles
【简   介】待续。

2e<Monster Mythology.p071>格泽姆尼德Gzemnid(弱等神Lesser God)

  格泽姆尼德Gzemnid 是 大主母Great Mother 最初的子嗣中,仅有的一位自行成为次位神祇者。它是只精明而狡猾的生物,善于利用自己对于模糊化和区域误导类法术的熟练掌握。年长的凡物眼魔讲述了这样的故事:强大的敌人为了宝藏而试图抢劫格泽姆尼德,但在将这个难以捉摸的生物逼入角落的尝试中疲惫不堪,而被实际击败。因对气元素法术的精通,有时他被称之为“气巨怪the gas giant”。
Gzemnid is the only one of Great Mother's original batch of progeny to have become a minor deity itself. It is a subtle, wily creature, using its extensive command of spells of obscurement and area distortion. Older mortal beholders tell tales of powerful enemies who sought to rob Gzemnid of his treasures being overcome virtually through exhaustion trying to corner this elusive creature. He is sometimes known as "the gas giant" because of his mastery of spells of elemental air.

  格泽姆尼德的攻击性比其种族的大部分个体都更低。类似于他的母亲,他在 矛盾统一之境the Plane of Concordant Opposition 有一处收藏魔法宝藏与知识的藏宝地。而不同于她的是,他会为了增加自己的收藏而作谈判与讨价还价的准备。当然,格泽姆尼德倾向于简单地杀死入侵者、并把他们的魔法收为己用,但若如果面对的是一群明显强大的家伙,而他们未立即付诸于暴力,这位神祇可能会谈判(虽然会使用他的权杖来在商讨中获得某些优势)。他以适度的频率派遣化身到 主物质位面Prime Material Plane 获得像魔法物品和知识。
Gzemnid is less aggressive than most of its race. Like his mother, he has a cache of magical treasures and lore somewhere on the Plane of Concordant Opposition. Unlike her, he is prepared to parley and bargain in order to add to this store. Of course, Gzemnid would prefer simply to slay intruders and take their magic for itself, but if confronted with a group of obviously powerful beings who do not immediately resort to violence the deity may negotiate (while using his magical rod to gain some leverage in discussions). He sends his avatars to the Prime Material plane to obtain such magical items and lore moderately frequently.

角色扮演指南Role-playing Notes:

Gzemnid may send an omen of the imminent arrival of its avatar to a powerful wizard who has something he wants for himself, usually in the form of a semi-substantial gaseous mass of writhing tentacles holding a "rod" and sometimes speaking directly through this manifestation. Currently, Gzemnid is believed to be most interested in increasing his powers through the acquisition of powerful magical items which can generate illusions.


  神职AoC:气与雾gases and fogs,模糊化obscurement,欺诈deception;
  徽记SY:握在触手中的青铜权杖bronze rod held in tentacles。
AL ce; WAL ce (beholders); AoC gases and fogs, obscurement, deception; SY bronze rod held in tentacles.

格泽姆尼德的化身Gzemnid's Avatar

Gzemnid's avatar appears as an oversized sky-blue beholder with the usual central eye and 10 smaller eyes, but it also has a small circle of tentacle-fronds some 2' long on the crown of its head, and these are dextrous enough for the use of magical items such as rods and wands.

  力量 12,敏捷 15,体质 15,
  智力 20,感知 20,魅力 16,
  移动 飞行6,体型 大型L(直径8呎),魔抗 25%,
  防御等级 -4/-2/3,生命骰 14,生命值 112,
  #攻击次数 1次,零级命中值 7,伤害 3d4(啮咬)
  Str 12 Dex 15 Con 15
  Int 20 Wis 20 Cha 16
  MV fl 6 SZ L (8'diameter) MR 25%
  AC -4/-2/3 HD 14 HP 112
  #<AT 1 THACO 7 Dmg 3d4 (bite)

特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Def:

  每日各1次,如18级施法者,该化身能使用所有元素(气)法术。每日各1次,它还能使用施展以下法术:路径扭曲distance distortion铜墙铁壁guards and wards幻景hallucinatory terrain相位门phase door障幕screen幽影门shadow door空无幻境vacancy、以及隐匿之纱veil。它免疫所有元素(气)法术。它头顶的触须携带着一柄迷诱权杖rod of beguiling
The avatar uses all Elemental (air) spells 1/ day each as if an 18th-level spellcaster. It can also cast the following 1/day each:distance distortion, guards and wards, hallucinatory terrain, phase door, screen, shadow door, vacancy, veil. It is immune to all Elemental (air) spells. It carries a rod of beguiling in the tentacles on the crown of its head.