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  梅瑞达Meriadar 是混种人之神。

2e<MMy.p056>梅瑞达Meriadar(中等神Intermediate God)

  梅瑞达Meriadar 是位耐心、忍耐和宽容之神。如同他的子民——混种人mongrelmen,他来源自许多种族,并经常被其他种族压迫,他们蓄意地误解甚至是蔑弃他们,梅瑞达不得不承受着许多类地精神明的敌意。为了他关心的领域——即那些没有被不可挽回地被引向邪恶的类地精,他被迫放弃了亚人和人类善良阵营诸神的帮助,因为与类地精生物们仇敌的神明们的任何良好关系,都将疏远那些他想拥入怀抱者。
Meriadar is a god of patience,long-suffering,and tolerance. As his people,the mongrelmen,are drawn from many races and are frequently oppressed by others who willfully misunderstand and even despise them,Meriadar has had to suffer the enmity of many goblinoid gods. He has been forced to spurn the help of good-aligned gods of demihumanity and humans,for his sphere of concern is those goblinoids who are not irrevocably drawn to evil,and any affinity with the gods of their enemies would alienate those he seeks to bring into his fold.

Meriadar is a god who seeks peaceful solutions to conflicts,but he is not well-disposed to chaos,and he has an antipathy for the bugbear gods. He especially prizes bugbears drawn to his service. While Meriadar is peaceful,he will oppose over- aggressive actions with "passive force";he uses protective and warding spells powerfully and very intelligently.

Meriadar espouses the practicality of arts and crafts as an important avenue for exploring peacefulness. Those who respect each others creativity and skill are unlikely to take up arms against each other,and different races have something to learn from each others' skills. His symbol,the decorated bowl,is both a craft and an art in its decoration,and it is used for sacramental feasting and the sharing of food. Since food is indispensable to life,those who share from Meriadar's dish to eat participate in a basic sharing of life;so how can they strive to bring each other death?

Meriadar's mongrelman priests and shamans use this symbol and its practical qualities as an exemplary attribute of their god and their religion. It also serves as a springboard for their philosophical concerns;mongrelman priests debate the quality of the "eternal now" as having its origins in spiritual parallels to the act of drawing sustenance,and the immediacy (and "nowness")of the most basic earthly drive,that of hunger. Despite the sometimes stifling quality of lawful neutrality,the priests concern themselves with some subtle spiritual and philosophical questions,and Meriadar smiles on this.

角色扮演指南Role-playing Notes:
Role-playing Notes:Meriadar's cult is unique in that any goblinoid or demihuman race can become a specialty priest and attain the same maximum experience level as that of mongrelmen. Of course,such priests are very rare,and usually exiles from their own race,but Meriadar's universal appeal to like- minded creatures ensure that this cult has a growing number of devotees in many worlds.

The deity himself is usually pacifistic and sends avatars for defensive purposes. Meriadar is never prepared to see mongrelmen wiped out as whole communities,although there is a quality of suffering-god about him and his cult which allows him to see oppression of mongrelmen as a road to higher spiritual understanding. His avatars are nonetheless forceful when confronted.

Omens from the god are frequently dispatched. They may take the form of automatic speech and speaking in tongues during philosophical debates,sudden artistic inspirations and auto-matic drawing and sculpting,bubblings in bowls of soup which release smoky vaporous symbolic images,and strange scents which alert mongrelmen to imminent danger.
[译注:automatic speech,auto-matic drawing and sculpting——指与本人意志无关,自发地说出不是自己的话或者写出不是自己意愿的内容的现象,在20世纪的人体特异功能研究中常见。究其实际只是脑洞太大抽抽了的表现之一。]

  神职AoC:忍耐patience,冥思meditation,宽容tolerance,艺术与工艺arts and crafts;
  徽记SY:装饰碗decorated bowl。
Statistics:AL ln;WAL any non-evil (mongrelmen,non-evil goblinoids);AoC patience,meditation,tolerance,arts and crafts;SY decorated bowl.

梅瑞达的化身Meriadar's Avatar

  (祭司Priest 16)

Meriadar's avatar has a variable appearance:he can appear as a tall figure of any goblinoid race when he needs to do so,although his typical appearance is that of a mongrelman,admixing many races. He always dresses simply in plain brown robes. He uses spells from any priest sphere (never reversed forms).

  力量 18/49,敏捷 17,体质 16,
  智力 16,感知 19,魅力 19,
  移动 12,体型 大型L(8英尺),魔抗 40%
  防御等级 -1,生命骰 16,生命值 128,
  #攻击次数 1次,零级命中值 5,伤害 1d10 + 3(法杖)+ 3
  Str 18/49 Dex 17 Con 16
  Int 16 Wis 19 Cha 19
  MV 12 SZ L (8') MR 40%
  AC -1 HD 16 HP 128
  #AT 1 THAC0 5 Dmg 1d10 + 3 (staff)+ 3

  特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Def:梅瑞达的化身非常和平,但若需要运用力量示威,每日各1次,他能使用 震慑真言power word stun目盲真言power word blind。每日各2次,他也能使用 欧提路克弹力法球Otiluke's resilient sphere欧提路克灵动法球Otiluke's telekinetic sphere、以及 力场牢笼forcecage。该化身携带着一柄 体型变化魔杖wand of size alteration,让他能将敌对生物缩小到他们正常体型的10%,以此消除他们的攻击能力。他携带着一柄+3铁头棍,使被击中的任何类地精生物受到 说服徽记symbol of persuasion(正常豁免)影响。
Special Att/Def:Meriadar's avatar is extremely peaceful,but if he needs to employ a demonstration of power he can use power word stun and power word blind 1/day each. He can also employ Otiluke's resilient sphere,Otiluke's telekinetic sphere and forcecage 2/day each. The avatar carries a wand of size alteration with which he can reduce hostile creatures down to 10% of their normal size to negate their offensive capability. He carries a quarterstaff +3 which affects any goblinoid struck by it as a symbol of persuasion (normal save).

祭职者的职责Duties of the Priesthood

Meriadar's priests preach peace,but they also defend mongrelman communities. They are peaceful,but not pacifistic when threatened with force. They are "political" creatures,directed to get close to chiefs and determine "social" policy. They support hierarchies,laws,and established leaders unless these are grossly unjust. They preach the need to tolerate goblinods and other races,that all living things have their place,and the need for an ordered society and an ordered world.

  属性AB:智力12 或 感知 16;
  特殊力量PW:1)对所有类地精魅力+1;3)友善术friends;7)控制情感(平静)emotion (calm);9)每周1次,说服徽记
Requirements:AB Int 12 or Wis 16;AL In;WP bow and arrows,mancatcher,mace,net,quarterstaff;AR leather,chain;SP all,astral*,charm,creation*,divination,guardian,healing,law,necromantic*,plant*,protection,thought,time*,wards;PW 1)+1 Cha to all goblinoids;3)friends;7)emotion (calm);9)symbol of persuasion 1/week;TU turn at -4 levels;LL10;HD d4;Shamans yes.

  属性AB:智力10 或 感知13;
Shamans:AB Int 10 or Wis 13;AL In,lg,n;LL 6;HD d3;Other weapon and armor restrictions as for priests.