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梅莉菈·塔尔伦Melira Taralen,吟游诗人之神
The Seldarine
【头   衔】女歌手The Songstress,吟游诗人与游方艺人的赞助人Patron of Bards and Minstrels
【阵   营】CG
【神   力】L
【神   职】半精灵吟游诗人Half-elven bards,精灵游方艺人elven minstrels,歌曲创作songwriting
【神   系】席德瑞恩诸神The Seldarine
【主   神】哈娜莉·瑟拉妮尔Hanali Celanil
【盟   友】柯瑞隆·拉瑞斯安Corellon Larethian哈娜莉·瑟拉妮尔Hanali Celanil密里耳Milil(FR),欧格玛Oghma(FR),渥利达马拉Olidammara(WG)
【敌   对】
【神   国】奔放之野Arborea/1th 奥林匹斯Olympus阿梵多国度Arvandor永金池Evergold
【徽   记】蓝色背景上的一架金制鲁特琴A golden lute on a blue background
Melira Taralen
【简   介】梅莉菈·塔尔伦Melira Taralen 是哈娜莉·瑟拉妮尔之女,是柯瑞隆·拉瑞斯安的学徒,永金池女神天团(哈娜莉·瑟拉妮尔淑妮夏芮丝黎尔拉)的一员。

2e<Dragon 155.p020>精灵诸神The Elfin Gods

精灵诸神The Elf in Gods

  破解奥秘Unearthed Arcana 描述了5位 席德瑞恩诸神the Seldarine(高级龙与地下城AD&D®游戏中的 精灵神系elven pantheon)的成员。在对这些神明的介绍中,值得注意的是:这个神系中还有一些影响范围广泛的其祂男神和女神。这篇文章详细介绍了4位新成员,祂们可以用于任何地下城主的战役。
Unearthed Arcana describes five members of the Seldarine, the elven pantheon of the AD&D® game. In the gods' introduction, it is noted that there are other gods and goddesses in this pantheon who cover a variety of spheres of influence. This article details four new members who can be used to suit any DM's campaign.

  席德瑞恩诸神中的神明对独立性极度珍视,因此祂们通常各自工作。然而本文所描述的神明(以及席德瑞恩诸神的其祂成员)也会在需要的时候(而非因为被迫)共同协作。每年一度,席德瑞恩诸神全体成员会在 阿梵多国度Arvandor 的一片广阔的果林,亦即 外层位面outer plane 奥林匹斯山Olympus 的“至高森林The High Forest”,进行会晤,商讨精灵社会事务以及 主物质位面Prime Material plane 上正在发生的事。接下来则是一场可能会持续数周的盛大庆典。请注意:在此期间,这些神明会继续聆听偶尔的恳求和授予法术给祂们的祭司。
Those deities in the Seldarine value independence highly, and thus they often work separately. Yet all of the deities described herein (as well as the other members of the Seldarine) will work together in times of need without being compelled to do so. Once a year, all of the Seldarine meet in a huge grove in Arvandor, "The High Forest" on the outer plane of Olympus, for a discussion of elven society and doings on the Prime Material plane. This is followed by a great festival which may last for weeks on end. Note that the gods and goddesses, during this time, continue to listen to occasional pleas and grant spells to their priests.

梅莉菈·塔尔伦Melira Taralen

  (美术女神goddess of fine arts)

  弱等女神Lesser goddess

  力量 10,敏捷 24,体质 21
  智力 23,感知 20,魅力 23
MOVE: 18
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Magical weapons and items, unusual spell use
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Spell use, spell immunities
SIZE: M (5½)
ALIGNMENT. Chaotic good
WORSHIPERS' ALIGNMENT: Good and neutral alignments (elves), and those who enjoy the fine arts, especially bards
PLANE: Olympus
PRIEST: 12th-level druid
MAGE: 18th-level illusionist
ROGUE: 23rd-level bard
PSIONIC ABILITY: Nil (immune to psionics)
S: 10 I: 24 W: 21
D: 23 C: 20 CH: 23

This goddess is the patron of lovers of the fine arts, including half-elven bards.

  除了其正常的施法能力外,每轮1次,梅莉菈还能施展以下法术:鸣响魅音audible glamer塔莎的狂笑术Tasha’s uncontrollable hideous laughter虹彩图纹rainbow pattern李欧蒙的无意义讨论术Leomund’s lamentable belabourment永恒幻术permanent illusion奥图的迷舞Otto’s irresistible dance。梅莉菈拥有一把特殊的鲁特琴,拥有一版《地下城主指南Dungeon Masters Guide》魔法吟游诗人乐器的全部力量。每3轮1次,她可如20级牧师般 活化物品animate object。她有时会使用+3长剑战斗,这将对那些使用声音、各省或幻觉引诱、欺骗或伤害其它生物的邪恶生物造成双倍伤害(比如 鹰身女妖harpies、邪恶吟游诗人、尖叫蕈shriekers)。她对所有影响移动的法术、基于声音的法术和力量、以及幻术免疫。 In addition to her normal spell-casting abilities, Melira can cast each of the following spells once per round: audible glamer, Tasha’s uncontrollable hideous laughter, rainbow pattern, Leomund’s lamentable belabourment, permanent illusion, and Otto’s irresistible dance. Melira possesses a special lute that has the powers of all of the magical bard instruments from the 1st Edition Dungeon Masters Guide. She can, once every three rounds, animate object as a 20th-level cleric. She sometimes fights using her long sword +3, which does double damage to evil creatures that use sounds, song, or illusions to lure, trick, or harm other beings (e.g., harpies, evil bards, shriekers). She is immune to all spells that affect movement, to all sound-based spells or powers, and to illusions.

  梅莉菈·塔尔伦Melira Taralen 是位美丽、活泼、并且技术娴熟的艺术家和表演者。她有着一头亚麻色的头发和一对亮蓝色双眸。她的长袍是相同的亮蓝色,并一直随身携带她的剑和鲁特琴。
Melira Taralen is pretty, vivacious, and a skilled artist and performer. She has flaxen hair and bright blue eyes. Her robe is an equally bright blue, and her sword and lute are with her at all times.

2e<Dragon 236.p013>席德瑞恩诸神The Seldarine

  对 精灵神系elven pantheon 的描绘(如《怪物神话Monster Mythology》中的那样)是对任何地下城主战役的有价值补充。然而,那些翻阅过 席德瑞恩诸神the Seldarine 介绍的人会注意到,祂们很少接受非混乱善良真有的祭司,也几乎没有谁的神力为弱等或更低。这里将介绍7位更鲜为人知的席德瑞恩诸神成员。其中有4位(阿拉勒斯Araleth奇丽思Kirith梅莉菈Melira纳拉里斯Naralis)详述于文章“精灵诸神The Elfin Gods”中,而另一位(塔瑟里斯Tarsellis)则详述于文章“在森林与雪地中In the Frost and the Snow”,两篇文章都刊登于《巨龙杂志第155期DRAGON Magazine #155》。剩下的两位神明和其祭职者(塔斯林Tethrin瑞勒瓦Rellavar)都是新的。
The portrayals of the elven pantheon (as found in Monster Mythology) are a valuable addition to any DM’s campaign. However, those looking through the pages on the Seldarine will notice that very few of them allow for non-Chaotic Good priests and that almost none are of Lesser or lower power. Provided herein are the priests of seven lesser known gods of the Seldarine. Four of the gods (Araleth, Kirith, Melira, and Naralis) were detailed in the article “The Elfin Gods,” while another was based on a fifth member (Tarsellis) detailed in the article “In the Frost and the Snow” (both articles appeared in DRAGON Magazine issue #155). The remaining two gods and priesthoods (Tethrin and Rellavar) are new.

  这篇文章关于这些精灵神明的“敌对”与“盟友”中,提及了某些 被遗忘的国度战役FORGOTTEN REALMS® settings(FR)和 灰鹰世界World of GREYHAWK® settings(WG)神明,同时,卓尔神系drow pantheon地精类神系goblinoid pantheon 对祂们同样怀有的敌意。同样仇恨他们的还有来自灰鹰仇外的 瓦斯却Wastri(跳跃先知The Hopping Prophet)和令人厌恶的 伊乌兹Iuz...
This article mentions certain deities of the FORGOTTEN REALMS® (FR) or the World of GREYHAWK® (WG) settings as enemies or allies of these elven gods, and it goes without saying that the various members of the drow and goblinoid pantheons bear them no less enmity. Also from GREYHAWK are the xenophobic Wastri (The Hopping Prophet) and the abominable Iuz to contend with....

  请注意:本文中提及的牧师、护教军和潜修者职业的子类,可在《信仰与化身Faiths & Avatars》一书中找到。
Note: Clerical sub-classes mentioned in this article, such as the crusader or mystic, can be found in the Faiths & Avatars book.

梅莉菈·塔尔伦Melira Taralen

  (吟游诗人与游方艺人的赞助人The Patron of Bards and Minstrels)

  奔放之野弱等神力Lesser Power of Arborea,

  神职PORTFOLIO:半精灵吟游诗人Half-elven bards,精灵游方艺人elven minstrels,歌曲创作songwriting
  神域名DOMAIN NAME:阿梵多国度Arvandor永金池Evergold
  主神SUPERIOR:哈娜莉·瑟拉妮尔Hanali Celanil
  盟友ALLIES:柯瑞隆·拉瑞斯安Corellon Larethian哈娜莉·瑟拉妮尔Hanali Celanil密里耳Milil(FR),欧格玛Oghma(FR),渥利达马拉Olidammara(WG)

Araleth Letheranil

  徽记SYMBOL:蓝色背景上的一架金制鲁特琴A golden lute on a blue background
  信徒阵营WOR. ALIGN.:任意Any

  作为一位弱等女神,梅莉菈·塔尔伦Melira Taralen 就像她的许多追随者一样,有自己的赞助人(在此处指柯瑞隆)。据说她的母亲 哈娜莉·瑟拉妮尔Hanali Celanil 将她派到柯瑞隆麾下作为学徒,最终她凭自己的技艺在群星中找到了自己的一席之地。梅莉菈最常在 永金池Evergold、在她母亲休息放松时吟唱和玩耍。如果说她有任何对手的话,那就是泛费伦神明 密里耳Milil 了,她觉得对方可能会在她的领地上“偷猎”。尽管如此,密里耳与她之间的竞争是友好的,并且他有时会与她对唱。她也对 渥利达马拉Olidammara 的壮举感兴趣,不过他常常太过无赖,并不合乎她的口味。
Melira Taralen is a lesser goddess who, like many of her followers, has a patron (in this case, Corellon). It is said that her mother Hanali Celanil sent her to Corellon to serve as an apprentice, foundly with her skills that he set a place in the stars for her. Melira is most often Evergold, singing and playing while her mother relaxes. If she has any rivals, it is the Faerûnian god Milil, whom she feels may be “poaching” in her territory. Still, theirs is a friendly rivalry, and he someduets with her. She also enjoys Olidammara’s exploits, though he’s often too roguish for her taste.

Melira’s faithful tend to be musicallyinclined and appreciative of music. Not only are musicians favored by her, but also those who act as patrons, and those who treat their musicians well are said sometimes to receive a boon from the goddess.

教会The Church

  神职人员Clergy:专属祭司specialty priests,吟游诗人bards,游方艺人minstrels,秘术师mystics
  神职阵营Clergy's Align.:混乱善良CG,中立善良NG,混乱中立CN,绝对中立N
  驱散不死Turn Undead:专属祭司SP:不可No;吟游诗人B:不可No;游方艺人M:不可No;秘术师Mys:不可No
  呵斥不死Cmnd. Undead:专属祭司SP:不可No;吟游诗人B:不可No;游方艺人M:不可No;秘术师Mys:不可No

Melira’s clergy doesn’t include normal clerics, she’s only interested in having those with proven musical talent within her church. Not that she dislikes those with no talent — in fact, one of the goals of her priests are to help train others in singing, strumming, and songwriting. Such efforts warm her heart.

The majority of her clergy are specialty priests (70%), the rest being a mix of half-elven bards, elven minstrels, and other sorts. She has few temples solely dedicated to her, instead preferring shrines placed in guildhalls as well as those within temples of Hanali Celanil.

They have no set holy days, instead declaring a holy day just before the advent of a festival. On such days they’ll wear robes of bright blue, and they celebrate by singing, reciting poems, and dancing. They have few duties aside from perfecting their (and others’) musical skills.

专属祭司Specialty Priests(闪耀之星Brystars

  职业需求Requirements:敏捷Dexterity 13,智力Intelligence 12,感知Wisdom 13
  关键属性Prime Req.:敏捷Dexterity,感知Wisdom
  武器Weapons:弓Bow(短short),匕首dagger,短剑short sword,所有钝击武器all bludgeoning weapons
  防具Armor:皮甲Leather 或 精灵链甲elfin chain mail
  主修领域Major Spheres:共通All,混乱chaos,魅惑charm,创造creation,守卫guardian,治疗healing,保护protection,召唤summoning,太阳sun
  次要领域Minor Spheres:预言Divination,植物plant,结界wards
  魔法物品Magical Items:如同牧师和吟游诗人As cleric and bard
  熟练需求Rhq. Profs.:艺术才能Artistic ability(写诗poetry 或 写歌songwriting)
  熟练奖励Bonus Profs.:演奏乐器Musical instrument 或 唱歌singing(任选一pick one)

❖Though noted as being unable to turn undead in the conventional sense, Brystars are able to play or sing a song of turning. This is equal to the standard turning ability, except that a musical instrument is required and it may be attempted 3/day, no more.

❖Brystars are able to sing a song of sleep (as the 1st level wizard spell) 1/day. In addition, they receive a +2 on saving throws vs. sound-based attacks.

  ❖在第3级,每日3次,闪耀之星可以歌唱一段副歌(就像一位吟游诗人)来抵消鹰身女妖和类似的攻击。此外,每日1次,她们可施展 隔音气泡sound bubble(见《完全吟游诗人手册Complete Bard’s Handbook》)。
❖At 3rd level, Brystars can sing a countersong (like a bard) which nullifies the attacks of harpies and the like, 3/day. In addition, they may cast a sound bubble (see Complete Bard’s Handbook) 1/day.

  ❖在第5级,每日1次,闪耀之星能够歌唱一首定身之歌。这位祭司必须决定是影响1-4个人类/类人生物(如同 人类定身术hold person 法术),还是影响一只单一怪物(如同 怪物定身术hold monster 法术)。
❖At 5th level, Brystars are able to sing a song of holding 1/day. The priest must decide whether it is to work only 1-4 human/ humanoid beings (as per hold person spell), or upon a single monster (as per hold monster spell).

  ❖在第7级,每日1次,闪耀之星能够歌唱一首 短讯sending暗示suggestion 之歌。这不需要乐器,而只需要声乐成分,不过乐器会是受欢迎的补充。
❖At 7th level, Brystars are able to sing a song of sending or suggestion, 1/day. No musical instrument is required, only a vocal component, though the former is a welcome addition.

  ❖在第10级,每日1次,闪耀之星可施展一道 音墙术wall of sound(见《完全吟游诗人手册Complete Bard’s Handbook》)。
❖At 10th level, Brystars can cast a wall of sound (see Complete Bard's Handbook) 1/day.

  ❖在第12级,每日1次,闪耀之星可歌唱一首 群体魅惑mass charm群体暗示mass suggestion 之歌。
❖At 12th level, Brystars may sing a Song of mass charm or mass suggestion 1/day.

  ❖在第16级,每月1次,闪耀之星可歌唱一首 束缚binding 之歌。这通常只会被用来控制横冲直撞的异界生物,或作为一种逼它离开的威胁。
❖At 16th level, Brystars may sing a song of binding, 1/month. This is usually used only to restrain some rampaging extraplanar being, or as a threat to make it leave.