涅伽尔Nergal 是巴比伦神系的地下世界之神。
  动荡之年(1357 DR)之后的某个时间点,他与安莎尔合力谋杀了苏美尔神系的强大神恩基恩利尔誓言复仇但一直未找到机会。


-4370 DR

  一场可疑的瘟疫在 伊马斯卡人Imaskari 的各个城市中杀死了大量居民。
A suspicious plague decimates Imaskari cities.

-4366 DR

  伊马斯卡人Imaskari 奇械师打开了两道通向另一个世界的传送门,并用魔法绑架了成千上万的当地居民做为自己的奴隶。奇械师们随后建立了一道 位面障壁planar barrier 以阻断奴隶和他们神祇之间的联系。随这时间的流逝,奴隶们慢慢与 伊马斯卡人Imaskar 人通婚,他们的后代变成了一个独立种族,后来被称为“穆兰人Mulan”。
Imaskari artificers open twin gates to another world and magically abduct thousands of humans to serve as slaves. The artificers then erect a planar barrier to prevent contact between the slaves and their deities. Over time, the slaves intermarry with the Imaskari, and their descendants become a race in their own right that is later called the Mulan.

-2489 DR

  神王降临Arrival of the God-Kings:通过派遣被称为 显现体manifestations 的强大化身,伊马斯卡人Imaskari 的奴隶所信仰的众神绕开了位面屏障。在远古神祇 卜塔Ptah 的指引下,化身们穿越无尽虚空来到了 托瑞尔星球Toril。在到达 费伦大陆Faerûn 之后,他们进一步地将剩余的神性本质分离,创造出较次级的凡人形态化身——转生体incarnation。这些转生体降临到 伊马斯卡帝国Imaskar 的肥沃平原上,来到长久被弃的人民中间。最有才能的人被他们选作牧师,而真正虔诚的信徒则被转化为神仆。伊马斯卡帝国Imaskar 奴隶开始反抗他们的主人。
The deities of the Imaskari slaves bypass the planar barrier by sending powerful avatars, known as manifestations, of themselves through the endless void of space to Toril, led by the ancient deity Ptah. Upon arriving on Faerûn, they further divided their remaining divine essences and created lesser, mortal forms of avatars, known as incarnations. These incarnations descended into the fertile plains of Imaskar and went among their long-forsaken peoples. The most talented they made priests, and the truly faithful were transformed into divine minions. The Imaskari slaves then revolt against their masters.

-2087 ~ -1071 DR

  龙陨战争Dragonfall War[-29500]达到高潮。在 恩瑟帝国Unther 的第一个千年纪里,白金龙the Platinum Dragon五彩龙the Chromatic Dragon 之间的争斗开始了最后一个重要纪元。提亚玛特Tiamat 教会由 穆兰人Mulan 带到了 费伦大陆Faerûn(至少是在人类中)。
The Dragonfall War [–29500] flares up. The last great era of conflict between the Platinum Dragon and the Chromatic Dragon rages during the first millennium of the empire of Unther. Tiamat's cult is brought to Faerûn (at least among humans) by the Mulan.
  恩利尔Enlil 宣布提亚玛特为 众神之敌Nemesis of the Gods。在数十个世纪里,恩瑟帝国走向强盛,然后逐渐腐朽衰落,而它所遭受的每个挫折都激起 神王god-king 们对提亚玛特的憎恨。巴哈姆特 的恩瑟化名,“正义使者”马杜克Marduk the Justice Bringer 与提亚玛特一次又一次地交战,但没有哪条巨龙能够获胜。
The clergy of Enlil preach that Tiamat is the Nemesis of the Gods, and she is blamed by the god-kings for every setback Unther experiences as it rises to greatness and then decays over the centuries. Tiamat battles an Untheric alias of Bahamut, known as Marduk the Justice Bringer, time and again, but neither wyrm can prevail.

-1967 DR

  恩瑟帝国Unther穆尔霍兰德帝国Mulhorand万剑河River of Swords 发生冲突,第一次穆尔霍兰德-恩瑟战争First Mulhorand-Unther War 爆发。莱瑟曼人Rashemi洛曼萨人Sossrim索斯林人Sossrim 以及 纳尔部落民Nar tribesfolk 被交战双方雇佣为佣兵。
Unther and Mulhorand clash at the River of Swords, beginning the First Mulhorand–Unther War. Rashemi, Raumviran, Sossrim, and Nar tribesfolk are employed as mercenaries by both sides.

-1961 DR

  恩瑟帝国Unther穆尔霍兰德帝国Mulhorand 的神王们对以 万剑河River of Swords 作为共同边界达成一致。
The god-kings of Mulhorand and Unther agree on a common border—the River of Swords.

-1076 DR ~ -1069 DR

  兽人门战争The Orcgate Wars:兽人之门Orcgate 出现于 塞尔平原Plateau of Thay 南部。凭借 伊马斯卡人Imaskari 传送门法术,穆尔霍兰德人Mulhorandi 叛逆法师们开启了通往某个兽人世界的位面之门。成千上万的兽人淹没了 穆尔霍兰德帝国Mulhorand恩瑟帝国Unther 的北部领土。为了对抗兽人入侵者,穆尔霍兰德雇佣了 纳尔人NarNar洛曼萨人Raumathari莱瑟曼人Rashemi 以及 索林斯人Sossrim 的佣兵。
The Orcgate opens in the southern portion of the Plateau of Thay. Renegade Mulhorandi wizards employ Imaskari portal magic to open planar gates to an orc world. Hundreds of thousands of orcs inundate the northern territories of both Mulhorand and Unther. Mulhorand hires Nar, Raumathari, Rashemi, and Sossrim mercenaries to fight the orc invaders.

-1071 DR

  兽人之神 格乌什Gruumsh 杀死了 穆尔霍兰德人Mulhorandi 神祇 拉Ra,成为第一位已知的弑神者。
The orc god Gruumsh kills the Mulhorandi deity Ra in the first known deicide.
  ——恩瑟人Untheric 神祇 伊南娜Inanna格鲁Girru基Ki南纳-辛Nanna-Sin涅伽尔Nergal 以及 乌图Utu 亦同样死于兽人众神之手。
The Untheric gods Inanna, Girru, Ki, Nanna-Sin, Nergal, and Utu are slain by orc deities.
  ——在众神间爆发最后一战之时,提亚玛特Tiamat 企图偷袭正与 依那瓦Ilneval 交战的 吉尔伽Gilgeam。但永远警惕的 马杜克Marduk 插手干预,在她能对 吉尔伽Gilgeam 发起致命一击前,以自己的生命为代价杀死了 提亚玛特Tiamat
During the final Battle of the Gods, Tiamat launches a surprise attack against Gilgeam while he battles Ilneval. The ever-vigilant Marduk intervenes, killing Tiamat before she can land a death blow against Gilgeam, but at the cost of his own life.




  (弱等神力Lesser Power,“地下世界之主Lord of the Underworld”)

  神职Aoc:地下世界The Underworld,亡者the dead
  信徒阵营WAL:任意邪恶Any evil
  徽记SYMBOL:持握黑色盾牌的黑人Dark man holding a black shield
  居住位面/神国HOME P/R:灰色荒野Gray Waste奥伊诺斯Oinos涅伽尔之地Nergaltos
  知名代理人KNOWN PROXIES:“不死者”阿拉尔Allal the Dead(代理人Px/男性提夫林♂/游侠M13/中立邪恶NE)


  涅伽尔Nergal 的神国是一座由黑色玄武岩修筑的灰暗之城,在这片朦胧的大地上,一切都笼罩着一层薄雾。这座圆形城堡由七座穹顶构成,街道上四处是死者的幽影(执行着只有他们自己和他们的神才知道的任务)。这些幽影从不开口说话,因此任何想找人扯淡的人,都只能找个直接为涅伽尔直接服务、活着的混账(绝大部分是些邪恶战士)谈谈。
Nerval's realm is a dark, gray city of black basalt, with a mist that swirls around everything in the dim land. The circular burg consists of seven domes, and its streets are filled with the shades of the dead (who move on missions known only to them and their god). The shades never speak, so any berk looking to pick up the chant must talk to one of the living sods — evil warriors, mostly - brought in to serve serve Nergal directly.

  这位神力在他的玄武岩王座上若隐若现,谋划着如何进一步传播他的教义和影响力。除非对方与自己的利益存在冲突,否则他对任何其祂神祇都没有什么特别的敌意。当然,涅伽尔参与了对苏美尔神系神明 恩基Enki 的冷血谋杀,所以他对“利益冲突”的定义可能比大部分都更宽松。
The power broods on his throne of basalt, plotting ways to spread his doctrine and his influence ever further. He has no special enmity for any other gods, except when their interests conllid with his own. Course, Nergal helped to murder the Sumerian god Enki in cold blood, so his definition of "conflicting imerests" might be looser than most.

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