混沌女王The Queen of Chaos 起源于 混沌海Limbo,曾是 无底深渊the Aybss 的统治者,她创造了最早的塔纳厘恶魔,并选择 密斯卡Miska 作为自己的将军和配偶。

2e七节权杖第4册:怪物The Rod of Seven Parts Book Ⅳ: MONSTERS》1991/08,<The Rod of Seven Parts Book Ⅳ: MONSTERS.p006>

2e<The Rod of Seven Parts Book Ⅳ: MONSTERS.p006>混沌女王The Queen of Chaos


The Queen of Chaos and Miska

  气候/地形Climate/Terrain:蒸汽沼泽The Steaming Fen
  组织Okganizaiion:位面统治者Planar Ruler
  活动周期Activity Cycle:任意Any
  智力Intelligence:超级天才Supra-genius (20)
  阵营Alignment:混乱邪恶Chaotic evil
  防御等级Armor Class:-5
  移动Movement:6,游泳Sw 9,喷射Jet 24
  生命骰Hit Dice:20,生命值hp 140
  攻击次数No.of Attacks:3
  特殊攻击Special Attacks:紧勒Constriction,喙啄beak,类法术spell-like abilities
  特殊防御Special Defenses:只受+3或更好的魔法武器伤害Harmed only by +3 or better magical weapons,免疫immunities,再生regeneration
  魔抗Magic Resistance:70%
  体型Size:巨型G (大约25英尺高about 25’ tall)
  士气Morale:无畏Fearless (19)
  经验回报XP Value:38,000

  混沌女王The Queen of Chaos 是位 混沌海Limbo 的土著居民,她统治着 蒸汽沼泽the Steaming Fen
The Queen of Chaos is a native of Limbo who rules the Steaming Fen.

The queen's lower body is a mass of 10 mauve tentacles, like a giant squid’s. The tentacles are always shiny with slime, and a network of red and purple veins shows beneath the skin. Her upper body is humanoid, female, and grossly fat. The skin is bluish, lighter at the corpulent belly and darker in back. The queen's eyes and hair are green;the locks hang in drooping curls. When standing upright on her tentacles she is about 25 feet tall, but she measures more than 90 feet from the top of her head to the tips of her longest tentacles.

  混沌女王携有一柄超大型三叉戟,并用一卷 蛛魔spyder-fiend 的丝绳绑系在一只手腕上。她头戴一顶饰有黑珍珠和一颗沙华鱼人头骨的白骨花冠。
The queen carries a huge trident attached to one wrist with a coil of spyder-fiend silk rope. She wears a coronet of bones decorated with black pearls and a sahuagin skull.


Combat: The queen is as strong as a frost giant, and her oversized trident is a +5 magical weapon that inflicts 2d6+2 points of damage (2d6+16 with all bonuses added). She can use the trident as a melee weapon or hurl it as a missile weapon. When she throws the trident, she can recover it immediately by pulling the rope attached to it. The rope is armor class -5, and it can sustain 50 points of damage before being severed. The rope is 75% resistant to magical fire.

Two of the queen's tentacles are long enough to conduct melee with opponents up to 60 feet away; these tentacles are equipped with horny ridges that inflict 2d6 points of slashing damage. If the queen chooses, she can attempt to grab opponents of up to size large; opponents have an effective armor class of 10 with adjustments for magic and Dexterity, against this attack form, but the queen suffers a -4 attack penalty. If she successfully grabs a foe, she lifts the opponent off his feet and can stuff him under her body on the following round, freeing the grasping tentacle for further attacks.

Opponents trapped under the queen's body are wrapped in one of her other tentacles and constricted for 3d6 points of damage each round. Each tentacle can constrict a single opponent. The queen also has a razor-sharp beak hidden among her tentacles. She can bite one trapped creature with the beak each round for 7d4 points of damage.

  混沌女王的触手无法以蛮力弄断。仅有的逃脱手段,便是以+3或更好的附魔挥砍武器、或是有精确指引的魔法攻击(如 魔法飞弹magic missile)切断触手。触手的防御等级为-7,每条触手需造成30点伤害才能切断。以任何物理攻击造成的伤害都将每次-5。遭触手攫抓、或是被困在混沌女王身体下的生物,将在攻击和主动性骰上遭受-3惩罚。
The queen's tentacles cannot be broken with a feat of Strength. The only way to escape is to sever the tentacle with an attack from a slashing weapon of +3 or better enchantment or with a tightly directed magical attacks such as magic missile. The tentacles are armor class -7 and each requires 30 points of damage to sever. Damage from any physical attack is reduced by -5 per attack. Creatures in a tentacle's grasp or trapped under the queen's body suffer a -3 penalty to attack and initiative rolls.

Damage to the tentacles does not harm the queen. Severing a tentacle allows a creature in the tentacle's grasp to wiggle free of the queen's body, but the tentacle does not let go. It continues to constrict for 2d6 points of damage each round until removed with a successful open doors roll.

  混沌女王拥有一些类法术能力,施法者等级为20:随意使用,形体变化shape change 为人类或人鱼形态、镜像术mirror image缓慢术slow混乱术chaos魔法飞弹magic missile巧言术tongues鹰眼术clairvoyance心灵遥控telekinesis、以及 腹语术ventriloquism;每日6次,最大持续时间为一个月的 暗示术suggestion变形他人polymorph other死雾术death fog电爪shocking grasp摄心目光eyebite、以及 嘲讽术taunt;每日3次,连环闪电chain lightning支配术domination群体魅惑mass charm、以及 变形万物polymorph any object;每种每天1次,以下种类 徽记术symbol——不谐discord恐惧fear绝望hopelessness痛苦pain。她能与任何智力水平至少为半智能的混乱生物进行心灵沟通。
The queen has these spell-like abilities as a 20th level caster:shape change into human or merman form, mirror image, slow, chaos, magic missile, tongues, clairvoyance, telekinesis, and ventriloquism (at will);suggestion with a maximum duration of one month, polymorph other, death fog, shocking grasp, eyebite, and taunt (six times a day);chain lightning, domination, mass charm, and polymorph any object (three times a day); and symbols of discord, fear, hopelessness, and pain (each once a day). She can telepathically communicate with any chaotic creature that is at least semi-intelligent.

  每小时1次,混沌女王能排出一团有毒的烟雾(若在水中,则为墨汁),它拥有以下效果:15英尺黑暗术darkness 15f radius臭云术stinking 重雾术solid fog。烟雾的效果如同20级施法者施展的对应法术。它们被视作喷吐武器,而不受魔抗影响。
Once per hour, the queen can expel a cloud of noxious smoke (or ink when underwater), which has the following effects:darkness 15f radius, stinking cloud, or solid fog. Cloud effects function at 20th level. They are considered breath weapons and are not subject to magic resistance.

  每小时3次,混沌女王能创造一道 混乱之门chaos gate。具体见《Book III》,第14页。
Three times an hour, the queen can create a chaos gate. See Book III, page 14 for details.

The Queen of Chaos is immune to all forms of acid, electricity, and poison. She regenerates one hit point a turn and regrows severed tentacles in 4d12 hours.

追随者与资源Followers and Resources:

  混沌女王在居住在一座庞大无章的宫殿中,这座宫殿坐落于 蒸汽沼泽the Steaming Fen 的沼泽岛。宫殿中装满了宝藏,这些宝藏来自那些有她的代理人活跃存在的 主物质位面Prime Material World。宫殿中贮藏的一些战利品其历史可以追溯到对抗 秩序Law 的原初战争。
Followers and Resources:The Queen of Chaos resides in a sprawling palace located on swampy island in the Steaming Fen. The palace is filled with treasures looted from every Prime Material World where her agents are active. Some of the spoils stored in the palace might actually date back to the original war against Law.

Every spyder-fiend gives allegiance to the queen, even if only grudgingly. She rules through intimidation, favors granted and capriciously withdrawn, and shrewd bargaining.

计划与动机Plots & Goals:

  混沌女王念念不忘将 “狼蛛”密斯卡Miska the Wolf-Spider(她的爱人和她最成功的将军)从他的牢笼中释放出来。混沌女王巧妙地使她的敌人们彼此陷入对抗,并将财富和奴隶作为礼物笼络敌人。
Plots and Goals: The queen is obsessed with freeing Miska the Wolf-Spider, her lover and most successful general, from his prison. The queen adroitly pits her rivals against each other and placates enemies with gifts of treasure and slaves.

  她不间断地监视着主物质位面以寻觅 七节权杖Rod of Seven Parts 的任何蛛丝马迹,她(正确地)相信它能治愈密斯卡所受的重创。无论如何,当凡人们找到了七节权杖并开始组合它时,混沌女王将通过她的仆人、间谍和她演化出的对七节权杖的第六感知晓此事。
She constantly monitors the Prime Material Plane for any sign of the Rod of Seven Parts, which she believes (correctly) can heal the crippling injury Miska suifered. Whenever mortals find the Rod and begin assembling it, the queen learns about it through her servants, spies, and a sixth sense she has developed regarding the Rod.

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