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2eSP<Realmspace.p054>附录:天体学Additional Astronomicals

  除了行星体和它们各自的卫星之外,还有一些其它物体散落在 国度天宇the Realmspace 之中。彗星、小行星、废弃的船只、星云、漂浮的建筑物和舞动颅骨挤满了看似温和正常的 荒宇wildspace。秘术师和占星师跟随着这些“相关”物体的活动,根据它们在特定位置的运动与外观,进行有重要意义的预测。占星术在 托瑞尔星球Toril 的几种文化中都很流行,而这就是为什么占星学天体的定位为什么非常重要。
Besides planetary bodies and their respective moons, there are several other objects littering the Realmspace. Comets, asteroids, derelict ships, nebulosities, floating structures, and dancing skulls crowd the seemingly mild and orthodox wildspace. Mystics and astrologers follow the actions of several of these “relevant” objects to create predictions of significance according to their movements and appearances in specific locations. Astrology is popular among several cultures on Toril, and this is where the astrological bodies' positioning really matters.

Predictions range from the births of kings to deaths of famed lords and wizards. Whether these astrological objects are really responsible for plagues and pivotal worldly happenings is a matter of debate. What people do not seem to realize is that coincidence and random chance are very strong forces in the universe.

盖伦船星云Galleon Nebula

This nebula looks very much like a large, multicolored galleon ship. Its sails appear to blow in a celestial wind that does not exist. With mariner spyglasses, the oars on the sides of the ship can be seen rowing in their never-ending task. The nebulosity is two million miles long and high, and well over 100,000 miles wide. It is visible primarily during the autumn and early winter.

  盖伦船星云以一条非常慢的轨道绕天穹公转。其环绕天穹的公转周期近4000个月。盖伦船星云与 七彩喷射星云the Color Spray Nebula 从未在同一片天空中出现过。它们以相同的轨道环绕 太阳Sun 公转,轨道周期相同,但位置相反。
The Galleon Nebula sails around the heavens in a very slow orbit. It takes nearly 4,000 months for it to make a complete revolution around the celestial heavens. This nebula and the Color Spray Nebula are never seen together in the same sky. They orbit around the sun in the same orbit, with the same orbital period, but they are at opposite positions in that orbit.

The Galleon Nebula is a huge region of wild magic, a dangerous location for any spelljamming ship to enter. The wild magic causes the Ship's Rating to double every round, while the gravity plane shifts and wanes. Everyone on board must roll a Dexterity check every round, unless holding tightly to a solid section of the ship.

All magical items buzz with a tone so high, that they inflict 1d4 points of damage every turn to all living creatures within 20 feet. Once the spelljammer leaves the nebulosity, everything returns to normal, and the ship comes to a complete stop, until the spelljamming helmsman returns to his station and regains a calm mind.

  占星师们认为:这片星云是魔法众神放置在天穹中的,目的是为了让 托瑞尔星球Toril 的居民明白:魔法船确实存在,并且应允许参与这项技术。
Astrologers believe that this nebula was placed in the heavens by the gods of magic to let the inhabitants of Toril know that spelljamming does exist, and that it is permissible to partake in this technology.

Others believe that the wild magic properties of the nebula warn that the wilds of space are too dangerous, and it is wrong for the Torilian inhabitants to dare it. This interpretation usually comes from isolationists.