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集市区The Bazaar

  这是魔索布莱城一片千变万化始终忙碌的市区;这是一个扎满摊点和讨价还价者的拥挤、凌乱的迷宫,它的名声遍及幽暗地域。在这个城市里,它被直白地称为“集市区The Bazaar”。
There is an ever-changing, always busy area of Menzoberranzan; a crowded, untidy labyrinth of stalls and hagglers whose fame has spread across the Underdark. In the city, it is known simply as “The Bazaar”.

  那些每根手指都戴着珠光宝气的戒指、身后跟着新买来、气喘吁吁的奴隶的 卡丽珊人Calishite 在此会感觉宾至如归——事实上,在市城区常能看见在找便宜货的卡丽珊总督。
A Calishite with rings gleaming on every finger and puffing slaves bringing purchases along behind would feel right at home here—and indeed, Calishite satraps seeking bargains are often to be seen in the Bazaar.

  魔索布莱城正进行的贸易吸引到了整个 费伦大陆Faerûn 的客商和商品,甚至还有些许来自 卡拉-图大陆Kara-Tur 和传说中的 马兹特克次大陆Maztica 的物品。来自一切种族和地区的商人与采购者在此都到受欢迎——甚至有传言说,还有来自“群星之上,地上世界之上”和其它实存位面的、一些更神秘的贸易商(它们蒙着面、戴着头巾,一言不发地打着手势)!
Menzoberranzan’s ongoing trade fair attracts merchants and goods from all Faerûn, and even a few items from Kara-Tur and fabled Maztica. Merchants and shoppers of all races and lands are welcome—and it is even whispered that some of the more mysterious traders (who go about masked and cowled, gesturing silently) come from "places beyond the stars, Above the World Above", or other planes of existence!

The Bazaar

货物和服务Goods And Services

The less lawful and tolerated vices among drow are addressed in the Bazaar—and as long as rebellion is not talked of, and the peace is kept (folk bow, scrape, and get out of the way of House Matrons doing a little shopping), shoppers can get their every desire satisfied in the curtained booths and stalls of the Bazaar without being (so they think) under the watchful eye of a Matron.

  奴隶在此被买卖,外科手术(在 幽暗地域Underdark 中比较罕见)、毒药和和草药在此也可得到,在此甚至有特定摊位可以收、发来自 地表世界World Above(地面世界)地点与族群的讯息。
Slaves are bought and sold here, surgery (rare in the Underdark), potions and herbal medicines are available, and there are even certain booths where one can arrange to send or receive messages to and from locales and folk in the World Above (surface world).

  其他卓尔则蜂涌到集市区雇用法术(通常是为了报复敌人,或从某人的报复中恢复过来)。此处也售卖来自 光照之地Lands of Light 的葡萄酒、奶酪和舶来品(冻鳗鱼、鹿肉馅饼、甚至是龙肉派)。
Other drow flock to the Bazaar to hire work spells, often to visit revenge on an enemy, or recover from a revenge someone has worked on them. There are also stalls selling wines, cheeses, and exotics (jellied eels, venison tarts, even wyvern pie) from the Lands of Light.

Prices vary with supply (scarcity) and demand—when mind flayer or Calishite visitors arrive in larger numbers, and seem to want to buy everything in the Bazaar, down to the bare boards of the stalls, prices quickly go up.

  集市区早前的生意也一直很好:按摩房。许多卓尔会至少每天去一次自己最喜欢的按摩房(关于卓尔对按摩的品位,见“卓尔上流生活Drow High Life”一章)。这些地方本是浪漫韵事的场所,但卓尔们却很少在此如此。无论男女老少,卓尔们都热衷于简单的放松,并经常在相邻的按摩沙发上举行商务会谈、简单的聊天或随意的聚会。
The businesses that preceded The Bazaar here are still going strong, too: the massage dens. Many drow visit their favorite den at least once a day (for more on the drow taste for massage, see the "Drow High Life" chapter). These places are seldom settings for hired romance. Drow of both sexes and all ages delight in simply relaxing, and often hold business discussions, or simply chat sessions or casual get-togethers, on adjacent massagecouches.

搬,一直搬Moving, Always Moving

  根据 统治议会ruling Council 颁布的法令,集市区不得包括永久建筑——即便是那些历史悠久、深受影响的摊位也必须搬来搬去。一座摊位最长可停留66天。这条法律禁止任何所有人拥有集市区内的“建坪”以及购买更多摊位(因为随着理想的空间将被锁定,这会使集市区持续变小、直至化为乌有,而城市也将失去它的财富)。这样做也迫使来访的采购者在集市区内巡游,寻找自己喜欢的摊位或商家——这样他们就能遍览所有摊位和商品,而冲动消费的机会也变得尽可能地多。骄傲的商人们吹嘘“只要钱够,集市区里什么都买得到”,他们的吹嘘也没错到哪——只要对方付得起价格,法师可以使用 传送术teleporting 从地表世界获取新鲜的产品和物品。
The Bazaar, by decree of the ruling Council, contains no permanent structures—even long-established and favored booths must be moved around. The longest a stall or booth can remain in one spot is 66 days. This law prevents any proprietor from owning 'floor-space' in the Bazaar, and buying more (so as to make the Bazaar ever-smaller, as the desirable space is locked up, until it dwindles away to nothing, and the city loses its riches). It also forces visiting buyers to tour the Bazaar, searching for favored stalls or merchants they're looking for—so they see everything, and opportunities for impulse-buying are as numerous as possible. Proud merchants boast that one can "buy anything at the Bazaar, for coins enough," and they're not far wrong—not since wizards took to teleporting in fresh surfaceworld produce and items, for those who can pay enough.

Wise established merchants arrange to trade spots with other established vendors, rotating around the Bazaar-space. Still, fights and covert sabotage are common, as booths of different sizes jostle for space that isn't really there, or fight to avoid being relegated to a bad location (low-traffic, or sandwiched between larger competitors in the same goods, or someone selling something that clashes with or diminishes one's own wares). Merchants are not allowed to openly sell their space—it's not theirs to sell—but if money changes hands in the sealing of a deal over who moves where, that's purely the private affair of the traders involved.


The Archmage of Menzoberranzan arranges to have the Bazaar patrolled, by warriors-in-training from the Academy (led by an instructor), augmented by trainee priestesses and wizards (these duties are rotating, and paid). The firm intent of such policing is simply to keep the lid on violence, not to muscle in on haggling, arguments, or the fun of shoppers; unobtrusive firmness is the order of the day.

Menzoberranzan mounts constant street patrols, consisting of a 'hand' (see below), accompanied by a wizard, and led by a priestess.

  在集市区里,情况会迅速变得非常混乱,所以巡逻队规模也更大。典型的集市区巡逻队,在任何时候都在值班(集市区总是保持开放),由三只“公开之手open hands”、或是更小的公开架构的小组组成。
In the Bazaar, where things can quickly get very wild indeed, patrols are larger. A typical Bazaar patrol, on duty at any given time (the Bazaar is always open), consists of three 'open hands,' or smaller, open-formation groups.

Each group has 8-12 male fighters of 2nd level, armed with +1 long daggers and short swords, and long, black wooden staves with one end equipped with a metal ball, that can do 1d6 + 1 damage, and the other fitted with a snag-hook, for catching fleeing thieves.

  他们由一位来自学院的教官率领,她通常是位女性6级战士/6级祭司,装备着+4或更好的精钢(这种最坚固的 精金adamantite 合金被称作“精钢adamantine”)权杖和一只手弩(60码射程,携带22支弩矢,每支造成1~3点生命值的伤害,外加-4的对抗毒素豁免检定,否则将沉睡2d4小时;这种毒素是一种混合物,即便是通常免疫蜘蛛毒飞镖的卓尔也会受影响)。
They are led by an instructor from the Academy, typically a female F6/P6, armed with a +4 or better adamantine (the most durable adamantite alloy is called 'adamantine') mace and a hand crossbow (60-yard range, 22 darts carried, each doing 1-3 hp damage, plus save vs. poison at -4, or sleep for 2d4 hours; the poison is a mixture that affects even drow immune to the usual spider venom darts are tipped with).

  充任战士首领的教官至少有一位、通常是两位,战士们充当着巡逻女祭司和法师的侧翼护卫:分别是一位女性7级战士/8级祭司,装备着自己的法术、一支权杖、一支 粘球魔杖wand of viscid globs(详述于《幽暗地域的卓尔Drow of the Underdark》),以及1d4剂治疗药水;另一位则是一位男性3级战士/3级法师,装备着他的法术、一支睡眠毒素匕首、以及一支 蜘蛛魔杖spider wand(见FOR2)。
The warrior leader instructs at least one, and usually two, fighters to serve as flanking guards to the priestess and the mage on patrol: a female F7/P8, armed with her spells, a mace, and a wand of viscid globs (detailed in Drow of the Underdark), who also carries 1d4 healing potions; and a male F3/W3, armed with his spells, a sleep-poisoned dagger, and a spider wand (also found in FOR2).

The priestess commands the patrol, but wise priestesses follow the orders of the Academy instructor (the warrior leader), who among other things delivers reports on the performance of all patrol members—particularly the mage and the priestess, who are not currently her students. Drow students under the eye of an instructor do not generally indulge themselves in reckless, disorganized, or goaded-to-rage behavior; they are trying to impress, and are practicing fighting as an organized unit.

  这并不是说统治议会总是对集市区采取“不干涉”或中立立场。若有人破坏了她们的统治,或是售卖她们不喜欢的东西(比如接受除 罗斯Lloth 外其祂神明的礼拜服务,声称可以中和贵族家族的防御刻文,或是保证把前罗斯女祭司变成女性卓尔奴隶)将很快遭遇一场摧毁其铺面的“事故”(通常那时摊主就在其中)。接着,女祭司将开始窃窃私语罗斯的不悦已介入其中,其他人也应以此为戒。
This is not to say the ruling Council always adopts a 'hands-off' or neutral position towards the Bazaar. Someone who breaks their rules, or sells things they don't approve of (such as access to worship services of deities other than Lloth, spells that purport to neutralize House defense glyphs, or female drow slaves guaranteed to be former priestesses of Lloth) will soon meet with an 'accident' that destroys their stall, typically with them in it. Then whispers will begin, started by priestesses, that the displeasure of Lloth was involved, and others should take heed.

Meddling occasionally takes a more heavy-handed form (yet always cloaked in the thin disguise of something accidental or unintended, to avoid harming the Bazaar's popularity among visitors). At least one recent and very public spell-battle between rival House wizards, which destroyed many houses and shops adjacent to The Bazaar area, is widely suspected to have been deliberately arranged by the Matrons of the two Houses involved, to clear more space for The Bazaar.

Merchants always grumble about the meddling of the Council, but all of them accept it as necessary—for one thing, if the patrols did not exist, there would be more destructive behavior by Houses or individual nobles, just "throwing their pride around"—and for another thing, the patrols (bolstered by occasional undercover surveillance by powerful Academy wizards, who usually want to do a little shopping themselves) were instituted to curtail rampant thievery.

Moreover, whenever Bazaar patrols become smaller or fewer, thievery and drunken brawling (with attendant vandalism) rise sharply, and merchants complain—or resort to a tactic frowned on by the Council: hiring ever-larger numbers of guards (which the Council fears could grow into private armies).

  某些生物(譬如眼魔、纽吉怪和吉斯洋基人)在集市区不受欢迎,另一些家伙则只有在保持低调时才能被容忍、或只允许小规模进入(诸如 散塔林会Zhentarim 和夺心魔)。有些人则只是被认为,如果他们背叛或发怒(或是被某位不顾一切或是恶作剧胡闹的卓尔巫师的法术控制了),对城市而言将太过强大、太过危险。
Certain beings (such as beholders, neogi, and githyanki) are not welcome in the Bazaar, and others are tolerated only when they keep a low profile, or appear in small numbers (such as Zhentarim and mind flayers). Some beings are considered just too powerful, too dangerous to the city if they prove treacherous or grow enraged—or are mentally manipulated by the spells of a desperate or mischievous drow mage.

Two fixture Bazaar establishments of interest to visitors are:

代林·暗闪的玻璃酒瓶Daelein Shimmerdark's Decanter

Named for its handsome, charming (smart-mouthed) young proprietor, this stall stocks rare and fine drinkables from the Realms over—at prices only drow nobles (and desperate or homesick surface-world merchants) can afford.

Love- and sleeping-potions, and even liquid poisons, can also be had here, by those who know just how to phrase their whispers, and how much extra to offer. (Daelein also provides directions to those wishing to sell stolen goods discreetly.)

维霍·拜林德里的怪物图鉴Vhurn Bhaelyndryn's Bestiary

  这家店戒备森严(随时都有一打装备着抓钩、棍棒、加了配重的投网和铁头棍卓尔和侏儒守卫)。店内供应了驮蜥和骑乘蜥蜴坐骑(见 怪物Monsters 章节)、以及供它们使用的挽具、赶畜刺棒、缰绳和背架。
This establishment is heavily-guarded (by a dozen drow and gnoll overseers at a time, armed with snatch-hooks, clubs, weighted throwing-nets, and quarter staves). It provides pack lizards and riding lizard mounts (see the Monsters chapter), and harnesses, goads, lead-lines, and carrying frames for them.

At least one of each sort of lizard are always harnessed and ready. These cost four times more than the rest of the expensive stock (three times if the buyer throws trade-in mounts into the deal), but this fee includes immediate help from the overseers, in delaying pursuit, patrols, and other forces (short of angry high priestesses) seeking to detain the purchaser and any companions from leaving the city.

  肥胖而和蔼的 维霍Vhurn(他是位遍体伤痕的年老卓尔武者)也售卖“幽暗地域背包Underdark packs”,其中装有若干火把、若干绳索、若干爪钩、若干钉子与一把木槌、一只火绒盒、一只装在金属盒子中的灯油瓶、一只带罩的信号灯、一根探测杆(10英尺长杆,一端有个卷盘,可释放带铅垂配重、有标记的线,用来测量落差和裂缝)、食物、一把备用匕首、岩锤和撬杆。
The fat, affable Vhurn (an old, scarred drow warrior) also sells "Underdark packs," containing torches, ropes, grapnels, spikes and a mallet, a tinder box, flasks of lamp oil in a metal carry-box, a hooded signal-eye lamp, a probing pole (10' pole with a reel on one end that releases a weight-tipped, marked plumb line—for measuring drops and chasms), food, and a spare dagger, rock-hammer and prying-bar.

He also knows good places to buy other gear and weapons, and to deal in gems.

The Bazaar1