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2e<Men1.p055>第13章:魔索布莱城的巫师领主The Mage Lords of Menzoberranzan


魔索布莱城的巫师领主The Mage Lords of Menzoberranzan

  甚至是在卓尔之中,巫师领主the Mage Lords(活跃于 魔索布莱城Menzoberranzan 的强大(男性卓尔)巫师)的知名度也远逊于 罗斯Lloth 占据社会支配地位的女祭司。在一对一的战斗中,他们是这座城市中可以召集的最强大的卓尔,这些艰难而扭曲的幸存者在力量上足以匹敌人类的大法师,克服在他们的旅程上的更大阻碍。而一切,都是在魔索布莱城 学院Academy ——卓尔法师们的摇篮——那严酷的教育之下开始的。
Far less well-known than the socially dominant priestesses of Lloth, even among drow, are the Mage Lords, the (male drow) mages of power active in Menzoberranzan. They are the mightiest drow, in a one-to-one fight, the city can muster—tough, twisted survivors who have risen to rival human archmages in power, overcoming far greater obstacles on their journey. All began under the harsh schooling of Menzoberranzan's Academy, the cradle of drow wizards.

卓尔法师Drow Wizards

  在许多方面,卓尔法师都与人类巫师相似——他们都是群性格古怪、个性讨厌的家伙,都有相同的能力和资质,甚至在法术清单上都大同小异(在 幽暗地域Underdark 中可用的大部分人类设计法术,都可在 术士学院Sorcere 的法术书中找到,被 魔索布莱人Menzoberranyr 巫师使用着;而专门的卓尔法师法术,请参阅 FOR2,《幽暗地域的卓尔Drow of the Underdark》)。
In many ways, drow wizards are the same as human mages—they run the same broad spectrum of eccentric and nasty personalities, the same variety of power and aptitude, and even the same wide difference from spell roster to roster (most human-devised spells useful in the Underdark can be found in a spellbook in Sorcere, and in use by Menzoberranyr mages; consult FOR2, Drow of the Underdark, for specialized drow wizard spells).

Like humans, most of the few sorcerously-talented drow who survive long enough to attain any power choose to flee from society. They become recluses, dwelling in fortresses or spell-guarded towers, generally avoiding the company of others. Those drow wizards who dare not, or desire not, to dwell out in the wild Underdark, can go a long way towards achieving seclusion in the city, by taking a teaching position in the Academy, in the tower of Sorcere. There they are nominally under the command of drow priestesses, and are occasionally called upon to take part in the affairs of the city (using their spells to destroy a noble House, for instance). They have students, and set duties within Sorcere, but can, by and large, remain aloof from the cut and thrust of daily House-versus-House intrigues, if they wish to.

No wizards of note survive for long out in the wild Underdark too close to Menzoberranzan—the high priestesses of all the city's Houses (who constantly see invasions from without, and treachery from within, where no such things have been planned) will not tolerate such risky misfits, and gather forces to root out such rogue males.

贵族家族法师House Wizards

  强大的法师可以作为贵族家族的成员在卓尔社会中取得一席之地。如果他们精通巫术,且得到了某一贵族家族主母的亲睐——又或者仅仅有一定能力,但与当权的女祭司是亲属关系——他们可以成为“家族法师”首领,成为宗族的首席巫术工具。这一职位往往富有风险且耗费时间的;并且无论你喜欢与否,都总是会被卷入城市的政治生活中。如果他做的不好,就会被女祭司或其他人认为是可以被牺牲而被消耗掉;如果做的好,又会被视作一个野心勃勃、有背叛危险的威胁——于是,或早或晚,他总是会在时机成熟的时候被消耗掉。很少有贵族家族的法师能达到12级以上(不过在像 班瑞家族Houses Baenre 这样庞大而自信的家族中,已知存在16级甚至更高等级的法师)。
Wizards of power can work within the society of Menzoberranzan, as members of a House. If they are accomplished in sorcery, and in favor with the Matron of a House—or merely competent, but a direct relative of the ruling priestess—they may become the head "House wizard," serving as the family's chief instrument of sorcery. This position tends to be risky and time-consuming; like it or not, one is always embroiled in the politics of the city. If one does poorly, one is deemed expendable by a priestess or other, and expended; if one does well, one is seen as an ambitious, treacherous threat—and, sooner or later, when the time is right, expended. Few House wizards ever attain a level higher than 12th (although 16th and even higher have been known, in large, confident Houses such as Baenre).

If one is injured too badly to hold one's own, winds up on the losing side of an internal House battle, grows tired of intrigue, or wishes to grow in power through study, Sorcere always awaits.


The Mage Lords of Menzoberranzan
  魔索布莱城所有法师都在术士学院受训。学院女教长the Mistress of the Academy(她本身也是 蜘蛛教院Arach-Tinilith 的首领)监督术士学院不会有法师违抗罗斯(或她的女祭司)的统治,处理所有对社会稳定和权威的可能威胁——比如卓尔(无论性别)在得到魔法物品后,将它们藏起来以备以后反抗她们的家族或罗斯的女祭司时使用——或是有人展现出灵能的迹象。

All wizards of Menzoberranzan receive training at Sorcere. It is supervised by the Mistress of the Academy (herself head of Arach-Tinilith) to ensure that it turns out wizards who will not defy the rule of Lloth (or her priestesses), and deals with all possible threats to social stability and authority—such as drow of either sex who get their hands on magical items, and hide them for later rebellious use against their Houses or the priestesses of Lloth—or who exhibit signs of psionic powers.

The Mistress of the Academy (abetted from time to time by other servant creatures of Lloth) spies often on the wizards of Sorcere, just to be sure they're not up to something that could unintentionally—or deliberately!—destroy the city, or its present rulers, or challenge the authority of the ruling Mothers (and behind them, Lloth).

  术士学院大师The Masters of Sorcere 被命令密切监视他们的学生——而这些大师中只有那些最迟钝的家伙才会没有意识到自己也被监视着。因此,术士学院的法师们已经养成了这样一种习惯:通过许多不必要的手势、仪式和咒语(其中许多是些小把戏,只是为了给间谍留下深刻印象,来掩饰真正施展的法术的本职和简洁),来遮掩他们到底在干啥。
The Masters of Sorcere have orders to watch their students closely—and only the dimmest among them fail to realize that they, too, are being watched. As a result, wizards of Sorcere have developed the habits of concealing what they're really dabbling with by means of many unnecessary gestures, rituals, and incantations (many of which are actually cantrips that evoke minor 'frills' to impress spies and to conceal the true nature—and simplicity—of the spell really being cast).

  这一系列华而不实的增添,通常可能包含一段激昂的吟唱、亲吻握在手中的青蛙、绕着被 妖火术faerie fire 点亮的蘑菇向后旋转、以及将一缕施法者的头发添到点燃的火盆或蜡烛上。他们也可能会将这些添加到(举例来说)一道 次元门dimension door 法术、或是一道 鉴定术identify 中:一道在施法者周遭旋转、脉动、闪烁的光辉;一道闪耀、嘶嘶作响的灵光短暂地包围了施法者,随后逐渐消褪,而施法者的身体发生虚幻变化,使得部分身体看起来变得透明、或弥漫着鲜血;诸如此类。
A typical series of these showy additions might involve a passionate chant, the kissing of frogs held in the hands, circling backwards around a mushroom that has been set aglow with faerie fire, and the addition of a strand of the caster's hair to a lit brazier or candle. They might add (to a dimension door spell, say, or an identify), a pulsing and flickering radiance swirling around the caster, a shimmering, hissing nimbus that briefly surrounds the caster, and then fades away, illusory changes to the caster's body that make parts of it seem temporarily transparent, or suffused with rushing blood, and so on.

It is important for adventurers from outside Menzoberranzan, hostile drow citizens confronting a wizard of Sorcere, and even good priestess-spies, all to remember that these frills are just that: a wizard can dispense with them all, to kill with a spell unleashed with a single word or gesture, that lashes out an instant later. Wizards of Sorcere tend to drop the frills when dealing with fellow wizards (who snort or sigh derision at such antics), Matron Mothers in a rage, and others who will know the deception for what it is (and who can do the wizard direct and immediate harm).

  没人喜欢被监视,而在术士学院中,有一项管理魔法窥私法师同行的协议——并以各种各样的因素使得女祭司、策划盗窃或袭击的外人、或是学院内的竞争对手尽可能地难以进行监视。这些措施包括内墙重叠的铅薄片,上面覆盖着一层灰泥(其中包括 戈耳工蛇发女怪gorgon 的血液、法术石之尘spellstone-dust、和其它几种秘密物质),并在这些顶上、门、木护墙板和门帘上,点缀以随机移动的魔法灵光、结界、保护性符文等等东西。这些防御系统阻止了任何人 传送teleporting 或使用类似的超空间旅行魔法进入或离开术士学院;这类旅行必须是物理性的(经过了法师的门禁和塔楼,以及其它 提尔·布里契之阶Tier Breche 的守卫),或是使用了物品(如 位面护符amulet of the planes)、已知的 传送门gate 或法术(如详述于《被遗忘的国度冒险集FORGOTTEN REALMS Adventures》一书中的 宝石跳跃Gemjump)。这套防御体系也使得心灵窥探(无论是利用魔法还是灵能)都变得变得混乱或干脆不可能;视觉监视的困难度也只是略轻一点。数量众多的保护符文(更多见《幽暗地域的卓尔Drow of the Underdark》)静静等待着,准备以它们的魔法惩罚粗心的间谍或入侵者。
No one likes being spied on, and within Sorcere, there is a protocol governing magical prying on fellow wizards—and various factors making surveillance by priestesses, outsiders planning thefts or attacks, or merely rivals within the Academy as difficult as possible. These include interior wall-coverings of overlapped lead sheeting, covered with a stucco which includes gorgon's blood, spellstone-dust, and certain other secret substances—and, atop these, doors, wood panels, and door-curtains adorned with randomly migrating magical auras, wards, protective runes, and so on. These defenses prevent anyone teleporting or using similar ethereal-travel magics to enter or leave Sorcere; such trips have to be made physically (past wizard doorguards and turretwardens, and the other guardians of Tier Breche), or by using items (such as an amulet of the planes), known gates, or spells (such as a gemjump, described in the FORGOTTEN REALMS Adventures sourcebook). The defenses also make mind-prying (either magical or psionic) confusing or impossible (depending on what is being attempted), and visual scrutiny only slightly less difficult. Many protective runes (see Drow of the Underdark for more on these) await, to punish unwary spies or intruders with their magic.

大法师The Archmage

  魔索布莱城大法师the Archmage of Menzoberranzan,是术士学院的首领,也是唯一拥有极高公众知名度的大师。他的职责是为 统治议会the ruling Council 提供建议和服务(尤其是为城市设计防御魔法),和为了给城市定时施法点亮 纳邦德尔时柱Narbondel(这一职责经常会附带地把他拴在城里,并让其身处城市的女祭司们的监视之下)。大法师几乎总是 班瑞家族House Baenre 的法师,后者施展她们的影响力确保了她们的人能在术士学院取得高位(并保持术士学院针对班瑞家族的巫术行为尽可能的少)。
The head of Sorcere, and the only one of its Masters with a high public profile, is the Archmage of Menzoberranzan. His role is to advise and serve the ruling Council (especially in devising magics for the defenses of the city), and to keep time in the city by casting the spells that light up Narbondel (a duty that incidentally generally keeps him tied to the city, and under the watchful eye of its priestesses). The Archmage is almost always a wizard of House Baenre, who use their influence to ensure that one of their own occupies the high seat in Sorcere (to keep wizardly acts against House Baenre to a minimum).

  作为一名法师,历任魔索布莱城大法师很少有低于12级的,并且通常为17~20级(现任大法师 贡夫·班瑞Gromph Baenre 为19级)。在一些卓尔城市有巫师担任公职(甚至在一些罗丝并非唯一主导者的地方,由卓尔法师统治和领导城市),那里的法师可以强大到24级。更强大的卓尔法师非常罕见——考虑到他们所生活的社会和环境极度危险,这或许并不奇怪(请记住就像在任何卓尔城市中一样,在任何法师飞地中,也充满了诡计、阴谋集团和背叛——以及真正的魔法事故和可怕的危险!)。
The Archmage of Menzoberranzan is seldom of less than 13th level as a wizard, and is usually of 17th to 20th level (the current office-holder, Gromph Baenre, is 19th level). Some drow cities have mages who hold offices—or who rule and lead the city, where Lloth does not hold exclusive sway—who are as powerful as 24th level. More powerful drow wizards are very rare—not surprising, perhaps, given the extreme danger of the society and environment they live in (remember that any wizardly enclave, just as any drow city, has its intrigues, cabals, betrayals—as well as genuine magical accidents and monstrous dangers!).

术士学院大师The Masters of Sorcere

  大师Masters 是居于 大法师the Archmage 之下的,一群神秘、隐居、享有可畏声誉的男性团体。他们很少会有什么等级或头衔,但在权力和影响力方面,他们之间存在着很大的差异,从最底端的 教学大师the teaching Masters 和 学生求道者the Students Aspirant(本科硕士——或受训中的家族法师,正在学习和练习为获得他们所渴望——或他们的主母为其准备的——职位所必需的魔法力量)到 强力巫师领主the mighty Mage Lords。此处只描述了最后一个、也最强大的团体;DM被鼓励在保护着术士学院的保密外衣下,增添更多内容。
The Masters under the Archmage are a largely mysterious, reclusive group of men with an awesome reputation. They have few ranks or titles, but many differences in power and influence, from the lowliest of the teaching Masters and the Students Aspirant (undergraduate masters- or House wizards-in-training, studying and practicing spells to attain the magical might necessary for a position they covet—or their House Matrons intend for them) to the mighty Mage Lords. Only one of this last, most powerful group is described here; DMs are urged to add many more, under the cloak of secrecy that guards Sorcere.

一位巫师领主A Mage Lord

  在本节,标记了星号的法术出现在《幽暗地域的卓尔Drow of the Underdark》中;标记了“#”的在《魔法卷册Tome of Magic》;标记了“!”在《被遗忘的国度冒险集FORGOTTEN REALMS Adventures》一书中;标记了“@”的在本书中。
In this entry, spells marked with an asterisk are found in Drow of the Underdark; spells marked "#" appear in the Tome of Magic; spells marked "!" are in the FORGOTTEN REALMS Adventures tome; spells marked "@" are in this book.


  雅林梵Jalynfein,“蜘蛛法师The Spider Mage” 男性卓尔 法师W24;
  防御等级 1(见下);移动速度 12;生命值 51;#攻击次数1次;
  伤害 根据法术 或 武器(匕首:1d4);零级命中值 13;
  力量 15,敏捷 17,体质 14,智力 18,感知 17,魅力 16;
  阵营 混乱中立CN

drow male W24; AC 1 (see below); MV 12; 51 hp; #AT 1; Dmg by spell or weapon (dagger: 1d4); THAC0 13; S 15, D 17, C 14, I 18, W 17, CH 7; AL CN.
The Mage Lords of Menzoberranzan1
  作为或许是魔索布莱城当前最强大的法师,“蜘蛛法师The Spider Mage”将他的强大隐藏在了精心培育的疯狂名声和对 罗斯Lloth 的狂热献身背后。但这些都只是假象;一如 札克纳梵Zaknafein杜垩登家族House Do'Urden 曾经的武技大师),他憎恶罗斯的暴政,认为被她塑造地扭曲而残忍的卓尔,应当成为真正高贵的族群,从那位无情而怪诞的女神的操纵中得到解放。

Perhaps the most powerful wizard of Menzoberranzan now, "The Spider Mage" cloaks his might behind a carefully-cultivated reputation of insanity and zealous devotion to Lloth. This is false; like Zaknafein (onetime weapon master of House Do'Urden), he hates the tyranny of Lloth, and the twisted, cruel creatures she makes of the drow, who should be truly noble, free of evil manipulations of a heartless, fey goddess.

Jalynfein is far too intelligent (and skilled at magic) to ever betray these inner thoughts. He uses spells to spy on events in the city, often, and will sell information if offered enough magical items, gems, or gold pieces (by the hundreds).

The Spider Mage knows what it feels like to be imprisoned, and opposes slavery of any sort, for all races. If he can thwart a scheme of any priestess and escape detection, he will; he hates the cruelty and wanton destructiveness of most drow priestesses.

In his youth, he spurned a priestess, who in fury slashed open his face and doused the wounds with a corrosive distillate of spider poison. His face became a purplish, bloated ruin resembling a fungus-growth. She imprisoned the now-unrecognizable youth in her chambers, to be her personal slave.

  过了很长的时间他才找到复仇的机会。对俘虏了他的女祭司而言,他的复仇是致命的。之后他逃进了 幽暗地域Underdark 荒野之中,发誓只有拥有足以在残酷的魔索布莱城中站稳脚跟的魔法时,才会归来。仅仅12年后,雅林梵就回来了,他不愿透露自己去了哪、又是如何获得了魔法。当他回来时,他已是位造诣娴熟的巫师,并在某位贵族家族主母的消遣活动中,同时击败了三位法师证明了这一点。
It was a long time before he found a chance to take his revenge. When he did, it proved fatal for his captor. He fled into the wild Underdark, vowing to return only when he had magic enough to hold his own in cruel Menzoberranzan. Jalynfein returned only a dozen years later, and will not speak of where he went, or how he gained his magic. When he came back, he was an accomplished mage, demonstrating this by besting three wizards at once in spell-combat, for the entertainment of a House Matron.

  他的绰号(也是他更希望广为人知的称呼)来源于很久以前,某只 蜡融妖yochlol 赋予他的一种奇特类法术能力:每日1次,雅林梵可以进行一次 召唤蜘蛛spider summoning(如同详述于本书 法师法术wizards' spells 章节中的同名法术——但对于蜘蛛法师而言,这是一种天生能量,不需要休息恢复或是学习)。当他这样做时(只要这只蜘蛛在场),他那张被毁容的脸(通常以一张毫无特征的灰色布面具遮掩)将被转化为一团蠕动着的细长蛛腿,并被闪烁着的 妖火faerie fire 灵光照亮。
His nickname (which is what he prefers to be known by) comes from a bizarre spell-like power conferred upon him by a yochlol, long ago: once a day, Jalynfein can perform a spider summoning (as the spell, detailed in the wizards' spells chapter of this book—but for The Spider Mage, it is a natural ability, not requiring rest or study). While he is doing so (and as long as the spiders are present), his disfigured face (which he normally conceals with a featureless gray cloth mask) is transformed into a writhing mass of long spidery legs, and is lit by a flickering purple-and-orange faerie fire radiance.

  蜘蛛法师的法术位是:5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,4。当在 术士学院Sorcere 时,他通常记忆如下法术:魅惑人类charm person鉴定术identify魔法飞弹magic missile电爪shocking grasp蛛行术spider climb/失明术blindness侦测隐形detect invisibility超感ESP隐形术invisibility幽灵手spectral hand/一级法术增远far reaching I#飞行术fly黑暗之手hand of darkness*支配人类hold person弱效毒咒minor malison#/强酸箭acid bolt*反冲术backlash*次元门dimension door艾伐的黑触手Evard's black tentacles蜘蛛形体spider shape@/死云术cloudkill弱智术feeblemind支配怪物hold monster蛛网护甲spidercloak armor@惊异形态wonderform@/anti-magic shell连环闪电chain lightning土巨怪之爪claws of the umber hulk#巫妖之触lich touch!斥退诸影turnshadow!/死亡一指finger of death力场监牢forcecage反重力reverse gravity红宝石逆转射线ruby ray of reversal!法术反转spell turning/死亡链接death link!心灵屏障mind blank变形万物polymorph any object虹光法墙prismatic wall沉没术sink/灾厄黑刃black blade of disaster*禁锢术imprisonment时间停止time stop幽影之网web of shadows(一种由雅林梵创造的法术,他对它秘而不宣,并几乎总是记忆了它;其详述见后)。他佩戴着一只兼具+6防御等级、+1豁免检定且有自行行动戒指力量的保护指环,并携带着一根 吸收权杖rod of absorption 和一支 魔法飞弹魔杖wand of magic missiles,但在术士学院中时,他可以使用更多魔法物品。
The Spider Mage's spells are 5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,4. When in Sorcere, he typically has memorized: charm person, identify, magic missile, shocking grasp, spider climb/blindness, detect invisibility, ESP, invisibility, spectral hand/far reaching I#, fly, hand of darkness*, hold person, minor malison#/acid bolt*, backlash*, dimension door, Evard's black tentacles, spider shape@/cloudkill, feeblemind, hold monster, spidercloak armor@, wonderform@/anti-magic shell, chain lightning, claws of the umber hulk#, lich touch!, turnshadow!/finger of death, forcecage, reverse gravity, ruby ray of reversal!, spell turning/death link!, mind blank, polymorph any object, prismatic wall, sink/black blade of disaster*, imprisonment, time stop, web of shadows (a spell created by Jalynfein, which he keeps secret and almost always has memorized; it is detailed below). He typically wears a ring of protection +6 on AC, +1 on saving throws and a ring of free action, and carries a rod of absorption and a wand of magic missiles, but has access to many more items when in Sorcere.

  在知道对方是谁、又是从哪里来之前,蜘蛛法师不愿估计任何人。他对在地表世界和彼处居住强大法师尤有兴趣,甚至会提供帮助来换取信息和魔法的“行业对话shop talk”。另一方面,他总是警惕着高阶女祭司设下的陷阱,并且决不会背叛他的城市,或是直接说出对任何贵族家族或女祭司的坏话,或表露自己的真实感情与真实兴趣。
The Spider Mage is reluctant to attack anyone until he learns who they are and where they're from. He is particularly interested in surface-world lands and the powerful wizards who dwell there, and will even aid surface-folk in return for information and magical 'shop talk.' On the other hand, he is always alert for traps set by the high priestesses, and will not verbally betray his city, say ill directly against any House or priestess, or reveal his true feelings and interests.

  蜘蛛巫师的宝藏由几处宝石(通常价值16000gp左右,外加少量的“零花”钱币)、治疗药水和法术书窖藏组成,散布于城市周遭幽暗地域各处。他在术士学院卧室上方的滑动板(就在床的正上方)后,也有个类似的贮藏室,还有一处在一只由他附魔、作为术士学院内部守卫的 翡翠蜘蛛jade spiders 体内(魔法活化的守卫怪物,详述于 FOR2/《幽暗地域的卓尔Drow of the Underdark》)。
The Spider Mage's treasure consists of several caches of gems (typically 16,000 gp-worth or so, plus a handful of "spending money" coins), healing potions, and spellbooks, concealed in the Underdark around the city. He has a similar cache above a sliding panel in his bedroom in Sorcere (directly above the bed), and has concealed another inside the body of one of Sorcere's interior guardian jade spiders (magically animated guardian monsters, described in FOR2/ Drow of the Underdark), which he enchanted.

  多年来,雅林梵已故意服用了剂量越来越大的多种蛛毒。这让他获得了身体状况不佳假名声——并令他对已知大部分类型的蜘蛛毒免疫。他还经受了一项魔法实验:若他折断了自己一根手指并说出了某个词,这跟手指将消失,但将释放出一阵含有24枚 魔法magic missiles(如同同名法术)的飞弹爆发。
Over the years, Jalynfein has deliberately imbibed ever-stronger doses of many spider venoms. This has earned him a false reputation for being of sickly health—and rendered him immune to the poisons of most known spider types. He also bears a magical experiment: if he breaks one of his fingers and utters a word, the finger is consumed, but unleashes a burst of 24 magic missiles (as the spell).

9级法术Ninth Level Spell

幽影之网Web of Shadows


  射程Range:40 码yards
  持续时间Duration:1 小时/级hour/level
  施法时间Casting Time:1 round
  影响范围Area of Effect:40 立方英尺/级sq. ft./level
  豁免检定Saving Throw:特殊Special

  这个法术会让一个区域充满阴暗的灰色力场线,就像一张巨大的蜘蛛网。这些丝线不是固体,也不需要固定在任何东西上。一旦被创造出来,它们就是静止的,只可以被法术毁灭或移动:阵风,即使是魔法的造风术(gust of wind)和物理攻击不会影响它。
This spell fills an area with shadowy grey strands of force, resembling a giant spider web. The strands are not solid, and need not be anchored to anything. Once created, they are stationary, and can be destroyed or moved only by spells; gusts of wind (even magical ones) and physical attacks do not affect them.

  一个在幽影之网形成的区域内的生物被允许一次豁免检定来逃出来。如果成功的话,该生物只会受到 1d4 点的寒冷伤害,并逃离影网。失败意味着该生物受到完全的接触效果。施法者对自己的影网效果免疫。
Creatures in the area in which a web of shadows is forming are allowed a saving throw to get out. If it succeeds, they take only 1d4 points of chill damage, and are deemed to have left the web. If it fails (or they elect to stay in the area), they suffer full contact effects.

  与幽影之网的接触会使一个生物被缓慢,如同 3 级的法师法术(缓慢术),时效为在网中及离开网的轮中。
Contact with a web of shadows causes all beings (except the caster, who ignores all effects of his own web) to be slowed while in the web, and for the rest of any round in which they leave it.

  在每轮与网的接触过程中,一个生物会被寒冷侵袭,受到 2d4+1 点的伤害和失去 1点力量属性(在离开网后,失去的力量会在 2d4轮内恢复)。一个失去所有力量属性的生物会无助地倒下,失去意识;如果这发生在他的生命值到达零点之前,网会在到达这一临界点时停止汲取。在每轮与网的接触过程中,一个生物会被寒冷侵袭,受到 2d4+1 点的伤害和失去 1点力量属性(在离开网后,失去的力量会在 2d4轮内恢复)。一个失去所有力量属性的生物会无助地倒下,失去意识;如果这发生在他的生命值到达零点之前,网会在到达这一临界点时停止汲取。
In each round in which contact with the web occurs, a being is chilled, losing 2d4 + 1 hit points and 1 Strength point (lost Strength points return 2d4 rounds after leaving the web). Creatures who lose all their strength collapse helplessly, losing consciousness; if this occurs before they reach zero hit points, the web stops draining them at that point.

  如果有火花,火焰法术,或任何形式的明火接触到一个幽影之网,这不会伤害到影网——但会在整个影网上蔓延:在火熄灭之前,整张影网会在 1d4轮内燃尽。在这段时间内,所有与网接触的生物每轮都受到 2d4点的火焰伤害(对抗喷吐武器的豁免检定可以减半伤害)。这种伤害是除在网的通常寒冷伤害之外的,寒冷伤害不会没有削弱。
If a spark, fire spell, or open flame of any sort comes into contact with a web of shadows, it does not harm the web—but does race all over it: the entire web blazes for 1d4 rounds before the fire vanishes. During this time, all creatures in contact with the web take 1d4 points of fiery damage (2d4 if a save versus breath weapon fails), per round. This damage is in addition to the web?s usual chilling damage, which is not impaired.

A web of shadows vanishes at the death, unconsciousness, or deliberate will of the caster (who need not concentrate, remain present or refrain from spellcasting to maintain it). Its material component is a piece of spider web, collected in shadow or darkness.

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