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2e<Men1.p061>第14章:魔索布莱城的魔法Magic of Menzoberranzan:物品Items


魔索布莱城的魔法Magic of Menzoberranzan:物品Items


  除去那些过于稀有或独一无二的(作为DM为冒险准备的“惊喜”),以及在FOR2/《幽暗地域的卓尔Drow of the Underdark》一书中已有详述的外,魔索布莱卓尔使用的魔法物品尽列在此。在本节中,“经验值价值XP Value”指的是造物时制造者将获得的经验值,而非需要提供的经验值。
Magical items used by Menzoberranyr drow are described here, unless they are rare or unique (prepared by the DM as "surprises" for adventures), or have already appeared in the FOR2/ Drow of the Underdark sourcebook. In the entries, "XP Value" is experience gained by a being who makes (enchants) an item, not by one who merely comes to possess it.

  “金币价值GP Value”是DM确定该产品常规市价(当然,是对那些没有意识到卖家急需现金的买家而言)的参考。这些价格要对玩家保密;诸国度的玩家通常并不清楚任何魔法物品的行情。
"GP Value" is a guide for DMs trying to determine a typical market price for the item (to a buyer who does not sense that the sellers are desperate for cash). Keep these values secret from players; PCs in the Realms do not normally know the going market rate for any magical item.

各式魔法Miscellaneous Magic

斐尔通护符Amulet of Phelthong

  经验值价值XP Value:7,000;金币价值GP Value:30,000

  这些罕见黑曜石吊坠,得名自那位在很久前发明了它们的、传说中的强大卓尔法师,这些吊坠足有拳头大小,被雕刻成微笑的卓尔之脸。在 魔索布莱城Menzoberranzan,只有强大的 术士学院Sorcere 巫师大师才会佩戴这些吊坠。这些护符拥有以下力量(与同名法术相同):
Named for the drow wizard of fabled powers who devised them long ago, these rare, fist-sized obsidian pendants are carved into smiling drow faces. In Menzoberranzan, they are worn only by powerful master mages of Sorcere. Such amulets have the following powers (identical to spells of the same names):

  ·在被持握或佩戴时,能够 通晓语言comprehend languages
  ·comprehend languages whenever held or worn

  ·每日2次,由持有者的无声意志下达命令产生的 次元门dimension door。使用该异能将在激活的那个轮内,使30英尺范围内的任何火焰熄灭
  ·dimension door twice per day, by silent will-command of the bearer. Use of this power extinguishes any fires within 30' in the round of its activation

  ·每日1次,由持有者的意愿激活 朦胧之雾obscurement
  ·obscurement once/day, activated by the bearer's will

  ·timestop once every 12 days: this power can only be unleashed by speaking a secret word while touching the amulet to a magical item (which is forever drained)

光芒宝球Orb of Radiance

  经验值价值XP Value:8,000;金币价值GP Value:32,000

  这些人手大小的水晶球是卓尔巫师最珍贵的物品之一,这些法师使用这些水晶球保护自己免遭其他卓尔的攻击(或者至少是威慑其他卓尔、尤其是那些充满敌意的女祭司们,以避免攻击)。任何人,只要知晓 光芒宝球orb of radiance 命令符,就可以在皮肤与其直接接触时使用它们。在持有或携带时,他们在对抗所有类型魔法的一切豁免检定获得-1奖励。
These hand-sized globes of polished white quartz are among the most valued items of drow mages, who use them to defend themselves against drow attack (or to sufficiently impress other drow, particularly hostile priestesses, that attacks can be avoided). Any being who knows the command words can use an orb of radiance, as long as some part of their skin is in direct contact with it. While they hold it or carry it on their person, they make all saving throws against any sort of magic at -1.

  当被指引时,光芒宝球orb of radiance 可以发射一道:
When directed, an orb of radiance can emit a:

  ·每隔1轮1次,最多每日4次,太阳射线sunray:如同同名法术,命令符为:“Delather myarra heth!”
  ·sunray (once every other round, to a maximum of four times/day): as the spell, command words: "Delather myarra heth!"

  ·每隔1轮1次,光亮术light 法术:在施法时不能离开球体,球体也不能移动,除非被以其它方式驱散,否则将持续到施法后的1整天,命令符为:“Aumrae!”
  ·light spell (once every other round, remains in globe where cast, not moving with orb, and unless dispelled by other means, lasts exactly 1 day from casting), command word: "Aumrae!"

  ·每日1次,红宝石射线ruby ray:效果如同 红宝石逆转射线ruby ray of reversal(见《被遗忘的国度®冒险集FORGOTTEN REALMS® Adventures》一书),具体为(以下抄录《万法全书》,译者:靛蓝的鸢尾草):
●天然蛛网,蛛网术(web)和粘滞胶团魔杖(wand of viscid glob)的效果会立即消融,一片蛛网或胶团会完全消散。
●附有法师之锁(wizard lock)或封门术(hold portal)的门在被红宝石射线击中时会被打开。
●力场墙(wall of force)或力场监牢(force cage)会被打开一个 1 英尺宽的洞。力场结构体不会被法术摧毁,但洞可能会让人能逃跑或开辟出通行的孔道。
●魔魂壶(magic jar)法术会被反转,释放受控制的个体和把入侵者返回到魔魂壶(magic jar)之中。
  ·ruby ray (once per day): effects as the ruby ray of reversal (see the FORGOTTEN REALMS® Adventures sourcebook): melts away one patch of web or viscid glob; or: springs all magical and mechanical traps touched (normal effects, if targets in reach); or: unties all knots and opens all locks, breaks all bars, chains, straps, manacles, and opens even wizard locks and held portals; or: ends the effects of all entangling or imprisoning spells, magical effects, or devices—except walls of force and forcecages, which it opens a 1-footwide hole in; or: dispels all touched illusions; or: reverses effects of a magic jar spell; or: returns a petrified or polymorphed being to original form (system shock rolls, if any, still apply).
  每次激活 宝石射线 异能将从宝球使用者身上吸取1d4+1点生命值;因此失去的生命值可以通过正常的治疗方法恢复。因此失去的生命值可以以正常的治疗手段恢复。这种异能的命令符是:“Raspra!”
  Each time the ruby ray power is activated, it drains 1d4 + 1 hit points from the orb- user; such lost hit points can be regained by normal healing means. The command word for this power is: "Raspra!"
  根据私下的传言,这些稀有的物品最初是在其祂信仰的地表世界祭司的帮助下制成的。在 魔索布莱城Menzoberranzan,只有 术士学院Sorcere 的法师携带着它们,或是作为某个或多个贵族家族贵族们的隐匿宝藏。
  It is whispered that these rare items were first fashioned with the aid of surface-world priests of other faiths. In Menzoberranzan, such items are carried only by wizards of Sorcere, or perhaps as hidden treasures by nobles of one or more of the most powerful noble Houses.

芬多尔护腕Phandoorl's Bracers

  经验值价值XP Value:4,000;金币价值GP Value:20,000

Named for the long-ago drow wizard who devised them, these dark, ordinary looking bracers have been made by many wizards since, because of their extreme usefulness. They automatically protect the wearer against all attacks by arachnids and snakes of any sort (including other beings who have magically assumed such forms), forcing them to attack the wearer of the bracers at -3 to hit, and allowing the wearer a +2 bonus on all saving throws versus webbing (of any sort—even magical webs or living web monsters, having nothing to do with arachnids), venom, and acidic or other secretions.

  除此外,芬多尔护腕Phandoorl's bracers 能完全抵御 蛇首鞭whip of fangs——譬如 罗斯Lloth 的女祭司们装备的那些(具体详述于FOR2/《幽暗地域的卓尔Drow of the Underdark》一书中)——发动的一切攻击;这种武器的蛇头根本碰不到护腕的佩戴者。
In addition, Phandoorl's bracers completely ward off all attacks made by a whip of fangs, such as those borne by priestesses of Lloth (and detailed in the sourcebook FOR2/ Drow of the Underdark); the fanged heads of such a weapon simply cannot touch the wearer of the bracers.

  芬多尔护腕 可以佩戴在衣物下而不影响行动。可以别在大腿、肱二头肌、脚踝或手腕周围,而保持正常工作。如果只戴一只而非一副护腕,则对蜘蛛、蛇、蛇首鞭 的防护降低到-1,对毒液、网和分泌物的豁免检定防护增益下降到+1。
Phandoorl's bracers may be worn under clothing, and will function unhampered. They may be worn around thighs, biceps, or ankles as well as wrists, and still function normally. If a single bracer, rather than a pair, is worn, the protection is reduced to -1 on spider, snake, and whip of fangs attack rolls, and a +1 bonus on saving throws against poison, webs, and secretions.

魔法武器Magical Weapons

死亡飞镖Death Dart

  经验值价值XP Value:4,000 GP;金币价值Value:16,000

  这一物品类似于地表世界的守卫型魔法物品——飞行匕首flying dagger。只有几名巫师知晓如何锻造它们(而自承此事的更少,因为他们害怕会被某个贵族家族俘虏与奴役,被逼开始制造无穷无尽的飞镖供保护和兜售)。那些高贵而富有的卓尔热切追求着这些武器。
This item is similar to the surface-world guardian magical item known as a flying dagger. Few drow mages know how to fashion them (and fewer still will admit to knowing how, for fear of being captured and enslaved by a noble House, and set to making endless darts for protection and for sale). They are eagerly sought after by noble and wealthy drow.

  在古老的窖藏中,通常可以发现1d8支这样的武器。有时会有一支或更多支飞镖被放在某个箱子的顶部或里面,它们被指示攻击除了放置者(或者陪同放置者之人)外的所有活物。死亡飞镖death dart 像是一根9英寸长的黑色飞针。它的尾部呈现喇叭形,然后迅速变细,接着又逐渐变厚,然后在中心处形成一个凸起、再次逐渐变细成一个长而致命的尖端(这使得“膨胀”的部分看上去像是两只背对背椎体,锥底相合)。在制造时,飞镖要么将被设置一个低声的激活命令符(供个人护身携带),要么被给定复杂的激活条件,繁复详细到可以媲美最复杂的 魔嘴术magic mouth 法术(q.v.)设定条件。一旦确定,激活条件永远不可更改。
In old hoards, 1d8 such weapons are usually found. Sometimes one or more will be set atop or inside a chest, with instructions to attack all living things except the being who placed them there (or someone accompanied by the one who placed them). A death dart resembles a nine-inch-long black needle. It has a flared butt-end, tapers swiftly, and then thickens more gradually to a bulge in the center, before thinning down to a long, deadly point (so that the 'bulge' looks like two back-to-back cones, large ends placed together). When constructed, a dart is either set to activate at a whispered command word (to be carried about for personal defense), or given activation conditions as specific as the most elaborate triggering conditions of a magic mouth spell (q.v.). Once determined, the activation conditions of a given dart can never be altered.

  一旦被激活,死亡飞镖 将无声无息地飞来飞去。任何类型的精神控制均无法影响 死亡飞镖。使 死亡飞镖 能够俯冲、投射、侦测对手(通常被设置为攻击60英尺内所有移动的东西)的那些法术,也可防止极端高温和低温导致飞镖锈蚀和变脆。如果DM乐意的话,飞镖可以成功击中飞行中的箭矢和投掷武器使其偏斜。
Once activated, a death dart flies about, silently and point-first. Death darts cannot be affected by any sort of mental control. The spells that enable a death dart to swoop, dart, and detect opponents (they are usually set to attack anything within 60' that moves) also prevent rusting and brittleness due to extreme heat and cold. A dart that successfully strikes a moving arrow or thrown weapon, can deflect it, if a DM desires.

  一些 死亡飞镖 能反射(或是免疫)特定法术,或是拥有特殊能量:举例来说,它们的触碰会像锈蚀怪的触角一样导致金属锈蚀。被击中的物品必须进行对抗电击或锈蚀豁免检定。当 死亡飞镖 攻击携带或佩戴金属物品的目标时,也会命中金属,只有在攻击骰点数为1~3时它的攻击才会错失。少量(22%)死亡飞镖 还带有睡眠或伤害性毒素。带毒的飞镖的前3次命中将在物理伤害外额外造成毒素伤害:目标在第一次攻击中,进行正常的毒素豁免检定;第二次+2;第三次+4(此后,毒素将耗尽)。如果激活者有淬毒的手段和意愿,飞镖就可以被重新上毒。
Some death darts can reflect, or are immune to, certain spells, or have special abilities: e.g. their touch can rust metal items as a rust monster's antenna does. Items struck must save vs. lightning or rust. A death dart strikes metal when it is attacking a target being carrying or wearing something metal, and its attack roll misses by only one to three points. A few (22%) death darts carry sleep or damaging poison. Poison damage is added to physical damage for the first three strikes of the dart: the target saves versus poison normally for the first strike, at +2 for the second, and at +4 for the third (thereafter, the poison has been exhausted). A dart can be anointed with poison as often as its activator has the means and desire.

  大部分的 死亡飞镖 防御等级4;移动速度 飞行24(A);生命骰 1+1;生命值 9(每骰);零级命中值 17;#攻击次数 3次;伤害 1~4;在判断是否能击中目标时,视作魔法武器。有少量飞镖可能与标准版本体,通常更大,防御等级 6;移动速度 飞行20(A);生命骰 2;零级命中值 17;#攻击次数 2次;伤害 2~7(1d6+1)。
Most death darts are AC 4; MV Fl 24 (A); HD 1 + 1; hp 9 each; THAC0 17; #AT 3; Dmg 1-4; and are considered magical weapons for purposes of deciding what it can hit. A few darts may differ slightly from this norm, usually being larger, and AC6; MV Fl 20 (A); HD 2; THAC0 17; #AT 2; Dmg 2-7 (1d6 + 1).