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2e<Men1.p064>第15章:魔索布莱城的魔法Magic of Menzoberranzan:巫师法术Mage Spells



魔索布莱城的魔法Magic of Menzoberranzan:巫师法术Mage Spells

Like most mages, drow wizards constantly experiment with magic, and steal, buy, or seize spells from others—seeking always to increase their own mastery of magic, and to keep as many specific details of their powers secret as possible (to better deter rival mages and hostile priestesses from attacking them).

  多年来,相当数量的地表国度的法术已借由或被窃取或被购置的法术书或卷轴、以及或被俘或被高薪招待的活生生的法师,流入到了 幽暗地域Underdark。一些更大胆的卓尔巫师也成为了熟练的魔法盗贼,乘着夜色潜入地表国度,盗取一切能够偷到的东西。冒险者的法术书是特别有吸引力的猎物;相较于被学徒、材料、卷轴、物品、守卫魔法和生物环绕着呆在守卫森严的巢穴中的法师,疲惫不堪地躺在空地或是旅店中的英雄们是很更易得手的猎物。
A fair number of surface-realm spells have made the journey to the Underdark over the years, either in stolen or purchased spellbooks or scrolls, or via living mages (captives or highly-paid guests). Some of the more daring drow mages have also become accomplished thieves of magic, venturing up into the surface Realms by night to make off with what they can. Adventurers' spellbooks are particularly attractive prey; weary bands of heroes bunked down in the open, or at an inn, are more easily overcome than a wizard surrounded by apprentices, components, scrolls, items, and guardian spells and creatures, in a well-guarded lair.

  有些许法术走了相反的道路,在幽暗地域研发出来,然后出现并在地表——甚至是其它世界中被使用!这些法术,按照字母顺序升序排列,包括(如果DM设计了《魔法卷册Tome of Magic》精装书):咒唤施法材料conjure spell component石拳术fist of stone/防护麻痹protection from paralysis/马克西米兰的石爪术Maximilian's Stony Grasp弱效毒咒minor malison/高等毒咒greater malison死亡假面mask of death/安全措施safeguarding/土巨怪之爪claws of the umber hulk 以及 强酸风暴acid storm
A few spells have made the reverse journey, developed in the Underdark and then showing up in use in surface lands—even in other worlds! These, listed alphabetically within ascending levels, include (if the Dungeon Master has access to the Tome of Magic hardcover sourcebook): conjure spell component, fist of stone/protection from paralysis/Maximilian's Stony Grasp, minor malison/greater malison, mask of death/safeguarding/claws of the umber hulk and acid storm.

  一些出现在FOR2/《幽暗地域的卓尔Drow of the Underdark》中的“基础”卓尔法师法术也已被地表居住的巫师使用过。此处给出的法术也无法避免被法师借用来借用去的遭遇。
Some of the 'basic' drow wizard spells that appear in FOR2/ Drow of the Underdark have also been seen in use by surface-dwelling mages. The spells given here are not immune from this wizardly borrowing-back-and-forth.

  警告:术士学院巫师领主the Mage Lords of Sorcere 研发出的最强法术仍然处于保密状态(与黑暗精灵大师巫师战斗的冒险者可能将面对任何法术)。决定将引入卓尔巫师法术清单的DM应注意:黑暗精灵倾向于使用死灵术;来自《被遗忘的国度冒险集FORGOTTEN REALMS Adventures》和其它被遗忘的国度出版物中的死灵法术都可无碍使用。卓尔巫师不喜欢野魔法,因为它的倾向容易破坏附近洞穴的洞壁和洞顶!
Be warned: most powerful spells developed by the Mage Lords of Sorcere remain secret (adventurers battling a dark elven master mage may face almost any spell). DMs determining the spell roster of any drow mage should note that dark elves tend to 'go in' for necromancy; necromantic spells from FORGOTTEN REALMS Adventures, the Player?s Hand-book, the Tome of Magic, and the various FORGOTTEN publications can readily be used. Drow mages are not keen on wild magic, due to its tendencies to wreak havoc on nearby cavern walls and ceilings!

The new spells appearing here are presented alphabetically, within ascending levels.

第1级法术First Level Spells



  持续时间Duration:1 轮round + 1 轮/等级round/level
  施法时间Casting Time:1
  效果区域Area of Effect:接触的生物Creature touched

  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None
Mage Spells1

This spell allows the caster or another touched being to adhere to any surface, regardless of gravity, winds, weight, or slipperiness. This allows a slipping or leaping being who reaches a smooth stone, soapy, icy, or wet surface to stick fast. The caster can end this effect with a word.

  粘附者要选择一个身体部位(如背部,手,或一只手的手指)作为‚固定‛的表面。只要固定面不移动,也就是说,不像蛛行术(spider climb),目标不能移动,即使目标施法、使用武器、结绳、穿细高跟鞋或进行其他活动,他仍然会保持稳固。
The clinging being chooses a body area (e.g. back, hand, or the fingers of one hand) as the "holding" surface. As long as the holding surface doesn't move (i.e. unlike a spider climb spell, the being cannot move about), the clinging effect remains firm, even if the being casts spells, readies weapons, ties knots, drives in spikes, or performs another activity.

Clinging ends instantly, breaking the spell, if the spell recipient moves about, or the surface clung to is shattered. If the recipient is struck by, or burdened by, an object of greater weight than its own, a Strength Check is forced; failure also means that the clinging ceases. This spell does not lessen falling damage in any way.

免疫黏附Immunity to Adherence

  (防护Abjuration, 转化Alteration)

  持续时间Duration:1 轮/级round/level
  施法时间Casting Time:3
  影响区域Area of Effect:接触的生物Creature touched
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

  这个法术会赋予卓尔或其他人以一种临时免疫能力,魔法和天然的蛛网,由粘滞胶团魔杖(wand of viscid glob)创造出来的粘球,具有粘稠分泌物和天然胶性的树绳妖的触手,拟身怪的伪足,穴钓蟹的粘丝,和类似的障碍物都不能妨碍或纠缠到受术者,他能行动自如。
This spell confers upon the caster or another touched being temporary immunity to magical and natural webs, viscid globs(such as those produced by a wand of viscid globs), the sticky secretions and natural 'glue-like' properties of quicksand, roper strands, mimic pseudopods, cave fisher filaments, and similar impediments. These perils do not hamper or cling to the spell recipient, who may move and act normally.

The material components for this spell are a milkweed seed or other windborne seed "key" or "puff," and a drop of water, alcohol, tears, or spittle.

假面术Masque Mask


  施法时间Casting Time:1
  影响区域Area of Effect:施法者的脸The caster's face
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

This spell is used by wizards who wish to conceal their identities for a short encounter or momentary sighting. It only works on beings who have faces (although more than one head, if they belong to the same being, may be affected), and only on living flesh.

  假面术会将施法者面部特征的表面外观变得一片模糊,只留下眼睛。施法者自身的眼睛——无论目前是否可以看到——都将以通常外观出现在原本位臵(也就是说,一个独眼法师将只能显示出‚完好‛的眼睛;拥有超过两只眼睛的生物将展现出全部的眼睛,即使在法术期间用眼罩遮掩或闭上眼睛也没用)。这种效果不能愚弄真知术(true seeing)或任何看穿幻术的魔法,且只能维持 2或 3 轮(偶数为 2 轮,奇数为 3轮;施法者无法控制持续时间)。法术不会掩盖头发颜色或发型、一般的肤色、耳朵形状等等,因此很难隐藏施法者的族。法术的名字得名于其在假面舞会上的使用,不用戴面具就能隐藏施法者的身份——但其更常用于逃离犯罪现场,或实行犯罪。
The masque mask transforms the surface appearance of the caster?s facial features into a shifting blur, studded with eyes. The caster's own eyes—however many currently have sight—will appear, in their customary location and with their usual appearance (i.e. a mage blind in one eye will only display the 'good' eye; and one with more than two eyes will show them all, even if trying to conceal the fact with eyepatches or shutting eyes during this spell). This effect cannot foil true seeing or any magic that can foil illusions, and in any case lasts only for 2-3 rounds (even roll = 2 rounds, odd = 3 rounds; the caster has no control over duration). The spell does not conceal hair hue or cut, general skin coloration, ear shapes, and so on, and is therefore seldom able to conceal the race of the caster. The spell's name comes from its use at revels, to conceal the caster's identity when unmasked—but it is more often used when fleeing a crime scene, or while perpetrating a crime.

第2级法术Second Level Spells

圆圈之舞Circle Dance

  (预言Divination) 可逆Reversible

  持续时间Duration:1 轮round
  施法时间Casting Time:2 轮rounds
  影响区域Area of Effect:施法者The caster
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

  这个法术使施法者可以学习有关其他生物的事情。施法者会在一个 10英尺 的圆形区域内跳出一种错综复杂的编织图案,同时专注于目标生物,并吟唱一 种重复的押韵(‚向我揭露/我将会看到‛或类似的东西),后面衔接着被专注 的目标生物的名字。
This spell enables the caster to learn something of another creature. A gem or gems of not less than 1,000 gp total value are powdered before spellcasting. The caster sprinkles this powder in a circle of at least ten feet in diameter on any solid surface (it may be temporary), and dances an intricate, weaving pattern within it while concentrating on the target creature and singing a repetitive rhyme (?Reveal to me/For I would see...? or the like) which names the target creature concentrated upon.

This naming is a focusing aid, and need not be accurate (nicknames and descriptions may be used). If the spell is successful, the dance ends with the caster receiving mental images and impressions of the target creature. If the sought-after creature is on another plane, that much is made clear?but which plane, and any details of the current surroundings and state of the target, remain unknown.

If the target creature is on the same plane as the caster, the caster gains a vague idea of how distant the target is from the circle dance, and some indication of the target?s current surroundings and physical or mental state (e.g. dead, asleep, unconscious, alert, happy, sad, casting a spell, etc.).

  成功的基础概率是每施法者等级的 4%,加上如下的累积奖励The base chance of success is 4% per level of the caster, plus cumulative bonuses as follows:
  +25% 如果施法者相当熟悉目标(但如果施法者深入了解目标,则为  +40%)。if target is fairly well known to the caster, or +40% if target is intimately known to caster;
  +10% 如果目标感到沮丧或兴奋。if target is upset or excited;
  +15% 如果目标目前正在施法或使用魔法物品。if target is currently spellcasting or actively using a magical item;
  +5% 如果目标在附近(在每施法者等级 1 英里以内)。if the target is near (within 1 mile per level of caster).

  施法者的百分值总数决定了圆之舞会揭示多少东西。一个 100%的结果会清晰地描绘出目标的周围环境,精确的距离和方向。圆圈之舞不是超感(ESP)法术,它不会允许施法者听到或对目标施法(例如,可能在传送时帮助施法者)。施法材料是一块或多块总价值不少于 1000gp 的宝石。这些宝石要在施法前被磨为粉末。施法者在任何固体表面(可能是暂时的)用粉末撒成一个直径至少 10 英尺的圆周。圆圈之舞要在这个区域内进行。
The total percentile score of the caster determines how much the circle dance reveals; a total of 100% will yield a clear mental picture of the target's surroundings and a precise distance and direction to that locale. This is not an ESP spell, and does not allowing hearing of, or spellcasting at a target (it is not ?seeing? the target for purposes of casting a magic missile or similar spell, but may well aid the caster in teleportation).

  法术的逆向版本,屏蔽之圈(circle charm),使用相同的材料和反向的舞蹈。它能让施法者(且只有他)和所有他或她身上的物品免受法术的正向版本,物品定位术(locate object),超感(ESP),知晓阵营(know alignment)和其他定位和预言生物的思想或本质的法术。这种保护会持续 1天每等级。
The reverse of the spell, circle charm, involves the same material component and a reversed dance. It has the effect of hiding the caster (only) and objects on his or her person from all circle dance, locate object, ESP, know alignment, and other spells that locate and divine the thoughts or nature of creatures. This protection lasts for 1 day per level of the caster.

  这一法术的任何版本都不会影响短讯术(sending)或法师之眼(wizard eye),也不会影响任何种类的灵能屏障或保护性援助。
Neither form of this spell affects a sending or wizard eye, or functions as any sort of psionic barrier or protective aid.

免疫蛛毒Immunity to Spider Venom


  持续时间Duration:2 轮rounds + 1 轮/级round/level
  施法时间Casting Time:2
  影响区域Area of Effect:接触的生物Creature touched
  豁免检定Saving Throw:通过即无效Neg.

This spell confers upon the caster or another touched creature (who, even if willing, receives a saving throw; if successful, it breaks the spell) absolute immunity to all effects of the venom, internal fluids, digestive juices or secretions, or spilled gore of any arachnid (i.e. corrosive as well as poison effects are negated). Fresh-spun webs will not adhere to the protected being, and the spell recipient is even immune to the blinding effects that would normally result from being sprayed in the face by such fluids.

The spell also confers upon the protected being a +2 saving throw bonus against all other acids, venoms, and poisons (ingested, contact, or insinuative).

The material component of this spell is a whole poisonous spider of any size, alive or dried; it is crushed during spellcasting.

进阶蛛行术Improved Spider Climb


  持续时间Duration:3 轮round + 1 轮/级round/level
  施法时间Casting Time:1
  影响区域Area of Effect:接触的生物Creature touched
  豁免检定Saving Throw:通过即无效Neg.

  此法术是 1级法师法术:蛛行术(spider climb)的进阶版本。受术者能攀爬垂直表面和倒吊在天花板上,以 8 的速度移动(全负重情况下为 4);受术者不需要裸露出手脚,小物件也不会粘到受术者身上;受术者能在脚和/或背黏在墙壁上时轻易地施法。施法者能用一句咒语结束效果(如果这将造成坠落,会受到通常的伤害)。足够的力道或冲击能分开受术者;DM 必须依据环境来制定一次豁免检定。
This spell is an improved version of the first level wizard spell spider climb. The recipient can climb on vertical surfaces and hang upside down from ceilings, moving at a rate of 8 (4 if at all encumbered); bare hands and feet are not required, and small objects do not stick to the recipient's body: a recipient can easily cast spells while sticking to a wall with feet and/or back. The caster can end the effect with a word (if this causes a fall, normal damage applies). Sufficient force or impact can also tear the recipient free; the DM must assign a saving throw based on the circumstances.

The material components of this spell are a drop of bitumen (pitch) or tree gum, and a live spider, both of which must be eaten by the recipient. Unwilling recipi- ents must be touched and must eat the components, and must also fail a saving throw vs. spell, to be affected.

第3级法术Third Level Spells

疯狂斗篷Cloak of Insanity


  持续时间Duration:1 轮round + 1d4 轮round
  施法时间Casting Time:3
  影响区域Area of Effect:施法者The caster
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

  这个法术会暂时让施法者的脑海被狂野而疯狂的表面思想和图像掩盖;目标的思想不能被阅读或萫响,即使是通过灵能。疯狂斗篷因此会赋予短期的免疫力,对灵能攻击和所有萫响心灵的魔法,如魅惑术(charm)、命令术(command)、困惑术(confusion)、超感(ESP)、恐惧术(fear)、弱智术(feeblemind)、魅萫杀手(phantasmal killer)、占据(possession)、统治(rulership)、暗示术(suggestion)和心灵感应(telepathy)——以及由魔法物品所产生或激发的类似的萫响或探知效果。有限祈愿术(Limited wish)和祈愿术(wish)可以穿透这一保护,半神和神祇所使用的法术和类法术能力也可以。
This spell temporarily cloaks the caster's mind with wild, insane surface thoughts and images; it can't be read or influenced, even by psionics. A cloak of insanity therefore confers short-term immunity to psionic attack and all spells that act on the mind, such as charm, command, confusion, ESP, fear, feeblemind, phantasmal killer, possession, rulership, soul trapping, suggestion, and telepathy? and similar influencing or scrying effects created or caused by magical items. Limited wish and wish spells can penetrate this protection, as can the spells and spell-like powers wielded by demipowers and deities.

  当被保护时,施法者不能施放另一个法术,等效于施法者受到暂时的弱智术(feeblemind)效果,持续 1回合每施法者等级。施法者可以,有点难度,使用魔法物品(甚至是那些需要命令词,和/或者心灵操控的),饮用药剂,阅读法术书和卷轴来选择法术,但不能学习或记忆法术,否则会受到弱智术(feeblemind),或者为之后的施法做材料准备。战斗和其他的体力活动,即使会引起昏迷或强迫一个身体休克检定,也不能结束这个法术。
While protected by the cloak, the caster can?t cast another spell (any attempt to do so will force upon the caster instant feeblemind effects, lasting 1 turn/level of the caster). The caster can use magical items (even those requiring command words, and/or mental control of effects), drink potions, scan spellbooks and scrolls to choose spells (but not study to memorize spells, or be feebleminded), or ready apparatus for later spellcasting. Combat and other physical activity on the part of the caster, even if it causes unconsciousness or forces a System Shock survival roll, cannot end a cloak of insanity.

  每次使用这个法术时,施法者有 12%的几率会陷入困惑(完全无助),当法术到期时,这个状态会持续 2d4 个回合。如果出现这种情况,则进行 1d8投骰;如果结果是 1-3,施法者将向一个附近的生物释放一个攻击法术(或施法失败,投掷任何可用武器),即使对方是友好的(随机确定是哪个生物),然后恢复到正常的精神状态。
Each time this spell is used, there is a 12% chance that the caster will become confused (totally helpless) when it expires, this state lasting 2d4 rounds. If this occurs, roll 1d8; if a result of 1-3 occurs, the caster will unleash any offensive spell carried (or failing that, hurl any available weapon) at a nearby creature, even if friendly (determine randomly), and then revert to normal mental state.

毒矢Venom Bolt


  距离Range:30 码yards
  施法时间Casting Time:3
  影响区域Area of Effect:1 个生物One creature
  豁免检定Saving Throw:1/2

This spell creates a burst of black, apparently blazing liquid from the caster's mouth. It gouts towards a target creature chosen by the caster; to hit the desired target with a venom bolt, the caster must make a successful attack roll (at a +4 bonus). If the roll fails, the bolt fades; it cannot affect non-living flesh or harm an unintended being.

  毒矢具有腐蚀性。它不是火焰,可以绕过盔甲或障碍物,就像由液滴组成的气体或薄雾一样。它的触摸可以对任何生物(除了不死生物)造成 4d4点的伤害。
A venom bolt, despite its name, is corrosive in nature. It is not aflame, and can bypass armor or obstacles by acting as a gas or mist of droplets. Its touch deals any living (not undead) victim 4-16 (4d4) points of damage.

The material components of this spell are at least six drops of any sort of poison, and any source of spark or flame (extinguished in the spellcasting).

第4级法术Fourth Level Spells

蛛跃术Spider Leap


  施法时间Casting Time:1
  影响区域Area of Effect:施法者The caster

  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None
Mage Spells2
  这种特殊形式的次元门(dimension door)法术允许施法者将自己转移到一只先前看到的或接触到的任何种类的蛛形纲动物(包括蜘蛛、蝎子、蜱、螨等等)的位臵。如果施法者的 30英尺每施法者等级范围内没有蛛形生物,这个法术就会被浪费掉,什么也不会发生。

This specialized variant of the dimension door spell allows the caster to transfer himself to the present location of a previously seen and/or touched arachnid of any sort. The spell is wasted, and does nothing, if no arachnid is within 30' (per caster's level) of the caster.

If the desired arachnid (which the caster concentrates upon) is beyond this range, but another arachnid is within reach, the caster is taken to the other arachnid, even if unwilling (if several arachnids are within range, determine the one arrived at randomly).

  这种特殊形式的传送能绕过物理障碍,但不能通过水或魔法屏障。如果施法者到达一个被坚固物体所占据的位臵,施法者只会被简单地转移到附近的一个开放空间,但会困惑 1d2轮。如果施法者到达的地方脚下没有坚实的地面(例如,蜘蛛在墙上,施法者到达了半空中),除非有使用进一步的魔法,否则他会受到坠落伤害。
This special form of teleportation by-passes all physical obstacles, but can't pass through water or magical barriers. The caster cannot arrive in a spot occupied by anything solid; if this occurs, the caster is simply shifted in a random direction to an open space, not trapped in the Astral plane (but is confused for 2 rounds). If the caster arrives without a solid surface under his feet (i.e. the spider is on a wall, and the caster arrives in mid-air), falling damage applies unless further magic is employed.

  这一法术并不会提供任何对蛛形纲生物的保护、萫响或友善。施法者需要1 轮来从使用这种法术中恢复(除非受到如上面提到的困惑)。施法者可以携带所有穿戴或携带的物品,最多达到 500 磅的非生命物质,或 250磅的生命物质。如果超过了重量限制,法师就会闪烁 1 轮,在此期间施法者必须丢弃多余的物品,从而使魔法在轮的结束时生效。在这段时间里,施法者仍然处于初始位臵,容易受到攻击。未能及时丢弃足够的重量会造成法术浪费。
The spell does not confer any protection against, influence over, or friendship with, the arachnid focus. The caster requires 1 round to recover from the use of this spell (unless confused as noted above), and can bring all worn or carried items, up to a weight limit of 500 pounds of nonliving matter, or 250 pounds of living matter. If the weight limit is exceeded, the spell 'flickers' for 1 round, during which the caster must shed excess items to cause the spell to work (at the end of the round; the caster is still at his initial location, vulnerable to attack, during this time)—or the spell is wasted and will not function at all.

蜘蛛形体Spider Shape


  持续时间Duration:4d4 轮rounds + 2 轮/等级rounds/level
  施法时间Casting Time:4
  影响区域Area of Effect:接触的生物Touched creature
  豁免检定Saving Throw:通过则无效Neg.

  这个法术允许施法者赋予一种特殊的蛛形纲动物形体(例如在怪物图鉴或FOR2《幽暗地域中的卓尔The Drow of the Underdark》中能找到的任何蜘蛛)。一个不情愿的对象要接受一个对抗法术的豁免检定,拥有+2 加值。如果豁免成功,这个法术就会被打破,而受害者会避免它的效果。
This spell allows the caster to assume a specialized arachnid form (such as any of the spiders found in Volume 1 of the Monstrous Compendium, or in FOR2/The Drow of the Underdark). The caster can also confer this spell upon another touched being; if unwilling, the being gets a saving throw vs. spell, at +2. If the save is successful, the spell is broken, and the victim avoids its effects (but is confused for 1 round, as they battle its power).

  新获得蜘蛛形体的个体需要 1 到 2 轮时间(随机决定,通过奇数/偶数投骰)以了解他们新获得的能力,并学习如何使蛛形动物的身体做出反应。在这段时间里,他们会保持不动,变得脆弱。
Beings assuming spider form require 1-2 rounds (determine randomly, by odd/even die roll) to become aware of their newly gained abilities, and to learn how to make the arachnid body respond. During this time, they are motionless and vulnerable.

  法术接受者能控制蜘蛛形体的所有正常能力。这包括(即使是同一种类的真正蜘蛛不具有这些能力)蜘蛛的攀爬能力,如同 1级的蛛行术(spider climb),和移动或穿过天然或魔法蛛网的能力,而不被减慢或被黏住。
Once acclimatized, the spell recipient commands all the normal abilities of the spider form. This extends (even if a real spider of the same sort doesn?t have these powers) to the ability to spider climb (as the first level spell) and the power to move along or through natural or magical webs without being slowed down or becoming stuck.

  蜘蛛形体的个体也可以跳跃,如果一个相同形体的真正蜘蛛一般,并且用啮咬造成同样的伤害。毒素效果不会被得到。织网能力也不会得到,但即使是同一形体的真正蜘蛛不能织网,一个蜘蛛形体的个体也可以施放一个蛛网术(web),如同 2 级法师法术,但不需要任何施法材料。除非所选的形体太小,否则蜘蛛形体的个体也能承担多达 600 磅的负重,包括骑手,而不会被从墙壁或天花板上分离。
The being in spider shape can also leap if a real spider of the same form usually can, and bite for the same damage. Poison effects are not gained. Web-spinning abilities aren?t gained, but even if a real spider of the same form can?t spin webs, a being in spider shape can cast one web spell (as the second level wizard spell, but with no material component required). Unless the form chosen is too small, a being in spider shape can also carry burdens of up to 600 pounds, including riders, without being torn off walls or ceilings by the weight.

The change to spider shape neither heals existing damage or causes harm; any armor worn is hurled away by the spell. A spell recipient is trapped in spider form until touched by the caster, or until the spell expires; the caster can resume his own form at will (this ends the spell). A slain spell recipient automatically reverts to his normal form.

  脱离或变成蜘蛛形体不需要必要的身体休克检定,蜘蛛形体的生物对敌对的变形法术和魔法效果具有很强的抗性(+4 在所有的豁免检定中)。
No System Shock rolls are required for transformation to or from spider shape, and beings in spider shape are highly resistant (+4 to all saving throws) to hostile polymorph spells and magical effects.

第5级法术Fifth Level Spells

蛛网护甲Spidercloak Armor


  持续时间Duration:4 轮rounds + 1 轮/级round/level
  施法时间Casting Time:5
  影响区域Area of Effect:施法者The caster
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

  这个法术会用一张漂浮、旋转、幽黯的无粘性蛛网(由不规则的力场‚碎片构成)和魔法阴萫围绕着施法者。这种拥有部分实体的魔法屏障可以帮助抵御物理和魔法的攻击,施法者即使是静止的、被束缚住、或被从后面袭击,他的防御等级都会提升+3,再加 1 或 2点(奇偶投骰;每轮检定一次,因为它是波动的)。
This spell surrounds the caster with a floating, swirling, shadowy network of non-sticky webs (of irregular ?scraps? of force) and magical shadows. This magical, partially-solid barrier helps to deflect both physical and magical attacks, raising the Armor Class of even a stationary, pinioned, or attacked-from-behind caster by 3 points, plus 1 or 2 points more (odd or even roll; check each round, as it fluctuates.)

Spidercloak armor also gives a variable aid to saving throws, of either nothing (odd roll) or +1 (even roll; check each round), and its benefits are cumulative with those of other protective spells or items. The armor also conceals the caster's alignment aura, and any magical auras carried on his or her person, from magical scrutiny.

The material component of this spell is a bit of spiderweb, or a living spider (crushed during casting).



  施法时间Casting Time:2
  影响区域Area of Effect:施法者The caster
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

  这个法术可以让施法者立即变成一只无翼惊异怪的形态。不需要任何身体休克检定,而且这个法术会用无翼惊异怪(见“Monsters of Menzoberranzan”章节)的混乱中立的灵光隐藏施法者的真正阵营,同时也保护施法者的心灵远离所有的接触:他的思想不能被阅读、萫响或攻击(卓尔法师通常使用这个法术来躲避蜘蛛女王的敌对女祭司,或者不熟悉幽暗地域的入侵者法师)。
This spell allows the caster to instantly take on the form of a wingless wonder (q.v., ?Monsters of Menzoberranzan's chapter). No System Shock roll is required, and the spell conceals the caster's true alignment with the chaotic neutral aura of a ?wonder,? as well as shielding the caster?s mind from all contact: it can?t be read, influenced, or attacked. (Drow wizards commonly use this spell to hide from hostile priestesses of the Spider Queen, or intruder-mages unfamiliar with the Underdark).

While in wingless wonder form, a mage can cast any memorized spells desired, purely by force of will. Somatic and verbal components are not necessary; material components are consumed, and a spell will fail without them, but they need not be brandished (instead, they disappear by themselves from the caster's person, under the concealment of the wonder form).

  一个法师可以永远保持无翼惊异怪的形态,尽管每一整年的结束时都会损失 1 点智力(忽略非整数的年份)。施法者可以随心所欲地恢复到自己的状态,或者通过施展其他变形法术来获得另一种形状。在这两种情况下,惊异形态法术都会瞬间结束:一个法师不能在正常形态和无翼惊异怪形态之间来回转换,除非通过施展多个惊异形态法术。
A wizard can remain in wingless wonder form permanently, though 1 point of intelligence is lost at the end of each full year in wonder form (ignore partial years). At will, the caster can revert to his or her own form, or take on another form by casting another spell that enables a change of shape. In either case, the won-derform spell instantly ends; a wizard cannot shift back and forth between normal and wingless wonder form except by casting multiple wonderform spells.