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2e<Men1.p095>第20章:魔索布莱城的一些已知陷阱Some Known Traps of Menzoberranzan


魔索布莱城的一些已知陷阱Some Known Traps of Menzoberranzan

Some Known Traps of Menzoberranzan

  本章包含了几种魔法和物理的“诱雷陷阱”,入侵者可能会在魔索布莱城地区(如 术士学院Sorcere、贵族家族周遭、以及穹窟中)遭遇它们。除了这几种陷阱外,他们还可能遇到常见于地表的那些陷坑与粉碎陷阱(一个方便的选择便是《地底山脉的废墟Ruins of UnderMountain》盒装集中的“地下城主手边卡片DM's hand of cards”)、明显陷阱(如喉高和踝高镰刃、上方的配重坠网、以及“网舌web-tongues”——如同详述于《怪物纲要Monstrous Compendium》Volume 1 章节中 洞穴钓客cave fisher 射出的粘丝)。
This chapter contains a few magical and physical "booby traps" intruders may encounter in guarded areas of Menzoberranzan, such as Sorcere, House compound perimeters, and vault-caverns. Add these to the common pit- and smash-traps known to the surface world (a handy selection of these appear on the "DM's hand of cards" included in The Ruins of UnderMountain boxed set), and obvious traps, such as throat- and ankle-height scything blades, weighted webs that fall fromabove, and "web-tongues" (sticky filaments that shoot out like those of a cave fisher, detailed in its Monstrous Compendium Volume 1 entry).

强酸锁Acid Locks:

These are locks trapped with a squirt-bladder of acid. If the main lock is locked, a second, hidden lock is also engaged.

If the main lock is picked but the second is not, or the door is forced open, a bladder of acid within the door sprays directly in front of the door. Any beings within five feet of any part of the door must make a Dexterity Check. Success indicates 1 hp of splash damage is suffered; failure means 2-8 hp is taken.

  在使用 寻找和移除陷阱Find and Remove Traps 能力时,副锁被视作一处“陷阱”。除去成功打开副锁外,没有其它方法可以移除陷阱——它的锁眼就是酸囊的喷口(在锁眼上用火焰融化酸囊也将导致酸液排出!)
The second lock counts as a "trap" for use of the Find and Remove Traps ability. There is no way to remove the trap except to successfully pick the second lock—whose hole is the squirting-orifice for the bladder (applying flame to the hole melts the bladder—discharging it anyway!).

  有些锁(占比略低于20%)喷射的并非强酸而是毒气。这将迫使门周10英尺范围内的所有人进行对抗毒素豁免检定。成功则将恶心1轮(-1攻击骰,没有其它进一步的伤害);失败则将遭受1d4+1生命值的伤害,并陷入 困惑confusion 1~2轮。毒气将在喷出的那轮与空气发生反应变得无害。
A little less than 2 in 10 of such locks fire a jet of poison-gas, not acid. Such a jet forces a poison save on all beings within 10' of the door. Success means 1 round of nausea (-1 on attack rolls, no further damage); failure means 1d4 + 1 hp of damage and 1-2 rounds of confusion. The poison reacts with air to become harmless after the round in which it jets out.

Three in 10 locks (acid or poison) are constructed to fire twice or more.

罗丝的毒牙Fangs of Lloth:

These are jointed clusters of eight poisoned darts, curved and joined by cross-strands to have the shape of the legs of a spider. Points outward, they spin downwards, triggered by tripwires or pressure-pad descending-stone detectors.

The spinning darts strike at anyone triggering them, at THAC0 7. A struck victim is hit by 1d4 darts, for 1 hp of damage each—plus a single save vs. poison. Such darts carry venom effective against drow as well as other races, doing a further 1d4 points of damage instantly, and bringing on 2d4 rounds of paralysis, onset time in 1d6 rounds.

不死之手Hands of Undeath:

  一些卓尔贵族家族会使用一种罕见而秘密的法术,来创造一只发光的骷髅手守护门扇、窗户或是拱门。任何穿越者将被骷髅手触碰,造成1d4点冻寒伤害。受害者还将被传递以冷蓝色的 妖火术faerie fire 灵光并扩展到照亮入侵者的整个身体,持续2d12轮(或直至被驱散)。当这只手行动时,它将发出一声嘹亮的哀嚎。除非被驱散或是遭受了9点“伤害”(这只手的AC为4,移动速度为 飞行14(A)),它还能继续攻击下位入侵者,累计最多行动9次。
A rare, secret spell used by some drow Houses creates a glowing skeletal hand that guards a door, window, or archway. Anyone passing is touched, for 1d4 points of chilling damage. A cold white faerie fire radiance is also imparted, expanding to illuminate the intruder's entire body for 2d12 rounds (or until dispelled). As the hand acts, it emits a loud wailing sound. Unless dispelled or dealt 9 points of "damage" (it is AC 4, and MV Fl 14 (A)), it can strike at the next intruder, acting up to 9 times.