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2e<Men1.p019>第6章:目前的消息和传闻Now: Current News and Rumors


目前的消息和传闻Now: Current News and Rumors

  甚至是对魔索布莱城的市民来说,从高阶女祭司们虚伪的低语和散播的故事(或者仅仅是扭曲了真相的核心,且有倾向地编写了剧情)——她们热衷此事——中区分“真正”的新闻和谣言也总是困难重重。多数家族拥有一位或更多涉猎制造错误信息之人,执政议会Council、蜘蛛教院Arach-Tinilith 和(在程度上相对较小)术士学院Sorcere 则肆意地散播着“虚伪真理false truths”——很久以前高阶女祭司便开始如此诡诈地称呼它们。
It's always hard for even citizens of Menzoberranzan to separate 'real' news and rumors from the false whispers and tales spread (or simply distorted from a core of truth, and promoted in slanted form) by high priestesses who delight in this sort of thing. Most Houses have one or more dabblers in misinformation, and the ruling Council, Arach-Tinilith, and (to a lesser extent) Sorcere indulge in spreading what a high priestess long ago dubbed archly “false truths.”

  在城市各机构幕后的 班瑞家族House Baenre 娴于管理消息和谎言的传播,并以这些手段——通过设置“偶然事件”如暗杀、斗殴和巡逻冲突——驾驭着竞争家族与卓尔平民两者的行动和忠诚,年复一年。
Behind the city's institutions lies House Baenre, expert in controlling the spread of information and falsehoods, and by those means—augmented by arranged “happenings” such as assassinations, brawls, and patrol clashes—steering the deeds and loyalties of rival Houses and drow commoners alike, year after year.

Residents of Menzoberranzan know this, with varying degrees of perception of its scope and deliberate nature—but visitors must learn this the hard way. The amounts of truth in the current tidings that follow are left to the DM, who should feel free to twist them to suit planned adventures in a campaign.

新闻The News

Here are the tidings a visitor would hear,of what's going on in Menzoberranzan at present:

  ·来自遥远城市 斯琴达莱恩城Sschindylryn(注:位于科米尔王者森林之下,极端好战)的卓尔发现了一扇通向异位面的传送门,显而易见此乃古代产物,位于距魔索布莱城不远之处——不超过九天的旅程——的幽暗地域之内。他们在此门附近安置看守,驱走数个单纯想通过此处的商队(此处位于一条相当实用的贸易路线上),并保守着此门所通向的位面的秘密。
  ·Drow from the distant city of Sschindylryn have discovered a gate to another plane, apparently of ancient make, in the Underdark not far—nine days of travel, not more—from Menzoberranzan. They have mounted a guard on it, fighting off several caravans that were merely trying to pass the site (which is on a wellused traderoute), and have kept secret just what plane it leads to.

  The Council is upset that a city so far away was scouting Menzoberranzan's Dominion—perhaps planning an invasion, or a good site for establishing a fortified outpost, from which the city could ultimately be raided— and has met several times to argue over what should be done. An attempt to seize the gate may be made soon.

  ·坐落在极遥远南方的卓尔城市 玛丽莲城Maeralyn,侵入了一座更近的卓尔城市 迦夏凱茵城Jhachalkhyn,那里是 菲布兰契家族House FeyBranche 的分支和资产所在——或者说曾经在的地方。目前所知,迦夏凱茵城几乎完全被毁,它的居民或逃走或且战且退,散布到了整个幽暗地域,而难民潮可能很快就会到来。
  ·The drow city of Maeralyn, far, far to the south, has invaded the drow city of Jhachalkhyn, a much nearer community where kin (and investments) of House FeyBranche are—or were; as far as is known, Jhachalkhyn is all but destroyed, and its folk fled or fought in retreat, scattered all over the Underdark. Refugees may come here soon.

  ·Driders have raided one of the most precious dark caverns, where the radiations that empower the finest weapons and armor are strongest. They were slaughtered by a rescueband of priestesses and wizards armed with much magic—but not before some escaped with nearlyfinished long swords and maces of the finest make, and left the cavernguard of almost twenty dark elves dead. Most of them were torn apart bodily, and the innards taken—to be eaten later, it is feared.

  ·位于北部幽暗地域的 冰寒流域Cold Reaches、通往 地表世界World Above 的新路线被发现。这片长久以来被冰雪堵塞的区域内,在该地区漫游的 紫虫purple worms 和滋生为患的兽人要塞标示了它的界限,这条道路由著名的 尤笃恩·威沙仁Uuedurnn Valsharn——隶属于卓尔城市 达斯克莱恩城Dusklyngh——率领的卓尔探险队在最近开辟。
  ·New routes to the World Above have been discovered, in the northern Cold Reaches of the Underdark. Long blocked by ice, and bounded by areas roamed by purple worms and infested with orcholds, the ways have recently been opened up by drow exploring bands led by the famous Uuedurnn Valsharn, of the drow city of Dusklyngh.

  他报告了与地表贸易的可能性,但是未指出贸易类型与贸易对象。某些罗斯的女祭司谴责这场到达地表世界之行未经 蛛后the Spider Queen 批准,可能给她的所有子民带来灾祸。
  He has reported trade possibilities with surface beings, but has not said what trade, and with whom. Some priestesses of Lloth have condemned this reach to the World Above as unsanctioned by the Spider Queen, and something that could bring disaster on all her People.

  ·不久前震撼了幽暗地域的地震或许是某些未有定论的势力或势力们,在一座有着诸多小洞窟和疏水通道的区域运用魔法所致。杜尔加矮人Duergar 与卓尔商人找到了一座新的巨大山洞,山洞中扬起灰尘仍在飞旋,而在此之前此处什么都没有。没有关于火山运动或水道劈开岩石的迹象,生命——或已在最近死去——尚未在这些区域被发现,但是贸然进入一条新路在幽暗地域绝非明智;探索仍将继续。
  ·The great shudders that shook the Underdark not long ago were thought to have been caused by some notyetagreedupon force, or forces, employing magic in a region of many small caverns and drainagepassages. Duergar and drow merchants have found large new caverns, still aswirl with dust, where none existed before. No sign of volcanic activity, watercourses that might carve away rock,life—or recent death—has been found in these areas yet, but it is never wise to go boldly into new ways in the Underdark; explorations continue.

  ·Mistresses of ArachTinilith report that Revered Queen Lloth has reacted with favor to newly developed prayers offered up in her honor—devotions involving new songs of praise to the Spider Queen, sung by males while they render up a sacrifice to Lloth, into bowls held by priestesses.

New spells will undoubtedly be granted to those who devised the prayers—and thence to all Lloth's priestesses in the city, in return for elevated ranks for the favored priestesses.

  ·最近,索拉林家族House Xorlarrin 的勘矿者在 黑暗之疆Dark Dominion 内发现了一处富矿,并命名为“五年矿脉The Lustrum”,此处被证明有大量银,以及多种惊人的宝石(尽管没有迹象表明有黄金或者精金分布)。索拉林家族在执政议会正式声明反对其它家族的侵略——自从公告他们的发现后,家族守卫便保护着五年矿脉驱逐了不少于十九波突袭势力,过四十名袭击者被杀。一些尸体被认出是附属于城市某些主要家族的平民——但是所有这些家族到目前为止都否认与袭击有关,声明这只是这些叛徒们由个人的贪欲的引发的独立行为。
  ·The rich orelodes discovered in the Dark Dominion by prospectors of House Xorlarrin recently, and dubbed “The Lustrum,” have proven to include much silver, and an astonishing variety of gemstones (though not a hint of gold or adamantite). House Xorlarrin has formally protested in Council against the aggressions of other Houses—since the announcement of their discovery, House guards protecting The Lustrum have fought off no less than nineteen raidsinforce, and slain over forty attackers. Some of the bodies have been identified as commoners attached to many of the major Houses in the city—but all of these Houses have so far denied any knowledge of the attacks, saying that these traitors must have been acting independently, out of personal greed.

  班瑞家族在执政议会上建议索拉林家族雇佣 达耶特佣兵团Bregan D'aerthe,且有迹象表明他们确已如此。索拉林法师同样宣布他们将在保护五年矿脉时使用新的强力法术。
House Baenre suggested in Council that House Xorlarrin hire Bregan D'aerthe, and there are indications that they have done so. Xorlarrin wizards have also announced that they will be using new and powerful spells in defense of The Lustrum.

谣言The Whispers

Rumors currently making quiet rounds of the city, under the openlydiscussed news, include:

  ·罗斯正在计划征服地表世界——且已经精选某位魔索布莱城的卓尔领导从地下发起、对 日光之土Lands of Light 的突袭!这将很快发生;受眷的卓尔战争领导人已在秘密地招募那些期待在地表世界开战之人。
  ·Lloth is planning a conquest of the World Above—and has already chosen certain drow of Menzoberranzan to lead an assault on certain fortresses in the Lands of Light, striking up from below! This will happen soon; already the favored drow warleaders are secretly recruiting those they want to wage war in the World Above.

  ·A male drow corpse has been found in the Underdark, very close to an entrance to the city. It had tentacles instead of arms—three from each shoulder—and wore special armor of rich make! It also bore strange and powerful weapons. They have been whisked away to Sorcere—or, some say, House Baenre—for examination.

  ·危险的 摄心魔alhoon(即 灵吸怪巫妖illithiliches,或者说被放逐的 夺心魔巫妖mind flayer liches)正计划攻击魔索布莱城!它们的间谍——正常但是非常富有且穿着得体的夺心魔——已监视、刺探这座城市一年多了,且越来越多。执政议会为此感到担忧,而术士学院的大师们已展开挫败心灵攻击的新法术的开发检验工作。
  ·The dangerous alhoon (illithiliches, or outcast mind flayer liches) are planning to attack Menzoberranzan! Their spies—mind flayers of normal nature, but very rich and welldressed—have been peering and prying about the city for over a year now, and are growing more numerous. The Council are worried, and the masters of Sorcere have been put to work developing new spells to foil attacks on the mind.

  ·某人——或者某事某物——在术士学院杀死了法师。学院的大师们以及受训的法师们,在被发现时已经死亡,尸体已失去水分、仅剩空壳,如同从内部被吞噬或者烧湮,以致只有他们的体表部分残留。直至迄今,由 大法师Archmage 和其他资深大师组织的调查未能发现原因:或许是一道 狂法术rogue spell、一个被召唤而来威胁甚或一只从幽暗地域荒野中已漫游进入并避开了检查的怪物。当然,最严重的恐惧是某位大师已经疯了或成了外部影响的牺牲品——影响可能来自 眼魔beholders、吸血鬼vampires、灵吸怪巫妖alhoon、或是敌对卓尔——并以前所未有的法术持续杀戮。这可能只是外部强力开始削弱城市的第一步。假若死亡事件扩展到 蜘蛛教院Arach-Tinilith,一些其它结论也将有合理的可能性。
  ·Someone—or something—in Sorcere is killing wizards. Masters of the Academy, as well as mages in training, have been found dead, reduced to dry, empty husks, as if eaten or burned away from within so that only their outer parts remain. So far, investigations by the Archmage and other senior Masters have failed to discover the cause: a rogue spell, a summoned menace, or even a monster that has wandered in from the wild Underdark, and evaded detection. The worst fear, of course, is that a Master has fallen prey to insanity or outside influence—from beholders, vampires, alhoon, or rival drow—and is doing the killing with a hithertounknown spell. This may be just a first step in weakening the city, launched by some outside power. If the deaths spread to ArachTinilith, few other conclusions are reasonably possible.

  ·House Baenre is controlling the Academy's training directly—not just by holding most of the teaching positions, as has always been the case, but by deliberately arranging the murders of promising drow of other Houses in training “accidents.” There have been angry words in Council,threats of reprisals—and calm denials from Matron Baenre. The deaths—from all Houses but Baenre—continue . . .