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城区划分The Neighborhoods of the City

  在本集中,这副画卷展示了一座骄傲而庞杂的地下城市。这部分的内容给予了一个关于这座城市街区“这如何、在哪里”的概括。这座城市可以轻易划分为各个市区。主洞穴的北部是城中最神圣的区域,通常禁绝访问者(禁止对象包括绝大多数的市民):此即 提尔·布里契之阶Tier Breche 的 上位洞窟upper cavern。
The maps in this set show a proud, sprawling subterranean city. This chapter affords an overview of “what's where” in its streets. The city can readily be divided up into neighborhoods. To the north of the main cavern is its most sacred area, normally offlimits to visitors and most citizens alike: the upper cavern of Tier Breche.

  主洞穴的南部是一片广阔、隆起的高原,在这片高原之上,盘踞着一座被 班瑞家族House Baenre 的建筑占据的、更高的小高地。此即 贵族之地the Place of the Nobles 奎拉索高地Qu'ellarz'orl。除非受邀或有重要业务,那么若是身边没有居住在这片“望族高地the House lof”的贵族家族的卓尔或仆人陪同,来访者和卓尔在此处将不受欢迎。
To the south of the main cavern is a larger raised area, a plateau that is itself dominated by a higher plateau occupied by the vast complex of House Baenre. This is Qu'ellarz'orl, the Place of the Nobles. Except by invitation or on important business, unescorted visitors and drow not of (or servants of) the noble families that dwell in “the House loft” are not welcome there.

  在魔索布莱城这些受限的危险而强大城区之间,是城市的繁华所在。如按照城中各个城区权力和影响力、由强到弱减少的顺序作一份调查,排名下一个的市区将是 纳邦德林区Narbondellyn,也因其财富和权力而被称作“阔佬街Broad Streets”;最野心勃勃、积极进取的贵族家族于此居住。这片市区如弧形腰带一样、弯曲环绕着望族高地山坡,从主洞穴西墙一直向东延伸到了中央支柱 纳邦德尔时柱Narbondel,涵盖了大致以纳邦德尔时柱与望族高地的间距为半径、以望族高地为内圆得到的环形。
Between these restricted places of danger and power lies bustling Menzoberranzan. If one surveys its areas in order of decreasing power and influence, the next district is an arcshaped belt curving along the base of Qu'ellarz'orl's slopes, from the west wall of the main cavern to the east, touching the central pillar of Narbondel, and roughly as wide as the distance between Narbondel and the Houseloft, all along its length. This is Narbondellyn, also known as “Broad Streets” for its wealth and pretensions; most ambitious, upandcoming noble Houses live here.

  更古老、更成熟的贵族家族传统上居住在 西墙区West Wall。它从纳邦德林区的终点(这个街巷的宽阔汇合点被称为 罗斯之网Lloth's Web,或者仅仅简称为“网the Web”),沿着主洞穴北部的西面墙体、沿着洞穴的外墙向东弯曲,直至在终点提尔·布里契之阶之阶方到达终点。
Older, more established noble Houses traditionally inhabit the West Wall area.It runs north along the main cavern's western wall from where Narbondellyn ends (the wide meeting of streets known as Lloth's Web, or just “the Web”), curving east with the cavern wall, to end at the steps of Tier Breche.

  西墙区弯曲环绕着魔索布莱城中产阶级和商业心脏——一片围绕纳邦德尔时柱除南侧外所有侧面的区域。此即 达斯克罗姆区Duthcloim(或者说 多族混居区Manyfolk),这里居住着非卓尔阔佬和富裕的非贵族卓尔。多族混合区包含了 集市区The Bazaar(详见其独立章节)。
The West Wall curves around the middleclass and mercantile heart of Menzoberranzan, which lies on all sides of Narbondel except the south. This is Duthcloim, or Manyfolk, home to wealthy nondrow, and welltodo nonnoble drow. It contains The Bazaar, detailed in its own chapter.

  在 多族混合区Manyfolk 东边——大致即 爪裂谷Clawrift 一线以东,这条支线从爪裂谷最东侧的“手指”指尖,一直延伸直至 菲布兰契家族House FeyBranche 的东侧围墙——坐落着 东区Eastmyr,或者那个如年轻的卓尔嘲讽的蔑称:“无足轻重的东边mere East”。在这些较狭窄、破旧的市区中,居住着不依附于任何贵族家族、或是未取得足够的信任来住进某一家族围院的卓尔平民。卓尔雇佣兵和不那么成功的商人也在此生活。
East of Manyfolk—that is, roughly east of a line formed by the Clawrift, and the flight of a quarrel fired straight from the tip of its easternmost 'finger' to the easternmost walls of House FeyBranche —lies Eastmyr, or as young drow tauntingly rename it, “mere East.” In these narrower, shabbier streets dwell commoners, drow not attached to any noble House, or not trusted enough to dwell in a House compound. Here live drow mercenaries and notsosuccessful merchants.

  东区以东,位于由 蛛牙Spiderfangs(此东西走向的石笋界标位于 巴瑞森·德安戈家族House Barrison Del'Armg 北部)的西部边缘从北向南延伸一条带状区内的,是 布里尔林区Braeryn 或者说“恶臭区Stenchstreets”漆黑的陋巷和棚屋。在那住着隐姓埋名和患病的卓尔、罪犯、以及地精、兽人、熊地精和其他非卓尔寄生虫与临时雇工。卓尔贵族偶尔会来这里进行狩猎运动,屠宰所有没能藏好或者保护好自己之人。
East of Eastmyr, in a band stretching north to south from the western end of the Spiderfangs (the eastwest line of stalagmites north of House Barrison Del'Armgo), are the dark alleys and hovels of the Braeryn, or “the Stenchstreets.” Here dwell the nameless and diseased drow, the lawless, and goblins, orcs, bugbears, and other nondrow hangerson and occasional hirelings. Drow nobles occasionally go on hunts here for sport, slaughtering all who cannot hide or defend themselves.

  布里尔林区以东设置了一片 巡逻区patrolled area,以阻止布里尔林区的居民从另一头——东边坐落着供养着城市的肥沃的真菌农场——的农场自由偷盗。巡逻区向东延伸到洞穴的终点,在那里是一片名为 东尼加顿湖Donigarten 的小湖以及它的苔床和洛斯兽群。这整个区被称为 东尼加顿区Donigarten。
East of the Braeryn is a patrolled area, to keep its inhabitants from freely stealing from the farms beyond—for to the east lie the rich fungi farms that feed the city. They stretch to the easternmost end of the cavern, where the small lake of Donigarten lies, with its moss beds and rothe herds. The whole area is referred to as Donigarten.

  剩余的城市“城区neighborhood”只剩下直达主洞穴里——这片最邻近的区域属于 黑暗之疆Dark Dominion——的通道和附属洞穴。此即 保斯维弗区Bauthwaf(即“篷围区aroundcloak”)的边缘、亦被称为 罩袍区the Mantle,它也一直是城市生活的一部分。
The only other city “neighborhood” comprises the passages and sidecaverns within immediate reach of the main cavern—the closest areas of the Dark Dominion. This fringe of the Bauthwaf (“aroundcloak”) is known as the Mantle, and has always been part of city life.

  在我们参观的这些地方(如所附 城市分区地图City Districts map 所示),有一些常规注释。
As we tour these areas (shown on the accompanying City Districts map), some general notes apply.

  ·It is impossible to show all of the many hollowedout, inhabited, and sometimes bridgelinked stalactites hanging over the city—or the many passages that enter its cavern walls high up, to form balconies or beckoning cavemouths (no stairs down from these are allowed, to prevent ready invasion by rival drow, duergar, goblinkin, or others who could fire missile weapons out over the city to provide covering fire for descending troops). An inventive DM can add many of these, to enliven a campaign set in, or extensively exploring, Menzoberranzan.

  ·所有城区都有巡逻——更重要或者更富有的区域巡逻也更频繁。卓尔们极少敢于袭击或辱骂其他卓尔(因为卓尔们永远不会知道自己面对的是谁——是出来找乐子的术法大师,戴着魔法伪装的罗斯女祭司,还是脾气暴躁且身负重要商业目标的主母),但显然,身处依序列出的前三个地区的非卓尔可能面临着几乎没完没了地盘问。巡逻队力量配置部分见“集市区The Bazaar”章节,但需警告冒险者们,当这座城市被新发的违法事件、内乱或公开的暴力唤醒时,在三个最富裕区域和名列动荡地区的 东区Eastmyr 、布里尔林区Braeryn 的巡逻队,无论数量还是频率都可能达到一般情况的双倍甚或三倍。
  ·All neighborhoods are patrolled—the more important or wealthy the area, the heavier the patrols. Drow rarely dare to assault or insult other drow (one never knows when one is facing a master of Sorcere out for some fun, or a magicallydisguised priestess of Lloth or Matron Mother on important business bent, and armed with a short temper), but obvious nondrow may be challenged almost continuously in the first three areas listed above. Patrol strengths appear in the chapter on “The Bazaar,” but adventurers are warned that when the city is aroused by recent lawlessness, internal strife, or open violence, patrols in the three wealthiest districts and in the trouble spots of Eastmyr and the Braeryn may be doubled or trebled in both numbers and frequency.

  ·部分是为了控制商人,一些贵族家族沿着它们围院的围墙建造了成排的商店并租赁了出去。这些商店由岩石构成,看上去就像是中央要塞的一部分。任何试图从商店挖穿围墙进入城堡的人,一般在挖通商店后墙时都会收到由该家族祭司安放的一个可怕警告——一具挂在露出的城墙上的卓尔骷髅。如果骷髅被触碰,它将活化并展开攻击。若挖掘者坚持在城堡墙壁上挖掘,将被其上的 防御雕文defense glyph(典型情况是释放出 连锁闪电chain lightning,详细见《幽暗地域的卓尔Drow of the Underdark》)杀死。
  ·Partly to get some measure of control over merchants, many noble Houses constructed rows of shops along the walls of their compounds, which they rent out. These shops are constructed of stone, to look a part of the central fortress. Anyone trying to tunnel from a shop into the wall of the castle beyond typically finds a grim warning once they pierce the shop's back wall, furnished by the priestesses of the House: a drow skeleton hung on the revealed castle wall. If touched, it animates and attacks. Diggers who persist in work on such a castle wall will encounter killing defense glyphs (described in Drow of the Underdark), typically of the sort that unleash chain lightning.

  ·来访者会注意到城市四周的几座废墟——曾是 迪佛家族Houses DeVir、杜垩登家族Houses Do'Urden、佛瑞斯家族Houses Freth、赫奈特家族Houses Hun'ett、以及 特肯杜斯家族Houses Teken'duis 围院的那些尤其值得注意。重建这些或因卓尔的司法审判、或因失去罗斯的宠眷而被连根拔起的家族(或者在某个家族原址上新建家族),被认为是对罗斯的蔑视。但在某些情况,在旧主灭亡了一代或更久之后,某个可能被罗丝公开祝福的家族或者她的女祭祀将接管某座空旷的处所或者建筑,但是所选时机必须是在新老交替之时。
  ·The visitor will notice several ruins around the city—notably those of the complexes that were once Houses DeVir, Do'Urden, Freth, Hun'ett, and Teken'duis. It is considered defiance of Lloth to rebuild a House (or on the site of a House) eradicated due to drow justice, or that fell because it lost the favor of Lloth. In some cases, a generation or so after a ruin, a House may with the open blessing of Lloth or her priestesses take over a vacant spot and build, but time must pass between the old and the new.

  It is lawful to take over the premises of a House that was defeated by another House, but this is rarely done; it is considered unlucky. For the House who conquered, it is dangerously close to arrogance before Lloth, to do so—and any other House moving in faces the rightful wrath of the conquering House. Moreover, who wants a fortress that has fallen, and is known to be pregnable?

  ·虽然魔索布莱城的所有建筑都有地窖,但 地下通道Underways 并不广泛。城市里的所有发掘都必须通过双手完成,而挖掘隧道到边界另一边是可致死刑的罪名(如果建筑的外墙直向下延伸贯穿地面,它们将是允许挖掘深限的标记)。
  ·Though all buildings in Menzoberranzan have cellars, the Underways aren't extensive. All digging in the city must be done by hand, and tunneling beyond the surface boundaries of a holding is punishable by death (if a building's outside walls were extended straight down through the ground, they would mark the limits of allowable digging).

  这些规则的制定应归因于城市早期的泛滥挖掘——那时采矿业是如此普遍,以至于引发了许多灾害。卓尔的挖掘行动导致了敌对家族的墙体甚或塔楼的坍塌,或挖进了其它建筑的地窖以盗窃或武装抢劫。事情变得如此糟糕以致 术士学院Sorcere 的法师合作开发了一道强力的触发场法术,这道法术类似于 永聚岛Evermeet 和失落的 耐色瑞尔帝国Netheril 的最强力魔法:石之诅咒the stone curse(触发场法术非常罕见,因为它们的施展过程通常包括献祭施法者的生命。)
These laws are due to widespread digging in the city's early days—mining so prevalent it caused many disasters. Drow dug to cause a wall or tower of a rival House to collapse, or to gain access to the cellars of someone else's building for a theft or raid-in-force. Things became so bad that the wizards of Sorcere worked together to develop a mighty contingency field spell, similar to the mightiest magics of Evermeet and lost Netheril: the stone curse. (Contingency field spells are very rare because their casting usually involves the sacrifice of the caster's life.)

  石之诅咒支配着整个魔索布莱城,包括 地面通道the Overways、地下通道the Underways 和 罩袍区the Mantle。它不能以正常的手段(除 许愿术wish 外)消除,但是 有限许愿术limited wish 能暂时延缓效果。任何人如若被抓住有毁灭、改变或延缓石之诅咒尝试将被当场格杀。
The stone curse governs all of Menzoberranzan, including the Overways, the Underways, and the Mantle. It cannot be dispelled by normal means (short of a wish spell), but can be briefly suspended by a limited wish. Anyone caught trying to destroy, alter, or suspend the stone curse is slain on the spot.

  无论是在哪里使用了 挖掘术dig、移动土石move earth、穿墙术passwall、抹消术vanish(或是激活任何复制了这些魔法效果的魔法物品或灵能显能),石之诅咒都伴随着雷鸣般的声音触发瞬发的 反重力reverse gravity 法术。
  The stone curse triggers an immediate reverse gravity spell, accompanied by a thunderclap-like sound, wherever casting is performed for a dig, move earth, passwall, or vanish spell (or at the location of the wielder of any magical item or psionic power activated to duplicate any of these effects).

The by-hand and boundary limitations on excavation in Menzoberranzan keep most digging smallscale. Drow have come to recognize two other dangers linked to underground expansion: the increasing likelihood of triggering a collapse of the structure above, or of breaking into existing passages and caverns (lessening the security of the dwelling).

Please keep in mind that information on noble houses given here mirrors what “most citizens think” rather than being completely accurate. For true details of the noble Houses, consult the book in this set devoted to them.

提尔·布里契之阶Tier Breche

  魔索布莱城占地面积最大的单一建筑就是这座通向 提尔·布里契之阶Tier Breche 的宏伟阶梯。传闻说这些石质台阶被施展了在 术士学院Sorcere 法师掌控之下的连锁闪电和其它致命魔法。假设这些防御措施真的存在,那么它们也罕见被使用。
The largest single piece of architecture found in Menzoberranzan is the broad stairway that leads up to Tier Breche. Rumor says these stone steps are enspelled with chain lightning and other killing magics, under the control of wizards of Sorcere. If such defenses exist, they are rarely used.

  在阶梯顶端总是有两名处于武技训练最后一年的男性卓尔战士看守。他们准备着 法术反转指环rings of spell turning,以及淬了睡眠毒素的长剑、手弩、匕首和 警戒号角guardhorns。
The top of the stair is always guarded by two male drow warriors in the final year of their battle training. They wear rings of spell turning, and have sleep-venomed longswords, hand crossbows, daggers,and guardhorns.

  注意:警戒用号角会在1-2轮内召唤出一位来自术士学院的中等级“责任”法师。反过来,这位法师可以召唤一对 翡翠蜘蛛jade spider 守卫(详见《幽暗地域的卓尔Drow of the Underdark》)和一位中等级的“责任”女祭祀,而这两位还可以召唤法师和女祭祀增援部队;从下方向上猛攻提尔·布里契之阶是项不可能成功的行动。
A note from a guardhorn summons a mid-level “duty” wizard from Sorcere in 1-2 rounds. The wizard can in turn summon a pair of jade spider guardians (detailed in Drow of the Underdark) and a “duty” priestess of mid-level. In addition to their spells and items (both typically carry wands), these two can call on wizard and priestess reinforcements; storming Tier Breche from the city below is not likely to be a successful act.

  尝试以飞行或攀爬以通过守卫、避开阶梯的卓尔会发现——这是一条险路——这里有其它的守卫存在:许多饥饿 捕网蜘蛛web-shooting spiders 潜伏在提尔·布里契之阶和更大的主洞穴的结合处墙壁和天顶。
Drow who try to fly or climb past the guards, avoiding the stair, discover—the hard way—that other guardians exist: many hungry, web-shooting spiders lurk on the walls and ceiling where Tier Breche joins the larger main cavern.

The guards challenge all who ascend to Tier Breche, except known masters of the Academy and priestesses of the city. No one leaving Tier Breche is customarily challenged (though the guards may be alerted to prevent a certain departure), and challenges issued to any drow who looks like a powerful wizard or priestess are polite indeed.

The most famous and distinctive buildings in Menzoberranzan (House Baenre is more hollowed-out, bridge-liked overhanging stalactites than buildings) are the three large buildings found in Tier Breche: the spider-shaped temple of Lloth, where all priestesses receive their initial training, known as “Arach-Tinilith;”the many-spired wizards’ stronghold of “Sorcere;”and the starkly-simple, huge pyramid-fortress where Menzoberranzan’s fighters are trained, “Melee-Magthere."

There’s no point in mapping any of these in detail. Visitors rarely see anything more of Arach-Tinilith than a few small audience-chambers near the entrance, and the large upper chamber dedicated to summoning rituals of homage and worship to Lloth (where young drow trainees graduate). The rest of the temple is largely shrouded in habitual darkness—and if one is not a Menzoberranyr priestess of Lloth,one is decidedly unwelcome here.

The rooms and passages of Sorcere are so often veiled, distorted, hidden, or altered by the wizards (partly out of paranoia, partly for amusement or experimentation, and partly due to a deliberate plan to foil intruders) that any map is useless before it is finished.

Please keep in mind that information on noble houses given here mirrors what “most citizens think”rather than being completely accurate. For true details of the noble Houses, consult the book in this set devoted to them.


Screened from the lower city by its forest of giant mushrooms, the plateau occupied by some of the proudest noble Houses is bare and spacious; there is none of the crowding associated with most other neighborhoods. House Baenre ruthlessly keeps the rabble out. One sees only giant mushrooms—a small forest of them—and noble Houses (as well as the ruined compounds of some extinct Houses); no one else lives here, and no businesses are located here.

Soldiers of all the powerful noble Houses promenade here from time to time, on real or assumed business, just to be seen—and to challenge beings they don't think belong here, or just don't like the look of.

  这座城市现今最古老的贵族家族,班瑞家族House Baenre,是五千年前魔索布莱城创始家族的一员。班瑞,并非这座城市残酷阴谋的唯一幸存者,但它繁盛兴旺,已逐渐成长到将那座盘踞于望族高地东部边缘之上的高原顶上、由三十根相连的钟乳石和二十根高大而宏伟的石笋组成的、令人敬畏的城堡填满。这座围院被一张巨大的类蛛网围栏围绕——市民们窃窃私语说,这道最强大的法术正是由罗斯本人编织的。班瑞家族是如此强大以致它能分出一千名战士(多年来,此即其公开承认拥有的数量)无时无刻地守卫它的围墙。在城堡的核心是一座巨大的圆形、穹顶罗丝神殿——一座由蛛后不断由其一种形态到另外一种形态转变的神像主导圆形露天剧场。魔索布莱城的“第一家族First House”似乎很好地取悦了罗丝。
The eldest of the city's current noblefamilies, House Baenre, was one of the founding Houses of Menzoberranzan, five thousand years ago. It has not only survived the city's cruel intrigues, but flourished, growing to fill an awesome fortress of thirty linked stalactites and twenty tall and majestic stalagmites, atop a plateau at the eastern end of Qu'ellarz'orl. This complex is girt about with a huge weblike fence—whose most powerful spells, citizens whisper, were spun by Lloth herself. The House is so strong that it can spare a thousand warriors (all it has openly admitted to having, for years) to guard its walls at all times. At the heart of the great fortress is a huge circular, domed temple to Lloth—an amphitheater dominated by an image of the Spider Queen that shifts endlessly from one of her forms to another. Lloth seems well pleased with the “First House”of Menzoberranzan.

  位于班瑞家族的瞭望塔之下,另有三个家族的围院也坐落于望族高地:索拉林家族Houses Xorlarrin、阿格拉契·狄尔家族Houses Agrach Dyrr 以及 米兹瑞姆家族Houses Mizzrym。所有家族均为当前议会的执政家族一员。
Below the watching bulk of House Baenre, three other Houses currently dwell on Qu'ellarz'orl: Xorlarrin, Agrach Dyrr, and Mizzrym. All are among the ruling Houses of the present Council.

  索拉林家族Houses Xorlarrin 避世而隐秘;在公开场合,她的成员总是戴着面纱或面具。这个家族因其强大的法术力量而为人熟知,骄傲地拥有至少七位身居术士学院大师的法师,并且其中一些非常地年长和强大。
House Xorlarrin is reclusive and secretive; its members go veiled or masked in public. It is known for its magical might, boasting at least seven wizards among the masters of Sorcere, some of them very old and powerful.

  索拉林家族占据着一座较小的、新升起的石塔——位于望族高地的中心的 索拉林法师塔the Spelltower Xorlarrin,在彻底毁灭 胡柔丝特·恩路尔家族House Hrost Ulu'ar 后,她们从城市低处一堆没有藩篱的房子搬迁到了这里。
House Xorlarrin occupies a small, recently-raised stone tower, the Spelltower Xorlarrin, in the center of Qu'ellarz'orl. They moved here from a cluster of unfenced houses in the lower city after their utter destruction of House Hrost Ulu'ar.

  阿格拉契·狄尔家族House Agrach Dyrr 是个古老而傲慢的家族,由卓尔巫妖 狄尔Dyrr 领导的少量强大男性法师控制。它占据着新近完成的由九座塔组成、环绕着一条布满尖锐的石刺狭窄尖锐的护城壕的城堡。当他们的法师的竞争对手索拉林家族搬抵此 贵族高阁the House lof 后,这个家族也跟着匆忙地从城市低处搬迁到望族高地,以保持他们在魔法事务上自认理所当然的霸权地位。
House Agrach Dyrr is an old, haughty House dominated by a handful of powerful male wizards led by the lichdrow Dyrr himself. It occupies a recently-finished fortress of nine towers, surrounded by a narrow dry moat of sharpened stone spikes. The House hastily moved to Qu'ellarz'orl from the lower city when their wizardly rivals House Xorlarrin arrived in the House loft, to preserve their assumed supremacy in matters magical.

  米兹瑞姆家族House Mizzrym 因其复杂且难以理解的阴谋和连锁同盟而为人所知。米兹瑞姆的种种背叛与欺诈甚至赢得了魔索布莱人的如此传颂:“即便米兹瑞姆人自己左边的舌头也不知道右边在说什么——就算知道了也不会承认。”(米兹瑞姆人表面上会攻击那些说出这种话的卓尔,但是暗地里却很满意这样的名声。)一些恒久的低语指出米兹瑞姆在魔索布莱城西南迷宫般的通道里建立了属于她们自己的军队。
House Mizzrym has become known for the depth and intricacy of its intrigues and interlocking alliances. The treachery and doubledealing of Mizzrym have even led to a Menzoberranyr saying: "Even one side of a Mizzrym's tongue doesn't know what the other is saying—and once it finds out, won't admit to it!" (Mizzrymyr have been known to attack drow who say such words, but secretly take great satisfaction in such a reputation.) Persistent whispers say House Mizzrym is building its own army, somewhere in the labyrinthine passages southwest of Menzoberranzan.

  米兹瑞姆家族占据了望族高地上方石穹一片古老、广阔的洞穴网络,可借由一条起于一座独立的巨大石笋塔的、戒备森严、螺旋上升的阶梯到达。巨大的 邪翼怪foulwing(见“魔索布莱城的怪物Monsters of Menzoberranzan”)充当着这座楼梯的保护者。
House Mizzrym occupies an old, large cavern network above Qu'ellarz'orl, reached by a heavily guarded stair spiralling up from a single massive stalagmitetower. Among the guardians of the stairway are monstrous foulwings (see "Monsters of Menzoberranzan").

  在望族高地西南方拐角处的,是 执政议会the Ruling Council 议事厅the Ruling Council 入口。议事厅拱形、两道关闭的嵌贴大门被班瑞家族的士兵和 格斗武塔Melee-Magthere 的荣誉卫兵无时无刻守卫着,仅在执政议会决定以不那么保密的会议解决某些降临在这座城市的事件时开放,并允许主母们和她们的贴身保镖进出。
In the southwestern corner of Qu'ellarz'orl is the entrance to The Chamber of the Ruling Council. Its arched, ironbound double entrance doors are closed and guarded by soldiers of House Baenre and an honor guard from MeleeMagthere at all times, opening only to allow Matron Mothers and their bodyguards into and out of the not-so-secret meetings where the ruling Houses decide what befalls in the city.

The Chamber is a small, natural sidecavern dominated by a spider-shaped table. The ruling Mothers sit there in tall, jewelled thrones when Council is in session, the chamber lit by a hundred sweet-smelling candles. A single, unadorned chair is provided for guests (only one guest is customarily allowed into the cavern at a time). It is rare indeed for any guest to be non-drow, or male. Bodyguards in attendance on the matron mothers are allowed in, and by custom remain silent, standing around the walls, when Council is in session, speaking and moving only when bidden to. Each matron admits the same number of bodyguards, no more than two except by extraordinary agreement, and never more than six (six each makes the Chamber crowded indeed). Guards are usually clerks or others called to make demonstrations or give evidence; they are rarely needed (or effective) as defenders of a matron’s person.

  在这贵族高阁最显著的自然地貌是它的 蕈伞群mushroom forest。在地图上只标识了大小如食人魔甚或更大的蘑菇,但是在那些被标识出来的巨蕈之间还有大量更小的蘑菇和真菌,在这笼罩在柔和的磷光里的奇异迷宫中生长。这片区域被一些贵族用于集会、野炊和游戏——但是没有谨慎的卓尔会想要没有武装地进入此处,也没有人会把此处作为必须保持秘密的交谈或交易的地点:人们视班瑞家族和其它人会用魔法监视或窃听蕈伞群里的卓尔为理所当然。故意伤害(或切割吃掉)任何生长在这片森林里的东西是一种可致重罚的罪行。任何人若破坏、砍伐或收割了整棵蘑菇,则将面对死刑。如果没有这些(为所有魔索布莱人所知的)规则,这片森林早该在很久以前就已消失——如同绝大多数长在主洞穴的那样,被贪婪的卓尔收割作为食物,并抽取它们用于制造药品、药水以及施法材料直至一棵不剩。
The most striking natural feature of the House loft is its mushroom forest. The maps in this set only show mushrooms the size of an ogre or larger, but among those giants shown are many smaller 'shrooms and fungi, growing in a fantastic labyrinth of soft phosphorescence. This area is used by many nobles for meetings, picnics, and games—but no prudent drow considers it an area to go into unarmed, or a place for words and dealings that must remain secret: House Baenre and others use magic to spy or eavesdrop on drow in the mushroom forest as a matter of course. It is a crime punishable by a heavy fine to willfully damage (or cut, for eating) any growing thing in this forest. Anyone destroying, felling, or harvesting an entire mushroom faces the death penalty. Without these rules (known to all Menzoberranyr), the forest would long ago have vanished—as most of the mushrooms growing in the main chamber did. Hungry drow harvested them for food, and sampled them for use in the making of medicines, potions, and spellcasting, until few were left.


  执政贵族家族 菲布兰契家族Houses Fey-Branche、费恩·特拉巴家族Houses Faen Tlabbar、巴瑞森·德安戈家族Houses Barrison Del'Armgo 以及更多的次级家族如 图恩塔尔家族Houses Tuin'Tarl、舒伦莱特家族Houses Srune'lett、霍尔巴家族Houses Horlbar、以及 香芭拉家族Houses Shobalar 统治着这片富有的市区。
This wealthy district is dominated by the ruling noble Houses of Fey-Branche, Faen Tlabbar, and Barrison Del'Armgo, and by the lesser Houses of Tuin'Tarl, Srune'lett, Horlbar, and Shobalar. It is also home to many wealthy up-and-coming drow fami-lies (the noble Houses of the future), and the most luxurious and profitable of trades: gems, perfumes, moneylending, and the like.

  菲布兰契家族House Fey-Branche,是个相对年轻、相对有侵略性的家族,她有一座三角形的石笋围院,这片围院位于城市的中心,如果有卓尔分别从 提尔·布里契之阶Tier Breche、班瑞家族House Baenre 和 纳邦德尔时柱Narbondel 沿直线飞行,则将恰好在此处的南边交汇。从这个交点出发,她们可以如邻里所说的卑鄙地“只用花费最小的努力就能监视一切。”费恩·特拉巴家族House Faen Tlabbar 因其高挑、美丽、热情的女性而闻名,她们向男性来访者频繁寻求交往,并总是在开发新法术。它的主母树立了一个不寻常的传统:这个家族的成员可以开放、坦率地演讲而不管其性别或等级。这个家族占据了一座石笋和钟乳石组成的院落,恰巧位于望族高地西面尽头的北边和西边。
Fey-Branche, a relatively young and ag-gressive House, has a triangular stalagmite-compound in the center of the city, just south of where drow flying in straight lines from Tier Breche, House Baenre, and Narbondel would meet. From there, neighbors say cattily, they can "spy on everything, with a minimum of real effort."House Faen Tlabbar is known for its tall, beautiful, and ardent females, who often seek the company of male visitors, and are always developing new spells. Its Matron Mothers created an unusual tradition: open, candid speech among House members, regardless of sex or rank. The House occupies the stalagmite-and-stalactite compound just north and west of the western end of Qu'ellarz'orl.

  危险的第二家族 巴瑞森·德安戈家族House Barrison Del'Armgo 占据着一片广阔的、有三角形石笋围墙的围院,这座围院位于望族高地以北、班瑞家族与 东尼加顿区Donigarten 之间。
The dangerous Second House of Barrison Del'Armgo occupies the large, triangular fenced-stalagmite compound lying northeast of Qu'ellarz'orl, between House Baenre and Donigarten.

  图恩塔尔家族House Tuin'Tarl 是个相对年轻的家族,凭借与其它卓尔社区的精明贸易,她们实现了从平民血统中的擢升。它占据了一座有三角形石笋围墙的围院,这座围院位于 纳邦德尔时柱Narbondel 的南部(霍尔巴家族House Horlbar 所据的广阔石笋围院以东)。
House Tuin'Tarl is relatively young, risen from common stock through shrewd trading with other drow communities. It occupies the triangular fenced-stalagmite compound due south of Narbondel (east of a larger triangular compound occupied by House Horlbar).

  舒伦莱特家族House Srune'lett,这个家族的血统孕育了矮小、粗壮的卓尔并因此为人所知(很早以前城里就都这样叫她的女祭司们:“肉坨姐妹the fat sisters”,这令她们大为光火)。舒伦莱特家族栖居在一座由众多小尖塔组成的新建要塞中,这座要塞位于 黑暗尖顶the Darkspires(这座石笋自西向东簇,位于 霍尔巴家族House Horlbar 与 香芭拉家族House Shobalar 之间)的北侧。
House Srune'lett is known for the short, stout drow its bloodlines produce (its priestesses have long been referred to throughout the city as "the fat sisters," much to their annoyance). It inhabits a recently-constructed, many-pinnacled fortress on the north side of the Darkspires (the stalagmite cluster that runs east to west, between Houses Horlbar and Shobalar).

  两千年来 霍尔巴家族House Horlbar 都由一对高阶女祭司姐妹共同统治。她们的残酷声名狼藉;如果她们永远彼此争斗,这个家族将被撕裂,使它变得容易被敌人猎食——这是阻止了这两位冷酷、高傲的女性将彼此的心挖出来的唯一理由。据说,树敌 霍尔巴人Horlbarryn 甚为危险:她们决不会忘记,并且她们复仇的耐心可以跨越千年甚至更久。这个家族占据着两座有三角形石笋围墙的围院中最西边的那座,位于 纳邦德尔时柱Narbondel 的南方(那座更小、更靠东的围院是 图恩塔尔家族House Tuin'Tarl)。
House Horlbar has been ruled by sister high priestesses for two thousand years. Their cruel depravity is infamous; if they were ever to fight each other, the House would split apart, making it easy prey for rivals—which is all that keeps these two cold, contemptuous females from tearing each other's hearts out. Horlbarryn, it is said, make dangerous enemies: they never forget, and their patience for revenge can span a thousand years or more. The House occupies the westernmost of the two triangular fenced-stalagmite compounds south of Narbondel (the smaller, more easterly compound is House Tuin-'Tarl).

  香芭拉家族House Shobalar 几乎全为女性;在她的女性中不仅有高阶女祭司也有强大的法师。这个家族自守独立,其贵族很少出现在公开场合——并且存在着一个持久的传闻,香芭拉人Shobalarran 在涉及蜘蛛的奇怪实验。一个可能被夸大的传言低声叙述了这样的存在:强大且有生命的 蜘蛛之躯spider-bodies,拥有着附有匕首般骨刃的蛛腿,供卓尔如衣服般穿戴,并以思维赋予其生命。这条传言未经证实,但它是真的,虽然香芭拉人更喜欢在城市附近骑乘怪异、变异或者特别培育的巨蜘蛛坐骑(合格的巨蜘蛛在捕食时能够如 穴钓蟹cave fisher 那样“发射”有粘性的线),而不是使用 浮碟drift-discs 或 骑乘蜥蜴riding-lizards。这个家族还拥有一段加入联盟、却在某个同盟陷入任何形式的麻烦后轻易抛弃盟友的历史。
House Shobalar is almost exclusively female; among its women are wizards of power as well as high priestesses. It keeps to itself, its nobles rarely appearing in public—and there are persistent rumors of strange Shobalarran experiments involving spiders. One possibly exaggerated tale whispers of powerful, living spider-bodies whose legs are equipped with dagger-like blades of bone, that drow don like clothing, and animate by thought. This is unconfirmed, but it is true that Shobalarran prefer to ride about the city on strange, mutated or specially-bred giant spider steeds (regular giant spiders that can "fire" sticky strands at prey, as cave fishers do), rather than using drift-discs or riding-lizards. The House also has a history of entering alliances and then simply abandoning them whenever an ally gets into trouble of any sort.

  香芭拉家族居住于一座由石笋和钟乳石组成的菱形要塞中,要塞位于 费恩·特拉巴家族House Faen Tlabbar 以北。
House Shobalar inhabits the diamond-shaped stalagmite-and-stalactite fortress directly north of House Faen Tlabbar.

  许多其它富有而重要(或是自命重要)的卓尔宗族居住在纳邦德林区。其中包括 乌鲁德雷宗族Urundlet、巴莱泰尔宗族Balartyr、塔克萨姆宗族Tuek'tharm、哈尔宁宗族Hael'lrin、席恩塔哈拉德宗族Shunn T'ahaladar 以及 克洛尔巴宗族Klor'lbar。
Many other drow families of wealth and importance (or self-assumed importance) inhabit Narbondellyn. These include Urundlet, Balartyr, Tuek'tharm, Hael'lrin, Shunn T'ahaladar, and Klor'lbar.

Important merchants dwelling and operating in Narbondellyn include the most haughty gem-merchants of the city. (Though a wealthy merchant may rent or own a second home to escape business pressures or to use for secret meetings, mistresses, and the like, almost all merchants live in the same fortified building that houses their shop, to better guard their stock and wealth.)

  米日提·沙达伦Mritt Shadalun 和 霍德尔·贝克泰尔Hondel Belek'tyr 为争夺这座城市“最佳the best”珠宝商人头衔而进行着激烈着竞争。这两位都以其存货的多样性和高品质出名。他们可能为那些魔索布莱人所珍稀的宝石品种(最受欢迎的是 红宝石rubies、蓝宝石sapphires 以及 祖母绿emeralds)中特别硕大或不同寻常的宝石不友好地互相抬价,但在日常业务上则趋向于各自的专攻。贝克泰尔Belek'tyr 库存着地表世界的奇物和宝物(诸如 苍绿石amaratha、君王之泪king's tears、盗贼之石rogue stones,这些都为卓尔珍视,详见FORGOTTEN REALMS? Adventures hardcover sourcebook),而 沙达伦Shadalun 嘲笑着这些“外国的foreign”石头,且趋向于 黑蛋白石black opals、火蛋白石fire opals、以及其它知名和常见的宝物的交易。
Mritt Shadalun and Hondel Belek'tyr carry on a bitter rivalry for bragging rights to being "the best" gem merchant in the city. Both are known for the variety and high quality of their stock. They may coldly outbid each other for a particularly large or unusual gemstone of a type Menzoberranyr deem valuable (rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are most favored), but on a daily basis tend to specialize. Surface-world oddities and treasures (such as amaratha, king's tears, and rogue stones, all prized by drow and detailed in the FORGOTTEN REALMS? Adventures hardcover sourcebook) are the stock-in-trade of Belek'tyr, while Shadalun sneers at such "foreign" stones, and tends to deal in black opals, fire opals, and other treasures of the known and familiar.

  一簇次要的宝石商人专门从事一种特别的宝石(紫水晶amethysts 是欧宝宗族Ouol family 的领域,而钻石交易则处于 萨达莱克斯宗族Thadalix family 和 莱尔宗族Ryrrl family 的竞争之中),或者从事盗窃物、查封物或施法材料交易。最著名的“阴影中的商人们dealers in the shadows”是位装备着精良魔法装备、冷笑的独目男性卓尔战士,他被称为 远见者·普洱Farseeing Phurn,如果在魔索布莱城绝大多数饮酒点中的任意处留下给他的信息就能遭遇他;他的竞争对手包括卓尔女祭司 瑟尔勒芮·欧巴瑞Thaelara Oblare、一位熟练的宝石切割者,以及唯利是图的女性卓尔战士 英菲纳瑞·玛丝佩Infinyl Mestpar。
A cluster of lesser gem merchants specialize in one particular stone (amethysts are the field of the Ouol family, and diamonds are dealt in by the rival families of Thadalix and Ryrrl), or deal in stolen,seized, or enspelled materials. The most famous of these "dealers in the shadows" is a magically-well-armed, sardonic one-eyed drow male warrior known as Farseeing Phurn, who can be met with by leaving messages for him at most of the drinking-spots in Menzoberranzan; his competitors include the drow priestess Thaelara Oblare, a skilled gem recutter, and the mercenary female drow warrior Infinyl Mestpar.

Narbondellyn is also home to the wealthiest (and most expensive) perfumers in the city. In the crowded, damp under-ground, perfuming is an art born of necessity. The best drow scents mingle with less desirable smells to mute everything into a pleasurable background—rather than masking stinks with a thick, choking stink of their own. The precise makings of scents are well-guarded secrets, although most drow know (and, if time and needs permit, practice) the basics of making a pleasant, usually spicy masking scent.

  魔索布莱城香水商店的设计师们销售宣称是从某些地表世界花卉的香气中萃取的、或者让卓尔陷入某种特别的情绪状态(譬如热恋)的香水,以及个人用(定制)香水和有特殊气味(香味)的染料和颜料。这些杰出的商人包括 花之梅萨拉Mhaershala of the Flowers,闻名于整个幽暗地域;半身人 麦尼普· 呤游诗人之愿Myrip Minstrel-wish 被认为已经半疯(或更糟),习惯于在工作时耍着杂技一样唱歌跳舞;谨慎的两兄弟、“香水贵族Perfumers to Nobles” 狄罗恩·贾沙扎尔Dhellorn Jaszarr 和 迪里基尔·贾沙扎尔Dhellorn Jaszarr,经营时尚和用于派对的 春药love-drugs 和体味香料;而举着拐杖行走,随身携带着强大的魔法物品的年老的瘸腿 女卓尔she-drow 哈莱拉Halaera,在城中一半以上的绑架和奴隶贸易中都掺了一手。
The artists of Menzoberranzan perfumery sell scents that purport to capture the fragrance of certain surface-world flowers, or that sway drow into certain emotional states (such as ardent love), as well as personal body-scents and recognition-smell dyes and paints. These preeminent merchants include Mhaershala of the Flowers, famous far across the Underdark; the halfling Myrip Minstrel-wish, reputed to be half-crazed (or worse), and given to acrobatic dancing and sing-ing while he works; the discreet brothers Dhellorn and Diriziir Jaszarr, "Perfumers to Nobles," who deal in love-drugs and per-sonal scents for fashion and party use; and the old, lame she-drow Halaera, who walks with a stick, carries powerful magi-cal items on her person, and has a hand in half the kidnappings and slave-deals in the City.

More openly sinister than most of the proud (or, if a customer is noble and sufficiently powerful,fawning) merchants of Narbondellyn are the not-so-silently-hated moneylenders.


Most ambitious drow run short of coin at one time or another. Some are in no posi-tion to successfully steal or extort funds, murder and rob, or gain a loan from a pa-tron or House superior. They turn to the moneylenders, who also act as money-changers for outsiders.

Menzoberranyr accept all surface coin-ages, but prefer metal or gems of intrinsic value. A drow is happier with silver or gold coins than copper pieces, because the metal can be melted and reshaped for use where the coinage is not honored. The moneylenders of Menzoberranzan also deal in trade bars, rare shells, the jarred and jellied eyeballs used by some mind flayers, all known types of gems, perfumes, and even rare foods and plants. The more exotic the currency or collat-eral, the higher their rates. A standard loan to a drow of the city is typically in coinage, at an interest rate of 10%, compounded every 20 days. Collat-eral of written title to items worth 25 gp or 75% of the loan, whichever is higher, is usually required.

To a visiting drow, the standard is 12%, compounded every 40 days, but collateral equal in value to 100% or more of the loan in portable property (or a deed to land or a building in the city) must be left with the lender. To a non-drow citizen or long-term resi-dent of Menzoberranzan, the terms are the same as for visiting drow, but the rate is 14% or more, compounded every 20 days. Visiting non-drow are also lent money on these terms, but at 16% or more.

High-risk loans (to merchants who must travel the Underdark before they can see profit enough to repay, a fugitive from drow justice, or someone widely known around the city to be in trouble with a powerful drow House) typically are at 20% to 25% or more, and require collat-eral left in the lender's possession, to the value of 150% of the loan.

Most moneylenders have magic and hired swords and spies to back up their demands and defend their wealth. They are wily, ruthless, and often adopt a pow-erful House as patron (giving its members cut rates and ready credit), to gain its pro-tection when a noble debtor of another House decides, as some of the younger and more reckless inevitably do, that having a bit of sport and wiping out fast-building debts with a quick swordthrust is easier than paying up.

  最近城里有名的借贷者包括 三指男the Three Fingers 德拉尔Nantlel (他在近几年的斗殴中失去了他的其他指头),一个因用有几个怪兽仆人做护卫而闻名的退休武者(11级战士),这些护卫中包括一位优秀的 轻盾兵peltast (在 FA1《至高国王之厅Halls of the High King》有详细描述,盒装的《地脉迷城的废墟Ruins of Under Mountain boxed set》的《冒险书Adventures book》里也有描述)。南德拉尔Nantlel 的竞争对手包括:邪恶的卓尔法师 多目者the Many Eyes 希雷斯Sheeress——一个痛苦且多疑的女性魔法师,她因其急速增长的实力被男性法师逐出巫师群体;肥胖、贪吃的男性卓尔战士 奥洛格·Ologh·“吸金者Gathergold”·伊莱里Ilyri,他们宗族的最后成员(由于被相对瘦小、不那么懒惰的同族嘲笑,他将他们全部毒杀,并用获得的财产开始了他的生意);以及 尤伊米斯·苏尔克劳克Yuimmith Shulcloak 一名有着敏捷冷酷的思维、沉着果敢、语气温吞和耐心漫长的年老卓尔,尤伊米斯雇佣不止一打半身人,以及那个数目一半的卓尔孤儿。他们同时具有保镖和密探的作用。尤伊米斯放贷的同时也出售情报。只要是魔索布莱人知道的任何秘密,尤伊米斯都能出售。
Moneylenders prominent in the city at present include Nantlel of the Three Fingers (all his others have been lost in swordfights, down the years), a retired warrior (F11) known to be guarded by several servant monsters, including a greater peltast (detailed fully in module FA1, Halls of the High King, and described in the Adventures book of the Ruins of UnderMountain boxed set). Nantel's com-petitors include the sinister drow wizard Sheeress of the Many Eyes, a bitter and paranoid female archmage outcast from Sorcere by male wizards who feared her soaring power; the fat, gluttonous drow male warrior Ologh "Gathergold? Ilyri, last of his family (ridiculed by his slimmer, less lazy kin, he poisoned them all to gain their wealth and start his business); and Yuimmith Shulcloak, an elderly drow of quick and cold wits, iron nerves, soft speech, and long patience. Yuimmith employs more than a dozen halflings, and half that number of orphaned drow. They function as both guards and spies; Yuim-mith sells information as well as lending money. Any secret of the city that can be learnt, Menzoberranyr say, Yuimmith has for sale.

西墙区West Wall

  除了 杜垩登家族House Do'Urden 的废墟,这座沿着魔索布莱城所处巨洞西墙的要塞群富有、结实、建立已久也被发现已久。在居住其中的是贵族家族 达思克瑞家族House Duskryn、杜吉尔家族House Druu'giir、辛利汶家族House Symryvvin 以及 范德利家族House Vandree。它们邻居包括自负、古老的非贵族宗族,后者沉溺于赌博、各种各样的小圈子嗜好(诸如收集地表世界动物,或被俘生物之间的角斗表演以作为私人消遣),并梦想着发达的一天。
Aside from the ruins of House Do'Urden, the fortresses along the western wall of the great cavern of Menzoberranzan are wealthy, solid, and long-established—and look it. Among them are the noble Houses of Duskryn, Druu'giir, Symryvvin, and Vandree. Their neighbors include proud old non-noble families, given to gaming, various esoteric hobbies (such as collecting animals of the surface world, or staging gladiatorial combats between captured beings, for private amusement), and dreaming of grander days.

  达思克瑞家族House Duskryn 因其装备优良、训练残忍的军队闻名,私军以因残酷的恶作剧和传说般的酒宴出名的贵族领导。它居住在广阔而狭长的、有石笋围墙的围院里,围院濒临 西裂崖Westrift 北侧。
House Duskryn is known for well-equipped, mercilessly-trained troops, led by nobles known for cruel pranks and legendary drinking-bouts. It inhabits the large, long and narrow fenced-stalagmite compound due north of the Westrift.

  杜吉尔家族House Druu'giir 擅于商业事务和放贷——她们对此是如此擅长,以致于民间传说:在这座城市里,杜吉尔家族活动的影响力常仅次于班瑞家族。杜吉尔家族被上了年纪的男性法师们控制,而家族的财富足以雇佣任何需要的战士。持续的谣言描述了在这座城市附近的某处,杜吉尔家族维持着一座随时就绪的战士营地、受其直接调用:而佣兵们正符合这一需要;一些窃窃私语提及:一进入杜吉尔家族,就会有家族法师用魔法手段开启大门。杜吉尔占据了一座较小的矩形、有石笋围墙的围院,坐落于 西裂崖Westrift 的东南面尖端。
House Druu'giir is strong in mercantile affairs and moneylending—so strong, folk say, that its influence over actions in the city is often secondary only to House Baenre. House Druu'giir is dominated by elderly male wizards, with coins enough to hire any needed warriors. Rumor holds that Druu'giir maintains a camp of ready warriors somewhere near the city, at its direct call: hirelings that can, some whisper, appear directly in House Druu'giir by means of magical gates opened by the House wizards. It occupies a small rectangular fenced-stalagmite compound south-east of the tip of Westrift.

  辛利汶家族House Symryvvin 因其对魔法力量的追求——包括设计对罗丝的祷文(并获赐新的祭司法术作为奖励)和创造新的牧师法术而闻名。她年长且数量众多的巫师和高阶女祭司通常不在公众场合出现,但在一旦出现则会得到极大的尊重——她们倾向于击倒一位甚或一打得罪她们的卓尔(而对目标是谁什么不管不顾;在最近一次记录中,受害人包括 术士学院Academy 的大师和班瑞家族的女祭司),好似她们记忆的魔法无穷无尽般猛掷着法术!辛利汶家族居住在有五个边、石笋和钟乳石组成要塞,位于西裂崖(和 达思克瑞家族House Duskryn)的东北尖端。
House Symryvvin is known for its pursuit of magical might—devising prayers to Lloth (and receiving new priest spells in return) and creating new wizard spells. Its elderly and numerous mages and high priestesses don't appear in public often, but are accorded great respect when they do—they are apt to fell one, or one dozen, drow who displease them (regardless of who their targets are; in the recent past, victims have included masters of the Academy and priestesses of House Baenre), hurling spells as if they held endless reserves of memorized magic! House Symryvvin inhabits the five-sided stalagmite-and-stalactite fortress north-east of the tip of the Westrift (and of House Duskryn).

  范德利家族House Vandree 有莫名其妙地陷入麻烦也能莫名其妙地幸存的名声。这个家族看起来似乎因为卷入的复杂、不间断的内斗而感到高兴。下毒和刺伤对她们而言习以为常,贵族们甚至将鞭打家族平民视为一种愉快且频繁的必要消遣。多数家族成员对地表世界的事物和从 日光之土The Lands of Light 得到的战利品非常感兴趣,从花瓣和花籽到人类头骨、精美的家具和魔法物品不一而足。时不时的,这些收集癖的目标会扩展到诸如活的人类和地表世界种族,这一天通常也是那些收藏品的末日(在淫荡的卓尔女性和好虐的男性卓尔获得足够的消遣后)——范德利家族的战士们正需要些实战训练的靶子。
House Vandree has a reputation for getting into trouble and surviving somehow. It is a family that seems to delight in involved, ongoing internal feuds. Poisonings and stabbings are common, and the nobles see whipping their commoners as enjoyable and frequently necessary recreation. Most House members are very interested in surface-world affairs, and in acquiring trophies from The Lands of Light, from leaves and flower-seeds to human skulls, fine furniture and magical items. From time to time, these collecting propensities extend as far as living humans and other surface-world monsters, which usually end their days (after providing amorous drow females and whip-wielding drow males with sufficient amusement) facing the blades of House Vandree warriors in need of a little practice.

  范德利家族居住在一片 杜垩登家族House Do'Ur-den 废墟以南一片广阔的围墙围院里,围墙的尖端向东探向城市,形状仿佛一个巨大的船头。
House Vandree inhabits the large walled compound south of ruined House Do'Ur-den, whose walls point eastwards into the city in a great prow-shape.

  在此处也能找到许多有教养且富有的非贵族卓尔宗族——伊略菲宗族Ilueph、莱拉博巴宗族Llarabbar、米利斯琪拉宗族Mi-liskeera, 尼莱斯宗族Neereath、奥·艾尔·伊斯克宗族Ol'il'isk、提宁宗族Tirin、瓦哈达尔宗族Vaha-darr、维斯·德·塔尔宗族Waeth del'tar、以及 尤伦·托尔宗族Yulaun'tlar 名列其中。
The homes of many cultured, wealthy non-noble drow families can also be found here—among them Ilueph, Llarabbar, Miliskeera, Neereath, Ol'il'isk, Tirin, Vaha-darr, Waeth del'tar, and Yulaun'tlar.

  这个街区几乎没有商店或按摩房;居住在此的卓尔积极反对这些平民设施和它们所带来的贸易,而宁愿去毗邻的 多族混合区Manyfolk 获得这些服务。
There are few shops or massage houses in this neighborhood; the drow who dwell here actively discourage such common establishments, and the traffic they bring, preferring to go into adjacent Manyfolk for such services.

  伊斯特的护卫队Elstearn's Escorts 在这个几乎没有商业活动的街区兴旺发达。“护卫服务”能够提供任何性别的美貌卓尔来陪伴顾客,但其首要业务是供应聪明、美貌、擅长言辞和沟通的魔索布莱人市民作为访问本市并试图进行交易的外来者的向导和翻译——以及,当西墙区有教养的市民想要访问城市更危险的部分,或者进入附近的幽暗地域进行狩猎或其它短途旅行时的保镖。
One of the few businesses that does flourish in this neighborhood is Elstearn's Escorts. This "escort service" can provide good-looking drow of either sex to accom-pany clients, but its principal business lies in providing intelligent, good-looking, well-spoken and connected Menzoberranyr citizens as guides and interpreters to outlanders visiting the city and trying to carry on trade—and as bodyguards to cultured West Wall citizens when they want to visit more dangerous parts of the city, or go on hunts or other excursions out into the surrounding Underdark.


  这片城里的广阔区域是斗升小民的家,在这里可以找到城里的大多数商店和商人,从 布罗伊伦宗族the Bluirren family(他们生产加了香料的肉肠,材料来自于幽暗地域的生物,其准确的品种和来源更不会被细究)到 乌拉维尔宗族Ulaver Ulaver(他们发光、甜蜜的绿色酒是魔索布莱人间日渐兴盛的品味)。
This large area of the city is home to the common folk, and is where most of the shops and businesses of the city can be found, from the Bluirren family (who make spiced sausages from Underdark creatures whose precise identities and origins are better not investigated too closely) to the Ulaver (whose luminous, sweet green wine is a growing taste among Menzoberranyr).

  此处也居住着贵族家族 欧布罗扎家族House Oblodra,她们一直有着危险、不可预知甚至疯狂的名声。欧布罗扎人Oblodren 因其狂热、鲁莽、战斗狂暴并涉猎最疯狂魔法和最危险的心灵艺术、乃至不断地触碰罗斯规定的界限而出名。这些一次又一次将这个家族推向毁灭的边缘——但却没有人想要与欧布罗扎家族为敌;欧布罗扎人的攻击如疯狗、不惜生命只为迅速复仇。
It also home to the noble House of Oblodra, who have always had a treacherous, unpredictable, even insane reputation. Oblodren are known for fanaticism, reckless battle-rages, and for dabbling in the wildest magic and the most dangerous of the arts of the mind, continually pushing the boundaries of the dictates of Lloth. Such drive brings the House again and again to the brink of extinction—but no one wants to have House Oblodra for an enemy; Oblodren attack like mad dogs, throwing their own lives away unhesitatingly to get revenge.

  这个家族的高阶女祭司掌握着奇怪、拥有不寻常能力的心灵力量(超自然的自然心灵力量,其中一些受教育得到),而一些魔索布莱卓尔低声说这个家族派出她的女儿们到附近的夺心魔城市接受 灵吸怪的培养甚至与其繁殖!欧布罗扎家族占据了城市中心的一座小围院,位于 爪裂谷Clawrift 的两 指fingers 之间。
The House's high priestesses command strange, unusual powers of the mind (psionic wild talents, some tutored), and many Menzoberranyr drow whisper that this House sends its daughters to train and even breed with illithid in nearby mind flayer cities! House Oblodra occupies the small compound in the center of the city, between two fingers of the Clawrift.

Around The Bazaar stand too many shops and family homes to list; almost all commoner or “normal drow citizens” dwell in Manyfolk, and even most noble Houses maintain secondary or secretive “safe” residences here. It is the place most Menzoberranyr come from, and (although the ambitious always try to move out of it, to a “better”area) is the most colorful, interesting, and tolerant neighborhood of the city.

DMs locating businesses, inns, and minor noble Houses of their own invention (or would-be nobles) should place them somewhere in Manyfolk, where most of the buildings have been left unassigned for them to do so.

  来访者希望见识的 多族混合区Manyfolk 景观(当然,这份期待排在 集市区The Bazaar 之后)指向了众多优良的按摩房和商店——譬如 费瑞丽的浮空植物园Faeera's Floating Plants(这里经营“横跨整个 国度Realms、无论地上和地下”外来的植物物种,并在漂浮的花盆中出售和展示它们);维尔提恩的优质链店Vilteern's Fine Chains(在此可以买到长达千尺的链条,尺寸规格从薄金属丝装饰链到要塞大门使用的、成人身高长的扣环链接而成的锁链应有尽有);以及 凯斯莱瑞雀The Cathlyre,此处出售任何种类的地表鸟类(包括如孔雀般的 凯斯莱瑞雀cathlyre)作为宠物、活靶子乃至作为烧烤原料——直接在顾客的面前被烤熟、加料做成热菜。
Visitors seeking the sights of Manyfolk (after The Bazaar, of course) are directed to the many fine massage houses, and to shops such as Faeera's Floating Plants (which deals in exotic plants from "All over the Realms, Above and Below,” displayed and sold in levitating pots); Vilteern's Fine Chains (where chain can be purchased in lengths up to a thousand feet, ranging in size from wire-thin orna-mental links to fortress-gate chain whose links are as long as a full-grown drow stands tall); and The Cathlyre, where surface-world birds of all sorts (including the peacock-like cathlyre) are sold as pets, live targets, or roasted alive before the customer's eyes, a hot meal seasoned and done to order.

本区最富有、最有影响力的商人目前包括The most wealthy and influential merchants of this area currently include:
  ·杜阿尔泽·科恩达拉Du'arthe Klendara(卓尔男性5级战士):纺织品
  ·Du'arthe Klendara (drow male F5): textiles

  ·乌鲁瑞拉·德拉尔·图雅巴Uluruela Drael Tuabbar(卓尔女性3级战士/3级罗丝十字军):皮革制服装和旅行用品、皮垫圈和骨雕
  ·Uluruela Drael Tuabbar (drow female F3/P3 of Lloth): clothing and travel goods of leather, lizardskin, and carved bone

  ·本恩·德呼伦特Bhaern del'Hluanter(卓尔男性7级战士):板条箱、衣柜、桶和二轮运货马车
  ·Bhaern del'Hluanter (drow male F7): crates, chests, casks, and carts

  ·沙恩·达恩瑞尔Sh'aun Darnruel(卓尔女性4级战士/4级罗丝十字军):定制潮流服饰、服装、身体染色(彩绘?)和改造(顶饰、胶水粘合鬃毛制成的头发或假发、人造四肢、身体填充以及其它)
  ·Sh'aun Darnruel (drow female F4/P4 of Lloth): personal fashions, clothing, body dyes and augmentations (crests, glued-on manes of hair or wigs, artifi-cial limbs, body padding, etc.)

  ·贝拉斯科洛斯·杜·伊利沙尔Baelaskros Do'Ilisharr(卓尔男性6级战士,非常肥胖):散装谷物、枣类以及其它粮食
  ·Baelaskros Do'Ilisharr (drow male F6, grossly fat): bulk grain, dates, and other foodstuffs

  ·塔尔·奎尔塔恩Tlar Quel'tlar(卓尔男性2级战士):优良的金属锻造、珠宝固定以及锁匠工作
  ·Tlar Quel'tlarn (drow male F2): fine metal smithing, gemsetting, and locksmithing

  ·劳维斯·德尔·亚噶纳Rhauvais del'Ygana(卓尔女性6级战士):武器,来自异域或者高品质(特色:隐秘且恶毒的贵族用贴身兵器)
  ·Rhauvais del'Ygana (drow female F6): weapons, exotic and high-quality (speciality: concealed and venomed body-weaponry for nobles)


  那些不够成功而不能居住在多族混合区者只能在东区贫穷、地位卑微的街坊中定居。奋斗中的商人、罪犯、以及穷人、佣兵和不异常富有或强大的非卓尔也居住在此。贵族家族 亨兹瑞家族Houses Hunzrin 和 凯纳芬家族Houses Kenafin 在这里维持着他们的堡垒。
Those not successful enough to dwell in Manyfolk live in the poorer, less esteemed neighborhood of Eastmyr. Struggling merchants, outlaws and the penniless, mercenaries, and non-drow of no particular wealth or power dwell here. The noble Houses Hunzrin and Kenafin maintain their fortresses here.

  亨兹瑞家族House Hunzrin 那愚蠢的傲慢广为人知;她的成员会将冒犯者直截了当地切成碎片,而不管需要付出什么代价。而她能幸存不被消灭则是因为其庞大的人口;当前亨兹瑞掌控着魔索布莱城的农场,而农场的食物可以供养大量的孩子。亨兹瑞家族占据着三角形的、有 石笋围墙fenced-stalagmite 的围院,大致位于 巴瑞森·德安戈House Barrison Del’Armgo 以北,是最靠近城市农场的贵族家族。
House Hunzrin is known for stupid arrogance; its folk are quick to wet blades in those who offend them, regardless of the cost. It has survived extinction because of its large numbers; Hunzrin currently dominates farming in Menzoberranzan, and its food supply can support huge numbers of children. House Hunzrin occupies the triangular fenced-stalagmite compound due north of House Barrison Del’Armgo, the closest noble House to the city’s farms.

  凯纳芬家族House Kenafin 占据着位于亨兹瑞家族和菲布兰契家族之间的一处有围墙围院。几个自封贵族的宗族坐落在其庄园的附近:阿斯博得拉宗族Asbodela、得勒·德阿美特宗族Dlaen Del’Amatar、以及 运厄杜丝宗族Yune’duis。她们的自封是否有一天真能成为现实还有待观察。
House Kenafin occupies the walled compound that lies between House Hunzrin and House Fey-Branche. Nearby are the houses of several families who pretend to nobility: Asbodela, Dlaen Del’Amatar, and Yune’duis. It remains to be seen whether their pretensions will ever become reality.

  少有杰出个体居住在东区,但是有一间不错的按摩房坐落在此:迪勒程特的皮羽Dylchanta’s Furfeathers,它会定期举办大规模的按摩派对。
Few individuals of prominence dwell in Eastmyr, but one good massage house can be found here: Dylchanta’s Furfeathers, which regularly hosts massage-parties for large groups.

  东区也至少有四个对这座城市希望避免注意、冷处理的非卓尔访客有用且高价的公寓。其中有两处:纳邦德尔之影Narbondel’s Shadow 和 瑟米瑞家Symeera’s 值得推荐(都由谨慎、公平的前人类冒险家经营,他们也是知道如何在这座城市谨慎地雇佣或购买需要的法术、治疗、武器以及其它的工具的联系人)。典型的价格是1金币/每人/每天(包括所有餐点、基本的饮料、一匹坐骑的马厩以及一个有 魔光球glowglobe 照明的私人房间)
Eastmyr also has at least four rooming-houses useful to non-drow visitors to the city wishing to avoid attention, cold treatment, and high prices. Two of these, Narbondel’s Shadow and Symeera’s, are recommended (both are run by careful, fair human ex-adventurers, who know contacts for the discreet hire or purchase of needed magic, healing, weapons, and other gear within the city). Typical rates are 1 gp/person/day (includes all meals, basic drink, stabling for a mount, and a private room with a glowglobe light source).

布里尔林区The Braeryn

  从 蛛牙Spiderfangs 的西缘向北延伸,是“恶臭区the Stenchstreets”的小巷和棚屋。此即魔索布莱城的贫民窟,居住着患病或犯罪的卓尔、地精、兽人、熊地精以及其它偶尔被魔索布莱人雇佣打零工非卓尔(诸如繁重的装卸和挖掘工作),甚或负责突袭劫掠的守卫或佣兵。还有某些人甚至是足够地愚蠢或者绝望的在这个城市里碰碰运气的小偷或绑匪。
Extending north from the western end of the Spiderfangs are the dark alleys and hovels of “the Stenchstreets.”This is Menzoberranzan’s slum, home to sick and outlaw drow, goblins, orcs, bugbears, and other non-drow who are sometimes hired for odd jobs (such as heavy loading or digging) by Menzoberranyr, or for guard or mercenary pillage-raid duty. Some are even stupid or desperate enough to try their luck in thecity as thieves or kidnappers.


  作为魔索布莱城的粮仓,东尼加顿湖Donigarten 占据了区域的主要面积。它被 苔床rich moss bed、耸立的巨蕈群以及肥沃的真菌农场环绕。在一座湖心小岛上,兽人和地精照料着一群洛斯兽(地底洛斯兽deep rothe,详见《幽暗地域的卓尔Drow of the Underdark》【注:3r版可见frcs】),并由从 提尔·布里契之阶阶Tier Breche 派出、前位 罩袍区Mantle 的卓尔巡逻队看守着。除了巡逻队,卓尔守卫者以及鹰眼eyes of the eagle尖端以在洞穴墙壁的裂缝远眺着东尼加顿湖的方式持续放哨,防止这些食物被兽人和地精盗窃、或被其它什么袭击。每次有2-5个间谍值班,由提尔·布里契之阶的全部三所学校中抽取(以教会他们耐心和警惕)。
The granary of Menzoberranzan, this areais dominated by the lake of Donigarten. It issurrounded by a rich moss bed, a stand ofgiant mushrooms, and rich fungi farms. Onan islet in the lake, orcs and goblins tend a herd of rothe (deep rothe, detailed in Drow of the Underdark), watched over by drow patrols sent out from Tier Breche through the Mantle. As well as the patrols, drow with guardhorns and eyes of the eagle cusps keep watch from cavern-wall fissures overlooking Donigarten, to prevent food thefts by the orcs and goblins, as well as raids by others. There are 2-5 spies on duty at once, drawn from all three schools in Tier Breche (to teach them patience and vigilance).

  ·这些毗邻主城洞穴的道路和洞穴一直扮演着这座城市日常生活的一部分。青少年们以冒险进入 罩袍区Mantle 来证明他们的愚勇;大胆的孩子在它的入口玩耍;情人(特别是被禁止联络分属敌对家族的卓尔)借其幽暗小径幽会;而阴谋策划者借其便利举行黑暗会议。
The passages and caverns directly around the main city cavern have always played a daily part in the life of the city. Teenagers prove their defiant daring by venturing into the Mantle; bold children play in its entrances; lovers use its dark ways for trysts (particularly forbidden liaisons between drow of rival Houses); and plotters find it handy for dark meetings.

There is no such thing as a safe area of the Underdark, and this is as true of the Mantle as it is of the wild depths of the subterranean realms far from drow rule. Monsters occasionally reach the main cavern—through the Mantle. The Menzoberranyr have learned that these menaces are so numerous (attracted by the smells, warmth, and vibrations of so many beings gathered in one place) that establishing permanent, immobile guardposts merely offers ready food to the passing monsters—drow food.

Instead, the Menzoberranyr use mobile patrols. In strategically important areas, drow work-parties excavate defendable firing-hollows. A patrol uses a four-to-six drow star formation to move in and secure the known hollow, as the rest of the patrol provides covering fire. Once the area is secured, the star provides covering fire for the others to join them.