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Vhaeraun and Selvetarm Do Battle
【头   衔】蒙面之主The Masked Lord,夜下蒙面神the Masked God of Night,幽影the Shadow
【阵   营】CE
【神   力】L
【神   职】窃盗thievery,卓尔精灵男性drow males,地表上的邪恶活动evil activity on the surface
【神   系】席德瑞恩诸神the Seldarine黑暗席德瑞恩诸神the Dark Seldarine
【主   神】
【盟   友】马斯克Mask莎尔Shar塔洛娜Talona
【敌   对】希劳拉妮Cyrrollalee深地·杜菈Deep Duerra伊莉丝翠Eilistraee关纳德Ghaunadaur拉杜格Laduguer罗丝Lolth席德瑞恩诸神the Seldarine莎尔Sharess布里博杜普Blibdoolpoolp血色女王the Blood Queen迪卡拉泽Diinkarazan迪伊林卡Diirinka大主母Great Mother格泽姆尼德Gzemnid伊尔神思因Ilsensine伊西德伦Ilxendren劳格兹得Laogzed曼泽柯瑞安Maanzecorian泼斯洛菲尔Psilofyr
【神   国】卡瑟利Carceri/4th 群峰狱层Colothys艾拉尼亚斯Ellaniath
【徽   记】黑色半面具Black half-mask
Vhaeraun symbol
【简   介】维伦Vhaeraun 是柯瑞隆·拉瑞斯安阿罗诗之子,伊莉丝翠的兄弟,他参与了席德瑞恩之敌的颠覆阴谋因而被一同流放。

2eFR<Demihuman Deities.p036>维伦Vhaeraun


  (蒙面之主The Masked Lord,夜下蒙面神the Masked God of Night,幽影the Shadow)

  卡瑟利弱等神力Lesser Power of the Carceri,

  神职PORTFOLIO:窃盗thievery,卓尔精灵男性drow males,地表上的邪恶活动evil activity on the surface
  神域名DOMAIN NAME:群峰狱层Colothys艾拉尼亚斯Ellaniath
  敌对FOES:希劳拉妮Cyrrollalee深地·杜菈Deep Duerra伊莉丝翠Eilistraee关纳德Ghaunadaur拉杜格Laduguer罗丝Lolth席德瑞恩诸神the Seldarine莎尔Sharess布里博杜普Blibdoolpoolp血色女王the Blood Queen迪卡拉泽Diinkarazan迪伊林卡Diirinka大主母Great Mother,格泽姆尼德Gzemnid伊尔神思因Ilsensine伊西德伦Ilxendren劳格兹得Laogzed曼泽柯瑞安Maanzecorian(消逝dead),泼斯洛菲尔Psilofyr
  徽记SYMBOL:黑色半面具Black half-mask
  信徒阵营WOR. ALIGN.:守序中立LN,绝对中立 N,混乱中立CN,守序邪恶LE,中立邪恶 NE,混乱邪恶 CE


  维伦Vhaeraun(读作“Vay-RAWN”)是盗窃之神,是卓尔在 夜上世界the Night Above(其信徒对地表世界的称呼)中的目标、兴趣与势力的促进者。他同样是那些反对 罗丝Lolth 母权制的男性卓尔之神,他教导男性卓尔他们与女性有着同等的能力与价值——而这事实上与罗丝的祭职者们在这点上的教诲相背。他认为,卓尔精灵应该为了共同向前而与其他种族的精灵互相合作,但永远不应该和灰矮人、地底侏儒或其他别的种类的矮人侏儒进行合作或贸易。(人类和半身人还勉强可以接受)。
Vhaeraun (Vay-RAWN) is the god of thievery and the furthering of drow aims, interests, and power in the Night Above, as the surface world is known to the faithful. He is also the god of drow males opposed to the matriarchy of Lolth, teaching that males are as skilled and valuable as females, and thus passively opposing the teachings of Lolth's priesthood on this point. He believes that drow should work with the other elven races for common advancement and never associate or trade with duergar, svirfneblin, or other dwarven and gnome races. (Humans and halflings can be tolerated.)

Vhaeraun is vain, proud, sometimes haughty, bears grudges of legendary length, and never forgets slights or deceptions. Any underhanded means and treachery is acceptable to him if it furthers his aims or is done in his service-but if others so treat him or his people, it is a deep sin that cannot go unpunished. He actively involves himself in drow affairs and moderately often sends an avatar to assist the work of his priests if the proper rituals are performed and the need is genuine.

  维伦是 伊莉丝翠Eilistraee 的手足,阿罗诗Araushnee(那时她尚未被放逐、变成罗丝)与 柯瑞隆·拉瑞斯安Corellon Larethian 之子。当他在阿罗诗毁灭柯瑞隆的计划中的共犯身份被揭露时,蒙面之主The Masked Lord 与母亲和姐妹一起被 席德瑞恩诸神the Seldarine 逐出、被从 阿梵多国度Arvandor 流放。维伦憎恨全体席德瑞恩诸神,尤其是对 莎罕妮·月弓Sehanine Moonbow,正是她不惜付出巨大代价逃出蒙面之主的囚禁,揭露了维伦与阿罗诗的阴谋。蒙面之主对伊莉丝翠同样酝酿着由来已久的恨意。相较于她那恶毒的兄弟,幽暗少女The Dark Maiden 总是能获得柯瑞隆的更多宠爱,并且她还挫败了维伦早年促使所有 伊力斯瑞族Ilythiiri(南方、深色皮肤的精灵)落入其统治之下的努力,使罗丝和 关纳德Ghaunadaur 能够在这些未来将转变为卓尔的精灵中取得了重大进展。维伦最为憎恨的是很久以前赋予了他生命的 蛛后the Spider Queen。蒙面之主缺乏直接挑战罗丝的力量,所以他致力于在阴影中对抗她、在沉默中侵蚀她,并指望团结其他卓尔神力来一同反对她。
Vhaeraun is the brother of Eilistraee and the son of Araushnee, who was cast out and became Lolth, and Corellon Larethian. The Masked Lord was cast out of the Seldarine and banished from Arvandor, along with his mother and sister, when his complicity was revealed in Araushnee's plot to destroy Corellon. While he hates all of the Seldarine, Vhaeraun harbors a particular enmity for Sehanine Moonbow, who escaped the Masked Lord's prison at great cost to herself and unmasked the culpability of both Vhaeraun and Araushnee. Likewise, the Masked Lord nurtures an abiding hatred of Eilistraee. The Dark Maiden always held Corellon's favor more than her hateful brother, and she thwarted Vhaeraun's early efforts to bring all the Ilythiiri (southern, dark-skinned elves) under his sway, enabling Lolth and Ghaunadaur to make great inroads among those who would become the drow. Vhaeraun reserves his greatest hatred for the Spider Queen who gave birth to him long ago. The Masked Lord lacks the strength to challenge Lolth directly, so he works against her in shadow, undermines her in silence, and looks to unite the other drow powers against her.


维伦的化身Vhaeraun's Avatar

  (盗贼Thief 30,战士Fighter 25)

Vhaeraun frequently dispatches his avatar to answer a summoning ritual performed by his priests. He appears as a well-muscled, slim, graceful, handsome drow male with eyes and hair that change in hue from red (for anger) to gold (triumph) to blue (amusement) and green (puzzlement or curious interest) to reflect his mood. He never wears armor of any sort, but he always wears a long, flowing black cloak.

  防御等级 -2;移动 15;生命值 191;零级命中值 -4;#攻击 7次/2轮
  伤害 1d8+10(+4长剑,+8 力量,+2对长剑专精) 以及 1d6+5(+1短剑,+4力量)
  魔抗 65%;体型 超大型H(16呎高)
  力量 18/76,敏捷 24,体质 18,智力 20,感知 14,魅力 21
  法术 祭司P:见下, W:见下
  豁免 麻痹、毒素与死亡魔法 3;权杖、法杖与魔杖 4;石化或变形 4;喷吐武器 4;法术5
  AC-2; MV 15; HP 191; THAC0 -4;#AT 7/2
  Dmg 1d8+10(long sword +4, +4 STR, +2 spec. bonus in long sword) and 1d6+5(short sword +1, +4 STR)
  MR 65%; SZ H(16 feet high)
  STR 18/76, DEX 24, CON 18, INT 20, Wis 14, CHA 21
  Spells P:See below, W:See below
  Saves PPDM 3, RSW 4, PP 4, BW 4, Sp 5

特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Def:

  维伦挥舞着 夜影Nightshadow烁影Shadowflash,前者是柄墨黑的 +4加速长剑,它在黑暗中是隐形的;后者是柄银色的 +1短剑,随意使用,它能闪现出等同于 恒久之光continual light 的怪异光亮。(除维伦本尊外,那些目击到这一闪光者都必须成功通过对抗法术豁免检定,以免失明1d4+1轮。)当持握夜影时,每6轮1次,他能够创造魔法的 曲刃术bladebend 效果。曲刃术 会引起维伦周围70呎内正被持握的任何有刃边的武器扭曲攻击其持有人,并造成最大伤害。(锋刃在之后会立即恢复正常。)
Vhaeraun wields Nightshadow, a jet-black long sword +4 of quickness that is invisible in darkness and Shadowflash, a silver short sword +1 that can flash with an eerie light equal to a continual light at will. (Those who witness such a flash, apart from Vhaeraun, must succeed at a saving throw vs. spell to avoid being blinded for 1d4+1 rounds.) While holding Nightshadow, he can create a magical bladebend effect once every 6 rounds. The bladebend causes the blade of any one edged weapon currently held within 70 feet of Vhaeraun to twist about to strike its holder for maximum damage. (The blade then instantly returns to normal.)

  若在黑暗中看着 维伦的斗篷Vhaeraun's cloak,将能透过它看见星星、月亮或其它任何在它之后的东西,即便维伦的身体明显地位于观测者观察的那部分斗篷内。维伦的斗篷 在远离他或者他被杀死时将融入虚无。每日1次,它的褶皱能无害地吸收7道任意等级的法术,且也能吸收 魔法飞弹magic missiles 和区域效果法术(譬如 火球术fireball),如同这件斗篷是某种的无限负荷的特制 护盾别针brooch of Shielding 般彻底地保护穿戴者(和附近原本会受到伤害的生命)。
Those looking at Vhaeraun's cloak in darkness can see hrough it the stars, the moon, or whatever else is behind it even if Vhaeraun is obviously within the portion they are observing. Vhaeraun's cloak melts into nothingness if removed from him or if he is slain. Its folds can harmlessly absorb seven spells of any level per day and also attract both magic missiles and area-of-effect spells such as fireball, completely protecting the wearer (and nearby beings who would otherwise be harmed) as if the cloak were some sort of infinitely charged special brooch of Shielding.

  只要与他阵营相同的其他存在可以使用,维伦就能使用信徒进贡任何魔法物品而无论职业限制为何。夜下蒙面神the Masked God of Night 本身没有施法能力,但是在1轮中,除其物理攻击能力外,他还可以从180呎内信仰他的祭司或追随者的头脑里复制任何祭司或法师法术,而不管其学派或领域为何。每6轮1次,维伦能够施展 扭刃术,且这样的攻击会造成最大伤害。
Vhaeraun can use magical items given to him by worshipers regardless of class restrictions, so long as they function for beings of his alignment. The Masked God has no spellcasting ability of his own, but in addition to his physical attacks during a round, he can duplicate any priest or wizard spell in the mind of a priest or follower of his faith who is within 180 feet, regardless of school or sphere. Vhaeraun always passes without trace and can turn invisible at will. Vhaeraun can cast bladebend once every 6 rounds, and such attacks always hit for full damage.

He is immune to the effects of illusions (apart from those created by a divine being) and cannot be charmed. He can only be struck by +1 or better magical weapons.


图出自《Faiths & Pantheons》

其祂显现Other Manifestations

  除了被魔法仪式召唤时,维伦更喜欢以化身显现。(事实上,维伦禁止祭司使用来自召唤领域的法术或使用召唤领域,令他们只能召唤他。)在他无法派出化身时(换句话说,召唤仪式未被举行时),他会派遣飞掠幽影。它将如一副半面具般遮蔽受宠者的面部,并残留9轮。在此期间,受宠者被授予 真知术true seeing 的力量;并被授予攻击正常来说只有更强附魔武器才能影响到的生物——诸如那些只受+3或更强附魔武器影响的生物——即便被使用的武器并未被附魔的能力;受宠者不能跌倒、不会笨手笨脚、不会失足、不会没跳准、不会没抓到;受宠者能够使用潜行和 行动无踪pass without trace;并且将恢复2d4点当前伤害。此显现一天之内从不会在同一个受宠者上出现两次。
Vhaeraun prefers to appear as an avatar but only comes when summoned by a magical ritual. (In fact, he forbids his priests to use spells from the summoning sphere or sphere as they are only to summon him.) When he cannot send his avatar (in other words, when the ritual of summoning has not been performed), he sends a flitting black shadow. It cloaks a favored being about the face like a half-mask and remains for 9 rounds. During that time, the favored being is empowered with true seeing; empowered to strike creatures normally hit only with the most powerful magical weapons, such as those struck only by +3 or better magical weapons, even if the weapon employed is not magical; unable to fall, fumble, or miss its footing or a leap or catch; able to move silently and pass without trace; and healed of 2d4 points of current damage. This manifestation never favors the same being more than once per day.

  维伦也可能派遣显现以谕示他的不满,或对其民众的对手或敌人的蔑视。此形态为一副漂浮的、无实体的幽影半面具,缄默地漂浮着面向他所期望的存在(它将穿越任何魔法屏障、进入任何地点,无视守卫、对另一位神祇的神圣性和其它诸等)。此面具只能进行移动和(每次出现2次)发出嘲弄的冷笑。听见者必须通过成功的对抗法术豁免检定否则将受到 恐惧术fear 法术效果。
Vhaeraun may also send a manifestation to signify his displeasure or his defiance of rivals or enemies of his people. This takes the form of a floating, insubstantial half-mask of shadows that drifts silently to confront the beings he wishes to (passing any magical barriers, and entering any place, regardless of guards, holiness to another deity, etc.). The mask can only move and (twice per appearance) utter a chilling, mocking laugh. Those hearing it must succeed at a saving throw vs. spell or be affected as if by a fear spell.

  维伦也以此类的外表或存在作为代理和仆役:格里莱尸魔gehreleth(沸莱嗜屠尸魔farastu、凯僚霸尸魔kelubar、煞托尸魔shator)、蝠魔(气、烟、土)、影龙、炼魔fiend、夜嘶猎犬和不死幽影undead shadow。更普遍的情况下,他会送出一片无法看穿的绝对黑暗区域、黑猫乌鸦、死蜘蛛、火天石agni mani、黑蛋白石black opal、黑蓝宝石blackhued chalcedony、银冠crown of silver、赤铁矿hematite、角珊瑚horn coral、黑色调碧玉black-hued jasper、黑色调大理石marble、黑曜石obsidian、黑色调缟玛瑙onyx、黑色调珍珠pearl、亮黑碧玺ravenar或铌钇矿samarskite以展现其恩宠或不满和作为鼓舞其信徒的征兆。
Vhaeraun also acts through the appearance or presence of gehreleths (farastu, kelubar, and shator), mephits (air, smoke, and earth), shadow dragons, shadow fiends, yeth hounds, and undead shadows. More commonly he sends a region of absolute, impenetrable darkness, black cats, ravens, dead spiders, agni manis, black opals, black sapphires, blackhued chalcedony, crown of silver, hematite, horn coral, black-hued jasper, jet, black-hued marble, obsidian, black-hued onyx, black-hued pearls, ravenar, or samarskite to show his favor or displeasure and as a sign to inspire his faithful.

教会The Church

  神职人员CLERGY:牧师Clerics,护教军crusaders,专属祭司specialty priests,盗贼thieves
  神职阵营CLERGY'S ALIGN.:中立邪恶NE,混乱邪恶NE
  驱散不死TURN UNDEAD:牧师C:不可No;护教军Cru:不可No;专属祭司SP:不可No;盗贼T:不可No
  支配不死CMND. UNDEAD:牧师C:可Yes;护教军Cru:不可No;专属祭司SP:可,祭司等级-2Yes, at priest level -2;盗贼T:不可No

  维伦的所有祭司(包括祭司/盗贼,一种维伦的卓尔祭司可用的兼职组合)、护教军和专属祭司获得 宗教知识religion(卓尔drow)、宗教知识religion(精灵elven)、阅读/书写reading/writing(卓尔语drowic)作为非武器熟练奖励。除了被收买的罗丝祭司这种罕见的例外,蒙面之主的所有祭司都必须为男性。除非是用于直接召唤夜下蒙面神的化身或祈求他的恩宠(例如 维伦的祝福blessing of Vhaeraun),否则维伦的祭司不能施展任何召唤领域或学派的法术。完全属于咒法学派(而没有召唤子学派或领域)的法术是允许的。
All clerics (including cleric/thieves, a multiclassed combination allowed to drow priests of Vhaeraun), crusaders, and specialty priests of Vhaeraun receive religion (drow), religion (elven), and reading/writing (drowic) as bonus nonweapon proficiencies. All priests of the Masked Lord must be male, with the rare exception of suborned priests of Lolth. Priests of Vhaeraun may not cast any spell from the sphere of summoning or the school of summoning that does not directly summon the avatar of the Masked God of Night or request his favor (such as blessing of Vhaeraun). Spells that are strictly of the conjuration school are permitted.

  在地表世界的非卓尔中、或是在幽暗地域罗丝统治的黑暗精灵城市中,维伦鲜为人知。在那些觉察到其信徒在地表世界的活动的非卓尔中,这位蒙面之主常常被与人类的盗贼之神——马斯克Mask 混淆。只有极少量的地表居民察知到维伦及其信徒对现有秩序的威胁。在幽暗地域荒野中,维伦的信仰似乎缓慢地在势力和影响力方面有所扩大,并且这位蒙面之主的信徒得到了出于恐惧的敬畏。对罗丝的祭司而言,维伦的祭司便是仇敌,应通过任何手段追捕他们,尽可能地拷问有嫌疑的卓尔是被中意的策略——而在罗丝的祭坛内将其彻底消灭是对女神的最高礼赞和从她的工作中追求的最大个人享受。出于不满,因各种原因而得知蒙面之主的存在、居住在城市里的卓尔(特别是男性),认为维伦的信仰提供了一种逃离蛛后奴役的手段。
Vhaeraun is little known on the surface world among nondrow or in the Lolth-dominated cities of the dark elves in the Underdark. Among those nondrow aware of the activities of his followers in the surface world, the Masked Lord is often confused with the human god of thieves, Mask. Very few surface dwellers appreciate the threat Vhaeraun and his followers represent to the established order. In the wilds of the Underdark, the faith of Vhaeraun is seen to be slowly expanding in power and influence, and the followers of the Masked Lord are viewed with fearful respect. To priests of Lolth, priests of Vhaeraun are the enemy, to be hunted down by any means possible-torture of suspected drow is a favorite tactic-and eradicated on the altars of Lolth to earn the maximum glory of the goddess and derive the most personal enjoyment out of one's efforts. To dissatisfied, city-dwelling drow, particularly males, who somehow learn of the Masked Lord, Vhaeraun's faith is seen to offer a means of escape from the enslavement the Spider Queen.

  在幽暗地域,维伦在隐匿在多层、重叠的 黑暗术darkness 法术的幽深的洞穴中被崇拜。典型情况,此类神殿是天然的大围谷,高耸的天顶上镶嵌着闪闪发光的 贝裘里宝石beljuril,间隔列陈仿若群星。在夜上世界里,蒙面之主在浅浅的林地洞穴中被崇敬,这些洞穴被深林的树冠那层层叠叠、让光线几乎无法到达森林地表的叶子遮蔽着。此类圣祠通常坐落于生活在地表的卓尔的社区之中或是附近,这些卓尔应蒙面之主的召唤,寻求着卓尔一族向夜上世界的回归。此类神殿和社区的其中一座可以在 至高森林High Forest 的西部边缘被找到,它恰位于 德沙林河the River Dessarin 源头向南两天的路程、邻近 失落山峰the Lost Peaks
In the Underdark, Vhaeraun is worshiped in deep caverns cloaked in multiple, overlapping darkness spells. Such temples are typically natural amphitheaters, with soaring ceilings studded with sparkling beljurils spaced to resemble stars. In the Night Above, the Masked Lord is venerated in shallow woodland caves cloaked by layers of leaves of deep forest canopies that allow little light to reach the forest floor. Such shrines are typically located near or in small communities of surface-dwelling drow who seek the return of the drow to the Night Above as the Masked Lord has called for. One such temple and community may be found in the western fringes of the High Forest, just two days south of the River Dessarin's headwaters near the Lost Peaks.

  维伦的神职人员被统称为蒙面者the Masked。维伦的新人被称为 暴露者the Uncloaked。所有其它神职人员则被称为 夜影Nightshadows。维伦教派Vhaeraunan 祭司使用的头衔在各神殿的等级制度之间有很大不同,不过通常包括(无特定顺序):黑暗来临Ascendant Darkness、黑月Black Moon、黑暗披风Dark Mantle、深域游荡者Deep Rogue、笼罩之夜Enveloping Night、巨鸦之爪Raven's Caw、幽影猎人Shadow Hunter、沉默黑豹Silent Sable、以及 薄暮先驱Twilight's Herald。蒙面之主的高等级祭司拥有特殊的独有头衔。专属祭司被称为 黑暗假面darkmask,罗丝的叛逆祭司被称为 蒙面变节者masked traitors。维伦的神职人员只包括黑暗精灵,且其中有百分之99是男性。维伦的神职人员包括专属祭司(55%)、盗贼(25%,包括非祭司兼职的盗贼)、牧师(10%)、牧师/盗贼(7%)、护教军(2%)和蒙面变节者(1%)。
Vhaeraun's clergy are known collectively as the Masked. Novices of Vhaeraun are known as the Uncloaked. All other members of the clergy are known as Nightshadows. Titles used by Vhaeraunan priests vary widely across temple hierarchies, but typical titles (in no particular order) include Ascendant Darkness, Black Moon, Dark Mantle, Deep Rogue, Enveloping Night, Raven's Caw, Shadow Hunter, Silent Sable, and Twilight's Herald. High-ranking priests of the Masked Lord have unique individual titles. Specialty priests are known as darkmasks, and traitorous priests of Lolth are known as masked traitors. The clergy of Vhaeraun includes only dark elves, over 99% of whom are male. Vhaeraun's clergy includes Specialty Priests(55%), thieves (25%, including nonpriest multiclassed thieves), clerics (10%), cleric/thieves (7%), crusaders (2%), and masked traitors (1%).


The shadows of the Masked Lord must cast off the tyranny of the Spider Queen and forcibly reclaim their birthright and rightful place in the Night Above. The existing drow matriarchies must be smashed, and the warring practices of twisted Lolth done away with so that the drow are welded into a united people, not a squabbling gaggle of rival Houses, clans, and aims. Vhaeraun will lead his followers into a society where the Ilythiiri once again reign supreme over the other, lesser races, and there is equality between males and females.

Priests of Vhaeraun must encourage, lead, or aid bands of drow and allied chaotic evil creatures in thievery and instigate plots, intrigues, and events to continually increase drow influence and real power in the surface Realms. They must manipulate trade, creatures, and intrigues designed to lessen the power of and frustrate the plans of drow priests (particularly those who serve Lolth), and continually foment rebellion or disobedience among drow males. Drow thieves in need must be aided (even if female):healed, bailed out of jail, or forcibly rescued. Drow men oppressed or under attack by drow women must be physically aided in any circumstances. Cruelties against drow men must be avenged.

日常活动Day-to-Day Activities:

Vhaeraun's priesthood is nearly exclusively male and practices passive opposition to Lolth's priests. They are also active in the surface world, and some preach a heresy of the unity of elven races and their need to work together for dominion. They specialize in intrigue, trickery, and treachery and foment disobedience and rebellion among males. In drow communities, Vhaeraun's priests often disguise their allegiance, for obvious reasons.

  与其它精灵种族接触和联姻是被鼓励的行为。卓尔和半卓尔孕育出的往往是卓尔;维伦明白,这能无可动摇地增加卓尔在地表的数量。每一位祭司都致力于在地表世界建立某些类型的永久性卓尔殖民地,并按照殖民的需要亲自提供支持,或者(更好的)使其能自给自足。(如上所述,维伦信徒的殖民地位于至高森林,由卓尔法师 纳斯特瑞Nisstyre,这位 龙之宝藏商队the merchant band Dragon's Hoard 的首领建立,在之后他在一场与 幽暗少女的散步神庙the Dark Maidens of the Promenade 的冲突中死亡,后者位于 头骨港Skullpor 地下的密室中。)毒物的使用、制造和实验也很常见。各种由祭司所设计的实用法术、毒药、以及策略尤其能取悦蒙面之主,并由他将这些传播给所有神职人员。
Contact and marriage with other elven races is encouraged. Half-drow usually breed true back into the drow race; Vhaeraun sees this practice inexorably raising drow numbers in surface lands. Every priest works to establish some sort of permanent drow settlement on the surface world, and either support that settlement's needs personally, or (preferably) make it self-supporting. (The settlement of Vhaeraun worshipers in the High Forest, as discussed above, was established by the drow wizard Nisstyre, captain of the merchant band Dragon's Hoard, before his death in a clash with the Dark Maidens of the Promenade in chambers beneath Skullport.) Poison use, manufacture, and experimentation is also common. Especially effective spells, poisons, and tactics devised by a priest are to be shared with the Masked Lord-and thence, all clergy.

圣日/重要仪式Holy Days/Important Ceremonies:

  仲冬节之夜Midwinter Night 被维伦的信徒们称为 蒙面君王的拥抱the Masked Lord's Embrace,是一年之中最神圣的一夜。这场每年一度的圣日因蒙面之主的追随者完全剥夺自己的感官知觉的、终日的内省仪式闻名。每一位信徒都被要求将自己隐匿在魔法的 黑暗术浮空术levitate 的范围中,他们在魔法效果中整整24小时地沉思维伦的教导,计划来年要如何达成蒙面君王的目标。所有欲参与完成此仪式的维伦信徒都将获得蒙面之主的特殊恩赐,使自己的这两种类法术能力的效果能够持续整天,如果必须甚至可以更长。
Midwinter Night, known to Vhaeraun's followers as the Masked Lord's Embrace, is the most sacred time of the year to the followers of the Masked Lord. This annual holy day is celebrated by the Masked Lord's followers with daylong introspective rituals of total sensory deprivation. Each worshiper is expected to cloak himself in a region of magical darkness and levitate at the middle of the effect for a full 24 hours while contemplating Vhaeraun's teachings and dreaming up schemes to advance the Masked Lord's goals in the coming year. All followers of Vhaeraun who wish to perform this ritual are granted the ability to employ both spell-like effects on this day, with the necessary extended duration, by a special boon of the Masked Lord.

The most important attacks, negotiations, and other activities of the clergy must occur at night. Priests of Vhaeraun utter prayers to the Masked God of Night whenever they accomplish something to further his aims. Offerings of the wealth and weapons of those they vanquish (enemies of the drow, or regalia of female drow priests) are to be melted in black, bowl-shaped altars. Offerings of magic and wealth are made regularly. The more and the more value, the more Vhaeraun is pleased, though he favors daily diligence more than rare, huge hauls.

  在夜上世界,蒙面之主的信徒认为每个新月的夜晚都是神圣的。每逢此刻,他们都会在幽暗的森林中,诸如 莱斯尔森林the Forest of Lethyr米尔森林the Forest of Mir冰冻森林the Frozen Forest潜行森林the Lurkwood劳临森林Rawl-inswood巨魔咆哮之森the Trollbark Forest、以及 冬之森the Winterwood,进行长达数英里的午夜牡鹿追猎。一群维伦的信徒将骑着从幽暗地域带出的 骑乘蜥蜴riding lizard,追猎一匹高贵的雄赤鹿hart,而后背地表精灵之古法而行之,在黑暗的仪式中向蒙面之主献祭鹿角的棘枝和仍然跳跃着的心脏。
In the Night Above, nights of the new moon are considered sacred to the followers of the Masked Lord. Such occasions are observed with midnight stag hunts that range over miles of shadowy woodlands, such as the Forest of Lethyr, the Forest of Mir, the Frozen Forest, the Lurkwood, Rawl-inswood, the Trollbark Forest, and the Winterwood. Packs of Vhaeraun worshipers, mounted on riding lizards brought up from the Underdark, run down a noble hart and then sacrifice its rack of antlers and still-beating heart to the Masked Lord in dark rites that pervert the ancient ways of the surface elves.

崇拜主要中心Major Centers of Worship:

  黑暗精灵在费伦的地表最大的——如果不是最大的,也是最大的之一——集中地可以在 瑟尔瑞内斯特Sarenestar(也被称为 米尔森林the Forest of Mir)的北部边缘被找到,位于 泰瑟尔border卡林珊Calimshan 的边境。居住于这片巨大林地中的卓尔被集中在三个单独的殖民地中,所有连接通过 暗夜战争the Night Wars 期间创造的隧道和洞穴完成。每一座城市由几座打穿地表和广阔的洞穴地下的建筑构成。不像由奉行平等主义男性和女性共同统治的 霍尔德宾城Holldaybim,绝大多数居住于 德尔诺克斯城Daltnothax伊斯卡攸尔城Iskasshyoll 的卓尔都是狂热的维伦信徒。所有这些父权社群都投身于与 古奥杜斯城Guallidurth——一座位于卡丽珊之下的卓尔城市,这些社群的祖先就逃自那里——的蛛后信徒长达数世纪的冲突中。作为这场永无止境的、间歇的冲突的一部分,蒙面之主的小神殿——午夜杀戮会堂the Hall of Midnight Bloodshed 和 缟玛瑙迷宫Onyx Labyrinth——分别可以在 德尔诺克斯城Daltnothax伊斯卡攸尔城Iskasshyoll 中找到,且已被罗丝的信徒洗劫了几次。然而,此两处圣祠存在的真正目的是将攻击从此区域内蒙面之主信仰的真正中心引开,那是一座巨大的地下神殿,躲藏在 赛锐那格得山脉Mount Sarenegard 侧下方,被称为 隐夜之穹the Vault of Cloaked Midnight。
One of the largest, if not the largest, concentration of dark elves on the surface of Faerûn is found in the northern reaches of Sarenestar, also known as the Forest of Mir, on the border of Tethyr and Calimshan. The drow who reside within this great timberland are concentrated in three separate settlements, all connected by tunnels and caverns created during the Night Wars. Each city consists of a few buildings dotting the surface and extensive caverns below. Unlike the egalitarian Holldaybim where both males and females rule, most of the drow who inhabit Daltnothax and Iskasshyoll are ardent Vhaeraun worshipers. Both patriarchal societies have been engaged in a centuries-long conflict with the Spider Queen's followers in Guallidurth, a drow city deep beneath Calimshan from which their ancestors escaped long ago. As part of this unending, intermittent conflict, the small temples to the Masked Lord found within Dallnothax and Iskasshyoll-the Hall of Midnight Bloodshed and the Onyx Labyrinth, respectively-have been sacked on several occasions by Lolth's worshipers. Both shrines serve their true purpose, however, by diverting attacks from the true center of the Masked Lord's worship in the region, a vast underground temple hidden beneath the flanks of Mount Sarenegard known as the Vault of Cloaked Midnight.

  自黑暗之匕the Dark Dagger(见下)基于 卡林珊人the Calishite 的小组在 毒蛇之年Year of the Serpent(1359 DR)的暗行者战争濒于瓦解以来,在“淬毒之刃Envenomed Edge”玛索吉·纳斯Masoj Naerth 有力的领导下,南方的 夜影Nightshadows 们的力量已有了极大的恢复。
Under the able leadership of Envenomed Edge Masoj Naerth, the southern Nightshadows have recovered much of their strength since the near disintegration of the Calishite-based cells of the Dark Dagger (see below) in the Darkstalker Wars of the Year of the Serpent (1359 DR).

从属组织Affiliated Orders:

  黑暗之匕由敬拜维伦的卓尔组成,这个名字在 内海沿岸inner sea lands 的黑胡同里正在越来越多地被低声念诵。黑暗之刃强大而稀有的代理人们惯于用毒(他们大多对毒免疫,这归功于长期渐增的剂量疗程)。黑暗之匕活跃于头骨港、突米斯Turmish维洪海域Vilhon Reach,并已触及 安姆Amn 和卡林珊,现在则开始渗透 坠星海the Sea of Fallen Stars 的沿岸城市。他们倾向于从幕后控制本地的到盗贼工会和兄弟会,雇佣有能力的人类和类人代言人,建立隐蔽的维伦圣殿。他们接受叛离的半精灵和人类来加入对蒙面之主的敬拜,而其徽记则与“蒙面之主the Lord of Shadows”马斯克完全一致。
The Dark Dagger, composed of drow who venerate Vhaeraun, is a whispered name of growing weight in the dark alleys around the Inner Sea lands. Individually powerful hut few in number, Dagger agents habitually use poison (which they are largely immune to, thanks to lifelong incremental dosage procedures). Active in Skullport (in Undermountain, beneath Waterdeep), in Turmish and the Vilhon Reach, and to a lesser extent in Amn and Calimshan, the various Points of the Dagger are now beginning to infiltrate coast cities all around the Sea of Fallen Stars. They like to take control of local thieving guilds and fellowships behind the scenes, hire skilled human and humanoid agents, and establish hidden temples to Vhaeraun. They recruit disaffected half-elves and humans to worship the Masked Lord, whose symbol is identical to that of Mask, the Lord of Shadows.

Very rare, but greatly feared in Lolth-fostered drow folklore and among living priests of Lolth, is the traitor priest who serves Lolth and another deity (usually Vhaeraun). It is for this reason that male drow who aspire to be priests in Lolth s service seldom rise very far in levels:even if they overcome the hatred and resentment of any female drow clergy they must work with, the Spider Queen simply does not trust them-they tend to end their days quickly, being used as temple enforcers or guards. In this role they face many spell battles with intruders (such as drow trying to settle grudges with enemies in the clergy) or priests who are rebellious, or feuding, or who have succumbed to insanity under the pressures of their station or contact with lower-planar creatures. There are priests who serve Lolth on the surface, and Vhaeraun underneath. The reverse is almost unknown, though the destructive potential of such an individual keeps the idea a dark and secret dream that fires a glint in the eyes of many a high priest. The glory for training and placing such a one would be very great, but finding suitable candidates and steering them alive through the perils of preparation without losing their loyalty to Lolth and to their handler is unlikely in the extreme—and so far, as far as it is can be told from the news of the Underdark, so unlikely as to be unknown.

  蛛后怎会容忍如许的背叛?难道她不是毫无疑义地必定能分辨每个信徒的心绪,并能压制弱等神力神(如维伦)的任何影响么?真相是:维伦的力量并没有太过逊色于蛛后,他只是将力量应用于诡秘、隐藏、幕后的方式,而不是如蛛后所钟爱那样,暴君般、狂乱、注重于直接对抗的方法。只要当地有他的信徒,他也会经常用心地留意由蛛后统治地区的卓尔(如卓尔都市 魔索布莱城Menzoberranzan提斯泰瑞城Tiethtyrr瓦尔格拉恩城Waerglarn),窥视他们的内心,寻找疑虑和担忧。如果他发现深仇大恨或者反对蛛后暴政的可能(可能只是针对她本地的高阶祭司们),并找到机会与这个动摇的蛛后信徒'单独一叙',维伦会如一张阴影中的黑色面具般展现并与此人通过心灵感应交流。如果此人被发现或遭攻击,维伦一般会在离开前用法术消灭发现或攻击他未来信徒的人。这样做是为了展示他的力量在罗丝之上,并保护这个未来的信徒以期再叙。
How can such treachery be tolerated by the Spider Queen? Surely she knows the heart of every worshiper, and could prevail over any influences of a god of lesser power, such as Vhaeraun? The truth is that Vhaeraun is not so much less powerful than the Spider Queen-he simply uses his power in subtle, hidden, behind-the-scenes ways, not in the tyrannical, exultant, and brutal-naked-force manner so beloved by Lolth. He also watches over the drow in any place ruled by Lolth where he does have worshipers (such as the drow cities of Menzoberranzan, Tiethtyrr, and Waerglarn) often and attentively, looking into their minds for doubts and misgivings. If he finds great hatred or open rebellion against the dictates of the Spider Queen (or against her local high priests) and can find an opportunity for a 'private audience' with the wavering Lolth worshiper, Vhaeraun manifests as a shadowy black face Mask, and telepathically speaks to the individual. If the individual is discovered or attacked by others, Vhaeraun typically leaves-after using spells to destroy the beings who discovered or attacked his intended faithful. In doing this he manifests a sign of his power over Lolth and preserves the intended worshiper for another attempt at conversion later.

A double agent priest or priest continues to advance in Lolth's service and to gain spells normally. If the individual's loyalty to Vhaeraun is ever discovered, Lolth typically alerts nearby drow, and refuses to grant any further spells to the traitor-but does not strip the drow of any presently memorized spells. If the drow survives long enough to flee Lolth worshipers and any community they control, she or he continues at the same priest level and spell power, losing only access to spells specifically and only granted by Lolth (note that the conceal item spell is granted by other deities than the Spider Queen, and there may well be other Lolth- granted spells that have been granted in parallel for, by rival deities). The double agent becomes a cleric or specialty priest of Vhaeraun (although the dress and manners of a Lolth worshiper may be retained for use as a disguise), and typically travels to near-surface drow holdings or trading communities used by several races (such as Skullport). Drow tend not to speak the names or want to remember such traitors-their Houses disown them for safety's sake, and other drow are urged by the yochlol not to remind people of treachery to Lolth by keeping alive names of those who have so sinned.

祭司的祭服Priestly Vestments:

Vhaeraun's clergy garb themselves in half-masks, loose silk shirts, form-fitting pants, and leather boots, all of which are jet black. They are never without at least one black-edged bladed weapon on their persons, and most are bedecked with half a dozen or more such weapons. The god's holy symbol is a black half-mask that can, of course, be worn and used like any mask. Priests of Vhaeraun need only be within a mile of their holy symbol to use it in working spells given to them by the Masked Lord. It need not ever be on their persons (except when they first wear it to become attuned or linked to it) or brandished in spellcasting or dealing with undead.

冒险装束Adventuring Garb:

No priest of Vhaeraun can wear any type of armor except leather armor, and dark garb is always preferred. Vhaeraun's clergy favor daggers, short swords, and long swords, but they always select the most appropriate weapon for the task at hand. The Masked Lord's priests are well versed in the use of poisons, and typically prepare several varieties of widely varying onset times, methods of application, and strengths before embarking on a dangerous undertaking.


专属祭司Specialty Priests(黑暗假面Darkmasks

  职业需求REQUIREMENTS:敏捷Dexterity 12,感知Wisdom 9
  关键属性PRIME REQ.:敏捷Dexterity,感知Wisdom
  防具ARMOR:厚布甲、皮甲、镶嵌皮甲、卓尔链甲或精灵链甲;无盾牌Padded, leather, studded leather, drow chain mail, or elven chain mail; no shield
  主修领域MAJOR SPHERES:共通All,混乱chaos,魅惑charm,战斗combat,预言divination,元素elemental(气air,土earth),保护guardian,治疗healing,死灵术necromantic,太阳sun (reversed)
  次要领域MINOR SPHERES:造物Creation,元素elemental(水water,火fire),保护protection,时间time,旅行travelers
  魔法物品MAGICAL ITEMS:如同牧师As clerics
  熟练需求REQ. PROFS:一件黑边有刃武器A black-edged bladed weapon,易容disguise,草药医学herbalism
  熟练奖励BONUS PROFS:警觉Alertness,盲战blindfighting

  ❖ Darkmasks must be male drow.

  ❖ Darkmasks are not allowed to multiclass.

  ❖黑暗假面被限定使用盗贼技能,此类技能的定义见"附录 1:亚人祭司Appendix 1:Demihuman Priests."
  ❖ Darkmasks have limited thieving skills as defined in the Limited Thieving Skills section of "Appendix 1:Demihuman Priests."

  ❖ Darkmasks may select nonweapon proficiencies from the rogue group without penalty.

  ❖每日1次,黑暗假面能施展 闇炎Darkfire(如同详述于罗丝的条目的2级祭司法术)。这项能力的每日使用次数每5个经验等级(即在第5、10、15级等等)增长1次,并在第20级达到最多的4次。   ❖ Darkmasks can cast darkfire (as the 2nd-level priest spell detailed in the Lolth entry earlier in this chapter) once per day. Use of this ability increases one time per day each time an experience level divisible by five is reached (at 5th,10th,15th, etc.) to a maximum of four uses at 20th level.

  ❖在第3级,每日1次,并在每2个经验等级增长一次,黑暗假面能够施展 行动无踪pass without trace(如同1级祭司法术)。
  ❖ At 3rd level, darkmasks can cast pass without trace (as the 1st-level priest spell) once per day for every level of experience above 2nd.

  ❖在第5级,黑暗假面免疫来自 光亮术light恒久之光continual light 或其它类似法术效果的惩罚。(此能力在防护真正的阳光和被黑暗假面控制的任何魔法物品无效。)
  ❖ At 5th level, darkmasks are immune to penalties from light, continual light, or spells with similar effects. (This granted power does not confer any protection against true sunlight or extend to any magical items possessed by a darkmask.)

  ❖在第5级,每日1次,黑暗假面能够施展 变身术alter self(如同2级法师法术)。
  ❖ At 5th level, darkmasks can cast alter self (as the 2nd-level wizard spell once per day.

  ❖在第7级,每日1次,黑暗假面能够施展 黑暗之拥dark embrace(如同3级祭司法术)。
  ❖ At 7th level, darkmasks can cast dark embrace (as the 3rdlevel priest spell) once per day.

  ❖在第10级,每日一次,黑暗假面能够施展 物品定位术locate object(如同2级法师法术)。
  ❖ At 10th level, darkmasks can cast locate object (as the 2ndlevel wizard spell) once per day.

  ❖在第13级,黑暗假面能够用魔法制造一件每日一次持续一轮的 +4防护斗篷cloak of protection +4。如果被移除或达到持续时间,这件斗篷将逐渐消失褪入虚无。
  ❖ At 13th level, darkmasks can magically create a cloak of protection +4 once per day for 1 turn. The cloak fades away to nothingness if removed or when the duration expires.

  ❖在第13级,每日1次,黑暗假面能够施展 劳洛维姆的虚无转化Lorloveim's shadowy transformation(如同6级法师法术)。
  ❖ At 13th level, darkmasks can cast Lorloveim's shadowy transformation (as the 6th-level wizard spell) once per day.

  ❖在第15级,黑暗假面能够创造一柄 +2淬毒匕首dagger of venom +2,注入毒素的天然骰是18、19或20。这将花费他们3个月的时间(在最后1个月,他们不能从事除了个人装扮和吃喝外的任何事)、15000gp、两颗星彩蓝宝石star sapphire(每一颗至少价值1000gp)、形状适合铸造武器的秘银或精金块。如果这些星彩蓝宝石每一颗的价值都超过了3000gp,那么有百分之50的几率这把被创造的匕首会拥有+3的附魔(但是毒素注入并不会改变)。
  ❖ At 15th level, darkmasks can create a dagger of venom +2 that injects poison on a natural roll of 18,19, or 20. This costs them three months of time (during the final month of which they can pursue no other activities other than personal grooming, eating, and sleeping),15,000 gp, two black star sapphires of at least 1,000 gp value each, and a suitable chunk of either mithral or adamantite to have the weapon forged from. If the black star sapphires are worth over 3,000 gp each, there is a 50% chance the dagger created can hold a +3 enchantment (but the poison injection chance does not change).

专属祭司Specialty Priests(蒙面变节者Masked Traitors

  职业需求REQUIREMENTS:感知Wisdom 9
  关键属性PRIME REQ.:感知Wisdom
  武器WEAPONS:如同罗丝的祭司As priest of Lolth
  防具ARMOR:如同罗丝的祭司As priest of Lolth
  主修领域MAJOR SPHERES:如同罗丝的祭司As priest of Lolth
  次要领域MINOR SPHERES:如同罗丝的祭司As priest of Lolth
  魔法物品MAGICAL ITEMS:如同牧师As clerics
  熟练需求REQ. PROFS:无None
  熟练奖励BONUS PROFS:无None  

  蒙面变节者是表面上服侍罗丝、暗地里侍奉维伦的女祭司(包括牧师、护教军和专属祭司)。蒙面变节者的能力与限制,除了上文和本节稍后所标注的变动外,与她们表面上佯装的罗丝祭司类别相同(牧师、护教军或专属祭司)。所有这些被收买的祭司们都保留对古代语言ancient languages(高等卓尔语high drow)(high drow)的非武器熟练。
Masked traitors are priestesses (including clerics, crusader, and specialty priests) who serve Lolth on the surface and Vhaeraun underneath. The abilities and restrictions of masked traitors, aside from the changes noted above and later in this section, are identical to those of the type of priest of Lolth (clerics, crusader, or specialty priests) they pretend to be on the surface. All suborned priests of Lolth retain their nonweapon proficiency in ancient languages (high drow).

  ❖ Masked traitors must be drow and are almost always female, but need not be the latter.

  ❖蒙面变节者有权访问所有维伦信仰的已知法术,尤其是 混沌之战chaotic combat (在这位祭司施展时,它只能作用于祭司自己或另一位维伦信徒身上,不论其职业)、创造圣徽create holy symbol神性灵感divine inspiration心灵之网mindnet恢复术reversion 以及 隔绝术seclusion
  ❖ Masked traitors are given access to all spells known to Vhaeraun's faith, notably chaotic combat (which works only when cast by the priest on herself, or another faith of Vhaenun, regardless of class),create holy symbol, divine inspiration, mindnet, reversion, and seclusion.

  ❖每日1次,蒙面变节者能施展 维伦的祝福
  ❖ Masked traitors can cast blessing of Vaeraun once per day.

  ❖在投身侍奉蒙面之主后,蒙面变节者将获得一次性的 欺骗窥探deceive prying 供其在任意时间、随意施展。在此之后,这道法术需要正常地祈祷获得、占用确定的法术槽、要求祭司有足够的等级来施展。
  ❖ Masked traitors can cast deceive prying once at will at any time after entering the service of the Masked Lord. Thereafter the spell must be prayed for normally, occupying a regular spell slot, assuming the priest is of sufficient level to cast it.

  ❖ Masked traitors receive the personal attention of Vhaeraun in the form of useful information imparted to them from time to time in their dreams. The Masked Lord richly rewards those who do well in his service, and he often (falsely) hints he is willing grant immortality to worthy traitors or even elevate them to the role of his consort.

  ❖ Masked traitors can function without any penalties in full or bright light, in part because the eyes of the faithful are shaded with the shadow of Vhaeraun's power. Note that this does not negate the effects of sun-light on drow armor and weapons.

维伦之法术Vhaeraunan Spells

Priests of the Masked Lord have devised many spells, some of which have passed into general use. If not combat-oriented, such spells can be sold to wizards of other races-serving as templates on which to base similar wizard spells-to enrich the priesthood of the Masked Lord.

  除了下文所列的法术和那些卓尔祭司通用的法术外,蒙面之主的神职人员还能施展详述于本章罗丝一节的3级祭司法术 隐藏物品conceal item,以及见于《玩家手册Player's Handbook》的5级法术 凌空而行air walk
In addition to the spells listed below and those spells common to all drow priests, the Masked Lord's clergy can also cast the 3rd-level priest spell conceal item, detailed in the Lolth entry in this chapter and the 5th-level spell air walk found in the Player's Handbook.

2nd Level

维纶之祝福Blessing of Vhaeraun

  (祭司Pr 2;咒法/召唤Conjuration/Summoning)

  持续时间Duration:1 回合 或 直到被使用
  施法时间Casting Time:5
  影响区域Area of Effect:被接触的生物Creature touched
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

  这道法术能令施法者或被接触的受术者,其某种盗贼的一次使用、或是一次武器攻击以+3攻击骰奖励或+15%能力奖励来执行。此(伤害性的或是对受术者有益的)行动造成的任何伤害,投掷1d8,若结果为1-6,所有伤害取最大值;否则正常结算。这道法术将持续最多1回合,或是直到在某次使用或攻击骰中生效。法术受术者必须在进行技能检定或攻击骰前,大声声明使用这道法术授予的援助。如果在祝福被使用前,施展在受术者身上的 驱散魔法dispel magic 已经成功地将其驱散,法术给予的潜在奖励也将消散。
This spell enables any one single use of a thief skill or single weapon attack of the caster or a touched spell recipient to be performed with a +3 attack roll bonus or +15% ability bonus. Any damage caused by this action (harmful or beneficial to the recipient) is the maximum possible on a 1d8 roll of 1-6; otherwise, determine damage normally. The spell lasts for up to 1 turn or until the single use or attack is made. When the aid granted by the spell is to be used, the spell recipient must state so aloud before making the skill check or attack roll. The latent bonus granted by the spell also dissipates unused if a successful dispel magic is cast on the recipient before the round in which the blessing is used.

4th Level

黑暗之拥Dark Embrace

  (祭司Pr 4;咒法/召唤Conjuration/Summoning)

  距离Range:10 码 + 10 码/级10 yards+10 yards/level
  持续时间Duration:1 回合 + 1 轮/级 或 直到被使用
  施法时间Casting Time:7
  影响区域Area of Effect:特殊Special
  豁免检定Saving Throw:特殊Special

  这道法术显现为在施法者四周飞掠几分钟的暗影,之后在施法者的脸上凝聚成一副黑色天鹅绒半面具。在消散无用前,维伦的 黑暗之拥 将持续最多1回合 + 1轮/施法者等级。
This spell manifests as a dark shadow that flits about the spellcaster for a few moments before coalescing into a half-mask of black velvet on the spellcaster's face. Vhaeraun's dark embrace lasts for at most 1 turn plus 1 round per level of the spellcaster before dissipating into nothingness.

  一旦戴上维伦的黑暗之拥所创造的黑色半面具——即便不在 黑暗之拥 施展的同一轮——祭司就能以一个有力量的词汇,来释放所记忆的另一道3级或更低等级法术:换句话说,施法时间为1。这样的法术必须为接触法术,或是无物理显现的影响区域法术。举例来说,造成轻伤cause light wounds人类定身术hold person 可以被黑暗之拥递送,但 焰击术flame strike 则不能。
Once clad in the black halfmask created by Vhaeraun's dark embrace —— although not in the same round in which the dark embrace is cast——a priest can unleash another memorized spell of 3rd level or less with a single word of power:in other words, a casting time of 1. Such spells must be touch spells or must be area effect spells that have no physical manifestation. For example,cause light wounds or hold person could be delivered by a dark embrace, but a flame strike could not.

  在发布指令字符时,黑色半面具将再度融入一道黑暗阴影之中,阴影将移动包围预定的目标。黑暗之拥 将如所运载的那第二道法术运作:不允许对 黑暗之拥 的魔抗检定或豁免检定。与之相反,目标生物只会得到对抗所递送法术的魔抗检定和豁免检定。这样的魔抗检定将受到-10%的惩罚,而所有的豁免检定则将受到-3惩罚。只有目标生物受到被迁移法术的影响,即便它通常是道影响区域法术。
Upon the utterance of the command word, the black half-mask dissolves once again into a dark shadow that then moves to envelop the intended target. The dark embrace acts as a carrier of the second spell:No magic resistance check or saving throw is allowed against it. Instead, the target creatures receives magic resistance checks and saving throws only against the spell delivered. Such magic resistance checks are made with a -10% penalty, and all saving throws are made with -3 penalty. Only the target creature is affected by the transferred spell, even if it is normally an area effect spell.

  若被以 黑暗之拥 方式迁移的法术需要圣徽作为材料成分,那么由 黑暗之拥 创造的黑色半面具便充当着圣徽。
If the spell transferred by means of a dark embrace requires a holy symbol as a material component, the black half-mask created by the dark embrace serves as such.

6th Level

欺骗窥探Deceive Prying

  (祭司Pr 6;预言Divination)

  持续时间Duration:1 小时/级直至最大值的1天1 hour /level to a maximum of 1 day
  施法时间Casting Time:9
  影响区域Area of Effect:被接触的生物Creature touched
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

  维伦的祭司使用这道法术来躲避那些试图发现他们身份的人。这道法术将在魔法和灵能审查(而非攻击)面前保护这位祭司或另一位被接触的生物。受术者的阵营灵光、信仰、想法,将被施法期间所选择的虚假灵光和信仰、以及由法术提供、反应了该生物所见事件是什么和所选择的虚假灵光与信仰的随机表面念头覆盖。生物能施展法术而不打破这种保护,并且在心灵的屏障后进行任何所需的心灵活动(包括使用灵能或心灵感应)。欺骗窥探 法术除了给予对抗心灵袭击更为不严谨的攻击者由发动的、魅惑人类charm person魅惑人类或哺乳动物charm person or mammal 魔法(不包括更强力的 魅惑怪物charm monster)初始豁免检定的+1奖励外,不提供任何对抗附魔/魅惑法术或灵能攻击的保护。
Priests of Vhaeraun use this spell to hide from those trying to discover their identities. This spell protects the priest or another touched being from magical and psionic examination (not attack). The alignment aura, faith, and thoughts of the recipient are overlaid by a false alignment and set of beliefs chosen during casting, and random surface thoughts are supplied by the spell in response to what the being sees happening and the false alignment and faith chosen. The being can cast spells without breaking this protection, and conduct any mental activity desired (including the use of psionics or telepathy) behind the mental screen. A deceive prying spell provides no protection against any enchantment/charm spells or psionic attacks except to give a +1 bonus to the initial saving throw against a charm person or charm person or mammal magic (not the more powerful charm monster) by making the attacker's mind assault less precise.

The material component are a drop of carnial fluid and a small cube of iron.

7th Level


  (祭司Pr 7;转化Alteration,死灵Necromancy)

  施法时间Casting Time:1 回合turn
  影响区域Area of Effect:特殊Special
  豁免检定Saving Throw:通过则无效Neg.

  这道法术令施法者能够盗窃最近被杀死的生物的灵魂或精神,并用于强化魔法力量。在它死亡后的1 回合/施法者等级内,施法者的圣徽必须触碰到尸体。若目标成功通过了对抗即死魔法豁免检定,则法术将失败。这道法术将把死亡生物的生命力唤回圣徽之中。若是圣徽未在4回合内未触碰另一件特制的魔法物品,它的本质将再次自行逃逸。(请注意,灵魂盗窃 不会伤害尸体。)
This spell enables the caster to steal the soul or spirit of a recently slain being to empower magic. The caster's holy symbol must be touched to the corpse within 1 turn per level of the caster of its death. If the target succeeds at a saving throw vs. death magic, the spell fails. The spell calls the life force of the dead being back into the holy symbol. It escapes again, by itself, if the holy symbol is not touched to another specially prepared magical object within 4 turns. (Note that the corpse is not harmed by the soultheft.)

  接受生命力的物品必须与圣徽接触,同时施法者需说出一个密语词。迁移需要6轮。若迁移被中断,生命力将迅速退回圣徽中,但迁移者可以再次进行尝试。一旦迁移完成,生命力将赋予这件物品一项魔法功能,持续1个月,或是死者每级/生命骰(在生时)赋予10发。它不能用来将普通物品转化为魔法物品;换句话说,无法使用灵魂盗窃将某柄长剑转化为 +5神圣复仇者。这件魔法物品必须要么为控制偷来的生命力特制的(在这种情况下,利用的是持续时间),要么是事前已被附魔的发数物品(在这种情况下,适用的是充能功能)。一旦其持续时间结束或是赋予的发数被使用完毕(这样的发数总是优先被使用),除非法术得到了更新,否则这个灵魂将被释放。
The object to receive the life force must be touched by the holy symbol as a secret word is spoken. The transfer takes 6 rounds to occur. If the transfer is interrupted, the life force snaps back into the holy symbol, but the transfer can be attempted again. Once transferred, the life force empowers an item to function magically for 1 month or 10 charges per level or Hit Dice (in life) of the dead being. The spell uses a trapped soul or spirit as an engine to power a previously enchanted magical item. It cannot be used to turn a plain item into a magical one; in other words, one cannot use soultheft to turn a sword into a holy avenger +5. The magical item must either be specially crafted to harness a stolen life force (in which case the time duration is used) or must be a charged item that is already enchanted (in which case the recharging function applies). Once this duration is at and end or these charges are used (such charges are always used first), the spirit is released unless the spell is renewed.

  更新 灵魂盗窃 只需要在被附魔物体上重新释放这道法术,并且不需要最初的那具尸体。当法术被补充时,被囚禁的生命力必须进行身体休克生存检定,否则将被抹消。
Renewing soultheft involves simply recasting the spell on the enchanted item and does not require the original corpse. When such a spell is renewed, the imprisoned life force must make a system shock survival check or it is annihiliated.

  生命力遭盗窃的生物将无法被联系、复活、以祈愿复苏,并且除非在这只生物在被复活时,被窃取生命力强化力量的物品被找到并夺回,并并且由施展,否则将无法回归有生命的存在。被附魔的物品拥有的特殊本质将使得任何魔法审查背离其原本——换句话说,侦测魔法detect magic 不只会显示魔法灵光,还会揭示被窃灵魂困于其内的幽灵景象。
The being whose life force has been stolen cannot be contacted, raised, wished back, or otherwise called back to living existence unless the object empowered by the stolen life force is identified, seized, and held by the being doing the raising. The enchanted object betrays the fact that it holds the essence of the particular being to any magical scrutiny——in other words, a detect magic not only shows a magical aura, but also reveals the ghostly image of the stolen soul trapped within the item.

  这道法术的材料成分是祭司的圣徽。适合的有附魔的物品也是必需的,但并不一定要在初次施展 灵魂盗窃 时已经存在。(当然,在进行补充时它必须在场。)
The material component of this spell is the priest's holy symbol. A suitable enchanted item must also be prepared, but need not be present at the initial casting of the soultheft. (It must, of course, be present at any renewal.)