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【音   标】/vɑːlˈkʌr/ val-KURR
【头   衔】强者The Mighty,浪涛舰长Captain of the Waves
【阵   营】LN
【神   力】M→D
【神   职】水手Sailors,船舶的安全the safety of ships,顺风favorable winds,船舶战斗naval combat
【神   系】FR泛费伦神系Faerûnian Pantheon
【主   神】
【盟   友】红骑士Red Knight塞伦涅Selûne坦帕斯Tempus
【敌   对】欧吕尔Auril犸拉Malar塔洛斯Talos,(尤其是)安博里Umberlee
【神   国】约瑟园Ysgard/1th 约瑟园Ysgard避风港Safe Harbor
【徽   记】一面描绘着一朵雷雨云的盾牌,三道闪电束从云中降下A shield showing a thundercloud with three lightning bolts descending from it
Valkur symbol
【简   介】“强者”维尔寇Valkur the Mighty 是水手与海战之神,狂怒诸神塔洛斯安博里犸拉、以及欧吕尔——尤其是安博里)不共戴天之敌。

2eFR<Powers & Pantheons.p072>维尔寇Valkur


  (强者The Mighty,浪涛舰长Captain of the Waves)

  约瑟园半神力Demipower of Ysgard   混乱善良CG

  神职PORTFOLIO:水手Sailors,船舶的安全the safety of ships,顺风favorable winds,船舶战斗naval combat
  神域名DOMAIN NAME:约瑟园Ysgard避风港Safe Harbor
  盟友ALLIES:红骑士Red Knight塞伦涅Selûne坦帕斯Tempus
  徽记SYMBOL:一面描绘着一朵雷雨云的盾牌,三道闪电束从云中降下A shield showing a thundercloud with three lightning bolts descending from it
  信徒阵营WOR. ALIGN.:任意Any


  “强者”维尔寇Valkur the Mighty 是位水手的神明,是位在 安博里Umberlee 的残酷奇想与 塔洛斯Talos 的毁灭面前、保护着船舶安全的半神力。他通常被描绘为一位涉水横渡大洋的巨人水手,大洋的洋面只及其膝盖。他携带着一面巨大的盾牌,用这个盾牌来反射集中攻击他的、最邪恶的自然之力们。在其它宗教形象中,他被描绘在伟大的盖伦船 操风者Windjammer 的舵把位置,那艘船能横渡任何海洋、甚至是飞翔于天国。
Valkur the Mighty is a sailor's god, a demipower who intercedes to protect ships against the cruel whimsy of Umberlee and the destruction of Talos. He is often depicted as a giant sailor who wades through the ocean, which only comes up to his knees. He carries a great shield with which he turns back the worst of the forces of nature arrayed against him. In other religious images he is shown at the helm of the great galleon Windjammer, which can sail across any sea and even fly through the heavens.

  维尔寇是 狂怒诸神the Gods of Fury塔洛斯Talos安博里Umberlee犸拉Malar、以及 欧吕尔Auril——尤其是安博里)不共戴天之敌,而看上去,塞伦涅Selûne 为他横渡费伦的大洋提供了指引。红骑士Red Knight 尝试说服他花更多的兴趣在船舶战斗的战术战略上,但是他觉得自己的主要职责在于保护水手。浪涛舰长Captain of the Waves 能在任何环境中驾驶帆船,而他也从不回避挑战。他的心情和天气一样善变,但他总是难以置信地忠于他的船员。他通常是喜悦的,也总是幸运的,他在空气中挥舞拳头来强调自己的观点,他还会捧着腹哈哈大笑。维尔寇几乎不会保持怨恨,但当他发怒时,他的嗓音破开、犹如滚动的雷鸣。维尔寇是能驾驶那些自己的船,穿越那狂怒诸神所能施放的任何伎俩的船长们的缩影。
Valkur is the sworn foe of the Gods of Fury (Talos, Umberlee, Malar, and Auril—especially Umberlee) and looks to Selûne to guide him across the oceans of Faerûn. The Red Knight is trying to persuade him to take more of an interest in the disposition of naval conflicts, but he feels his primary responsibilities lie in the protection of sailors. The Captain of the Waves can pilot any sailing craft in any conditions, and he never shies away from a challenge. His moods are as mercurial as the weather, but he is always incredibly loyal to his crew. He is usually jolly, always lucky, emphasizes his points by shaking his fist in the air, and has a great belly laugh. Valkur never holds a grudge, but when angered, his voice cracks like rolling thunder. Valkur epitomizes the daring sea captain who can sail his ship through anything the Gods of Fury can unleash.

  维尔寇崇拜在几个世纪前起源于 北地the North,并且似乎与来自 敏坦岛Mintarn 的一位传奇舰长相关,那位舰长挑战了安博里、战胜了所有的险境。他的信仰迅速地向 泰瑟尔Tehyr安姆Amn 传播开来,这些地方也是这一信仰当前的中心。他的名字被诸国度各地用来为死去水手的灵魂和失踪的船只祈福。
Valkur's worship originated in the North centuries ago and seems tied to tales of a legendary captain from Mintarn who challenged Umberlee and won against all odds. His faith quickly spread to Tethyr and Amn, where it is now centered. His name is used throughout the Realms to bless the spirits of dead sailors and lost ships.

  在过去,维尔寇不总回应他追随者们的祈祷,因此,在北方水手中的崇拜中,通常更多地是尝试安抚狂怒诸神、而非寻求来自他们的保护,虽然它——也就是那被寻求的保护可能永远不会到来。自 动荡之年Time of Troubles 以来,虽然他仍然有点不可靠,但这位水手之神变得会更多地回应他的信徒们的祈求,而随着他的崇拜在 坠星海the Sea of Fallen Stars 沿岸,尤其是在 阿戈拉隆Aglarond(在 威普林塔拉Velprintalar远乡Furthinghome)、泰芙岚姆城Telflamm、以及 特拉苏格城Tsurlagol 的迅速传播,他的信仰系统随着新皈依者的加入而膨胀了起来。如果维尔寇能减少每个月晚上在海中失踪船舶的庞大数量,那么他的流行程度无疑将进一步飙升。然而,安博里的名讳仍然被更多地提及,而她的神龛数量也更多。泼妇女王the Bitch Queen 可能仍然会尝试毁灭这位胆敢挑战她统治权的新晋半神力。
In the past, Valkur was not always responsive to his followers' prayers, and, as a result, worship among northern sailors was often more in line with trying to placate the Gods of Fury than seeking protection from them through him——protection that might never come. Since the Time of Troubles, the god of sailors has become more responsive to the entreaties of his faithful, although he is still somewhat unreliable, and as his worship has spread rapidly along the coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars, particularly in Aglarond (in Velprintalar and Furthinghome), Telflamm, and Tsurlagol, the ranks of his faithful are swelling with new converts. If Valkur reduces the high numbers of ships that have been lost at sea every month of late, his popularity is sure to soar even further. Umberlee's name, however, is still spoken more, and her shrines are more numerous. The Bitch Queen may yet attempt to destroy the upstart demipower who dares challenge her dominion.

维尔寇的化身Valkur's Avatar

  (战士Fighter 24,法师Wizard 19,牧师Priest 14,吟游诗人Bard 10)

Valkur appears as a giant of a man of broad girth possessing a full black beard. He wears the garb of a fantastic ship's captain—a full blue frock coat decorated with gold braid trim and brass buttons over a colorful brocade vest and a white shirt with a ruffled collar and cuffs, knee-length trousers, hose, shoes with silver buckles, and a blue tricorn hat trimmed in gold braid and featuring a large white plume. Though he might be pummeled by a thousand storms, he always looks dapper, and his brown eyes twinkle with derring-do. Valkur favors spells from the spheres of divination, elemental air and water, and weather and the schools of conjuration/summoning, divination, and invocation/evocation, although he can cast spells from any sphere or school.

  防御等级 -2;移动 15,游泳 30;生命值 198,零级命中值 -3;#攻击 5次/2轮
  伤害 2d6+14(超大型 +3舶刀cutlass,+9力量,+2对舶刀、鱼叉或三叉戟专精奖励)
  魔抗 60%;体型 大型L(10英尺)
  力量 21,敏捷 18,体质 21,智力 23,感知 19,魅力 21
  法术 牧师P:9/8/8/6/3/2/1,法师W:5/5/5/5/5/3/3/3/1
  豁免 麻痹、毒素与死亡魔法 3;权杖、法杖与魔杖 5;石化或变形 4;喷吐武器 4;法术 6
  AC -2; MV 15, Sw 30; HP 198, THAC0 -3;#AT 5/2
  Dmg 2d6+14 (huge cutlass +3,+9 Str,+2 spec, bonus in cutlass, harpoon, or trident)
  MR 60%; SZ L (10 feet)
  Str 21, Dex 18, Con 21, Int 23, Wis 19, Cha 21
  Spells P:9/8/8/6/3/2/1, W:5/5/5/5/5/3/3/3/1
  Saves PPDM 3, RSW 5, PP 4, BW 4, Sp 6

特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Def:

  维尔寇挥舞着 舰长的舶刀Captain's Cutlass,一把能如挥舞者同经验等级的祭司那样、每轮1次施展一道来自气象领域法术的 +3舶刀。在持有者的精神控制下,这把武器也能变形为一柄 +3三叉戟,或是一支 +3鱼叉 (在他手中有8/16/24的射程,但在任何其他人手里只有正常射程),鱼叉系着一条牢不可破的绳索,绳索可以延伸到任何射程所需,并被固定在挥舞者的手腕上。虽然这条线被固定在维尔寇上,但他并不能被从他所在船的甲板上被打翻或推翻。他经常用它以手拉手的拖拉方式、来牵引船舶到岸边;而至少有一次,他用捕鲸叉插中了一只海怪,并将它用作拖绳。维尔寇被认为专精于舶刀、鱼叉、以及三叉戟,并熟练于所有近战武器、海军装备的使用、以及火绳钩枪。他有时会将 舰长的舶刀 借给那些为他执行特定任务的信徒,但在任何其他人的手里,它都是一柄正常尺寸的武器。
Valkur wields the Captain's Cutlass, a cutlass +3 that can cast one spell per round from the priest sphere of weather as a priest of same level of experience as the wielder. At the mental command of the bearer, the weapon can also transform itself into a trident +3 or a harpoon +3 (with a range of 8/16/24 in his hands, but normal range in anyone else's) with an unbreakable rope tether that extends to whatever range required and is attached to the wieider's wrist. While this line is attached to Valkur, he cannot be knocked over or toppled from the deck of the vessel he is on. He often uses it to tow ships to shore by hauling hand-over-hand on it; at least once, he harpooned a sea monster and used it for a tow. Valkur is considered specialized in cutlass, harpoon, and trident and proficient in all other melee weapons, the use of naval armaments, and arquebus. He sometimes loans the Captain's Cutlass to his faithful or those on special missions for him, but in anyone else's hands it is a normal-sized weapon.

  每轮1次,除其它能力外,维尔寇还能够吐息出一阵 造风术gust of wind。而无论其结构状况或天气的恶劣状况,任何他所站立的船舶都不会沉没。他能以一种改良版的 水上行走water walking 能力跨越任何深度的水体。而只要简单地将他的手放在水面,他就能让1哩半径的海面平静下来,或者只要他的手简单地在水中打转,他就能在同样一片海区里挑起激烈的汹涌。浪涛舰长每小时能召唤1d4+1头鲸去完成他的吩咐。有5%的可能一只单独的 利维坦leviathan 将响应他的召唤,但通常是一群独角鲸或逆戟鲸到达服务于这位强大的舰长。
Valkur can breathe a gust of wind once per round in addition to his other abilities. Any ship on which he stands never founders, no matter what its physical condition or the inclement weather. He can stride through any depth of water in a sort of modified water walking ability, ap-pearing simply as if he were in water up to his knees. He can calm stormy seas in a 1-mile radius simply by placing his hand on the surface of the water, or he can stir up a fierce chop with the same area of effect simply by swirling his hand in the water. The Captain of the Waves can summon ld4+1 whales to do his bidding every hour. There is a 5% chance a single leviathan will respond to his call, but normally a pod of narwhals or orcas arrives to serve the mighty captain.

  维尔寇能如呼吸空气那样呼吸水体,并如若在空气中那样在水下活动(避免了任何惩罚和法术效果的变化)。维尔寇免疫来自溺水、元素水法术、水元素、水元素亚种、电击、以及强光的伤害。随意使用,他能将免疫这些类型伤害的能力、以及呼吸水体和游泳的能力(被称作 维尔寇之盾shield of Valkur)传递给任何他所触及者;这些效果将持续1天。
Valkur can breathe water as air and function beneath water as if in the air (avoiding many penalties and changes in spell effects). Valkur is immune to damage from drowning, elemental water spells, water elementals, elemental water kin, electricity, and lightning. He can convey a temporary immunity to these forms of damage and the ability to breathe water and to swim (known as the shield of Valkur) to anyone he touches, at will; these effects last one day.

其祂显现Other Monifesbahions

Valkur often manifests across the sky as the aurora borealis or aurora australis. He sometimes appears to a ship lost at sea as a ghostly ship on the horizon that seems to never draw closer or fall farther behind but always heads toward the nearest port. Valkur manifests as a silver sea gull or albatross drifting on the wind's eddies to indicate his favor and as a night- black raven to indicate his displeasure. Sailors swear that he appears to becalmed ships adrift at sea as a ghostly wind in which his image can be faintly seen. Others claim that they have seen him stride through the waves dragging a small boat filled with casks of water and sea biscuits to collect and feed sailors lost overboard. Valkur is served by many intelligent and benevolent sea creatures including dolphins, whales (particularly narwhals), and sea birds, including sea gulls and albatrosses.

教会The church

  神职人员Clergy:牧师Clerics,专属祭司specialty priests
  神职阵营Clergy's Align.:守序善良LG,中立善良NG,混乱善良CG,守序中立LN,绝对中立N,混乱中立CN
  驱散不死Turn Undead:牧师:可;专属祭司SP:可(仅海洋不死生物)
  呵斥不死Cmnd. Undead:牧师:不可;专属祭司SP:不可

  维尔寇的所有牧师和专属祭司得到 宗教知识religion(泛费伦Faerûnian)和 航海术seamanship 作为非武器熟练奖励。因两位神祇之间的友谊,作为一项塞伦涅传递给维尔寇信仰的次级祝福,选中 导航navigation 作为熟练的牧师在海上导航上获得+1奖励。
All clerics and specialty priests of Valkur receive religion (Faerûnian) and seamanship as a bonus nonweapon proficiencies. Clerics who choose navigation as a proficiency receive a +1 bonus to sea navigation as a minor blessing that Selûne passes on to Valkur's faithful because of the two deities friendship.

  维尔寇的教会小但富有影响力。维尔寇在内陆地区不为人知,但沿着大片水域沿岸他被许多靠海洋谋生计的人崇敬,无论他们是水手、商人、还是简单的渔民。在某些安博里的教会强大的区域,水手出于对 深海女王the Queen of the Deeps 怒火的恐惧不敢冒险提及维尔寇的名字,但随着维尔寇对 海洋女王the Sea Queen 的持续挑衅、而未受重大报惩,这样态度在变得不常见。通常来说,大部分沿海居民将维尔寇当作为他们与狂怒诸神战斗的新兴神力看待,尽管这个人有点不可靠,因此除非恰当地持续祈求,否则不能指望集中他的注意力。
The church of Valkur is small but influential. Valkur is little known in inland areas, but along the coasts of great bodies of water he is venerated by many who earn their livelihood from the sea, whether they be sailors, merchants, or simple fisherfolk. In some areas where Umberlee's church is strong, sailors dare not mention's name for fear of angering the Queen of the Deeps, but such attitudes are becoming less common as Valkur continues to defy the Sea Queen without significant retribution. In general, most coastal populations view Valkur as a rising power who fights for them against the Gods of Fury, albeit one who is somewhat unreliable and hence cannot be counted on without fairly consistent entreaties to focus his attentions.

Valkur's temples are always found in city port districts, typically right on the wharf. Above ground, they tend to be partially openair structures that let the wind and rain pass through freely, especially in their sanctuaries. Temples of the Captain of the Waves are marked by tall ironwood columns reminiscent of a ship's masts and festooned with vibrantly hued sails that flutter and flap night and day in an endless rustle or booming cacophony. Oceanside temples are always encrusted with salt and grime. Many sailors who are down on their luck spend their nights in port amidst the columns of the local temple of Valkur; hence, such temples can be rather rowdy environments. Below ground, temples of Valkur resemble a ship's hold, with many rooms storing vast amounts of sea rations and other supplies that the priests donate to destitute sailors of the city and their families as needed.

  维尔寇的神职人员包括约40%的牧师和60%的专属祭司。维尔寇信仰最近的崛起部分应归因于后一个被称之为 驯浪者wavetamers 的团体的努力,而为维尔寇服务的牧师的数量则在逐渐减少。在各个神殿的等级制度中,祭司被严格地排位,但不同神殿的祭司很少能分辨出其他神殿祭司的位置。从一个地区到另一个地区头衔大不相同,但在沿着 剑湾沿岸the Sword Coast 的大部分神殿使用以下等级制度:初修士Novices 被称作 墩布swabs(<俚>水手)。随着等级上升,祭司被称作唾沫Gob(<俚>水兵)、水兵Seaman、水手Sailor、水手长Boatswain、三副Third Mate、二副Second Mate、大副First Mate、舰长Captain、海军准将Commodore、以及 海军上将Admiral。无论其角色等级,任何神殿地位最高的祭司都被称作 至高舰长High Captain。
Valkur's clergy comprises approximately 40% clerics and 60% specialty priests. The recent rise in prominence of Valkur's faith is attributable in part to the efforts of the latter group, known as wavetamers, and the number of clerics in Valkur's service is slowly dwindling. Within each temple hierarchy, priests are strictly ranked, but priests of different temples rarely recognize each other's position. Titles vary from region to region, but along the Sword Coast, most temples use the following hierarchy:Novices are known as swabs. In ascending order of rank, priests are known as Gob, Seaman, Sailor, Boatswain, Third Mate, Second Mate, First Mate, Captain, Commodore, and Admiral. The highest-ranking priest of any temple is known as High Captain, regardless of level.


There is nothing more invigorating than challenging the elements. The feel of wind and spray on one's face and the deck pitching beneath one's feet is the greatest feeling in the world. If humankind is to expand its reach, daring men and women must defy the odds and dare the impossible. The thrill of exploration is sweeter than wine or rum. There is always risk, but without risk life is empty. Life is to be lived and damn the consequences.

One's loyalties are first to one's mates, then one's ship, and then to Valkur, who protects all sailors. Rely not on Valkur's hand to always extract his faithful from difficulties, for such is coddling and leads to a lack of challenge and the room to grow. Rather, Valkur helps those best who find solutions themselves by helping those plans to work.

日常活动Day-to-Day Activities:

Some priests of Valkur captain sailing ships the length of the Sword Coast and across the Sea of Fallen Stars. Most serve as officers on some ship or other. Few priests of Valkur serve on pirate ships, but many enjoy serving their homelands as privateers. While in port, Valkur's priests provide care and small amounts of monetary support to sailors down on their luck and to families whose chief breadwinner has been lost at sea. Others priests run shipyards or administer fleets of merchant ships. Valkur's priests are also fond of contributing (if not totally sponsoring) seaborne exploration and long-distance trading expeditions because of the challenges and opportunities they present.

圣日/重要仪式Holy Days/Important Ceremonies:

  维尔寇的神职人员只庆祝每年一度的圣日:破冰节the Shattering。破冰节总是在早春举行,但每年的确切日期都在变化。这个节日被举行以标记冬天的结束、北地航海季节的开始,甚至是在冬季时冰不会造成阻塞或妨碍航行的 南方the South 也会庆祝破冰节。据说是维尔寇将每年的破冰节仪式准确日期传达给了他的至高舰长们,而这个日期随着所在城市的不同而变化。破冰节以这些为标志:在沿海城市的整个港口区、许多新帆将扬起,而且至少有一艘新船将在命名仪式后载着维尔寇的神职人员开启处女航。
The clergy of Valkur celebrate only one holy day per year:the Shattering. The Shattering is always held in early spring, but the exact date varies from year to year. The festival is held to mark the end of winter and the beginning of the sailing season in the North and is celebrated even in the South where the winter ice does not block or trouble ocean travel. Valkur is said to communicate to his High Captains the exact date of the festival each year, and it often varies from city to city. The Shattering is marked by the unfurling of many new sails throughout the port districts of coastal cities and the christening of at least one new ship that then departs for its maiden voyage crewed by Valkur's clergy.

Valkur's clergy regularly perform over a dozen separate ceremonies in the course of their duties. Most of these ceremonies are related to ships and voyages, including ceremonies at a ship's christening, before departing on a voyage, when arriving at a new port, and when returning to the home port, among others. Valkur's temples garner most of their operating funds from rich merchants who wish to ensure Valkur's favor on high-risk sea voyages.

主要崇拜中心Major Centers of Worship:

  维尔寇的神殿可能在费伦大陆从 路斯坎Luskan兰檀岛Lantan 的整个西部沿海被发现,不过该信仰最著名的神殿分布在港口城市泰瑟尔和安姆。
Vaikur's temples may be found the length of Faerûn's western coast from Luskan to Lantan, although the most prominent temples of the faith are found in the coastal cities of Tethyr and Amn.

  诸海的纵帆船Schooner of the Seas 是诸国度最大最快的船,在尺寸和速度上甚至胜过了近期在 阿姆瑞汶Almraiven 建造完工的 帕夏之宫Pasha's Palace。这座浮动的神殿曾航行到遥远的 马兹特克大陆Maztica宁布拉岛Nimbral扎卡拉次大陆Zakhara 、以及 卡拉-图大陆Kara-Tur,不过它以 阿斯卡特拉城Athkatla 为基地,并且最常出没在 深水城Waterdeep卡林港Calimport 之间。纵帆船是一项极其先进的设计,甚至是兰檀岛的工艺也无法复制它的高超技艺、或是解析它的秘密。有些人推测是 贡德Gond 自己建造了这座维尔寇的神殿,然后作为能够在未来发展的帆船范例,将它赠予他的祭司们。
The Schooner of the Seas is the largest and fastest ship in the Realms, surpassing even the Pasha's Palacet recently constructed in Almraiven, in size and speed. This floating temple has sailed as far away as Maztica, Nimbral, Zakhara, and Kara-Tur, but it is based in Athkatla and is most commonly seen between Waterdeep and Calimport. The Schooner is of an incredibly advanced design, and even the crafters of Lantan have been unable to duplicate its prowess or fathom its secrets. Some speculate that Gond himself built the temple for Valkur who then gave it to his priests as an example of what sailing ships might someday become.

  无尽风浪之殿the Temple of Endless Waves and Wind 建在一只游弋于坠星海南部的、巨大 扎拉坦巨龟zaratan 背上。这些庞大的海龟通常分布于扎卡拉大陆,在水面上展现为一座小岛。这只背上建着神殿的扎拉坦巨龟似乎很乐于充当坐骑,并且以明显的欣然与乖巧的顺从,服从 至高舰长欧巴斯纳High Captain Orbachnar 的要求。维尔寇教会是怎么设法把一只扎拉坦巨龟从扎卡拉大陆带到坠星海是个巨大的谜团,但源自动荡之年的传说说:有一支 礁石巨人reef giant 军团从扎卡拉的海域中浮现、并向北行进,而他们的背上背着一只巨怪般的海龟。
The Temple of Endless Waves and Wind is built on the back of a gargantuan zaratan that swims the southern reaches of the Sea of Fallen Stars. Normally found in Zakhara, these gigantic sea turtles appear to be small is-lands from the surface. The zaratan on whose back the temple is built seems quite happy to serve as a steed, and follows High Captain Orbachnar's requests with apparent pleasure and good humor. How the church of Valkur managed to bring a zaratan from Zakhara to the Sea of Fallen Stars is a great mystery, but tales from the Time of Troubles speak of an army of reef giants who emerged from Zakhara's seas and marched north bearing a monstrous turtle on their backs.

从属组织Affiliated Orders:

  维尔寇的神殿赞助了一支由 七海舰队the Marines of the Seven Seas 驻守的战船舰队。这是一支进驻了沿剑湾和坠星海许多港口的、相对温和的海军。舰队专注于与深海怪物的作战,摧毁了无数的 龙龟dragon turtle、巨章鱼、克拉肯kraken、墨寇鱼怪morkoth、阙尔赞巨海蛇quelzarn、巨吞鳗vurgens、以及其它捕食船舶的海洋怪物。
Valkur's temples sponsor a fleet of war ships garrisoned by the Marines of the Seven Seas. This relatively modest navy has ships stationed in many ports along the Sea of Swords and the Sea of Fallen Stars. Dedicated to combating monsters of the deeps, the Marines have destroyed numerous dragon turtles, giant octopi, krakens, morkoths, quelzarns, vurgens, and other sea monsters that preyed on shipping.

  有一支名为 天国海的水手the Sailors of the Heavenly Seas、为维尔寇效劳的教派,离开了费伦航向无尽的宇宙空间。这些 魔法船spelljammer 极少返回费伦,且更多将维尔寇视为一位旅行和探险之神、而非一位水体海洋的神。
One sect in Valkur's service, known as the Sailors of the Heavenly Seas, have left Faerûn to sail the endless reaches of space. These spelljammers rarely return to Faerûn and view Valkur as a god of traveling and exploration more than a god of the watery seas.

祭司的祭服Priestly Vestments:

When in port, priests of Valkur garb themselves in flowing robes of white and blue with silver trim that flap in any sort of wind and carry cutlasses. At sea, Valkur's priests dress as simple sailors or as appropriate to their rank. They bear a small vial of sea water on their person at all times as a holy symbol, though some clergy sport a piece of sturdy jewelry bearing Valkur's symbol for the same purpose.

冒险装束Adventuring Garb:

When adventuring, priests of Valkur favor light armor and weapons common to sailors, even on land. If they can afford it, Valkur's clergy members have suits of chain mail personally crafted at triple the normal cost that can be released by special catches in a single round so that they do not encumber the wearer in water.


专属祭司Specialty Priests(驯浪者Wavetamers

  职业需求REQUIREMENTS:力量Strength 14,感知Wisdom 10,魅力Charisma 12
  关键属性PRIME REQ.:力量Strength,感知Wisdom,魅力Charisma
  武器WEAPONS:所有钝击武器(类型B)外加 舶刀cutlass、鱼叉harpoon、网net、以及 三叉戟trident
  防具ARMOR:所有 链甲chain mail 及以下类型防具;无盾牌
  主修领域MAJOR SPHERES:共通All,魅惑charm,战斗combat,预言divination,元素elemental(气和水air and water),治疗healing,保护protection,太阳sun,召唤summoning,气象weather
  次要领域MINOR SPHERES:创造Creation,死灵necromantic,战争war,结界wards
  魔法物品MAGICAL ITEMS:如同牧师和战士
  熟练需求REQ. PROFS:短弯刀Cutlass,游泳swimming,方向感direction sense
  熟练奖励BONUS PROFS:导航Navigation,航海术seamanship,观测天气weather sense,阅读/书写reading/writing(通用语Common)

  ❖驯浪者能驱散海洋不死生物,包括食尸水鬼lacedon和海僵尸sea zombie。
  ❖ Wavetamers can turn undead of the sea including lacedons and sea zombies.

  ❖ Wavetamers receive a +1 bonus to sea navigation as a minor blessing that Selûne passes on to Valkur's faithful because of the two deities's friendship.

  ❖驯浪者知晓大量关于船舶的知识。除了导航和航海术,这些知识还包括划船boating和造船shipwright领域。(这些知识领域与来自《坠星海的海盗Pirates of the Fallen Scars》的熟练划船和造船相同。)
  ❖ Wavetamers know a great deal about ships. In addition to navigation and seamanship, this knowledge encompasses the fields of boating and shipwright. (These fields of knowledge are identical to the boating and shipwright proficiencies from Pirates of the Fallen Scars.)


Boating: Wavetamers have a great deal of experience using smaller boats. When checking their boating knowledge, wavetamers make an ability check against their Wisdom score with a +1 bonus. Boating allows wavetamers to guide a boat (a small craft such as a punt, gondola, dinghy, canoe, kayak, ship's boat, launch, raft, or small sailboat) down a rapid stream or to reduce the dangers of capsizing a canoe or kayak. In addition, because of their knowledge, wavetamers can propel a boat at its maximum speed. The abilities a knowledge of boating give wavetamers are distinct from the navigation and seamanship nonweapon proficiencies, which apply mainly to ships on oceans and seas, rather than small craft on smaller lakes and rivers.


Shipwright: Wavetamers are knowledgeable regarding techniques for ship construction and repair. When checking their shipwright knowledge, wavetamers make an ability check against their Intelligence score with a -2 penalty. This knowledge can be used to design and build ships of all types, with a proficiency check only being required for an unusual feature. Wavetamers can perform routine maintenance on sailing vessels or galleys, including repairing sails and caulking the hull, without a proficiency check. Wavetamers need not have other workers aid them to finish small vessels, but vessels of any substantive size require large crews of shipwrights and other laborers to build or repair.

  ❖每日1次,驯浪者能施展 天气预报weathertell(如同1级祭司法术)。
  ❖ Wavetamers can cast weathertell (as the 1st-level priest spell) once per day.

  ❖ At 3rd level, wavetamers are able to conjure sufficient fresh fruit once per tenday to stave off scurvy in a crew of up to 100 sailors.

  ❖在第3级,最多每日2次,驯浪者能够施展 绊摔术trip曲木术warp wood / 直木术straighten wood(如同2级祭司法术)。那意味着,他们能施展一种法术2次或两种法术各1次,而非两种法术都2次。
  ❖ At 3rd level, wavetamers are able to cast trip or warp wood / straighten wood (as the 2nd-level priest spells) up to twice a day. That is, they can cast either spell twice or both once each, but not both twice.

  ❖在第5级,每日1次,驯浪者能够施展 游泳术swim(如同2级祭司法术)。
  ❖ At 5th level, wavetamers are able to cast swim (as the 2nd-level priest spell) once per day.

  ❖在第5级,每日2次,驯浪者能够施展 延缓腐烂slow rot(如同3级祭司法术)。
  ❖ At 5th level, wavetamers are able to cast slow rot (as the 3rd-level priest spell) twice per day.

  ❖在第7级,每日1次,驯浪者能够 操纵风相control winds(如同5级祭司法术)或 驭风术ride the wind(如同2级法师法术)。
  ❖ At 7th level, wavetamers are able to cast control winds (as the 5th-level priest spell) or ride the wind (as the 2nd-level wizard spell) once per day.

  ❖在第10级,每旬3次,驯浪者能够施展 召唤气象weather summoning(如同6级祭司法术)。
  ❖ At 10th level, wavetamers are able to cast weather summoning (as the 6th-level priest spell) three times per tenday.

  ❖在第13级,每日1次,驯浪者能够施展 控制天气control weather(如同7级祭司法术)。
  ❖ At 13th level, wavetamers are able to cast control weather (as the 7th- level priest spell) once per day.

  ❖在第15级,每旬1次,驯浪者能够施展 咒唤气元素conjure air elemental(如同6级祭司法术)或 咒唤气水元素conjure water elemental(如同7级祭司法术)。(见《信仰与化身Faiths & Avatars》那些法术的详述。)
❖ At 15th level, wavetamers are able to conjure air elemental (as the 6th- level priest spell) or conjure water elemental (as the 7th-level priest spell) once per tenday. (See Faiths & Avatars for details of these spells.)

维尔寇的法术Valkur's Spells

1st Level

海足术Sea Legs

  (祭司Pr 1;附魔/魅惑Enchantment/Charm)可逆Reversible

  持续时间Duration:1 小时/级
  施法时间Casting Time:1 轮
  影响区域Area of Effect:1 只生物
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

This spell stops the effects of oncoming seasickness in its recipient. If unable to do so before, that person also gains the ability to balance and maneuver easily even on a violently heaving deck, just as the most experienced sailor can. At the DM's discretion, a person under the effect of this spell need not make Dexterity ability checks for shipboard actions in stormy weather that could easily be done in calm weather.

  这道法术的逆向版本—— 旱足术land legs,使得法术的目标在船只或小艇甲板上时,需要进行敏捷能力检定来移动或者攻击。失败则意味着角色将跌倒,需要第二次检定才能站起来。
The reversed version of this spell,land legs, causes the target of the spell to make a Dexterity ability check to move or attack while on board a ship or boat. Failure of the check means the character falls down and a second check is required to stand up again.

The material component for this spell is the priest's holy symbol and a tiny vial of strong-smelling chemicals.


  (祭司Pr 1;预言Divination)

  持续时间Duration:3 轮
  施法时间Casting Time:立即
  影响区域Area of Effect:特殊
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

This spell enables the caster, who must be able to see the sky and listen to the winds, to predict the general weather conditions for the upcoming 1 hour per level of the caster. These are the natural weather conditions at the caster's current location (and probably the nearby area) assuming that no magical manipulation occurs. Thus, this spell could predict a natural rain shower that is coming in three hours, but could not predict a magically created storm tomorrow morning. The caster discovers the general wind speed and prevailing direction of the wind that will be extant for the indicated time period. Specific timing of gusts and wind shifts is not available, however. Similarly, the caster discovers whether it will be precipitating, what type of precipitation it will be, and approximately how hard any precipitation will fall. Exceptional weather patterns (such as tornadoes) are revealed to the caster, but she or he cannot predict their path with any accuracy. Finally, the spell also reveals if magic is currently acting on the weather at the instant the spell is cast, but not in what way it is being affected.

  气象预报 的材料成分是一片以木头雕刻或金属制成迷你风向标。
The material component for weathertell is a miniature weathervane carved of wood or made from metal.

2nd Level

治疗坏血病Cure Scurvy

  (祭司Pr 2;防护Abjuration)可逆Reversible

  施法时间Casting Time:
  影响区域Area of Effect:1 只生物/级
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

This spell cures scurvy, a disease common among sailors and caused by a vitamin deficiency. It works only on scurvy, not other diseases.

  这道法术的逆向版本—— 造成坏血病inflict scurvy,以坏血病折磨一个单一目标。造成坏血病的范围是90码。造成坏血病 对成功通过对抗法术豁免检定的目标无效。豁免失败的目标将感到极度虚弱,他们的力量和体质属性值将降低到当前值的1/3。他们将立即遭受1d3点伤害,并在之后因疼痛、牙龈出血和皮下出血而每日遭受1点伤害。
The reverse of this spell,inflict scurvy, afflicts a single target with scurvy. The range of inflict scurvy is 90 yards. Inflict scurvy has no effect on targets who succeed at a saving throw vs. spell. Targets who fail the saving throw feel extremely weak and their Strength and Constitution ability scores drop to one-third of their current value. They suffer ld3 points of damage immediately and 1 point per day thereafter due to painful, bleeding gums and bleeding beneath the skin.

   造成坏血病 的效果可以立即被 治疗疾病cure disease 法术或类似咒语立即终止。否则,受害者只能每日摄食大量新鲜水果才能康复。每天他们吃3倍正常饮食的水果,将恢复1点力量值和1点体质值。每日遭受的1点伤害将终止,而只有当力量和体质值恢复原来值时,坏血病才会治愈。
These effects of inflict scurvy can be ended immediately with a cure disease spell or similar incantation. Otherwise, victims can only recover with a huge daily intake of fresh fruit. Every day they eat triple a normal diet of fruit, they recovers 1 point of Strength and 1 point of Constitution. The 1 point of damage per day suffered stops and the disease is cured only when Strength and Constitution return to their original values.

The material components of this spell are the priest's holy symbol and the salt-encrusted pit of a fruit.


  (祭司Pr 2;附魔/魅惑Enchantment/Charm)

  持续时间Duration:1 小时+1 回合/级
  施法时间Casting Time:4
  影响区域Area of Effect:1 只生物/2 级
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

  这道法术将赋予未经训练的游泳者如有熟练般的游泳能力,关于成败的所有可能性于《玩家手册Player's Handbook》游泳swimming非武器熟练的描述中详述。若法术被施展于受训的游泳者上,在决定成败的游泳熟练检定上,受术者获得+2体质奖励。每2经验值等级(向上取整),施法者能多影响1个生物。
This spell gives an untrained swimmer the ability to swim as if proficient, with all chances for success detailed in the Player's Handbook under the description of the swimming nonweapon proficiency. If cast on a proficient swimmer, the recipient swims with a +2 bonus to his or her Constitution for purposes of determining success. One creature for every two experience levels of the spell's caster (round up) can be affected.

The material component is a small pumice stone for each recipient.

3rd Level

母港术Home Port

  (祭司Pr 3;祈唤/塑能Invocation/Evocation)

  持续时间Duration:1 周/级week/
  施法时间Casting Time:1 回合
  影响区域Area of Effect:1 只生物
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

This spell bestows an unerring “homing” sense on a person so that the individual knows how to take a vessel that she or he is steering or navigating back to its home port, regardless of how far off-course the ship may have been blown by storm or happenstance. The home port is defined as where the ship was launched or the place it returns to berth most often. This spell cannot be modified to home in on an intervening port of call.

The material component is a pebble from the vessel's native port, which must be held by the spell recipient. The rock is not consumed in the spellcasting.

4th Level

平息波涛Still Waves

  (祭司Pr 4;祈唤/塑能Invocation/Evocation)

  领域Sphere:元素水Elemental Water
  距离Range:20 码
  持续时间Duration:1 回合 + 3 轮/级
  施法时间Casting Time:7
  影响区域Area of Effect:20 英尺 x 20 英尺区域
  豁免检定Saving Throw:特殊

  这道法术将使20英尺 x 20英尺范围的正常浪涌平抑。它将使水体平静下来,让溺水的水手、丢失的货物、或是其它什么东西能被从汹涌的海中捞出。当在重浪时施展,影响区域内的洋面将如池塘水般平静;若海面比这更汹涌(如在一场猛烈的暴风雨期间),浪涌将被降低到重浪水平。若大海被元素或敌对的魔法搅动,除非施法者成功进行了对抗法术豁免检定,否则平息波涛将失败。若这片海域平息波涛已经被影响,敌对的施法者或元素必须进行一次豁免检定才能搅动被魔法平抑的波涛。
This spell immobilizes normal wave motion in a 20-foot by 20-foot area. It stills the waters, permitting drowning sailors, lost cargo, or other items to be fished out of heavy seas. When cast during a heavy chop, the ocean within the area of effect becomes as still as pond water; if seas are heavier than this (as during a violent storm), the wave action is reduced to a heavy chop. If the sea is agitated by an elemental or hostile magic, still waves fails unless the spellcaster makes a saving throw vs. spell. If the seas are already affected by still waves, a hostile spellcaster or elemental must make a saving throw to disrupt the magically calmed waves.

5th Level

维尔寇之眷Favor of Valkur

  (祭司Pr 5;附魔/魅惑Enchantment/Charm)

  领域Sphere:魅惑Charm,元素水Elemental Water
  距离Range:5 码/级
  施法时间Casting Time:8
  影响区域Area of Effect:1 只陆基生物
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

  这道法术施于一位自愿、有生命的受术者上,典型来说是位水手。这位幸运的法术目标被附魔,使得其一旦落水或遭海难,在他们被淹死或死于干渴或饥饿前,风与水流的一次偶然汇聚将使他们能安全上岸——无论气象条件如何。无论如何法术受术者抵达的海岸将有足够的食物和水让他们无限期地支撑下去(但不保证在面对蠢行、疾病或当地常见的食肉动物时的安全)。在一生中,生物不可能得到超过一次 维尔寇之眷favor of Valkur 的好处。
This spell is cast on a willing, living recipient, typically a sailor. The lucky targets of this spell are enchanted so that if they ever fall overboard or are shipwrecked, a chance confluence of wind and currents will float them safely to shore—no matter what the weather conditions—before they drown or die of thirst or starvation. Whatever shoreline recipients of this spell reach will have sufficient food and water to support them indefinitely (but this is no guarantee against stupidity, disease, or any predators common to the region). Creatures may not receive the benefits of the favor of Valkur more than once in their lifetimes.

  这道法术将在 维尔寇之眷 效果生效时终止,或在施展期满一年后终止。
The spell ends once the favor of Valkur has been employed or one year expires since the spell's casting.

  这道法术也被施展在一只事前特别准备的护符上,占有护符者将被施展这道法术。这样的护符必须在制作后5年内被使用,否则它们的魔法将消散。这样的 维尔寇护符amulets of Valkur 只能由16级或更高等级的 维尔寇教派Valkuryte 祭司制作,通常以2000到4000gp的价格售予商船船长。
This spell can also be cast on a specially prepared amulet that can be activated by whoever possesses the amulet to cast the spell on himself or herself. Such amulets must be used within five years of their construction or their magic dissipates. Such amulets of Valkur can only be prepared by a Valkuryte priest of 16th or higher level and typically sell for 2,000 to 4,000 gp to merchant captains.

The material component of this spell is a small piece of driftwood from a ship that foundered in years past.