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2e<Dragon 216.p020>美妆联盟The Beautification League

  《会长声明Factol’s Manifesto》的一位作者详细介绍了 异度风景设定PLANESCAPE™ setting 多年来已消亡的派系。以下是这些派系的详细信息,是于它们仍在经营的时期编写的。众所周知它们灭亡已久——甚或可以道一句死的好。(当然,常识无非是一些未被证伪的谬误。)
From one of the authors of Factol’s Manifesto comes details on a few factions for the PLANESCAPE™ setting that have died out over the years. Here are the details of the factions, written when they were still going concerns. Common knowledge says that they have all been extinct for a long time—and maybe it’s better that way. (Of course, common knowledge has been wrong before.)

美妆联盟The Beautification League

  (装饰者The Decorators)
The Beautification League

  紫色的爪爪放在那个拱门上会非常可爱!A mauve claw would look simply lovely over that archway!
  ——美妆联盟的派系领袖戴奥尼斯坦Factol Dionystan of the Beautification League

派系哲学Faction philosophy:

  这个派系认为 多元宇宙the multiverse 是一片用来享受的乐园,并且将通过“美化”它让每个人都能享受它的乐趣,视为自己的职责。这些家伙会抓住一切机会刷墙、挂画、重新布置家居、打理花园等林林总总十几种其他活动,以为一个地方增添魅力。这甚至包括向其他人透露自己对其服装、发型和住所的真实看法。
Faction philosophy: This faction believes the multiverse is a place to be enjoyed, and they see it as their duty to help everybody to enjoy it by “beautifying” it. These berks will take any opportunity to paint a wall, hang a picture, rearrange furniture, plant a garden, or any of a dozen other things to increase the charm of a place. This includes them telling a cutter what they really think about a body’s clothes, hairstyle, and home.

此处的闲话Here’s the chant:

Here’s the chant: by beautifying the multiverse, a body pleases the powers, or whatever stands behind the powers and pulls their strings. Even the most offensive individual can be brought around to happiness and goodness if only given a nice place to live and trendy clothes—and maybe a good bath and a thorough makeover. Well, these are the cutters who are going to bring the change around, whether anybody else likes it or not.
[译注:印记城黑话Chant, the—表示新闻,本地闲话,事实,情形或者其他任何有关当前局势的事情.
"What's the chant?"是打探最新消息常用的一句话。如一定要翻译到主物质位面地球上来,那么就是”What’s Up?”
Cutter—家伙,伙计。 对于其他人的一种普通称呼,不限男女,由于这种称呼带有一些亲切的意味,所以比称呼别人berk要好得多。

It’s not that these berks are militant—but they are persistent. They figure they know the dark of how things should look, and everyone else had better listen. A body who doesn’t listen to their advice ought to watch out. The Beautification League might sneak up one night and do some redecorating—or they might just decide a cutter “doesn’t fit the color scheme” and eliminate him.

  装饰者The Decorators 似乎对 印记城Sigil 的可怜虫和神经病怀有一种特殊的怨恨,因为这些家伙总是会把整个景观弄的一团糟,他们也因此受到了一项全体命令——在看到时将这些家伙清除。较为友善的装饰者可能会把这些不幸之人带到某个他们可以久留甚或康复的地方,而那些美妆联盟中更卑劣的家伙却决心永久消除这类“眼中钉”。
The Decorators seem to have a special grudge against the sods and barmies of Sigil, because they tend to clutter up the landscape, and they've got a general order to get rid of all they see. The nicer Decorators might bring the unfortunates to a place where they can be kept or even rehabilitated, but the nastier bashers of the Beautification League have been to remove such “eyesores” permanently.

  美妆联盟在印记城混了许多年,虽然有些聪明的家伙可能会说他们就是这是这座城市有如此外观的原因,但实际上,装饰者并未取得多大的成就。他们有两个大麻烦。首先,诸位面实在太大了(试试看无限的配色方案!),没有足够多的人愿意帮助装饰者,尤其是在 巴托地狱Baator 这样的地方。其次,装饰者们并不总是意见一致,他们经常争吵。
The Beautification League has been working on Sigil for years, and while a few smart-mouth bashers might say that’s why the city looks the way it does, the truth is that the Decorators haven’t accomplished much. They have two big problems. First, the planes are just too big (try watching infinite color schemes!), and not enough people care to help the Decorators, especially in places like Baator. Second, the Decorators don't always agree, and they often argue among themselves.

主要影响位面Primary plane of influence:

  装饰者在 奔放之野Arborea 维持着一座小巧而雅致的住所。任何位面都在备选项内,但她们认为 机械境Mechanus “太严肃”,无底深渊the Abyss “简直令人作呕”,喧癫空隧Pandemonium “风太大”,等等等等。在印记城中,美妆联盟将其总部设在了 大花园the Grand Gardens 中。
Primary plane of influence: The Decorators maintain a small, tastefully embellished abode in Arborea. They could have chosen any plane, but Mechanus was “too boring.” the Abyss “simply disgusting,” Pandemonium “far too windy,” and so forth. In Sigil, the Beautification League makes its headquarters in the Grand Gardens.

盟友和敌人Allies and enemies:

  装饰者与 感觉者the Sensates 们——这些家伙能体验到装饰者们创造的任何玩意——相处融洽。装饰者认为其他大部分派系——特别是 黑泰迪法师the Wizards of the Black Teddy(见后)——都需要提升一下自己的逼格。
Allies and enemies: The Decorators get along famously with the Sensates, who can experience whatever the Decorators create. The Decorators think most of the other factions need a little more class, especially the Wizards of the Black Teddy (see below).

  末日卫士The Doomguard 对美妆联盟怀有一定的钦佩之情,因为这些家伙有助于他们感受到熵。沮丧者The Bleakers 对装饰者们的愉快态度感到恼火,而 清除者the Dustmen 则认为他们轻浮可笑。慈悲灭绝会The Mercykillers 发现自己非常讨厌他们,想把这些人都写进死亡之书里。[编者注:这也正是在发生的事情。]
The Doomguard have a certain admiration for the Beautification League, which contributes to entropy they feel. The Bleakers are annoyed by the cheerful attitude of the Decorators, and the Dustmen think them frivolous. The Mercykillers find them annoying in the extreme, and want to put all of them in the dead-book. [Editor’s Note: This is exactly what happened, too.]


Eligibility: Evil characters can’t join this faction; as the Decorators put it, their taste is “tres gauche.” Other than that, anybody can join the Beautification League.


Benefits: A Decorator can tell instantly when something is out of place. When a member of the faction enters a room, the DM should make a Wisdom check for the character; if the check succeeds, the character instantly notices any secret or concealed doors in the room.


Restrictions: A Decorator also notices when other things are out of place, or if they aren’t aesthetically pleasing—and the Decorator can’t help telling a body about it either. This makes them annoying, and a member of the Beautification League suffers a -3 penalty to Charisma.