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2eFRMZ<Maztica Campaign Set—Gods & Battles.p007>脚本Scenario 1:帝国初期The Early Days of Empire

  在 伊帕纳三世Ipana III,耐克苏帝国第四任荣耀顾问Fourth Revered Counselor of Nexal 在位期间
  During the reign of Ipana III, Fourth Revered Counselor of Nexal

  在 耐克苏帝国Nexal 的军队取得了对谷底地区的控制权后,他们不得不从自己的湖泊上方的山坡眺望更远,去寻找扩张的第一个受害者。他们找到了一个财宝丰富、人口众多的地方,军队从耐克苏的边境出发只需要一天的行军就能抵达。
When the forces of Nexal gained control of the valley floor, they had to look no farther than the slopes above their lakes to find the first victim of expansion. They found a place rich in treasure and population, and barely a day's march for the army beyond the boundaries of Nexal itself.

  这座名为 科罗多城Cordotl 的小城邦占据了 波波尔山Popol扎塔尔山Zatal 两座大山之间的一处重要通道。它是座繁忙的贸易城市,从谷地中拉来的食品在这里进行交易,换取来自沿海、以及 帕伊特Payit珀泽尔Pezel 的商品。
The small city-state of Cordotl occupied a key pass, between the great summits of Popol and Zatal. It was a busy trading town, where foodstuffs from the valley were hauled and bartered for goods from the coast and from the Payit and Pezel countries.

Always before it had been ignored by the powers in the valley, for they had had their own neighbors to worry about. Now, for the first time, these squabbling precincts were all united—albeit forcibly—under the leadership of one city, and one Revered Counselor.

  伊帕纳三世Ipana III 野心勃勃地开始了他的战役,计划迅速地征服 科罗多城Cordotl帕卢尔城Palul 并最终征服 库尔塔卡Kultaka 以外的地方。他一边忙着在山谷中招募战士,一边派遣了一支由其最忠诚老兵组成的小部队去对付科罗多城,理由是这座小城不会有什么抵抗力。这位参赞计划让他的部队拿下科罗多城,并及时掌握隘口,让其余部队行进到山谷之外的大战中去。
Ipana III began his campaign ambitiously, with plans for the quick subjugation of Cordotl, Palul, and eventually Kultaka beyond. While he busily recruited warriors in the valley, he sent a small army of his most loyal veterans against Cordotl, reasoning that the small city would put up little resistance. The counsellor planned for his force to take Cordotl and gain mastery of the pass in time for the rest of the army to march up for the grand campaign into the valleys beyond.

Cordotl, surprisingly, mustered a large force of warriors from the city and the surrounding lands. Though many of these were levees of untrained farmers, they were united in their determination to see Cordotl remain free of Nexalan control. Failing in that, the warriors knew that if they gave a good account of themselves, their city might hope for more favorable terms in the negotiations that would follow that battle as certainly as night follows day.

The small, powerful Nexalan legion marched up the valley. Scouts reported many men of Cordotl massing above them. Finally, the defenders began to advance, when the force of Nexal had committed itself to a straight approach on the city. The two armies converged in the mayzfields west of the city. Drainage ditches and irrigation ponds crisscrossed the land.

The men of Cordotl rushed forward to try and gain position at those ditches, while the Maztican warriors tried to cross wherever they could. The two forces met in savage battle, and many things beyond the immediate future of Cordotl lay in the balance.


The setup areas marked on the map are 1' deep and 20" or 30" wide (Cordotl and Maztica, respectively). The forces of Maztica are set up first, followed by the forces of Cordotl. Facing is left up to the players.


  每条沟渠都是 作战系统规则BATTLESYSTEM™ Rules 中所述的典型壕沟。除了飞行中的雄鹰勇士外,任何单位都不能通过池塘。这些建筑都是土坯墙结构,每面墙上的窗户和门在地图上都有说明。每处血量10hp。这座山有两圈海拔高度。
Each ditch is a typical ditch as described in the BATTLESYSTEM™ rules. The pond is impassable to all units (except flying eagles). The buildings are all adobe-walled structures with windows in each wall and doors where illustrated on the map. Each has 10 hp. The hill is two elevations high.



If the forces of Maztica can gain the summit of the hill by the tenth turn of the scenario, the effect will be so devastating upon Cordotl's morale that the city will immediately accept the mastery of the Nexala. This is the ultimate victory.

  如果在十回合后,没有马兹特克人(未被打垮的)军队占领沟渠以东的地面,科罗多部族the Cordotls 将获得一场小胜。他们仍会被耐耐克苏部族援军压倒,但他们的勇气将为自己在必需支付贡品上赢得让步。
If, after ten turns, no Maztican (unrouted) forces occupy ground to the east of all the ditches, the Cordotls have won a minor victory. They will still be overwhelmed by the Nexalan reinforcements, but their courage has won them concessions in tribute that will have to be paid.

If the Cordotls achieve the minor victory condition, and at least half of the Maztican forces have been killed, captured, or routed from the field, the Cordotls win a tremendous victory. Fresh recruits stream in from hills, and nearby settlements, and Nexalan expansion is dealt a sharp rebuff. It will be decades before that powerful city even thinks about sending an army beyond the valley.

The historical result is somewhere in between a Cordotl minor victory and a Maztican triumph; it is a Maztican minor victory that result in the absorption of Cordotl.

马兹特克人清单Maztican Rosters

  AD:攻击骰Attack Dice
  AR:攻击等级Attack Rating
  Hits:等量生命值Hit point equivalent
  ML/CD:士气或命令倍数Morale or Command Diameter
  MV:移动速度Movement Rate

马兹特克人清单Maztican Rosters
名字/集团Name/Group 攻击骰AD 攻击等级AR 等量生命值Hits 士气/命令次数ML/CD 移动MV

雄鹰勇士Eagle Knight,军队指挥官与英雄Army Commander and Hero

12 4 8 18" 12"
 鹰形态Eagle form 12 5 5 6"/36"(机动性MC B)
2 位美洲豹勇士英雄Jaguar Knight Heroes 12 3 5 13" 12"
 美洲豹形态Jaguar form 12+8 4 5 15"
  能以30码的移动速度冲锋Can charge at 30" movement rate
4 勇士Warriors

  单位指挥官Unit Commanders

10 5 5 12 12"
5 雄鹰勇士Eagle Knights**

  不需要指挥官Need no commander

8 4 3 13 12"
4 美洲豹勇士Jaguar Knights 10 3 3 12 12"
20 长矛兵Spearmen(正规军Regular) 6 6 1 11 12"
 配有投矛手with casters;射程range 2/4/8;在短距和中距射程双倍攻击骰double AD at short and med. range
24 黑曜石刃木剑兵Macas(正规军Regular) 8 7 1 11 10"
 攻击骰在4回合近战后降低到6 AD drops to 6 on fourth turn of melee attacks
24 弓箭兵Archers**(正规军Regular) 6* 4 9 1 10 12"
 * *可以使用弓can use bows;射程range 5"/10"/18";攻击骰AD 6

科罗多清单Cordotl Rosters

科罗多人清单Cordotl Rosters
名字/集团Name/Group 攻击骰AD 攻击等级AR 等量生命值Hits 士气/命令次数ML/CD 移动MV

美洲豹勇士Jaguar Knight,军队指挥官与英雄Army Commander and Hero

12 3 8 18" 12"
 美洲豹形态Jaguar Form 12+8 4 5 15"
  能以30码的移动速度冲锋Can charge at 30" movement rate
2 位勇者英雄Warrior Heroes 12 5 5 12" 12"
 装备有寻心者长矛;在攻击骰在10或更好的石化,自动消灭近战中的敌人Armed with Heartseeker spears; on AD roll of 10 or better, automatically eliminates opponent in melee combat
6 勇士Warriors

  单位指挥官Unit Commanders

10 5 4 12" 12"
24 黑曜石刃木剑兵Macas(正规军Regular) 8 7 1 11 10"
 攻击骰在4回合近战后降低到6 AD drops to 6 on fourth turn of melee attacks
36 木棍兵Clubwielders(非正规军Irreg.) 6 9 1 8 12"
24 长矛兵Spearmen(非正规军Irregular) 6 9 1 9 12"
20 投石兵Slingers(非正规军Irregular) 4 10 1 8 12"
24 弓箭兵Archers(非正规军Irregular) 6* 4 10 1 9 12"