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【头   衔】太阳之主Lord of the Sun,复仇之主Master of Vengeance,穆尔霍兰德统治者Ruler of Mulhorand,诸神的法老Pharaoh of the Gods,(相对次要)普来亚铎保护者Protector of the Priador,塞斯克监督者Overseer of Thesk,参法守卫者Guardian of Semphar
【阵   营】LG
【神   力】+荷鲁斯→G
【神   职】太阳The sun,复仇vengeance,统治权rulership,国王kings,生命life
【神   系】埃及神系Egyptian Pantheon穆尔霍兰德神系Mulhorandi Pantheon荷鲁斯家族Horus's family
【主   神】
【盟   友】伊西斯Isis奥西里斯Osiris透特Thoth
【敌   对】赛特Set
【从   神】伊西斯Isis奥西里斯Osiris透特Thoth
【神   仆】神侍divine minions
【神   国】世外桃源Arcadia/2th 火星天堂Buxenus太阳城Heliopolis瑟柯勒-雷Thekele-Re
【徽   记】被太阳环绕、戴着法老之冠的隼首A hawk's head wearing a pharaoh's crown surrounded by a solar circle
【简   介】荷鲁斯-雷Horus-Re 是穆尔霍兰德神系的主神,由荷鲁斯神和的显现体融合而成。

2eFR<Powers & Pantheons.p109>荷鲁斯-雷Horus-Re


出版时间:1997/09;国度时间:1370 DR


  (太阳之主Lord of the Sun,复仇之主Master of Vengeance,穆尔霍兰德统治者Ruler of Mulhorand,诸神的法老Pharaoh of the Gods)

  世外桃源强大神力Greater Power of Arcadia,

  神职PORTFOLIO:太阳The sun,复仇vengeance,统治权rulership,国王kings,生命life
  神域名DOMAIN NAME:火星天堂Buxenus太阳城Heliopolis瑟柯勒-雷Thekele-Re
  徽记SYMBOL:被太阳环绕、戴着法老之冠的隼首A hawk's head wearing a pharaoh's crown surrounded by a solar circle
  信徒阵营WOR. ALIGN.:守序善良LG,中立善良NG,混乱善良CG,守序中立LN,绝对中立N,守序邪恶LE

日蚀Eclipse of the Sun


  很久以前,有支类人族群穿越一座巨大的 异界之门gate,从另一个世界出现于 恩瑟Unther穆尔霍兰德Mulhorand 北方地域。这些被称为 兽人orcs 生物迅速占领了周边大部分领土,并杀死了成千上万的当地居民。
Long ago, a horde of humanoids emerged in the northern territories of Unther and Mulhorand through a massive gate from another world. These creatures, known as orcs, quickly overran much of the surrounding territory and slew thousands of the regions inhabitants.


The god-kings of Mulhorand and Unther mustered their armies and marched north to face this unexpected threat. Unther's armies and their divine generals reached the ore hordes first and smashed deep into their lines. In response, the orc shamans called on their own gods and were rewarded with the appearance of the avatars of the orcish pantheon to lead the counterattack.

  兽人门战争The Orcgate Wars 肆虐了接下来的4年,在冲突中双方都有许多神被毁灭。恩瑟的神王们和军队顶着巨大的损失,将兽人群落往东锤向穆尔霍兰德军队的铁砧。
The Orcgate Wars raged for the next four years, and many gods from both sides of the conflict were destroyed. The god-kings and armies of Unther suffered horrific losses driving the orc hordes eastward against the anvil of Mulhorand's forces.

  尽管已遭受了损失,但兽人还是几乎淹没了穆尔霍兰德匆忙召集的部队。在穆尔霍兰德的军队撤退时,太阳之主Lord of the Sun 雷Re 唤起自己的神力令兽人们失明。被激怒的 格乌什Gruumsh 和他的一众神性盟友冲向了这位 诸神的法老the Pharaoh of the Gods 并弑杀了他,而他们也付出了极大的代价。随着他们身后汹涌而出的兽人军队,天空为之暗淡、太阳仿佛被从天空中夺走,而神王们和他们的人民剩下的日子似乎已屈指可数。有些人相信,如果不是因为 赛特Set 的背信弃义(据说他对雷的伤口下了毒),雷或许能好好地幸存下来。然而,这种背叛行为从未被证明真实存在,而雷则仓促地将他的神力和神职遗赠给了他的儿子——荷鲁斯Horus,随着雷离开 国度天宇Realmspace 前往 外层位面Outer Planes,荷鲁斯因这突然涌入他的力量和知识而陷入了困惑的状态。
Despite their losses, the orcs nearly overran Mulhorand's hastily mustered troops. Re, Lord of the Sun, called on his powers to blind the orcs as the armies of Mulhorand fell back. Infuriated, Gruumsh and his divine allies charged forth and slew the Pharaoh of the Gods at great cost to themselves. Behind them surged the orc armies as the sky grew dark, the very solar orb seemingly snatched from the sky, and the days of the god-kin's and their peoples seemed numbered. Some believe that Re might have well survived the onslaught were it not for the perfidy of Set, who it is said poisoned Re's wounds. Such treachery was never proven, however, and Re hastily bequeathed his powers and portfolio upon his son, Horus, who was thrown into a confused state by the abrupt upwelling of power and knowledge within him as Re left Realmspace for the Outer Planes.

  然而,雷的牺牲并未白费,因为 战争之主Lord of War 安荷Anhur 已布置了一座精妙的陷阱。随着兽人们向前冲锋,养精蓄锐已久的恩瑟和穆尔霍兰德精英军团撞进了兽人族落的侧翼,并击溃了兽人军队,与此同时,在和雷的战斗中元气大伤的格乌什和兽人神系的残余不得不撤离了战场。
The death of Re was not in vain, however, for Anhur, Lord of War, had organized a brilliant trap. As the orcs charged forth, the elite legions of Unther and Mulhorand, long held in reserved, smashed into the orc hordes flanks and scattered the orc army while Gruumsh and the rest of the orcish pantheon had to withdraw from the field, severely weakened by their battle with Re.

  在这场 众神之战the Battle of the Gods 后,幸存下来的神王们又花了2年从南部赶走了剩余的兽人。在其大部分在位神王在兽人门战争的早期冲突中消逝后,恩瑟已无望恢复其昔日荣光,而穆尔霍兰德的机遇,则在后来 奥西里斯Osiris 和赛特之间的神力斗争中被挥霍了。这两个古老帝国将需要花费近9个世纪,才能恢复其失去的荣光。
Following the Battle of the Gods, the surviving god-kings spent the next two years driving the remaining orcs from the south. Unther had no hope of regaining its former giory with the death of most of its reigning god-kings in the early conflicts of the Orcgate Wars, and Mulhorand's opportunity was squandered in the subsequent power struggle between Osiris and Set. It would take nearly nine centuries for the two ancient empires to regain their lost glory.

  荷鲁斯-雷Horus-Re 是穆尔霍兰德的主神,是荷鲁斯神和已故的雷的融合体。他也有一些相对没有价值的头衔:普来亚铎保护者Protector of the Priador、塞斯克监督者Overseer of Thesk、参法守卫者Guardian of Semphar。当雷的显现体在兽人门战争期间遇害时,他把神力遗赠给了年幼的荷鲁斯神,后者改名为了荷鲁斯-雷。荷鲁斯-雷随后获得了穆尔霍兰德神系主神之位,并驱逐了篡位者赛特。
Horus-Re is the chief deity of Mulhorand, a fusion of the gods Horus and the now-deceased Re. He is also known by the relatively meaningless titles of Protector of the Priador, Overseer of Thesk, and Guardian of Semphar. When the manifestation of Re was slain during the Orcgate Wars, he be-queathed his power to the young god Horus, who took the name Horus-Re. Horus-Re then assumed the position of chief deity of the Mulhorand pantheon, banishing the usurper Set.

  荷鲁斯-雷是位自信的神祇,他坚信 玛特之道maat 的概念(正义、荣誉、秩序、公义)。玛特不只是骑士信条,而是宇宙的自然状态,万物都要遵循着它。只有依此而行,才能与诸神相处和睦、过上幸福的生活。
Horus-Re is a confident deity who believes strongly in the concept of maat (justice, honor, order, and righteousness). More than a code of chivalry, maat is the natural state of the universe and all things are expected to conform to it. Only by doing so can the citizens of Mulhorand be at peace with the gods and live a happy life.

Horus-Re believes that Mulhorand is eternal, and to promote eternity, one must deny change, so Horus-Re tries to discourage change. As a result, he is troubled by the actions of his cousin, Anhur, an aggressive advocate of change and conflict, and usually contradicts or opposes the positions Anhur takes and the actions he makes, often ordering his priesthood to take active countering measures.

  考虑到他对永恒从不变易的态度,颇具讽刺意味的是在得到雷的神力披风后,荷鲁斯-雷已发生了很大的变化。荷鲁斯神性情冲动、头脑容易发热,若安荷和雷在“允许变革上”发生冲突时,在很大程度上,他更可能站在安荷而非雷的一边;不过那时候的荷鲁斯神也比现在的荷鲁斯雷更独立、更随和、更能享受事物的各个方面。荷鲁斯最关心的是支持和保护他的家人,以及为赛特过去的诸多背叛行径和对 荷鲁斯家族Horus's family(主要是伊西斯、奈芙蒂斯Nephthys 和奥西里斯)犯下的谋杀罪行,向他寻求复仇。但所取得的雷的披风,强迫他更明确地专注于自身的神性,而在这偏移的过程中,荷鲁斯的大部分自我天性都为雷的神力与意识淹没,因此沦为雷的观点几乎一字不差、丝毫不变的鹦鹉学舌。许多穆尔霍兰德人暗地里期望:荷鲁斯-雷的立场能在一种渐进的转变中,朝着介乎永恒的不变性与不断的变革的中庸迈进,而其实现,则可能是通过荷鲁斯被掩埋的人格最终重现对雷实现平衡,然而,没有什么迹象表明这种期望可能成真。
Quite ironically, considering his stance on eternity being unchanging, Horus-Re has considerably changed since taking on the mantle of Re's power. The deity Horus was impulsive, hot-headed, and considerably more likely to side with Anhur when he and Re came into conflict over allowing change than with Re, but he was also more independent, easygoing, and able to enjoy the many facets of existence than the current Horus-Re. Horus was mainly concerned with supporting and protecting his family and seeking vengeance upon Set for the many past actions of treachery and murder he has perpetrated upon Horus's family (Isis, Nephthys, and Osiris, especially). In the move to a more broad focus to his godhood forced upon him by assuming Re's mantle, Horus appears to have had most of his personal nature overwhelmed by the power and consciousness of Re, and still parrots Re's viewpoints almost verbatim. Many of the people of Mulhorand secretly hope for a gradual shift in Horus-Re's position toward a compromise between eternal unchangingness and constant change that might come about because of the eventual reassertion of Horus's buried personality to balance to that of Re, but such hopes have seen no actions to evidence they might come true.

The Lord of the Sun is a dedicated foe of evil and is merciless and relentless in his war against the forces of Set. He abhors deceit and treachery, and nothing stands in his way when he is attempting to right a wrong or slay a traitor. Horus-Re maintains a perpetually stern demeanor and speaks with such command that it is nearly impossible for a mortal to disobey his commands. He has never been known to smile or laugh, and he regards any mortal in his presence with a distant, extremely detached stare.

  侍奉荷鲁斯-雷的 神侍divine minions 能呈现为隼或狮子的形态。
Horus-Re is served by divine minions that can assume the form of a hawk or a lion.


荷鲁斯-雷的化身Horus-Re's Avatar

  (圣武士Paladin 40,战士Fighter 15,牧师Cleric 20,巫师Mage 19)

  荷鲁斯-雷现身为一位强健、肌肉发达的大块头隼首男性穆尔霍兰德人。一阵强风后的不自然宁静,经常预示着他的到来。他的左眼明亮焕发,因为它是太阳的碎片。他通常携带着一支发光的 安卡架ankh 作为其强大神力的标志,并经常乘着他(飞翔或漂浮的)桨帆船(被称作 万世之船Matet夜之船Semktet,具体取决于是在白天还是夜晚。)荷鲁斯-雷在频繁地实体神临于 诸国度the Realms,这是因为他的化身经常被召唤到现任的法老 荷鲁斯泰普三世Horustep III 身上,当这样做时,后者的身体将被转化为他化身的形态。(对此,荷鲁斯-雷有些恼火。)荷鲁斯-雷从任何领域或魔法学派获得法术,但他更偏好那些运用火、高温或强光的法术。
Horus-Re appears as a large, powerful, muscular Mulhorandi man with the head of a hawk. His arrival is usually presaged by a unnatural calm followed by a strong breeze. His left eye glows brightly, for it is a piece of the sun. He often carries a glowing ankh as a symbol of his great power and usually manifests riding his (flying or floating) galley known as Matet or Semktet, depending on whether it is day or night. Horus-Re is frequently physically present in the Realms, as his avatar is often summoned to inhabit the body of the current pharaoh, Horustep III, transforming it into the avatar's form when he does. (Horus-Re is getting a little annoyed at this.) Horus-Re has access to any sphere or school of magic for his spells, but favors those that employ fire, heat, or bright light.

  防御等级 -3;移动 15(在他的桨帆船中,若船在空气中飞行 24 (B),若船在水中 游泳 21);生命值 254;零级命中值 -10;#攻击 1次或 5次/2轮
  伤害 1d10+14(+14力量) 或 2d10+21(+5荷鲁斯之剑Sword of Horus,+14力量,+2对荷鲁斯之剑专精奖励)
  魔抗 80%;体型 大型(7呎)
  力量 25,敏捷 25,体质 25,智力 25,感知 21,魅力 24
  法术 牧师P:12/12/12/10/8/5/2,法师W:5/5/5/5/5/3/3/3/1
  豁免 麻痹、毒素与死亡魔法 2;权杖、法杖与魔杖 5;石化或变形 4;喷吐武器 4;法术 6
  AC -3; MV 15 (FI 24 (B) in his galley in air, Sw 21 on water); HP 254; THAC0 -10;#AT 1 or 5/2
  Dmg 1d10+14 (+14 STR) or 2d10+21 (Sword of Horus +5,+14 STR,+2 spec, bonus in Sword of Horus)
  MR 80%; SZ L (7 feet)
  STR 25, DEX 25, CON 25, INT 25, Wis 21, CHA 24
  Spells P:12/12/12/10/8/5/2, W:5/5/5/5/5/3/3/3/1
  Saves PPDM 2, RSW 5, PP 4, BW 4, Sp 6

特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Def:

  虽然荷鲁斯-雷在被迫时也会战斗,但他还是更喜欢用协商来解决问题。通常,他只有在觉得将武器指向某位敌人将是光荣的行为时,才会在战斗中挥舞武器。通常,他会使用他的拳头、魔法 安卡架、或是从左眼释放的阳炎喷流。阳炎射程400呎,造成4d20点伤害。受害者有权进行对抗喷吐武器豁免。豁免成功则意味着他们只受半数伤害。
Although Horus-Re fights if pressed, he prefers to negotiate solutions to problems. He generally employs weapons in combat only when he feels it would be honorable to face a particular foe in that manner. Often he uses his fists, his magical ankh, or a stream of solar flame that he can release from his left eye. This solar flame has a range of 400 feet and inflicts 4d20 points of damage. Victims are entitled to a saving throw vs. breath weapon. Success indicates that they take only half damage.

  随意使用,荷鲁斯-雷能以他的 安卡架 立即毁灭60呎半径内、所有类型不死生物和不在其故乡位面的存在。此外,荷鲁斯还能随意使用(每轮1次) 太阳射线sunray火焰风暴firestorm 法术。这样使用这些法术是凝视行为,被视为一种能力能力,而不计入上述的可记忆法术上限内。
At will, Horus-Re can use his ankh to instantly destroy any form of undead creature or being within a 60-foot radius that is not on its home plane. In addition, Horus-Re can employ a sunray or firestorm spell at will (once per round). The use of these spells is considered and ability and does not count against his memorized spells limits given above.

  当荷鲁斯-雷使用武器时,他会使用 荷鲁斯之剑。荷鲁斯-雷被认为熟练任何他使用的武器,但他只专精于 荷鲁斯之剑。这件魔法武器如一柄 +5剑,神圣复仇者sword +5, holy avenger,但还拥有 吉兆刃luck blade防御者defender、以及 斩首剑vorpal sword 的特殊能力。
When Horus-Re uses a weapon, it is the Sword of Horus. Horus-Re is considered proficient with any weapon he uses, but is only specialized in the Sword of Horus. This magical weapon acts a sword +5, holy avenger, but also has the special abilities of a luck blade, defender, and vorpal sword.

Horus-Re is immune to all illusion/phantasm spells and all necromancy, necromantic, or enchantment/charm spells he does not wish to be affected by.


其祂显现Other Manifestations

Horus-Re is said to exist everywhere throughout Mulhorand and embodies the spirit that makes Mulhorand a nation. The sun is seen as the omnipresent manifestation of Horus-Re. During the day, a solitary hawk circling overhead that casts no shadow is said to be the eye of Horus-Re. At night, the Lord of the Sun is known to manifest as a flaming shooting star. Priests of Horus-Re claim that the corona visible during a solar eclipse is the divine crown of the Pharaoh of the Gods.

When a criminal receives fitting justice for a crime, the cry of a distant hawk is often heard. When an insult to one's honor or family is avenged in a fitting manner, Homs-Re shows his favor with a thunder clap that resembles the roar of a lion, even on a cloudless day. When followers of Horus-Re fail to abide by the principles of maat, they (and only they) perceive a subtle darkening in the light of the sun indicating their fall from favor. It is said if Set ever wins the collective heart of Mulhorand's citizens, Horus-Re will permanently extinguish the sun as a sign of his people's fall from grace.

  荷鲁斯-雷也通过以下存在的活动,展现他的存在、赞同或反对:日光、光亮阿西蒙light aasimon、翼狮、男首斯芬克斯、隼、以及金色的动物。太阳石、琥珀和黄宝石,连同其它金色宝石,对他而言是神圣的。
Horus-Re also shows his presence, approval, or disapproval through the actions of solars, light aasimons, lammasu, androsphinxes, hawks, and gold-colored animals. Sunstones, amber, and topazes, along with other golden gems, and sacred to him.

教会The Church

  神职人员CLERGY:牧师Clerics,专属祭司specialty priests
  驱散不死TURN UNDEAD:牧师C:可Yes;专属祭司SP:可Yes
  支配不死CMND. UNDEAD:牧师C:不可No;专属祭祀SP:不可No

  荷鲁斯-雷的所有牧师和专属祭司得到 宗教知识religion(穆尔霍兰德人Mulhorandi)、阅读/书写 reading/writing(穆尔霍兰德语Mulhorandi)、以及 现代语言modern languages(通用语Common) 作为非武器熟练奖励。身为穆尔霍兰德人,他们也都作为母语知晓穆尔霍兰德语。祭职人员很大程度上是世袭的,而几乎所有荷鲁斯-雷的专属祭司都是 荷尔卡兰特家族the House of Helcaliant 的成员。当在穆尔霍兰德神系地域势力范围内,取代圣武士的普通 侦测邪恶detect evil 能力,随意使用,荷鲁斯-雷的圣武士能施展祭司法术 玛特试练test of maat
All clerics and specialty priests of Horus-Re receive religion (Mulhorandi), reading/writing (Mulhorandi), and modern languages (Common) as bonus nonweapon proficiencies. As Mulhorandi, they all also know Mulhorandi as their native tongue. All of Horus-Re's clergy ist be humans of Mulhorandi extraction. The priesthood is largely hereditary, and almost all Horus-Re's specialty priests are members of the House of Helcaliant, composed of human descendants of divine incarnations of Horus, Re, and Horus-Re. While within the Mulhorandi pantheon's geographic sphere of influence, in lieu of a paladin's normal detect evil ability, a paladin of Horus-Re can cast the priest spell test of maat at will.

  穆尔霍兰德法老 荷鲁斯泰普三世 是荷鲁斯-雷教会的宗教领袖,但祭职人员的实际领导人是他的新任 维齐尔vizier——卡拉赞Kalarzim。因为穆尔霍兰德是个神权国家,所以荷鲁斯-雷的神官系统既是政治机构、也是宗教机构。这使其遭受了广泛的内部倾轧、权力斗争和无用争吵。荷鲁斯-雷的祭司是这片土地最傲慢的贵族,在非其荷鲁斯-雷教会直接上级的任何人面前,他们都极其傲岸。穆尔霍兰德人民通常被要求顺从于祭司的权威(而大部分穆尔霍兰德人也乐于这样做),荷鲁斯-雷的神职人员则是所有祭司中最独特的。每当任何的祭司走过时,平民们就得低下头或转身离开,以免碍着祭司的路。荷鲁斯-雷的祭司尤其要求这些尊重的表现。
Horustep III, the pharaoh of Mulhorand, is the religious head of the church of Horus-Re, but the actual leader of the priesthood is his new vizier, Kalarzim. The priesthood of Horus-Re is both a political and religious structure, since Mulhorand is a theocracy. It suffers from extensive infighting, power struggles, and useless bickering. The priests of Horus-Re are the most arrogant nobles of the land, and they are extremely haughty with everyone who is not their direct superior in the church of Horus-Re. The Mulhorandi people are expected to submit to the authority of priests in general and the clergy of Horus-Re in particular in all things, and most do so willingly. Whenever any priest walks by, citizens are expected to bow their heads or turn away so as not to interfere with the priest's journey. Priests of Horus-Re in particular demand these shows of respect.

  荷鲁斯-雷的教会尚未面对它最惊天动地的天启:事实上,它曾经是神的法老,现在只是位有神性血统的凡人。荷鲁斯泰普在 动荡之年Time of Troubles 后已经知晓此事,但并未透露给任何人。他屡次召唤附身于荷鲁斯泰普形态的荷鲁斯-雷化身,把它转化为荷鲁斯-雷神临时的那样。数世纪以来第一次,荷鲁斯泰普试图对他人民的日常规则产生重大影响,并在最近任命了新的维齐尔来帮助他这样做;然而,荷鲁斯泰普担心有其他人已经发现了他的秘密,并且知道自己有很多敌人——即便是在自己教会的内部也是如此,因此他怀疑已有刺客藏在周围的任何角落中。
The church of Horus-Re has yet to face its most earth-shattering revelation:The fact that its pharaoh, once a deity, is now merely a mortal of divine lineage. Horustep has known this since the Time of Troubles, but has revealed it to no one. He frequently summons an avatar of Horus-Re, who inhabits Horustep's form, transforming it while Horus-Re is present. Horustep is attempting, for the first time in centuries, to exercise a great deal of influence over the daily rule of his people and has recently appointed a new vizier to help him do so; however, Horustep fears that others may have discovered his secret and knows he has many enemies, even within his own church, so he suspects assassins hide around every comer.

Temples of Horus-Re serve as centers of government and might be called government ministry buildings in other kingdoms. All share common architectural themes of openness to the sky and the sun. Most are constructed of gleaming white limestone or marble. Statues of Horus-Re, often of immense size, dominate each room and hallway. A massive solarium serves as the chapel and center of religious observances. No matter what the weather outside, from the perspective of someone within a temple of Horus-Re looking out, there is never a cloud in the sky, nor a drop of rain falling, nor even the slightest breeze.

  荷鲁斯-雷的一众祭司在公众场合被称呼为“祭司阁下Lord Priest”或“至高祭司阁下Lord High Priest”(如果为9级或更高)。而在荷鲁斯-雷的祭司的队伍内部,祭司们由卑至尊、所使用的头衔如下:复仇者Avenger、隼翼者Hawkflyer、猎狮者Huntlion、朝阳者Heliant、光明使者Illuminator、以及 桑瑞Sonrey(读作“太阳光线sunray”)。被称作 太阳之隼sunhawks 的专属祭司仅占神职人员的20%,且几乎没能占据任何高层职位。对攀登教会等级制度的顶峰所必备的政治知识而言,大部分太阳之隼都太过活跃了,至于那几株混乱的杂草(属于荷鲁斯更混乱时的往昔回忆,而被允许加入祭职人员队伍者),则更是常常因尝试改变教会永恒而不变的秩序,而冒犯到教会的主管。
All priests of Horus-Re are addressed in public as “Lord Priest” or “Lord High Priest” (if of 9th level or greater). Within their ranks, priests of Horus-Re use such titles as (in ascending order of rank) Avenger, Hawkflyer, Huntlion, Heliant, Illuminator, Lightbringer, and Sonrey (pronounced “sunray”). Specialty priests, known as sunhawks, make up only 20% of the clergy, and few hold any high-ranking positions. Most sunhawks are far too active to develop the necessary political knowledge to climb to great heights in the churches hierarchy, and those few of a chaotic bent (allowed into the priesthood in memory of Horus's more chaotic past) often offend those in charge of the church through trying to enact changes in its perpetual and unchanging order.


Priests of Horus-Re must provide leadership. They are sworn to use church property honestly, although this provision is often loosely interpreted. They are to guard the person, property, and hallowed places of Horus-Re and the pharaoh, the living Horus-Re on earth, with their lives. All must abide by the concept of maat. They are sworn enemies of Set.

Novices of the church are charged as follows:“Goodness, honor, and order are the natural state, and that which leads to evil, treachery, and chaos is by rights unnatural and the enemy. Lead Mulhorand by example, and let your deeds speak your intentions. Goodness and harmony come from living within maat rather than fighting it. An organized approach brings the most good for all. Laws exist to bring prosperity to those under them. The pharaoh and the church of Horus-Re rule with Horus-Re's guidance and set laws as guidelines for honorable action within Mulhorand's tradition. Those guidelines must be applied with honor; when honor is lacking in their application, the fair judgment of Osiris shall be as law. Cause the most good to Mulhorand's people through the least harm. Make no hasty changes or decisions, as their consequences are always suspect and may undermine the steadfast rule of eternity. Protect the weak and avenge all wrongs. Abide the existence of no traitors, for they are without honor and therefore against the order of things. Smite them with righteous vengeance. Protect the pharaoh, his goods, and the holy places and property of the church. Action against them is action against Horus-Re and an offense in his eyes.”

日常活动Day-to-Day Activities:

  荷鲁斯-雷的祭司是 持戒者precepts(省长和城市的统治者)和行政官员;他们控制着大片的土地和成千上万的奴隶。穆尔霍兰德仅次于法老的权力最大的政府职位是维齐尔,这个职位传统上仅由荷鲁斯-雷排名最高的祭司担任。在动荡之年之前,荷鲁斯-雷的神职人员是如此忙于管理和从事政治斗争,以至于几乎没有时间留给真正的宗教。自动荡之年以来,荷鲁斯泰普已试图试图将这种高度政治化的文化向更大的宗教热情的方向引导,从而传播该信仰并增加诸国度上荷鲁斯-雷崇拜者的数量。他的努力取得了一些成功,但对许多穆尔霍兰德人造成了些困惑,毕竟,他们已经习惯了数个世纪毫无变化的生活。卡拉赞,在观念上他是位扩张主义者,他计划最终夺回从穆尔霍兰德的直接控制中脱离的地区,从而复兴穆尔霍兰德的古老荣耀。
Priests of Horus-Re are precepts (provincial governors and rulers of cities) and administrators; they control vast tracts of land and thousands of slaves. Mulhorand's most powerful government position after the pharaoh is the vizier, a position traditionally held by the highest-ranking priest of Horus-Re. Before the Time of Troubles, the clergy of Horus-Re was so busy governing and engaging in political infighting that they had very little time for actual religion. Since the Time of Troubles, Horustep has tried to reorient this highly politicized culture toward greater religious fervor in order to spread the faith and increase the number of Horus-Re's worshipers in the Realms. His efforts are meeting with some success, but are somewhat confusing to many Mulhorandi who are, after all, used to living with centuries of little change. Kalarzim, an expansionist in his views, is planning to eventually retake the lands that have slipped from Mulhorandi direct control and to restore Mulhorand to its ancient glory.

圣日/重要仪式Holy Days/Important Ceremonies:

  荷鲁斯-雷的祭司以三场日常仪式崇敬他们的神:每次日出,他们都会以一套名为 主的问候the Greeting of the Lord 的迎祷来迎接他们的主的回归。最重要的仪式发生在太阳直射的正午。在正午即将来临前,大部分的穆尔霍兰德居民都会聚集在从太阳之主神殿伸出的、数量众多的阳台之前。荷鲁斯-雷的祭司随后宣讲被称为 天顶壮志the Zenith Aspirant 的日常布道。(神职人员中,存在竞争的祭司派系常会力争通过吸引更多的群众参加这场日常布道,来胜过他们的竞争对手。)在晚上,荷鲁斯-雷的神职人员们在一场名为 守卫戒备the Girding of the Guard 的私人仪式上,宣誓将在夜间时保护好穆尔霍兰德,这包括了准备仪式武器。
Priests of Horus-Re venerate their god in three daily rituals:Each sunrise they greet the return of their lord with a set of welcoming prayers known as the Greeting of the Lord. The most important ceremony of the day occurs at noon when the sun is directly overhead. Immediately prior to noon, most of the inhabitants of Mulhorand gather in front of the numerous balconies protruding from the Sun Lord's temples. The priests of Horus-Re then deliver a daily sermon known as the Zenith Aspirant. (Competing factions of priests within the clergy often strive to outdo their rivals by drawing larger crowds of people to this daily sermon.) In the evening the clergy of Horus-Re pledge to guard Mulhorand through the nighttime hours in a private ceremony known as the Girding of the Guard involving the girding of ceremonial weapons.

  最重要的年度假日是 仲夏日Midsummers Day,在那天所有的荷鲁斯-雷祭司聚集在祂的神殿唱赞歌。不像一年的大部分时间,这天是真正向宗教奉献的日子,而为了庆祝这天,几乎所有穆尔霍兰德的政府机构都会关闭。
The most important annual holiday is Midsummers Day when all the priests of Horus-Re gather in his temples to sing his praises. Unlike most of the rest of the year, this is truly a day of religious devotion and to celebrate it almost the entire government of Mulhorand shuts down.

  日食,则被认为是对荷鲁斯-雷永恒统治的重申。(在日食时)可见的日冕,则被视为太阳之主的神冠。任何杀死过赛特祭司或阻挠了其重大计划的荷鲁斯-雷祭司,将在日食期间从荷鲁斯-雷那获赐一道 有限祈愿术limited wish祈愿术wish (根据所完成任务的难度,由DM裁决)。这种好处,这名祭司一生只能获得1次。
Solar eclipses are considered a reaffirmation of Horus-Re's eternal rulership. The visible corona is seen as the crown of the Lord of the Sun. Any priest of Horus-Re who slays a priest of Set or thwarts one of his major plots during a solar eclipse receives a limited wish or wish from Horus-Re (depending on the difficulty of the task as adjudicated by the DM). This benefit can only occur once in a priest's lifetime.

主要崇拜中心Major Centers of Worship:

  荷鲁斯-雷的崇拜中心位于 斯库德城Skuld,但在穆尔霍兰德各地有许多献给他的神殿。位于斯库德的 浴光之厅The Solarium 是座宏伟的神殿,它类似于一座大金字塔,其上半部分由闪闪发光的玻璃制成。它的周围,环绕着一圈白色和粉色相间的大理石塔,互相之间以各层的无栏杆通道相连。这些塔充当着神职人员和行政机关的行政办公室。穆尔霍兰德的法老经常被发现在他那位于浴光之厅中心、被耀眼的金色灵光勾勒的王座上沉思。
The center of Horus-Re's worship is in Skuld, but there are many temples throughout Mulhorand devoted to him. The Solarium in Skuld is a magnificent temple resembling a great pyramid with the top half made of gleaming glass. It is surrounded by a ring of alternating white and pink marble towers connected by unrailed walkways at various levels. The towers serve as the administrative offices of the clergy and government. The pharaoh of Mulhorand is normally found meditating on his throne in the center of the Solarium, outlined with a blinding nimbus of golden light.

  自动荡之年以来、紧随着 吉尔伽Gilgeam 消逝,恩瑟出现了宗教和统治权的真空,而穆尔霍兰德的祭职人员在随之迁入后已开始着手在恩瑟展开雄心勃勃的神殿建筑计划。他们建立宗教据点的努力已经取得了圆满的成功,但他们在世俗方面的努力则遭遇了争夺对恩瑟统治权的诸多势力的顽强抵抗。而为实现这套繁荣的神殿建筑计划,其所需资金的沉重税务负担主要是由恩瑟的公民承担的,而这更加重了这个国家的不幸。然而,荷鲁斯-雷的神职人员认为相较于结果,这份牺牲是值得的。
Since the Time of Troubles, the priesthood of Mulhorand has embarked on an ambitious program of temple construction in Unther as its members have moved into the religious and leadership vacuum there following the death of Gilgeam. Their efforts to establish a religious foothold are paying off well, but their exertions on the secular side are meeting with stiff resistance from the numerous factions contending to rule Unther. The heavy tax burden required to fund this boom is being carried primarily by the citizens of Unther, adding to that nation's woes. The clergy of Horus-Re considers the result worth the sacrifice, however.

从属组织Affiliated Orders:

  在动荡之年后,荷鲁斯-雷建立了一支名为 太阳与安卡之爪the Claws of the Sun and the Ankh 的组织。(他们都是之前侍奉奥西里斯的穆尔霍兰德圣武士。)这支兄弟会尚年轻且未经过考验,但其队伍正在迅速扩张。不同于主流的荷鲁斯-雷神职人员,太阳与安卡之爪是太阳之主的狂热信徒,而对穆尔霍兰德的日常政治生活并不关心。这些乳臭未干的秩序力量被大量投入与 赛特的毒牙the Fangs of Set 的战斗中,但其成员经常分心与安荷的神职人员争执。在穆尔霍兰德神系地域势力范围中时,取代圣武士通常的 侦测邪恶 能力,随意使用,太阳与安卡之爪成员可以施展祭司法术 玛特试练
Following the Time of Troubles, Horus-Re founded an order of paladins known as the Claws of the Sun and the Ankh. (Previously all paladins in Mulhorand had served Osiris.) This brotherhood is young and untested, but its ranks are expanding quickly. Unlike the mainstream clergy of Horus-Re, the Claws are fanatic devotees of the Lord of the Sun who care nothing for the day-to-day politics of Mulhorand. Much of the fledgling order's energy is directed at doing battle with the Fangs of Set, but its members are often distracted into sparring with the clergy of Anhur. While within the Mulhorandi pantheon's geographic sphere of influence, in lieu of a paladin's normal detect evil ability, initiates of the Claws can cast the priest spell test of maat at will.

祭司的祭服Priestly Vestments:

  荷鲁斯-雷的神职人员穿着 卡拉西里长袍kalasiris(白色紧身亚麻裙,从下臂到膝、或从腰拉伸到膝)、凉鞋、以及头饰,偶尔他们会在卡拉西里长袍外披上半透明的白色长袍。他们剃着光头(虽然有些人戴精致的假发),并在额头画3个蓝圈标识其祭司身份。在执行政府公务时,他们通常带着假胡子,用线缠在耳朵上来固定。高层祭司以额上的精致布头饰(带有荷鲁斯-雷徽记纹饰)、镶宝石的金胸领(雕刻着隼的图案)、并在肩上披着大猫或其他捕食动物的皮毛。祭司的祭服相对的华丽程度,粗略地表明了其相对的财富、权势以及声望。该信仰祭司的标准圣徽是一支大安卡架,如果这位牧师或专属祭司等级够格,通常在上面施展了 恒久之光continual light
The clergy of Horus-Re dress in kalasiris (white tight-fitting linen skirts stretching from under the arm to the knees or from the waist to the knees), sandals, and a headdress. Sometimes they wear a transparent white robe over the tops of their kalasirises. They shave their heads bald (though some wear elaborate wigs) and paint three blue circles on their foreheads indicating that they are priests. While conducting government business, they typically wear a false beard, hung with loops around the ears. High-ranking priests adorn themselves with elaborate cloth headdresses emblazoned with the symbol of the Horus-Re on the brow, be jeweled gold pectoral collars shaped in the image of a hawk, and the skin of a great cat or other predator draped over their shoulders. The relative affluence of a priest's vestments loosely indicates his relative wealth, power, and prestige. The standard holy symbol of priests of the faith is a large ankh on which clerics and specialty priests of sufficient level usually cast continual light.

冒险装束Adventuring Garb:

Like most priests in Mulhorand, the clergy of Horus-Re dress very practically when adventuring, leaving their ornamental gear in the temple. A simple cloth headdress with a symbol of Horus-Re on the forehead is always worn. Heavy armor is typically eschewed in Mulhorand and Unther due to the blazing heat. Priests of Horus-Re tend to wield more traditional weapons, even when battling foreigners. Only recently has the clergy adopted the long sword as an allowable weapon, and the more conservative clergy still favor the khopesh.


专属祭司Specialty Priests(太阳之隼Sunhmwks

  职业需求REQUIREMENTS:力量Strength 12,体质Constitution 9,感知Wisdom 13,魅力Charisma 17
  关键属性PRIME REQ.:感知Wisdom,魅力Charisma
  武器WEAPONS:硬头锤Mace,木棍staff,投物棒staff sling,寇派斯弯刀khopesh,长剑long sword
  主修领域MAJOR SPHERES:共通All,星界astral,魅惑charm,战斗combat,元素(火和气) elemental (fire and air),守序law,太阳sun,召唤summoning,战争war
  次要领域MINOR SPHERES:创造Creation,预言divination,元素 elemental(土earth 和 水water),守卫guardian,动物animal,治疗healing,死灵necromantic,保护protection,时间time,气象weather
  魔法物品MAGICAL ITEMS:如同牧师Same as clerics
  熟练需求REQ. PROFS:礼仪Etiquette,现代语言modem languages (恩瑟语Untheric)
  熟练奖励BONUS PROFS:驭车Charioteering

  ❖ Only humans of Mulhorandi extraction can be sunhawks.

  ❖太阳之隼拥有许多与圣武士相同的特殊能力。他们在所有豁免检定上获得+2奖励;免疫所有类型的疾病(不包括兽化症Iycanthropy这样的魔法类型,但包括腐尸症mummy rot);能以按手礼进行治疗;能治疗疾病(但不能治疗诅咒);被保护灵光环绕着;能使用 圣剑 释放一道能量场。对这些能力的解释和它们在何时获得都在《玩家手册Player's Handbook》。对太阳之隼来说,标准圣武士的驱散不死和施展祭司法术能力都被普通祭司能力替换。标准圣武士侦测邪恶邪恶意图存在的能力被在穆尔霍兰德神系势力范围内随意使用,施展玛特试练(以专注)代替,但离开了穆尔霍兰德神系势力范围他们将恢复标准圣武士能力。太阳之隼不能召来一匹战马,但他们也无可以拥有的魔法物品数量和不保留财富的限制,不过他们必须什一奉献收入的25%给教会。他们遵循牧师在高等级时获得追随者的规则,但他们并无对追随者雇用上的限制,不过他们不能雇用邪恶阵营或行为者,也不能容忍邪恶行为。对太阳之隼来说,混乱与秩序的对立重要性较善良与邪恶的对立重要性低。
  ❖ Sunhawks have many of the same special abilities as paladins. They receive a +2 bonus to all saving throws, are immune to all forms of disease (not including magical forms such as Iycanthropy, but including mummy rot), can heal by laying on hands, can cure diseases (but not curse afflictions), are surrounded by an aura of protection, and can use a holy sword to project a circle of power. Explanations of these abilities and when they are acquired are covered in the Player’s Handbook. The normal paladin abilities to turn undead and cast priest spells are superseded for sunhawks by the usual priest abilities. The normal paladin ability to detect the presence of evil intent is superseded by the ability to cast test of maat at will (with concentration) while within the Mulhorandi pantheon's sphere of influence, but reverts to the normal paladin ability outside the Mulhorandi pantheon's sphere of influence. Sunhawks cannot call for a war horse, but they also are not restricted as to the number of magical items they may possess or in their ability to retain wealth, though they must tithe at least 25% of their income to the church. They follow the rules for clerics as to the gaining of followers at high levels, and they are not as restricted in their employment of henchmen, though they may not employ those of evil alignment or behavior and do not tolerate evil acts. Chaos vs. law is of lesser consequence to sunhawks than good vs, evil.

  ❖ Sunhawks can cause one finger to ignite or one eye to spit forth a minuscule flame so as to set fire to a candle, torch, lantern wick, oil, or prepared wood for a campfire. The flame cannot travel more than 10 feet. This ability cannot ever cause damage in and of itself, cannot be made to linger longer than one round, and does not ignite things not normally intended or prepared to be ignited. (For instance, it cannot be used to set an active opponent's clothes aflame.) They may use this ability up to three times a day.

  ❖每日1次,太阳之隼能施展 光亮术light(如同1级祭司法术)。
  ❖ Sunhawks can cast light (as the 1st-level priest spell) once per day.

  ❖在第5级,每日1次,太阳之隼能施展 恒久之光(如同3级祭司法术)。
  ❖ At 5th level, sunhawks can cast continual light (as the 3rd-level priest spell) once per day.

  ❖ At 7th level, sunhawks can make three attacks every two rounds.

  ❖在第10级,太阳之隼能以类似于德鲁伊的 形体变化shapechange 方式,形体变化 为隼或变回正常形态。然而,太阳之隼只能变为隼形态,且每日只能使用1次。
  ❖ At 10th level, sunhawks can shapechange into a hawk and back to their normal form in a similar fashion to the way that a druid can shapechange. However, sunhawks can only assume a hawk form and can only do so once a day.

  ❖ At 13th level, sunhawks can make two attacks every round.

  ❖在第15级,每日1次,太阳之隼能施展 太阳射线(如同7级祭司法术)。
  ❖ At 15th level, sunhawks can cast sunray (as the 7th-level priest spell) once per day.

  ❖在第20级,每旬1次,太阳之隼能施展 苏斯德尔战车chariot of Sustarre(如同7级祭司法术)。
  ❖ At 20th level, sunhawks can cast chariot of Sustarre (as the 7th-level priest spell) once per tenday.

荷鲁斯-雷教派法术Horus-Rethan Spells

1 st Level

玛特试练Test of Maat

  (祭司Pr 1;预言Divination)

  施法时间Casting Time:1 round
  影响区域Area of Effect:特殊Special
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

This spell has two distinct uses, one of which must be chosen during spellcasting.

  在其原始版本中,玛特试练 能发现其影响区域内(即一条10呎宽、120码长的走廊)任何生物的不公、不名誉、混乱、原罪。这道法术效果的持续时间是 1 回合 + 5 轮/级。角色阵营(或者,更确切地说,与秩序和善良精神的背离)如果真得能的话,也只会间接地暴露出来。这道法术的主要作用是揭示生物是否与玛特理念一致——也就是说,他们是否与诸神和平共处,过着幸福的生活。玛特试练 将(间接地)注意到某人是否主动地冒犯了荷鲁斯-雷,譬如:给赛特或塞贝克上贡;对祭司举止不尊重;糟糕地对待奴隶;等等等等。若有多人处于影响范围内,祭司必须有5级或更高的等级才能区分每个个体的状态;否则,这群人将被以平均值看待。9级或更高等级的祭司才能感觉到某个个体身上的不和谐程度和它的自然天性。祭司必须聚精会神——停步、保持安静然后专注地试图侦测玛特的灵光——持续至少1轮才能得到解读。法术的这个方面只有在穆尔霍兰德神系的地理影响范围内才能起作用。
In its primary form, a test of maat discovers emanations of injustice, dishonor, disorder, and sin from any creature within its area of effect, a corridor 10 feet wide and 120 yards long. The duration of this spell effect is 1 turn+5 rounds/level. Character alignment (or, more precisely, deviation from the ethos of law and good) is revealed only indirectly, if at all. The primary effect of this spell is to reveal whether a creature is accordance with the concept of maat—that is if they are at peace with the gods and living a happy life. A test of maat registers (indirectly) whether the person has performed activities offensive to Horus-Re such as providing offerings to Set or Sebek, acting disrespectfully to priests, treating slaves poorly, etc. If multiple individuals are within the area of effect, a priest must be of 5th level or greater to differentiate the status of each individual; otherwise the group is perceived as an average of sorts. The degree of discord in an individual and its general nature can be sensed by a priest of 9th level or higher. The priest must concentrate—stop, have quiet, and intently seek to detect the aura of maat—for at least one round to receive a reading. This aspect of the spell only functions within the geographic sphere of influence of the Mulhorandi pantheon.

  在其备用版本中,玛特试练 法术允许这位祭司决定一件在道德上模棱两可的预期行为是否属于玛特的限制之内。在这个版本中,在 玛特试练 施展时,祭司为自己(也可能包括一些伴侣)想象一套可能的行动方案。根据预想的行为是否将背离玛特的限制,施法者将立即接收到一种正面或负面的感觉,而这道法术的效果随后终结。以这种 玛特试练 版本得到答案的基础概率是100%。然而,荷鲁斯-雷鼓励他的追随者独立思考的能力,当两次之间间隔少于10天时,他较少会响应请求来提供建议。在两次施展这道法术之间,间隔较10天每少1日,应答概率减少10%。举例来说,若在本次施展之前,这个版本的 玛特试练 的最后1次使用是在3天前,便有70%的概率无应答。
In its alternative form, a test of maat spell allows the priest to determine whether or not a morally ambiguous contemplated action falls within the strictures of maat. In this form, when a test of maat is cast, the priest imagines a possible course of action for himself or herself (and possibly some companions). The spellcaster immediately receives a positive or negative feeling as to whether or not the contemplated action would violate the limits of maat, and the spell effect ends immediately thereafter. There is a base 100% chance of receiving an answer to this form of test of maat. However, Horus-Re encourages his followers' ability to think for themselves and is less responsive to requests to provide advice that occur less than a tenday apart. For every day less than 10 that has yet to pass between castings of this spell, the base chance of not receiving a response increases by 10%. For example, if this form of a test of maat was last used three days ago prior to the current spellcasting, there is a 70% chance of not receiving a response.

The material component for this spell is the priest's holy symbol held over his left eye with his right hand.

2nd Level

风暴之声Storm voice

  (祭司Pr 2;变化Alteration)

  持续时间Duration:1 轮round
  施法时间Casting Time:5
  影响区域Area of Effect:特殊Special

  豁免检定Saving Throw:通过即无效Neg.

This spell enables the caster to speak with the voice of a storm. The caster can be heard clearly at 10 times normal distance. All creatures within a 20-foot radius of the caster must roll successful saving throws vs. spell or be deafened for 1d4 rounds and be knocked from their feet.

3rd Level

火眼术Eye of Fire

  (祭司Pr 3;塑能Evocation)

  距离Range:30 码 + 10 码/级30 yards+10 yards/level
  施法时间Casting Time:6
  影响区域Area of Effect:1 只生物One creature
  豁免检定Saving Throw:1/2

When the casting priest points at the target creature (who the priest must be able to see) and utters the Mulhorandi word for vengeance, this spell causes a blazing beam of fire to emit from the priest's left eye. The beam burns with the intense heat of the sun. A creature struck by the narrow beam of flame suffers 1d4 points of damage per level of experience of the priest, up to a maximum of 10d4. Undead creatures suffer 1d6 points of damage per level of the priest, up to a maximum of 10d6. A creature who fails its saving throw vs. spell suffers full damage, while one who succeeds manages to dodge partially out of the way and suffers only half damage.

  这道强烈的热线能点燃易燃物品或融化其它物品。若目标生物在对抗 火眼术 效果的豁免检定失败,他所穿戴或携带的物品需要进行对抗魔法火焰的豁免检定,来决定它们是否会被点燃或融化,但豁免成功的生物拥有的物品不受影响。
The intense beam of heat can ignite combustible items or melt other items. Items worn or carried by a target creature who fails its saving throw against the effects of eye of fire require saving throws vs. magical fire to determine if they bum or melt, but items in the possession of a creature who succeeds at its saving throw are unaffected.


  (祭司Pr 3;变化Alteration)

  距离Range:60 码yards
  持续时间Duration:1 轮/级round/level
  施法时间Casting Time:6
  影响区域Area of Effect:1 只生物One creature
  豁免检定Saving Throw:通过即无效Neg.

在法术的持续时间内,中暑术 使得目标遭受高温中暑效果。在遭受中暑的效果时,目标的身体体温每轮上升1华氏度,直至最高达到比常温高8°。
Sunstroke afflicts the target with the effects of heat stroke for the duration of the spell. While suffering from the effects of insolation, the target's internal body temperature rises by 1° Fahrenheit per round, to a maximum of 8° higher than normal.

Undead and creatures immune to heat or fire are totally unaffected by this spell. Cold-blooded animals simply move slower and slower. For every degree of increased temperature, cold-blooded creatures have a -1 penalty to initiative.

Warm-blooded creatures display increasingly feverish side effects while under the effects of this spell. For every degree of increased temperature, warm-blooded creatures suffer 1 point of damage and suffer a -1 penalty to their attack, damage, saving throw, and initiative rolls, to a maximum penalty of -5. If the target's tody temperature rises 6° or more above normal, the target is wracked by convulsions and cannot attack, defend, or cast spells. If the target s body temperature rises 8° above normal, it immediately lapses into a coma and cannot be revived until the spell effect expires.

  成功的对抗法术豁免检定将立即使这道法术失效。目标在法术施展时和之后的每隔1轮有权进行豁免检定。当 中暑术 施展时,目标身上生效的 忍受炎热endure heat 法术将授予目标在其豁免检定上的+1奖励;抵抗火焰resist fire 为+3;防护火焰protection from fire 则直接赋予对这道法术效果的免疫。
A successful saving throw vs. spell negates this spell immediately. Targets are entitled to a saving throw when the spell is cast and once every second round thereafter. An endure heat spell in effect on the target when sun stroke is cast grants the target a +1 bonus to its saving throw; a resist fire grants the target a +3 bonus; and a protection from fire grants immunity to the spell's effects.

  中暑术的效果能通过 驱散魔法dispel magic移除诅咒remove curse移除疾病cure disease治疗术heal 法术立即停止。其它治疗法术无效。
Sunstroke's effects can be halted immediately by means of a dispel magicremove cursecure disease, or heal spell. Other healing spells have no effect.

The material components of this spell are the priest's holy symbol and a small piece of flammable material (paper, cloth, dry wood).

4th Level



  距离Range:10 码/级yards/level
  持续时间Duration:1 小时/级hour/level
  施法时间Casting Time:7
  影响区域Area of Effect:30 呎立方体-foot cube
  豁免检定Saving Throw:通过即无效Neg.}}

  这道法术将在目标的脑海中创造一道难以捉摸的 海市蜃楼,它在地平线上发出着令人信服的召唤,但无论他们怎么前行,距离看上去都未接近。不同于同名的光学现象,通过这道法术创造的幻象不局限于只能描绘一池水。相反,通过这道法术,施法者能创造几乎任何他想要的图像。
This spell creates an elusive mirage in the minds of its targets that beckons convincingly from the horizon, but never seems to draw closer no matter how they proceed. Unlike the optical phenomenon of the same name, an illusion created by means of this spell is not restricted to the depiction of a pool of water. Instead, by means of this spell, the spellcaster can create nearly any image he desires.

  海市蜃楼 受制于几个限制。它必须展现在地平线上,不过方向由这位祭司决定。它所占有的地平线不能超过超过45°弧线(无论垂直还是水平)。海市蜃楼 看上去总是显得模糊、在热浪中闪闪发光。
A mirage is subject to several constraints. It must appear on the horizon, although the direction is up to the priest. It cannot occupy more than a 45° are of the horizon (vertically or horizontally). A mirage always appears fuzzy and appears to shimmer in the heat.

  在施展时,任何影响范围内的目标必须进行对抗法术豁免检定,否则将看见 海市蜃楼。即便目标并未朝着 海市蜃楼 的方向,他们的视界边缘的角落也会出现闪烁,迫使他们进行必要的豁免检定。若条件不适合使得远处的物体变得模糊和使它们看上去闪闪发光,那么法术效果中的每个人都在豁免检定上得到+5奖励。那些豁免检定成功的人在地平线上看不见任何异常。而那些豁免检定失败者,看见施法者想象出来的 海市蜃楼,并在法术效果存续期间无法确信它不存在。
When cast, any targets within the area of effect must make a saving throw vs. spell or perceive the mirage. Even if a target is not facing in the direction of the mirage, a flicker appears in the comer of their peripheral vision, requiring them to make the requisite saving throw. If conditions are not appropriate for rendering distant objects fuzzy and for making them appear to shimmer, everyone within the spell effect receives a +5 bonus to their saving throws. Those who succeed at their saving throws see nothing unusual on the horizon at all. Those who fail their saving throws see the mirage envisioned by the spellcaster and cannot be convinced it does not exist while the spell effect persists.

  此外,若海市蜃楼 描绘的东西非常令人向往(譬如在沙漠中的水塘),具体由DM裁决,任何在初次豁免检定中失败者的人必须进行无上述奖励调整的二次豁免检定,否则在法术持续时间内将立刻觉得必须前往 海市蜃楼
In addition, if the mirage depicts something very desirable (such as a pool of water in a desert), as adjudicated by the DM, anyone failing the first saving throw must make a second saving throw vs. spell without the bonus mentioned above or immediately feel compelled to head toward the mirage for the duration of the spell.

  成功的 驱散魔法dispel magic 法术将立即终结这道法术的效果。
A successful dispel magic spell ends this spell effect immediately.

The material components of this spell are the priest's holy symbol and several drops of water flicked into the air.

6th Level

死亡诅咒Dying Curse

  (祭司Pr 6;防护Abjuration)

  持续时间Duration:永久直至被解消Permanent until dispelled
  施法时间Casting Time:2 回合turns.}}   影响区域Area of Effect:特殊Special
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无None

  当祭司施展 死亡诅咒 时,他们将为自己未来的死亡复仇。任何杀死了祭司的人,即便这位祭司在之后被复活了,依然将成为无豁免的 高等诅咒major curse (因此,这道 高等诅咒 将自动永久化)的受害者。只有 祈愿术wish移除灾厄remove bane 法术能移除这道诅咒。(见奈芙蒂斯Nephthys关于 高等诅咒 法术的条目)
When priests cast a dying curse spell, they are avenging themselves against future death. Anyone who kills the priest, even if the priest is later resurrected, becomes the victim of a major curse with no saving throw (thus the major curse is automatically permanent). Only a wish or remove bane spell can remove this curse. (See the entry on Nephthys for the major curse spell.)

7 th Level


  (祭司Pr 7;防护Abjuration) 可逆Reversible

  持续时间Duration:永久直至被解消Permanent until dispelled
  施法时间Casting Time:9
  影响区域Area of Effect:1 只生物creature
  豁免检定Saving Throw:特殊Special

  当祭司施展 灾厄术 法术时,他将在目标身上降下一道极其强大的诅咒。在施展这道法术后,这位祭司必须在1回合内成功接触到期望的目标,否则法术将无效地结束。若这位祭司接触到了目标,目标将获得豁免检定。若豁免检定成功,受害者将受到一道极其可怕的诅咒,只能由神祇施展的 移除诅咒remove curse 法术或凡人施展的 移除灾厄reverse bane许愿术wish 移除。若施法者在豁免检定中失败,将在所有攻击和伤害检定上遭受-5惩罚,与此同时对手对这位受害者的攻击骰将获得+5奖励。此外,受害者在对抗所有豁免检定上将自动失败,对其的所有攻击自动造成最大伤害。
When a priest casts a bane spell, she or he bestows an extremely powerful curse on a target. After casting the spell, the priest must successfully touch the intended target within one turn or the spell ends ineffectively. If the priest makes contact, the target gets a saving throw. If the saving throw is successful, the victim receives a curse of dire proportion that only a remove curse spell cast by a deity or a reverse bane or a wish cast by a mortal can remove. If the victim fails the saving throw, she or he suffers a -5 penalty to all attack and damage rolls while opponents receive a +5 bonus to their attack rolls against the victim. In addition, the victim automatically fails all saving throws and all attacks against him or her cause maximum damage.

  这道法术的逆向版本,移除灾厄,将移除除了持续时间为立即的诅咒效果外,任何诅咒类法术的效果(包括 降咒术bestow curse高等诅咒major curse灾厄术bane 和其它类似法术)。(举例来说,在一伙人打开了一张被诅咒的卷轴而被传送出来后,它不会将这伙人传送回地下城。)
The reverse of this spell,reverse bane, removes the effect of any curse-type spell (including bestow cursemajor cursebane, and other similar spells) except for instantaneous curse effects. (For example, it does not teleport a party back to the dungeon after they have opened a cursed scroll that teleported them out.)