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【音   标】SAHV-ras
【头   衔】全见者The All-Seeing,全见之人the All-Seeing One,预言魔法之主Lord of Divination Magies,第三只眼的那个人He of the Third Eye,预言者The Diviner
【阵   营】LN
【神   力】M→L→D→Dead→?
【神   职】预言Divinations,预言魔法divination magic,预言者diviners,命运fate,真相truth,真相的叙述者truth-speakers
【神   系】FR泛费伦神系Faerûnian Pantheon
【主   神】阿祖斯Azuth密丝特拉Mystra午夜Midnight
【盟   友】阿祖斯Azuth密丝特拉Mystra午夜Midnight
【敌   对】巴尔Bhaal班恩Bane希瑞克Cyric莱拉Leira马斯克Mask塔洛斯Talos
【神   国】世外桃源Arcadia/2th 火星天堂Buxenus眼之域The Eye
【徽   记】其中舞跃着类型众多、数量难以计数眼睛的水晶球Crystal ball in which dance countless eyes of many different types
【相关 神器】萨弗拉斯权杖Scepter of Savras
【简   介】预言之神 萨弗拉斯Savras 据说曾为凡人。被称作全见者的他被认为洞知一切的过去与未来。在第一代魔法女神密丝瑞尔陨落、重生为第二代女神密丝特拉的过程中,他与阿祖斯决斗并落败,被囚入萨弗拉斯权杖,在漫长的监禁中从弱等神沦为了半神。
动荡之年后双方达成和解,他以从神的身份重获自由。之后于1385 DR死于奥法之劫

<Powers & Pantheons.p047>萨弗拉斯Savras


  (全见者The All-Seeing,全见之人the All-Seeing One,预言魔法之主Lord of Divination Magies,第三只眼的那个人He of the Third Eye,预言者The Diviner)

  世外桃源半神力(从前弱等) Demipower (formerly Lesser) of Arcadia,

  神职PORTFOLIO:预言Divinations,预言魔法divination magic,预言者diviners,命运fate,真相truth,真相的叙述者truth-speakers
  神域名DOMAIN NAME:火星天堂Buxenus眼之域The Eye
  徽记SYMBOL:其中舞跃着类型众多、数量难以计数眼睛的水晶球Crystal ball in which dance countless eyes of many different types
  信徒阵营WOR. ALIGN.:守序善良LG,中立善良NG,守序中立LN,绝对中立N,混乱中立CN,守序邪恶LE

被遗忘的预见Foresight Forsaken


  长久以来,奥秘女士the Lady of Mysteries 一直是位在 诸国度the Realms 各地被崇拜的神秘人物。对于那些尊崇魔法的人来说,没什么能如 咒文女士the Lady of Spells 那样美丽。在她从 密丝瑞尔Mystryl 的消逝中苏醒、重生为 密丝特拉Mystra 的过程中,有两位相互竞争的掷法者在谋求 众魔法之母the Mother of All Magic 的眷顾(有些人甚至说,他们竞逐的是她的爱意)。
The Lady of Mysteries has long been an enigmatic figure worshiped throughout the Realms. To those who revere magic, there is none so beautiful as the Lady of Spells. In the wake of Mystryl's death and rebirth as Mystra, two rival spell-hurlers sought the favor (and some say even the hand) of the Mother of All Magic.


  这两位法师中,年轻的那位是鲁莽而强大的 阿祖斯Azuth,他为强大而无节制的魔法之美欣喜;与此同时,两人中年长的那位,熟思而内省的 “全见者”萨弗拉斯Savras the All-Seeing,则不浪费哪怕一个法术,他了解在魔法的精妙运用中的美。多年来,在两者的争斗中没有哪位法师占到了上风,不过双方的力量都在稳固地增长。虽然萨弗拉斯做的精心准备在最开始足以迫使阿祖斯处于守势,但 咒文之主the Lord of Spells 随着时间推移的反击,证明了他对 魔网the Weave 更胜一筹的掌控。在那撕裂了一座山脉、创造了一泊深湖的战斗高潮,阿祖斯最终粉碎了对手的防御,将萨弗拉斯的本质监禁在他制造的一件魔法神器(后来被称为 萨弗拉斯权杖Scepter of Savras)中。因这些,他成为了 至高者the High One 和密丝特拉的首任 传道法师Magister,并在之后由密丝特拉赞助成为了一位神明。
The younger of the two wizards was the brash and powerful Azuth, who delighted in the power and unbounded beauty of magic, while the older of the pair was the deliberate and introspective Savras the All-Seeing, who wasted nary a single spell and saw beauty in magics precise application. For years the duo fought with neither wizard gaining the upper hand, but both steadily gaining in power. While Savrass careful preparation was initially enough to put Azuth on the defensive, the Lord of Spells battled back over time, demonstrating his superior mastery of the Weave. Azuth finally shattered his rival's defenses in a climactic battle that split a mountain and created a deep lake, lie imprisoned Savrass essence within a magical artifact of his construction that came to be known as the Scepter of Savms. With this act he became the High One and the first Magister of Mystra, later to be sponsored by her to become a god.

  即便是在萨弗拉斯战败后,贤者们仍然推测 全见之人the All-Seeing One 必定预见了他自己的失败。如果这是真的,或许萨弗拉斯在计划将自己的失败,作为为在长期策略中取胜的一次佯攻。这事具体如何只有他有发言权,而他拒绝对此进行评论。
Ever since Savras's loss, sages have speculated that the All-Seeing One must have foreseen his own defeat. If this is true, perhaps Savras planned his own defeat as a feint in a long-term ploy for victory. Only he can say, and he refuses to speak on it.

Savras (SAHV-ras) is believed to know all that has happened and all that will occur. Some claim that he guides the forces of fate, while others believe he is cursed to know all of history but is unable to affect its flow.

  萨弗拉斯是位很久以前的 南方the South 神祇,他在 哈鲁阿Halruaa都帕Durpar依斯塔刚德Estagund丹布雷斯Dambrath黄金瓦尔Var the Golden、(小规模地在)卡林珊Calimshan泰瑟尔Tethyr、和 安姆Amn 被崇拜。他曾如阿祖斯般强大,并且很大程度上分享着相同的神职:侍奉密丝特拉,魔法之女神的巫师。他们的争斗正值 黎明之灾the Dawn Cataclysm(或是在其不久后),萨弗拉斯最终战败了。阿祖斯成为了独一的法师之神,全见之人的本质则被囚禁在阿祖斯制造的一件神器(后来被称之为 萨弗拉斯权杖)中。(这件圣物详述见《瓦罗的所有魔法物品指南Volo's Guide to All Things Magical》)。
Savras was a long-ago god of the South who was worshiped in Halruaa, Durpar, Estagund, Dambrath, and Var the Golden, with small pockets in Calimshan, Tethyr, and Amn. He was once as powerful as Azuth and shared much of the same portfolio:mages in the service of Mystra, goddess of magic. The two contended during or slightly after the Dawn Cataclysm, and Savras fell. Azuth became the one god of wizards, and the All-Seeing One's essence was imprisoned in an artifact of Azuth's construction that came to be known as the Scepter of Savras. (See Volo's Guide to All Things Magical for details on this relic.)

The Lord of Spells, as Azuth was thereafter known, intended to keep the scepter in which Savras was imprisoned as his staff of office. Although reduced to demipower status, Savras was still powerful enough to block Azuth's divination abilities and teleport his prison into the Realms where it passed beyond Azuth's reach.

  在全见之人在被囚禁于这件圣物期间,萨弗拉斯的崇拜者日渐减少,为他们神的失踪和来自阿祖斯追随者的嘲弄而沮丧。他最后一位值得注意的崇拜者是 “先知”阿兰多Alaundo the Seer,他揭示了世界将应验的唯一梦境,而因此阿兰多是诸国度唯一的真正先知。
While the All-Seeing One was imprisoned in the relic, Savras's worshipers slowly dwindled, disheartened by the disappearance of their god and pilloried by the followers of Azuth. His final worshiper of note was Alaundo the Seer, to whom he revealed only visions that would come true, and thus Alaundo is the only true prophet of the Realms.

  终于,萨弗拉斯权杖 落入了 七姐妹the Seven Sisters 之一,希伦·银手Sylune Silverhand 手中。她使用了这个神器相当长的一段时间,而无视了萨弗拉斯释放他的请求。在揭示了密丝特拉认为最好不应让凡人知晓的、诸神们的秘密行动后,希伦最终将权杖还给了阿祖斯。
Eventually the Scepter of Savras past into the hands of Sylune Silverhand, one of the Seven Sisters. She employed the artifact for quite some time, ignoring Savras's entreaties to be freed. Sylune finally returned the Scepter to Azuth after uncovering secret doings of the gods that Mystra deemed it better for mortals not to know.

  在重获这件圣物后,阿祖斯发现了对萨弗拉斯的漫长监禁给自己造成的困扰。动荡之年Time of Troubles 后,以萨弗拉斯宣誓对至高者的效忠为交换,法师的守护神the Patron of Wizards 同意了萨弗拉斯释放他的要求。今日萨弗拉斯是位(尽管感到窘迫地)服侍阿祖斯的半神力。这两位神力似乎正谨慎地发展友谊和正式的神职划分。
After reacquiring the relic, Azuth found himself troubled by Savras's long imprisonment. Following the Time of Troubles, the Patron of Wizards agreed to Savras's request to be released in exchange for a pledge of fealty by Savras to the High One. Today Savras is a demipower who serves Azuth, albeit uneasily. The two powers seem to be cautiously working toward friend-ship and a formal division of portfolios.

Some sages and devout defenders of the All-Seeing One believe that Savras deliberately lost his battle with Azuth, having chosen the more favorable outcome in the long-run. The followers of Azuth hotly contest any such implication. Some lorebooks recount that Azuth was the victor because his personal drive and passionate nature at the time complemented the restraint of Mystra, and she favored him over Savras, who was more cautious and distant like herself. Many sages who have studied the relation-ships of the powers in the past find this to be not an unlikely premise, since previous to his ascending to godhood Mystra had favored Azuth by naming him the first Magister.

  全见之人是位谨慎、讲究逻辑的神力,他花费漫长时间在沉默中冥思。他鄙弃着想要掩盖真相的任何人或任何神力,因此他只要有机会,都会反对 希瑞克Cyric马斯克Mask(外加以前的 莱拉Leira)。他也讨厌残酷的毁灭和没有尽头的杀戮,所以 巴尔Bhaal 发现他对自己并不友好,而他对于 塔洛斯Talos 也仍然是如此。班恩Bane 令人难以忍受的傲慢(连同他的邪恶行为)让萨弗拉斯恨地牙痒痒,而那些表现出傲岸的骄傲与自大者同样会惹怒他。他同时侍奉着阿祖斯和密丝特拉,他服侍前者的理由是出于对他们协议的尊重、以及一种对他们之间的远古竞争的遥敬;而他服侍后者的理由,则是出于职责、以及一种错位的爱慕,他将她作为已不再的初代密丝特拉的人格,后者只要在场就能温暖他的灵魂。
The All-Seeing One is a cautious, logical power given to long intervals of meditative silence. He despises anyone or any power who would obscure the truth, and thus he opposes Cyric and Mask (and opposed Leira) at every opportunity. He also dislikes brutal destruction and killing for no end, and so Bhaal found him no friend, and Talos still does not. Bane's insufferable arrogance set Savras's teeth on edge (along with his evil behavior), and those who display overweening pride and arrogance still irk him. He serves Azuth to honor their agreement and a distant respect for their ancient rivalry and Mystra out of duty and a sort of misplaced affection, as the personality of the first Mystra, whose very presence warmed his spirit, is no longer.

Savras's statements are clear, precise, and rarely what the listener wants to hear. He always speaks the absolute truth, and in cases where the truth is a matter of perspective, he reveals all sides of the truth. There is little compassion or emotion in Savras's actions or demeanor, but sages speculate this seemingly emotionless facade is merely a front for a power who cares deeply about the fate of the Realms but finds himself relatively helpless to change its destiny.Savras almost never loses his temper, but when he does, his wrath is dreadful.


萨弗拉斯的化身Savras's Avatar

  (预言师Diviner 25,牧师Cleric 25)

Savras appears as a human male of advancing years with a crystalline visage, clear to all who see him. A third crystalline eye winks with an inner light on his smooth brow. A sort of hush follows him about, and extraneous noise seems to fade into the background in his presence. The All-Seeing One favors spells from the spheres of divination, numbers, and thought and the school of divination, although he can cast spells from any sphere or school.

  防御等级 -2;移动 15;生命值 166;零级命中值 4;#攻击 1次
  伤害 1d10
  魔抗 70%;体型 大型L(10英尺)
  力量 13,敏捷 19,体质 22,智力 24,感知 24,魅力 15
  法术 牧师P:13/12/12/12/12/10/4,法师W:6/6/6/6/6/6/6/6/5*
  豁免 麻痹、毒素与死亡魔法 2;权杖、法杖与魔杖 3;石化或变形 5;喷吐武器 7;法术 4
  AC -2; MV 15; HP 166, THAC0 4;#AT 1
  Dmg 1d10
  MR 70%; SZ L (10 feet)
  Str 13, Dex 19, Con 22, Int 24, Wis 24, Cha 15
  Spells P:13/12/12/12/12/10/4, W:6/6/6/6/6/6/6/6/5*
  Saves PPDM 2, RSW 3, PP 5, BW 7, Sp 4
    *Numbers assume one extra divination spell per spell level.

特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Def:

  在施展后,萨弗拉斯能够无限期地维持来自预言学派或预言领域的法术。萨弗拉斯的水晶球——真世先知Truthseer,同时地存在于密丝特拉的图书馆(即便是在萨弗拉斯不在那时)和萨弗拉斯的神域名——眼之域The Eye(位于 火星天堂Buxenus)。它能向密丝特拉揭示萨弗拉斯所知晓的任何事,或者如果她或阿祖斯提问了,它也能进行探测。有时萨弗拉斯会赋予那些对他格外奉献、或是在履行某项他自己、阿祖斯、或密丝特拉的使命的凡人,查看 真世先知 的特权。那些窥视过它的凡人们从未谈论过从中目睹的内容,但他们的人生每每已被改变。
Savras can maintain any spell from the school of divination or sphere of divination indefinitely after casting it. Savras's crystal ball,Truthseer, resides both in Mystra's library (even when Savras is not there) and in Savras's home domain, The Eye (on Buxenus), simultaneously. It can reveal anything to Mystra that Savras knows or can determine if asked by her or Azuth. The privilege of looking within Truthseer has sometimes been allowed by Savras to mortals especially devoted to him or on a mission for himself, Azuth, or Mystra. What is seen by mortals within its depths has never been spoken of by those who have gazed within it, but it has always changed their lives.

Savras can see any event in that occurred in the past and all possible futures. There is a 75% chance that he can anticipate any opponent's actions far enough in the future to counter them. This enables him to automatically dodge missile attacks, the first melee attack in a round, or spell effects (effectively always making his saving throw vs. target effects and area-of-effect spells that there is any room to escape and taking only one-quarter damage in cases where a saving throw is for half damage). He is also easily able to exploit an opponent's weaknesses and gains a +1 bonus to his attack and initiative roll for each consecutive round he has engaged an opponent after the first.

At his will, the touch of the All-Seeing One paralyzes mortal opponents with indecision (in addition to inflicting damage, if Savras wishes) as they are overwhelmed with all alternate futures that may result from any decision they reach. This effect lasts 2d6+2 rounds and no saving throw is al-lowed. During this time, the victim of Savras's touch is helpless to attack or defend himself or perform any other mental or physical activity.

Savras is immune to all charm-type and illusion/phantasm spells or spell-like abilities, even of a divine nature.


其祂显现Other Manifestations

Savras commonly manifests as a single unwinking eye that always seems to stare directly at anyone viewing it. Savras can cast any spell or create any spell-like effect available to his avatar from this manifestation. The All-Seeing One sometimes manifests as a vision of the future or the past. Such visions always contain some pearl of insight, but their meanings are typically uncertain and obscure.

  萨弗拉斯通过 水蛋白石water opals、白珍珠white pearls、或 蓝水晶blue quartz 的被发现,展现他的眷顾,通过 帕西多云母石psaedros (一种在大部分占卜中毫无价值的物质)粉末的展现,展现他的不悦。预言之主the Lord of Diviners 被 demaraxes、pers、旁观者眼魔、术法幽魂spellhaunt、和法师阴魂wizshades,以及有着正常外观、但神秘地能说话的动物(特别是印花布色或全灰的猫、哈叭狗、鱼和鸟)侍奉着。
Savras shows his favor through the discovery of water opals, white pearls, or blue quartz and his displeasure through the revealing of powdered psaedros (a substance worthless in most divinations). The Lord of Diviners is served by demaraxes, pers, spectators, spellhaunts, and wizshades, and by normal-seeming animals that mysteriously speak, especially calico and all-gray house cats, lap dogs, fish, and birds.
译注:Psaedros — the name by which lepido- lite is known in the Realms; it is a soft pink to mauve mica rock used in low- priced carving.

教会The Church

  神职人员Clergy:牧师Clerics,专属祭司specialty priests,预言师diviners,武僧monks
  神职阵营Clergy's Align.:守序善良LG,守序中立LN,守序邪恶LE,中立善良NG,绝对中立N
  驱散不死Turn Undead:牧师C:可,若为善良或中立;专属祭司SP:可;预言师Div:不可;武僧Mon:不可
  支配不死Cmnd. Undead:牧师C:可,若为邪恶;专属祭司SP:不可;预言师Div:不可;武僧Mon:不可

  萨弗拉斯的所有牧师、专属祭司和武僧得到 宗教知识religion(泛费伦Faerûnian)作为非武器专攻奖励。
All clerics, specialty priests, and monks of Savras receive religion (Faerûnian) as a bonus nonweapon proficiency.

Savras is little known in the Realms outside of the coterie of diviners and fortunetellers. Those outside the ranks of his faithful who know of the All-Seeing One typically hold him in poor regard. Savras's penchant for speaking the truth, even when it is unlooked for, have earned him more foes than allies. In addition, the clergy of Azuth have long contributed to sullying Savras's name. Only in recent years has the church of Azuth moderated its invectives against Savras. With the resurgence of Savras's faith in the aftermath of the Time of Troubles, priests of the All-Seeing One have begun a campaign to improve their deity's standing in the Realms.

Shrines and temples of the All-Seeing One are typically dominated by a giant, sacred statue of Savras carved from white marble seated atop an onyx dais in meditative repose. The Lord of Diviners is always portrayed with his palms upward in a gesture of supplication and with blank eyes gazing from a placid face. In the center of the idol's brow is a crystalline third eye that is often reputed to have magical powers. Savras's statues are often placed in large halls dominated by titanic columns and accessed by circular portals and windows which close and open like an iris. The walls of the All-Seeing One's temples are inscribed with countless hieroglyphics depicting alien landscapes and events in the distant past or future scryed by the temple's diviners.

  在萨弗拉斯被长期监禁期间,因为他的神职人员们无法得到祈祷的回应并且逐渐地死去,他的信徒减少到了只剩一些个专精法师预言师。紧随着他从萨弗拉斯权杖的被释放,萨弗拉斯补充了被称作 神谕者sibylites 的专属祭司(占大部分)和武僧充作他的神职人员。目前,被统称为 卜者divinators 的萨弗拉斯神职人员,约65%是专属祭司,5%是牧师,15%是武僧,剩下的是专精法师预言师。初修士被称作真相探求者Truth Seekers。从低到高,萨弗拉斯神职人员中的祭司被称为 真相叙述者Truth Speakers、学者Savants、学士Scholars、贤者Sages、洞见者Clairvoyants、预言者Soothsayers、预告者Prophesier、先知Prophets、以及 神谕Oracles。更高阶的祭司拥有自己的独特头衔,这是一项开始于萨弗拉斯被监禁的诸世纪期间的传统。
During the long imprisonment of Savras, his faithful dwindled to a few specialist wizard diviners, as his clerics received no answer to their prayers for centuries and gradually died out. Upon his release from the Scepter of Savras, Savras has added mainly specialty priests, known as sibylites, and monks to his clergy. Currently about 65% of the clergy of Savras, known collectively as divinators, are specialty priests,5% are clerics,15% are monks, and the remainder are specialist wizard diviners. Novices are known as Truth Seekers. In ascending order, priests in the clergy of Savras are known as Truth Speakers, Savants, Scholars, Sages, Clairvoyants, Soothsayers, Prophesiers, Prophets, and Oracles. Higher-ranking priests have their own unique titles, a tradition begun during the centuries of Savras's imprisonment.


The blindness of mortals is the origin of all folly. Search for the truth in all things great and small and conceal nothing. Speak only the truth, for lies and misdirection, even for benign motives, are the root of all sorrow. Be not paralyzed by indecision, but take no action without analyzing the implications. Hasty actions and decisions are rarely more beneficial than well thought out strategies which are revised as necessary. Mortals who employ only their two common eyes are essentially blind. Savras provides the third blessed eye, allowing both foresight and hind-sight, so that mortals can access the omniscience of the gods. It is not wrong to use the knowledge that Savras gives to help yourself and your church, but caution should be employed in furthering the goals of others as part of their agenda may be hidden. Seek for the hidden motive before you act, and damage not the whole of the realm in which you live out your mortal life.

日常活动Day-to-Day Activities:

Divinators begin and end their days with extended sessions of peaceful meditation. Much of their daily activities are involved with foretelling the future or studying the past and dealing with the consequences of what they learn. Of necessity, Savras's clergy engages in extended strategy sessions to analyze the implications of future events and plan accordingly. Some followers of the All-Seeing One wander the Realms uttering prophecies, while other seek out remote locations to reside and become oracles. A few are employed as truth speakers and serve the legal system of various cities and kingdoms as expert witnesses, magistrates, or judges.

圣日/重要仪式Holy Days/Important Ceremonies:

  月宴节the Feast of the Moon 被萨弗拉斯的追随者作为 幻视日Vision 庆祝。据观察,在这个圣日上所有萨弗拉斯虔诚的追随者会进行24小时持续的冥想。在某些神殿里,冥想会在桑拿或蒸汽浴中进行,与此同时在其他的地方,冥想会在熏香的雾气中进行。每个参与这个长达一日的仪式的崇拜者,将得到一段来自全见之人的异象作为回报。此类异象的受益人被期望遵照这些预言的知识行动,否则将面临触怒萨弗拉斯的风险。
The Feast of the Moon is celebrated by the followers of Savras as the Vision. This holy day is observed by every devout follower of Savras with 24 hours of continuous meditation. In some temples the meditation occurs in a sauna or steam bath, while in others it occurs amidst a haze of incense. Each worshiper who participates in the day-long ceremony is rewarded with a vision from the All-Seeing One. Beneficiaries of such visions are expected to act in accordance with this prescient knowledge or risk Savras's wrath.

主要崇拜中心Major Centers of Worships:

  自从萨弗拉斯被解放以来,全见天球之屋the House of the All-Seeing Orb 在 塔斯鲁塔Tashluta 兴旺发达,成为了全见之人最显赫的神殿,虽然位于烛堡Candlekeep的萨弗拉斯神龛仍然是信徒们的朝圣地。远见者the Farseer,可以说是 扎拉索姆Zalathorm(哈鲁阿的法师之王the Wizard-King of Halruaa)之后诸国度最强大的预言师,以一种蔓延而复杂地管理着全见天球之屋。作为上千位学者的家园,这座神殿容纳了 预言学院the College of Divination、天体天文台the Celestial Observatory 以及 终极真理图书馆the Library of Ultimate Truth。诸国度所使用的许多的魔法探知设备、和相当多较新的预言学派法师法术,是在这座神殿被制造或研发的。全见天球之屋的神职人员与 黑夜拥抱之屋the House of Night's Embrace 的 塔洛娜Talona 神职人员存在长期的竞争,并且经常致力于揭穿那个邪恶教派的阴谋。在近些年,神殿的预言师发现了酝酿于附近从来间的一个巨大威胁的线索,并开始雇佣冒险者去调查。(更多详述见 塞斯Sseth 条目。)
Major Centers of Worships:The House of the All-Seeing Orb in Tashluta has risen in prominence since Savras's release to become the preeminent temple of the All-Seeing One, though the shrine of Savras at Candlekeep is still a place of pilgrimage to the faithful. The House of the All-Seeing Orb is a sprawling complex administered by the Farseer, arguably the most powerful divinator in the Realms after Zalathorm, the Wizard-King of Halruaa. Home to over a thousand scholars, the temple houses the College of Divination, the Celestial Observatory, and the Library of Ultimate Truth. Many of the magical scrying devices and quite a few of the newer wizard spells classified in the school of divination employed in the Realms were constructed or researched at this temple. The clergy of the House of the All-Seeing Orb have a longstanding rivalry with Talona's clergy in the House of Night's Embrace and often work to expose that evil sect's schemes. In recent years, the temple's diviners have found hints of a large danger brewing in the neighboring jungles and have begun to hire adventurers to investigate. (See the entry on Sseth for more details.)

  萨弗拉斯在 北地the North 已知活跃唯一一座神龛坐落于烛堡,萨弗拉斯最著名的仆人,先知阿兰多从前的家。池与镜之厅the Hall of Pools and Mirrors 隐藏在 内部房间the Inner Rooms(那里贮藏着烛堡最强大的魔法卷册)里。这座上古的神龛由 女先知远瞻the Sibylline Farsight 管理着,除了她作为 八名大阅读者the eight Great Readers 之一的职责外,她还是位高等级的神谕者。正如它的名字,这座大厅里排列着无数的魔法和非魔法探知装置,包括望远镜、魔镜、池塘以及水晶球。至少有三颗水晶球被认为是一种奇怪的巫妖变体,这一变体被称作水晶巫妖crystalich,当一位强大的预言师或神谕者事实上将他的本质一件探知装置中,并变为了一颗有知觉的水晶球时将创造它。这些强大的水晶巫妖能随意探知诸国度里、或是横贯这个位面的几乎所有地方,并能施展法术在他们所观察的任何地方。
Savras's only known active shrine in the North is located in Candlekeep, the former home of Savras's most famous servant, Alaundo the Prophet. Hidden amidst the Inner Rooms, where Candlekeep's most powerful magical tomes are stored, is the Hall of Pools and Mirrors. This ancient shrine is administered by the Sibylline Farsight, a high-level sibylite, in addition to her duties as one of the eight Great Readers. As befits its name, the Hall is lined with countless magical and nonmagical scrying devices, including telescopes, magical mirrors, pools, and crystal balls. At least three of the crystal balls are believed to be a strange variant of liches, known as crystaliches, created when a powerful diviner or sibylite actually merges his essence into a scrying device and becomes a sentient crystal ball. These powerful crystaliches can scry nearly any where in the Realms or across the planes at will and can cast spells at any place they observe.

  在 杜南·流浪者Durnan the Wanderer海拉斯特堡Halaster's Hold 的废墟上建立了 呵欠大门the Yawning Portal 大约20年后,一座失落已久的萨弗拉斯神殿,在深水Waterdeep城地下的 地脉迷城Undermountain 深处,被 红狼冒险团the Company of the Red Wolf 发现。这支队伍的最后一位逝世的成员是战士 贾狄斯Jardis,在这位战士摔死在 入口之井the Well of Entry 底部后,一位被遗忘已久的祭司通过一道 死者交谈speak with dead 讯问了他。贾狄斯的幽灵透露这支队伍发现了一座500年前的全见之人神殿,并盗窃了 萨弗拉斯的第三只眼the Third Eye of Savras,那是一颗魔法力量未知的无价水晶。根据这位痛苦的幽灵,这座失落的神殿在水晶被盗后大部分崩塌了,而第三只眼因在冒险团返回地表为它发生的战斗而失落。萨弗拉斯的神职人员据说在雇佣冒险者,去探索地脉迷城寻找这座失落的神殿和这件神圣的圣物,因为 海拉斯特Halaster 的附魔到隔绝了他们目前为止的占卜效果。
A long-lost temple of Savras was discovered by the Company of the Red Wolf in the depths of Undermountain beneath Waterdeep nearly 20 years after Durnan the Wanderer established the Yawning Portal over the ruins of Halaster's Hold. The last member of the band to die, the warrior Jardis, was interrogated via a speak with dead spell by a long-forgotten priest after the fighter fell to his death at the bottom of the Well of Entry. Jardis's shade revealed that the band had found a 500-year-old temple of the All-Seeing One and stolen the Third Eye of Savras, a priceless crystal with unknown magical powers. According to the bitter shade, much of the lost temple had collapsed upon the theft of the crystal, and the Third Eye had been lost as the company battled its way back to the surface. The clergy of Savras are said to be hiring adventurers to explore Undermountain in search of the long-lost temple and the holy relic, as Halaster's enchantments have so far blocked their scrying efforts.

从属组织Affiliated Orders:

  女先知姊妹会the Sibylline Sisterhood 一个附属机构,由漫游于 费伦大陆Faerûn 西部,以适当的费用为富人和穷人提供预言和揭示幻象的女性神谕组成。(这一费用看上去根据接受者的相对财富变化。)姊妹会所揭示的幻象通常准确无误,但也往往是如此模糊,而只能在事后才有所帮助。大部分女预言者都是低等级的神谕者,但有少许是强大的冒险者。她们都有保护自己的能力,并且看上去总是预料到对他们的攻击、并制定相应的计划。姊妹会仍在讲述一位清秀的年轻侍祭的故事,后者预测到了那晚的一场可能的“致命”遭遇,进而雇佣了半支 阿斯布莱温的红斗篷the Red Cloaks of Asbravn 保护自己——来对付某位倒霉透顶的扒手。
The Sibylline Sisterhood is an affiliation of female oracles who wander western Faerûn dispensing prophecies and revealing visions for a modest fee to rich and poor alike. (The fee seems to vary depending upon the relative wealth of the recipient.) Visions revealed by the Sisters are usually accurate but often so clouded as to be helpful only in hindsight. Most of the Sibyls are low-level sibylites, but a few are powerful adventurers. All are capable of defending themselves, and they always seem to anticipate attacks upon their person and plan accordingly. The Sisters still tell the tale of one comely young acolyte who predicted a potentially fatal encounter that night and recruited half of the Red Cloaks of Asbravn to defend her—against a down-on-his-luck cutpurse.

祭司的祭服Priesdy Vestments:

Priesdy Vestments:Divinators of Savras garb themselves in pale yellow robes with a depiction of their power's holy symbol sewn to their chest. They wear simple sandals on their feet and a colored sash of muted hue tied around their waist. All of Savras's clergy tattoo a depiction of the third eye of Savras on their brow. High-ranking and wealthy priests have clear or white crystals or gemstones of some value bonded to their brows in the centers of their tattoos.

冒险装束Adventuring Garb:

When adventuring, divinators tend to cloak themselves with the protection of powerful warriors, eschewing armor and edged weapons. Savras's clergy are the quintessential planners, typically using their divination skills to anticipate every need. As a result, they often bring along an unusual assortment of gear when adventuring—to the general amusement of their companions. However, the oddments they haul along invariably fill a crucial niche


专属祭司Specialty Priests(神谕者

  职业需求REQUIREMENTS:智力Intelligence 11,感知Wisdom 14
  主要属性PRIME REQ.:智力Intelligence,感知Wisdom
  武器WEAPONS:任意钝击武器(类型B) Any bludgeoning (wholly Type B) weapons
  主要领域MAJOR SPHERES:共通All,星界astral,魅惑charm,预言divination,医疗healing,守序law,数字numbers,太阳sun,思想thought,时间time
  次要领域MINOR SPHERES:创造Creation,守卫guardian,死灵necromantic,保护protection,气候weather
  魔法物品MAGICAL ITEMS:如同牧师,外加任何类型的探知或预言用魔法物品(例如 水晶球crystal balls)Same as clerics plus the use of any magical items allowing scrying or divination of any type (such as crystal balls)
  熟练需求REQ. PROFS:古代历史或本地历史Ancient history or local history
  熟练奖励BONUS PROFS:占星术Astrology,盲战blind-fighting

  ❖除了祭司法术外,神谕者还能施展来自预言学派的法师法术。这些法术如该神谕者是同级预言师那样的运作。举例,3级神谕者能如3级预言师那样施展法师法术。神谕者通过祈祷,而非通过学习和记忆来获得他们的法师法术,并为来日的使用选择法师法术作为使用的祭司法术潜在备选。(换句话说,法师法术占用祭司法术位。)神谕者在16级可访问8级法师法术,在第18级可访问9级法师法术。神谕者必须感知18或以上,智力16或以上方能获权访问9级法师。如果该神谕者能够获得高等级法师法术,那么每个8级法术占用1个6级祭司法术位,而每个9级法术占用7级祭司法术位。神谕者总是能够阅读卷轴上或法师法术书上的预言法术,如同她们通晓 阅读魔法read magic (但从法术书上学习法术对她们而言没有用处。)不超过该神谕者的可用法术总数的3/4(向下取整)的法术能作为法师法术。
  ❖ Sibylites may cast wizard spells from the divination school in addition to priest spells. These spells are cast as if the sibylite were a diviner of the same level. For example, a 3rd-level sibylite casts wizard spells as a 3rd-level diviner. Sibylites pray for their wizard spells instead of studying to memorize them, and chosen wizard spells replace priest spells potentially available for use that day. (In other words, the wizard spell occupies a priest spell slot,) Sibylites gain access to 8th-level wizard spells at 16th level and 9th-level wizard spells at 18th level. A sibylite must have a Wisdom of 18 or higher and an Intelligence of 16 or higher to gain access to the 8th-level spells, and a Wisdom of 18 or higher and an Intelligence of 18 or higher to gain access to the 9th-level spells. If a sibylite is able to gain high-level wizard spells, every 8th-level spell prayed for occupies a 6th-level priest spell slot and every 9th-level spell prayed for occupies a 7th-level priest spell slot. Sibylites are always able to read divination spells on scrolls or in wizard spellbooks as if they knew read magic (but studying spells from a spellbook is useless to them). No more than three-quarters of a sibylite’s total number of spells available (round down) can be taken as wizard spells.

  ❖每日1次,神谕者能施展 占卜术augury(如同2级祭司法术)或 鹰眼术clairvoyance(如同3级方式法术)。
  ❖ Sibylites can cast augury (as the 2nd-level priest spell) or clairvoyance (as the 3rd-level wizard spell) once per day.

  ❖在第3级,每日1次,神谕者能施展 侦测谎言detect lie(如同4级祭司法术)或 治疗盲聋cure blindness(如同3级祭司法术 治疗目盲或耳聋cure blindness or deafness)。
  ❖ At 3rd level, sibylites can cast detect lie (as the 4th-level priest spell) or cure blindness (as the 3rd-level priest spell cure blindness or deafness) once per day.

  ❖在第5级,每日1次,神谕者能施展 真知术true seeing(如同5级祭司法术)或 法师之眼wizard eye(如同4级法师法术)。
  ❖ At 5th level, sibylites can cast true seeing (as the 5th-level priest spell) or wizard eye (as the 4th-level wizard spell) once per day.

  ❖在第7级,每日1次,神谕者能施展 魔法池magic font(如同5级祭司法术)或 倒映池reflecting pool(如同4级祭司法术)。
  ❖ At 7th level, sibylites can cast magic font (as the 5th-level priest spell) or reflecting pool (as the 4th-level priest spell) once per day.

  ❖在第10级,每日1次,神谕者能施展 推导术consequence(如同5级祭司法术)。
  ❖ At 10th level, sibylites can cast consequence (as the 5th-level priest spell) once per day.

  ❖ At 10th level, sibylites can no longer be surprised in combat. The do not automatically gain a psychic knowledge of any impending attack, but when an attack occurs, their actions are not delayed by surprise.

  ❖ At 13th level, sibylites can no longer be sneaked up on. They cannot be backstabbed or pounced on unawares.

  ❖ At 15th level, sibylites can automatically penetrate all disguises, spells, and abilities disguising or changing a being's actual shape to see its true form. Even blind sibylites may do so; they receive a mental image of the true nature of a being when they turn the remnants of their visual organs upon any creature.

萨弗拉斯教派法术Savrathan Spells

1st Level


  (祭司Pr 1;预言Divination)

  距离Range:200 码
  持续时间Duration:1 轮/级
  施法时间Casting Time:4
  影响区域Area of Effect:1 个存在
  豁免检定Saving Throw:特殊

  这道法术让祭司能够预见某个单一生物未来两轮的行动。每3个经验值等级,施法者可以预见的目标行动将增加一轮,直至上限的4轮。举例来说,1~2级祭司能预见法术目标接下来2轮的行动,而3~5级祭司则能预见法术目标接下来3轮的行动。为了让法术生效,施法的祭司必须能够看见目标或是读取它的心灵(通过使用 阅读心灵mind read超感药剂potion of ESP 等等)。
This spell enables the priest to foresee the actions of a single creature two rounds into the future. For every three levels of experience, the caster can predict the actions of the target an additional round into the future to a limit of four rounds. For example, a 1st- or 2nd-level priest could foresee the actions of the spell target in the following two rounds, while a 3rd-,4th-, or 5th-level priest could foresee the actions of the spell target in the following three rounds. The casting priest must be able to see the target or read its mind (through the use of mind read, a potion of ESP, etc.) for the spell to work.

  受益于预见术法术的祭司不会因目标生物的任何行动而措手不及。举例来说,若祭司预见了目标将施展 火球术fireball 法术,可以饮用 抗火药剂potion of fire resistance。遇见到目标将发起任何类型物理攻击的施法者,将在他们的AC上得到+4奖励,这个奖励仅针对目标被预见的攻击行动。施法者也在对抗诸如区域效果法术和吐息武器的豁免检定得到+4奖励,不过在通常无权进行豁免检定的情况下,他们并不会因此得到豁免检定的机会。
Priests benefiting from a foresight spell cannot be surprised by any action of their target creatures. For example, if a priest foresees that the target will cast a fireball spell, he could quaff a potion of fire resistance. Spellcasters who perceive the target will make any sort of physical attack receive a +4 bonus to their AC for that attack only as they anticipates their opponent's maneuver. Casters also receive a +4 saving throw bonus vs. attacks such as area-of-effect spells and breath weapons but do not gain a saving throw where there is normally none granted.

If casters reveal their visions in any fashion that the targets of their spells can understand, the targets may adjust their actions accordingly. For example, if a spellcaster shouts “Everyone take cover, the wizard is casting a lighting bolt!”, the wizard can change her spell selection. However, if the priest shouts in elvish and the enemy wizard does not speak elvish but the priest’s comrades do, the effects of the foresight spell are unaffected.

The target of this spell is entitled to a secret saving throw vs. spell when this spell is cast. If the saving throw is failed, the priest receives a true vision. If the saving throw is successful, the spellcaster receives no benefit and the spell is wasted. If the target rolls a 1, the spellcasting priest receives a false vision. This gives affected spellcasters a -4 penalty to their AC and saving throws for any predicted attacks they try to deliberately avoid.

The material components for this spell are the priest's holy symbol, a miniature silver hourglass filled with fine white sand worth at least 50 gp, and a small piece of amber. Only the last is consumed in the casting.

3rd Level

忧忡愿景Haunted Visions

  (祭司Pr 3;预言Divination,附魔/魅惑Enchantment/Charm)

  距离Range:30 码
  持续时间Duration:2d4+2 轮
  施法时间Casting Time:6
  影响区域Area of Effect:1 个存在
  豁免检定Saving Throw:特殊

This spell afflicts the target with the ability to see every possible consequence of every decision it may make. The multitude of overlapping visions perceived by the target are nearly incapacitating, since every possible action might result in disaster somewhere down the line.

  在这道法术被开始施展时,目标必须成功通过对抗法术豁免检定来完全避免它的影响。若豁免检定失败,忧忡愿景将持续完整的持续时间,除了以 解除魔法dispel magic 或类似魔法外,无法提前终止。
When this spell is first cast, the target must succeed at a saving throw vs. spell to completely avoid its effects. If the saving throw is failed, then the haunted visions lasts for the complete duration and cannot be ended except with the use of a dispel magic incantation or similar magics.

  在经历交叠重合的 忧忡愿景 时,法术目标不能以超过正常步行速度1/4的速度更快地移动、总是丧失先攻、并且在需要进行突袭骰的情况下总是被突袭。目标无法施法,并且只有在成功进行一次对抗法术豁免检定后才能发起一次成功的物理攻击。目标的所有这些攻击都在命中上受到-2惩罚。此外,法术目标在 忧忡愿景 的持续时间内, AC和豁免检定受到-2惩罚。
While experiencing overlapping haunted visions, the target of the spell cannot move faster than one-quarter his or her normal walking movement rate, always loses initiative, and is always surprised in situations where a surprise roll is warranted. Spellcasting is impossible, and the target can only make a successful physical attack if she or he succeeds at a saving throw vs. spell. All such attacks are made with a -2 penalty to hit. In addition, the target of this spell receives a -2 penalty to his or her Armor Class and saving throws for the duration of the haunted visions.

The material components for this spell are the priest's holy symbol and a puff of smoke. The latter is usually generated by a match or torch and must be blown in the general direction of the spell target during the spellcasting.

6th Level

全见水晶球All-Seeing Crystal Ball

  (祭司Pr 6;预言Divination,转化Alteration)

  持续时间Duration:1 天/级
  施法时间Casting Time:1 回合
  影响区域Area of Effect:特殊
  豁免检定Saving Throw:特殊

  这道法术让施法者能够创造一颗直径大约6英寸的水晶球体,它拥有 水晶球crystal ball (如《地下城主指南Dungeon Master Guide》中详述)的全部力量。此外,这位祭司还能通过 全见水晶球 来施展任何来自次等或高等预言学派、以及预言领域的法术(若同时属于其它学派或领域则不可)。在使用 全见水晶球 时,与其它普通 水晶球 相关的限制同样适用于这位施法者。
This spell enables the spellcaster to create a crystal sphere about 6 inches in diameter with all of the powers of a crystal ball, as described in the Dungeon Master Guide. In addition, the priest can cast any spell solely from the schools of lesser or greater divination or the sphere of divination through the all-seeing crystal ball. All other strictures associated with normal crystal balls apply to the spellcaster when employing an all-seeing crystal ball.

  15级或以上等级的施法者能创造 锐耳术全见水晶球all-seeing crystal ball with clairaudience。17级或以上等级的施法者能创造 超感全见水晶球all-seeing crystal ball with ESP。19级或以上等级的施法者能创造 心灵感应全见水晶球all-seeing crystal ball with telepathy (只可用于沟通)。这些造物有着与同名魔法物品相同的能力,以及在通过它们施展上面提到的预言法术时,强化对应法术的能力。
Spellcasters who are 15 th level or above can create an all-seeing crystal ball with clairaudience. Spellcasters who are 17th level or above can create an all-seeing crystal ball with ESP. Spellcasters who are 19th level or above can create an all-seeing crystal ball with telepathy (communication only). These creations have the same abilities as the magical items of the same name, as well as the improved capability for casting divination spells through them mentioned above.

The material components of this spell are the priest's holy symbol and a ball of snow and ice or a pile of fine sand of the volume of a 6-inch sphere.