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萨茹拉·艾莱恩Sarula Iliene,水妖精女王
Sarula Iliene&Mythrien Sarath
【头   衔】水妖精女王The Nixie Queen
【阵   营】CG
【神   力】L
【神   职】湖泊Lakes,溪流streams,水妖精nixies,水魔法water magic
【神   系】席德瑞恩诸神the Seldarine
【主   神】瑞里芬·莱勒菲Rillifane Rallathil
【盟   友】埃达丝Eldath席德瑞恩诸神The Seldarine(尤其是 瑞里芬·莱勒菲Rillifane Rallathil深海·赛悉拉Deep Sashelas)
【敌   对】卓尔神系the Drow Pantheon兽人神系the Orc Pantheon空暗女王The Queen of Air and Darkness
【神   国】奔放之野Arborea/1th 奥林匹斯Olympus阿梵多国度Arvandor布里斯奈尔湖The Brythanion
【徽   记】三道蓝线,每道都有着顶饰点Three blue lines with three crested points each(象征着海浪to symbolize waves)
【简   介】萨茹拉·艾莱恩Sarula Iliene 是水妖精女王和水魔法的女神,她与瑞里芬·莱勒菲的关系犹如父女。

2e<Dragon 251.p031>萨茹拉·艾莱恩Sarula Iliene

萨茹拉·艾莱恩Sarula Iliene

  (水妖精女王The Nixie Queen)

  奔放之野弱等神力Lesser Power of Arborea,

  神职Portfolio:湖泊Lakes,溪流streams,水妖精nixies,以及 水魔法water magic
  神域名Domain:阿梵多国度Arvandor布里斯奈尔湖The Brythanion
  主神Superior:瑞里芬·莱勒菲Rillifane Rallathil
  盟友Allies:埃达丝Eldath席德瑞恩诸神The Seldarine(尤其是 瑞里芬·莱勒菲Rillifane Rallathil深海·赛悉拉Deep Sashelas
  敌对Foes:卓尔神系Drow pantheon/兽人神系orc pantheon空暗女王The Queen of Air and Darkness
  徽记Symbol:三道蓝线,每道都有着顶饰点(象征着海浪)Three blue lines with three crested points each(to symbolize waves)
  信徒阵营Wor. Align.:任意(善良G/中立N 优先)

  萨茹拉Sarula 是位弱等自然神祇,作为确保其在 席德瑞恩诸神the Seldarine 中地位的手段,她与精灵的自然神明 瑞里芬Rillifane 缔结了联盟。祂们表现的就像父女一样,但她与 深海·赛悉拉Deep Sashelas 也存有一种特殊关系,因为她所掌控的大部分的水大部分最终流向了海洋(并进入了他所掌控的区域)。据说,萨茹拉从 艾德莉Aedrie 播撒的雨露中收集水,并将它们给予深海·赛悉拉,但除此外祂们之间没有其它的什么。(赛悉拉的配偶,海豚女神 特芮西娜Trishina 是位警惕的爱人,她确保了他的关怀不会更进一步。)
Sarula is a lesser nature deity who has allied herself with the elven god of nature, Rillifane, as a means of securing her place in the Seldarine. They act more like a father and daughter, but she also has a special relationship with Deep Sashelas, for much of the water she rules over eventually flows to the sea (and into his area of control). It is said that Sarula collects water from Aedrie's rain showers to give them to Deep Sashelas, but there's nothing more to it than that. (Sashelas' consort, the dolphin goddess Trishina, is a watchful lover and makes sure that his attentions never go further.)
  萨茹拉是一位安静的女神,但她并不像她的好友 埃达丝Eldath 那样的被动。她会毫不犹豫地发起洪水来淹没敌人的军队,或是竖起水墙来保护她的信徒。她居住在 阿梵多国度Arvandor 中一座被称为 布里斯奈尔湖The Brythanion 的庞大湖泊的湖底。在那里,水妖精和各种淡水生物,以及她最虔诚的祭司们侍奉着她。
Sarula is a quiet deity but not as passive as her friend Eldath. She has no qualms about sending floods to drown enemy armies nor to erecting walls of water to protect her faithful. She resides in Arvandor at the bottom of a huge lake called Brythanion, within a glass and marble palace. There she is served by nixies and other creatures found in fresh water, as well as her most devoted priests and priestesses.

Sarula Iliene&Mythrien Sarath

教会The Church

  神职人员Clergy:牧师Clerics,专属祭司Specialty priests,潜修者mystics,水法师water wizards
  神职阵营Clergy’s Align.: 混乱善良CG,中立善良NG,混乱中立CN,绝对中立N
  驱散不死Turn Undead:牧师C:不可;专属祭司SP:不可;潜修者Mys:不可;水法师WW:不可
  支配不死Cmmd Undead:牧师C:不可;专属祭司SP:不可;潜修者Mys:不可;水法师WW:不可

  牧师和专属祭司占据了教会的大部分(60%~85%),剩下的则为潜修者或选择了专精水魔法(因为那是其神职的一部分)的法师。该信仰未被观察到有特殊的圣日,只有在当需要恩泽或是避免自然灾害是时,才会宣布献祭的时间。在那时,她们将穿上有蓝色波浪绣的黑色长袍(潜修者和水法师则的波浪分别为灰色和绿色),并将精心准备的瓮中的精灵葡萄酒献祭她们的神明——先施展一道 净化水purify water 法术在酒上,以使其符合萨茹拉的要求,然后倾倒入河流或湖泊中。其它被观察到的事件有年长祭司的去世、新首领的决出、或是信众孩子的出生。除了会装备臂章和防具外,在战争时期她们的着装几乎没有变化。她们的宗旨是监视河川和其它淡水的源头,以确保它们不受污染,并保护精灵和其他人,不会在她们选择监护区域内的水域中或附近,遭遇灾祸。
Clerics and specialty priests make up the majority of any given church (60%-85%), the rest being mystics or elemental wizards who have chosen to specialize in water magic (since it's part of her portfolio). There are no particular holy days to be observed, only times of offering to be declared when a boon is needed or a natural disaster to be averted. At such times they don black robes with blue waves embroidered upon them (gray and green waves for mystics and water wizards, respectively), and they offer elven wine in carefully prepared urns to their god— a purify water spell is cast upon the wine in order to make it suitable to Surula, thenars poured into the river or lake. Other events to be observed are the deaths of elder priests, the rise of new leaders, or the birth of children to those within the faith. Their attire changes little in times of war, except to don arm bands and arrmor. Their aim is to watch over the rivers and other sources of freshwater to ensure they remain unpolluted, and to protect elves and others from suffering ill fates in or near water that lies within their chosen area of guardianship.

专属祭司Specialty Priests(溪流照管人Brooktenders

  职业需求Requirements:感知Wisdom 12
  关键属性Prime Req.:感知Wisdom
  武器Weapons:匕首Dagger,飞镖dart,网net,矛spear,短剑short sword
  防具Armor:皮甲Leather,精灵甲elfin chain,或 锁环甲ring mail(最多maximum)
  主修领域Major Spheres:共通All,动物Animal,魅惑Charm,预言Divination,元素(水)Elemental (Water),治疗Healing,保护Protection
  次要领域Minor Spheres:动物Animal,植物Plant,召唤Summoning,太阳Sun,旅者Travelers
  魔法物品Magical Items:如同牧师,外加所有水生魔法物品
  熟练需求Rhq. Profs.:游泳Swimming
  熟练奖励Bonus Profs.:现代语言Modern languages——这位祭司能从以下中选择两样:蜥蜴人Lizard man,水妖精Nixie,食人魔Ogre(水生Merrow),巨魔Troll(淡水freshwater)

  ❖每日1次,溪流照管人能侦测淡水的存在,并施展净化水 或 造水术create water
  ❖ Once per day, a brooktender can detect the presence of freshwater and can cast purify water or create water.

  ❖溪流照管人在对抗基于水的魔法的豁免检定上得到+2奖励,并且免疫 溺死之杯bowl of watery death 的诅咒效果。
  ❖ A brooktender gains a +2 bonus on saves vs. water-based magic and is immune to the cursed effects of the bowl of watery death.

  ❖ At 3rd level, a brooktender can breathe (fresh) water at will.

  ❖在第5级,每日1次,溪流照管人能在淡水中正常行动(如同 行动自如free action 法术)。
  ❖ At 5th level, a brooktender can act normally while in freshwater (as free action spell) 1/day.

  ❖在第7级,每日1次,溪流照管人施展 水上行走water walk水墙术
  ❖ At 7th level, a brooktender can cast water walk or wall of water 1 /day.

  ❖在第9级,除非先遭到了这位祭司的攻击,否则水元素拒绝攻击溪流照管人。此外,每日1次,溪流照管人能 移水术move water部分化水part water
  ❖ At 9th level, water elementals refuse to attack a brooktender unless first attacked by the priest. Also, the brooktender can move water or part water 1/day.

  ❖在第11级,溪流照管人能变得 与水一体one with the water。本质上,这是一种 御风而行wind walk(一道7级法术)的水生变体,授予其在水中的90%隐形和24的游泳速度。该能力每日可使用1次,每次持续每级1小时。
  ❖ At 11th level, brooktenders can become "one with the water." In essence, this is the aquatic version of wind walk (a seventh-level spell), granting him 90% invisibility while in water and a swimming movement rate of 24. This ability can be used once per day for one hour per level.

  ❖在第13级,溪流照管人能在重伤或死亡的精灵身上援引 水妖精女王的治疗之触the Healing Touch of the Nixie Queen。这位祭司必须将蒙受者带到湖边,施展一道 祈祷术prayer,然后把蒙受者浸入水中。无论是否有水妖精生活在那里,都会有一群水妖精魔法般地出现,带走蒙受者,并消失2-7天。在时间结束时,水妖精们将带着蒙受者归来。若蒙受者在被带走时因失去生命值而濒死、或是在失去了身体部分,在其归来时将被完全治愈并再生。
  ❖ At 13th level, brooktenders can invoke the Healing Touch of the Nixie Queen upon critically wounded or dead elves. The priest must bring the recipient to the edge of a lake, cast a prayer spell, then take the recipient into the water. Regardless of whether nixies live there, a contingent of nixies magically appears, takes the recipient, and disappears for a period of 2-7 days. At the end of that time, the nixies bring back the recipient. If the recipient was near death from loss of hit points or missing body parts when taken, he fully healed and regenerated.