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1eFR<EotS.p061>蜘蛛沼泽Spider Swamp

Spider Swamp

  蜘蛛沼泽Spider Swamp 是一小块平坦、肮脏、恶臭的洼地,位于 瓦罗谭普城Volothamp阿姆瑞汶城Almraiven 之间的 光辉海岸the Shining Sea Coast。两条来自 米尔森林the Forest of Mir 向南延伸的舒缓小河,与沼泽之内的几口泉眼,共同形成了这片沼泽。沼泽植被茂密,包括蔓生着爬满苔藓的丝柏、香柏和其它树木。茂盛的植被令这片沼泽黑暗、影影绰绰,炎热、潮湿而无风。沼泽散发着腐烂的恶臭,卡林珊人Calishites 在提及时经常称它为“地狱第十层Tenth Plane of Hell”。他们并不知道,这个笑话距离真相有多近。
Spider Swamp is a flat,foul,fetid patch of lowland on the Shining Sea Coast between Volothamp and Almraiven. It is fed by two small,sluggish rivers extending south from the Forest of Mir,as well as several springs in the swamp itself. The swamp is thick with vegetation, including sprawling, moss-covered cypresses,cedars,and other trees. The result is a shadowy,dark swamp that is still hot,humid,and breezeless. It reeks of decay,and is often referred to by Calishites as the “Tenth Plane of Hell”. They do not know just how close that jest is to the truth.

  蜘蛛沼泽亦是一片彻底邪恶之地,充斥着巨蜘蛛、蛇、鬼火、有毒的蟾蜍、巨黄蜂、以及各种形状和类型的次级恶魔。所有这些生物,都听命于一位名为 赞阿苏Zanassu恶魔领主Demon Lord 的控制。
The Spider Swamp is also a throughly evil place,filled with giant spiders, snakes,will-o.-wisps,poisonous toads, giant wasps,and minor demons of many shapes and descriptions. All of these creatures are under the control of a Demon Lord named Zanassu.

  赞阿苏现身为巨蜘蛛的形态,15英尺横穿、6英尺高,而被他的大部分臣民简单地称作 蜘蛛恶魔the Spider Demon。除了蜘蛛沼泽的居民外,蜘蛛恶魔也魅惑了附近城市瓦罗谭普的许多领导人(见前述)。赞阿苏的描述如下:
Zanassu appears in the form of a great spider,15. across and 6. high,and is simply called the Spider Demon by most of his subjects. In addition to the denizens of Spider Swamp,the Spider Demon has charmed many of the leaders of the nearby city of Volothamp (see description above). Zanassu’s description is as follows:

  防御等级ARMOR CLASS:-2
  生命骰HIT DICE:103 hp
  在巢穴中概率% IN LAIR:60%
  攻击次数NO. OF ATTACKS:1次
  特殊攻击SPECIAL ATTACK:毒素Poison(见后)
  阵营ALIGNMENT:混乱邪恶Chaotic Evil
      攻击/防御模式Attack/Defense Modes:零/零
  等级/经验回报LEVEL/X.P. VALUE:X/48,000

The Spider Demon's bite requires a saving throw vs. poison at -4. A failed throw results in instant death;even if the saving throw is made,3-18 points of damage is taken.

Zanassu is immune to poison,and takes only half damage from cold- and electricity- based attacks. He is not affected by non-magical weapons (even silver), though non-magical cold iron weapons will do half damage. Magical cold iron weapons get a +2 damage bonus. He saves as a 30th-level magic-user against all attacks (including magical ones that get past his 75% magic resistance).

  除了所有恶魔所拥有的特殊力量外,随意使用,每次1道、每轮1次,蜘蛛恶魔还能如30级施法者使用以下类法术力量:魅惑怪物charm monster魅惑人类charm person支配术command黑暗术darkness(15英尺半径)、侦测善良detect good侦测隐形detect invisible次元门dimension door侦测魔法dispel magic飞行术fly隐形术invisibility知晓阵营know alignment防护善良(10英尺半径)protection from good (10- foot radius)怪物交谈术speak with monsters心灵遥控telekinesis(达5,000gp)、传送术teleport,以及每日1次,邪言unholy word
In addition to the powers typical to all demons,the Spider Demon can at will, one at a time,once per round,use at the 30th level the following spell-like powers:charm monstercharm personcommanddarkness (15-foot radius),detect gooddetect invisibledimension doordispel magicflyinvisibilityknow alignmentprotection from good (10- foot radius),speak with monsterstelekinesis (up to 5,000 gp),teleport,and unholy word once per day.

  每天最多各3次,赞阿苏能以异界之门gate召唤以下类型的恶魔:1-4 Type I,80% 成功率;1-2 Type III,50% 成功率;1 Type VI,10% 成功率;1-6只 巴布魔Babau,75%成功率;1-10只 恐鹫魔Chasme,80%成功率;以及 1-4只 怯魔Dretch,30%成功率。每轮1次,蜘蛛恶魔也能根据其意愿召唤1-20只6种类型中任意的蜘蛛(巨蜘蛛、超大蜘蛛、大蜘蛛、相位蜘蛛、巨水蜘蛛、以及巨海蜘蛛)。这些蜘蛛永久出于赞阿苏的控制下,直到他被杀、或者自愿将它们释放。
Zanassu can gate in the following types of demons,up to three times per day per type:1-4 Type I,80% chance of success;1-4 Type II,60% chance;1-2 Type III,50% chance;1 Type VI,10% chance;1-6 Babau,75% chance;1-10 Chasme,80% chance;and 1-4 Dretch, 30% chance. The Spider Demon can also summon,once per round,1-20 of any of the six types of spiders (Giant, Huge,Large,Phase,Giant Water,and Giant Marine) he wishes. These spiders are under the permanent control of Zanassu,and remain until he is killed or voluntarily releases them.

  若赞阿苏被弑,10年内他将不能返回 主物质位面the Prime Material Plane。然而,在放逐期结束时,他肯定会回来复仇。
Should Zanassu be killed,he will not be allowed to return to the Prime Material Plane for 10 years. At the end of that time,however,it is certain he will return to exact his revenge.