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  行星名PLANET NAME:赫卡斯星球H'Catha
  行星类型PLANET TYPE:平坦世界水体Flat world water body
  逃逸时间ESCAPE TIME:2 回合turns
  卫星SATELLITES:2 卫星moons
  日长DAY LENGTH:无限Infinite
  岁长YEAR LENGTH:2004 个月months
  人口分析POPULATION ANALYSIS:眼魔Beholders.
    太阳The Sun
       16 亿英里
       16 天航程
       15.5~16.5 亿英里
       15.5~16.5 天航程
       15~17 亿英里
       15~17 天航程
       14~18 亿英里
       14~18 天航程
       13~19 亿英里
       13~19 天航程
       12~20 亿英里
       12~20 天航程
       6~26 亿英里
       6~26 天航程
       4~28 亿英里
       4~28 天航程
       16 亿英里
       16 天航程


  这颗距 太阳The Sun 最远的行星是片中央有座高耸山峰的平坦水世界。这片遍及行星、异常清澈的水域有300英里深。水体的边缘逐渐变薄、笼罩在云雾之中,因为存在从这颗行星上坠落的可能性非常高,所以降落异常危险。
This planet, the farthest from the Sun, is a flat water world with a tall mountain in the center. The surprisingly clear water is 300 miles thick throughout the planet. The waters edge is tapered and shrouded in mist and fog, making it very dangerous to approach because the possibility of falling off the world is very high.

The water of this flat world constantly falls off the edge as well. When this happens, the water immediately turns to steam and collects at the worlds edge and under the planet. This obscures the edge, making it impossible to see. The culture that lived here before the beholders took over lost three ships trying to prove that the world was round. Inadvertently, they proved otherwise.

  在 赫卡斯星球H'Catha 环绕着太阳时,它看上去很像一个轮子。在行星的其余部分在轨道上滚动时,轮轴山Spindle——大型中央山峰——始终对着太阳。这颗行星还有两颗卫星,它们沿着平面环绕着这颗行星。
As H'Catha revolves around the Sun, it looks very much like a wagon wheel. The Spindle—the large central mountain—constantly points to the Sun, while the rest of the planet rolls along in its orbit. The planet also has two moons which circumnavigate the planet along the flat plane.

  轮轴山直接位于这颗行星的中心。轮轴山在山脚时有200英尺粗,随着海拔上升越来越细、直至海拔1000英里的山顶。轮轴山是 国度Realms 中最高的山峰。
The Spindle is directly in the center of the planet. It is 200 miles thick at its base, but it tapers and thins to the very top, over 1,000 miles above the surface. The Spindle is the tallest mountain in the Realms' sphere.

The water in the flat section of the planet is home to a variety of life. Unfortunately, with the exception of the eye of the deep, most of the native aquatic life forms have fallen prey to the warfare between the various beholder races that have made this planet their home.


H'Catha is a cool planet, with a temperature of a constant 50 degrees. Because of the planet's revolution angle, the amount of daylight striking the planet never changes either. The two H'Catha moons never get in the way of the sun, because they revolve along the axis of the planet's orbital path.

停泊港Ports of Call:

The planet has several locations across the base of the Spindle where spelljamming ships of the beholders can dock. There is a total of six such docks, and every one of them is owned by a different species of beholder.

These beholders do not take kindly to their docks being used by other spelljamming races. If the trading goods are of the kind they desire, the ship is allowed to stay only until the trading is done. If there is nothing of use on the ship—and the beholders are hard to please—they insist the ship leave immediately, or pay the deadly consequence. The ports of one beholder species cannot be used by another, or else an immediate war breaks out.


The beholders allow the Arcane to dock whenever and wherever they choose. These odd humanoids are the ones who sell the beholders their ships, and thus their involvement is very important. Often, the beholders attack ships that enter their airspace, to steal their money and ships to finance the purchasing of their own spelljamming ships. This makes this area of space quite dangerous. Also, beholders do not normally take prisoners, unless the persons are spellcasters or excellent warriors.

The beholders love to purchase information regarding the activities of the other species of beholders. Their constant fight to gain species superiority over the others makes this information quite valuable. On occasion the beholders may mistakenly pay for incorrect data, but they always get their vengeance on the liar at a later date. Usually this happens when the seller has long forgotten the wrong he once committed.

大众趋向Disposition of Groundlings:

Most of the groundlings here on the planet H'Catha are nothing more than warmongering idiots, trying to exterminate the other beholder species. This is to the liking of races fearful of beholders, but it is a shame nonetheless. The purpose of their creation was to traverse the spheres, to gain information regarding everything. At the end of their searches, the hive mothers of the individual beholder species were to come together and share everything they found.

Their gods designed the beholder in their own likeness to search the world over and report back to them on the status of the worlds they did not control. This mission, long ago distorted, is as forgotten as their original home sphere.

The eye of the deep was to search the lands beneath the seas to uncover their secrets as well. Unfortunately, these beholders are just one more racist beholder species.

  在国度中有些比较有知识的家伙相信:每当眼魔们发现了自己存在的目的时,各天宇中诸神就会对它们下咒。这些害怕眼魔的神将眼魔置于一场仇恨的斗争中,与同类争夺至高无上的地位。不幸的是,还没人问过 “大块头”路易吉 这个问题。它会知道答案的。
A few of the more knowledgeable persons in the Realms believe that the gods in the different spheres placed a curse on the beholders once they found out their purpose. These deities, fearing the beholder's gods, placed the beholders into a hateful race for supremacy against their own kind. Unfortunately, no one has asked Large Luigi about this yet. He would be the one to know.

突出地貌特征Prominent Land Features:

  赫卡斯星球的地貌非常少,但是确实存在某样特别突出的。首先,它在 国度天宇晶壁系Realmspace system 是独一无二的——它可是唯一的平面行星。从远处看,这面带轮轴山平面使这颗行星看上去就像是个日晷。
There are very few land features on H'Catha, but what features do exist definitely stand out. First of all, this planet is unique in the Realmspace system because it is the only flat world planet. This flatness, with the Spindle, makes the planet look like a sundial when viewed from afar.

The oceans are always calm, but the moon orbiting the planet causes tidal fluctuations which create continual water circulation. Thousands of different algae live in these oceans, converting the Sun's rays into oxygen. This oxygen is then used by the aquatic life forms. The algae are also eaten by small animals, which in turn are eaten by progressively larger animals until the end of the food chain is reached, which is the eye of the deep.

These monsters do not seem to care for the environment they live in, for they spend as much time as possible running about eating everything they can find. This is destroying the ecosystem that was perfectly balanced before these creatures showed up.

The beholders, in their infinite war of supremacy over the other species, constantly fight over possession of the Spindle, the giant mountain in the center of H'Catha.

Whenever one species gets a stronger foothold than another, the downtrodden species attack the stronger one, to push them back down. This continues until another species is found to be the stronger, and the cycle continues.

This constant battle has done nothing but stain the mountain green with beholder blood, and keep the beholders from conquering the worlds that would otherwise be theirs for the taking.

On the top of the Spindle, a constant storm keeps the peak in continual darkness. The clouds and ball lightning are so thick that standard, infrared, and ultraviolet sight render nothing but haze. Here is where the knowledge of the universe is kept—there is a slight problem with the acquisition of it, though.

{{sp|sp = The mountain must be climbed from the ground floor, all the way to the top. There are hundreds of mind-readying stations along the way, and all are extremely difficult to locate, even with divination spells. A thief suffers a -80% penalty against his detect traps skill to locate these areas, while a divination spell works only 25% of the time.

To succeed, the climber's brain must come within two feet of every station on the Spindle. Once the 1,000-mile climb is complete, the brain is immediately stuffed with every known nugget of knowledge and wisdom collected throughout the eons since the creation of the phlogiston.

If the recipient's brain is smaller than two feet in diameter, the being suffers irrevocable and complete insanity. Such a one is no longer able to function in normal society, because everything appears to him to be completely inane. The alignment at this point changes to lawful neutral, no matter what the alignment was before.

With this mind-accosting danger, it is evident that this knowledge station was placed here by the gods of the beholders to find, in case they strayed from their original mission. A few have found it, but the beholders reject anyone who is affected, instead of accepting them as was the original plan of the gods.

重要非玩家角色Important NPCs

“大块头”路易吉Large Luigi

  名字Name:“大块头”路易吉Large Luigi
  职业Occupation:酒保Bartender,布拉尔之岩星Rock of Bral
  力量STR:16 智力INT:25 敏捷DEX:16
  魅力CHA:4 感知WIS:25 体质CON:15

  “大块头”路易吉Large Luigi 是位来自出生于 赫卡斯星球H'Catha 的眼魔。他是少数几只登上 轮轴山Spindle 并获取一切事物知识的眼魔。(轮轴山的更多信息见赫卡斯星球的 突出地貌特征Prominent Land Features 部分。)
Large Luigi is a beholder who hails from the planet H'Catha. He was one of the few beholders who was able to ascend the Spindle and gain complete knowledge of everything. (See the Prominent Land Features of H'Catha for more information regarding The Spindle.)

When he returned to the bottom of the mountain, he changed. No longer was he lawful evil in alignment, for the knowledge he gained boosted his Intelligence and his Wisdom to the maximum, and his alignment changed to lawful neutral as a direct result of the change.

He was looked down upon by the other beholders in his species because he finally understood the purpose of his race: to gain all the information that there is to learn, and to become the ultimate information brokers of the universe. He has gained all knowledge of everything, but the other beholders refuse to accept him. Once they found that his death ray had been replaced by the ability to detect lie, he became an immediate outcast.

  为了逃命,他再次旅行到了轮轴山。在说服了一艘贸易船后,人类将他接纳作为船员,并最终将其送到了他现在呆的 布拉尔之岩星Rock of Bral。他买下了一座酒吧,目前负责当调酒师和维护酒吧治安。众所周知,他会使用 魅惑人类charm person睡眠术sleep 能力来让自己酒吧的冲突降到最低。他是布拉尔的一位模范市民和模范商人。
Running for his life, he again traversed the Spindle. After convincing a tradesman ship of his dilemma, the humans took him on as a crew member, eventually dropping him off at the Rock of Bral, where he is today. He purchased a bar, and currently bartends and keeps the peace. He is known to use his charm person and sleep abilities to keep the fighting in his bar to a minimum. He is an outstanding Bral citizen and businessman.

He is the ultimate non-deity information broker in the known spheres. He never gives out information which would upset the delicate balance between good and evil. Both serve a purpose, as he commonly says, and neither can exist without the other.

All the friends he makes are lawful in one way or another. His close friends, however, are lawful neutral alignment like himself.

“正确者”巴里斯Baris to the Right

  名字Name:“正确者”巴里斯Baris to the Right
  职业Occupation:主宰之眼Beholder Overlord
  力量STR:?? 智力INT:17 敏捷DEX:17
  魅力CHA:1 感知WIS:4 体质CON:18

  这只眼魔是 赫卡斯星球H'Catha 最古老的眼魔之一。然而,她并非历史上最古老的眼魔之一——只是这颗行星的眼魔都死的飞快罢了。她是只 大巢母之眼Great Hive Mother,要求目力所及的每只眼魔都奉上它们的崇拜——即便那些眼魔属于另一个品种。据传她需要为眼魔种族中不同品种眼魔之间的屠杀负责,但这不可能是真的。与冲突持续的时间相比,她的年纪相对较轻,这证明她并非这场无尽杀戮的唯一责任人。尽管如此,她还是非常邪恶的。她总是会出现在 轮轴山Spindle 的西段,放纵她的眼魔军队攻击其它品种眼魔的军队。
This beholder is one of the oldest on H'Catha. She is not, however, one of the oldest beholders of all time—it's just that everyone on this planet usually dies a horribly quick and early death. She is a Great Hive Mother who demands worship from every beholder within eyesight, even if they belong to another species. It is said that she is the beholder responsible for the slaughtering of the different species in the beholder race, but this cannot possibly be true. Her relatively young age compared to the length of the conflict proves that she isn't solely responsible for the constant killing. Nonetheless, she is very evil. She can always be found on the western section of the Spindle, loosing her beholder armies against others.

Some people accuse her of climbing the Spindle and gaining the supreme knowledge. Worried that others would do the same, she created the sudden need to exterminate every species of beholder that wasn't exactly like her.