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【音   标】zin-zuh-RAY-nuh
【旧   译】兹泽瑞娜
【头   衔】被猎杀者The Hunted,弃民的女亲王The Princess of the Outcasts
【阵   营】CE(偏CN)
【神   力】M→Q/D→Dead(成为罗丝面相)
【神   职】谎言Lies,暗杀Assassination,幻术Illusion
【神   系】黑暗席德瑞恩诸神The Dark Seldarine
【敌   对】罗丝Lolth坎普托Keptolo
【神   国】主物质位面Prime Material Plane
【徽   记】披着布的短剑Shortsword draped with cloth
【简   介】辛泽雷娜Zinzerena 是卓尔的刺客女神,曾为凡人的她从罗丝的面首 坎普托Keptolo 处骗取了少量神力而成神,以毁灭罗丝为教义。

2e<Monster Mythology.p064>辛泽雷娜Zinzerena(卓尔英雄神Drow Heroine/女半神Demigoddess)

  在卓尔的混乱本性令她们涌现了大量个人英雄主义,但卓尔之中却罕有英雄神话,这令人不禁渍渍称奇。这大概是由于她们的领导人强大到足以压制这些传说的传播,来避免被暴力推翻。围绕着 辛泽雷娜Zinzerena 的传说通常的讲述者,是那些受压迫的卓尔少数派、弱小的贵族、以及那些图谋叛乱、和以这些传说为灵感的煽动者讲述。
Heroic myths among the drow are rare, and this is surprising. Their chaotic nature gives rise to much heroic individualism. Presumedly their leaders are strong enough to squelch these tales to discourage violent overthrows. The tales surrounding Zinzerena are usually told by oppressed drow minorities, weak nobles, and those scheming to raise rebellion and foment who use this tale as an inspiration.

  辛泽雷娜在孩童时就显现出了幻术魔法的天赋,而某位母亲通过伪造了她的意外死亡,将她从 罗丝Lolth 的女祭司那偷运走了。有一座特别衰败的卓尔混居城市,在那里,各种罪恶在小巷和秘密的地方出没;在这座城市的阴影中,她独自秘密地学习着几十年中获得的法术书,以及如何安静地暗杀生命。随着她力量的壮大,她停止使用致命的毒药,而是使用麻痹的毒液。因为这能让她的受害者们记住她将对他们所做的一切,但他们绝不会看见她的脸:她的化妆效果是如此的出色。她享受着在她的伏击与残虐中所唤起的恐怖感中,让她感受到的力量。她的受害者人数众多,并且有许多关于她隐匿地追踪受害者的传说。
Zinzerena showed a natural aptitude for illusionist magic as a child and was smuggled away from Lolth's priestesses by a mother who faked an accidental death for her. She studied alone and secretly, taking decades to acquire spellbooks, and took to a life of quiet assassinations in the shadows of an exceptionally degenerate drow mixed-race city where all kinds of evils walked the back alleys and secret places. As she grew in power, she ceased the use of lethal poisons, preferring paralyzing venoms. This allowed her victims to remember what had been done to them, but they never saw her face:her use of disguises was too good. Zinzerena enjoyed the power which a rising sense of terror at her ambushes and mutilations made her feel. Her victims are legion, and there are many tales of her stealth in tracking them.

  辛泽雷娜是一位展现了强大的混乱准则的女英雄,从她所获取的魔法物品来看尤是如此。她曾经计划袭击一只眼魔的巢穴,而到达时却正好发现,眼魔被与一只同样谋夺其宝藏的史拉蟾的殊死决斗绊住了;于是她等到了战斗结束,迅速解决了被削弱的眼魔,并带走了那只史拉蟾所带着的斗篷与剑。等待直到仇敌被削弱这一主题,是许多卓尔传说的核心主旨。辛泽雷娜以幻术、伪装和误导的迷惑并使得前来收回这些物品的史拉蟾族陷入困境;而掩盖踪迹并预备退路的主题,也贴近卓尔的内心。目前,辛泽雷娜仍然作为一位孤独的刺客和机会主义者,逡巡于 幽暗地域the Underdark;她这段处在妄想狂边缘的生命故事,也是多疑的黑暗精灵的共同品质。
Zinzerena is a heroine who embodies a principle of powerful chaos, not least from the magical items she has acquired. She once planned to assault a beholder's lair, arriving to find it locked in mortal combat with a slaadi which had come seeking its treasures also; she waited for the battle to end, swiftly disposed of the weakened beholder and took the cloak and sword which the slaadi had brought with it. The theme of waiting until ones enemies are weakened is a core theme of many drow tales. Zinzerena used illusion, disguise and misdirection to confuse and trap the slaad which came to reclaim the items; the theme of covering one’s tracks and preparing fallbacks is also close to the hearts of drow. Now, Zinzerena still prowls the Underdark, a lone assassin and opportunist; this paranoid edge to the tale of her life is also characteristic of the distrustful dark elves.


辛泽雷娜的化身Zinzerena's Avatar

  (幻术师Illusionist 14,盗贼Thief 16)

  力量 9,敏捷 20,体质 15,
  智力 18,感知 17,魅力 18,
  移动 12,体型 中型M(5呎6吋),魔抗 82%
  防御等级 变化,生命值 67,阵营 CE(偏CN)
  #攻击 变化,零级命中值 13,伤害 1d6+1-4(短剑)
  Str 9 Dex 20 Con 15
  Int 18 Wis 17 Cha 18
  MV 12 SZ M (5'6") MR 82%
  AC Varies HP 67 AL ce (cn)
  #AT Varies THAC0 13 Dmg 1d6 +1-4 (shortsword)

特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Def:

  辛泽雷娜穿着一袭有着防护斗篷cloak of protection 功能的魔法斗篷,其范围每轮从+1到+5防护随机变化,赋予她从1到5的AC范围。她所使用的魔法短剑其附魔也在+1和+5之间随机变化;它总是以魔法附魔有一种麻痹毒液(豁免骰在-1到-5之间随机变化;效果持续5-25[1-5 x5]轮)。她还携带着一根惊异魔杖wand of wonder
Zinzerena wears a magical cloak which acts as a variable cloak of protection, varying from +1 to +5 protection round by round, on a random basis, giving her an AC varying from 1 to 5. She employs a magical shortsword which also randomly changes enchantment between +1 and +5; it is always magically enchanted with a paralyzing venom (saving throw is at -1 to -5 with random variance; effect lasts 5-25 [1- 5x5] rounds). She carries a wand of wonder.