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【头   衔】疯神the Mad God
【阵   营】CE
【神   力】D
【神   职】复仇vengeance
【神   系】摩丁萨曼诸神The Morndinsamman(已被逐出)
【敌   对】伊尔神思因Ilsensine迪伊林卡Diirinka
【神   国】无底深渊the Abyss/586th 疯神之牢the Prison of the Mad God
【徽   记】一枚有七颗宝石的戒指A ring with seven gems
【简   介】迪卡拉泽Diinkarazan 是摩拉丁蓓伦妮·真银之子,排序在雪琳铎之后。他与其孪生兄弟迪伊林卡都已被彻底逐出摩丁萨曼诸神,在盗取伊尔神思因的魔法时,他被迪伊林卡抛弃而被夺心魔之神囚禁至今、饱受折磨。

2e<Monster Mythology.p065>迪卡拉泽Diinkarazan(半神Demigod)

  迪卡拉泽Diinkarazan 是位失落的疯狂半神,他被封印在一尊石质王座之中,在他附近,围绕着他飞行的岩石形成了一个旋转着的环;王座则位于 无底深渊the Abyess 的某个层面中,那是个空气与毒气的漩涡。该层面不时地扭曲变形(视作一道路径扭曲distance distortion,扭曲量每回合在10-80%之间变化)。遭受灵吸怪神 伊尔神思因Ilsensine 的诅咒与放逐的他,不能被任何比强大神更弱的存在解放,他处于永久的精神错乱中,并被他最恐惧的事物的幻象折磨着(可怖的怪物、伊尔神思因本尊、溺于水里或熔岩中,诸如此类)。
Diinkarazan is a lost, mad demigod magically bound to a stone throne in a level of the Abyss which is a swirling vortex of air and gas, with rings of whirling rocks flying about him. The plane constantly distorts space (treat as a distance distortion varying from 10-80% on a turn-by-turn basis). Cursed and banished by Ilsensine, the illithid god, he cannot be freed by anything less than a greater god, and he is permanently insane and tormented by illusions of the things he most fears (terrible monsters, Ilsensine itself, drowning in water or lava, and the like).

角色扮演指南Role-playing Notes:

  伊尔神思因的诅咒是一种复杂的事物,而每隔50年左右(误差在1-10年之间随机变化),这位神将经历清醒的一天。在这天,他能派遣一尊化身到 主物质位面Prime Material plane 悄然靠近迪洛矮人的社区,并毁灭所有他能毁灭的。他对于复仇的渴望是如此的强烈,以至于这尊化身的行为经常降格到杀戮一切所遭遇的事物的狂暴之中,直到在战斗中被毁灭(而另一尊化身将在这位神下次变得理智的那天准备就绪)。
Ilsensine's curse is a complex thing, and once every 50 years or so (with random variation of 1-10 years) the god experiences one day of lucidity. On this day, he can dispatch an avatar to the Prime Material plane to stalk derro communities and destroy all he can. His hunger for revenge is so great that the avatar's behavior often degenerates into a frenzy of slaying anything it comes across until it perishes in combat (another avatar will be available by the time the god becomes sane for another day).


AL ce; WAL n/a; AoC vengeance; SY n/a.

迪卡拉泽的化身Diinkarazan's Avatar

  (盗贼Thief 14)

Diinkarazan's avatar appears as a tall, gaunt derro with a staring, insane face dominated by glowing red eyes with black pupils. His hair is constantly streaming out behind him, changing color, texture and appearance (waved, straight, curly) randomly. He uses spells from the abjuration and invocation/evocation schools.

  力量 13,敏捷 16,体质 16,
  智力 18,感知 3(疯狂的),魅力 1(对所有种族),
  移动 12,飞行36,体型 中型M(5英尺),魔抗 10%
  防御等级 0,生命骰 10,生命值 80,
  #攻击 1次,零级命中值 11,伤害 1d2(拳击)
  Str 13 Dex 16 Con 16
  Int 18 Wis 3 (insane) Cha 1 (all races)
  MV 12 fl 36 SZ M (5') MR 10%
  AC 0 HD 10 HP 80
  #AT 1 THAC0 11 Dmg 1d2 (fists)

特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Def:

  若DM使用了《魔法卷册Tome of Magic》,则该化身应根据 野魔法wild mage 处理。否则,他应得到18级巫师的法术列表。在两种情况下,他的施法等级都在根据3d6骰的结果随机变化。除了他的魔抗外,他有25%的可能将反射任何施展在他身上的法术(先进行魔抗测试,若MR失败,再进行反射)。漩涡和强风持续环绕着他,而每1轮,他能使用以下效果中的一种(并非随意使用; DM应每轮骰个d6):随风耳语whispering wind造风术gust of wind羽落术feather fall臭云术stinking cloud风墙术wind wall、或一道单一目标、5d6伤害的 风爆术wind blast(法术豁免对抗成功则受半数伤害;高敏捷带来的防御加值,作为调整值适用于该豁免检定)。任何试图对迪卡拉泽使用 超感ESP(或类似方式)者,将被瞬间逼疯(无豁免)。
The avatar should be treated as a wild mage if the DM has Tome of Magic. Else, he should be given the spell list of an 18th-level mage. In either case, his spellcasting level varies randomly round by round on a 3d6 roll. He is 25% likely to reflect any spell cast at him on the spellcaster in addition to his magical resistance (check for resistance first and then for spell reflection if the MR fails). Swirls and gusts of wind play constantly about him, and each round he can employ one of the following effects (not at will; the DM should roll a d6 on a round-by-round basis): whispering wind, gust of wind, feather fall, stinking cloud, wind wall, or a single-target wind blast for 5d6 damage (saving throw versus spells for half damage; defensive bonus for high Dexterity applies as a modifier to this saving throw). Any being which attempts ESP (or similar) with Diinkarazan is driven insane instantly (no save).