2e<Dragon 251.p031>新魔法New Magic:迷思瑞恩之戒Mythrien's Ring


迷思瑞恩之戒Mythrien's Ring

  这枚朴实无华的银戒由 迷斯瑞恩Mythrien 神打造,自它遗失以来,知晓这件神器存在之人寥寥无几。约400年前,在某位 玛拉Malar 的高阶狩猎大师拥有这枚戒指的传闻初次浮出水面后,迷斯瑞恩教派Mythrien 的祭司们在 西央土the Western Heartlands 对 玛拉教派Malarites 持续进行着疯狂的杀戮,但它从未被找到过,所以猜测还在继续。
This unadorned silver ring was forged by the god Mythrien,and not much has been heard of its existence since it was lost. Some 400 years ago,the priests of Mythrien went on a killing spree of Malarites in the Western Heartlands after rumors of a high huntmaster of Malar possessing the ring first surfaced,but it was never found,so speculation continues.

It is dear from legends that Mythrien's Ring holds the power of a god within,but it's unclear what powers can be accessed and used by mortals who possess it. At the very least it gives the wearer the foUowing powers:

  ·Abjuration/Protective spells cast are of double normal duration.

  ·All the special powers of a specialty priest of Mythrien as listed above.

  ·Gain 20 bonus hp when wearing ring; hit points lost for whatever reason are deducted from these bonus points before depleting the wearer's true hit points. The 20 hp regenerate once each day so long as the wearer takes the time to rest normally.

  ·May cast one additional spell of each level from the Abjuraton wizard school or the Wards clerical sphere,once each day.

  ·Wearer is immune to the effects of mythals and can create/destroy a mythal once a year.

副作用Side Effects
  迷思瑞恩之戒只对试图使用它能力的玛拉祭司们有诅咒。每次使用神器的能力,该名玛拉祭司都必须通过一个豁免检定,失败则受到1d6点伤害。如果该玛拉信徒试图用戒指摧毁一个迷锁,则必须进行两次豁免检定。第一次检定失败则被解离且无法复活(即使使用 许愿术wish)。如果第一次检定成功而第二次检定失败,佩戴者的阵营将转化为混乱善良并受到指示术影响,前往寻找最近的迷思瑞恩祭司以归还戒指。
Mythrien's Ring has no side-effects except for priests of Malar who try to use its powers. Each time a power is used,the priest must roll a saving throw or suffer 1d6 hp damage. If the priest attempts to destroy a mythal by using the ring's power,he must roll two saving throws. If the first one fails,then he disintegrated and unrecoverable even by a wish spell. If he makes the first save but fails the second,then the priest turns CG and is geased to search for the nearest priest(s) of Mythrien and offer the ring back to them.

可能的毁灭方式Possible means of destruction:
  ·遭 精灵吞噬者the Elf-Eater(一只得到了 塔洛斯Talos 支持的 上古元素邪物Elder Elemental Evil)践踏。
  ·Being trampled under the feet of the Elf-Eater (an Elder Elemental Evil supported by Talos).

  ·被交还给相传囚禁在 利齿树林the Wood of Sharp Teeth 某处的迷思瑞恩最后一尊化身。戒指将不会被毁灭,而是融合为他的一部分,后者得以从半神力恢复到之前的弱等神力。   ·Being given back to the last avatar of Mythrien,rumored to lie imprisoned somewhere in the Wood of Sharp Teeth. The ring will not be destroyed,merely becoming part of him and elevating the god to lesser power status (as opposed to just a demipower).

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