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2eFRMZ<Maztica Campaign Set—Gods & Battles.p003>马兹特克作战系统角色BATTLESYSTEM™ Rules for Maztica

  《作战系统模型游戏规则BATTLESYSTEM™ Miniatures Rules》(第2版)适用于 马兹特克大陆Maztica 的群战。然而,可以进行一些修改以反映马兹特克军队的战术、素养与装备。
The general provisions of the BATTLESYSTEM™ Miniatures Rules (2nd Edition) apply to mass combat in Maztica. However, several modifications can be made which reflect the tactics, qualities, and equipment of the armies of Maztica. These are organized along the same outline as the BATTLESYSTEM rules themselves.

部队基本信息Basic Troop Information

  就像其他所有奇幻军队一样,马兹特克人军队也是由 高级龙与地下城游戏AD&D® game 的特征组织和转化而来的。然而,有几种具体规定也适用。
Maztican armies are organized and converted from AD&D® game characteristics just like any other fantasy army. A few specific provisions apply, however.

  所有马兹特克人本土编队都是步兵,这显然是因为缺乏可骑乘生物。这一点可以根据战役的时间框架、以及马兹特克大陆与 剑湾Sword Coast 之间的商贸程度进行修改。
All native Maztican formations are infantry, obviously due to the lack of rideable creatures. This can be subject to modification depending upon the time frame of the campaign, and the degree of commerce between Maztica and the Sword Coast.

  然而,即便是在步兵中,武器装备与训练水平也是千差万别。典型的马兹特克人部队类型包括正规军(老兵)和非正规军(民兵)编队,配备的武器如下:黑曜石刃木剑Macas,木棒,矛(有或无投矛手),弓,投石索。美洲豹勇士Jaguar 与 雄鹰勇士Eagle 编队也存在于许多军队中。
Even among the infantry, however, there is a great variety of weaponry and levels of training. Typical Maztican troop types include both regular (veteran) and irregular (levee) formations armed with the following weaponry: Macas, clubs, spears (with and without casters), bows, and slings. Jaguar and Eagle formations are also present in many armies.

单位与基本尺寸Unit And Base Sizes

Maztican units tend to be larger than those employed by armies of other cultures. The following are guidelines:

单位类型Unit Type  最小值Min.  建议值Recommended

非正规军,近战武器Irregular, melee weapons  10  24-48
非正规军,远程武器Irregular, missile weapons  8  20-40
正规军,近战武器Regular, melee weapons  6  24-36
正规军,远程武器Regular, missile weapons  6  16-32
美洲豹或雄鹰勇士Jaguar or Eagle Knights  2*  4-12
  *除非只有一个人在场Unless only one is present.

Another difference to consider is that Maztican warriors do not fight in quite so tightly packed formations as do some other forces. Consequently, the ideal base size for a Maztican warrior is a full 25 mm (1") square per figure. If smaller bases are already in use, those figures must be designated as regular troops.


Several unique provisions apply to morale checks for Maztican units in battle.

  累计惩罚Cumulative Penalties。普通规则要求一个单位每行进一阶段进行的士气检定不超过一次。然而,当进行的检查是出于一个原因时,每个额外原因,都将导致对该单位的士气检查造成-1惩罚。因任何士气诱因或任何其他原因带来的所有调整值,都被累计计算。(所有作战系统游戏都可使用这项可选规则。)
Cumulative Penalties. The normal rule requiring a unit to make no more than 1 Morale Check per step applies. However, when a check is made for one reason, every additional reason that would cause an additional Morale Check inflicts a -1 penalty to the unit's morale. All modifiers that apply, because of any of the morale triggers or for any other reason, are applied cumulatively. (This, as an optional rule, can be employed for all BATTLESYSTEM games.)

  举例来说,某一单位在一回合中遭受了第一批伤亡,因一位非马兹特克人法师的 寒冰锥cone of cold 攻击而损失了五位成员。这将提供3项检定士气的理由(首批伤亡;在一阶段中被命中4次以上;成员被魔法消除)。检定只需要做一次,但该单位的士气(除了其他所有已经被应用的修正值外)将被施加-2修正值(2个额外士气诱因)。
For example, a unit suffers the first casualties of a turn, losing five figures to a non-Maztican wizards cone of cold attack. This provides three reasons to check morale (first casualty; more than 4 hits in a single step; figures eliminated by magic). Only one check is made, but a -2 modifier (for the two extra morale triggers) to the unit's morale applies (in addition to all other modifiers that already apply).

  特殊士气检定调整值Special Morale Check Modifiers。在几种情况下,马兹特克编队适用于几种特殊修正值。这反映了这样一个事实:虽然步兵们不愿意与对方步兵长时间搏斗,但也不愿意在战斗正酣时逃离战场。
Special Morale Check Modifiers. Maztican formations apply special modifiers, for several circumstances. These reflect the fact that, while the infantry is not so willing to grapple for long periods with opposing infantry, neither does it willingly flee the battlefield while a fight still rages.

  混战期间DURING MELEE,当某个马兹特克人单位底座对底座地接触某一敌对单位(而不仅仅只是一位英雄)时,马兹特克人编队的士气将获得-1调整值。
DURING MELEE, when a Maztican unit is in base-to-base contact with an enemy unit (not merely a hero), a -1 modifier applies to the Morale of the Maztican formation.

  移动过程中DURING MOVEMENT,当某个马兹特克人单位试图从 动摇Shaken 编队恢复到 良好Good 编队时,该单位的士气将获得+1调整值。如果某个单位试图从 溃军Routed 编队集结为 动摇Shaken 编队,士气将获得+1调整值。
DURING MOVEMENT, when a Maztican unit is attempting to rally from Shaken to Good formation, a +1 modifier applies to the unit's morale. If a unit is attempting to rally from Routed to Shaken formation, a +2 modifier applies.

  外域战术的第一次冲击First Shock of Foreign Tactics。它被设计作为场景规则,或者说一个由DM在作战中裁决的程序。它反映了某些战术、编队、装备首次出现时,对马兹特克勇者们恐慌惊骇的影响。
First Shock of Foreign Tactics. This is designed as a scenario rule, or a procedure to be adjudicated by a DM during a campaign. It reflects the effects on Maztican warriors of first appearances of certain tactics, formations, and equipment that are very terrifying when they first appear.

  骑兵CAVALRY 将对首次遭遇他们的马兹特克人武者造成 敬畏Awe(作战系统规则BATTLESYSTEM™ Rules,第88页)。
CAVALRY causes Awe (BATTLESYSTEM™ Rules, page 88) when it is first encountered by Maztican warriors.

  法师WIZARDS牧师CLERICS 在使用3级或以上法术时,一旦法术的效果显现或被感觉到,将造成 敬畏Awe(范围12码)。
WIZARDS and CLERICS who employ a spell of Level 3 or higher will cause Awe (range 12"), as soon as the effects of the spell are visible or otherwise felt.

  火药GUNPOWDER 武器将迫使被射击的单位进行士气检查,无论是否命中。每次造成伤害都会对该单位的士气造成-1的调整值,仅限于本次检查。被射击单位每次被射都必须进行士气检查,直至其检查通过。之后它不再需要进行检查。
GUNPOWDER weapons force a morale check by any unit they are fired against, with no regard for hits or misses. Each hit inflicted is a -1 modifier to the unit's morale rating, for that check only. A unit must check each time it is fired upon, until it passes a check. It need not check thereafter.


Normal movement rules for infantry apply to Maztican units. They can assume column formation, and regular units can assume regular or irregular formation.

Irregular units, however, can only assume irregular formation (whether in column or not). They cannot perform a march to the rear.


Normal BATTLESYSTEM rules apply. Some specific changes have been noted on individual unit rosters.

Skirmishers: Any Maztican regular formation can enter skirmish formation. Elite formations (Jaguar and Eagle Knights) can enter skirmish formation, and in addition they enjoy some exceptions to normal skimisher rules. They can move freely into contact with enemy formations, even their fronts, and they can initiate charges.

  特殊编队Special Formations:马兹特克人编队不能使用 盾墙Shield Wall 或 Pike Block 编队。他们可以使用 混线Mixed Line 编队。
Special Formations: Maztican formations cannot employ the Shield Wall or Pike Block formations. They can employ the Mixed Line formation.

  雄鹰与美洲豹勇士Eagle and Jaguar Knights:勇士编队可以是规则编队、不规则编队或散兵编队,他们也可以被作为 英雄Heroes 使用(纳入作战系统规则第57-58页中,每场 作战Battle 的 英雄数量Number of Heroes 限制),等量生命值在4或以上的勇士,可以在战场上使用他们的人类或动物形态(美洲豹或鹰)。这些单位的两种形态被专门分别作了记号,每种形态一个。当然,其等量生命值数量保持不变。
Eagle and Jaguar Knights: Formations of Knights can function in regular, irregular, or skirmish formation, or they can be employed as Heroes (within the restrictions on Number of Heroes per Battle, BATTLESYSTEM™ Rules page 57-58), Knights with four or more Hits can use either their human or their animal forms (Jaguar or Eagle) on the field. Two separate roster notations should be made for these units, one for each form. The number of Hits, of course, remains constant.

  这些部队的完整详情见第7页的 马兹特克人部队名册Maztican Troop Rosters。
See Maztican Troop Rosters, page 7, for full details of these troops.

  英雄Heroes:马兹特克人英雄功能如常,通常包括勇士团中的最强大成员、高等级的勇者、以及偶尔有的牧师、羽翼师Plumaweaver 或 利爪师Hishnashaper。
Heroes: Maztican heroes function normally, and typically include the most powerful members of the Knightly orders, as well as high-level warriors, and the occasional cleric, Plumaweaver, or Hishnashaper.

  飞行生物Flying Creatures:雄鹰勇士在其鸟类形态时,是 真实世界the True World 中唯一常见的飞行编队。除了在飞行时不会受到士气惩罚外,他们适用于正常的飞行规则。
Flying Creatures: Eagle Knights, in avian form, are the only commonly encountered flying formation in the True World. The normal flying rules apply, except that they suffer no morale penalty when in flight.

  不死生物单位Undead Units:不死生物在马兹特克大陆异常罕见,需要一些富有进取心的牧师从国度中更“文明”的部分引入,才能将其组成一支军队规模的团体。
Undead Units: Undead are extremely rare in Maztica, and an army-sized group of them would have to be introduced by some enterprising cleric from the more "civilized" parts of the realm.

Buildings: Units in and around buildings follow the normal rules. Buildings of stone or adobe cannot be burned. Unique Maztican building features have the following hits:
  1 屋门House door
  5 茅草墙Thatch Wall
  10 土坯墙Adobe Wall
  12 茅屋Hut
  22 土坯房Adobe House
  30 小型神殿建筑Small Temple Building


The pluma and hishna magic of Maztica is not so dominating on the battlefield as are the sorceries typical of a powerful wizard. Nonetheless, the following spells can have notable effects:

  羽翼魔法Pluma:弹飞咒missileflight 法术(箭飞咒arrowflight矛飞咒spearflight石飞咒stoneflight)可以增益战场上的部队。它将使弹药的射程翻倍,并使一位个体得到8而非6的攻击骰。
Pluma: The missileflight spells (arrowflight, spearflight, and stoneflight) can benefit troops on a battlefield. It doubles the range of the missile fire, and allows a figure to get an AD of 8 instead of 6.

A plumaweaver can cast the spell on one figure for each hit of the spellcaster.

  召水术water summoning 法术能将一片旱地变为湿地或沼泽,对区域内的移动与战斗也产生相应效果。施法者必须在一整个回合保持不动;如果施法者仍未移动,在 接下来 的回合,法术将在 魔法阶段Magic Step 期间生效。
The water summoning spell can turn a section of dry land into marsh or swamp, with its corresponding effects upon movement and combat. The spellcaster must remain immobile for a full turn; on the following turn the spell takes effect during the Magic Step, if the caster still has not moved.

The center of the area of the effect must be within 6" of the caster. An area of 4" radius from that spot is immediately turned to swamp. The area expands by 1" (added to radius) per turn after this, to a total number of turns equal to the Spellcaster's hits. For example, a caster with 4 hits would cause the swamp to expand for 3 additional turns after it first appeared.

  利爪魔法Hishna:伏击术ambush 法术允许目标在战场上隐藏自己,数量最多每利爪师生命骰一个个体。他们将被放在一边,并仔细标注其位置。由施法的玩家决定他们在什么时候、以什么面目出现。
Hishna: The ambush spell can allow as many figures as the hishnashaper has hits (one per hit) to conceal themselves on the battlefield. They are placed off to the side, and their location carefully noted. They may appear whenever, and with whatever facing, the casting player decides.

  鼠疫术pestilence 法术将在战场中创造一片障碍,覆盖每施法者生命骰5立方码的区域。它将持续整场战斗,且不需要延迟施放。在疫区内的部队必须立即检定士气,并将如 恐惧Horror 般遭受-1的士气惩罚。除非他们骰出了溃败结果,否则他们不需要逃离这个区域。
The pestilence spell can create an obstacle on a battlefield, covering a 5" square for each hit of the caster. It will last for the duration of the battle, and requires no delay to cast. Troops within an area of pestilence must make an immediate Morale Check, as if caused by Horror with a -1 penalty to morale. They need not flee the area, unless they recieve a rout result.

Troops must make a Morale check before they will enter an area of pestilence; the check is made during movement, immediately before the unit would enter the affected area.

Any troops that spend any portion of a turn within an area affected by pestilence suffer 1 hit per five figures in the area. The hit(s) is suffered immediately, but those same figures cannot again be hit by the pestilence until the following turn.