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黑暗之神The Dark God,万物终焉之神


【头   衔】万物终焉之时的神明the god at the end of all things
【阵   营】NE
【神   力】I/L,神力变化
【神   职】永恒的黑暗eternal darkness,寒冷cold,衰败decay,衰弱enfeeblement,麻痹paralysis
【神   系】失落诸神The Lost Gods
【徽   记】黑色长袍与铁火炬black robe and iron torch
【简   介】黑暗之神The Dark God 是终焉时刻的神明,据说他与导致空暗女王堕落的漆黑之钻有关。

2e<Monster Mythology.p067>黑暗之神The Dark God(中等/弱等神:神力变化Intermedlate/Lesser God: Power Varies)


  这位神明有时被称为“万物终焉之时的神明the god at the end of all things”,当所有时间与世界都告于终结、一切充斥着永恒的黑暗力量,他孑然而独立。这位令人恐惧的神明从灵魂与躯体中吸取理智与力量,但对于一些疯狂的生物来说,他的许诺——崇敬他者,将没入他存在的寒冷永恒中——有着某种可怕的诱惑力。或许黑暗之神已如 上古元素之神the Elder Elemental God 那样被放逐了,或许他仅是已消失在永恒的黑夜中;又或许,他正屹立于空间与时间之外,等待着他于万物终结之时的重生。
This god is sometimes known as “the god at the end of all things”, the one who will stand alone when all time and worlds have ended, filled with the power of eternal darkness. This dread god drains sanity and strength from soul and body, but his acceptance of his reverers into the cold eternity of his being has a terrible lure for some insane creatures. Perhaps the Dark God is banished as is the Elder Elemental God, perhaps he has simply faded into an eternal night; or perhaps he stands outside space and time, waiting for his rebirth at the end of all things.

角色扮演指南Role-playing Notes:

The Dark God is not able to use an avatar, or send omens, in most worlds; only if he has an active cult is this possible. He would only wish to do so for the purpose of consuming life energies and bodies into himself.

神龛的特殊说明Special note on Shrines:

Special note on Shrines:Like those of the Elder Elemental God, this deity's lost shrines are awful places, but more chilling:Exhaustion, fatigue, mind-bending illusions, catatonia, depression and paralysis await those who enter. But so do arcane secrets, unique magical treasures, and great books of lore.


  信徒阵营WAL:任意邪恶any evil;
  神职AoC:永恒的黑暗eternal darkness,寒冷cold,衰败decay,衰弱enfeeblement,麻痹paralysis;
  徽记SY:黑色长袍与铁火炬black robe and iron torch。
AL ne; WAL any evil; AoC eternal darkness, cold, decay, enfeeblement, paralysis; SY black robe and iron torch.

黑暗之神的化身The Dark God's Avatar

  (法师Wizard 14,祭司Priest 14)

The Dark God's avatar appears in wraithform without a solid body, and is black and faceless. It wears a spectral cloak and glides soundlessly. It uses spells from all schools and spheres, always employing reversed spells where applicable.

  力量 12,敏捷 17,体质 15 ,
  智力 19,感知 21,魅力 1,
  移动 飞行24,体型 中型M(6呎),魔抗 70%,
  防御等级 -7,生命骰 18,生命值 144,
  #攻击 1次,零级命中值 5,伤害 3d10(寒冷接触)
  Str 12 Dex 17 Con 15
  Int 19 Wis 21 Cha1
  MV fl 24 SZ M (6') MR 70%
  AC -7 HD 18 HP 144
  #AT 1 THAC0 5 Dmg 3d10 (chill touch)

特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Def:

  该化身免疫麻痹和基于寒冷的攻击。他的触碰造成麻痹(-4豁免骰避免),而任何被袭击超过1次的生物必须为后续的每次命中进行对抗即死魔法的豁免骰,否则将立即被杀。每日1次,作为其它法术的附加,该化身如20级法师那样使用所有基于寒冷的法术。每日各1次,它可以使用 禁锢术imprisonment疯狂徽记symbol of insanity、以及锢魂术trap the soul
The avatar is immune to paralyzation and cold-based attacks. His touch causes paralysis (saving throw at - 4 to negate) and any creature struck more than once must make a saving throw vs. death magic for each subsequent hit or be slain instantly. The avatar uses all cold-based spells as a 20th-level wizard,1/day each in addition to other spells. It may use imprisonment, symbol of insanity and trap the soul 1/day each.

祭职者的职责Duties of the Priesthood

The Dark God's priests are extinct on most worlds. Their sole duly is to attempt to locate their lost god and bring his power back into the world. They can rise to 10th level of experience, but gain no spells above 2nd level unless the DM decides that they have managed to contact the god and draw on his power.


  属性AB:感知 15;
  特殊力量PW:1)可以如同相同等级的祭司法术,使用所有基于寒冷的法师法术;5)暗示术suggestion(如果时机合适,将伴随着视觉错觉);9)冰墙术wall of ice
AB Wis 15; AL any evil; WP blunt weapons; AR none; SP all. astral, charm*, divination, elemental (all), healing (rev), numbers, sun (rev), thought, time, wards*; PW 1) may use all cold-based wizard spells as priest spells of same level; 5)suggestion (with accompanying visual illusion if appropriate); 9)wall of ice; TU command; LL 10 (and by race); HD by race (humans d6); Shamans no.